First World Ninja Competition - Egyptians versus Pyramids: Kara vs. Kanami


Eden (as Raili), Kara, Kanami

Date: December 29, 2010


Two women that are so far undefeated in the tournament face off! One is a Puppeteer with three Puppets at her command… The other has not even been so much as scratched in any of her matches so far. Who will survive!?

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First World Ninja Competition - Egyptians versus Pyramids: Kara vs. Kanami"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring - Kusagakure

It's a bird! It's a plane!(Wait planes don't exist yet, so it's definately not that, so it must be…) Just a ninja, one from Kumogakure at that and if you didn't know who she was, the giant kanji on the back of her long white coat would give out her name and self proclaimed title of 'Doctor'. So, if you cared to look that hard, Doctor Kushrenada Raili would come down into the ring slowly, being kept in the air by what seemed to be multiple propeller like attachments sticking out from her oversized backpack. A small goggle touting snow-white fox would stay latched her to shoulder, claws digging into the woman as he feared for his life… expecting the gadget to fall apart, "E-exactly how'd you say you got this to work?"
Fighting through the pain of fox claws, she'd do her best to put on a confident look, as she landed gracefully in the middle of the ring with her arms crossed, mumbling to the fox in an agitated tone, "Don't ask me how this thing works, it just does! You always have to complain about my genius, if everyone knew how to do what I was doing, then I wouldn't look so smart anymore would I?" At that moment a propeller would snap off it's attachment, whirling off in the distance only to be stopped by the barrier.
Any awkward silence would be exchanged between Raili and her companion until she clears her throat, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" Her voice would boom out through the arena, followed by a high frenquency screech that causes the woman to cringe and pull her hand away from her mouth a bit, "The match between Seishino Kanami and Kara is about to begin! Fighters… get your butts in here!"

Kara is, for once, >not< the last one into the Ring! Her last three matches had her arriving second but not today! She strides out into the Ring, and hopes for a good match like her last one, rather than the painful match her first one was, or the one that ended in horror and guilt like her second match. Her third match had been against a fellow Sunagakure ninja, true, but Sora-san had gotten back up after being poisoned and battered into a pulp and fought on in a weakened condition, just because Kara implored her to. Kara had wound up scratched up and battered and bloody by the end of it, because she had run out of Chakra and had had to resort to >Taijutsu< because she couldn't use her Puppets anymore. But she had been satisfied with that fight. She was satisfied they had both given their all. That she had won was secondary.
Narrative Recap overwith, Kara is here in her Ancient Egyptian clothing, like usual. She has a back harness with slots for up to six scrolls, but only three are filled. Once she arrives at the center of the Ring, she bows briefly to Raili. "Hey, you look familiar…" she mutters. Then she snaps her fingers and points. "Aren't you the inventor of the retractable roller skates!?" She gasps, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. "Wow! I hear you're a great inventor!" Pause. "Which is why I was really confused when my roller skates didn't work. I kept thinking, 'Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.' But nope, after three different pairs and being tested by over a dozen people, it seems retractable roller skates really don't work in the desert. Who'd have thought it? Hahahaha." She puts her hands on her shapely hips and laughs it off.
Then she is suddenly >right in Raili's face<. "I want my money back."

So far, all three of Kanami's matches have ended without so much as a scratch on her. She has also arrived in extremely dramatic fashion for all three matches. So this fourth match is expected to be much the same — at least in regard to entrances. It seems the actress is not going to disappoint her fans (such as they are). Unlike past matches, however, there is no tension-filled delay between when the proctor calls the participants in and when Kanami actually appears. Shortly after Kara demands her money back from the poor, misunderstood genius who cannot design all-terrain rollerskates, the crowd's chattering and murmuring is drowned out gradually by a rising chorus of violent hissing noises.
Gradually, snakes begin to slither out of hiding places — in some cases from right between the feet of seated spectators, which causes a bit of concern or even panic — and drop over the guard rails and retainer walls and down into the Ring proper. Since the barriers are not yet up, the snakes can move freely from where they were lurking to the battleground for this match. And there are a LOT of snakes. Shortly, people are screaming and swearing and trying to keep their legs off the ground and basically just attempting to avoid the flood of reptiles that has apparently decided that the Arena 1 Ring is the 'place to be'.
The snakes close in on Raili and Kara in a circle that rapidly encroaches on the personal space of the two women until the tide of serpents CRASHES together into a MOUND! This massive swarming of snakes is of nearly biblical proportions, with thousands of the scaley creatures gathering into a huge pile! Considering the chilliness of winter, it is a wonder that they are not all hibernating somewhere like snakes are wont to do during this season. But then things get even FREAKIER.
The 'mound' of snakes swells and begins to take on a form… A humanoid form. As all manner of snakes from rattlers and copperheads to king cobras and coral reef snakes all the way to common grass snakes and black mambas all converge on the same location, right nearby Kara and Raili, and yet avoiding the both of them, the humanoid form becomes more distinct. Eventually, a nearly 15 foot tall monster that appears to be some sort of giantess made of snakes, with a dress of snakes, hair of snakes, hands of snakes, eyes of snakes, and everything else made of SNAKES, is looming over the proctor and the tournament participant. The hissing has grown so loud at this point that it almost drowns out the cries from the audience completely.
The last of the serpents slither up the Snake Goddess's back and turn into a cape — made of snakes, obviously. Then she throws out a hand, opens her mouth (though the lips are actually two pythons, and the mouth itself is just an empty space), and says in a voice that is composed entirely of snake hisses in various tones and pitches, "I SHALL BE YOUR OPPONENT." Then she draws that arm of slithering reptiles back and holds it across her chest, writhing fingers clutching at where her heart would be if it were not made of snakes, and says, "CAST IN THE NAME OF GOD…"
Then there is an EXPLOSION of force that sends all the snakes flying and destroys the Snake Goddess completely. All the snakes that are not disintegrated hit the ground in the form of… Some sort of black sludge that then steams and vanishes. Kneeling in the place of the serpent-woman is a much smaller and much more human-looking woman, in a kimono that is colored various shades of red and gold, with maple leaf designs all over it. She is wearing a Noh-play mask of a woman's face. She speaks into the sudden silence that fills the Arena, and her voice carries despite its quietness… Somehow.
"…Ye not guilty."
She then rises to a standing position and folds her hands together in front of her, draping sleeves concealing them. "Seishino Kanami has arrived."

The device on Raili's hand would not be turned off and the human and fox would bicker amongst each other in very audible mumbles, 'That's not how you do it Raili, they said be professional' 'I was professional! I said butt instead of ***, the hell else you want me to do?' 'I don't know? Not mention that area at all? You almost killed someone too!' 'Killed someone? You mean with my awesome downward-flight machine? I planned that of course… for a more dynamic entry!' Fistpump.'How're they supposed to die when there's a barrier anyway? Honestly, I don't know why I summon you half the time, so dull!' 'It's because half your stuff wouldn't function without without me supervising…' During all this mumbling, Raili would half listen to Kara until well, she was right in her face.
"Eh?" Raili's eyes would break away from the fox on her shoulder, she'd glance to the device on her hand, realizing that you probably shouldn't cover your mouth to whisper with a hand that has a mic on it, especially when you tend to forget to turn it off. "Huh… well then, hello. Very fresh… What kind of gum is that?" Raili would then casually dodge the money back situation herself if it weren't for the entrance of Kara's oppoenent. The uproar of the crowd momentarily making her fear that they were all asking for money back on something, "Don't yell at me! I told them, mass production would just ruin the beautiful homemade heart filled design! I… wait what the f-" The fox would punch Raili in the face with a weak paw but, it was enough to shut her up.
The Jounin would take a few steps back, reaching into her long coat as the snakes fill the arena, the only thing stopping her from outright stomping in the snakes would be her being told of a previous dramatic snake entrance. So she would keep her cool until, well, humanoid mound of snakes would explode, leaving Raili with her palm open, facing the actress is a somewhat threatening manner yet, it didn't appear as if anything was happening. "Oh right… I broke that thing yesterday. Good thing! Anyways uh…" Raili would look Kanami up and down, "You know this is just a tournament match right?"
Regardless, an answer wouldn't be waited for as she herself, keeps up with the dramatics. "Are you guys ready for a bloodbath?! A dramatic fight to the death, a battle so great that the world itself will tear into two?! Well too bad, this stupid barrier is up so that wont happen besides, this is just a tournament! So please, anyone else with an army of snakes, please refrain!" It would probably be obvious that Raili's face was paler than earlier, apparently more freaked out by the snakes than she planned to let on.
A double thumbs-up would be given, one for each fighter and an extra cheesy smile just for Kara, there's her money back. "You look ready enough! Alright… begin!" With that, Raili would pull off a one handed seal and wheels would pop out of her boots, sending the girl gliding backwards… one of her few creations that work it seems.

Kara frowns at Raili's refusal to speak on the matter of a refund, but then turns her attention on the… Not exodus. Whatever the thing is where things come >in< instead of going >out<. Introdus? Whatever! She watches as a flood of snakes comes swarming into the Ring, turns into a giantess, and then turns into her opponent.
"Wow! You must have spent >weeks< gathering all the snakes from the fields and stuff! Is that why it took so long for our fight? Because you were out gathering snakes? If so, I totally forgive you. Because… You know. You made good use of them!" She then turns back as Raili tells them they can start fighting, and gives a thumbs-up to each of them. Kara gives Raili the middle finger as she retreats on her roller-skates.
Then she says, "I know you're like… Mega-bad-news to fight, so I'm going to do my best right from the start! Don't fall behind, okay~? <3" She then yanks on all three of the pull-cords in her harness, and three explosions of smoke erupt from her back. When the smoke clears, there are three Puppets out: Pharaoh, the mummified corpse that wears the funerary regalia of an Ancient Egyptian king; Sekhmet, a statue appearing to be made out of pure gold, with the body of a woman but the head of a lioness; and Anubis, a statue of obsidian with the body of a man, and the head of a jackal. Anubis is also wielding a flail in one hand, and a sickle in the other, with both crossed over his chest. "Puppet Performance: Kara's Triple Puppetry!"

Kanami ignores Raili except to bow to her. She also bows to Kara, and does not respond to the warning about 'doing her best right from the start'. She watches as the Puppets are drawn out and… Then she raises one hand from where it was concealed inside of her sleeve. The flesh is so stark white it looks like it belongs on a corpse or as though it were painted on instead of being actual skin. Raising the hand to the mask's lips, Kanami chuckles briefly. "I see. You must be even younger than you look to have such eagerness to 'get to the point' without any preamble. Maybe one day when you are grown up you will understand the importance of dramatic tension. Until then…" She focuses her Chakra and vivid displays of vines and flowers literally bloom into existence on her Masks's cheeks, as a willow tree springs up on the forehead, with the rising sun in the background. The plants, the sun, and all the other bright colors and images showing on the Mask move as though they were real — just on a 2-D surface.
Then she says, "I am prepared, child. Are you?"

Kara gives a lop-sided frown. :/ "Things can be pretty dramatic without having to be >slow<! Also, I'm no sure I can out-last you. It's more strategic to end the fight quickly than to let you whittle away at me with your Genjutsu!" Yes, Kara did some studying of her opponent in advance this time around. Wonder of wonders! "So, with that in mind…" She draws her hands up into a controlling position, as Chakra strings that are not visible to mundane eyes link her fingertips to each Puppet. Pharaoh leads things off with a pellet that he fires from his mouth. The pellet is aimed at Kanami, but even if it only hits the ground nearby or something, it will crack open and release a cloud of purple smoke… And contact with that smoke can burn one's skin.
After that, Sekhmet brings up her right arm and the forearm slides back to reveal a sort of mechanical mini-crossbow. It fires an arrow that bursts into flames the moment its tip is exposed to the air. Then Pharaoh releases a stream of silvery senbon needles from his still-open mouth, and more panels open up in Sekhmet's body, as multiple flaming arrows join the first. Anubis remains still, being kept ready to defend Kara if it becomes necessary.

Kanami does not spare any further banter on Kara. It appears discussion would be wasted upon such a person. The smoke pellet strikes the ground where Kanami is… But Kanami is not there anymore. She just sort of faded out of existence and appeared nearby. The flaming arrow is evaded by virtue of Flickering aside, and the senbon riddle the actress's flesh… Only for that flesh to turn into a mass of snakes that then slithers apart and goes crawling across the ground, even as the poison in the needles slows them down. Kanami was standing right behind the Serpent Clone, however, and just as she finishes placing a snake-like mask over her existing Mystic Noh-men, that is when the barrage of flaming arrows come flying in. They sear her flesh painfully, tearing through her kimono in a couple places, and leaving behind nasty burns. Kanami is so shocked that she doesn't even move to defend herself or retaliate immediately.
She takes a moment and then hisses out, "That is the first time anyone in this tournament has managed to hurt me…" She then swaps her Doujouji Mask out for a different one… One with long, stringy black hair that hides its eyes, and lots of needle-like teeth filling its black-lipped, grinning maw. She places that Mask on her face instead. Immediately, her kimono becomes more ragged, and changes color to a pale white, losing its designs of leaves and so forth. The kimono is now ragged, and clings to a gaunt, pale-skinned form… Kanami's own hair grows considerably, and drapes about her face in a curtain of black.
One thin hand reaches up to one of the burns on Kanami's upper arm, and pulls out the flaming arrow with a wrenching motion that leaves plenty of dark-red blood to stream from the wound. She gathers this blood on her hand and mutters, "…Take you… Seriously…" Then she lashes out with her hand and yells, "…TAKE MY BLOOD!" The red droplets spray everywhere, and may potentially land on Kara or her Puppets. If they touch Kara, she'd get a flash of a terrifying vision of falling forward as though the ground had suddenly vanished, leaving only a deep, dark pit, with hungry, sharp-toothed mouths waiting at the bottom to devour her!
The image is brief, if she even experiences it. But it would seem very real for however long it lasts. Following this, Kanami touches a hand to the snake mask that has been returned to her waist, and then rasps out, "Pyro… Asps!" A number of asps slither out of Kanami's mouth as she opens her fanged mouth wide. Then the snakes begin spitting out small 'bullets' of fire. Whatever they contact causes them to explode in large balls of flame that leave behind CRATERS once the explosions die down.

Kara is almost as surprised that she hit Kanami as Kanami is, it seems! She just sort of… Blinks. "…Wait, I thought you were some kind of super-untoucheable woman. I hope that wasn't just unsubstantiated rumors… Or maybe!" She pulls one arm across her chest and to her other side, and then the camera view begins to rotate around her rapidly and dramatically before she whips out her arm while the sun gleams off of her Ancient Egyptian-styled 'crown'. She >points< at Kanami and yells, "Maybe you're not the >real< Kanami!" Gasps from the crowd. "Maybe you actually >killed< the real Kanami!" Louder gasps from the crowd. "Maybe you actually are some kind of creepy voodoo snake and have skinned the real Kanami alive and are wearing her skin like some kind of sick human-skin snake suit, kind of like how cowboys wear snake-skin boots, only in reverse, and with no cows in sight!" Hesitant and scattered gasps. "Or >maybe< I've just gotten >way stronger<!" She clenches one hand into a fist and holds it up as she nods affirmatively. There is a lot of awkward silent and also a small kitten coughs somewhere in the background. It is adorables.
Before Kara can say or do anything further, however, she becomes aware of Kanami's transformation. She seems… Less powerful now, somehow — at least in terms of Chakra. And yet she seems a whole lot scarier now too! "…Yyyyeah." That's all she manages to get out as Kanami tears the flaming arrow from her arm. The blood being flung at her is unexpected, but though she has her Puppets block most of it, the Chakra stored in that blood travels right up through her Chakra Strings and into her body. She gasps as she suddenly pitches forward, losing all sense of balance. Before her lies a cavernous pit, with a multitude of gnashing teeth at the bottom! Crap!
Just as soon as it hits her, the vision is gone. The sudden terror was no fun… But worse is that she feels… Weaker somehow. Like she has been under more mental strain than should be the case so far. Adrenaline rush side-effects? Or… Was that Genjutsu!? Double-crap! She didn't know Kanami had connected with her already! When did >that< happen!? No time to think things through, apparently, because Kanami is whipping out a 'freaky no jutsu' on her! The snakes spit fire bullets, and Pharaoh moves to the fore, holding out his limbs. "Pharaoh-23: Pyramid Barrier!" Kara calls out. A red wall of energy springs forth from Pharaoh to try to block the incoming attacks. It resists for a few seconds… And then >breaks<! The remaining flames wash over Kara and her Puppets, and fling them all back quite a distance. "…U-ugh!" Kara tries to get back to her feet. "O-okay! Time to fix this problem!" She tries to get her battle plan back in action. Now that she can bit hit with Genjutsu, it's time to pull out all the stops! Another poison-gas pellet is fired from Pharaoh's mouth, and then Sekhmet fires another flaming arrow from her forearm. Then, Pharaoh gathers Chakra in his mouth as Kara channels it through him. "Pharaoh-24: Pulse Cannon!" she yells, and a single senbon is fired at extreme velocities, right at Kanami! Scary or not-scary, this needle has so much force behind it that it breaks the sound barrier! A sharp *CRACK* is heard at least two full seconds >after< the needle is fired — at which point it would have already struck its target or just planted itself in the barrier across the Ring.

Kanami has totally underestimated her opponent. Then again, the erratic behavior and state of mind that the Ju-on Mask lends itself to is not helping much with her decision-making processes. The poison pellet and the flaming arrow are evaded by virtue of not being where they are aimed. She just fades away like a ghost. But that one senbon… It is so fast that Kanami does not have time to even react beyond starting to 'fade out' again. The next thing she knows there is already pain flooding her belly, right where the senbon struck… And then went right out the other side, leaving behind a nasty, bloody wound, and a burning that is not simply due to the senbon alone. "Poisoned…" she mutters. Then she makes a noise like a dry, choked-off sob. Only it repeats, over and over, until it becomes clear that it is some sort of hideous imitation of laughter. "Poison, poison… You poisoned me? YOU POISONED ME!?" Kanami suddenly screeches out. Then she points one gaunt limb at the dark-skinned woman and says, "…You will kneel and submit… For this CRIME you shall be PUNISHED…"
And with those words, Kara might find herself suddenly stuck in a set of 'stocks', with hands and head bound in the wooden frame, forcing her to her knees. An illusion, of course… But it would feel very real and very firm.

Kara is starting to get freaked out here. The smile on her face from seeing that her Pulse Cannon attack hit is slipping away rapidly at her opponent's odd behavior. When Kanami yells at her, she jumps a bit. "…Uhh, relax. The poison won't kill you in here, so it's okay. You can still, like… Give up if you want though?" she suggests hopefully. Then Kanami points and Kara feels herself being forced to her knees as her hands are locked in place on either side of her head. She struggles to free herself, but the illusion is firm and solid.
Then, the sudden absence of Chakra being sent into Pharaoh causes the Puppet's 'Chakra Valve' to open, sending a flood of pre-prepared Chakra >back into Kara<! It works along the same principle as a friend performing a Genjutsu Kai on oneself, only Kara is using her Puppets to do the job instead! The stocks snap off of her and vanish shortly thereafter. "Hah! I prepared myself for this fight! I'm not going to let you beat me with your J-Horror mind games!" Then she releases a second Chakra Valve, hoping to shatter Kanami's Genjutsu Link completely. She doesn't bother to attack, because Kanami doesn't look to be in very good condition right now. She'll probably need time to prepare for her next series of attacks!

The lack of Kara doing as she was told and submitting to Kanami's will seems to infuriate the presently-unstable and definitely-wounded actress. She screams at Kara wordlessly, voicing her rage. She crouches down and pounds the dirt with her fists, even lacking much physical strength, until her knuckles are torn and bloody from loose stones and striking the packed soil. She then holds her hands out at her sides, palms up, and screams at the heavens above as well. The curtain of hair falls away from some of Kanami's face, revealing a mouth full of nightmarish dental hardware.
Eventually, she stops her strange, out-of-control behavior, and rises back into a hunched-over standing position. She lets out a few more low, growling noises, and then just breathes hard from all of that physical exertion. She stands and waits, arms dangling, head tilted forward so that nothing of her face can be seen at all. She waits like a marionette without anyone to control her movements, swaying from side to side slightly, utterly silent…

Kara is not sure if she broke the connection between herself and Kanami. It almost seemed like she did but… It came back? She isn't sure. Genjutsu is soooooo not her strong point. For all she knows, maybe she was successful! But what she >is< sure of is that Kanami is ** up in the head. Nothing she has done so far has pointed to her being an emotionally stable and sane individual. Maybe the other opponents that faced Kanami lost because they were too freaked out by her behavior to fight properly.
But Kara won't be fooled >that< easily! So she has Pharaoh come around in front of her as she calls out, "Pharaoh-20:" Then the mummified Puppet's jaw cranks open and a powerful blast of bloody-looking oil tears forth from a nozzle inside of his mouth, trying to splatter Kanami with a substance that is both slippery and sticky… At the >same time<! But it doesn't end there! Because the nozzle swaps out for… A flamethrower! "Pharaoh's Judgement!" Kara finishes, a stream of fire is blasted out of Pharaoh's mouth, attempting to set off all that >flammable oil<! If successful, there will be a large explosion that can easily engulf Kanami in flames!

The oil sprays all over Kanami, and she sways back from the impact. She makes no move to react otherwise. And when the wave of fire comes roaring in… Kanami simply tears free of her own skin, leaving the oil AND the fire behind, and leaps free of the papery remains. She then lands clear of the huge explosion that results. Then, as the crackling of the flames threatens to mute her words, Kanami nonetheless manages to get out at a volume that Kara can likely hear, "…He's coming for you." Then her blackened lips peel back in a horrific grin, once more revealing those needle-like teeth that fill her mouth. "He's coming for you, Kara. And he is going to GET you!" The tone she uses is incredibly sinister and threatening, as though by speaking these words she is hanging a guillotine over the Puppeteer's head.
Then she rises from her crouch, and the entire arena goes dark. After a few seconds, a spotlight glares down on Kara from above. No, not a spotlight… A STREETlight. One more flickers on somewhere behind Kara. And then another. And then another beyond that. Everything around Kara is silent. Then there is a sound like tortured metal, followed by a long, agonizing screeeech of something scratching against another surface. The sound repeats after another couple seconds… Closer. Screeeech. Pause. Screeeeech. Pause. SCREEEEEEECH.
And then the source of the noise appears. A deformed foot lands in the furthest streetlight from Kara. Then there is another SCREEEEEEEECH, and the owner of the foot advances into the light. The light turns blood-red as it shines down upon a huge figure in a bloody apron. His head is encased in a metal structure that vaguely resembles a pyramid. Trailing behind him, gripped in one hand, is an enormous KNIFE. The streetlight goes out.
The SCREEECHING returns, only with no pause anymore. Just one long scrapeing noise after another. This… 'pyramid head' individual advances into the next street light, causing it to turn red and then flicker out too. Sparks visibly fly from where the great knife tears across what must be pavement.
Pyramid head continues to advance relentlessly, ignoring any words, actions, or even attacks levelled against him. Even the best Kara has to throw at him will barely even annoy him. Then he suddenly lunges forward, covering dozens of feet in an instant, and swings the giant blade at Kara! It is fully capable of cutting her in half, should it strike…

Kara is, for a moment, really, really, really grossed out by Kanami just… Shedding her own skin like that! Her primary Puppet is the mummified remains of a friend and someone who loved her in life… But tearing one's own skin off? That is just plain nasty. "Ew," she mutters. When Kanami begins tossing out weird threats she furrows her brow and prepares to unleash an attack upon Kanami! But then everything goes dark. The tone Kanami had used was creepy, but… Such an extensive change to her environment really strikes home how powerful Genjutsu can be. She thought her opponent was limited to momentary illusions and cheap mind tricks. But to replace the entire arena with darkness and silence? That's something else.
The sudden appearance of spotlights — or streetlights — just as her eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness makes her squint. Kanami is still standing there, but now there is something else here… She is not sure what. Kara just feels the two of them are >not< alone. Then the metallic scraping and screeching starts. Kara feels a shiver go up her spine. Not willing to take her eyes off of Kanami, she leaves Pharaoh facing her opponent so that she can 'see' through his eyes if necessary. Then she turns around to look. When she finally catches sight of the enemy that Kanami has conjured up… She takes a step backwards in shock. Then the light goes out. Pyramid Head advances on her, and she breaks out of her fear-induced paralysis long enough to direct Sekhmet and Anubis towards him. Anubis releases one of his Chakra Valves in an attempt to free her from this Genjutsu, but nothing happens. Sekhmet produces two blades from her palms and lunges at the behemoth, trying to slash him to pieces!
The blades just slide right off his flesh as though they were no more than toothpicks against a boulder. Sekhmet keeps struggling to hold Pyramid Head back, but to no avail. Then he simply lunges forward and with a single sweep of his blade, he slashes Kara and sends her hurtling backwards. She feels disjointed… Disconnected… Light. Like… Like the bottom half of her body was just severed from her upper half. She looks down at finds this is exactly the case.
"…Just an… Illusion!" she gets out between gritted teeth. She can see her own blood and innards leaking out, but she focuses on sending her Puppets against Kanami one more time. Sending her Chakra towards Anubis, he lunges at the gaunt woman, trying to slash her with his hand-held sickle. Then Sekhmet fires out flaming arrows and Pharaoh fires out poisoned senbon a-plenty. She needs to take Kanami down, because… Illusion or not, she feels like she's dying here.

Kanami laughs in that dark, choked-off sobbing manner that she has while wearing the Ju-On Mask. Seeing Kara literally spilling her guts to the pavement is something that, at least in this state, she can take pleasure in. However, she is running low on Chakra again. She is running low on a lot of things, really, with sanity being a vague concern at best. Her breathing is labored. Her body aches, not just from the wounds she has suffered but also from fatigue.
This cannot go on for much longer. Either way, one of them has to fall first. She does not want it to be her. So as Pyramid Head continues to lurk somewhere in the darkness, Kanami pulls her hair from her face, and shows Kara what lies there instead of eyes. Sunken holes… Only this and nothing more.
The sound of ravens may be distantly heard echoing as though from inside of Kanami's eye sockets. If this works, Kara may find herself hypnotised… Too lost in those two holes and the sounds of carrion birds to continue fighting… At least for a moment.

Kara feels life slipping away from her. It's odd… It doesn't even hurt. Maybe because it's an illusion, maybe because she's in shock. Who knows? When Kanami comes over and shows those holes-for-eyes to her, Kara stares into them. She almost loses herself in the darkness. But then she hears the sound of carrion birds… Ravens… And the fear of being eaten by wild animals startles her mind free of the hypnotic effect before it can take hold. She wrenches her gaze away and closes her eyes, breathing heavily from the weight of exhaustion that lies upon her. "I… I give up!" she calls out raggedly. It kills her to admit defeat… But she knows that this is only her first loss. She can continue on and get a rematch. Hopefully one in which she actually >survives<.

When Kara gives up, Kanami allows the darkness to recede, and slowly, Kara's lower body will wriggle towards her upper half seemingly of its own accord and reconnect with her torso seamlessly, like it was never seperated at all. Kanami is pretty tired by this point, so she is grateful that Kara gave up when she did. She removes the Ju-on Mask and allows her mind to return to normal, along with her body and clothes. She has never been pushed this hard before. Never.
Gasping breaths rattling inside of her Mystic Noh-men, Kanami announces, "My opponent has surrendered! Let this match be considered completed!"

Raili would come bursting out of the ground, with nowhere near the finesse of the Underground Fish Projection Technique. Covered in random specs and smudges of dirt, she'd land a bit off to the side of the hole she created. "Oh what a shame… What as shame." Raili looks at her wrist, glancing at a watch. "Lost my bet… by 13 seconds. Couldn't of you know… slown down a bit?" Raili then looks over to Kara, "Or you take another hit. Tch, definately no refund… uh well!" She would give three lazy claps and nods to Kanami. "And the winner, by TKO is Kanami! Yaaaay…" She'd then stomp off, grumbling, she's broke, lost another bet, and now another person on her nagging for a refund list. Life sucks.

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