First World Ninja Competition - Chemical Warfare: Tosai vs. Mune


Hibari, Tosai, Mune, Sami as “Serin”, Kaede, Tessen

Date: January 10, 2011


A man tormented by indigestion and a woman exhausted by a week of healing meet up in the fighting ring for one of the last few matches in Bracket 3. Everyone almost dies.

"First World Ninja Competition - Chemical Warfare: Tosai vs. Mune"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring - Kusagakure

An odd time to be holding a match, at least to the one being asked to proctor the thing. Tenjin Hibari, perhaps a famous name in her hometown of Kusagakure, has been asked to oversee this evening's match. But why at such an hour? Due to weather delays is what the cause of the matter was… Impeding rain storms prevented any matches to occur during the last few days and with this break in the weather, it was decided to do it now than later.
And so! The number of people gathered in the stadium this late at night, or perhaps this early in the morning is somewhat lacking that what a crowd during the day might be. Some faces were sleepy, while some were wide awake and fired up to catch a glimpse of yet another match.
Standing in the center of the grassy arena was a single woman, dressed in what seemed to be just regular civilian clothing. A black leather overcoat with a hood and a white undershirt with a matching black skirt. Her hair was long and a lustrous black as a pair of simple glasses adorned her nose, a single hand reaching up to set them back in place as she looks around and sizes up the crowd. "Hrm… this place brings back some memories…" she murmurs to herself before clearing her throat in preparation.
"Welcome once again for another exciting match-up in the Peach Pit Stadium! Apologies for the time at which we're holding the match, but we had to take advantage of the break in the weather." she starts as she draws herself up to her full height and extends her right arm towards one of the two ways into the arena. "The first participant we have is a woman of mystery! At least to me, hailing from nowhere in particular: Kishi Mune!" she says, waiting a few moments to at least let the first contender enter the arena. And to get a good look at who it was.
Next! Hibari makes a sweeping motion with her arms as she is now pointing her arm towards the other entry point of the arena, "And the other participant is a member of one of the well known clans of Konohagakure! Introducing, Akimichi Tosai!" she announces, allowing him to enter and letting both fighters enter the arena before continuing.

This hour in the night made for an interesting, yet weird scene to compete in. Sure, during war time, it wasn't unheard of for battles to start within these types of hours. To not take advantage of such a break in conditions would be unwise, even in battle. The tournament match, therefore, would go as planned, and Tosai, would show up reluctantly. He knew nothing of his opponent, but only because he had no chance to investigate. This kind of surprise match up, gave him an extremely bad feeling, even as he would hear the announcement of his opponents name from the other side of the ring. This 'Woman of Mystery', had been just that to him. Thanks to announcer's introduction, pre-fight jitters turned into fearsome and relentless butterflies. It was either that, or those Breakfast Burritos.
Anyway, the Akimichi Chuunin's name would be called, and with a deep breath, Tosai would heed to the call, proceeding out to the ring. No fancy entrance for him. Just a simple stroll, his gait smooth for one his stature and girth. No smiling, not even a look of intensity would show upon his face, as he looked out toward the crowd. "Jeez… Are you people insane? There is something called 'sleep' to be had this sort of hour." It seemed Tosai's mood would reflect in his own comments. The Proctor would be acknowledged with a simple bow and from there, the 'waiting game' played.

Mune does not really want to continue in this tournament at the moment. After the events of the past several days, and the need for her to focus her efforts on healing two people — one after major surgery and the other not quite done with his own 'procedure' — the idea of wasting energy on an objective that has already been completed strikes her as foolish. But she can't shake off her stubborness for the life of her. At least now she knows where (and who) she gets it from.
She is going to push on through this tournament until she is eliminated for good. And given the overall capabilities of her opponent, that might just happen this night. Looking a bit less smooth and prepared than she normally does, Mune enters the Ring a short time after being called. She is second into the arena despite being 'introduced' first. The whole way across the grassy fields, the half-Yotsuki woman just sort of… 'Mosies'. She is not walking swiftly at all, and while some might consider her pace to be dramatic (and the sway of her hips to be sensual) to those closer up and with a mind for something OTHER than oggling Mune's barely-concealed chest, she just seems… Tired. Perhaps 'shell-shocked' is a better word, but THAT identification would be beyond the observational powers of those who have not personally been through a war and come out the other side with their sanity intact.
When Mune finally reaches the middle of the Ring, she crosses her arms under her chest and tilts forward just enough to make it clear she is acknowledging her opponent and the proctor, before straightening up again. Vividly cyan eyes are half-closed already, and shut for longer than simple blinking every half-dozen seconds or so. She does not really recognize Tosai, despite their having met before under less-than-favorable circumstances. It was a brief meeting though.

A figure in a brown robe and hood sits somewhere near the front row, but off to the side. White bangs and a ghost-white face are barely visible within the hood, and the details are mostly concealed. The man calling himself 'Serin' is not sure why he felt the need to observe this particular match. Perhaps the hiding and waiting for the transition from one life to the next has gotten to him. Monotony can only be tolerated for so long. On the other hand, perhaps there is a tactical reason for his presence. Mune is helping him and one other with certain things, and he knows Mune (somewhat) through the Takokujin. She has another master there. Observing what Mune is really capable of beyond merely healing may reveal what her purpose is in all of this…
And perhaps it may reveal who her master really is, as well. The man keeps a guitar case on his back, shaped for a samisen. Otherwise there are no decorations or identifying marks anywhere on his person.

And another young boy is in the crowd as well. Dark hair and one equally dark eye, the other covered by a headband. He doesn't seem to draw too much attention to himself as he sits there, wrapped in his cloak and stares down towards Mune and Tosai. His name is Kaede, though there's a handful of people who might recognize him as Seishukuni Kureno.
He takes a moment to scan the crowd in surprise before returning his gaze towards the match about to start.

With the name tossing out of the way, all that was left was for Hibari to wait for both contestants to make their way out of the waiting rooms and out onto the field. Oddly, Tosai was first to come on out. A towering hulk of a person, further testament of being from 'that clan'… She reserves the right to call them fatties, but doesn't voice her opinions to the public. When given the simple bow, she returns with a nod of her head while looking in his direction.
Now it was just a matter of time before the other fighter made their way into the ring, and it was taking a little time. Enough so that Hibari's eyes began to wander over to the pond for a few moments. Movement catches the council woman's eye and she turns her head to look that way, seeing Mune exit the waiting room at quite the leisurely pace there. Her eyes stare penetratingly at the other woman for a few moments, then shifts over to the Akimichi for another few moments. If this wasn't a mathc, she might pose a question.. but who knows with kids these days.
Once both of them were within reasonable proximity of the proctor, Hibari would give another nod as she readies herself to continue on with starting this match. "Alright. Let's get this show on the road, shall we? There is no time limit, and the match ends when either of you admits defeat or if I think the winner is clear. Understood?" she asks of both of them, but not really waiting for them to acknowledge her as she brings up her right arm over her head.
"Ready…?" she says, her arm sweeping downwards.
The arm finishing its descent as the body of the woman vanishes from the ring to an overlooking spot to the side.
As the proctor makes her way to safety, the barriers that keep the arena contained activate.

"…You?", would be whispered, along with a wince, as Tosai's arm would tighten and flinch. It was the woman from the stands, during his 'assault' onto Rain… if it could be called that much. All that ended up happening, however, was more injury, his own anger, and about 4,000 ryou worth of snacks being spilled. A very embarrassing, and hurt filled day indeed. Tosai /really/ wanted to try those unagi dumplings. The only thing that would seem to lingered in Tosai's head afterwards, was the simple and rather disturbing memory. This same Mune woman, who had came to Uchiha Rainos' need though his own abilities were obviously greater, had been able to make his entire arm not only go limp, but, also cause internal bleeding, without hardly touching him.
As the woman would proceed very slowly to the center ring, Tosai would scan her, though it may come off as him being one those other ogglers. The only difference, had been a look of stoic calm, though on the inside, Tosai was seriously frightened. Someone who could get in close, and with not even a tap, seriously harm him, was none to disregard, especially if they could do it and not leave a scratch. But something more disturbing seemed to make Tosai's head slightly tilt. The way the woman moved. Not so much as she had been swaying just from female form but rather, 'fatigued' in a way. Tosai would not dwell on it when Mune would bow. So would he, however his eyes would never seem to let Mune out of sight. However, the more he looked at her, the more those 'butterflies', seemed to well up in his stomach, forcing a burp. Strangely enough, he would taste scrambled eggs, ground beef, and wasabi.
When the match was signaled to begain, Tosai's hand would leave his belly, and his stance would widen. Enough chakra would be flowed through his own tenketsu, enough to consider himself prepared. The Akimichi, still felt himself the complete opposite, enough where casual conversation would be completely neglected. He needed a plan instead.

Tessen stood in the stands. His charcoal eyes watching this match carefully. It involved one that he knew at a time to be a comrade, and hoped still was. She fared better in this bracket than he did in his own, but that didn't matter now. All he cared, was to see her walk away under her own power. Then he knew she would have strength for what it was he sought of her in the future.
Even he could not help but notice her fatigue. The oggling was best left to pigs of all natures and kinds. Her clothing to him was always something of disgust, as if inviting the attention and actions of lesser men onto herself.
The large man held an interest as well. The near traitor to his own village. The one who contemplated the murder of a man he called a brother at arms once, in exchange for permission to take an action. His alligence wasn't of interest today, but his abilities and style. It should give some insight into those of his next target.
Coincidentally, his interests were related today. Both Mune and Tosai had something for his eyes to take in, and expectations to be reached. Which would meet them, and be of most use to his and Mune's master.

Kaede has known Tosai and the other fighter looked somehow familiar. Though, oddly, he could not remember from when or where. Maybe he just mistook her for someone else, though her 'weariness' was something Kaede immediatly noticed. Despite not quite recalling her original alertness, Kaede could tell she wasn't at the top of her game. Or at least, it was a very good act. Tosai on the other hnad seemed to have his own problems. Perhaps he overate, Kaede thought. He couldn't figure out any other reason why he'd burp.
Leaning back into the seat, Kaede scans the crowd once again, idly wondering if Rain would be here to watch the fight, before his gaze fell back to Tosai. There was a strange feeling that overcame Kaede at that point and he couldn't put his finger on just what it was.
"Regret?" He asked out loud.

Mune squints at Tosai, feeling the vague inkling that she recognizes his face — or at least his outline. When Hibari starts talking it sounds like some distorted noise to Mune's ears. Sort of like the speech is coming from underwater, or like… 'Blah blah blah, blah-blah blah, blah blaaahhhh'. Is she a teacher or something? The dark-skinned woman does not even truly realize what is being said until Hibari has suddenly vanished. That is enough to trigger her training and 'fighting instinct'. Her eyes widen as she wakes up and slips out of the mental haze she was in. She turns and holds her right arm up and across at an angle in front of her face, while her left arm is pulled back, palm pointed at Tosai and fingers held rigid. This is a defensive stance rather than an offensive one. Narrowing her eyes when she sees Tosai's preparations do not involve charging in and attacking, she decides to go on the offensive. The Akimichi are known to be devastating in terms of strength, and potentially stamina as well. She cannot recall the details right now. Years of study shot down the drain in her memory because of a week of horrors she knew she would be facing in advance. A lot of good foreknowledge has done her.
Well, best not to let this 'Tosai' have a chance to use his immense strength. She dashes forward swiftly, and attempts to deliver a simple front two-knuckle punch to Tosai's collarbone. However, during the passage from 'right arm behind her' to 'right hand lashing out in front of her', Mune must have seized something from within her longcoat. Because though her punch would lack force if it hits, and though the true attack — a Chakra-infused blow to destroy cells underneath the surface of the skin — would not seem to match that lack of force, she does not end there. She pops the stopper on a glass vial concealed in her palm and attempts to pour the contents onto Tosai at close-range. Whatever the liquid is, it is the sort of thing one does not want poured on oneself.

Serin is but one among the various people in the audience. Most are either wide-awake and watching intently, or yawning even as the match begins. Very few are speaking, and the one who speaks now is vaguely familiar… Serin does not have a perfect memory of every voice he hears. Not on his own. There used to be a time when he could recognize anyone he had ever spoken to based on the resonations of his or her voice. But that capability is gone. Or rather, that which permitted him to do so is no longer in his possession.
Still, eventually all voices start to sound the same after awhile. So Serin ignores the single word in the otherwise-quiet fighting arena, and focuses his pale-grey eyes on the match below. To his eyes, the Chakra-aspect of the physical attack is missed. It is seen as being a cover for the delivery of some sort of chemical weapon… Interesting choice in weaponry for a healer.
Still, not much is revealed by that alone.

Many things went through Tosai's mind as he would watch himself face a person who could probably take him out from the inside. One of them.. Had been not to let her get anywhere near him. But even with such a strategy like that to planned, Tosai was still feeling as though he had only planned for a fight against one opponent. But that then form another question. Who exactly were the other opponents? Well, one of them seem to make themselves known only after movement at high speeds. Tosai's strategy had been employed from the jump of the match, Mune's touch simply avoided with high speed movement, the large nin only leaving behind a faded image of himself for Mune's dirty mitts to touch. But for that sudden jump in speed, Tosai would began paying the price. One which would make his large stomach rumble oddly, making a rather sickly, and audible growl.
Looking to it, Tosai would then face scrunch, only to widen his eyes once again, at Mune's attack. She was trying to… pour chemicals on him?? "What in the he-!!", would be as much of a reaction for Tosai, as his use of his own arm to drag himself out of the path of chemicals that could melt through him. An arm would Multi-Size, blimping almost within an instant, before reaching out and gripping the earth nearby, throwing himself into the distance. "…", would be the only thing he could offer, as he would watch the ground smoke, and corrode, the chemical surely eating away at every spot it landed. On top of that creeping him out, was another fact. The tastes of onion, chives, mushrooms, bell pepper, and lettuce that came with another long, and loud burp. These flavors, though not the main problem, were accompanied by a slight burning sensation in his chest. Tosai's eyes would widen in fright. The aching, the burping, and even the burning in his chest, were signs of a condition more terrible than any jutsu he could think of. He would whisper to himself as if to denounce hold this very condition in contempt.
"…Ugh.. Heart Burn."
He would have to hold out as long as he can. Determination would swell up in Tosai as he would breath in deep. He could not let something like that stop him. Not when he at least felt the exhiliration of the fight welling up within him, (amongst other things). Thus, he would start his own attack. Hands would clasp one another above his own head, as he would then slam them both into the ground violently. The earth would fissure, as a wave of jagged rock, and stone would rise and move outward against the woman he called 'opponent'. On top of that, handseals, would hide something else within the debris of this same Earth Release technique.

Mune is a bit disgusted by all the burping, really. Not in the burping itself. Knowing about bodily functions is sort of part of being a medical practitioner. But the fact that her opponent is in more trouble from his own body than from her actions so far. Well, this is only the start. When Tosai slams his hands into the ground and sends a tearing of the earth towards her, she dodges aside. Too late she realizes there is far more mass to the incoming wave of dirt and rock than there was at the start of the jutsu. She draws a vial from within her coat but before she can use it, a duplicate of Tosai bursts out of the earth and punches her in the face! She is hurled backwards, head whipping with the impact, but she turns it into a somersault and lands in a crouch, even as she skids half a dozen feet with boots and one hand tearing up the grass. When she comes to a stop she decides it is time to stop fooling around. That single Clone… Hurt!
Taijutsu is part of her skills, but it is not her focus. She will have to fall back on her true specialty if she wants to stand a chance. That means… She will need some energy built up. And not necessarily Chakra… So she puts one vial away, and draws a different one. One with pure-black contents, except for a single blob of white within. This she sticks down the high collar of her coat and drinks. While that kicks in…
She begins to perform a nearly dance-like kata. Not quite a kata… Whatever it is she is doing, she seems to be gathering and molding something invisible from her surroundings. Her Chakra level would not seem to increase at all, but the air currents around her become a bit charged with static, to the point her hair begins to lift and grow somewhat spiked. When she finishes, she spins around and uses an entirely different and entirely unfamiliar stance as she stands with one leg out behind her, the other in front, knee bent, left arm overhead with hand held straight, the other hand out front with palm flat and pointed upwards. Few people have seen anything even vaguely similar to this stance or those movements. Those few are ones that have travelled to the Southern Lands — the continent across the sea — and seen the martial arts styles of the fighting monks there.
Mune stands ready. Then her held-flat right hand… Curls its index finger and middle finger inwards twice, in a 'come get some' gesture.

Kaede stood up abruptly after seeing the first exchange of blows. Though, he did not know who the winner was he did know someone who lost at a similar battle. It was himself. And as he stood up, and cursed himself for feeling regret now, after all this time, he cast a last look towards Tosai. Once Tosai too, had the eyes like Kaede had, that day in the hospital with Tosai's protege around.
Turning Kaede headed towards the exit of the stands, knuckles white from the force he balled his hands into fists, with Raiga's words echoing in his head like cracks of thunder shearing the sky apart. And each of them true. He was nicked. A broken sword that did not realize this yet.
"Damnit." He muttered through his teeth and put up a face that looked like he was someone who lost at gambling as he headed out. "Damnit all."

Serin recognizes that voice now, he thinks. It was heard during the 'invasion' of Konohagakure. It belonged to someone in the Takokujin. It carried that same anger… Or perhaps a slightly different anger. He cannot be sure. He just knows it was the same person. No name springs to mind, however. And soon enough the owner has left, even as Serin turns to look after the young man. "…." That the Takokujin are here in Kusagakure is not good. It is, infact, rather bad. He cannot afford to be seen talking to any of them. They are all wanted criminals now… As is he.
So he holds up his hands and flicks through seals. Dog, Boar, Tiger. A small puff of smoke emits from inside Serin's robes and hood, but it quickly dissipates. There is not enough to hang in the air. Now Serin is much more… Feminine-looking. Infact, the man has been replaced with a woman! It is such a minor change, and uses so little Chakra, that it can be maintained almost indefinitely. Leaving right now, so soon after the other did, might look suspicious… Or like he is following Kureno. Yes, that is who he knows that man as. So he will wait. The chaos of those leaving when the match is over should be plenty of opportunity.
Serin — or perhaps 'Serinako' now — turns to someone sitting near to him/her and asks, "Did you see what she drank just now?" The movements and stance are completely unfamiliar, of course.

If only Mune were on the recieving end of all this trouble. Maybe she would have more sympathy. This was only self inflicted agony which Tosai could have avoided if not for his own failure to resist temptation. But /nooooo/!! Eight more, he would say!! Now look at him! Sorry and pitiful, seeming to suffer more from his own foolishness so far, rather than any blow Mune had been inflicting. The irony of it all, was that she had only earlier, been seen as a threat. Though that hasn't changed so far, Tosai had yet to even feel as much for her as he did of his own digestive tract. Even his own small victory, in the landing of his Bunshinjutsu, would pale in comparison to the second stage of his own condition: Nausea. Poor Akimichi was turning green.
More bad news was soon to come, as he would notice things would get a whole lot tougher with Mune and fast. The girl would remove a vial, and began to drink. Some black, milky looking stuff, with a bit of white in it. What in the world was it? Tosai had no idea, but what ever it was, it didn't look all that appetizing. His gag reflex would kick in at the mere sight of Mune's injestion of the stuff. But that was not where the bad news had been. The mystery behind the substance itself, was what would plague Tosai yet again. Just what would it do to enhance the woman? Whether Tosai could figure out its purpose, or not, Mune's weird kata would began. Tosai would look on, head tilted and eyebrow lifted at the woman's unorthodox, and agile movements. On top of that, he felt his beard pick up a weird bit of static charge, strong enough to cause goose pimples to run up and down his neck. And while Tosai could not since chakra at all, it wouldn't take a genius to see the weird way the woman's hair was standing on end as well.
Tosai's answer to her beckoning. A furious shaking of his head in refusal. "Sorry, ma'am. You had me at the potion.", would be said with a chuckle. He'd take out his own pill, and look at it, almost seeming to ponder whether or not the chance should be taken. He would double take for a moment, and then sigh, saying, "Welp.. Ya die some time.", before crunching down on it. His own transformation, would be slightly more dramatic that Munes. Steam, from every pore of his uninjured body, would swirl violently, while muscle would tense and enlarge suddenly. Grunts, and snarls, would accompany the darkening and reddening of skin, as the Akimichi would feel himself racked with pain. Tosai's face, would wince, and twitch with every single bit of hurt going through his body. The pain would settle after a while, however, it would not stop.

Mune hmphs. "If you think staying at a distance will save you, then you are mistaken." Then she inhales deeply before unsnapping the button that holds her high collar closed. As the collar opens, it reveals nothing horrific or ugly… Just a brief glimpse of a pretty face before her mouth opens and she exhales the word, "Dokugiri!" along with a continuous stream of purple smoke of some kind that spills forth across the grass, and through the air. It turns into a large cloud of unnaturally colored gas, that then sweeps across the field, and engulfs the middle of the Ring in a spreading nimbus of dense smoke. So dense, one cannot even see through it.
'One breath of that and he is a dead-man,' Mune thinks to herself as she cuts off the flow of poisonous gas from her lungs. '…Or as close to such as one can get considering the barriers.' she then ammends.

Hearing the woman speak, Tosai would actually be amused. At least she was informative. Still didn't make her any lest creepy. And still even more so, what she would say, wouldn't come of as some threat or as some sort of intimidation. It only seemed the truth, believable from her own lips. "That don't mean I won't keep staying away.", would be said with a chuckle, as then the jutsu would be called out. Poison smoke would fill the ring, carried by only the force of an outward breath, and the breeze that blew through the ring.
Tosai wasn't going to be caught in something like that, even if he didn't know what it was. Besides, whatever he didn't know could hurt him. Gas that dark, could obscure vision of his target, and for most of the match, Tosai's eyes had never left Mune. And they wouldn't. Especially if his next effort were to work as planned. After all, if the smoke could obscure Tosai's vision, it could probably obscure Munes as well. Tosai would duck low, once the smoke would began to blow through, backing away to the ring's outer edge with large bounding leaps. Soon, the steaming and powered Akimichi, would find himself clear for the use of his own jutsu. Mune had though big, filling the place with enough gas to take down a large army. Perhaps, he could do the same.
The earth would shake, as Tosai would focus. Sure, like the ground about him, his stomach would rumble, but right now, it would be ignorable. Hands would dig deep, being punched down into the ground, and gripping hard. Then would come the lifting, the landscape of this ring, being torn upward with every movement the Akimichi made. Soon, yet again, a third of the ring, would seem to emerge from beneathe the mist that was spat earlier. A large boulder, made up of the ring's contents, would be hefted above the Akimichi's head, Tosai's eyes set only upon making sure every ounce of rock and stone above him, would and could land on Mune's head. Sure, this woman was to be feared, but Tosai, was not without effort.

Mune is, despite herself, a bit amazed at the level of strength being displayed. She is also amazed that her Poison Mist did not end the fight right away. That was a very potent toxin… It should have simply stopped Tosai cold. But perhaps he managed to avoid inhaling. A concern for another time, because a third of the ring is being thrown at her. She leaps straight up into the air, using Negative Chi to create a vaccuum above her, literally sucking her upwards from the ground. This adds enormous height to her leap, to the point she nearly appears to be flying. Then she lands on the titanic boulder as it continues to plummet to earth, runs across its surface, and leaps off just before it impacts the ground.
The shockwave and dust cloud both add to the disorientation. Mune was planning on doing something fancy, but sleep deprivation washes over her, making her vision lose focus. In that instant, she has only the time to land directly in front of Tosai in a crouch, and then regain her concentration. "Exhaustion…" she mutters to herself. "…has no place in my body!" she finishes. Then the dark-skinned woman lunges in and attempts to slash at Tosai with nothing more than a chop… But if her hand touches him or not, if he is within range of her attack, his clothing and any armor he is wearing, and well as the flesh beneath, will simply seem to 'part' before an invisible blade… And cause plenty of blood to spill forth.
Will Tosai be able to save himself from harm yet again!?

Watching the match from her relatively safe location on the platform where the proctor's would spectate, Hibari had mostly remained silent during the course of the match. Nothing to out of the ordinary being seen… some punches here, dodges there. Fatness abound with the Akimichi as she makes a slightly displeased face.
What really draws Hibari's attention is the one attack performed by Mune… exhaling that cloud of poisonous gas. Her eyes light up behind her glasses as she smiles almost sinisterly, "Oh my… what's this? Someone who can also use that jutsu? How astonishing." she murmers as the sealed off arena chokes with poison. She offers a bit of applause for a move well done. Sadly, it wasn't enough to take down the Akimichi. But a nice try though!
If and when that poisonous cloud clears up, the arena shakes with the might of the Akimichi as a large section of the ring is simply hefted out of the ground and hurled at Mune. "What brutish strength…" she mutters disdainfully before raising her voice, "Fight! Kishi-san!" feeling compelled to cheer up a fellow practitioner of the poisonous arts.
With much suspense in the air as that giant chunk of earth plummets towards Mune, the woman simply just jumps over it and runs across it towards her opponent. "Nice!" she cheers. Earning herself some odd stares from the crowd as a proctor is cheering for one of the fighters. She feels this… "You too… Akimichi-san…" she more or less mutters.

This time, the Akimichi, was a bit amazed how much of a fight he was putting up against a person that he had good reason to fear. He almost let up his guard in a way. However, as much as he did to try and combat against this woman, he found out in the end, that he had to put forth alot more effort, just to put her down for good. Mune, was indeed a worthy adversary. This was something Tosai was surprised to think, especially about a possible lap dog of Rain. Maybe having one of the biggest jutsu in his arsenal being dodged, was what did made him have a change of heart. Though he had to admit.. Seeing her run across the thing was pretty cool.
And yet while all of this goes on, Tosai could see the point where the wave of disorientation was now finally washing over the woman, after all of the evasion and high speed movement. The most impressive thing, would be Mune's might that followed, as Tosai, is slashed, with nothing more than seemingly a base hand. That's jutsu's going to leave a scar. The slash would seem to have done nothing at first, though every one would see Tosai reeling back from some invisible force. Then soon, a line would seem to appear, right across the red 'Shoku' symbol of his clan. Soon, layers, would peel, one after the other, like a carved onion. Blood, would spurt high into the air, from a precise cut which moved from shoulder, to upper pelvis, even managing to cross over the Akimichi's large belly!!
But as much damage as Mune had did, maybe due to either her exhaustion, or even her just the Akimichi's own thick and well endowed anatomy, no internal organs suffered. The Akimichi, would still stand, in pain sure, but, otherwise, still in fighting shape. His own rended armor, as well as the slight dizziness of a great loss in blood, were notable by any on looker. However, Tosai's own will to push through, would be just as noteworthy, as he would simply rip off the armor, and other damage raiment which had once adorned his torso, leaving it bare.
Feeling himself weakened, Tosai's time this round, would be spent recuperating. However, something different would seem to wash over him this time. As chakra would gather, so would an intensely blood red, and visible aura. His eyes would pierce, instead of merely look. Yet, with all of this, deep breathing, along with a smile, would grace the Akimichi's face. It would look like he was only having fun. "Just what was the rank on that technique anyway? Out of curiousity."

Mune does not allow her amazement to register on her face or in her eyes. She just keeps her expression schooled, yet fierce. Blonde eyebrows angled downwards, she stays in the position she was last in — post-striking stance. She says from behind her high collar, which was re-buttoned at some point apparently, "A-Rank, I think. I haven't bothered to label all of my jutsu. However…" she trails off as her dark-toned skin has started to pale noticeably. She concentrates for a moment, feeling the Yin Blood flowing through her veins. While Tosai is recuperating, Mune is purging the liquified Negative Chi from her body. Her natural coloration returns swiftly. The static charge surrounding her vanishes. Then she straightens up and decides it's time to pull out all the stops. This Akimichi is obviously getting ready for something big.
She withdraws one more vial from within her longcoat. Its contents glow brightly and seem to be a shifting mix of red, yellow, and white. Almost like molten lava. She hesitates only for a moment, then pops off the cork and swallows it, making sure not to spill a single drop anywhere other than her throat. The reaction is instantaneous. Her eyes bug out and she closes her lips, cheeks bulging. She fights the urge to spit out the substance, and instead focuses her mind on something OTHER than the horrific pain, and instead on coating her throat and stomach with Chakra to keep this Elixir from killing her outright. It's hard.
In the end, however, she manages to let out only a strangled cough-scream of agony, clenching her eyes shut, and then breathes in shudderingly. The damage to her esophagus is going to need some work to repair later. When her eyes open, the vivid cyan from before has turned red. Her skin seems to obtain a slight emerald hue on top of the dark-tan. Then it becomes evident the green is some sort of… Sweat? No more time to observe.
She can't talk very well right now, but Mune still manages to rasp out, "However…" She then lunges at Tosai once more, closing the distance between them readily, though her speed has not increased. "…I'd say it's about on the same level as this one." Then she attempts to drive another blow into Tosai's body, though this one contains no unseen blade. A 'spike' of Chakra that does not tear the flesh, but damages what lies beneath all the same, is driven directly towards the left-center of the Akimichi's torso. His heart is Mune's target.
If this hits, it is going to hurt at least as much as the Curry Pill and Mune's current Elixir combined. Maybe more.

Serin/Serinako has seen many amazing and terrible things in his/her life. Strength on the scale displayed by Tosai is one of those he/she has not witnessed since the Clan Wars. Akimichi Noab was the last to come anywhere close. And now here was this… "What kind of ridiculously powerful people do they grow in Konohagakure?" a female voice asks quietly from within the brown hood that conceals the features of this 'woman'. 'Familiar Henge Technique' may be the name of the jutsu, but Serin only has experience in masking his appearance, not in acting like a woman. Still, appearances are all that most people go by, and women are as varied in mannerisms as men or bears or insects. Gender does not define personality. So the guy next to 'her', a visitor from Konoha just smokes his pipe and nods knowingly. "That's an Akimichi, that is!" Serinako says dully, "I know." "They're well-known for their strength techniques!" he continues. Emotionlessly, Serinako says, "I know." "I also heard a rumor that they might be a bunch of godzillas in disguise!" "…." "But I heard it from some young lady from the Land of Wind, so I don't know how much stock to put in it…" Serinako asks without any tone, "Why are you talking to me?"
While all this is going on, Tosai has been slashed with an invisible weapon of some kind… And yet still manages to stand and gather Chakra instead of keeling over in pain. Well, endurance is another thing the Akimichi are well-known for. But will whatever Mune is attacking with next spell Tosai's doom? So far she has shown herself to be remarkably nimble and to be able to make use of some sort of chemical augmentation mid-battle. That all fits with what Serin knows about the woman, but there is much to be learned still. Such as that pain-inducing concoction… To put oneself through such a thing for a tournament seems… Unwise at best.
The damage may be healable, or at least may not be lethal… But the memory of pain is a memory that lasts a lifetime. 'Such foolishness,' Serin thinks.

"Hmmm.. That says a /whole/ lot.", were words that Tosai would mean. This woman.. had been /tough/. And yet, for some really strange reason, Tosai was still alive right now. Unbelievable. Tosai would look to the woman, as she would seem to suddenly change, her form returning to that of her much regular appearance. Then comes out yet /another/ vial. Tosai would physically face palm, as he would then look to what had been simply a transformation both as gruesome, and probably as painful as he own. Was Mune, committing suicide? It sure looked like it. "Wow… Is this what I look like?", would be said as Tosai would watch the woman screan something blood-curdling. It would be a bit of a nightmare, even for him to watch, and yet, there was no looking back.
However, when the woman would come out of it all, her form, would have completely changed into something a whole lot more other worldly. The best ways to describe was, "The color of Jade.", before he would see the woman lunge at him. Though her speed had remained the same, for some reason, instinct on Tosai's behalf, felt the incoming of something a whole lot worst. Call it the will to survive, or even paranoia. Whatever it was, it was enough to cause Tosai to actually be prepared for the first time in this match. A wince would clue in that Tosai was still in pain, but surelu the next action would prove that pain never stopped Tosai.
Both of the Akimichi's hands would grow to truck-sized proportions, just as the woman would charge in at him, and before Mune would even get an inch within his field, they would be slammed into the ground with authority!! The double hand slap, would catapult the Akimichi into the sky with the speed of a cannon ball, sending him upward at high velocity, only to never come down, or rather, to fall down at least. For as soon as the Akimichi would reach a certain point in the air, his body, would began to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow.
Soon, what had been only eight inches over six feet, would reach a staggering height of 45 feet tall, only to step down onto the ring floor, instead of actually landing. Tosai would stand there, looking down at the Mune, still smiling, and yet, be in all opposition to this woman's fight to win. Tosai would widen his stance, seeming to reach backward, in order to pretty much down smash all of Mune's chances of a win, and suddenly… stop.
From his huge form would come a rather grisly and digusting rumbling, and squishing. "Oooooohhhh…", would echo through the ring, as Tosai's hands would grab his stomach, almost as if he had been in the worst pain ever. Tosai, would hunch over, seeming as if to go through his own transformation, his eyes squinting, and his knees buckling beneathe. And then… all hell would break loose.
"POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!", would fill the arena with an alarming volume, before wind would rush through out arena, blowing away every single bit thing that wasn't held down. Accompanying this, from the bowels of the Akimichi, would be a stench so mighty, and so very dastardly, it would only compare to tear gas. But don't light a match!!! By the smell alone, it could either be methane, or even a form of sulfur.

Mune watches as Tosai pushes himself off into the air, the barely-contained pain doing wonders for making her temper go out of control. She is, infact, pretty darn angry that the attack she planned to use to end this fight failed her. But it was really her own fault. Which just made her angrier. Still, as her Master said once before, 'This is but a set-back. There are many doors left open to me.' She believed him. And she believes it when she repeats it to herself mentally now.
Tosai growing into a giant is a fearsome sight indeed, and one she had not prepared for. But she does not lose her confidence. She is not facing Kanami. She is not facing someone with incredible intelligence and unnatural jutsu that defy the human body. She is facing… This rotund, clumsy, brutish, can't-shave-worth-a-damn ignoramus! She remembers him now. He nearly pulverized Kanami — or was it Rei, even back then? — just to attack Uchiha Yau OUTSIDE of the Ring! She won't let herself be outmaneuvered by a nitwit like this!
Even when the foul stench is released, Mune shows no wavering of determination. Instead she draws out a clear vial of yellowish liquid from within her coat and hurls it as hard as she can and as far as she can. Then she turns and runs as far away as she can get. She holds her nose closed the whole time.
When the vial breaks… It releases some fizzling bubbles. These bubbles rapidly begin to grow as they consume everything they touch. While initially the size and appearance of soap bubbles, they change into very LARGE soap bubbles, and then into monstrously sized bubbles that have no place looking so innocent even as they dissolve the grass, the dirt, the boulders, the air (and all other substances therein), any unfortunate trees… They all just seem to be replaced by the yellow-tinted bubbles as they continue to proliferate endlessly. And when one is as big as Tosai… There is not a lot of room to dodge. Especially when the GROUND IS DISINTEGRATING.

Tosai may have been alot of things. Some of them positive, some of them… well… Not so positive. However, one thing that he was right now? Relieved.. He had been going through this entire match, with the worst indigestion ever, and with his body now free of air, Tosai was now okay! Go him!! But Mune had anything to do with it, he would not be okay long. As the extremely large Chuunin would rise to his full stand, he would look to Mune with an attitude that said 'Now where were we.' Unknown to him, Mune had already answered that question /minutes/ ago, with another one of her really dangerous chemicals. He would have bubbles.. really large bubbles, burst on him, and near him, above him, and beneath him, and they would /hurt/. The burning wouldn't seem to stop on Tosai, even as he would try and fall in the center lake nearby!!
The stuff wouldn't wash off and yet still Tosai sought to try and endure. The part that made this even painful for him, was that with his 'hindrance' gone away, he was finally actually ready to fight. Strange, huh? After nearly an entire match gone pass, now the dummy was actually set and ready to go all out. Any smart person, would believe and know that the time had been long passed. Mune, even now, had put up her A-game, down to wire, and this big idiot hadn't even used /half/ of his Akimichi Clan's Hidenjutsu. Yep.. a real genius we have here, ladies and gentlemen. Tosai would be now present before Mune, burned, bruised, and slashed, yet still at his own incredible height, scraggly beard and all, finally looking like he actually wanted to do something.
But the pain, was overwhelming… And the only thing he could think about, even now, was the warnings from his fellow clansmen about the Akimichi Pills. He couldn't beat up his body no more than what he had.. So… He would do the first thing smart thing he had done the entire fight.. "I give… Give the lady some ramen, and a crown, because she got me beat.", would be said as the Akimichi would shrink, returning to his own height, and pretty much trying not to pass out from the poisoning effects of his clan's enhancement drug. "Can I go home now??", would be said with a chuckle, as he would allow the mednin to help him out.

For the remainder of the match, the proctor: Tenjin Hibari, was standing on the edge of her seat. Well, not literally, but she was watching the proceedings with more and more enthusiasm as the fighters began pulling out the stops. What really piqued her interest was Mune and the way she fought… employing the use of chemicals to empower herself. She couldn't really idenfity the liquids she was drinking, but that only made her more curious. "It's been a while since I got this worked up over something." she says surprisingly to herself.
With the grievous wound to the Akimichi's chest, things should really only go down hill from there. But you never know if someone will pull off that last minute miracle. Who knows, it could happen. And when Tosai ultra mega combo deluxes himself in size, she can only stare with a look of contempt. "I didn't want to see your fatness when you were normal.. what makes you think I want to magnify it?" muttering to herself before that ominous gurgling fills the area, followed by the release of the… bodily vapors.
Almost like a reflex, Hibari tries to shield her face from the fumes. But luckily for her and those OUTSIDE of the arena, the barrier would keep it all inside. It might be lethal to non-shinobi bystanders… who knows. "I hate your clan even more…" muttering again. She sure likes to mutter hateful things about the Akimichi.
Her ire subsides when Mune unleashes yet another one of her vials of chemicals, and they cause bubbles?… Interesting. Even more so when she watches them expand and dissolve anything they touch. Her lips pucker slightly in surprise. "Goodness… I never thought of something like that." nodding slowly in approval as the Akimichi giant is burned every which way and fell into the large pond to try and save himself. "Fufufu~, like water can save you."
When it is all said and done, the Akimichi crawls out of the water and offers up his surrender, which was her cue to bring the match to the close. Adjusting her coat, the seals that contain the arena deactivate to allow entry and Hibari flickers from her post. Appearing next to Mune, she looks over at her and offers a congratulatory smile. "Nice job there. Your work is very interesting." she says in a conversational tone before grabbing the nearest wrist of Mune and raising it up.
"Winner! Kishi Mune!" she announces loudly.
With that, those in the stands give a rousing applause for the amount of people present. And all the while, medical staff rush from the waiting rooms to tend to the contestants.

The Universal Solvent… Does NOT stop proliferating when Tosai falls into the water. It, infact, SPEEDS UP. Only shrinking back to normal saves him at that point, as the water itself begins to be replaced with that vicious, unrelenting, acidic conglomeration of demispheres. He either drags himself out or is dragged out by the Medic-Nin when the barriers go down. And the Solvent still has not stopped. There is now a near-mountain of bubbles teetering on the brink of spilling over onto the, admittedly meager, audience in the stands, not to mention Hibari and Mune as the latter stays pressed to the farthest wall.
For a moment she considers fleeing the Stadium and observing if the chemical components will break down after the Land of Grass is destroyed — from a safe distance, of course. But, realizing that in her pained and exhausted state she is far from lucid, she decides that in order to not be disqualified from the tournament on account of obliterating the place the tournament is being held (though wouldn't that technically make her the winner?), she focuses the last Chakra she has available to her, and enhances it with what Chi she has available in the environment, and claps her palms together.
The clap resonates and—Hibari seizes Mune's wrist and pulls it away just as the Medic-Nin is about to get rid of the Solvent!? "WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING DO YOU WANT US TO DIE." she demands in less of a question and more of a run-on protest. Then she aims her free hand at the Solvent as the bubbles surge closer, only a few feet away. She releases a thunderous, eye-searing bolt of blue-white energy into the bubbles. The entire mass glows bright-yellow, and then vaporizes.
Of course, with no more Chakra available, Mune cannot keep the Draught from eating her alive. So she grabs a syringe from inside her coat, and stabs it directly into her heart. Then she injects the contents of the syringe. Quickly, the counter-agent to the Elixir begins to flow through her circulatory system, and gradually… The pain goes away. As does all of the heightened Chakra control and similar. She slumps, presumably pulling away from Hibari's grip, though one never knows.
"Can I fall down now?" she asks rhetorically, and then passes out.

Serinako does not know all of the jutsu being used. 'Grow bigger than the Arena no Jutsu'? No. 'Evil Bubbles of Insanity no Jutsu'? No. 'Fullfigured Alchemist no Jutsu'? Absolutely not. The disguised Serin, infact, stopped recognizing techniques a long time ago. But he knows now what kind of woman Mune is.
He knows what kind of master she follows.
Rain is not Mune's master. Rain would never knowingly permit a technique that can wipe out an entire Village to be produced right under his nose. He has plans that don't involve omnicide. He wants to control the flow of pain in the world… Not to terminate all life.
Of course, at about the time that the mountain of bubbles began to arise into the sky when the barrier went down, that is when the white-haired, pale-skinned 'woman' decided to get out of there. She was hampered by some late-night/early-morning drunkard trying to chat her up. She turned semi-transparent and made of a mix of black and grey strands of mist. Then she walks right through him.
The fact the bubbly threat was ended does not alter Serin's decision to depart. Mune is a madwoman. And she needs to be killed. It's not a personal desire that drives Serin now as he passes through walls on his way to somewhere private… It is just… Necessity.

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