First World Ninja Competition - Deranged Identities: Kilmoran vs. Hanzen


Reza, Kilmoran, Kazuki (as Hanzen)

Date: November 2, 2010


Two contestants are put in the ring for a first bracket match. The Dark Man vs. Hanzen. Only one will walk out victorious.

"First World Ninja Competition - Deranged Identities: Kilmoran vs. Hanzen"

Unknown location

Another day, another match. "This is a First Bracket Match Up between, "The Dark Man" and Hanzen!" Announced the handsome proctor. Rubbing his scruffy chin hair for a moment as he took several steps back he'd size up those he was to be monitoring before speaking again. "I hope you both have prepared well, you both know the rules, let me know when you are both ready." He'd say not yet initiating the match.

Standing in the waiting room completely alone with no supporters, guidance, or truly direction… the dark man was here on a whim and nothing more. When his name and origins were asked for, he answered truthfully in that he did not know. Thus he was registered with little known information. This was a shinobi competition after all. However, he was asked what they should call him, and he would reply, "I am called The Dark Man." before moving on to await his time in the ring. As the names are called, he would leave the area and walk towards the person talking, looking around alot in a muted fashion. He was more than likely by far the oldest person in this bracket, but he did not seem to mind. "Rules?" he would ask the proctor, apparently not actually knowing anything about rules.

Hanzen was a bit excited about his first match. It gave him energy and he was feeling restless in the waiting room, fidgeting with his hands. Finally, it was time to get this thing started, and he walks out with a smug grin. He was ready for battle with the re-breather mask to guard his face and tools stashed in his jumpsuit. His opponent was the Dark Man, which sounded ominous, but what really should have made him nervous was the age difference. A young adolescent vs. a full-grown adult. Hanzen lets out a chuckle and scratches the back of his head with a nervous smirk towards the Dark Man. He took a discreet look at Reza from the side, he was from Kumogakure, and hopefully the proctor wouldn't recognize him for his true self. "Ready."

"Hmm…welll suppose there aren't really many rules…oh cept don't be foolish. The barriers help prevent your body from being blown to smithereens, but they do not prevent you from wearing yourself out. Be mindful." He'd cross his arms before stepping back even further. "Dark guy, are you ready?" Reza would ask preparing his announcer voice.

With the understanding of the caution given, the dark man would nod and await the start of the confrontation. What was he here for? It certainly was not for victory or pride, or even to test himself. In the end, he could only assume it was to satiate his own curiosity, as is the reason for almost all of his decisions since… he could remember.

"Very well…ahem." Reza would say as he cleared his throat. "…..FIGHT!" With that he'd suddenly flicker from sight as not to interfere with the combatants.

Hanzen understood the rules before he stepped in the arena, the proctor told him about the threat but whatever the case, he was always cautious about wearing himself out, he didn't even like to break a sweat. His demeanor becomes a bit more serious, as he focuses on Kilmoran, the dark man before him certainly seemed dangerous, so he had to be careful.

When the jounin proctor announces the start of the match, Hanzen makes a long swift hop backwards with a hand seal prepared. The sound around him compresses and he gathers chakra, a piercing sound proceeds a blast when he releases "Ha!" Through the face mask, a wave of sound rushes towards Kilmoran, the proctor fast enough to avoid anything possible for the competitors to start.

Hanzen's reaction is probably right, strike first and ask questions later. Oddly however, the dark man didn't seem to make any effort to stop the attack. He just stood there and let it happen. His skin turned a shade darker for an instant, but that was unlikely to even be noticed. Falling on to his back, he remained there, seeming to have no interest in standing up again. However, the darkness that pooled beneath Hanzen would lash out at him from beneath his footing, moving to bind him in place. Meanwhile, the intrution upon his chakra would begin, noticed or unnoticed.

Watching his opponent, Hanzen was surprised to see him stand in place, seemingly not attempting to guard himself or dodge the technique at all. He was so surprised, that he even thought it was amusing and he lets out a laugh "He!..he…he." He stood watching the downed Dark man, but couldn't tell if he would get up, ready to speed through hand seals for another attack. Han was mistaken when he noticed something that he was not expecting, shadows. Surprised again, this time not in a good way, he tried to change the hand seals and flicker with ninjutsu, but he was too late. The shadow latches onto his leg and grows up him rapidly like vines. "Damn…" Hisses Han through the mask.

"I understand now…" the man would say, still on the ground as the bindings tightened around Hanzen. "Sound… a strange weapon to wield. An old weapon as well." The nameless one would seemingly levitate back to his feet, brushing his mid section slightly where it seemed he was toppled over. Looking at Hanzen directly, deeply regardless of eye contact, it seemed that the man understood something else but remained silent about it. Walking up towards Hanzen, he would point a finger at him. Suddenly, Hanzen would feel a small pinch that traveled from front to near the middle of his chest, though missing his vital organs. Blood would trickle, though not heavily from the wound. "Below…" he would state just as a blade of darkness emergered from the pool beneath Hanzen's feet, launching upwards in order to impale him from beneath if he didn't try to move or defend at all. The dark binds had dissipated immediately after the initial attack.

Hanzen looked at Kilmoran with a dark look of his own. The shadow chains were hurting him, like they could have broken or cut his leg into pieces. "Shadow jutsu…" He didn't stop thinking about what to do, and how to get out of this jutsu, but Kilmoran comes in close. He was cursing in his mind but he kept his eyes on Kilmoran prepared to take any chance to change the situation. He gets cut by the Dark man's shadow blade, though bleeding, he realized he was released from the shadow chains. This was the chance he needed to escape, but Kilmoran was ruthless with the blade. Han still had to get away, so he rolls away. He looked bad, like he wasn't going to get up. Eventually, though he flips over looking at Kilmoran with eyes transformed into the shape of Nejigan. Making a set of hand seals he releases a large blast of sound through his mouth, increasing the velocity and pitch of the wave to attack the eardrums.

Noting a change in the eyes, the dark man would seem intirgued as he'd try to predict where sound would go. However, he doesn't seem to move very well, sort of just side stepping to no avail. The second attack seems to hit him solidly, knocking him back as his body slowed down and faded away in to nothing. The sound blast seemed to find him however, causing him to hold one of his ears and squint an eye. While aware of what was wrong, he likely didn't have enough time to recover his equilibrium before he'd be attacked.

Hanzen noticed Kilmoran holding his ear after the wave of sound. His was a very offensive strategy, and took the opportunity to continue. It seemed that even after the stabs, he was doing fine. Now he wanted to win this battle, at least the wounds weren't as bad as they could have been. A smirk crosses his covered lips, and he draws an exploding tag from each pocket. Each of them tied to a kunai knife, he launches the knives into the ground at tactical points to made it harder for Kilmoran to dodge. Sidestepping to stay out of the cover of smoke from the blast, so he could see into it with the Yamayuki eyes.

While he could see the jutsu coming, he couldn't hear them and that caused issues of their own. Being off balance was the reason the first explosion hit well. It blew him backwards, though he landed on his feet a bit more alert. The other explosion was more felt than noticed as he began to move towards Hanzen, being taken off of his feet and landing on the front of his body. Once again he lay still, though this time for entirely different reasons.

"Midori…" his eyes would waver as the battlfield filled with the blood of his unit and he was mortally wounded himself. Rolling on to his back, he would stare up at the moon, easy to see shining brightly this night. He would slowly grin as he remembered. "Safe… in that case…" he would grin wider, and the horrible screams of his victoms would echo throughout the night.

In present day, the flesh of the man, whose clothing was torn to shreds by the explosions, seemed to turn increadibly pale, almost like the moon light itself. He hadn't moved a muscle however, as far as could be seen, though the area some how seemed to grow ever darker.

Hanzen was ready for anything, and it seemed he hit with the exploding tags, to his satisfaction. Surely he would have an advantage now, and after the shadow incident that is what he needed. He makes a clone of himself, of the persona he carried now, so it looked like Hanzen. In the meantime the real form of Hanzen would take cover behind a bush and out of sight. This would make it possible for him to ambush his opponent or gain the time he needed to execute successful strategy. The only thing Kilmoran should see is Hanzen's clone, if Han could cover his steps effectively.

The dark man would slowly rise from his positionon the ground, seeming to use his own physical strength this time, and not appearing to have much problem with it. Standing to face the opponent before him, the dark man would grin a bit. "Ah you waited for me… how interesting. though i believe you forgot something… important." The dark man would appear, ragged as he was, to be sitting upon a nearly invisible stool of shadows, relaxing.

Hanzen smirks at the Dark Man after considering his words. He couldn't tell why he looked a bit different than before, was it some side-effect from the attack of the exploding tags. The real Han stays in his hiding place. Crouching, he makes a hand seal to gather chakra. If he could stay hidden and stall the Dark Man then he could still get a jump on him. The clone says to Kilmoran in a muted voice from the mask "You must be mistaken…" Letting his eyes follow each of his opponents movements, he is somewhat detatched yet completely immeresed in the joy he gets from a fight such as this.

"Hm." would be all that the dark man would state as he reclined on his transparent chair and looked towards the clone. A rock would be raised to his hand and it would be thrown at the clone rather lazily. A more durable clone may have actually been able to withstand the lack of real damage, but at this level, anything that showed it's lack of reality would reveal it. "I will wait for you to finish playing hide and seek." he'd state as he rested his chin against his kunckles.

It seemed Kilmoran was a bit more clever than Hanzen gave him credit for. The Dark man was on to Hanzen's strategy and when the rock is thrown, Hanzen's clone poofs! However, Hanzen was able to gather the chakra he needed to use ninjutsu. How he would liked to take a seat too, but he didn't have a chair or the time to do so. He comes up from behind Kichiro with an exploding tag in hand, launching it attached to a kunai knife aimed straight at the back of his head. He hand seals to manipulate sound, and the noise of the paper bomb's blast was noticeably increased, as well as the range for which it would hit. The piercing sound goes for Kilmoran's ears again, as Hanzen looks on from a ranged position.

Once again, the dark man doesn't bother to move, though this time, it seemed that a barrier kept him out of harms way. As the blast of sound came once again however, it would be shown that he was not actually there to begin with, though some how he still defended from that position? Strange… The man would have been about 10 yards away, sitting the same way, and regardless of the lack of focus he had once again, he did not display his discomfort. "Ah… there you are." he would state, though unable to see his opponent clearly at all.

Hanzen peers through the explosion and hits with the manipulated sound waves. Though he couldn't tell what exactly he did to defend, even with his auditory sense of vision, he could only make out Kilmoran to disappear. It only took him a moment though to discern his real location, and like a hawk he goes in for an attack. Launching another exploding tag, he doesn't seem to be withdrawing from using the blasts in the least. And as a second wave of attack he lets out a rush of sound from his vocal chords at the dark man, trying to knock him down like before.

The use of explosives, while effective at hitting so far throughout the match, was used against Hanzen as it allowed for time and cover to avoid follow up attacks, in the right situation. Blasted back yet again as he could not focus on the incoming attack, he was no where to be found as the scream made it's way to where he should be. However, should Hanzen be unable to deal with it:

Quite suddenly, Hanzen might be bombarded with a distinct image. An arm would have been plunged in to the abdomen of a man he'd never seen before, and the arm seemed to churn as he screamed. "Keep him alive." the dark man, who was simply sitting in the room would order cooly to the torturer as a strange person with what looked to be archaic healing jutsu kept the tortured man alive. "You have gotten blood all over my executioner's boot. How dare you be so rude. Gotsengu, take your time squeezing the rest of his entrails in to sausges. The beasts are always hungry." A mirror was flipped above the tortured man, exposing the appearance of Hanzen, his true face, only to himself in this nightmare.

The dark man would be standing behind Hanzen, staring down at him. "I have no qualm with mentally scarring a child." he would say to Hanzen, clearly. "Consider your next move wisely." During this, The Dark man was bleeding fom multiple parts of his body, but he did not at all seem to allow it to cause any hesitance in his words or actions. It was only pain, after all, no matter how great. He knew far worse than mere pain.

Hanzen watched as the paper bomb exploded on the man yet again "How many hits can this guy take?…This is getting really annoying." He says under his breath, his shoulders rising and falling as he starts to pant heavily, the sound of the re-breather making it obvious. Then it hit him, what was a genjutsu. He didn't know at first, and the genjutsu takes a hold of his mind to a full extent. He saw his own face, the face of Kazuki in the mirror above the torture chair. When he wakes up he face is wrought with an expression of fear, then his eyes well up with tears. He could barely stand up, the young Yamayuki thought he could win. He had one chance left, and he wanted to cause the same grief onto the Dark Man as he had done to him. He tenses his brow in a frown and says "Don't get any ideas." He raises a hand seal and lets out a scorching wave of a sound blast through the mask, a desperate attempt to knock his opponent out.

Hanzen's gamble pays off as his relentless attacking out does any form of strategy or tactics. Sound is simply hard to defend against, and it shows as reality begins to take over illusion and the dark man is left on the ground, unable to continue on… atleast it seems like it. It has been that way more times than once this match, but this time it seems to be true.

Suddenly from virtually thin air, the procter reappeared. "Match is done!" He'd study the combatants before making his call. "The Victor is, Hanzen!"

Hanzen did always use a very offensive strategy, and this time it payed off. It was a good turn out to have beat such a powerful opponent, the abilities he was hit with were completely new to him. There was something very strange about the Dark Man, and besides not actually having a name he couldn't place it. The only thing left to do was accept the win and walk off to get what he needed most, a nap.

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