First World Ninja Competition - Cat Fight: Kuki vs. Amaya


Fuyu (as Aion and Tora-Tora-Tora), Kuki, Amaya

Date: November 18, 2010


A rather quick match as far as Jounin battles go… Two women fighting, proctored by a tiger. Totally a cat fight.

"First World Ninja Competition - Cat Fight: Kuki vs. Amaya"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 - Kusagakure

Arena 2's fighting ring has long-since been repaired, following the highly-destructive match between Kishi Mune and Hyuuga Hiroshi. There had been a rather large hole right in the middle of the ring, the bottom could not even be seen without a lot of light and a vision-enhancing Dojutsu. And since then, other matches have been fought in this same ring. It is truly amazing how the ninja and construction workers of Kusagakure are able to repair the rings so quickly.
Right now, most of the terrain is dust and dirt, in order to give it a different feel from the other two Arenas. Several stone pillars of varying heights and widths are scattered around the ring. Some are tall enough that they are almost higher up than the surrounding stadium seating, and others are squat enough to sit upon.
Standing in the middle of the ring is Maneshi Kinji -- also known as 'Aion' by some -- and his feline companion, Tora-Tora-Tora. The Bengal Tiger lies next to Kinji, his stripey tail lashing back and forth across the dusty terrain occasionally. "When does the match start?" Tora-Tora-Tora asks. Kinji looks at a clock he carries with him. "Right now." Tora leaps up and growls out, "Alright…" Then he begins ROARING out to the spectators, "AN OFFICIAL MATCH IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! NAGAYAMA AMAYA FROM THE LAND OF LIGHTNING VERSUS HYUUGA KUKI FROM THE LAND OF FIRE! PARTICIPANTS GET DOWN HERE!" Kinji just shakes his head.

Kukiko's back would be pressed against a wall, looking at the tournament's line ups. It would appear that all that was left were taijutsu users. "Look at that. Here I was expecting ninjutsu to dominate." After that bit of thinking out loud, she would go silent once more, eyelids lowering to a close as she crosses her arms focusing on listening for any hints of the match starting any time soon.
Well, there wasn't so much of any hints than the sudden roar from within the ring that causes Kuki's eyes to flash open, looking a bit thrown off. "Ah… heh, well. I suppose I shouldn't kept him waiting, doesn't sound too happy." Kukiko would start humming as she walks out into the stands, casually hopping over the edge and into the ring. With her right hand in the air, she'd toss the proctor(s)? a pleasant smile and a wiggle of the raised hand's fingers.
Settling into one side of the arena, she'd take this time to take in this arena, reaching for the compartment on her wrist and adjusting the order of the tags within it, all the while continuing to hum.

Amaya is as ready as she can possibly be. She has spent most of the time since her first match doing exercises, trying to cover for the handful of weak points revealed in her match with Uchiha Tessen. She was actually surprise it hadn't come down to Genjutsu. He obviously had Sharingan, and yet she had experienced no hypnotic effects. Which kind of sucks because she had intentionally spent a long time training her ability to perceive foreign Chakra attempting to infiltrate her mind. If she had spent her attention elsewhere the fight would have been over sooner.
Now, however, the call has gone out. The match she is scheduled for is taking place. The white-maned Kemonoken woman jogs out to the Fighting Ring, and then jogs some more. Jog jog jog. Right up to the middle of the ring, where that guy and his tiger are. She smiles at the tiger, and then towards Kinji/Aion. Dressed in a skin-tight black bodysuit with Jounin vest, fingergless gloves with metal plates on the backs of her hands, and white wrappings about her legs, underneath her tabi, Amaya looks very different from when she fought Tessen.
Looking her opponent over, the woman nods approvingly. "Alright, let's make this a good one then, nyah? No need to go all-out right away, but we should at least try to have fun." She slams her right fist into her left palm and then bows to Kukiko.

The tiger turns to Kuki and then to Amaya. "You both ready? GOOD!" He doesn't wait for either one to answer. Kinji climbs on Tora-Tora-Tora's back and then the tiger roars out, "THIS MATCH BEGINS AS SOON AS I'M OUT OF THE RING!" Then he dashes off at high speed, running up the wall, and leaping onto the proctor's platform. The shimmering barriers of energy that will make this fight non-lethal (almost) without question activate and encase the Fighting Ring.

Kuki would look up to Amaya as she comes jogging in, her right eyebrow perking up a bit. "I seem to be lacking the proper energy for this ring." Kukiko would look between the tiger and her opponent. "Must be a cat thing?" Smile widening Kuki would nod to Amaya, shutting the wrist compartment shut, "Fun. I'll do my best to enjoy getting pummeled." She'd wink and return the bow, now settling her zttention back on Tora-Tora-Tora, opening her mouth to respond to being ready only for him to blast out his assumption.
"Ah… hmm, right." She would bring her hands together into a basic seal, "Byakugan." Her eyes adjust, pure white now as veins appear, twitching while the woman gathers chakra. Nothing too impressive, she definately didn't put in much effort to deliver an impressive chakra display like some of the other Jounin in the tournament. As her chakra continues to build, she'd shift into her clans stance.

Amaya shrugs her shoulders as she straightens up. Unlike her clothing in her first match, this bodysuit is designed to provide support in all the right areas! Meaning that it functions as light armor, that is. …And maybe it doubles as undergarments butwhydoesitmatteranyway!? She starts to settle into a fighting stance, but when Kukiko activates her Byakugan right away, Amaya frowns a bit. "…Well, you're no fun. I said we didn't need to go all-out right away! But… I guess it can't be helped."
Amaya spaces her feet apart and clenches her hands into fists, then calls out, "Ama no Iwato Ken! <Cave of the Sun God's Fist!>" Immediately a radiant golden energy blasts outwards from her, spreading in all directions, and making her look like a miniature Sun, right here on Earth. Her very flesh seems to be made of light. Amaya's Chakra level rises steadily throughout this process. Finally, she allows the Chakra build up to stop, and several stones that were hovering in the air, almost unnoticeable amidst the glow, drop to the ground. The glow does not abate.

"Didn't plan on going all out. Though…" Kukiko would sweatdrop as Amaya erupts into a bright display. "Nevermind that." She might not have time to toy around with too much ninjutsu given what this transformation may possibly do, though for now she would have to do it with a traditional testing move of hers. The old explosive tag on a kunai gag!
With a quick motion she'd reach for a kunai, the handle wrapped with an explosive tag, while the loop at the end held another tag by string. Launching the kunai at Amaya, the tags would rapidly burn away with a loud crackling, going off just as they would hit the woman while Kukiko takes this time to run the opposite direction.
Her hands would go to work quickly, reaching for the wrist compartment and smacking tags on multiple pillars as she runs by them.

Amaya attempts to avoid the incoming thrown kunai. She only barely evades, and even then the blade slashes across her left upper arm in passing. But she is well clear of the resulting detonations, coming flipping through the air, right out of the smoke cloud. Spotting Kukiko running around slapping Seals on columns, Amaya frowns. She should probably stop that. So suddenly she's standing in Kukiko's path.
"Hey," she offers in greeting almost before she finishes resolving from a speedy blur of lines. At the same time her fist comes swinging in at the Hyuuga's stomach. She then turns, rotating her hips and putting her entire body into a spin kick aimed at Kukiko's head.

"Hi." Kuki would respond with a smile, right foot slamming into the ground and with the use of every muscle in that leg, she'd move aside just enough to avoid the first strike before taking into the air. /Just/ high enough to clear Amaya, flipping over and quickly reaching out with both hands, index and middle fingers of each aiming for the woman's shoulders. With an impressive display of finger strength, she'd manage to propel herself a bit further away after jabbing into Amaya's shoulders, causing a bit mroe distance between herself and her opponent.
Landing lightly, her toes of her shoes would dig in as she slides back. "Well then, you're a lot faster than most of my opponents. Quite unexpected!" Kukiko lets off a childish sounding giggle. Eyes lighting up a bit as she looks a lot more excited than she was a few seconds ago about this match. 'Now just to get to those last two pillars…'

Amaya is a bit surprised by Kuki's own reaction time and speed… Her agility is impressive too. The finger in the shoulder only barely managed to strike before she is leaping backwards and away from her opponent, causing the second finger-poke to miss. But the first one does more than just hurt… It actually seems to make her weaker. Good thing most of her attacks rely on Ki and physical energy instead of Chakra, but still… That's not good.
Taking only a moment to evaluate her opponent's new position, Amaya says, "You're pretty fast your--" Deciding to up the ante a bit, Amaya blurs off to her left only to almost immediately reappear at Kuki's right, trying to slam her into the nearest wall at high speed. "--self." her voice finishes. But the voice is coming from back at her original position, even though she has already left it. A loud *CRACK* echoes through the air a moment later from a sonic boom.
Whether her initial attack succeeds or not, she then leaps into the air and slashes once with each hand, as though her fingers bore claws. And they apparently >do<. And her toes too, because she kicks with both feet too, in mid-air! "Twenty Claw Strike!" she calls out.

Kukiko's footing would adjust slightly as she gets ready to make her next move, foolishly assuming the space between herself and Amaya was decent, not used to taking on someone with equivalent speed. No, Kukiko would seem a bit thrown off by Amaya's appearance, now, instantly popping up one place from another may seem just the same no matter how 'quickly' you can move 'instantaneously'. Off by milliseconds, Amaya would move faster than Kukiko had thought possible.
Visibly thrown off, she'd barely escape the first strike and for her own safety would follow up with a signature move of her clan. Chakra would seep from the tenketsu all about her body and she breaks into a spin, the clawing meeting nothing but a wall of chakra that carves a crater into the ground beneath them, "Hakke".
As Kukiko breaks out of the spin, she'd quickly dash forwards with her palm rushing for Amaya's chest.
Calmly uttering the "Kuushou." Before making contant with the cat woman, chakra would blow outwards with the intent of blasting Amaya away.

Amaya's claws deflect off the unseen wall of Chakra, but her senses pick it up. Eyes narrowing, she manages to leap away after touching the ground, expecting a follow-up attack. But she was >not< expecting a ranged attack like that. Still, surrounded by the glowing golden aura, Amaya turns and evades the unseen blow, seeming to sense the pressure wave before it hits. Great. So now there's ranged attacks to deal with. Well… There's one sure way of preventing more of >that<. It is time for Amaya's >Ultimate Genius Strategy That Always Works<!!!
Then she calls out, "I'm going to hit you with my fist!" as she dashes forwards, tearing up the ground behind her. One hand is clenched into a fist, seemingly ready to be used to punch Kuki! Yes, it appears her 'genius strategy' is 'hit them with your fist'. It's the Punching Principle! If you hit someone enough, they'll eventually be defeated! It's a Law of the Universe!
And apparently one that Amaya does not actually intend to employ, because she stops a fraction of a fraction of a second from closing in on her opponent… And then begins slashing with her claws! Very rapidly, she delivers ten blows with her hands, and it seems that it does not even really matter if Kukiko is in immediate melee range or not. Almost like there's… Yes! There's visible claws on Amaya's fingertips, seemingly made of glowing gold Ki!
And so one-hundred claw cuts are directed at the Hyuuga -- one per finger. "Hundred Claw Strike!" Amaya calls out. If this works… Kuki may have a >lot< of cuts to bleed from.

Amaya was obviously a genius of combat, as her next plan may just be her most brilliant. The exclamation would reach Kukiko's ears and before she could even move, she would find her skin being torn in multiple locations. The pain coming in too rapidly for her to process each hit. "Gah…" The only thing she could do was break out of the combo about 70 hits in, her technique not released properly at all as Kukiko would appear off to the side.
Tumbling away in a bloody mess before slamming into a pillar behind her. "..ugh…" Kukiko would slowly fall to a seated position, slouched over and taking the time to catch her breath. This wasn't looking too great at the moment, assuming she wasn't destroyed in the next few seconds, she would have to do something drastic in order to turn things around.

Amaya >is< a pretty clever cookie, but she has placed more emphasis on her 'clever' than her 'cookie', unlike Kuki! A >fatal mistake<!? We'll see in a moment, cause here comes Amaya, following Kukiko even as she staggers away, bleeding and stunned. She doesn't take pleasure in seeing opponents injured like this, but she knows the barriers will keep it from being fatal. That in mind… A mix of crimson is added into Amaya's golden aura now. The image of a cat that has twisted its visage into one of threat -- eyes wide, teeth bared, back arched, fur bristling -- seems to be super-imposed over Amaya for a moment. Then she gathers an enormous amount of condensed Fierce Ki over her head, holding it between both palms… And then >hurls< it at Kuki! When it hits, there will be a massive explosion of force that nearly threatens to rupture the barriers, and definitely collapses the pillar that Kuki is leaning against. Infact… The ground will also be torn up, and the entire arena with be bathed in a red glow for awhile, even after the dust clears.
So much Geki in the environment it has saturated the very air with ferocious power! Amaya breathes a bit heavily after that one.

"Tch…" Well Kukiko couldn't really do much about the next attack as she's hit dead on, the only thing originally keeping her in place was the pillar behind her. What happened next was really not properly determined in her mind. She would blank it out at the time being, entering a bit of a trance to let the original damage soak in as the pillar tears away in the explosion and Kukiko would find herself slammed into something else, the wall of the ring itself. 'A miscalculation on the damage…'
Kukiko would grin slightly, forgetting the barriers for a moment. She felt as if she waws going to die there or, at least be unable to move. Her wrist compartments open at the moment, looking bent out of shape. Looking down to them, she'd belatedly notice tags raining from the sky. She was more or less certain that at this point she was screwed, though she'd take advantage of it. Bringing her hands up into a handsign, she'd quickly scan the area, detecting which tags were what.
Multiple tags going off about Amaya, explosive tags coming into play once again before multple smoke tags go off. The tags not set up in any tactical position at all, though there was enough to quickly fill a large area.

Rushing towards the stadium, Hinotori was a bit busy all day and once he heard there was a match going on, he quickly made his way to the staidum. Climbing the stairs and noticing quite a few of the seats were taking, he opted to stand against a wall and watch the match. He performs a henge on his eyes as he also activated his sharingan and watches the match. He does glance around the stadium for a heart beat to see if there was anyone he knew here. Not recognizing any of them, he turns and looks down back at the match.

Amaya evades the rain of explosive tags somehow. The first one to go off is a close shave, but the rest are avoided by virtue of moving so fast that unless Kuki sets them all off at once, she's not going to be able to track her opponent's actual location. Likewise, when the smoke tags go off, Amaya is nowhere nearby, having to detected the scent of foul smoke and getting away from them. They might have been toxic after all!
She comes to a halt across the ring from Kuki, seeing how badly she's beaten up, and wanting to avoid hurting her further. So she calls out, "Wanna' give up? It's only your first loss! You can still continue in the tournament!"

"Hmm…" Kukiko did indeed which she had the chakra to just blow up the entire ring at once, of course that wouldn't do herself much good. At the offer of giving up, Kukiko would put on a thoughtful look before shrugging. "I suppose I should stop while my clothes can still do what they were intended to…" Kukiko would say this and look to the claw marks, truly considering a new style now.
Raising her hand into the air, she'd call out, "I submit." She'd then plop down onto the floor, releasing a huff of air as the Byakugan fades, the combination of pain and exhaustion making her not even want to move from the position at all. "I did have fun though, I'm not sure if I should be feeling so… light though." The fading adrenaline would make her mind catch up to the blood loss as she started to feel like she could fly any moment.

Kinji starts to call out, "This match is--" But then Tora-Tora-Tora overrides him to roar out, "THIS MATCH IS OVER! WINNER: NAGAYAMA AMAYA! MEDIC-NIN TO THE FIELD!" Kinji sighs and shakes his head.

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