First World Ninja Competition - Being the Villain: Fuyu vs. Jon


Raiga (as himself and Rendou), Fuyu, Jon, Yasushi, Hashiramako, Tsukiko, Hinotori

Date: November 28, 2010


A very one-sided and unremarkable match in terms of combat, but a murky and unsettling revelation came forth from it…

"First World Ninja Competition - Being the Villain: Fuyu vs. Jon"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!

*OOC*: look stands to see who's currently watching.


No special or mysterious proctor today. Arena 1 is the same as usual, even after having massive destruction visited upon it time and again. Trees, grass, dirt, a large pond, and some boulders. Nothing too special. The proctor is some Kusagakure guy standing in the middle of the ring. "An official match will be starting shortly. Saito Jon versus Uchiha Fuyu. Participants please make your way to the Ring!"
The Jounin is no one special. Just a man named Rendou. Definitely a skilled man, but there are many who are more skilled. He is average at best. An average Jounin with innate mathematical computation abilities in his brain. He can calculate many variables and extrapolate from them. Nothing special about that at all. Even being good at math on the level of a computer is not a Kekkei Genkai. But one man has asked that Rendou proctor this match. Because he wants an assessment of the Saito Clan Jounin that is involved.
Rendou sighs and shakes his head, still a bit amazed that his friend is really… >That< man. He had no idea!

Up in the VIP stands with various business men, Kage, and similar, there is a towering Yotsuki man wearing leather and fur, but unlike the first time he appeared, his face and head are not wrapped in bandages. He is the man that saved the Village from the Storm. But it is not his job to proctor this match this time. He is only an observer.
An observer who wants to know exactly what the Saito are capable of. Yotsuki Raiga. The teacher of the current Raikage. The man who would have been Raikage if he had not been slain by the three Dead Brothers. And yet here he stands, alive. His face may not be known to all, but his name would be known to most. Still, he offers his name to no one here. And if anyone asks him, he simply says his name is 'Jii' -- or 'G', if one prefers. "Do well, Rendou." he mutters to himself.

Most people really have trouble comprehending the advantage that a completed Sharingan grants over just about every other opponent an Uchiha might face. Fuyu hadn't comprehended it herself until she obtained it. Now she is fighting not to understand her power but to remain seperate from it. She does not want to become overconfident. She does not want to become swollen with arrogance simply because she is stronger now. That would make her no different than any of the others on the long list of people she hates.
Still, she can not help but feel a bit secure as she strides out into the Ring. This time she does not wear her Uchiha Clan outfit. She is dressed in her Konohagakure Jounin clothing. She did bring her warfan strapped to her back, but she is unlikely to need it. After arriving at the center of the ring, Fuyu nods to Rendou vaguely without even looking at him and scans the crowds, trying to find one or two people… But she does not see Rain. And if Hashiramako is around she is likely not down where Fuyu can see. Either way, she stops searching and waits for her opponent to arrive.

Here we go, match number three for Saito Jon. First one was a close victory. Second one was fairly one-sided, though Jon did manage to get in some good moves, and his opponent was, after all, a rather legendary ninja. For this match…Jon's luck is about the same. X) Not only an Uchiha, but the HEAD of the Uchiha clan. Not that leader = best warrior, but it does tend to be important for ninja. Well, same as last time, nothing for it but to give his all and walk away a contender, win or lose. At least she's the kind of person Jon won't mind losing to, if her speech at the start of her last match is any indication.
Jon steps out onto the field, same as usual. He walks up to the ring, enters, and moves to his mark…hmmm. Something feels off. Jon glances at the referee, the stands, his opponent…nothing too strange. Then he focuses on the bird on his shoulder. Ah. "You're awfully quiet," Jon remarks. Scruvo nods, staring at Fuyu. "Instinct, I guess. Took a look at that'n an' felt like I'd bettah make like a stump. 'Slike…like lookin' at a hawk. Watch y'self, Jonny-boy." Jon regards Fuyu thoughtfully. "…Interesting. Well, thanks for the advice, Scruvo, but don't worry about me. I'll be safe enough in this ring. Best get going now." Scruvo nods and takes off.
Jon gives a bow. "It's an honor to be facing you, Uchiha-san," he calls over. "Let's make this a match worth watching." That said, Jon focuses himself for the match. He's going to have to give this one his all, and at the same time play it smart, if he's going to last long.

Arms crossed powerfully, naturally, as he was invited into a VIP both for the first time, Yasushi was standing out in front, watching intently and largely ignoring all of the nobility that had graced him with their presence. He wasn't in to all of that, but he also had to try to represent Kirigakure in a noble fashion every now and then. He had heard a few things about the competitors in this match as they had both been in more than one match by this point. At the very least, it could be interesting to see how this turns out, especially since he may have to face one of them eventually.

Rendou bows to both Fuyu and Jon, and then says, "Greetings and good luck to both of you. You may begin when the barriers activate. The usual rules apply -- namely that there are none in particular. The only real rule is that the fight is over when the proctor declares it so. No matter the reason, you are to stop fighting at that point. Understood?" He waits for confirmation, and then turns and departs the Ring at ninja speeds. But… Not >that< fast of ninja speeds. He really is an average Jounin. Which is sort of an oxymoron, but you know.
Once Rendou is on the proctor's platform, he raises a hand and the barriers activate. The match has begun!

The brackets were heating up, and with a first round loss to Kuki, Fuyu had to trudge her way through the loser's bracket. However, depending on how the two matches go in this round of the bracket, Kuki and Fuyu could be forced to face each other again! Hashiramako rubbed her hands in somewhat greedy anticipation as waited the match to get going in earnest. She was curious what all the student of the feared Madara had learned and just what paths of jutsu sustained her interest to pursue.
As she stood in the corner of the VIP box, wearing not the robes of the Hokage, but a simple green robe that covered most of her body and shielded her face. However, if one peered towards it, they may pick up the three tomoe of sharingan piercing back at them. Of course, it was only a bit of a disguise she threw together at the last moment after finding a small merchant of such trinkets. As others entered the box, they'd earn a quick gaze from the stealthy Hokage and perhaps a gentle nod before her eyes went back out to the combatants in the arena below.

Tsukiko was far from a VIP. The young genin watched from the stands in eager anticipation of the match below. She might be one of the finalists for the genin bracket, but this was still not nearly as important as the higher brackets.. the crowd in the VIP box gave proof to that. She glances up a moment to see who was in there, but she could not make out many faces.. although she did recognize the robes of the Hokage and beamed proudly a moment. She looks back out to the match below to watch, hoping to glean some bits of strategy from the match

Fuyu bows briefly back to Jon, and then says, "Likewise, to be facing Saito 'Champion Of The People' Jon." A pause. "Though I thought you would be taller." She has no intention of slacking in this match, but she also does not want to use every single trick she has available to her. She needs to save some things for her rematch with Kukiko.
Then she catches herself. She is already assuming victory of Jon. She shakes her head, seemingly at nothing as far as Jon would be concerned, but inwardly she is trying to knock loose any presumptions. "I'll apologize in advance for not starting off slow. Feel free to use whatever skills you possess to whatever degree you desire. But I cannot afford to take you lightly. You have already defeated one Jounin of Konohagakure. If I give you a 'pass' then my Village will appear weak."
She says 'Village' but what she really means is 'Clan'. She cannot afford for the Uchiha to be seen as weak. That would give the Senju more of a reason to oppress them, in her mind. Thinking over all she has had to do so far to ensure she appears loyal, all she has had to endure to appear complacent, all the insults she suffered from Tessen in her last match… Well, her Chakra, even before she starts to focus it, grows noticeably and intensely. It is not killing intent. Not quite. More like rage made tangible. It is not directed at Jon, but he may be able to feel the intensity of her gaze regardless.
Her red gaze, with three tomoe in each pupil. "Don't worry. I won't use my full power right away."

Having arrived and found a seat, Hinotori lets out a breath as he looks to see his sensei Fuyu preparing to face off against Jon. He's seen both people fight and knows this is going to be a very good match. Activating his sharingan and using a henge to keep his eyes concealed. With a smirk, Hinotori rests his elbows on his knees and leans forward and prepares for an awesome match.

Jon smirks lightly. "'Champion of the People', huh? I wonder who stuck me with that label." Evidently Fuyu is one to do her homework too…either that, or make stuff up to mess with her opponent's mind. Jon shrugs. "Well, anyhow, I certainly won't blame you for fighting to win…" Suddenly, Jon blurs in close. "…and I'll do the same." Jon's cocked fist shoots forward at Fuyu's throat as if it just dropped out of warp. He follows up with a hook to her side and a sideways kick. Risky tactics, trying to use straight-forward surprise against a Sharingan user, but Jon figures distance is not his friend in this battle. Besides, the gutsy assault might distract Fuyu from the thread of chakra Jon slips out at the same time. ;)

'G' glances over to Tsukiko. She may be 'just' a Genin, and not a 'VIP', but she is this man's guest here. So he seats himself in one of the barely-capable-of-holding-him-but-still-very-comfortable chairs and invites Tsukiko over with a hand gesture. "I was hoping to discuss with some of the Kage and other leaders the… Matter that we spoke of at the hospital the other day. But it looks like they are all too focused on this match. It is in some ways good that they have found a new way of resolving differences other than war. And at the same time… Sad that it still requires fighting, even after all that I sacrificed to end it."

Tsukiko looks over to the mysterious hero from kumogakure, her eyes wide. She uhms softly and moves closer. She fidgets nervously a moment before she speaks, "I.. I am sorry i was so.. uhm.. focused.. on my own matters.. I.. I know what happened had nothing to do with my.. my old village" She herself was part of the tournament and scheduled to do more fighting herself so she does not speak more on it, feeling a little embarrassed for her participation.

The mysterious figure in the green cloak shifted her eyes slightly as 'G' spoke of something going at the hospital. She shrugged for a moment and spoke in a somewhat coarse almost masculine voice, "Well, some people see it as progress. I see it as procrastination. Peace never lasts for too terribly long. Most work comes from the top, beyond even the Kage. Until ruling classes see and feel firsthand the effects of their petty differences, not much will change." She then nodded her head slightly to Raiga before shifting her eyes back to Fuyu and Jon on the arena floor."

It took some convincing before Yuuka was allowed into the VIP section, her bright aquamarine eyes a bit apprehensive and uncertain as she glances over the other few around, some length of her pale kimono trailing around her feet as she slips inside and follows the closest wall. Her eyes flick from one side to the other in search for someone, blinking once as she sees Yasushi in the very front and to one side, looking rather formidable. Not that he ever looked anything but. Yuuka gives another glance over the small crowd in the VIP booth before she moves closer, reaching out to give the hem of his sleeve a faint tug.

"People are beasts that don't remember how to walk on all fours." Yasushi would quip, apparently paying some attention to the conversation though not showing any care with his body language. "We use logic and reason to excuse ourselves from common sense and courtesy. It's easy for the human race… second nature, perhaps even first." Yasushi would then glance back at the tug to notice Yuuka, putting an arm about her shoulder and sliding her up to his more-than-front-row view of the match.

Yuuka blinks with innocent surprise when Yasushi finally does notice her and wraps an arm around her shoulder, guiding her up a few steps beside them as the match continues on. A faint flush rises in her cheeks before she glances up at him with a slight frown, "I got your note to meet you here… but I had a little bit of trouble getting through security. I'm sorry, Oniisama." she murmurs in an unusually soft voice for a Kaguya kunoichi. "Have you been here long?…"

Fuyu does not hesitate to Flicker away from Jon's sudden attacks. Maybe she saw his movements in advance. Maybe she just saw the Chakra build-up and determined what it was he was about to try. The end result is the same. She evaded. But one thing was not evaded. Infact… Either Jon made it past her all-seeing Sharingan or she just didn't put up a fight at all. Jon has no reason to suspect the latter, of course. Not yet.
But suddenly, he may become aware of an unpleasant fact. Apparently, at some point during that near-miss with his melee attacks, Fuyu may have landed a blow upon him. And a rather serious one too. Yes, there. She is even holding her bladed War Fan. A painful slash across Jon's ribs on the left side. When was that cut made? Is she really that fast?
She does not wait for long for Jon to puzzle over it, or even to see if her attack was successful. Instead, she holds up one hand in a half of a Tiger hand seal and fires out a quick blast of flame from her mouth. She keeps her hand in that Seal as she molds Chakra inside of her, and then makes one half of an Ox, and Dragon seal, in succession. 'Katon: Kashou! <Fire Release: Sear!>' She releases a heated wave of air that may seem to presage another Fire Release… But no actual attack is launched. Just the startlingly hot air.

'G' nods towards Tsukiko. "Your apology is accepted, but your behavior is understandable. We all want answers in life. Some answers are desired more desperately than others. You thought you were close to an answer you wanted very much. There is no harm in that." He pauses when the figure in the green cloak and the Kaguya man both speak up. He has heard of the Kaguya, but never actually met one. Most of his time was spent in the regions that eventually were put together to form the Land of Lightning. At least before his 'death'. "It is not the rulers alone that bear the burden of change. Change comes from within, not from the top or the bottom. Peace is a lofty ideal, but rarely is it truly possible. What I would like to see is understanding between individuals >and< nations."
He leans forward in his chair, steel-grey eyes gazing down upon the two fighters below. He can not see the Genjutsu going on, but he can already see that deception will play a role in this fight. That 'fake-out' that Fuyu just used for instance. "It is easier to destroy than to create. Easier to blame than to forgive. Easier to remain blind than to open one's eyes. As long as we only react to pain inflicted upon us by others, instead of understanding the pain >we< are inflicting >on< those others, we will continue to wage war. Because the only consequence of war, as far as anyone can see, is that the 'other side' will continue to hurt what we care about until they are stopped. The idea that both sides could stop and none would be hurt never crosses anyone's mind. Understanding is what is necessary… Not power, not a magical peace-making wand, and not a rearrangement of social structures. We just need to be willing to listen and learn."

Tsukiko sinks back into her own mind, recalling her young childhood. She recalls the fear as the other children in the village hunted her with rocks to punish the imaginary crimes against her. She recalls being spit on by the adults, being called a curse. She recalls being run out of town to cower in the woods any time the storm clouds darkened the small village. She speaks softly, gravely, her eyes returning to the match below. "Understanding?… the wand might be easier to find."

Jon grimaces ruefully. Yup, brazen assault didn't do much to catch her off guard. And the genjutsu link…OW. >.<; Yyyyyeah, Jon's guessing she let that one through on purpose. Establishing that sort of link with someone whose clan is KNOWN for genjutsu proficiency was a gamble in itself. Seems like Jon's forced to take a lot of gambles in this tournament.
ANYWAY! Jon takes a moment to tell his body very firmly that the pain ISN'T REAL…and whaddaya know, it fades away. Yup, that must've been genjutsu. Jon comes out of considering this to see a jet of flame headed his way. He throws himself aside, but not quite fast enough. Ouch, okay, pretty sure /that/ one was real. And then she gets ready to blow another one, which Jon /does/ manage to dodge--only this one didn't have any fire. c.c Felt hot enough nearby it still, though. Jon takes in a deep breath. "Hoookay…looks like I can't afford to be conservative." Rather than attacking, Jon stands and wells up his chakra within himself, watching for Fuyu's next move.

The green cloaked figure shrugged as she listened to 'G', "Who knows what is right? Who knows what is wrong. We are shinobi, we do what we are told to the best of our abilities. Yes, we have some choice in how we accomplish the mission's objective. Doing the right thing is often harder than doing the easy thing, however our efforts are meaningless if they are not infectious and impact the actions of others. What are we doing here? Showcasing our talents to bring income. Our daimyos will gain bragging rights based on what happens. What they choose to do with it, is completely out of our hands." Hashi then chuckled, looking over at Yasushi, "Spoken as a true beast." her eyes then shifted to Tsukiko, "Understanding is indeed elusive, especially in the eyes of the green eyed monster."

"I have not been here too long." Yasushi would assure Yuuka as his eyes remained locked on the battle. "And you cannot understand others until you understand yourself. It is hard for many to even take that first step, so for the second to become a prominent part of our realtiy is unlikely. We are beasts, scurrying about trying to find a place to eat, sleep and piss. Maybe evenutally finding love or atleast affection, and gathering plenty of hate, despise, and envy along the way. Conflict is inevitable. Death is inevitable. But also, life is inevitable. Fire breeds creation, even if it does not cause creation. It is the same with those who kill, versus those who want to live. Those who create war, versus those who want peace. Balance. There is no such thing as one without the other."

Fuyu sees that her first attack fails. That Genjutsu wasn't strong enough. She knew Jon could use Genjutsu from having watched previous matches… It was one of the key deciding factors of him winning against Moriko. But she didn't realize he was able to intercept Genjutsu as well. "Oh, well. It seems I really won't be able to hold back against you. I wanted to have a build-up to the end, but if Genjutsu is out of the question then I'll have to rely on OTHER skills!" she calls out. Suddenly, her Chakra intensifies greatly as she focuses more of it. Why does she need to focus more Chakra? She has already focused quite a bit! At this rate she'll lose simply out of exhaustion!
Honestly, the main reason is she is confident that at full strength the match won't go on long enough for that. She wants to avoid arrogance. She really does. But it is hard not to be arrogant when one knows how good one really is.

Quirking a brow noticing a few subtleties, but so far his attention stays on the match. Smirking a bit, Hinotori wants to see how Fuyu-sensei really handles herself. He's seen a little of her fights. Her first match was really good, but now it seems that she is getting serious. Quirking a brow as her chakra fluctuate, 'Hmmm what are you trying to do?' he asks to himself trying to figure out what Fuyu was up to. Indeed this a change from how normally she is. "Alright, lets see what you got sensei."

Yuuka faintly lowers her chin in a slight nod, at least somewhat pleased that Yasushi hadn't waited too long. She turns her snow white head to glance over her shoulder, blinking innocently and curiously at the others as she begins listening to the current conversation. She soon frowns gently, glancing back to Yasushi, though the way he talks only causes her concerned frown to deepen slightly. Eventually, the moments pass as she speaks not a word in reply, allowing a soft breath to exhale slowly, "Summarizing everything like that is almost depressing…" Yuuka murmurs.

The Yotsuki man listens to all that is said. Everyone has opinions. But so little of it is backed up with knowledge… "As I said, it is easier not to even try, Tsukiko. But if it was easy, everyone would already be doing it." He sighs and turns his gaze back on the green-cloaked figure. "I know what is right and wrong. To murder is wrong. To kill is not. Killing, while perhaps objectionable, is natural. It is required to live. But to intentionally take a life for a purpose other than simple survival is wrong. People will try to quivel over details, and propose different scenarios, and ask philosophical questions… But philosophy is humanity's way of trying to understand our own mental capabilities. Applying it to matters of survival is impractical."
He looks back to the Ring suddenly, eyes narrowing as he seems to see or sense something. "…Killing someone for money in order to buy food is not a matter of survival. That is murder. But on the same hand, those with plenty of food to spare are not merely surviving. It is >right< for those with much to share with those who have little. It is wrong to turn away and say it is not one's problem. If a traveller or one who is homeless or otherwise needs aid comes to one's doorstep, one should welcome him or her with open arms. If every person does this, then there would simply be no hunger. I could go into further detail on what is right and wrong, but ultimately not everyone here is going to agree. Because not everyone here is willing to listen and learn. It is easy to talk about peace. It is much harder to act upon it."
He then lifts a brawny arm and points at Fuyu. "That one does not desire peace. I can tell by the violence in the energy that surrounds her… Even before she began to gather Chakra, hers is a dark spirit. I can make that estimation even from here. But I can not claim to understand her from that alone -- nor would I seek to act without such understanding, if there was anything to act upon or against."

Jon raises an eyebrow. So much for giving up offensive opportunity for preparedness, Fuyu made the same move. o.O Well, no point in arguing with it. Jon lunges forward at Fuyu, driving his fist at her rib cage. There is a loud snap of electricity as the punch reaches the extent of Jon's arm. Then, Jon slams his hands together tightly in a seal. The image of metal rods shooting up out of the ground all around Fuyu and sealing her in a narrow cage demands control of her senses. They both know perfectly well that there is a genjutsu link between them, so there is no pretense of trickery; this is a contest of sheer will.

Yasushi chuckles at the statements of 'G'. "Well, I suppose it is fortunate that someone here understands right and wrong. It's not as if anyone else has ever claimed to know before now." Glancing to Yuuka, he would simply say to her, "Reality is often times depressing. Still, that is what makes the good times worth savoring." He would squint a bit at the battle below. He may not agree with this 'G' fellow about anything else, but this Uchiha Fuyu was indeed as he stated. "What else is new for the Uchiha, vengence is their life blood. Without it they wither and fade away like old bones." Jon still had his game plan on, but the Uchiha was looking to dominate, not to compete. It would be interesting to see Jon's answer to that strategy, if it wasn't obvious already. "Hmm… but is he capable of pulling that off…" Yasushi would think aloud, but to himself.

Tsukiko closes ehr eyes for a moment. She pushes her memories back before opening her eyes once more. She looks over, "there will always be someone… someone who doesn't want to just survive.. someone who will want to take from others at any cost. Someone who will want to blame others for their own shortcomings and tragedies. No matter the understanding I have… others.. will not."

Fuyu is no longer holding back. She is allowing her Sharingan to flare to life with the full extent of her Chakra fueling it. That allows her to do things she would simply not be able to at a lower Chakra Level. That includes seeing a sort of after-image of Jon that performs his actions ahead of him, granting her insight into what his immediate actions will be before he actually makes them. So she turns aside as he makes his Lightning Chakra-charged punch at her ribs, allowing him to pass by her. The electricity sizzles and snaps at the air. When he tries to ensnare her with his rods of metal, she stands and stares at her opponent without flinching. To her eyes, the rods are transparent… Ghostly. The Genjutsu landed. Jon would probably be quite certain of that.
But she walks right through the bars like they aren't even there. "I apologize again, Saito-san. I do not want to dishearten the people of Kumogakure by defeating one of their champions… There are precious few willing to stand up for the down-trodden and defend what is good in the world against any challenger. But if you have gotten this far upon that principle… Then you and your wife will continue to do so whether you win this tournament or not. I've heard how you two did during the Clan Wars. I've heard how you fought the Kyakume and defeated them. You're a good man, Jon-san. But that's more than I can say for myself."
She pauses for a moment, but though she lowers her chin slightly, she does not take her eyes off of Jon. "Someone has to be the villain. Someone has to do the right thing while seeming to be doing the wrong thing. Otherwise, people won't value their heroes." Throughout this speech, Jon may become aware of a change to his senses. His vision may SEEM to be failing him. Eyes hurting, darkness growing around the edges of his sight, and general blurriness. Where there is still visibility, the light has become tinted crimson. Can he fight this off? It's definitely a Genjutsu unless Fuyu managed to poison him at some point. And then a deafening, ear-piercing, inhuman shrieking like a hurricane scratching along the largest chalkboard in the world, erupts everywhere around Jon. What is this attack!?

"Hmm…." Hinotori says for the most part to himself. Sitting up and crossing his arms over his chest as he continues to watch the match. Watching Jon as he prepares then quickly makes his attack towards Fuyu, his brow quirking as he hears the snap of electricity as he tries to hit Fuyu who manages to dodge away from his attack. "Nice." he says more to himself then to anyone else. Looking through the red haze of his eyes, he notes the genjutsu linked between the two and watches as Jon's chakra seem to flare as he uses his next attack. A grin on his face, as Fuyu seems to pierce what he's trying to do and return the favor. Hinotori shakes his head, it was a good thing he showed up for this match. Granted he would've showed up regardless.

G is focused on the match, but he does not ignore Tsukiko. Nor does he ignore Yasushi or Yuuka. "I know what is right and wrong because I know myself, and I know others. I know the world around me. Until you do not simply >believe< but actually >know< then you can not possibly understand. It is like asking a man how he knows he exists. He knows because he is capable of knowing. If he did not exist then he would be unable to even think about it. I have learned things during my decades of life…"
He shakes his head. "And while I do not have all the answers, I do know that people do not change unless they are willing. And you, Kaguya-san, are not willing. You have your own way of doing things. I ask not for unity of thought or of personality… But I encourage unity of knowledge. There will always be a cause behind a person's thoughts that can be understood. We just have to be willing to listen."

Jon frowns. Practically everything he's done in this match has been a long shot, but it would've been nice if just /one/ of them worked. u.u Well, the Sharingan sure is living up to its reputation of overcoming genjutsu, and now--uh-oh, she's going to return the favor, isn't she? o.O; Jon sends a surge of reverse-flow chakra through his system, but it's not enough. He can only watch and listen as Fuyu does her thing.
Jon feels almost contented, in an odd sort of way. Yeah, this means his run in the tournament's about to be over, and it happened in a pretty dominating sort of way, but at least the victory goes to someone deserving…but Fuyu's words start to sour that feeling. Be the villain? What's she talking about? Somehow, it doesn't feel like it's just a matter of humiliating a supposed hero. "So…those things you said bef--GAAAH!!!" Jon drops to his knees and clutches his head in his hands, feeling as though some invisible stream of energy is cutting straight through his brain. x.x Yeah, this isn't gonna finish up fun.

"Understanding someone is not going to stop me from killing them. It's not going to stop me from getting orders to kill them. It's not going to stop people from dying either. I can choose whether or not to strike someone down, and just because i choose to doesn't make me wrong. It's the right answer for me, should i choose to, and you won't be telling me any different. I know what is right and what is wrong to me as well, and just because it differs from you, does not make it wrong, nor does it make it right. The difference between me and many other people, is that i don't make excuses. I do what i do, and that is it. Right or wrong, good or bad, that's not for anyone else to decide. I live with the horrors i inflict upon others, as well as the prosperity it brings to those who order me to. In this stage of my life, that is my role, simple as that." It didn't seem as if Yasushi actually disagreed, but at the same time it did. Was he contradicting himself or was he stating that right and wrong are perceptions and nothing more?

Fuyu regrets causing pain. She really does. She has never taken pleasure in distributing suffering. It's just… Necessary sometimes. So she draws her War Fan once more, readies herself as though about to go into a running slash with it… And then suddenly she is standing about a dozen feet BEHIND Jon, facing the same direction she was originally. There was no 'flicker', no 'after-image', or 'streak'. She just appeared somewhere else so fast it was like she was always there. Like a wise person once said, 'Perfect speed is -being there-.' And it seems at some point that Fuyu has acquired perfect speed because she sheathes her warfan on her back, strapping it back into place quickly.
Yasushi may be the only person, up there in the VIP booth, who realizes what Fuyu just used. That was a technique used by a former Seven Swordsman. When did she acquire THAT? And just like that, a severe pain would wrack Jon in the shoulder of his dominant arm -- assuming he is not ambidextrous. The cut is not as severe as it would have been with the barriers down. But it would at least be enough to disable that appendage. "What I said was what the people wanted to hear. There are many who hate the Uchiha, and more who hate me specifically. I will do what is right, regardless of that. But they have to trust me first before I can do the right thing. If they hate me more afterwards… I will accept that as my fate."

Figuring the fight was already over, Hinotori was starting to get up, but when he didn't see Fuyu lower her guard he sits back down. 'Why is she continuing?' he wonders. But that answer comes as she….blink, blink "What the…?" he fumbles out as he sees her final attack. His eyes having focused on his sensei, but damn that was fast. Looking at Jon, he hoped the man was alright, and part of him was really happy right now that Amaya his wife wasn't here. With the barriers working to keep the fighters from really hurting one another too badly, he still feels that Jon is going to be very badly hurt and possibly maimed. He hopes the Kumo-nin wasn't maimed but he isn't a medical ninja. Waiting to see what happens, Hinotori watches.

Jon becomes aware of the slash across his arm almost as a relief. It only takes a split-second for the lack of mental pain to be replaced by the physical pain, though. That's sure gonna take some healing. Jon holds onto the wound for a second, then braces himself and takes his remaining good hand away in order to raise it. "I forfeit," he calls out.
Well, that's it, time for the medics to get in there and clean up. This tournament has ended on a sobering note for Jon; it's supposed to promote trust and understanding between shinobi of different nations, but now he's been given reason to doubt one whom he would've thought he could call a friend.

Rendou sees the hand held up and hears the call. He raises a hand as well, and calls out, "Match concluded! Winner, Uchiha Fuyu! Medic-Nin to the field once the barriers are down!" The barriers come down, and various Medics come rushing in. He shakes his head. He hopes that G got what he wanted from this. Jon was completely out-classed… Sad really. He had estimated he had a chance of winning. But once that full power was shown… There was no chance.

'G'/Raiga did indeed see what he wanted to see. He is pleased with Jon. "The Saito have cultivated a reputation as protectors… And that is what this Saito Jon is. Even to the extent that a wicked soul like that Uchiha can recognize it." He nods and stands up. The depressing conversation from Yasushi aside, he knows that Kumogakure has been left in good hands while he was away.

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