First World Ninja Competition - Death Dragon And Three Challengers: Hei-Long vs. Kairiki, Wander, and Azur


Amuro (as Hei-Long), Atara (as Wander), Kairiki, Azur, Hinotori

Date: November 3, 2010


Hei-Long, Warlord from the Southern Lands, decides to test the capabilities of the Peach Pit Stadiums's barriers and seals… By fighting three people at once.

"First World Ninja Competition - Death Dragon And Three Challengers: Hei-Long vs. Kairiki, Wander, and Azur"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring - Kusagakure

Yet another beautiful afternoon in the Land of Grass is going to be filled with violence. The past week or so has been full of it, and yet people still hunger for more. Is there a war of some kind? Somewhere else in the world, absolutely. But here, there is no war. This is simply a tournament… A very special tournament, in which no one can be killed through violence alone, as long as he or she fights within the special Kekkaijutsu and Fuuinjutsu that surround the fighting rings.
The warlord Hei-Long from the Southern Lands has ventured far, across thousands of miles, just to attend a party with the Daimyou and discuss the potential of trading resources and money for this damage-suppression technology that Kusagakure has gained access to. 'War is a terrible thing,' had said the Warlord at the Daimyou's banquet for the tournament participants. 'A way to stop unnecessary bloodshed, and end war, is a rare commodity.' And so the towering, eight-foot tall man has come to test the effectiveness of this technology for himself.
The sun is shining, the crowds are chattering, and the air is sweet and fresh and clean. The audience is smaller than for a scheduled official match, but those who are in the area when Hei-Long enters show interest at least. He has a thick mane of wild, spiked black hair streaming down to between his shoulderblades. His features are sharp, bold, and strong. He is also wearing a crimson suit of armor in the style of the Southern Lands (Narutoverse's equivalent of China), and has at his side a broadsword of a style that is nothing like the katana and wakizashi and so forth of the various shinobi and non-shinobi nations. It looks ridiculously small in comparison to his massive frame.
Covering his eyes is a black silk bandanna with two holes for his eyes. In those holes, however, are thick lenses of ruby quartz, further concealing his eyes. Odd. He stands in the ring, looking around at the artificially-arranged nature that makes up the ring. Grass, dirt, boulders, trees, and a large pond. Nothing otherwise unique about it. Hei-Long turns to the audience and calls out, "I am Hei-Long! I come from the Southern Lands! Are ther any who would challenge me to combat? I will accept any number of opponents, so that I may test the limits of this Arena. Come forth now!" He then waits.

Wander enters the arena almost before the challange is even given. She had been waiting for this, it seems. She is a strange creature, obviously femenine in the way she walks. Any other traits are almost indiscernable.
Her face is covered in a wild looking mask with long ears and interesting red markings. Most of ther clothing is made of hide, aside from a long tabbard with more strange markings along the front and back. She moves with a feral grace and easily settles into position a bit far off from Hei-Long. "I am Wander." Her voice is low, and has a certain wild growl to it, almost sensual.

Up in the stands, Kairiki watches the arena, hoping to see another amazing battle like those that have gone before. When a very large man enters the arena, a flash of recognition flashes over the ninja's face. Statues, murals, descriptions whispered by shaking villagers. When the man announces his name, Kairiki instantly understands and remembers fully who this man is. Once he hears the challenge, a smile creeps across his face. A chance to test himself against the man he has heard so much about, in a situation without lasting repercussions was too good to pass up.
Making his way to the edge of the stands, Kairiki leaps down to the arena floor, taking up the place of a challenger some distance away from the man known as Hei-Long. He then bows slightly before slowly cracking his neck to each side.

Having gotten permission to leave the medical center, Hinotori was able to come watch a match before needing to return. He was given a lot of instructions of what he could and can't do and well the can't do outnumbered the could do. He didn't mind though, it was a chance to get out of the medical center for a little air and watch something outside of people coming in for various medical reasons. Sitting at one of the closer seats on the aisle, Hinotori watches as the match.

Last and possibly least, Azur descends from the stands. He is currently not wearing his jacket, only in his tunic, jeans and boots along with a Kirigakure headband wrapped around his forehead, with the tails of the strap entwined with his hair to form a ponytail. His visage bears no emotion other than sheer boredom as he plainly states "Shirayuki Azur. I think I'll join this challenge as well." Azur offers a light bow of his head, too lazy to bend at the waist. He casts a small glance toward the others who have stepped up to accept the challenge.

Hei-Long does not turn his head when the feminine being calling herself 'Wander' approaches. He does not react to the descent of Kairiki from the Stands as the Demon Queller drops a dozen feet without flinching. He acknowledges not the boredom of Shirayuki Azur as he advances and introduces himself. It is only when all three are in position that he inclines his head in a way that makes it clear the three opponents surrounding him are acknowledged. "I graciously accept your challenges." He then straightens back up to his full height, still facing towards Kairiki, and draws his sword from its sheath. The sword is definitely a Jiao-Dong. Foreign to the people of these lands… Except, perhaps, Kairiki. He can hold the broadsword one-handed fairly easily.

Wander her head to peer at Kairiki and Azur in turn. She had not expected to have any kind of help in this fight. Not looking a gift-horse in the mouth she rolls her shoulders and bounces on the balls of her feet a few times before she lifts her mask just slightly and begins to drink from a clear bottle filled with a clear liquid. Her lips are small and femenine, to those who can see, but otherwise nondescript. She takes a short while to down the drink before smashing the bottle at her feet quite violently. Her hands clench into fists and she begins to slightly sway from side to side, almost stumbling at one point.

Kairiki reaches behind him and unsheathes his sword. It is just over four feet long and very straight, with a broad blade. Its shape is not quite like other weapons, and its tip is sheared flat. Kairiki places the tip against the ground with a light sound and closes his eyes a moment, focusing his energies for the coming battle

Bringing his hands together into the horse handseal, Azur casually watches Hei-Long as he begins to focus on his chakra. His gaze is largely unblinking, expecting the sizable man to make the first move and unwilling to miss it, if that can be avoided. For now he pays no heed to either Kairiki nor Wander. Working together with random allies could prove to be difficult, but there was nothing to be about it except embrace it, and adapt as needed.

Hei-Long recognizes Kairiki's clothing, of course. Who wouldn't when they both have spent so much time in the same country? But he is not the first target that the Warlord strikes at. No, that honor is reserved for the one who has decided to go 'all-out' right from the beginning. "Drunken Fist," Hei-Long says thoughtfully, as he appears next to Wander and snaps out a kick with one of his incredibly long legs. "Or some variation of it. Interesting that you would feel >that< necessary to fight me." As he speaks he spins around and sends an elbow towards Wander's face by lowering himself into a crouch. That puts them at about equal footing, height-wise.

Wander seems to stand there almost uselessly until the kick flies at her. She stumbles to the side and easily avoids the kick as it sails past her. The strange woman then seems to fall forwards into the spinning elbow and slams her head full force into the mans stomach. She attempts to grab the man around the waist in an attempt to hold herself up. Her grip would be almost crushing, her strength immense. She reeks of booze.

Kairiki takes a small step back, hoping an opening presents itself during the attack. As the other two combatants clash, he grips his sword tightly with one hand. The edge of the blade turns a deep red in color, and the air around it shimmers with heat haze. He brings the sword up in an arc over his head, gripping the hilt now with both hands as he brings the heated blade down in a diagonal slash at Hei-Long

As the match gets underway, Hinotori leans forward watching the match. He has a large water bottle with him which he brings up to his mouth and takes swig of water. He really hoped this would be a good fight, granted most of the matches he's seen has been pretty good.

Abiku lounges haphazardly among the seats with Tohime leaning against his side. He does sit up enough to watch the fight though. He spots Hinotori and offers a wave, "Yo."

The Shirayuki does nothing but stand there and watch as Hei-Long rushes Wander. He mutters some and takes a few steps to the side as Kairiki moves to assault their shared opponent. Suddenly the horse handseal held by Azur changes to boar and water from the nearby lake crystalizes before shooting across the arena, aimed for Hei-Long's right shoulder. With his team-mates in such close quarters to his foe, it would take some doing to prevent any friendly-fire with his ninjutsu.

Hei-Long seems mildly surprised by the skill of his opponents, but does not seem perturbed even when he is head-butted in the stomach, held immobile, slashed across the back with a red-hot sword, and then impaled through the shoulder with ice shards. Instead he is smiling as his attempt to block the ice dart with his sword meets with failure. "Wonderful! Spectacular! Ordinarily, from wounds such as these, I would be in quite bad shape indeed. And yet the pain… It only makes me feel more alive, not weaker! Hah! I suppose with opponents of this caliber I can not afford to hold back…"
He leaps away from everyone, moving astoundingly quickly for a man of his size. "And yet, I will continue to do so anyway. I still have some >concerns< about how much damage can be negated by this magic that the Hidden Grass now has… So until I am certain that I can go all-out… You will have to make do with what I can offer you!" Hei-Long then lunges towards the two opponents closest together, attempting to slice at Kairiki with his sword, and then slam his knee into the other man's ribs, possibly hurling him towards Wander and serving as a distraction as Hei-Long leaps into the air and sends both of his armored boots towards the masked woman's head in a stomp!
He has not forgotten about Azur at all, but this is all fun and games right now. When he wants to get serious, he'll get serious.

Wander stands up, holding the side of her head and shaking it dizzily. Flaming swords, flying shards of ice flying through the air. All sorts of fun going on there. She turns her attention to look at the foreign warrior, now looking slightly singed and with an extra hole in him. "More than you can chew… Hm?" She cants her head to the side, looking at the man through her featureless mask. After the man mentions he is uncertain whether he can give the group a better run for their money, laughs. "Well then… Let us see how far we can go with this barrier… Shall we?" And quite suddenly, there was a pair of boots in her face. The drunken girl simply stands there as the iron boots slam into her head. It is as if the man slammed his feet into a perfectly immovable object, giving not an inch from the attack. Instead she begins to build up a quick and sudden amount of energy. "Lets give the crowd a show… Shall we?" the venom in her voice is apparent.

Looking over to Abiku when he is greeted, Hinotori bows his head to Abiku. But when he returns his gaze back to the match, Hinotori is surprised to see Hei-Long being such a good sport. Hadn't he just got jumped by three different fighters? Or maybe this was already decided upon before he got here, but none the less, Hinotori was thoroughly impressed by the man. "This is getting good already." he chuckles.

Kairiki quickly shifts his grip on his sword, bringing it up in front of him, a hand on the flat of the blade to brace against the oncoming force. At the same time he brings up his knee, adopting a strange warding stance as he sweeps his defenses across his body. The incoming slash sparks off his blade, his knee intercepting and partially deflecting the powerful strike of his opponent. The momentum of the attacks send him falling backwards into a rearward roll.
Kairiki splays a leg out behind himself to halt his roll before he brings his sword up by his side, ready for any oncoming strikes. Hoping no one is looking, he then quickly rubs his knee a little and lets out a short breath.

As Hei-Long began his assault upon Azur's temporary allies, the Chuunin would move to a better vantage point. He seems to have no sense of worry as begins to walk up a nearby tree at leisurely pace while making a trio of hand seals. Before he would get too high off the ground a plume of smoke would appear in mid-air beside him, and another Azur would come into existence, left to plummet to the ground and land on its feet. While the Original Azur would make his way to a suitable tree branch to perch himself on, his clone would rush into the fray and fling an ice-covered Kunai at Hei-Long as it made its approach.

Hei-Long pauses for a moment, considering the words of Wander. Watching the grass around her push outwards as though there were some invisible wind emanating from her appears to confirm in Hei-Long's mind that he cannot keep holding back. "Very well," he says as he slashes behind him, catching the icy kunai with his sword and knocking it away. "If that is your wish, you will see my skills in full. Please keep in mind, however, that I am not a ninja. I cannot hope to match your plethora of magical abilities and skills…"
He then holds out his Jiao-Dong in his left hand and says, "All I have is my body…" Then a gold and red flame of energy appears at the base of the sword and burns forwards, changing the weapon into something much more monstrous, and much… Much… >Bigger<. "…And my sword: Hellsmouth Jiao-Dong."
He then turns and slashes at the tree that Azur is running up. From about fifty feet away. There is a slight delay, and then a cut becomes evident in the tree's trunk as the upper portion begins to slide off its base, and topple over towards the ground. Presumably with the Shirayuki still in it.
He turns again, and this time he slashes over-hand towards Wander from only a few feet away, splitting the earth beneath the 5'6" blade, wherever it falls. "Do not feel ignored, Demon Queller." Hei-Long calls out to Kairiki. "I will attend to you shortly."

The woman known only as Wander walks towards the foreigner as he turns to play the role of lumberjack. Her arm comes up and simply stops the blade dead in it's path with nothing but her open palm. A light laugh comes from under her mask, a jovial sound, ringing with sensuality. "Mmm… Thats better." She then leaps back to hang out on the other side of the arena. She calls out to her team mates. "Keep him off of me at all costs, and we might be able to win this." There is a certain finality in her voice that almost demands respect.

Kairiki sees the tree fall, and could swear he remembered Azur moving up that tree. Why else would it be attacked? He dashes for the tree, hoping to save his makeshift ally from a leafy demise. He grips his sword, which begins to emit a faint haze. Speed was never Kairiki's friend, not with a frame like his, and he soon realizes that even with the jutsu he was trying to prepare, he would not reach Azur in time.
Kairiki decides to stop short, skidding to a halt before using his momentum to bring his sword down and into the ground. The blade slips easily into the dirt as the demon queller shifts his position to face Hei-Long. The arc of his blade continues through the ground, bursting out in the direction of Hei-Long and sending a spray of chakra propelled rocks and dirt toward him. The sudden shift in direction, and the force of the attack cause Kairiki to then lose his balance and he hits the ground with an unceremonious thud.

Rather abruptly, and unexpectedly Azur would find the tree he was ascending has now begun a downward tumble, shifting his perspective on the world rather awkwardly. As he forms a single seal, a strong gust of wind would begin to blow, attempting to slow the tree's descend but instead has the reverse effect. What was once left is now right, and it seems Azur didn't aptly account for that. With no other options to escape his rapid descent, Azur clings to the trunk of the tree before colliding with the ground. "…..ow…" Might be heard by those sharing the ring with him a few moments after the tree's rather large thud. Slowly but surely, Azur would climb out from underneath his leafy prision more or less undamaged thanks to the seals protection the combatants. "Works rather well, if I say so myself." He brushes a twig off his shoulder before the clone he had made earlier grabs him by the shoulder and flings him, rather forcefully toward Hei-Long. Sailing parallel to the ground, Azur would make a series of handseals and the astute might notice the pond sink down in water level a bit. After completing his last seal, several icy pillars would form around Hei-Long's current position. Should the man not move fast enough, he would find his arms and legs encased in ice that would hopefully hold him long enough for Wander to make her move. Shortly after making this attempt, Azur would make one more handseal and another clone would appear infront of him. The clone would almost immediately catch him and stop his rapid approach toward Hei-Long, about 10 meters from the man.

Hinotori watches the fight intently, his eyes following quite easily especially when one has help. With the sharingan activated, the Uchiha chuunin enjoys what he sees a little bit more. Taking another swig of water, HInotori reaches up and brushes a few strands of raven colored hair from hsi face. He really choose to stay inactive for too damn long. Watching this match shows how further behind he is, and well his recent loss to Yuzuna only proved that when he recovered he cannot afford to hold back. Lowering his waterbottle to his lap, he continues watching the match.

For a non-ninja, Hei-Long is doing pretty well. Kairiki's blast of stone fragments from the ground are blocked by kneeling down and using the wide blade to deflect most of the projectiles. The pillars of ice that start to rise around the Warlord are noticed as he comes out from behind the blade, and he streaks forward from his position, his armored boots slamming into the earth and sending up clods of dirt and grass as his considerable mass pushes forwards. He charges across the entire breadth of the battlefield, and tries to bypass the Shirayuki and the Demon Queller completely.
Someone who yells to her allies that she needs the enemy to be kept off of her at all costs, and then proceeds to stand out of the way as though preparing for something is not an individual Hei-Long plans to leave alone. Maybe someone can intercept this next attack. Maybe they can not. But if not… Then Wander will just have to hope she can dodge real good.
Hei-Long vanishes suddenly, and reappears behind and above Wander, standing on the retainer wall of the ring for a moment. A trail of blue after-images lie behind him for a second before vanishing as well. He slides back down to the ground, due to not being a ninja and all, and turns around to see the effect — if any — his attack may have had.

Wander takes a deep breath and focuses herself. She finds her center, that small place inside her were power is made and gathered. She then proceeds to blow it open. Massive amounts of energy begins to gether at her core as she almost seems to be overloading her chakra-system with Genki. She soon becomes nothing but a vessal for sheer unadulterated power. Her body is visibly shaking from adreneline, excitement, and doing her best to contain the energy. This, however, does little good when a gash cuts a wide swath across her belly. She coughs, and much of the energy gathered is dispersed into the air. What would be a debilitating hit is simply a painfull reminder of her inadequacy. All that power suddenly burst forth from her being and those in the arena could feel her killing intent. A massive wave of force flies at the powerfull foreigner in such a wide area, moving out of the way would simply be impossible. The wave would pin the man forcefulyl and bodily against the barrier, making it sizzle and crackle at the force. She would slowly stumble towards the man, whether pinned or not. "Get him."

Away from the main source of the combat, Kairiki watches the exchange of massive energies with some caution. Reluctant to get near the explosive force of the combat, he gets to his feet and braces his stance. Kairiki then grasps at some of the small metallic trinkets on his outfit. The bits of randomly shaped metal seem to melt off of their leather straps and attachments, pooling in the ninja's hand before forming into the shape of sharp bo-shuriken. Hoping that the energies being released between Hei-Long and Wander don't affect their flight too much, Kairiki flings a series of the sharp objects toward Hei-Long

Azur's clone would grab him by the neck at the same time he started to henge into a kunai. It would start to throw him forward, but after Wander releases a tumultuous amount of energy, it would alter his course and throw him to land near by. De-henging, Azur would land on his feet, albeit a bit awkwardly. "Talk about a close one." He doesn't quite here Wander at this distance, but sees Kairiki throw shuriken into the maelstrom of chakra and follows suit. He forms a handseal and his clone slowly begins to break apart. Three sizable shards of ice break free and are compressed into small darts before shooting forward toward Hei-Long.

Hei-Long looks towards Wander as that massive amount of Ki charges the air, generating an enormous amount of pressure. For a moment, it almost looks like he is going to do something to stop it. It >almost< looks as though the air is distorting around the masked woman, like reality itself is twisting and warping inwards… But the air turns back to normal as Hei-Long gains a stricken expression on his face, baring his teeth and reaching one of his large hands up to his eyes, seemingly clutching in pain at the bandanna with its ruby lenses. As he begins to get pinned in place by Wander's attack, he simply stands in place and allows all the various attacks to strike him. Shuriken, ice darts, and anything else they can throw at him… All of it strikes dead on, and some of it is pretty darn painful.
But in the end, before he can be properly smashed into the dirt, he allows the Hellsmouth Jiao-Dong to revert back to its normal, smaller form, as gold and red flames crawl backwards from the sword tip to pommel. Hei-Long calls out, "I surrender! You three are too much for me, and I am convinced of this ring's abilities! I yield!" Hopefully, Wander will ease off and the others will do the same. Hei-Long does not look as though he has been beaten into submission. He's still in pretty good shape, all things told. But the physical strain he is showing certainly indicates he may be tiring out… Or suffering for some other reason.

Hinotori leans a bit closer, his water bottle sitting beside him as the fight continues. He hadn't seen such a high level fight since the one where Kuki and Fuyu fought. This is mind blowing, he continues to focus on everything, watching who does which attack or defense. He really hope that he does well now so just to get a chance to go up against some of these strong fighters. But now as the fight seems to shift with Hei-Long being beat back and now pinned to a wall. His eyes take in as much as he can and when Hei-Long calls for surrender he sighs, he was somewhat rooting for the guy. But still to go up against three opponents all at the same time, that is pretty daring, some may say foolish, but eh, to each their own.

Wander moves right up close to the man, pulling her arm back for a powerful strike. When the man yeilds, she hesitates. She has the man where she wants him. She could brutally pummel the man for up to half a minute. She could truly test the limits of the seals. She could test if the seals could even halt death. The hesitation is long as cold blue eyes stare through the mask to the man. It takes a long moment before she lowers her fist. The pressure wave receedes, and the wall stops buzzing and crackling from the force. The masked woman simply walks towards the exit with no fanfare, and a little bit of stumble here and there. She does not even give her impromptu team mates a second glance as she walks towards the exit.

At the verbal ending of the match, Kairiki straightens up and stretches out his muscles. He then sheathes his sword and turns toward Azur and bows lightly before calling out, "A pleasure to team up with you. That was something." After a moment he then turns toward Hei-Long, his mind categorizing and storing information about everything he saw. What he saw was impressive, although he feels that he was not the only combatant keeping some things in reserve. He eyes Hei-Long, processing the man's condition. Kairiki knows that he will have a long road ahead of him after taking part in this battle.

With the match over Hinotori closes his eyes, after a moment or two his almond brown eyes are revealed, he smiles a little bit but now feels a bit worn down. Sighing a little he picks up his waterbottle and stands up slowly. This was really worth it he thought. He moves towards the steps and uses the guard rail to help him down the stairs, then out the stadium.

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