First World Ninja Competition - Ephemeral: Amaya vs. Fuyu


Rain, Daisuke, Yuuichi, Amaya, Fuyu, Hinotori

Date: January 11, 2011


Semi-final match in Bracket 4 of the First World Ninja Competition. Only one defeat each, two women will pit their skills, their wits, and their power against each other for the right to face Kaguya Yasushi.

"First World Ninja Competition - Ephemeral: Amaya vs. Fuyu"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 3 Ring - Kusagakure

The semi-final round of the world tournament was underway, though it was moved to a more diverse battlefield. The tactics that could be utilized here were nearly limitmless for the clever or skilled. The barrier here, for this level of competition, was reinforced beyond normal measures. it was not so much that the barriers had failed before as it was in recognition of the power to be displayed at this level and the caution given to preparing for the spectator's safety. The guest proctor who had no affiliation with this village nor with shinobi villages what so ever would make yet another appearance during this important match.
Uchiha Yau, known to the world as Rain, would be in the center of the arena awaiting the combatants, though primarily Fuyu. She was having difficulty controlling herself, and something about that inticed Rain. He knew of the form of "suffering" she was enduring. The kind that could only be defined as such when you get over it and realize the possability of addiction or losing oneself to it completely. Some may call it the euphoria of power, but that was not his description. He would call it… puberty. The word obviously misued, but also quite correct if taken in the right context. Would she gain control of her changes, or become a slave to the new things coursing through her body? He was here primarily to observe that internal battle.
However, Amaya's abilities were also very unique, note worthy, and impressive to boot. Rain could not ignore her at this point, not after what he had heard of the battle against the leader of the Kaguya Clan. Some had mentioned that she was moments away from "Shattering the Beast of Bones" where as others kept faith that it was i nthe bag for the Kaguya Lord from the begining. Regardless of the truth, it was more than enough to peak his interest.
"My dear audience members. Today, Kusagakure is hosting a special gift for you all to enjoy. A battle of the ages if there ever was one! The current leader of the infamous Uchiha clan, Uchiha Fuyu! Veeeerrrsus the "Lioness of the Clouds", Nagayama Amaya!" Rain would adlib their entrances as he'd raise both hands respectively i nthe directions where they should fall in to the arena.

Matches were becoming few and far between as less and less combatants remained in the Kusagakure tournament. That made each match more important to attend then the last one, and Daisuke planned on seeing as many as he could. And so Daisuke made his way to the seats, getting a fairly good spot in the crowd that was forming. The Konohagakure red-head settles in between a few other spectators near the edge of the stands, leaning to rest his arms on the rail to peer down into the ring, eagerly awaiting the start of the fighting.

Not usually one to entertain the notion of coming to the arena, Yuuichi has found himself curious enough to at least come to the semi-finals and watch the goings on. He wears a frown on his face, though aside from his lips and eyes, much is hidden behind the mask of his cape. Irregardless, he looks around for a good seat, one near the front and takes it as soon as he finds it. Once he's settled, he looks down into the ring, watching curiously.

Amaya has worn various outfits at different times during this tournament. But the one she wears now is similar to the one she wore during her fight against Yasushi. The only difference is the lack of hood or mask. The rest of it is primarily leather, some fur trim, buckles and straps, and so forth. Utilitarian, but also designed for storage of weapons and equipment if such is necessary. The Kumogakure equivalent of ANBU, the 'Kamen Raida', wear similar outfits, but not identical. Amaya isn't stupid enough to show her face while dressed as a covert operative. That would be essentially asking for every 'wronged' criminal and terrorist, or even villains she has never met, to take a shot at her and her family.
Instead of just walking into the Ring, Amaya comes running in and leaps quite a distance, landing near the center. She does many gratuitous cartwheels and flips through the air along the way. She waves to audience, smiling brightly. She seems confident and optimistic! Has she become stronger? Does she know what she's up against? Does she have a plan? That is yet to be seen!

Uchiha Fuyu is dressed normally for her. She seems to have found a replacement War Fan to strap to her back, though it is unlikely to be of the same quality as the one destroyed in her last match. When she sees who the proctor is, she narrows her eyes a bit for a moment, but just keeps on walking forward until she reaches the center of the Ring. No grand-standing or flipping around for her. Upon arriving, she nods vaguely in Amaya's direction, gives a brief bow to Rain, and then waits for him to announce the match has begun.
"I have other things to do today, so let's make this quick," she says, though to whom she is speaking is unknown. It could be either or both of those present.

"Oh.. you don't plan to savor this? I suppose that makes sense." Rain would state to Fuyu before looking towards Amaya who seemed more than ready. "Well then, let me not get in the way of such ladies any longer. Do try not to find yourselves in awkward positions, but beyond that, Fight!" Rain would state just as his body would poof, evidence of a shadow clone. "Let us see if you can see the proper strategy through those eyes, Leader of the Uchiha." he would say from his perch atop a raised platform for the proctor. He would recline in his seat, seeming have had brought something to sip on as he watched, ankle draped over knee with his eyes blazing with ancesteral power.

Daisuke watches the flashy entrance of the Kumo ninja, a stark contrast to the 'coolness' of the Uchiha, though he was not surprised. The young chuunin found himself waving to the Kumo ninja along with a few others around him before settling back in to await the start of the match. Daisuke had watched a fight with Fuyu in it before, but Amaya was new and exciting, "Oh what techniques will I find out about today?" he says, thinking out loud to himself as he rubs his hands.

Having came to the arena with Fuyu, Hinotori has managed to get some good seats, and when Daisuke makes his appearance known Hinotori waves his best friend over. This is going to be an exciting match. Where Amayas husband failed, she managed to surpass him and others. He's gotten to see her close up and well the woman is fine, but in her current attire Hinotori could only picture. But then when Fuyu walks out, cold, dark and deadly, Fuyu is no slouch and he honestly knew that Amaya has her work cut out for her. "Alright, come on!" he hollars out.

Unlike the others around him, Yuuichi does not wave towards the woman who enters rather flamboyantly. His hands remain firmly in his lap as his eyes drift from one opponent to the other as if gauging them. He happens to overhear the words from Daisuke and looks towards him for a moment. "She have a lot of interesting techniques?" he questions, tilting his masked head to the side. "I've not seen either fight before, I don't believe."

Daisuke notices his friend in the stands and moves seats, but not before answering the question posed to him by Yuuichi. "I've heard good things, it should be an interesting fight!" he says with a smile before moving towards Hinotori to sit down, greeting his friend before looking to the ring. "How do you think the match is going to end up?" he asks his friend as the fighting begins.

Yuuichi nods at the words from Daisuke, then watches as the man moves over to sit near Hinotori. He watches the latter for a moment and then turns his attention back down towards the ring, where the fight is preparing to begin. He looks curious, but not anxious as he leans forward to look down into the ring more, careful not to get too close to the edge.

Amaya nods and bows to Rain. Does she know who he is? If so she is giving no indication. But given the intelligence networks of the Land of Lightning, they might be aware of things happening further south. Still, she just smiles and gets ready to fight. When it is announced they should begin, Amaya wastes no time on friendly banter. Keeping the easy smile on her face, she manages to look relaxed even as she surges forward and attempts to plant a fist in Fuyu's face. So much for testing the waters! Seems Amaya is not into 'foreplay' this time around. Maybe that's wise. Maybe it's not. But she is not holding back as the distance between the already-close combatants becomes non-existent!

Fuyu turns to face Amaya, preparing to use what she has been training to use in this fight and the next, only to find a fist surging at her face. No time to react. No time to think. No time to dodge. She responds in time thanks to reflex and training alone. She Flickers out of the way, and appears a distance away from her opponent. That kind of speed could be trouble… Amaya is apparently faster than Fuyu herself without the use of any Jutsu. "Hmm…" Fuyu lets out. Then she activates her Sharingan. No sense in going all the way quite yet, but she can't track movements that fast with normal eyes. So she takes her time, gathering Chakra and preparing to lay to waste this opponent. Taijutsuists… They're all limited by their bodies. But Fuyu's mind can outpace them no matter how fast they are.
"You're a bit overeager, aren't you?" she calls out to the Kemonoken woman.

Amaya turns her head to try to find Fuyu's new location, but though she is looking the >opposite direction< from where Fuyu winds up, she still is drawing a kunai from her right hip, and flinging it at Fuyu even as she calls out. The Kemonoken then vaults high into the air, rotating and trying to hurl another kunai at Fuyu. When she lands, she is off to Fuyu's right — unless the Uchiha woman has vacated that position. Either way, Amaya does not waste further time. A glowing nimbus of golden energy radiates from her flesh, lighting up the Ring rather spectacularly with dazzling light patterns. Then she blurs in again, even faster than before, and tries to slam her knee into Fuyu's stomach. She may have transformed, but she is not using any fancy techniques.

Fuyu finds it odd that her opponent isn't talking. She has heard this one is a real blabbermouth during her matches, so why the sudden silent treatment? Well, whatever. Fuyu watches the two kunai coming at her, and Flickers away from them easily. When a golden light bursts into existence, she is almost… Startled for a moment. Almost. But her Sharingan catch the blur of movement in what they reflect. Fuyu draws her new War Fan… And knocks Amaya's knee-attack aside. Close-range is a bad place to be against this opponent. But with speed like that, maybe she should cut her losses. Being able to close the distance between them affectively instantly is bad news.
"Nothing to say?" she calls out, even as she looks Amaya in the eye from a few inches away, only her fan seperating them. Then she pulls her fan away and tries to douse Amaya in flames, spewed from her mouth, simply by forming a Tiger seal with her right hand while her left is occupied with her War Fan.
Maybe that will make Amaya think twice about getting in close.

Amaya is a bit surprised that Fuyu can keep up with her. The only other Uchiha she has fought sure couldn't do it that well at all. Then again… He only had >two< tomoe in his eyes… Does three make that much of a difference? Well, maybe when Amaya breaks out her real moves that will change. Speaking of which, she drops into the splits immediately when Fuyu makes her hand seal. Wise decision. The flames surge forth right over her head and her bent back as she stays low to the ground. "Nothing to talk about!" she lets out as she supports herself on her hands, swings her legs around in a sort of 'two-legged sweep' and aims to knock Fuyu on her rear.
Successful or not, she then pushes herself off the ground one-handed and tries to rake claws across Fuyu's belly! "This match's outcome has already been decided!" she announces.

"This is going to be a good match. Amaya-san is very quick and can hit hard, Fuyu-sama is very skilled." he says. "It can go either way." he states to Daisuke as his friend takes a seat next to him. Rubbing his eyes a little, his Sharingan activates, then change back to normal again. As the exchanges of attacks continue, Hinotori is able to catch the intense fight. "We do need to spar." he says to Daisuke. Reaching up to rub the back of his head, "Granted I think you will probably beat me." he laughs. But then shuts up when Amaya tries to claw Fuyu.

Daisuke nods his head silently as he watches the two women fight. "Heh, I wonder if she acts all feline in her offtime too?" the young teen says to Hinotori, his eyes sparkling a bit as his lips turn up in a boyish grin. "Spar? Sure, we haven't done one in awhile." he adds with a nod before returning to the fight to watch the catwoman strike first.

Fuyu fades out of existence — or rather was never there — when Amaya's sweep kick is launched. But when she quickly recovers and lunges at Fuyu, who had only been standing a few feet to the left of her perceived position, she has no time to do anything except try to slash back at the encroaching arm, unaware that there are claws on the fingertips. Those claws cut into her flesh, scoring five bloody lines on her abdomen, and cutting right through her — admittedly not-armored — shirt! The pain wakes her up quite a bit.
She was taking this fight too lightly. The fact Amaya thinks the match's outcome has already been decided, however, annoys her. So as Fuyu leaps backwards and away from Amaya, she decides to show what her training has been for. She allows Chakra to flow to her eyes, but not to use the Sharingan's full capabilities… She is saving THAT for her NEXT opponent. Instead, she just attempts to inflict upon Amaya a Genjutsu… By pointing at her with one finger, and saying, "All that has been determined is that you will lose. I have seen it with my Sharingan." Then jagged rocks appear to rise up all around the Cat-Fist practitioner, forming a circular barrier.
Is this all that Fuyu has planned? A cage for a beast?

Amaya, for the briefest of moments, mistakes Fuyu's 'fading away' for speed. But then she realizes that the fact that Fuyu is standing right nearby indicates it was just an illusion. If her opponent has such speed, why would she only move a few feet? Why not move half-way across the ring? At least she scored the first hit! The earth begins to rumble suddenly. Stone spikes begin to rise up from the water, sending waterfalls roaring down around her. A barrier to prevent any further attacks? No…
It is surrounding Amaya. A prison! She considers just running up the spikes with Chakra or leaping clear over them, but that might be just what Fuyu wants her to do. They might be trapped somhoew. Better to test with something expendable first. And given how high the spires continue to rise, Amaya does not think she could leap over them anymore. The white-haired woman thus draws a kunai and throws it towards one of the spires to check for traps. When she finds that the kunai sticks in place — or appears to at least — and nothing further happens, then she decides she'll just have to chance it. But first… She begins to focus her Geki, gathering energy from within her and changing to something beyond what she is presently capable of…
The golden aura fades away for a moment… Only to be replaced with something >brighter<! It tears upwards, in the form of an aura of golden flames! The flames shape into a man with a jeweled spear, long beard, and aged features. "Earthly Kami's Aura!" Amaya calls out. Then the flames all condense to cling to her skin like a sun-yellow sheath. She is prepared to leap or punch her way through the stones. Whichever comes first.

Amaya's transformation is noted. The extreme increase in her Chakra level is noted as well. Infact… That is an AWFUL lot of Chakra to have focused in one place for that short a period of time spent focusing it. Fuyu can see Amaya's Chakra Level is approaching that of—But it does not matter. Just because this technique was not part of the profile on Nagayama Amaya does not mean anything. Because this fight belongs to Fuyu as of fifteen seconds ago.
A mere barrier is NOT the extent of Fuyu's jutsu. Because each stone spire begins to protrude a rocky face. The stone shifts and grinds as it displays a different visage on each spike. In the middle is a skull with vaguely feline features. To the right of that one is Saito Jon's face — Amaya's husband. To the left of the middle stone caricature is Nagayama Chirico's face — Amaya's father. More and more faces appear. Some of them familiar, some of them only loosely so. But they are all people that Amaya has met. People close to her or people she would at least recognize. And not all of them are friendly faces. Like… The Kyakume Syndicate goon that was her very first kill. Or the face of the woman who poisoned Amaya's father and tried to kidnap her mother. Or the face of her mother, Nagayama Keiko, forming directly behind Amaya.
Fuyu did research not just on Jon but also on Amaya. She knows of their accomplishments in great detail. So she waits for now… And lets Amaya watch as the stone faces suddenly open their earthen eyelids, revealing REAL eyes inside! Chirico says, "You are a disappointment, Amaya." His mouth moves in time with the voice, despite being made of stone. "You failed to resist the lure of the Pain to Power Technique. I told you it was forbidden! I told you it would only cause more suffering! And you used it anyway… You are no daughter of mine!" Then Jon's face says, "You are far too violent, whiskers. I liked you at first… But you're more like a beast than a person. Your violence makes me physically ill. I am sorry to have to say this… I really am… But I married you to keep an eye on you. I want to keep everyone safe…" A pause. "…From YOU." The Kyakume goon screams, "MURDERER! YOU KILLED ME! YOU KILLED ME IN COLD BLOOD! MURDERER! MURDERRRERRRR!" More and more voices join in, sending a barrage of insults, accusations, hurtful confessions, and more at Amaya.
And then… From behind, one voice speaks out that silences all the others. "Amaya-chan," says Keiko. "It is alright," Amaya's mother says. "I forgive you for failing to save me. You did your best. It was not enough, but I am dead now, so it is fine. The cure was beyond your abilities. There is no shame in being a failure. At least you were able to become powerful thanks to my death. Is that not all that matters?" The sweet voice, and the gentle eyes, set in an emotionless, rocky face, continue to speak softly. And then all the voices resume again, yelling at Amaya and trying to overwhelm her with their hate and loathing.
And Fuyu just stands and waits to see if Amaya can break free or not.

Hino smiles, his eyes catching everything that is going on, or just about what he can anyways. "Hey, shes taken." he tells Daisuke. "Belive, I would've tried talking to her if she wasn't." he laughs. Noticing the chakra being built up by Fuyu, then remembering some of Fuyus earlier fights and from how Amaya was reacting, "I see." he smiles a little. Yeah even he would be a bit hard press against Fuyu and her genjustsu, "Alright Amaya-san…" he smiles as the golden glow erupts from her, "She's got that glow." he laughs making a joke.

"Glow?" Daisuke says, the ignorant 13 year old not understanding what his friend meant by the comment. He peers down into the ring to make sure that he wasn't missing anything, noticing the aura Amaya was using. "Cool." he says as he watches intently.

Amaya is all ready to leap right the heck over the stone walls when the walls begin to… Change!? They grow faces. Amaya freezes in place, a mix of surprise and horror on her face as she sees the features of people she recognizes surrounding her. She turns to look around at them all, but before she can look behind her, there is the sound of rocks crumbling as eyelids open.
"…What is this?" she mutters to herself rhetorically. She determines this must be a Genjutsu. There is no other way the people she knows could appear before her in this manner. Having decided this is a Genjutsu, she draws one more kunai and prepares to stab herself with it. The sound of her father speaking draws her attention for a moment, however.
The words sting a bit, but not nearly enough. She just goes, 'Tch' and plunges the blade into her right leg. She looks up as the intense pain mixes with the weakening of her body thanks to the technique she is using. Blood flows from her wound, and then Jon begins to speak to her. His words hurt a lot more because they actually make more sense than the accusations from Chirico. Snarling, she yanks the kunai out after wiggling it a bit. She prepares to stab herself again, only to hear the screaming that is unrecognizable to her. But the face… When she looks at the face, >that< is recognizable. Her jade eyes widen, as the golden flames continue to flicker about her body. She has spent many days and many sleepless nights seeing that face. And worse, she has had nightmares about it. The first person she killed. It was an accident. Self-defense. He was trying to kill her. All the things she told herself and what everyone else told her. It didn't make the guilt go away.
"No… I didn't…!" she starts. Then she shakes her head and raises the kunai again, as more voices chime in. Too many voices. Too much pain. She stabs herself repeatedly, over and over, until she is covered in bloody wounds. They barely even faze her next to the emotional suffering. Then they all go silent as one voice rings out. Amaya's head whips up, eyes wide, as she huddles with kunai planted in her belly. She turns to face the source of that voice. "Nn… No! It wasn't my fault! I… I'm not a failure!" she calls out. But the fact her mother is >forgiving her< even as she insults Amaya, and with secret desires, secret guilt, things that hurt so much she just wants to >scream<…!
Tears fall down her cheeks as she turns back to the cat-skull in the center spike. Furious, she yanks the kunai from her stomach, even as it makes her let our a cry of pain from the feel of slicing flesh. Then she hurls it as hard as she can at that skull. It is the only one that has not spoken to her. It must be the source of all this! The force she uses in her throw is enough to take off a grown man's head. Will it be enough?

Fuyu knows exactly the kind of suffering she is causing. This was intentional. The thrown kunai seems to smash into the stone and do no damage at all. It just goes flipping off through the air. Of course, in actuality the kunai went straight through the air and hit the barrier that surrounds the Ring. But it APPEARED to just go off in a different direction to Amaya at least. 'If she keeps stabbing herself like that… She just might break free. I better not risk it.' Fuyu forms a Tiger hand seal with both hands, as she gathers her Chakra deep in her belly, forming the Fire Chakra into a specific shape and then expelling it from her mouth. 'Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu! <Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!>' she thinks silently. Then she expels a huge burst of flame in the shape of a dragon's head that tears towards Amaya, seeking to wash over her and burn her to a cinder!

Amaya is still crying and bleeding when a dragon-shaped fireball comes tearing in out of nowhere and slams into her. She is knocked to the ground as she reacts to the pain by trying to roll in the water. The moist ground helps put out the flames a bit, but the pain remains. Water does not wash away her wounds. It just keeps them from getting worse. Pulling herself out of the water that fills this Ring, she coughs a few times to get the smoke out of her lungs.
There is 'dirty fighting' and then there is >foul<. Using Genjutsu of this nature fits into the latter category. Nevermind the fireball, Amaya is just pissed off! The water around her begins to turn to steam and ripple >away< from her. She is not going to let this Uchiha woman get away with this! "You…" she starts. She isn't going to use Pain to Power. Maybe that's a mistake, but after the words of that 'fake father'… She wants to defy them by showing she has gone beyond the need for something like that! She just tries to make the spikes and the now-silent faces vanish from her sight as she channels more of her own lifeforce into Ki, inflicting harm to her body without the need for wounding herself!

Fuyu knows the moment that Amaya throws off her Genjutsu. She can feel it and see it. 'Damn,' she thinks. 'I'm not ready yet!' Clapping her hands together in a focusing hand seal, she gathers Chakra and sends it to her eyes, preparing for the worst. She may have underestimated her opponent… Or maybe she just needs to keep trying. It's not as though her connection to the other woman has been broken — just one jutsu.
Still… Fuyu has the impression that if she lets herself get hit, she will not be leaving this match under her own power.

Wincing at how the fight is going, Hinotori is able to see that Amaya is still trapped in the genjutsu. 'Come on Amaya.' he says silently. With all the screaming and crying she was doing, Hino assumes it's something very painful. Shaking his head, he didn't like genjutsu mainly becasue people can come up with some of the most painful and nasty things for one to think about. But seeting that there is a potential chance for Amaya to break, he watches as Fuyu sends the Fire Dragon towards Amaya, "Ouch." he winces. But Amayas chakra flares up rapidly, "Look like she may break it." he says as he looks at her, but then as he is about to say something, he stops and looks at Fuyu, "Fuyu-sama looks to be upping the ante." he grins. "Told ya this was going to be a good match." he says to Daisuke.

The stone spikes and their faces fade away, shatter, or whatever they are going to do. They're fake, and beneath Amaya's concern. But what >is< her concern? Making her opponent >pay<. "This is divine punishment!" she yells out. Then she just appears in front of Fuyu. The water explodes outwards, forming two walls that mark the passage of the white-maned warrior after she has already stopped moving. Then she pulls back one hand and yells, "TIGER…" Then she thrusts her hand forward and tries to pound Fuyu in the stomach with a single palm strike, infused with all the strength in her body, and all the fire of her spirit made into power, and all the skill she has gained from her father, and her husband, and every experience she has ever had. "…PALM!" she finishes upon lashing out with her blow! "My father taught me that because he trusted me as his daughter, you >bitch<," she mutters under her breath regardless of the results.

Daisuke leans closer to watch the fight as Amaya starts doing things again. "I never did like genjutsu, pretty boring to watch even if it is effective." he says to his friend, watching Amaya narrowly miss her first strike in awhile. He sighs, leaning back in the chair. "Doesn't look good, Hino-kun." he says to the Uchiha next to him, "But maybe she will need some bandaging later, huh?" he adds with a grin, the comment aimed at his friend.

This is going to be bad. Fuyu can feel it. Her Sharingan can see Amaya's movements, sees her appearing before her a fraction of a second before she does. But the time spent in the wind-up for the attack gives her that small amount of time to act. She can't just dodge this. Too fast. She can't block it. Too much power behind it. 'Tiger…' Amaya utters. Fuyu wants to Body Flicker but the wall is directly behind her! No room to move! No time! '…PALM!' Amaya yells.
Fuyu Flickers. But she does so SIDEWAYS. She reappears about 3000 feet to her right. Unknown to Fuyu, this is the general distance she would have travelled in a much more painful fashion if Amaya's attack had hit. Fuyu is not that injured, despite the gouges on her belly, but she IS tired. "Dammit…" she mutters. "I was counting on her being out of the fight longer than this." Then she focuses a LARGE amount of Chakra and puts her hands together in only two seals. Horse and Tiger. "Katon: Gouenkyuu! <Fire Release: Roaring Flame Sphere!>" she yells out just before releasing a meteor-sized fireball that tears forward, right at Amaya! Even if it doesn't hit her specifically, she'd be fully in range of the resulting explosion. Will she use something like Hyuuga Kukiko did? Or will she just BURN?
The massive sphere of flame, when it is stopped by something solid enough, will engulf at least a third of the Ring in an inferno that makes the reinforced barriers ripple a bit, and makes a HUGE crater as well as sending out a wall of scalding steam from the water being flash-boiled. When the steam hangs about the upper reaches of the barrier, the water would come rushing back in, filling the deep hole that now lies in the arena floor. Fuyu just gasps for breath for the moment, as the heat washes over her.

Amaya is disappointed in the results of her attack, but she is shocked by the attack issuing forth from Fuyu when she turns to find her opponent all the way on the other end of the Ring. She can't block that, of course. Her father could have, but not Amaya. So she does what the Cat-Fist style does best. The golden glow about her body turns green and then—
The entire stadium is rocked by the deafening explosion of the fireball, and the glaring flames shining throughout would hide Amaya — and probably anything else right at that moment — from view! The flames continue burning up the little available land that has not been hurled away by the shockwave of the flame sphere, and the water boils all around from the temperature, before startling to flow inwards and put out the fire.
Smoke rises from that entire part of the ring. About a 1000 foot radius — excepting the walls and barriers in the way, of course.
Amaya stands about a dozen feet to the right of Fuyu. Her arms are crossed over her chest. She says, "That was a pretty good attack. Would have destroyed me for sure if I had been caught in it." Her tone is conversational. She then turns to face Fuyu and says, "When I said the outcome of this match was already decided… I meant that you would win no matter what. I decided that before I even entered the Ring. I don't think I can take down Kaguya Yasushi with my current power." She allows the golden glow to explode off her body in a short-range sphere of power, leaving her feeling drained, tired, and in great pain. She feels like she's half-dead. And not just because of her wounds. "I was hoping I could trust in you to defeat him. But now I don't even care. You're not the person I thought you were, and you're not worth continuing to fight anymore. I won't soil my fists on your foul skin," she snarls out. Then she holds up one hand and calls out, "I forfeit!"

Fuyu turns when she hears Amaya's voice. So fast that not even her Sharingan could follow!? She watches Amaya closely, prepared to slam the other woman with her most powerful jutsu. But before she can even form the hand seals, Amaya is talking about how she had planned to give up from the start. "I'm sure…" she mutters. Then Amaya allows her 'shroud' to vanish… And gives up. "…." Fuyu does not have any verbal response. She is not touched by the insult, but she is worried by many other things. It appears that she not only underestimated her opponent, but she wasn't able to 'read' the intent of the other combatant in this match as she has in others. She doesn't know why.
Is it because she wasn't strong enough? Earlier that day she had said she didn't need what her sensei had. She had said she was strong enough without it, and that she didn't WANT that kind of power — even if she knew how to get it. She thought being able to rely on others than herself might be a good thing.
Now she sees that she's nowhere near the pinnacle of her abilities. There's something else out there… Some other source of power she needs to find. And she doesn't think she'll find it being cozy with others. "Thank you," she says honestly to Amaya. What is she thanking her for? That will have to remain a mystery for now. Because the match has just been called. Fuyu turns and walks out of the Ring. She needs to think over her next step.

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