First World Ninja Competition - Bombshells: Mitsuomi vs. Mune


Jon, Mitsuomi, Mune

Date: January 28, 2011


Muscular might faces off against a brainy blonde.

"First World Ninja Competition - Bombshells: Mitsuomi vs. Mune"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring - Kusagakure

"Everybody ovah 'eahhhhhhh!" *CHEERING* "Everybody ovah theahhhhh!" *CHEERING* "That's it, mates, show 'em 'ow much y'wanna see some action!" *MORE CHEERING* A raggedy black shape flits back and forth over the stands, stirring the crowds to a bubbly anticipation. Scruvo even has some of them doing the wave as he passes overhead. Jon watches quietly from down in the ring, a wry smile tugging at his mouth. His primary task here, of course, is to be a just, impartial, and accurate referee for the match…but a bit of showmanship certainly does make the whole thing more worthwhile for the audience, and if Scruvo can provide that where Jon would be less than stellar, why not? "It's almost time, ladies an' gents! Call out to 'em! Bring 'em in with everythin' ya got!" *EVEN LOUDER CHEERING*
So what's the terrain du jour for this match? Well, evidently somebody decided that the tendency for things to, well, dissolve when one of these contestants is involved merits something a bit sturdier than usual. The arena has become a field of rocks, everything from gravel to boulders the size of a bijuu. Will it withstand what could very well be dished out today? Probably not, but maybe it'll slow the spread of certain dangerous substances so they can be dealt with less riskily. Jon clears his throat. "The match between Kishi Mune and Mitsuomi is about to begin," he announces. "Will the contestants please enter the ring and stand at their marks."

Mitsuomi could hear the cheers of the crowd and smirked a bit. They were riled up for a show, and that was something he could do. He had managed to win consecutively in this bracket, and it was helping him to reach his goal after his first match. Kanami…he would face her again, and he intended to dish out some pain when he did.
With heavy steps he made his way into the arena. The shirtless mountain of a man raised large arms to wave to the crowd as he made his way to the center. He may not be the odds on favorite or even popular, but what the hell…only live once.
As he made his way to the center, the waves decreased and his face started to become stern and concentrating. He wanted to win, he needed to reclaim his honor. All he had to do was beat this person and he was one step closer.
Looking to Jon, he nodded. A deep voice came from him. "Kumogakure's Double Impact Mitsuomi…present and ready."

Mune walks into the ring in her usual clothing. White longcoat cinched at the waist, white pants, and black leather boots. It appears both competitors are lacking shirts as well. The dark-skinned woman bows to the crowd multiple times on her way to the center of the Ring, potentially causing even louder cheering from the male segment of the audience — though the married males are likely to keep their cheering much less vocal if their wives are nearby as well. Then again, the wives may well be cheering and making googly eyes at Mitsuomi and his muscular physique, so it may balance out just fine!
It seems Mune is much more well-rested than she was during her last match, against Tosai. That probably does not bode well for her opponent. But Mitsuomi has confidence, skill, and lacks the arrogance he had when he faced that devastating defeat at the hands of Kanami. He knows he can lose now. He just intends not to let it happen rather than assuming it will not. Mune, on the other hand, has confidence only in her knowledge. She knows some things about her opponent, but she knows her skills and she knows her capabilities better. When she reaches the middle of the Ring and hears Mitsuomi's pronouncement of his identity, Mune looks on calmly, the high collar of her coat concealing the lower-half of her face.
Then she says, "Kishi Mune, grand-daughter of the war hero and the Raikage's trainer, Yotsuki Raiga, is here to win!" Does she actually feel any familial connection to Raiga? Not at present. But a psychological edge is an edge she will make use of if at all possible. She doubts she will intimidate Mitsuomi with that knowledge. Infact, it is likely to merely make him want to push her even more. But that in itself can benefit her.

"It's finally 'eah, ladies an' gents! Th'Crushah of th'Cloud versus th'Mystical Medic!" Scruvo darts into the boundaries of the ring to ensure he'll be able to observe the match at a relatively close, though still safe, distance. Jon nods to the contestants. "You both know the rules. Ready…begin!" The barriers snap up, and the protective field fills the arena. Go time!

Mitsuomi listened to her and smiled as he looked to her. A blush covering his cheeks indeed, but that was neither here nor there. He knew Mune was a fighter, and while still a woman and an attractive one, he wouldn't let his social awkwardness outclass his abilities. He shoved it down with a small gulp, almost if he were nervous from her speech about being Raiga's grand daughter. In actuallality, it was more to push impure thoughts from his head and think only of her as a fighter, an opponent, one who must be crushed.
As he heard the command to start he looked at her and smiled, "I will not disappoint, but I must warn you to win I will give myself over…" Without finishing his statement he began to tense and focus his chakra. It seemed small at first but it was growing steadily and rappidly to an impressive amount. It could feel almost tangible even to those without special sights. The dirt around him began to move slightly as small gravel was pushed back or sent skittering about. After a moment it seemed to stop and something else begin.
His muscles began to clench and bulge as his eyes closed. After a second his flesh began to writhe and wriggle almost as if his very bones were shifting. Could he secretly be a Kaguya? NO! Almost wormlike masses began to move under his flesh and slither out everywhere. The latched into his muscles one by one almost like parasites growing and feeding from what would find. After a minute they were like thick cords under his flesh causing his skin to look about to burst, as his muscles were now enlarging to match.
When his eyes did open he looked to Mune. Not with that same human glance he had before. This was predatory and madening. He was no longer a man, but a primal beast ready and bent on destruction. Such was what he needed to sacrifice towards to achieve his power.

Mune is actually… A bit taken aback. She thought Mitsuomi was far too professional to be bothered by a little thing like a top-heavy woman being his opponent. She almost considers trying to capitalize on this advantage (she has done so against other men before), but before she can do anything there is that transformation she has heard about. This one is more extreme than what has been described to her, but she cannot allow herself to be intimidated. Can she feel Chakra? Vaguely. She has not trained in that area. But she can sense Chi, which is a distant relative of Chakra, and the Chi withih and around Mitsuomi is in turmoil. It is like he is made of pain and suffering… Negative Chi is abundant within him!
"…An Infernal?" she wonders aloud for a moment. If Mitsuomi is a demon or not, she does not intend to succumb to his brute strength. She begins to channel Chakra throughout her entire body, keeping it ready to focus to a given area before it is even injured. Assuming she gets hit at all. The rush of energy filling her has boosted both her response time and her physical speed sufficiently that she feels she has a good chance of avoiding incoming attacks. "I'm sorry you feel you have to go all out against me…" she offers, though she doesn't think that Mitsuomi can understand her anymore. "…It would have been fun to play with you a bit." She winks one vividly cyan eye flirtatiously and then lowers herself into a unique Taijutsu stance that has her resting her weight on the balls of both feet, left arm held in front of her, with elbow bent, hand up in a 'chopping' position near her face. Her right arm is in a reverse of that same position, and is extended behind her. She rocks back and forth on her feet, ready to move.

Mitsuomi looked to her almost questioningly at her words. He could indeed hear them being spoken, but understanding them and articulating a responce was beyond him right now. At least beyond the effort he was willing to exert to try and control this madness for a conversation. Instead he would allow his body to talk for him, and the intents it held. Only his fists would speak for him now. Their feelings, he had hoped from the begining, would be felt by his opponent.
He lunged forward as chakra flooded his leg. As his foot hit the ground it errupted outward to making small cracks in the ground and releasing a shockwave to knock Mune back. In that opening it might create a heavy fist flew out towards her chest. The chakra in it far more devastating than the shockwave. It would be released upon impact with her or should it miss into the air around the fist.

Mune's right hand whips up quickly as Mitsuomi begins moving. She draws a pair of vials from inside her coat. One is thrown down immediately, resulting in a cloud of pure-white smoke erupting into the air. The smoke cloud conceals Mune even as she lunges sideways out of the cloud, speeding along and leaping up onto a boulder. Mitsuomi's attack sends a Chakra blast from his fist, leaving a cracking ring of broken stone on a different boulder that has been behind his opponent a moment ago.
Mune does not waste time thinking things through or gawking. She already has her next move ready. She throws the second vial she had retrieved in Mitsuomi's direction, primarily as a distraction, and then launches herself from the boulder to try to land behind her opponent and wrap her arms around Mitsuomi! She would then begin to… Massage him?
Yes, she attempts to massage him with her hands and… Any other available exposed areas of flesh (which seem to be quite abundant), essentially forcing Chakra into his muscles to try to make them relax. Even if it is only temporary, it should be enough to briefly foul up Mitsuomi's jutsu that seems to make heavy use of tense muscles and high-strung nerves!

As he felt his fist hit stone and heard the familiar sound of it cracking under his fist a low groan escaped his lips. The vial that flew in met with an outstretched hand that crushed it and let the contents fall to the ground. A coating of chakra over his body protected it from the burns of the substance that now seemed to be eating through the ground at his side.
When she lunges in to hug him, his chakra flares up around him momentarily to try and protect from what it percieved as an attack. Unfortunately, the side effect of decreased reasoning skills and increased animalistic subconscious tendacies…was that they weren't all violent. When he felt her hands moving over him to carress him the armor began to fade away and another train of thought entered his mind. The nerve bundles only made it worse by heightening his resposiveness to sensory input…namely Mune's soft body pressed again and carressing his.
His mind began to wander to far from child friendly places so the remaineder of this pose has been stricken to comply with the rating requirements of this game.

Mune thought she was just going to mess Mitsuomi up and maybe make his jutsu malfunction. When he fails to actually try to stop her and even seems to willingly give in a bit… She is unsure how much is the Muscle Relaxation Technique and how much is the 'victim'. 'Doesn't he lose reasoning abilities?' she thinks silenly, trying to recall what she was able to find out from witnesses. As well, there is something odd going on for her as well. Mune has seen and been around plenty of guys before. Some have been weak and some have been strong. But Mitsuomi is really up there in terms of physical development. Finding herself doing her best to rub against her opponent — and especially with THOSE parts — and the threat of having her head pulled off her shoulders and squeezed like an orange to make fresh orange juice being GONE for the moment… She begins to feel a bit embarassed and strangely warm herself.
'Get a grip!' she reprimands her mind and body and then seperates herself from Mitsuomi. It will take a moment for him to recover even after she strikes. The muscles will remain relaxed against their owner's will unless measures are taken to break free. So here goes nothing… She finds herself oddly reluctant to just sever Mitsuomi's spine — no rules against that, right? — and instead just tries to strike Mitsuomi several times in the back with pin-point precise Chakra pulses from her fingertips. They are not meant to cause great pain, nor to cause great injury. They're meant to make the body use up resources only. If she can end this without seriously harming Mitsuomi… That is an oddly appealing concept to her, when she normally has no problem driving a Chakra Scalpel into a man's crotch just to win a match.
…No, seriously. She did that.

His senses were still swimming when Mune moved away from him. In his normal state he would have fended her off regardless, but in this state his natural attraction and other methods were far above normal. Attraction and sexual desire were running high.
As she removed herself from him, his body turned slowly as if to becon her back or pull her to him, and then came pain. That snapped his mind right out of it. Instinctively he jumped back narrowly missing the second and third strikes that came at him from her.
The once pleading and seemingly wanting look on his face now faded. Much like when a feral animal believes it is going to get a treat and instead gets hit. His teeth were shown in a feral toothy grin. His body began to tense up again, now under his control. Chakra flooded his body in an alarming amount. It became visible leaking from his body in crescents of escaping chakra as he condenced and spiraled it through his muscles. With a lunge both palms shot out towards her to release this concentrated energy in a blast known for boulders into dust.
Still a part of him tried to pull back. He wanted her and alive. Even if she had to hurt a little for the pain she caused him…he didn't want her dead.

For someone who doesn't want Mune dead, that hit sure did hurt a lot. Mune tries to dodge out of the way with a spectacular display of acrobatic skill, but when she lands that spiralling wave of Chakra slams into her. She leapt backwards and through the air, flipping and twirling. She did not jump to the side, as would have been wise. She is slammed by the Chakra wave and driven backwards at least a dozen feet into a very large boulder, which splits into four segments from the impact of her back against it.
And yet… She doesn't seem to be down for the count. She is slumped against the boulder, yes, but after only a handfull of seconds she starts struggling to get back to her feet. The bloody spiral on her formerly-smooth belly, the shreds of her coat about her abdomen area, and so forth, indicate she was hit nice and hard. But where the wound once nearly reached up to just below her chest, steam is rising from the wound as it visibly begins to fade and retreat inwards. The blood evaporates gradually, and the skin begins to look smooth and pristine once more. It will take a bit for the wound to fully heal, but the fact it is already healing almost as though Mune is REGENERATING…
Dragging her pained gaze up, Mune tries to find her opponent through blurred vision. Her nervous system is all messed up. She has to try to break free of this!

Mitsuomi's face actually shows worry through his blood thirsty eyes. His toothy grin seemed to fade into almost a frown when he realized the damage he had caused her. It seemed for a moment that he was torn. One eye reflecting the animal within and its desire to destroy her and take victory, and another more human showing concern and desire for the woman.
Moving chakra begins to glow in bands down a clenched arm an attack most spectators had seen before, and one that always meant victory for him when used. His other hand reached up and grabbed his head as if pain as the arm seemed to relax slightly, then in an instant he vanished to appear near her.
The chakra in his arm no longer visible to the naked eye. With a pained roar his arms came back and swung for her and the boulder about her in a flurry of blows. To those in the front row with keen eyes, small glistening spots could be seen on his cheeks. For Mune, she may even realize what they are as a few fell towards her. They were tears. Why was this behemoth crying?

Mune may or may not notice the tears. Her mind is mostly occupied by the Chakra-infused blows being rained upon her. The pummeling she is receiving is by no means pleasant, and is, infact, quite painful. But she has had worse. So though her attempts to repair her nervous system are being derailed by the attacks, the dark-skinned woman is not entirely out of the fight yet. She just needs a moment to FOCUS…
When the punches stop — whenever that may be, she looks up with a cut on her forehead and a black eye and the high collar of her coat torn enough to reveal her lips. They form words as she observes Mitsuomi's stricken countenance. "…You better hope that's not your best," she spits out. Whatever reluctance she felt before has… Not disippated exactly, but she doubts it will hinder her further when she gets her body in working order. She can feel guilty later. This guy is an opponent. He just got done beating her black and blue — literally. She needs to take him down if she hopes to end this match with a victory. She has Kanami to face off against again. She can't fail here! She has to make it through this fight so she can show the other woman that she isn't as weak as the actress imagines her to be!

Hearing those words made Mitsuomi's stricken face tear into anger and rage. His consciousness fell back to the background. The animal in him rose again. Eyes narrowed and a blood curdling roar left his lips with enough anger and ferocity to shake the stands. Outstretched arms curled in and his nuckles audibly cracked and ground. The tension in his body returned to full as if ready to break his bones under the strain and shred his muscles. The animal soul was in control now.
His hulking form began to heave with breaths as his chakra again rose up. His muscles clenched as the bands of chakra that were there a moment ago appeared again. A deep haunting voice came out of ragged lips. "We shall dine in hell tonight…prepare." It definitely came from Mitsuomi's body, but held none of the familiarity to it that would say it was Mitsuomi's own. This one seeped venomously full of murderous intent, as if it truly intended to die in the process of killing Mune…and without regret.
With that sentenced barely finished his fist shout out for Mune. The built up chakra firing out like an auger bit straight for her heart. The blast may be big enough to cover her entire chest, but the focul point of his fist was aimed for her heart. Even if she moved, the boulder wouldn't be left standing.

Mune actually finds it easier to let Mitsuomi be angry with her and trying to hurt her. That means she doesn't have to feel regret. Mitsuomi's blow smashes the boulder to smithereens! Fragments go flying in all directions like shrapnel as the massive rock just >explodes< into various sharp bits that riddle the battlefield. Where is Mune? Gone, apparently.
She seems to have just vanished… But in actuality she is crouched on a sturdy boulder nearby, on the opposite side from Mitsuomi. She just kneads her Chakra internally and starts to reach up to unbutton the collar of her coat for a moment. Then she realizes one flap is already torn off and the other is folded down. Leaping out from her hiding spot, Mune turns in mid-air to face Mitsuomi, chest swinging freely with the motion, and yells, "Dokugiri! <Poison Mist!>" Then she breathes out a stream of purple miasma at Mitsuomi. Everything about the mist says, 'Death… Death…' Better hope that Mitsuomi doesn't inhale it. Not even a little.

Mitsuomi heard her call out the attack and instictively lunged to the side with speed that left an after image in its wake. He thought he was clear until a small breath in the middle of his lunge took in the poison and his movement halted. His body collapsed to the ground convulsing in pain. The nerves working against him as the pain was intensified enough for a blood curdling howl to escape his troat. Trying to fight it off and the lack of air that his coughing fits were causing, his hand moved towards his leg. Blurred eyes and tears obscured his view and he doubted it would work, but he instictively tried to bare his fangs to scare off Mune while he tried to pull himself back together. His hand moved as fast as it could with what little power it had to hurl three kunai at where he blurry shape seemed to be to keep her back and away from him.

Mune stays at a distance. This is not because of fangs being bared, though such an animalistic display IS off-putting. It's more to do with the need to prepare herself for her next move. After landing from her mid-air leap, she tosses out a trio of chemical vials. One generates green smoke, another sends up a fountain of sparks like fireworks, and the third just makes a wall of flame! The kunai miss completely.
Mune comes to a stop and gathers her Chakra. Her wounds are nearly repaired now… But it's using up Chakra at an insane rate. She'll need more for her next attack. She can't afford to waste any more time with this opponent. The sooner he is put down the sooner she can heal him.
She nearly blinks in surprise at that thought. 'Heal him?' she wonders. She needs to get out of here and get back to work! Why would she heal this guy when there's so many other Medic-Nin available to do the job!? She doesn't know, but she feels that she somehow owes this man. Stupid, but since when do emotions make sense?

Mitsuomi begins to regain control over his body, and manages to force a staggered stand with some impressive effort. He can sense something is going on inside his body, but the worst of it is over for the moment. With a loud cough and a splat of blood leaving his lips, he readies himself to move. He has to move. Staying down will kill him, and he can't lose…not now. Not when so close to the prey he needs to devour.
He roars as he begins to move towards Mune, staggered steps give way to a haphazard charge. Blood streming from his lips in two streams with every jagged breath he takes. His chakra harnesses into an arm and he leaps right for her as if to tackle her over, when at the last second a heavy hand moves forward with enough chakra to level a house packed into the punch. If she is anywhere near it when that much chakra is let loose, let alone takes a direct hit, she will be sent hurdling a distance.

Mune cartwheels aside from the incredibly powerful blow, skids to a stop and then comes dashing back into melee range! "I didn't make this one for you, but you'll test it for me all the same!" she cries out as she channels Chakra into a 'spike' around her hand. It's not a 'solid' spike that will impale Mitsuomi… But it can potentially do far, far, far worse damage. It is also aimed exactly at her opponent's heart. In an odd replication of Mitsuomi's earlier attack, Mune attempts to drive this spike into the muscular behemoth's chest and do damage directly to the cardiovascular system. It will hurt a lot if it hits. But pain will be the least of Mitsuomi's worries.
Silently, Mune thinks, 'I'm sorry. This wasn't meant for you.'

Mitsuomi toppled over his fist as it hit the ground and landed on his back. Full control of his body was not yet returned as the poison still worked its was through his body and ravaged him. It was almost too late as he saw Mune lunge for him. He tried to push off of the ground and roll away, but all he managed was to offer his back to her instead of his chest.
The attack still struck true and the force of the blow caused his body to collapse to the ground. It would seem that he was unconscious for a long moment as the dust settled around the two combatants. Then came a groan as his arm pushed him up. The other felt like it was being stabbed by flaming pins and needles, but it clutched at his chest. He could barely breath and it felt as if someone was crushing his heart in their hand. With a few jagged breaths and spurts of blood he became disoriented and light headed. Down was up, and up was down…left and right didn't exhist in the spinning ring he saw. Soon his vision began to blur and a loud thud came as he flipped onto his back fighting for breath.
The beast raged behind his eyes. The look within them wanted to tear her apart limb from limb and bathe in her blood. Though only one in the ring could see that hatred and animosity fading, and it was Mune. His eyes were returning to normal even if only for this moment. There was desire and compassion there.
A hoarse whisper came from his lips as he looked at her. "Finish…now…before…returns. One…must…beat Kanami…" He trailed off, and was still conscious, but his breathing was too labored to speak. A forfeit wasn't happening. He wanted it out to the bitter end.

Mune doesn't really want to 'finish' it, but she knows she has no choice. At least the barriers will keep this from being fatal. "Sorry," is all she says. Her eyes and facial expressions are oddly hard to read. Her voice says volumes, though. She regrets this. She regrets it, but she'll do it anyway.
Then she moves forward and forms a BLADE of Chakra around her hand. This she uses to cleave Mitsuomi's chest open from right hip to left shoulder. She hopes this will be enough to make him pass out. The proctor seems to be unwilling to call it done until that happens. 'Please just pass out,' she begs silently.

Mitsuomi's body tries to move, his chakra tries to focus as the beast claws back to try and take control, but it is too late. He feels the seering pain of skin, muscle, and nerves being severed. He can't keep awake, and his eyes stay open, but appear soul less like a dolls. Just peering up into Mune's own. A pained smile on his face as blood poors from his body. After a moment those cordlike nerves begin to slither into remission. Rappidly pulling from his muscles and shooting back into their designated places. The monster slain, and in its mortal form revealed again for the world to see. Battered, beaten, and broken. Poison still ravaging the unscious body, muscles torn from the strain of his transformation, an overworked heart taxed further with a severe heart attack, and the final blow a deep gash alon the length of his torso. It was a mirical he didn't succumb sooner, and even with a medic it would be a miracle still if he survived to recover completely. Just what would push a man to become that kind of monster…and why would he smile in a defeat that nearly cost him his life? These were questions only he could answer, and now only one other could know. Mitsuomi has fallen.

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