First World Ninja Competition - Driven or Domineering? Kenta vs. Shemri


Kuki, Kenta, Shemri, Kara, Moriko

Date: November 5, 2010


A sadly rather one-sided match, made poignant by the loser's graciousness.

"First World Ninja Competition - Driven or Domineering? Kenta vs. Shemri"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!

*OOC*: look stands to see who's currently watching.


The stadium would still be as packed as ever as the tournament trudges on, the few that headed out to do their own things would be replaced with others. Some curious to see if the fighters were possibly holding something back, many just enjoying people punching each other in the face. During much of the commotion, a lone woman would step out into the middle of the field causing the crowd to quiet up slightly, awaiting an announcement of sorts.
"…mmm, how'd I get tossed into this?" Kukiko would look up to the crowd, the woman garbed in the normal Chuunin/Jounin garb of Konohagakure as she thinks back. In a world of grays, Kukiko would walk by just as the actual proctor for the match would sort of just, keel over in pain. She personally had no idea what happened it, just… did. Seeing as the ninja intent on proctoring was from Konohagakure they figured Kuki would be an easy replacement. Kukiko's thoughtful gaze would fade away as she focuses on the real, colorful world.
So now here she was, looking down to a small paper in her hand.
"The first match of the Loser's Bracket will begin shortly…" Kukiko would glance over to the entry way and then the stands, unsure how their plan of entrance would be. "Representing the Land of Wind. Maneshi Shemri!" Kuki would give a moment for the yelling to cool out a bit and for Shemri to come on out before continuing on. "Aaaand from the Land of Lightning, Tenjin Kenta!" The woman would cross her arms, taking a few steps back as she waits for the two to establish their position and give her to go ahead.

Kenta steps through the main door as the proctor starts the intro announcements for both of them. With duster blowing behind him, he casually walks into the ring with hands stuck in his pockets. He looks up and around him at the crowd and says quietly, "Oh man, this again…oh well. Best deal with it and do my best." He smiles and waves to the crowd while adjusting his kodachi behind him so he can easily reach it should he need it.

DOOOOOOM. >E This is the aura which Shemri projects as she marches out onto the field of contest. In her first match, she found herself pitted against a little kid, she indulged her curiousity and sense of compassion by taking it easy on him at first, and…she lost because of it? Hard to say, really, it's possible Meruin would've won anyway. That burn-y webby stuff was nasty. XP Regardless, though, Shemri's determined not to make that mistake again. She won't be one of those eliminated before winning a single match, not if she has anything to say about it! >/
Up in the stands, Shemri's family files into their places. Shemri's mother, noting the mood Shemri was in, was reluctant about coming, and wanted to keep Megumi-chan away too. Shemri's first instinct was actually to agree…but Megumi-chan herself wouldn't be deterred. Miss out on Mommy kicking butt?! No way! >D And so the girl who is so much her mother's daughter is present once again. "Gooooo Mom! Kick 'im over the stadium walls!"
Shemri walks up to her starting marker, bows stiffly through the formalities, then takes up a fighting stance. "I have no ill intentions towards you as a person," Shemri says to Kenta, drawing several kunai and distributing them amongst limbs and sashes, "but I have no intention of holding back or losing."

Kenta smiles up at the child and family, clearly noting the resemblance…and the fact she called her mom. He says, looking back at Shemri, "No, I would suspect you wouldn't. That's ok though, I wouldn't expect it any differently. You have the respect of your daughter to protect." He assumes a wide defensive stance and slaps his hands together. "Come then, let's make your daughter proud of you." he says as he gathers chakra.

"You don't seem too enthusiastic." Kukiko would tease Kenta, "Who knows you might stomp your way to the top still." Giving him a nod she'd glance over to Shemri, "You see, that's the spirit!" Her tone used for both would be of that of an adult speaking to a kid only to belatedly take in that Shemri was much older than her opponent. A bit surprised that someone around her age and within a clan would be within the Genin brackets. She could only make assumptions as to why, mostly assuming it had something to do with being a woman in the clan. The cheering of Shemri's child would catch Kukiko's ear, causing her brow to twinge.
"Uh, well then! Let's not have curiousity kill me… or better put, my curiousity having the crowd kill me. I'm going to be starting the match." She'd say to the two before looking up to the crowd with her right hand in the air. "Shemri vs. Kenta…" Her hand would begin to drop, "Begin!" With that she'd flicker completely out of range from the two, as her Byakugan activates to gather a bit more information on the two than the naked eye can do itself.

Shemri gives Kenta a contorted look, something struggling between a predatory smile and a disapproving frown…let's call it a sour smirk. "I did not ask you to give up before we have begun!" On the signal from the referee, Shemri bolts forward. Despite her express intention to go all-out and win this thing, Shemri's out-of-the-gate strategy is pretty similar to the one she used in the last match: a barrage of simple close-range attacks. The main difference is, now she's attacking with knives. The kunai in Shemri's hands whizz as she slashes and stabs at Kenta, then throws in a sideways kick at his midriff. Shiikaa follows close at Shemri's heels, staying out of the melee for the moment, but ready to intercede in a split-second.

Kenta has just enough time to jam an auto-injector into his neck before the flurries of attacks comes at him from seemingly all sides. He tries to make a hand sign, but each time he tries a blade comes out and slashes at his arms and body. He does bring up his arms to take the brunt of the damage, but still, his arms and slashed and bloody at this point. The kick lands square in Kenta's ribs causing him to roll sideways into the kick and come up to his knees. He throws down the spend autoinjector, "Oh sure, NOW the drugs take effect. Must be a slow acting batch." He breathes deeply and shakes an arm that particularly stings, "Wow…" and flips through a series of hands signs. He spits out a few projectiles at Shemri, all needle light and coated with a brownish purple substance.

Kara runs in really, really late and seats herself in the front row where all the seats are already taken. "Get off my lap!" some lady yells. "Aww, c'mon!" Kara responds. "No! Off! I can't see the match and I don't know you!" "Is it okay if Pharaoh-kun sits on your lap instead?" Kara asks, producing a mummified corpse from somewhere. "NoIThat's—I'm going to change seats now." And so Kara got a front row seat!
"Go, Shemri! Yeah!" Kara calls out, waving her arms. She doesn't know what's going on exactly, but she can totally fake it. Besides, Shemri is the world's coolest mom. How could she possibly lose? …Oh, except she already did once before. >BUT THAT WAS A FLUKE IT HAD TO BE STOP HATEING<
"…Cheer for Shemri, Pharaoh-kun!" the ancient Egyptian-styled kunoichi admonishes her Puppet. Pharaoh turns his head briefly than begins dancing and waving his arms above his head on the lap of the guy next to Kara. The guy changes seats.

Shemri makes a cartwheel to the side, avoiding the spray of projectiles. "Shiikaa!" Shemri calls out abruptly as she lands. The cat responds quickly, firing a small burst of condensed air chakra at Kenta. Following up on that attack, Shemri closes the distance again and makes an X-shaped slash at Kenta using both kunai.
Up in the stands, Fukanzen turns his head and nods in greeting to Kara ('cause, y'know, obviously her <strike>stolen</strike> seat is gonna be conveniently close to Shemri's family's, right?) "Glad you could make it, Kara-san. Shemri's made a strong start, this could be a fairly short match. I hope not, though, an easy win won't improve her mood greatly." Megumi waves a little flag with an apricot sash symbol on it. "Better than losing again! Go Mommy!"

Kenta looks confused, "Do wha…gah, not the cat!" Kenta makes two hand signs and forms two water clones who move to block the wind bullet. "Ha! Got them…" the water clones are blown away like a fine misty rain, "Ah no…wah!" and he gets nailed with the wind bullet sending him flailing on his butt. He reaches for his kodachi, but he's at an odd angle and can't pull it out before the blade rips into his chest leaving gashes. He lets go of the kodachi and drops back on the ground grimancing in pain. "Owww…" he says rolling himself over and pushing up to get on his feet. He's twitching at this point and is moving a lot slower. This has been a punishment for him and though he's only gone through maybe a quarter of his stamina, his physical wellbeing has been taking the blunt of it. He squints and wobbles a bit and says, "Far be it from me to not go all the way…" He flips through a series of hand signs and slams his palms down on the ground. 'Tenjin Poison Release: Sludge Emission' Thick streams of sludge and bile flow out of his sleeves and ooze and lurch towards Shemri and her cat. He lifts one hand and fires out a burst of water out, hoping to make Shemri make a choice in which one hits.

Kara looks towards Fukanzen when he greets her. She actually had no idea he was there. "Oh, hello, Fukanzen-san!" She waves a little bit. "Yes, well… She should take every fight as an opportunity to learn something. If she didn't beat her last opponent because he was too strong, then this one should serve as a way of showing that she's not weak… She just wasn't strong enough. And there's no rule forbidding training during the tournament, right? She can improve where she needs to, and still possibly win her bracket of the competition!" She nods as though this were brand new knowledge that no one had considered before. Then she does a double-take towards Megumi. "…Whoah! You sure have grown, Megumi-chan! I didn't even recognize you!" She snaps her fingers. "Pharaoh-kun! Give her a cookie!" Pharaoh chatters his teeth in acknowledgement then turns to Megumi and makes a dry noise before barfing out a chocolate chip cookie as big across as Megumi's dad's hand!
—It's okay! It's still wrapped in a sanitary plastic bag, and Pharaoh has no saliva or other gross stuff so it wouldn't matter anyway! Point is, Megumi gets a cookie. Kara then turns her attention back on the fight. "Well, things have only just started… Maybe this guy has >secret tricks< up his sleeve. Like that Kaguya guy I fought."

Icky stuff! Shemri's had quite enough of /that/ already in this tournament, thank you. >P She and Shiikaa both jump backward to avoid the goo. When the water bullet comes in, Shemri falls backwards, allowing it to pass over her. She then catches herself on both hands and springs up into a handstand. One of her sashes flings its kunai at Kenta in retaliation, while Shiikaa fires off another wind bullet.
Megumi accepts the cookie gleefully, oblivious to the misgivings a grown-up might have to its method of delivery. "Yay! Thank yooooo~!" Her grandmother blinks, and instinctively reaches into her robe, but her husband stays her hand. "We've already given her plenty of treats lately. No need to get jealous," he murmurs. ;) Fukanzen quirks an eyebrow, but shrugs…with all the junk food Megumi's had lately, this probably won't make much of a difference. He just hopes she doesn't get sick later. "Tell me, were you planning to eat that yourself, or do you typically store cookies in there for just such emergencies?"

Kenta draws his kodachi and tries to batt away the kunai but it skims over his hand and arm leaving a nasty bleeding cut. Kenta's always got a few, so one more won't matter much. Kenta however does something unexpected. He stands skill and gets smacked hard by the wind bullet dead on. He flails backward and disappears in a puff of smoke only to burst through the back of it and skid to a stop in a three point stance. His duster flutters tattered to the ground in front of him, off of course and used in the replacement technique. He slowly pulls himself up standing and checks himself over. He snorts and gives a long shuddering sigh and says, "Aw well, it was a good try." He holds up his hand and looks over at Kuki, "I'm done, I guess." He gives a soft smirk, "I'm a little out classed here."

Kenta limps over and grabs his duster and tisks, "And it was my favorite one." He does put it on however and walks over towards Shemri holding his hand out, "Night fight ma'am, twice now I was beaten by someone from sunagakure. I've always been impressed by the shinobi there."

Kara grins. "I keep all kinds of things stored in scrolls inside of Pharaoh-kun! Cookies are just one of them, yep!" She then turns back to the fight just in time to see Shemri evading poison sludge, throwing kunai, and doing all kinds of awesome stuff! "She sure has improved since we first met!" A pause and then… "He gave up? Huh. Better than being knocked unconscious, I guess. Yay, Shemri! Yay, smart guy whose name I don't know!"

Meanwhile, Moriko wanders into the Arena, wondering what might be going on at this point, then blinks as she notes the end of the current match. "Awwe, missed another Konoha Match." she says, and snaps her fingers, before she glances around curiously. "Wonder what's going on next." She says then beams and starts heading toward a concession stand.

Shemri comes out of her backwards flip and watches keenly to observe the effect of her and Shiikaa's attacks. Another hit, and another hi--wait, no! "Ah. Aha. Perhaps he is getting seri--" Oh…guess he really was giving it his all the whole time. Shemri puts away her kunai and dusts her hands. Great…now she feels like a bully. u.u But, at least the kid is taking it well. Shemri gives Kenta a bow. "Many thanks. I am honored by your efforts."
Megumi waves her little flag enthusiastically while munching on the cookie. "Yayg! M'mmy w'ns, M'mmy w'ns, M'mmy w'ns!" Fukanzen stands up. "Yes, she certainly did. Come, we should go and celebrate." Megumi's grandmother claps her hands. "Ooo! I saw this little exotic desert cuisine place earlier today, why don't we try that?" Fukanzen chuckles deeply, wondering what the Land of Grass's idea of Land of Wind cuisine would be like. "Sure, why not."

Kuki had appeared to have lost interest, moving on to trying to count the people in the stands as the one sided match went on. Of course she was keeping an eye on the fight, though with the protective measures of the arena she wasn't all too worried. "…five hundred sixty seven… five hundred sixty eight…" Kukiko would tune into the words 'I'm done' and put her full attention on the two fighters. "Ah, looks like fighting spirit has prevailed, well done you two." With a nod, Kukiko would face the crowd. "Tenjin Kenta has forfeited the match. The winner is Maneshi Shemri!" Kukiko would make sure that the boy would not need help in getting out of the ring and was glad to see he stopped while he could walk. Giving a little wave, Kukiko would head out of the ring quickly.

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