First World Ninja Competition - Bound Lightning and Lightning Bones: Reza vs. Yasushi


Fuyu (as Aion and Tora-Tora-Tora), Yasushi, Reza, Yuuka, Tsun

Date: November 4, 2010


A high-powered battle between Yasushi and Reza, with plenty of supports for the former in the stands.

"First World Ninja Competition - Bound Lightning and Lightning Bones: Reza vs. Yasushi"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 - Kusagakure

Evening and the dark of night are upon the Land of Grass. And yet still, people prepare to fight in the Peach Pit Stadium. Arena 1 is as popular as always, and it is lit up with a variety of electric lights and lanterns that employ phosphorescent gas and luminescent fungus to save on expenses. The ring itself is a large area with plenty of room to run around. Trees, boulders, and a large pond are notable features of the terrain. Cover, essentially, though the pond can be useful for Water Release as well. The rest is dirt and grass.
The ring is empty for the moment, the crowd chattering away about the next scheduled official match. Two Jounin! The last two matches between Jounin have been amazing, so this one likely will be as well! Then suddenly, a high-pitch whistle can be heard from wind rushing as something descends from above. A shadowy shape has just leapt from the top of the stadium! It lands on its feet in the middle of the ring, and the spotlights reveal it is what appears to be a full-grown tiger with a man on its back! The tiger roars out, "QUIET, ALL OF YOU!!!" The crowd goes dead silent in an instant. The man climbs off the tiger's back, and withdraws a scroll from his belt while chewing on a piece of straw. He looks it over and leans over to whisper to the tiger. The tiger roars out, "Ehh? WHAT'S THAT!? SPEAK UP!" The man says a bit louder, "Kaguya…" and then something unintelligible and then "…Lightning." The striped feline then turns his head forward and says, "Alright then! LISTEN UP, ALL OF YOU! THIS IS AN OFFICIAL MATCH! STANDARD RULES APPLY! I AM TORA-TORA-TORA AND THIS IS THE MANESHI CLAN HEAD, MANESHI AION!" Aion calls out in a subdued tone, "I prefer the name Kinji, actually—" but Tora-Tora-Tora cuts him off. "SHUT UP! I'M TALKING HERE!" The snarling tiger then focuses back on the crowd. "AION WILL BE THE PROCTOR FOR THIS MATCH! AND IF HE DOESN'T DO HIS JOB, THEN -I- WILL! AND YOU DO -NOT- WANT ME TO DO HIS JOB!!!"
Tora-Tora-Tora then mutters loudly, "What were their names again?" More whispering from Kinji/Aion. "Right, right! OKAY! KAGUYA YASUSHI, FROM THE LAND OF WATER VERSUS HIZUMU REZA, FROM THE LAND OF LIGHTNING! GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE, -NOW-!"

In an unusual twist of events, Yasushi was not within the area reserved for the fighters. He remained seated next to Yuuka within the stands, still dressed in his more regal kimono and accessories. The tribal markings on his face however were elaborate and fierce, uncommon upon most Kaguya. The symbolism is lost to time, or more… to slaughter as most things that belong to the Kaguya eventually are lost to. As his name is called, he would stand from his seated position and almost seem to flex back his rippling shoulders to discard his robes on to his seat beside Yuuka. "Keep them warm for me." he would say to her as he stared down at the arena while decending the stairs towards the primary railing.
Leaping high into the air with seeming ease, he would roll forward in a rapid decending tumble and land on his feet with his knees fully bent in a squat as the dirt and dust plummed outwards from his landing and he stared forward to witness his opponent. After noting whom it was… that Kumogakurean shinobi he foguht in the recent war multiple times, Yasushi would glance sharply at the proctor and his adorable little pet. "Get out." he'd state with incredible bluntness as he would already be settling in to a combat stance. "I cannot guarantee even these barriers will save you from what i am about to do to this man." As if compounding the warning with actions, Yasushi would gnash his teeth loudly as his powerful form seemed to explode, shattering the blackened metal full-arm guard that was on his left arm in to utter scrap. "You wanted to know my true power… and to take my swords from me… correct?" Yasushi would state with a dangerous, feral smirk as he stared down Reza. "If you are still standing by the time i am ready to attack… come and get them."
Regardless of the proctor taking Yasushi's … advice or not, the air about the representative of the Kaguya Clan seemed to waver and quake just as the ground itself started to tremble. Lightning started to crackle along his body, and there was even a faint aura rising from him like a white fire, swirling slowly about him to those who could make it out. For the visually acute, it would appear that chakra flooded his body, forcing it's way through his system at ever increasing levels.

During Yasushi's entrance Reza's own entrance might hardly be noticed. As he'd simply walk from the reserved area. The usual look in his eyes as he stared his foe down. "As much trouble as you've caused me in the past…I think I'm due for some reimbursement of my time in some form. Don't you agree?" Reza would smirk. "Fate seems to want me to kill you afterall. And sometimes fate must be humored." His smirk would become a full blown grin as his hands slid from his pockets and his almost signiture relaxed pose entered his combat stance as he drew a kunai from it's holster. "This…should be interesting."
Reza was aware of only some of his opponent's capacity, however his cockiness was born from something other than the thought that he'd be able to defeat Yasushi. The cloud ninja would not be out displayed as his own aura began to crackle with lightning.

Aion nods and prepares to leave, but Tora-Tora-Tora yells, "SHUT UP, WISHBONE! I EAT JERKS LIKE YOU FOR BREAKFAST!!! CAN'T USE THOSE BONES OF YOURS WHEN -ALL YOU ARE- IS A -SKELETON-, HUH!?!?" Then Aion pats the tiger and mutters something. "…Oh, right. OKAY! MATCH START!" Aion climbs onto the tigers back, and he goes bounding out of the ring, leaping up onto the proctor's platform. The barriers go up.

Reza's first manuever would be a simple one, as he leapt backwards his free hand would allow several kunai to fly towards Yasushi's location. What would be difficult to see, as the tag was wrapped tightly around the handle of the kunai, was an explosive seal armed to explode shortly. Reza's opening maneuver would be poised to place even more distance between himself and Yasushi as he continued to leap backwards as he prepared a set of handseals in anticipation.

Yasushi takes very little note to the fact that the tiger knows very little about Kaguya if he believes that. Even the skeletal remains of a Kaguya can be more than a match for some. That however was of no consequence. Yasushi continued to gather up his chakra, taking his time for an unknown reason as he seemed to blurr rapidly as the quaking increased and the barely visible chakra became quite visible and distinct. It looked alot like he was on opaque, transparent fire though completely unharmed physically. The band holding his long off white locks as well as the elaborate tasset about his waist would burst at the seams and be blown away by the force of the gathering of his chakra. Roaring out as he finished, a concussive wave would ripple across the ground, though it was not truly powerful, the dust and dirt allowed for the invisible force to be quite note worthy.
Now Yasushi would stand tall, half naked from the waist up aside from his weapons and a tightly cinched obi. Just then, Reza would let loose his attack, and Yasushi woudl lean to avoid it, spotting the explosive tag, but continuing to lean as it would explode. The flames would wash over him and scortch him a bit, but he seemed to not mind at all as he continued to watch Reza. "Is that all?"

Dressed in similar, more feminine kimono to her elder brother, Yuuka blinks her bright aquamarine eyes with some surprise as Yasushi's name is called out for a match. With the usual red markings along her eyes and twin crimson dots upon her forehead, the white silk of her kimono shifts subtly with each light and unconscious movement, pure snow white hair twisted up elegantly in a pair of ivory chopsticks. She blinks as she turns her head towards Yasushi when he stands to his feet and frowning gently when he disrobes and gives the fabric to her. The young Kaguya kunoichi's innocent concern shows in her eyes, though she lowers her chin just slightly in a ever silent acceptance, silently folding his robes over her lap and crossing her arms over it. When Yasushi literally leaps into the ring, Yuuka sighs to herself before shaking her head gently, fully knowing that when her brother gets into the mood for a fight, there is little hope for the recipient of his attacks.

Reza grins again towards Yasushi's display. "What? You don't like foreplay?" He'd joke as his own aura would shift, as he began to focus on his own chakra using the time, the distance and the stoic nature of the mist ninja, granted. Reza's mind would rush in attempting to predict and assess any next move the swordsman might retaliate with. For now he'd be only partially comfortable with the distance afforded to him.

"Once again you are trying to use distance as your ally… you don't appear to have a very good memory." Yasushi would state cooly as Reza finally prepared himself, waiting to see what would happen. "I have given you enough time, let us see if you can handle me unarmed before i both unwielding my swords." He would state, and just as he finished speaking, nothing more than a streak of blurred existence would remain before Yasushi would be notably behind Reza, though not facing him. "Distance has no meaning to true speed." he would state as a fact before turning to see how Reza faired.

Reza had actually remembered their past quite well, however something behind you, is never as easy to counter as something right in front of you..which was the expectation. As Reza's now glowing hand moves to intercept the attacking mist ninja A loud clap sound would quickly be followed by a thud and slide as Reza's body was sent flying away before he'd drag across the ground and roll. His arms tucked in his body as he rolled Reza would suddenly flip high into the air revealing his hands locked in a handseal as suddenly a massive water dragon would be launched from his mouth as it snaked down towards Yasushi with frightning speed. The pain numbing effects of the barrier were very much to thank as such a recovery would be difficult had this been outside of the battle. "Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet." As he fell back to earth it could be seen that a small set of the tattoos on his arms would now be glowing, a keener eye may have recognized that they have been doing so shortly after he hit the ground.

Watching as Reza reacts quickly even while damaged… if you can call anything damage in this arena, Yasushi would nod. "Atleast he is not a coward." Yasushi would state considering he met he attack head on and with no hesitation. The water dragon would speed towards the unmoving Yasushi and impact just as his chest would nearly rip open as bones blasted through his torso in order to intercept the attack that came. Yasushi held his ground against the dragon, it seeming nearly frustrated as it raged towards him, though Yasushi grunted and forced his arms forward as his bones branched out more to wrestle the dragon down to the ground to disperse it's remaining power.
Glancing towards Reza, he would stare for a moment. "Now that we are warmed up, we can move on to skill as oppossed to power." Moving his hand to a his longest blade, Yasushi would wield draw it slowly and tilt it towards Reza. "You have earned the right to die like a man… even if circumstances will not allow it." his smaller blade would remove itself from his secondary sheath and connect pommel to pommel with the held blade. "Sazanami (Ripples on water)." Yasushi would introduce his weapon as he'd release it, only to have it remain where it was poised in front of him. He poked his thick thumb into his chest as he would state, "I am the force that defines the calibur of ripple." Yasushi would lean leap upon the levitating blade, and it would support him, though briefly as he would back flip and twist i nthe air, letting loose a barrage of small blades just as his double sword would mingle in between them, flying around acrobatically to not disturb the barrage and to confuse the opponent before it would move to strike.

As the blades came flying Reza would just be landing. Taking a quick note of the true intention of the barrage Reza wouldn't take chances with dodging. Spitting forth a large volumn of water, the blades would all impact and stop as they faces the current of Reza's water encampment wall defense. "Glad to see that War, personal battles, and even a battle arena has not killed respect on a battlefield. I only hope that I can send you to your grave with the same honor." With his form safe the wall would lower before he'd launch a group of shuriken for Yasushi once more. As these blades flew Reza's hands would form seals, with the final seal Reza would take aim and launch a beam of electrical energy towards Yasushi, the likes of which should explode on impact.

Yasushi did not reply, it was time to continue fighting not to talk, in his eyes. The defense provided a barrier that soaked up the barrage as well as the blade he sent… or did it? The legendary sword was no where to be found. As Reza counter attacked from this distance, Yasushi wouldn't move at all, the shuriken would largely bounce or skid off of him, but a few were able to lodge between jointed areas and cause him a slight amount of pain. He would begin to walk forward, brushing off the shuriken as the wounds opened up and taking the beam of electrical energy head on as the explosion simply hindered his forward movement a single step.
Using a seal of his own, the wet and gathered senbon would spar up, suddenly sending a large jolt of electricity towards Reza from below. This was largely a distaction as the levitating blade would be twirling towards Reza from an opposing side. Yet antoher distraction? With Reza having to split his attention, Yasusih would close the distance to make this a melee contest for atleast the moment as he would draw a blade from his left shoulder and lay in on Reza with it swiftly.

Oh Reza was distracted all right…with the electricity which stung his form, however the blade would only meet the form of water as Reza quickly vanished from Yasushi's reach as he attacked. "You're right, this speed thing is good." With that Reza would only require a small set of seals before Yasushi's love of metal only contributed to Reza's latest trap technique. "Lightning Trap Field." with that the electricity within Yasushi's blades, plus the water, would all spark up before aiming to zap Yasushi with a large spark of electricity.

First a sway, then a heavy lean in another direction, and then almost seeming to nearly fall backwards, Yasushi would manuver around the interlacing lightning sent at him, however, as it became mroe complex, he would become a blurr of motion, evading the lightning that sought to entrap him before disapeparing from the inside of the trap altogether before it could complete. Starting to decelerate during his ascent, Yasushi would say "Teshisendan." calmly before rotating and slashing his arms towards Reza. nearly a dozen pieces of bone would rain down upon Reza, seeking to end him from the skies if he was not fast enough to avoid the nearly unstoppable shots.

As the bone came, water would again meet the attack. The force of the current would work to detour the majority of the assault however speed wasn't the issue here, Reza was fast enough, but the force of the current wasn't enough to defend against all of the attack. The hit would send Reza backwards a bit more than just the force as he'd allow the hit to carry him further than it usually would. Upon landing Reza would slide along the ground before securing his footing enough to stand in place. With this Reza would focus more of his stamina into chakra and ponder his next course of action.

"SUSHIIII!" Tsun would sort of appear near Yuuka, apparently late for a decent chunk of the tournament. She'd look somewhat tired, slight bags under her eyes and after screaming out Yasushi's… nickname, she'd realize that she shouldn't of had enough breath to yell that loudly and break into panting. She'd slowly turn to look behind her and realize Yuuka behind her, a somewhat familiar person and wave to her, "Oh hey you!" Sliding over to join her fellow Kirigakure ninja, she'd simply remove the coffin from her back and take a seat, using the coffin as a foot prop. "So uh, I totally missed half the fights didn't I?" Tsun's withdrawal from human interaction finally getting a chance to recover.

Yasushi would land and observe as Reza prepared himself to continue on. "Nothing will be resolved if you keep believing that you stand a chance and simply that your ability to continue fighting is your only down fall against me… Reza i believe your name is." Yasushi would state harshly from his perspective. "Thus, i will end this decisively." Bones would begin to protrude from his body, horns, claws, things that would likely enhance his abilities, but appeared to be some what easthetic… or preperatory. Bracing his right arm before him with his left, both of his entire arms seemed to shatter from the inside out as bones errupted from his flesh, completely destroying what was once there and forming something new.
A gigantic blade would twist and sprout in to existence, easily another third the height of Yasushi in length of the blade alone. "The world will witness the power of the Seven Swordsman for the first time. Not even my own government is aware of this technique. Behold your weakness and cower!" Yasushi would snarl as he'd rip his other arm free of the blade and… another would form? Branching from the first, yet another… and then Yasushi would unleash them upon Reza. Dozens of weapons, maybe more, maybe ever growing numbers would reach out after Reza in the blink of an eye. There was no escape from them, they moved and reshaped by sheer will alone. Worse yet Yasushi was on the mvoe as well, closing in as the flurry of deathly blades would begin and he would roar, "KYUUKYOKU FUCHI NO MAI!!!"

It wasn't surprising to find someone else from the Land of Water cheering for Yasushi. There was practically an entire section of Kirigakure citizens and shinobi cheering for one of the Seven Swordsmen. Though the sheer volume of Tsun's voice does catch Yuuka by surprise as she blinks her bright aquamarine eyes at the girl down in front of her. She blinks once more as Tsun joins her before the Kaguya woman's expression softens some, becoming far warmer than any Kaguya would ever display as she glances back to the ring. "Probably, though I have missed many of the matches as well." Yuuka reassures Tsun easily. "Though Yasushi-oniisama surprised me, as I did not know he had entered the tournament." She leans forward just slightly as bones emerge scattered over Yasushi's flesh, appearing much like a porcupine, a very dangerous porcupine, snarling with the fierce and dark rage of their clan. Yuuka's arms tighten just slightly on his robes in her arms as she shivers visibly, her bright blue green eyes closing for a brief moment before they open a long moment after, to gaze down at the fighters once more.

"Water Encampment Wall!" The current would ultimately prove nothing to the Kaguya Style Omnislash. As blades seemingly ripped into Reza the afro jounin would be unable to do anything to defend himself further. As his clothes were torn to shreads much like Yasushi he was now bare from the waist up as he landed hard on his back. Breathing heavily Reza simply laid there less in pain, and more in awe. The former was due to the barrier of the arena, the awe was due to the sheer fact at what he'd be feeling..or rather not feeling had the barrier not been. However as Reza had always been taught, never let them see you down..and if they do…don't let them think you actually are down. "You win this time…But next time you won't be so lucky!….Dammit…Damn you…these uniforms are not cheap!" Reza would say as he felt a breeze across his bare chest. Still unable to move he'd simply lay there. Those the barrier prevents an alarming amount of the damage, when one is hit by such a technique. Getting back up isn't something one really desires to do just yet.

Aion starts to speak up, to call the match done. Then Tora-Tora-Tora roars out, "END MATCH! REZA HAS GIVEN UP! WINNER: KAGUYA YASUSHI! NOW GET THOSE BARRIERS DOWN AND GET THE MEDIC-NIN IN THERE! Not that I care, but there are rules about people who get curbstomped like that receiving prompt treatment!" The Maneshi Clan Head just nods and sighs next to his cat.

Stopping his flowing natural and unnatural moments within a moment, the edge of a follow up blade is stopped a mere few inches from plunging in to Reza as he concedes. "Luck?" Yasushi would state as his bones begain to retract and… his wounds begin to heal. "Next time, i won't allow you to defend at all." Yasushi would correct the Kumo Jounin as he would turn to walk back towards the stands. He would flicker from his location, though not very far as he could be seen simply scaling the wall towards his seat, apparently not caring for anything resembling actual medical treatment.

Tsun would shake her head slowly, she managed to chat it up with one of the few other Kirigakure ninja who weren't sitting in the stands before the matches even started. "You're surprised? He seems like the type… that… would…" Tsun would catch the transformation and her expression would shift to something of joyous excitement to being a bit bothered, "Dude… that's just gross." Her words meant for Yasushi's ears but, of course it would not reach through the roar of the crowd. As for what followed? Tsun's eyes wouldn't be able to keep up, though it was obvious what the outcome was going to be as Reza seemed to be in the same boat as he just takes the beating. "Well guess that ones over…"

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