First World Ninja Competition - Darn Genin: Seiteki vs. Daichi


Azur, Seiteki, Daichi, Hinotori, Kureno

Date: November 7, 2010


Seiteki and Daichi have an exhibition match. Eventually Seiteki surrenders, giving Daichi the victory. At the end of the fight there is an outburst from one of the spectators.

"First World Ninja Competition - Darn Genin: Seiteki vs. Daichi"

Arena 3

For some reason Azur had been singled out to proctor an exhibition match. A -genin- match of all things. Even when he specifically leaves his village to get away from genin, he still has to deal with those fledgling ninja. Agony is a good word to describe the look on Azur's face as he comes to a halt in the middle of the ring. It was mid-day with light cloud cover which gave the arena a nice comfortable temperature, although if anyone got close enough they'd notice a decided chill in the air around Azur. Painstakingly slow, the Kirigakure Chuunin pulled out a small scroll from his back pocket and opened it with one hand. "Let's see…..Adachi Seiteki and….Katsuko Daichi. Both from Konoha. Exhibition Match. Try to kill each other, seals should help stop that. Just don't wear yourself out into a coma, cause I'm not gonna drag your as-, er, rear-ends off the field." He waits for both of the challengers to arrive at their starting positions before continuing.

Seiteki came walking into the area with Hinotori nearby. She however left him on his own as well, she was going to be actually fighting and all. Once she heard Azur call her name she hurried down into the arena. The girl stretched out some and nods to Azur as she overhears his words "I shall do my best to not wear myself out; thank you for your concern." She could already tell it was not concern, still however, best to be polite anyways. She then looks over to see if her challenger was here yet or not.

"Another exhibition match!?" Daichi said. What was this the third one? Daichi sighs as he wanted to check in on his sensei. "Well Tosai-sensei will have to wait." A quick stretch before he enters the arena. Strolling into the center of the arena he looks at the proctor then his opponent. Daichi bows to the proctor and then Sei, she was from Konoha too. "Yo, dont think we've ever met. Anyway let's have some fun ok?" Daichi greets with a smile. He smiles to the proctor too.

Seiteki nods to Daichi, offering a soft smile in return "Yes, just be sure to not hold back." She moves to offer a light bow before moving into her style. "And forgive me, you have not met me most likely due to my grandfather, I am usually training with him." She waits for Daichi to get ready and for the match to start, seeming quite the focused girl it would seem.

Azur looks from Seiteki to Daichi and back again. He really wants to just grunt and walk off, but that would be unprofessional. And the last time he needs is someone crying to his dad. Cause SOMEONE watching would. Or he's just paranoid enough to believe it, who knows. Anyway, Azur rolls up the scroll and slides it back into his pocket. He offers a return bow to each of the competitors, and a small sincere looking smile. "Well now that we're all here. While these seals -shouldn't- allow you to die here, when I call an end to the match you are to stop fighting. No questions asked. I'm sure that's obvious, as are the rest of the rules here. I'm just going to assume you're both ready now." He lifts his arm slowly and shouts "Begin!" Unlike most proctors who move out of the way in a rush, Azur turns and casually walks away from the two, remaining inside the barrier as it activates.

Daichi nods "Oh you too? My I was training with my grandfather before I came back to the village." Daichi nods. With a crack of the knuckles and the neck, Daichi is ready. He takes a stance, a strange one, holding hhis katana across his shoulders and back. Daichi moves in "Here I go." With a graceful sppin using the footwork learned from the stressful training withh Tosai. He slung the blade twice at Sei. Returning to the original stance after he finished hiis attack Daichi waited to see some sort of counter attack.

Hinotori did come in with Seiteki, but knowing she had to fight, he didn't try following her to the ring. He moves to the stands and sits down. It's been a while since he's seen a genin fight and well he already knew who he was rooting for. Watching her as she and Daichi got ready. Sighing a little as he heard Azurs word, good thing there were another chuun around to help the genins if they needed. As Hinotori gets comfortable, he focuses a bit of chakra to his eyes and allows his sharingan to activate, but anyone looking up wouldn't see it, just the almond brown color of his natural eye color. And good thing too because Daichi was already on the move. Smirking a little Hinotori watches to see how things develop.

Seiteki blinked at his story, which most likely distracted her a bit. The girl winced as the first strike makes contact with her, unable to move out of its strike range fully. However when the second attack comes in she is ready. The girl dodges but slides inwards to close the distance, maybe to make the sword just that much harder to swing. Either way She quickly moves to unleash two strikes upon him. The first being a two knuckle strike against the joint of his shoulder that was holding the blade, the second being a quick strike towards his gut.

Eventually Azur comes to a halt, standing in a bush. He holds out one hand and the moisture in the air slowly solidifies into a shard of ice, which he promptly bites the tip off of and chomps on quietly. He crouches down into the bush, which manages to hide him from view well enough. He had considered doing commentary at one point, but when it comes down to it he's lazy. For now he'll just quietly watch from his bush and eat ice. Mmm, ice.

Having just been released from the hospital, Kureno wanted to join the tournament. Of course, he wasn't allowed due to his nearly fatal injuries in a… misunderstanding. He still wanted to watch though.

Finding his way slowly between the stands and all he found himself watching a potentially interesting fight. Kureno was a wierd kid so to speak. Taking a seat quietly, he cleared his throat and started paying close attention to the situation in the arena. Possibly, so intently that he might not even hear someone calling his name of waving a hand.
Unless they are pretty…

Utilizing the same footwork Daichi was able to spin swiftly out of harm's way, Daichi manuvers behind the girl, her back exposed. Stepping forward with the right foot now Daichi throws a punch to the back of the woman, just one. He could tell from his previous attacks that she had some dodging skill. Daichi's punch is infused with chakra and on impact it would be released into the body of the girl. It wasn't enough to do any severe damage. Unfortunately Daichi had a bad habit of holding back in fights, scared of his own skill a bit. Ever since his fight with Sekisetsu, Daichi hadn't been himself.

Hinotori sits with his arms crossed over his chest, he cast a casual glance about the stands, noticing there isn't a whole lot of people here, but regardless there are those showing support for the genin. Smiling and turning back to the ring, Hinotori watches as Daichi is able to defend against Seiteki, then launch a counter attack against her. His eyes captures everything as he watches the bout, focusing on Daichi as he attacked then Seiteki as she defends. So far things are pretty even.

He was skilled, that was obvious to Seiteki. It made her happy to fight someone who was skilled to say the least. When he dodged her attacks this only fueled the fire within her further. As the attack came in contact with her, no reaction seemed to take place, at least none that would indicate she felt the strike at all. As soon as the strike came in though she spun around to strike again, this time a simple dual hand strike against his chest, meant to push him back some and of course deal damage.

Azur rises out of the bush for a moment to shout, "Ohoho!" He had really intended on saying more there, but for some reason he figured that'd be good enough. A little harmless distraction to, hopefully, teach the genin to always be wary of unexpected surprises while remaining focused on the task at hand. Atleast that was his logic behind it. Maybe there was something in the ice he was chewing. Was he even allowed to intentionally distract them? He didn't pay much attention when they asked him to proctor, probably not a good thing.

Kureno was awfully silent as he watched the fight unfold. It looked like one of those boring fights. Boring enough to not distract him as he thought of something. Not even aware that he was whispering and muttering his thoughts aloud. "Missetsu… Rain…" Missetsu? Rain? Was it raining outside?

Another moment of awful silence from him, before his eyes widen. Did he speak outloud? He wondered for a moment before he tried focusing on the fight. Even thinking became dangerous lately.

Seeing the spin, Daichi moves to the left of the chest strike, now with her open again he would strike with a palm thrust to the side of her face. "Hmmm?" What was that skill she used earlier? Daichi could feel his chakra hit a wall of some sort, preventing it from doing any damage. Following up his palm strike his sword would bare down on her now, the blade came down splitting the wind. It was a tow part sword strike though, as he flipped the blade aand his grip on it aand swung upward with it, hopefully it caught Sei off guard.

Seiteki was ready for the first strike, quickly blocking it. however the other two she was not fully ready for. They were fast, a little too fast for her. She would not be able to hold up against this for long, she had to even the odds a bit. It was an exibition anyways so might as well give the people around a show of sorts. She waited and watched after that blade cut her and moved upwards. When the blade goes upward and his mid section was open, the girl moved in. She moved in quickly and from the looks of it, her eyes even turned a bit red, must be the light or something however soon enough she launches a palm thrust against Daichi's chest. It was quick, powerful, and filled with chakra.

Was he like this when he was a genin? Hinotori couldn't remember, his childhood vastly different from the two fighting now. His hands were stained with blood way before. Sighing and shaking his head, Hinotori watches as the two genin attack and defend. Sitting on the edge of his seat Hinotori watches as Seiteki quickly moves in, will it hit? He didn't know but he had to admit he is having fun watching the match.

"That strike…." Daichi says as he sees it comming in, it looke dangerous, he could just feel it. He was open too, he noticed her eyes too. Using his knee, since it was closer, he was able to divert the strike. It missed him, but that was too close. She has more skill than he thought. "That was close…" Daichi said as he moved around and back a bit, a flick of the wrist and shuriken showered Sei as Daichi created some distance. That was too close indeed, he had to make sure he wasn't open like that again "What was that attack, I felt something strange about it?" Daichi asked as he was curious indeed.

He blocked her strike. She was slightly shocked by this, but not upset. When he moved away and threw some shuriken at her, she was not able to dodge them and winces from the pain they bring. It was at this moment that she sighed some and smiled, turning to offer a bow to him "I surrender." She states, obviously calling this a loss on her part. "You are quite good Daichi, this match has taught me quite a bit; I will make sure to use what I have learned in my training to come."

Azur leaped, well, slowly stepped out of his bush at that point and declared "This match is over! And…" he pauses for a moment to read his scroll again, "Katsuko Daichi is the winner. Congratulations. It was a good watch on both parts." He waits for a moment to ensure Daichi sheathes his katana before signaling to the barrier-nin.

Daichi nods and smiles "Glad I could help, you have some skills. I look forward to our next match." Daichi bows back to her. Afterwards he sheaths his katana. "I gotta get going now, see ya around Seiteki." Daichi says as he head for the exit, that is after the proctor called the match.

"YOU CALL THIS A MATCH!?" Yells someone from the crowd. Look, it's Kureno. And he's throwing some kind of garbage at the barrier. "ENCORE!" He yells even louder, standing up from his seat, obviously disappointed at the short duration of the match.

The lovely girl whom was in the match looks upto Kureno and offers a bow to him "Forgive me…however the match was too much one sided, it was obvious who was going to win." And with that Seiteki moves to leave, but still with a smile on her face.

Azur looks up to the stands and crosses his arms lightly. "Sir, I think you're male at least, I'm going to have to ask you to calm down. These Genin here put on a fine match. Simply because you didn't see that doesn't mean you should berate them. If you are so unsatisfied, why don't you come down here and try fighting someone yourself?"

Kureno stares at Azur and crosses his arms, narrowing his eyes. "Oh yeah? YEAH!? FINE!" He yells, leaping over the stands, and people's heads, moving towards the ring. "How about I fight you than, huh?" He asks once he gets into range, crossing his arms in front of his chest again, and smirking. "I am gonna show you what a /real/ match is."

Standing up and clapping, Hinotori was happy and proud of the two, "Good Job you two." he says as he leaps over the railing and landing neatly on the ground. Bowing to both genin, but when Kureno complains. "It's only a genin fight, no need to down them." he says as he narrows his eyes slightly. But when Azur steps in he sides with him.

Azur takes a moment to look Kureno over and takes another bite of his ice. Now that Hinotori is on the scene, Azur directs Kureno's attention elsewhere. "I'm here as a proctor at the moment, not a competitor. Why don't you try on Uchiha-san here. I'm sure the two of you would have no qualms settling your different opinions in this very ring."

Kureno tilts his head, "Oh you're scared so you want a Uchiha to fight me?" He glances towards Hinotori. He didn't like the Uchiha. Their eyes were wrong. Someone else he knew had those eyes. Unsettling to say the least.
"Fine. I'll fight the Uchiha if he has nothing against that. Someone has to teach the Genin how this is done."

Yeah, but an Uchiha in your fight, shaking his head, "No, I'm not here to prove anything to the genin. I'm pretty sure they've seen enough of the actual fights here at the tournament to know how high level fights can go." Hinotori turns and ignores Kureno, "I have other things I need to do, ja ne" he says as he walks out of the stadium.

Kureno tilts his head and just laughs, "I've met some Uchiha who were much different than you." Somehow, it sounded like a insult. Or something. Not friendly at least.
Kureno than leaps back towards the stands and starts leaving the area, having no one to fight. Maybe it was a good thing. The medics said he might never heal if he continues fighting.

Azur glances from one ninja to the next. Having nothing left to proctor, he now takes his leave from the arena and eats the last of his ice shard. "Well, I think that's the last time I'm going to accept a proctor request. Asking for too much effort on my part."

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