First World Ninja Competition - Godzilla In The Danger Zone: Tosai vs. Kara


Fuyu, Tosai, Kara, Ruri, Rinako, Hinotori, Takumi, Tsukiko

Date: November 6, 2010


Kara and Tosai have their official match at the tournament. An intense battle, with team mates on both sides, cheering for the one they want to win.

"First World Ninja Competition - Godzilla In The Danger Zone: Tosai vs. Kara"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring - Kusagakure

Arena 1 of Peach Pit Stadium has had its ring repaired after the last few fights. The one yesterday between Hei-Long and the three challengers did some damage to the terrain. A tree was cut down, there were gouges in the ground, and a number of holes. One of the retainer walls was even cracked. Further, the water level of the pond was reduced greatly. All of these have been remedied. The Hokage even stepped into fix the tree that was cut down. It is not quite back to full strength, but it will be eventually with the way the wood was practically 'woven' back together. Now it is time for another official match. This one has every indication of being another that is harmful to the ring. Especially given the damage inflicted during Kara's first match, and the renowned physical strength of the Akimichi…
Fuyu stands near the middle of the ring. She is getting a bit tired of being called in to proctor all the time, but it comes with the job. She announces to the audience, "An official match is about to begin! Challenger: Uudo Kara versus Challenger: Akimichi Tosai! Contestants, please move to your starting positions!"

The announcement of the first match would be heard from the locker room Tosai sat in. He had just gotten through strapping on the last piece of his clothing, the chest guard that bore his clan's Shoku symbol, painted red. He would have done all the psyching up for this match, days before. Training up until this point, had consisted of exhibition matches, not for the testing of his strength, but for that polishing of his intellect. By no means had Tosai been 'wise'. His flaws and his youth would not allow such. However, Tosai had not been dumb either, and prone to repeat the same mistakes twice.
Today, Tosai had planned to not escape, but keep in check the brute nature for which he had now been known for. He would make his way out the ring, head held high, and hands pocketed. Meeting Fuyu, Tosai would bow to her, the roll of proctor, and higher ranking officer being respected in that same instance. He would look to the expected exit of his opponent, wondering just what surprise he'd have this day.

Dressed in her typical ancient Egyptian clothing, Kara does not look much different from how she did during her first match. Though the fact she is not quite as upbeat and relaxed as back then is at least vaguely noticeable. She's still calm and cheerful… But she isn't all smiles, waving to the crowd, and so forth. Instead she just heads directly to the middle of the ring, bows to the proctor — oddly, the same one who ran her first match — and then bows to her opponent. "Hello, Akimichi-san. Regardless of what it says in the script thing she's reading, I'm just Kara. No family name." She smiles and says, "Let's make this a good match, okay?"

Fuyu waits until both challengers are in place, gives them a couple seconds to greet each other or whatever, and then nods. "This official match will begin when I give the signal. Ready?" She doesn't wait long for the two to affirm they are ready, before holding up an arm swiftly and calling out, "BEGIN!" Then she Body Flickers up onto the proctor's platform to watch from a distance. The barriers go up.

An eye would look to Kara, for closer inspection. Indigenous clothing, non-athletic body type, cheerful personality, and, curves… Needless to say, Tosai was a geek about this. "..Hi..", would be said with a reddening of his cheeks before he would then shake it off and say, "Hai.. Understood, Kara-san.. Good fortune and competition to you as well. I hope I can make this interesting enough." He would still follow the woman with his eyes some, seeming to be a bit caught off guard by her looks.. She seemed abit exotic, but that was needless to say.
Anyway, Tosai would move to mid range positioning, not too far, but not that close either. The signal from Fuyu, would be taken as a signal for Tosai to gather what he needed for his chakra. He meant only to summon enough for a test of his opponent. He would allow the first attack it seemed.

Kara smiles at Tosai cutely, tilting her head at his reddened face as though not understanding. At his words, however, she just nods and smiles wider. "Hai!" When Fuyu vanishes, she wastes no time in tugging on the ring on the side of her leather harness/pack that is attached to a pull cord. It activates a scroll on her back, just like in her first match. The Puppet that emerges once the resulting cloud of smoke has cleared… Is the same as in the first match. Or so it appears at first. The mummified corpse, Pharaoh, has some additional adornments upon his person now. Whether they are functional or merely decorative is unclear, but he seems to have a big, metallic structure on his back, with iron rivets in it, and thick tubes. Apparently Kara decided to upgrade her Puppet a bit since her last match. But what exactly is the purpose of this attachment? It's certainly rather… Asymmetrical. It's probably going to upset Pharaoh's balance if he tries to move around. All the weight is distributed on the right side of the Puppet!
Kara focuses her mind and her Chakra, gathering what she needs to control and use her Puppet with Kugutsu no Jutsu. The first attack may have been offered to her… But without her Puppets, she can make no attacks. So she spends her time preparing instead of going on the offensive.

A puppeteer. It /had/ to be a puppeteer. Really? The one type of ninja whom he /hadn't/ fought during the Clan Wars, had now been his opponent. Man.. Just why in the Ninja World did she have to be cute, and a puppeteer. He would look to the smokey reveal, to see that it had been a mummified corpse. Beautiful. She was now a cute puppeteer and a necrophiliac. Tosai would raise an eyebrow, looking to the rather well kept dead body, and then look to Kara with a stare that said, 'Really? You gonna attack me with that?', before he would sigh.
Well.. You can't target what you can't see, and that was how Tosai would start things off. His movement, would start with a bow, before soon his body, as massive as it had been, would seem to have little difficulty flickering out of sight. He would use the Shunshin no Jutsu, for hiding of course, moving about the field at high speeds. This could result in either two things, though right now, he hoped for one more than the other.

Ruri is late for the match. So is her sister. The reason is unknown and unknowable and shall remain such… Forever! The end result is that she shows up after the match has already started, shoving her way to a good seat in the front-middle of the stands. "Hey, move. Out of the way. Watch where you aim that sashimi! You think I want hot sauce all over me!? I'll bet you do! Sicko-pervert-weasel." She finally finds a seat, sits down, and notices someone trying to sit down next to her. She tosses her concession food onto the chair. "HEY, HEY! Did you NOT notice my octopus balls there!? Trying to sit on them!? Gee. Tee. Eff. Oh."
The man looks in confusion at the food that was not there a moment ago, but when Ruri makes shooing motions at him, he decides to sit elsewhere. Ruri waits until her twin is nearby before moving her food from the seat. She notices belatedly she spilled a bit of lemon-water on the chair, but makes no move to clean it up. Instead she just smiles tightly and sips at her beverage through a straw, indicating the chair for her sister to sit in when she is close enough to do so.
"So, what's the score?" she asks some random person nearby. "It looks like Kara-chan is alone down there. Who is she fighting? He better not be invisible, whomever he is. She hates invisible opponents."

Tardiness wasn't just a habit for the eldest Rurohashi sibling, it was practically a disease. The young woman was almost always behind the clock anywhere she went, and usually managed to show up looking sleepy about it to boot, as if to add evidence as to the truth of her late arrival. When the twins make their arrival, Rinako lets her sister's mouth, and elbows, do the walking, content to file behind in her wake. Who knew her baby sister could be so physically aggressive?
Unlike her twin, Rinako had no food. Well, she'd had food, but it had already been eaten long before they'd gotten close to what the younger Rurohashi girl had decided was going to be their seats. After the male is so freshly shoo'd away, Rinako stretches her arms overhead, letting out a predigious yawn, before falling backwards into her pre-chosen sitting arrangement.
…With a wet plop.
The elder twin blinks, frowns unhappily, then spreads her legs a bit wider, reaching down to rub two fingers across the un-sat-upon surface of her chair-bench-thing. These two fingers are brought near her nose, then over to her sister's face. "Oh, Ru. You got me all wet." She deadpans, simultaneously trying to wipe traces of the liquid off of her fingers and onto Ruri's cheek.
As she raises her rear up, swiping away the droplets of water that had NOT been soaked up by her bottoms (which were thankfully her usual basic black), the young woman begins to unabashedly pry wet cloth away from now-wet skin, as if making it no longer cling to her bottom would somehow make it dryer. She wins out over the brief urge to strip them off and give her sibling a big, wet SMACK with them. Barely.
"Who's fighting what now?"

Kara blinks as Tosai looks at her oddly… And then vanishes!? "…Oh, no! >Not again!< That's two opponents in a row that know Invisibo no Jutsu! I >hate< invisible opponents!" She clutches her hands together in front of her chest, eyes getting all big and watery as she sniffles. "It's like… 'Hey, Kara, here's this shiny new toy.' And then I'm all, 'Yay!' And then they're all, 'But wait… It's >invisible<!' And I'm all, '>What<' and they're all, 'Hahaha' and I'm all, 'Noooooooooo! Do not want!' and >that< is when >El Chupacabra< shows up with his motorbike and his fancy hair-do and he—"
She breaks off as Pharaoh chatters his teeth at her. "Huh? Over there? Okay." A jewel in the Puppet's forehead had begun to project a 'cone' of unseen Chakra around the ring, turning this way and that, until he found Kara's opponent. Now he has apparently informed her of Tosai's location and is tracking him actively, even with his great speed!
Kara has her back to Tosai. But then she suddenly whips around and slaps a hand on the Puppet's shoulder and points at where she can see the Akimichi thanks to the sensor cone sending the information directly to her own mind! Pulling out a red book from somewhere, she calls out, "The Second Spell: Fureido!" Pharaoh's mouth cranks open, and a stream of fire blasts from a tube that extends from between his blackened teeth.

Ruri just futilely tries to lean away from the wet fingers that Rinako is wiping on her, swatting with her free hand without relinquishing her grip on her drink with the other. Finally, however, she allows the straw to move from between her lips and answers, "This guy next to me says Kara is fighting an 'Akimichi'. From what I know of my research… They are basically human blimps. They have legs, but they are full of flammable gas. Also, they may or may not be Godzilla." She then focuses on the ring for a moment as there is a flare of light. A flame attack? Against… What exactly? What's she missing? She peers down there, trying to spot the target, and thinks she sees him…
"…Huh. Not as big as I thought he'd be."

Hinotori walks up the stairs to the stands, looking for a seat, the late teen finds one and moves towards it and sits down. This puts him near Ruri and Rinako, bowing his head respectfully to both ladies, he begins to watch the match. His raven black hair looks recently done, his bangs hang down near his eyes. Taking a few breaths, Hinotori moves up in his chair a little to get abetter vantage of the ring.

"So what you're saying is she's fighting a fatass. …Geez, what's with you and Godzilla references? I knew letting you stay up that one time to watch late night cable was a mistake."
Having settled her wet-butt problem as best she could, the elder of the twin Rurohashi girls manages to stifle another yawn by practically stuffing a fist in her mouth, before raising that same hand to mash the heel of her palm into her eye, rubbing at it fiercly before squinting at the ring below. Her eyes catch the bright gout of flame, but she points at it mildly as she looks away.
"I thought she was supposed to be fighting a fat guy. What the hell's she shooting at? Trying to ignite the gas in his legs?" Rinako glances at her sibling. " …You were just making that part up, weren't you?"

The blinking from Kara wouldn't be noticed. Tosai was too busy trying moving at really high speeds to bother. It wasn't an Akimichi's way to began running. Well, honestly, why would it be? The typical adult clansmen, especially of the fighting variety, weighs out at 200 plus pounds. To do so, would require something more than simply strong muscle. Tosai was waiting on her to react, though honestly it hurt him to see her all of a sudden crying, and sniffling quite a bit. Tosai, would feel sort of bad. She must hate when people go stealth. Was it her weakness? Or was such just an annoyance.. Then, Pharaoh would chitter his teeth. Not a good sign. Tosai couldn't make out just what the the jewel on his forehead could do. However, by the looks of things, the Puppet and his user, were communicating.. The Akimichi had been found out, and even worst, by the puppet itself.. Remarkable.
Tosai would widen his eyes as he moved at high speed, watching for the next technique, and it indeed would come sooner than he thought. That attack had been proceeded by a book. He would quirk an eyebrow. A spell? Really? Had this been some weird dead person ninjutsu? Nope. Fire…. Wow… Tosai had no idea it was coming, but that didn't seemed to slow him down any. He would see the mouth open, and then an showering inferno would seem to come at him at high speeds. Tosai would cock back his fist, almost as if to punch the air, and his arm, would enlarge suddenly.. Tosai would throw forth the arm, and grab the earth and stone with a deep sink of his fingers into the ground. He would pull himself, at highspeeds, beneathe the blast, and with a sudden jerk, throw his rotund body into a slide, heading toward Kara! This was the start of his counter attack. He would seem to slide only a yard or two, before he would say, "Sorry again, and handseal."
A several large poofs of smoke would surround his form, and eventually, reveal not one, but two Tosai's, coming to a stand, and running at Kara.. Had they been clones? Not sure to say, but either way, Tosai was still seeming to come at the woman, this time, however.. He seemed to have assistance. Once in range, both would seem to whip the hammer he wore about them, and move in to swing. The first would get in range, and swing, only to violently, burst.. into dirt and rock? An earth clone!! Meanwhile, the other, would still seem to pervay the field. The real Tosai…?

Ruri just sips her drink and shrugs. Then she bites into one of the rubbery balls of octopus meat on her skewer and pulls it off to munch on. Shoving it into her cheek, she says, "That guy right there. The one that just rolled up to her and made a copy of himself. See all those clouds of gas that came out of him? I totally wasn't making it up." She then resumes munching, just as a cloud of black flies comes swarming out of Pharaoh and conceals Kara and her opponent from view. Pausing, she goes, "…Nn. I wonder where she got all those bugs." *SLURP* She seems to either not notice Hinotori's nod, or to ignore him. Probably the former, because she has her hitai-ite hanging over her right eye. So, for whatever reason, she just doesn't see him. Blindspot, as it were. She does turn her head when Rinako gets up, claiming she's thirsty, and heads out of the stands. "…But I just GOT you a drink! How did you finish it before you even made it to your seat!?"
Shaking her head, she mutters to herself and glances towards Hinotori. "What are YOU looking at?" she demands, before hmphing and looking away without apparently expecting or desiring an answer. Someone has to take the heat from her temper!

Hinotori didn't have anything to eat or drink with him, but he did eat before he came here some two hours ago. Knowing that possibly he would be fighting later, the mid-teen glances to Ruri as she begins speaking about both Tosai and Kara. Seeing the bugs, he remembered her using that in her previous fight. Watching Tosai fight was going to be fun, and he really hopes he remembers some of the training they've done in the past. "COME ON TOSAI!" he calls out to his friend. When Ruri looks over at him and ask him what he was looking at, he blinks, "Hi." he smiles to the girl.

Kara sees Tosai incoming, and attempts to react in time by leaping away! She may not be very physically-oriented, but she is still a ninja, and she has to know how to evade attacks at >least<. However, Tosai turns into >two< Tosai! Kara yells, "Jueru!" A huge cloud of black flies swarms out of Pharaoh's mouth and fills the area for a moment with buzzing insects. When they finally disperse, up into the sky… It appears as though both Tosai and Kara are >gone<!? Yes, it's just Pharaoh in the ring now!
Pharaoh turns this way and that, briefly, as though looking for his Puppeteer master. Then he raises his crosses his arms and shrugs helplessly, before a stream of ticker-tape begins to come out of his mouth, like some sort of flat, dry tongue. It terminates finally when he cuts off the crimson paper by biting down. The paper drifts down to the ground, and Pharaoh turns to start hopping away at a fair clip, putting some distance between himself and the paper.
The mummified Puppet then slumps forward and seems to go inactive. The paper on the ground catches fire. Then it >explodes<.

Coming in extremely late, with a drink in one hand and a tired expression on whats visible of his face, Takumi begins to shuffle his way through the stands looking for a free seat. A few seats seem to be open, the nearest one is next to Ruri, and wet. As a medic, he has enough bandages and small towels to easily clean the seat, but first asks the lady ninja, "Is this seat free? Im way later than I should be for my girlfriend's match." It is at this point that the explosion happens and he looks at the ring, wondering where the heck everyone went, and if he went to the wrong arena again.

Ruri looks over as Takumi approaches, peering at him and his desert-appropriate clothing. She doesn't recognize him, but she is pretty sure he's from Sunagakure too. She looks around vainly for Rinako, but doesn't see her anywhere. Shrugging, she mutters, "Hi," back to Hinotori and gestures vaguely at the seat, probably indicating that Takumi should seat himself.
*SLURP* "Nn… I'm out of water." Sighing, she says, "So, Kara-chan is your girlfriend, huh? News to me. Last I heard, she was still desperate to get l—llllloved by someone. A boyfriend-type. You know. Cause she hasn't had one before." Good thing she caught herself there! She peers at the ring as an explosion goes off, looking towards Pharaoh, standing motionless, all hunched over by himself. "Hmm…"

Had Tosai's manuever worked? Tosai even with himself, seemed to doubt things.. That puppet of Kara's had a way of weeding him out that he just couldn't comprehend. The earth clone hadn't worked all that much either. It would seem that Tosai, had been fighting with the weaker of his specialties, and for the most part, this would have to change sooner or later. Getting the jump on someone like Kara was going to be hard. As Tosain manuevered to swim beneathe the earth, something seemed bother him. Weird vibrations were felt just before he would seem to sneak toward Kara's last position. Just what was happening out there.
Not sure, he would go to the presence for which he felt most, seeming to follow the bait of the now unmoving Pharaoh, not knowing at all, that a trap had been set. When the boom would happen, Tosai would find himself being blown clean from beneath the ground, and slamming into a nearby boulder. Burns… only slight, but covering a large portion of his back, would sting, and awaken him to a harsh reality. He had let Kara get away with a tad bit to much. He would remove a pill from a pouch, and slip it within his mouth rather suddenly. A few crunches, and soon, the pain on his back was the least of his worries. Tosai's skin would redden, and he would wince only slightly, before moving to tolerate the pain.
The objective now.. Had been to find Kara it seemed. He had been flushed out by a mere explosion, but now she had taken to hiding. He remember vibrations in the ground, and heard the slight stirring of dirt. A place? He had no idea. Either way, he to decide on a solution. Pondering, Tosai would think a moment just what could have caused the stirring. Looking to the ground, Tosai would smile.. A hunch but he could work. This is where the fun would start. His pervebeal solution, dumb or not, lied in pretty much turning not /every/ stone to find Kara, but rather, just turning one /large/ stone. Tosai, in his more powered form, would handseal, and stick both hands, deep into the soil in front of him.. He'd pull with a heft, and within moments, the crowd would see, the earth's crust, held above his head. Hopefully, with all that he had lifted, and would soon drop, Kara would be revealed…

Smiling to Ruri, then looking back to the match, the explosion did catch his attention and as he watches as events unfold, Hinotori couldn't help but smile. "Come on Tosai-san, focus!" he calls out to his friend. He knows it's hard to focus, especially when you have an attaractive looking opponent, but you still had to maintain yourself and do what is needed. Hearing that Kara had a boyfriend, he blinks, and was hoping she did, he glances over at Takumi for a moment then turns back after looking at the teen.

Takumi gets a small towel from his medic pouch and wipes down the seat, then plops down in it and watches the arena. He then nods at Ruri and says, "Yeah she mentioned how guys tend to get around her. Well its my first attempt at a girlfriend too, so maybe that will balance things out!" He then smiles with his eyes, his facewrap hiding the lower half of his face.

Unaware of the full extent of Tosai's capabilities, it appears that Kara has made a huge error in trying to hide herself underground in the same manner as her opponent! A huge chunk of the fighting ring's floor is torn up and held overhead, exposing the position of the Puppeteer! It appears that Kara is actually >in< the slab of earth that Tosai is holding up, as the dirt crumbles in one area on the underside, and then… A head pops out. Upside-down. It's not Kara's head. A near-skeletal face with a headddress and empty eye sockets is facing Tosai from the under-side of the earth he is holding up. The mouth cranks open, and a stream of silver objects are fired that are aimed right at the Akimichi as he holds up all that stone and dirt above his head! He'd have to drop it on himself to defend against the attack! And they move so fast there is almost no time to react.
What are they? Senbon. Lots and lots of them.
That's when the 'other' Pharaoh that was standing off at the other end of the ring, inactive, suddenly erupts into a cloud of smoke, revealing… Kara! She was using Henge no Jutsu to make herself look like her own Puppet! So that means the real Kara was in plain-sight all along! She pulls with her hands as though there were strings attached to her fingertips, and her Puppet ducks back into the dirt in order to burst out the top of the massive chunk of ground. When he does so, he is on board an Ancient Egyptian-style boat… Made of papyrus? Basically, it's made out of paper. But it's flying! It swoops by to pick up Kara, and she leaps onboard.
"You sure are strong, Akimichi-san!" she calls out with her hands cupped around her mouth. He may or may not be riddled with senbon or buried under several tons of dirt and rock, but hopefully he'll hear her anyway.

Ruri hmphs a bit. "Well, treat her right. Don't and you'll have ME to answer to! …And maybe my sister, if she isn't busy sleeping. Rurohashi Ruri, by the way. Kara-chan is on my team. And yes, most guys in Sunagakure are creeped out by her or something. I guess her main Puppet, Pharaoh, is just… Too ugly and weird for them to handle. They think she's some kind of freak. And not the good way. I'm honestly not sure why they care so much. As long as Kara-chan leaves her Puppets at home or something, you'd think most guys and some girls would kill for the chance to be with her. But men are lame, so I guess it's to be expected."
She doesn't seem to care that she has just insulted men in general while surrounded by them. Then again, guys let girls get away with a lot sometimes.
She tries to slurp her drink some more but then remembers her cup is empty. "…Hmph." Tucking the cup between her legs, she resumes eating her octopus ball skewer. "So how'd you two meetttfffttttfffppfffff!" She spits out her octopus ball onto the sun hat of the lady sitting in front of her and stares as Tosai tears up the ring and holds it over his head. "…What kind of ridiculous training regimine did he have to do for THAT to be possible? Looked like he swallowed something before he did it… Drugs of some kind? Hnn… Oh, well. At least Kara-chan has the situation under control." Pause. "For now. She can't afford to get hit even once, you know."
Also, Ruri eyes Hinotori with her left eye, since her right is covered up still, and grumbles about him cheering for Tosai. 'Yeah. Focus. That's what he needs. Sure.' She hmmms and considers getting a closer look at the match, but decides against it.

Takumi nods along politely as Ruri talks. As he senses a pause he begins to say something but then shields himself with his arm as octpus bits fly everywhere, but really only in one direction. He shifts his eyes between the ring and Ruri, his expression showing that he clearly finds the ninja next to him more worrisome than some guy picking up the ground like some sort of groundy pancake. Takumi starts to move the cup in his hand toward his face, but then looks at the hat covered in octopus and reconsiders.

Fuyu has been watching the match closely so far. Maybe Ruri chose not to get a better look at the fight, but the older woman has no such qualms. Her eyes have Sharingan active in them, and she observes everything. The Chakra of the two fighters is very interesting… Tosai's increased greatly for a moment, but then it dropped. His over all Chakra is intense, but it is not actively being focused. He'll probably need to take a breather if he plans to keep tossing out jutsu like what he just used. It had been a big gamble… And it hadn't paid off.
'It's too bad I can't copy Puppetry… Kugutsu no Jutsu looks very versatile…' she thinks silently. 'On the other hand… All that Earth Ninjutsu from Tosai… I can't use it, even after copying it, but it looks formidable.' Fuyu crouches down on the platform, resting her arms on her knees and looking on as the battle increases even more in intensity.

Though the error had been made by Kara in misjudging Tosai, it didn't seem to slow her down any. In fact, it was making things more difficult, since even now, he had been being attacked, at his most vulnerable point. His hands had been full, and for the sake of trying to find the woman, he had left himself potentially helpless. The key word, however, had been potentially. The Akimichi, had hardly any need for such things as handseals with for their infamous Hidenjutsu. It had been a natural ability, cultivated by training, good food, and relatively, relaxed dieting standards.
The dead head of the Pharaoh would be an odd surprise indeed. A decomposed Jack-In-A-Box, this 'toy, was much more deadly, and it senbon, even moreso. Had this been something Tosai could do nothing about though? Not exactly. Tosai held the stone above himself with both arms, and yet, his own body seemed to be well within his control. The fluffiness that was his own belly, would seem to enlarge, and burst forward, the harden portions managing to bounce some of the senbon off with no problem. However, his arms had been exposed in more than once way, and some of the senbo, would hit them each squarely. Tosai would fling the large mass of earth and stone infront himself, back into the chasm for which it had been dug out, only to began ripping out the senbon in his arms immediately. The compliment, would not go unnoticed though, he would not be so enthused about being strong. He was outsmarted Kara.. Hands down.
Remaining cheerful, or at least smiling, Tosai would wave, and say, "And you, Kara, are quite intelligent." He would try and keep his cool. The match had been young, and Tosai, hadn't gotten started. It was time to start fighting his one way. The floating boat made of papyrus, was quite the random shock. He would see it, and wonder just what this girl had been planning. No matter.. Tosai could quite fly, but he could grow. Another pill would be taken into with a crunch. This one had been much, much worst in its affects. At the same time, Tosai would reap better benefits.. The Akimichi's body, would began to now steam, and redden to the point where his skin, had been just as dark as Kara's. He would seem to slim down, but only slightly, his muscle now more toned, and quite a bit larger. The transformation wouldn't end there however.. Tosai, would grow. Even now, at a height of nearly two and a half stories, Tosai's stature would help him meet any flying contraption eye to eye.. His chakra would seem to grow immensely, along with his body, and this time, Tosai would not be playing.

Kara smiles broadly, squinting her eyes closed, all ^_^ and bows towards Tosai from her perch about 25 feet above the ground, atop her boat. Even when the huge chunk of earth had been deposited, she seemed not to lose her cool. Inwardly, she is thinking, 'I better not let him hit me. It'd be the last thing I ever do! …Well, maybe not. This barrier protects us and all, so maybe I could—' "HOLY INUK CHUK!" Kara cries out as Tosai becomes Godzilla, just like Ruri said before!
She waits until the growing stops, because… Seriously, how is she going to stop it? Then she scratches her head and says, "Well, uhh… Nice to see you won't be at a disadvantage on the ground, Akimichi Chief!" She shrugs and the Papyrus Reed Boat goes sailing through the air swiftly. Moving targets are harder to hit, even when turned into Gigantor.
Unless one is a mecha. Then one becomes more agile the bigger one is. Taking a deep breath, Kara says, "Let's see how he likes what you can cook up, Pharaoh-kun!" Gesturing, a stream of red, oily substance that looks like blood comes blasting out of Pharaoh's mouth, attempting to douse Tosai as Kara flies around his head in a circle. Then the flamethrower comes out again. "Pharaoh-20: Pharaoh's Judgement!" Kara calls out as the flames pour forth, even more intense than the first time, and attempt to ignite the oil… If successful, it becomes apparent that the oil is extremely flammable, because it would >explode< into a massive fireball!

Ruri seems to notice a vague sense of tension and wariness from the guy next to her. "…It's okay. I'm the leader of a ninja team from Sunagakure. Seriously. You can tell me your name. I'm just a bit irritable because of the long trip. I was on a mission so missed Kara-chan's first match. And beside that, if you don't tell me your name I'll just look it up when we all get back to our Village." She bites into a different octopus ball as though this action were significant somehow, and then looks back to the ring. She manages to swallow her food this time instead of spitting it out. Good thing, because Tosai just turned into Godzilla. "See? What did I tell her?" she mutters in regard to her disbelieving twin sister. Too bad Rinako isn't present so Ruri could point out how right she had been to her. Like always.
"So, like I asked, how did you two meet?" She squints her left eye a bit at the glare as fire meets oil. She didn't see if it actually made its mark on the giant or not.

This girl, once you got past the dead body, and the promise of a senbon filled, and incinerated death, didn't seem all that bad. Tosai was actually enjoying this match despite the fact that he was losing. Perhaps he would have to make a change, and really push the girl into actually facing him. Tosai would take the smile for what it was, and the surprise as well, before he would then see her making like a tree, and well, leaving. He would watch the movement only for a moment, before the larger than life Chuunin would began to actually began his own preparations. After all, he didn't expect to not be attacked.
The stream of red would be noticed, and Tosai, would move back a bit, out of its range. No sense testing to see what it was, right? Well, he would be glad he hadn't in the end. As soon as the substance was lit, a fireball would be all the incentive Tosai needed to get out of the way. A rather cartoonish evasion, Tosai would make a big step back, enlarging his left leg, and then dragging himself back with a slide. He would move into a three point stance soon after, and after a second, Tosai, was moving, and fast!!!
Unsheathing the hammer he had on his person, Tosai would make his first swing, one handed. A large palm, not enlarged, but big nonetheless, would be the Akimichi's follow up. Tosai would attempt to swat the boat, and Kara out the air with appears to be a simple palm strike. And the final blow? Well the would lie in his first use of the Multi Size Technique thus far, a large foot being brought upward, and then downward, with what appears as an extra large axe kick.

Tsukiko hurries up the stairs and to a seat. She looked a little worn and beaten.. a match? training? It's hard to tell, but either could be possible. She settles in her seat, and is treated immediately to an explosion, then a show of akimichi taijutsu.. a scene she's seen before, but always impressive.

Moving towards the edge of his seat, Hinotori closes his eyes for a moment then opens them again, his sharingan now showing in them. The match was growing more and more interesting, Hinotoris eyes taking in everything that he was seeing. He knew he wasn't able to use earth techniques, but at least this gives him the avenue to see how the chakra is formed to be able to use that type of technique. Hino watches Kara as well, watching at how she is able to manipulate her puppet, he had to admit that Karas skill with her puppet is very good. A smile simply rises upon his lips as he watches to see how Tosai will fare.

Takumi is partially confused as Ruri's reaction, and then realizes he never introduced himself. He isn't used to people talking to him as anything else than something that heals them. He blushes slightly, as if anyone would know, and says, "Oh right, my name is Nakamura Takumi, I'm a medic. I've been pretty occupied in the hospital lately." He then looks off into the distance as he think about Ruri's question. "As for how we met, I took a nap in the sunadome, and when I woke up, she was in there doing puppety stuff. There was much confusion." He then nods, as if that was the proper place to end the story, with all information doled out appropriately.

Kara sees one of her strongest attacks fail utterly. Just… Stepped back from by a gargantuan warrior. And then he comes charging at her after the flames have cleared. He doesn't need to be fast. He is freaking 80 feet tall or something. He can move faster by virtue of a longer stride! And yet he is fast anyway. He draws a hammer that looks like it was made for crushing skyscrapers, and Kara realizes that she is, for once, completely outmatched. She got hurt in her last fight, certainly. But she was on the same playing field as her opponent. She had a chance to win. And she did.
This? This is insane. What can she do to defeat a giant warrior who can control his body in such a fashion? Well, she can start by not giving up before she even begins. Setting her mouth in a grim line, she chooses not to surrender to a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. The towering Akimichi comes charging at her. And she closes her eyes. And when she opens them again, there is no more cheerfulness in her expression. Just calm, like the eye of a storm.

Reving up your engine
Listen to her howling roar

Kara focuses Chakra into the Papyrus Reed Boat and deftly evades every attack that comes her way, darting and flying inbetween massive limbs, around deadly hammers, and out from under an enormous foot. Then she focuses her Chakra, realizing she is already feeling tired, but knowing she can't give up at this point. Not yet. She then pauses above and behind Tosai and focuses her Chakra to the point that, to Fuyu and Hinotori at least, there would be a flame of blue-white fire engulfing her, her boat, and her Puppet. "NnnnNNNN!" she lets out as she finishes her focusing, and then pulls >two< rings on the other side of her back-harness.
Two clouds of smoke erupt from the scroll carrying harness. When the smoke clears, Kara and Pharaoh have been joined by two more Puppets. One that appears to be a metal statue of a woman, with the head of a lioness, and another that appears to be an onyx statue of a man, with the head of a jackal. Pharaoh… Sekhmet… Anubis.

Metal under tension
Begging you to touch and go

"Kugutsujutsu: Kara no San-Kugutsu! <Puppet Art: Kara's Triple Puppetry!>"

Tsukiko's eyes go wide. Two on one, she could believe. Four on one? "Is that even fair?" Se asks, more to herself than to anyone else. Kara's display of bizare powers has the Konoha genin confused and impressed. "I don't understand.. How does she do that?"

Ruri is busy nodding at Takumi. Confusion. Sounds like Kara alright. Then she overhears Tsukiko. She dares to take her left eye off the match for a moment to see who spoke. "Fair? It's as fair as turning into a giant that can crush her underfoot if she can't get out of the way." She then focuses back on the battle before her, watching as Kara prepares to go all-out and finish this fight that has dragged on for so long already. "How she's doing it… She's doing it with her power."
"The power of one of Sunagakure's strongest," she continues. Then Ruri just smirks a bit.
"The power of a Puppeteer."

Hinotoris eyes widens, he hadn't seen Tosai go all out like this before and now he was witnessing Tosai go as far as he can push himself. "Alright Tosai-san, let see what you can do." he says. Not paying much attention to those around him, until he sees Kara focusing her chakra. Wondering what she was going to try, he hears Ruri pretty much state what was going on with Kara. "Interesting." he says out loud. "The power of a puppeteer huh? Well lets see how she fares." he grins.

The ultimate flattery. Opponents in battle giving their all in a contest of strength, might, intelligence, and even luck. The ante kept being upped, more and more, and for Tosai, to say he had made his match, took alot. Kara had delivered. One puppet alone, and some mental strength, would prove more than enough to have Tosai rethinking his entire strategy. To make this worst, the woman, was actually pretty good looking. It meant one of two things.. She could either beat Tosai to a puddle, or, trade a win in this tournament, for a first date at a rib shack. One way or another, the chances for victory, would sky rocket.
This match, indeed, went hard. The boat seemed to evade his every attempt at knocking it from the sky. Tosai wasn't frustrated, but strategically, he had yet to make an impact. This woman, had in every single fashion, out tooled, and, better yet, out tricked him. But in the end was Tosai merely a simple brute? He begged to disagree even now as he moved in on the ship, regardless of his failing, and proceeded to press on. The determination he had, was not so much as the woman he now faced. She had been intense, even with the change in mood, which Tosai did note, not to mention liked. It gave him encouragement. The encouragement, at this part of the match, could be deadly.
The preparation was noted, and even this, would surprise Tosai, though in actuality, he had made not of such. Strength in numbers, as one had now turned to three. Puppets all seeming to move to arms in loyalty for one person. Tosai didn't feel the love, but did feel the challenge. Tosai would sheathe his hammer, and with a smile, and a prayer, he would act. To make a move, would be to take advantage of all the chakra this girl would probably use manipulating three puppets at once, but even this strategy was up in the air. Tosai would decide to press the attack. Hands would enlarge at his size, as arms would extend and before long, Tosai, despite his large size, would succeed, in fading away… In seconds, darkness, would enshroud the entire boat from behind, and at both sides.. The attack had been pressed.. What of the defense?

Takumi watches the match intently once the three puppets come out. He suddenly calls out "I remember that third one! That's the one I saw when I met her! I've been wondering what it does." Takumi seems to perk up now and yells out his support for Kara.

Tsukiko ohs softly at the answers.. it seems she is sitting in the visitors secion and didn't realize it, surrounded by ninja from the Country of Wind. She blinks, hoping they don't take it badly when she turns back to the arena and calls out, "You can do it Sempai!"

Tosai's hands enlarge and begin to close over her, her eyes widen even as her eyebrows come down. Split-second calculations show that she is closer to the top of the encroaching hands than the bottom. But gravity would slow down her ascent. Does she rise or fall? Test her Chakra control and see if she can pull up at the last second by diving, or test her remaining energy to see if she can push past the pull of gravity?
The Papyrus Reed Boat dives.

Highway to the Danger Zone
Ride into the Danger Zone…

Kara just barely makes it out the bottom of the small space that Tosai was creating around her. The force still sends shockwaves that rock her boat heavily. She is moving very fast. As fast as a peregrine falcon maybe. 200 mph in a dive? Something like that. She doesn't remember. She shouldn't have time to react, but she does regardless, using all the Chakra control she has to adjust her angle. The boat skims the ground with one side, tearing up the dirt, before circling the walls of the Fighting Ring and rising again.

Heading into twilight
Spreading out her wings tonight

Pharaoh stands in the back of the boat, that huge metal contraption on his back still not having been used yet. Not even once in the fight. Decorative then? Probably doesn't matter. Probably. Kara directs both hands forwards, and calls out, "Sekhmet-30: Lady of Slaughter!"

She got you jumping off the deck
And shoving into overdrive

The lioness-headed Puppet leaps from the 'deck' of the boat, and right towards Tosai. Sekhmet vanishes from speed alone, moving faster than anything made of solid metal has any right to. And then she reappears right in front of Tosai's belly. She has two blades protruding from her palms. Sekhmet starts to slash with them. She slashes and then she vanishes and reappears, over and over, seemingly avoiding gravity by virtue of her speed alone. In actuality, she is making very swift use of her proximity to Tosai to try to push off of his form and thus gain the momentum to make more dashes, stops, slashes, and then more dashes.

Highway to the Danger Zone
I'll take you
Right into the Danger Zone!

Sekhmet stops in front of Tosai's face, and then slashes one last time with all the power in her metallic form.

The attack, had been done, but alas, Tosai felt nothing. No breaking of bones.. No russeling of paper.. Not a single bit of debris was even evident. That boat just could not have been fast enough to evade his strike.. Could it? Tosai, was not outdone, but he was quite amazed. Opponents like this don't come along everyday. A women like this.. if he had faced her in actual war, Tosai knew his chances of living, would diminish. By chance even now, he would just so happen to look down, and see the ship setting a downward course. His eyes would follow, though the speed of such a descent made it hard, even for his senses to keep track of.
But would lower altitude be a saving grace for this girl who had been managing to go toe to toe with a giant? Not so much had it been her salvation. It only gave Tosai time. Time to prepare, as even now, his had been fluxing chakra through his system. Pure force, slowly and surely had been gathering within the large brute. The power that surged within his body, would take form in bulking muscle, made even more massive by the flexing and tensing the body of the Akimichi endured. Another transformation? Nope.. But something was going on. After all, Tosai wasn't about to let this drag on any further. He would make Kara work for whatever outcome she wished for, just as she had made him do the same.
A shout would be made by the Suna Chuunin. It didn't take a strain of his senses to hear the command, but he did wonder, which of the puppets had been commanded. One would alot faster than his eyes could catch… The lion headed of the three. Tosai would crouch in stancing, looking about him, to see just where else that puppet would appear. Close contact and facing him, the puppet would seem to arm herself with a clink of metal, causing Tosai to move in that direction. His guard would be inpenetrable by any mere blade. Metal would clink against skin, a enlarged hand, Multi-Sized passed the capacity of his own current stage, would swat the attacks down repeatedly. The form she bounced off of, had only been his single hand. Tosai had only realized one thing that Kara may have not… This powerful attack, had only been a recognizable distraction.
Blood Red chakra would burst from Tosai's large form, along with more speed, his eyes flashing seriously toward Kara. He would look down to the ship, and decide for another go. His muscle would ripple as he would cock back for a downward punch, but not just any ordinary one. A flood of chakra, and steam, would proceed a forceful amount of air pressure, before the hit would even connect.

Kara has never pushed herself this far before. She is rapidly nearing exhaustion, but she knows this is not the time to slow down. So she pushes and pushes, almost to the very limits of her endurance, flying around with all the agility she can drag out of her tiring brain… And in the end…

You'll never say hello to you
Until you get it on the red line overload

…The massive eruption of Chakra that engulfs Tosai's fist, as well as the fist itself…

You'll never know what you can do
Until you get it up as high as you can GOOOOO!

…Are evaded.
Kara can't keep this up. Maintaining the Papyrus Reed Boat >and< attacking at this level is too much. One thing has to go. So she starts to drift towards the ground. But on the way down…

Out along the edges
Always where I burn to be…

Kara places a foot on the edge of her boat, and aims one hand at Tosai. Anubis, so far having done nothing, continues to do nothing. Sekhmet is now down on the ground, almost out of range of Kara's Chakra Strings. Pharaoh, however… Leans forward… And that huge metal contraption on his back finally unfolds.
It's a wing. A single, metal wing. And those tubes? 'Feathers'. Feathers that are shifting and emptying their contents into the main structure on Pharaoh's back. Scroll storage.
The wing bends at its joints and rearranges itself until the main structure is aimed right at Tosai like some kind of… Cannon!? The machine begins to glow with condensed Chakra made visible.

The further on the edge
The hotter the intensity…

Kara says, "Pharoah-24: Pulse Cannon." A single senbon is fired with so much force that it creates a sonic boom when it leaves the barrel. *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*

Highway to the Danger Zone!
Gonna take you
Right into the Danger Zooooone!

A swing… and a miss!!!! The fist would manage to concave the earth, destroy trees and branches, and virtually burn the portion of ground into nothing with chakra burning. Alas, the attack had failed. Tosai would finally seem to began tiring, and for so much as he could not understand, this fight was not over. Surely and end would come to this at some point, would it? Not to soon probably. He could see the intensity in Kara's eyes.. The push. It had been great indeed for both competitors. Tosai would look to the woman he had faced.. Not a scratch. He hadn't gotten a hit on her at any point… It was to the least, a bit discouraging.
He would move to what had been another spot on the field, looking for what could be his next strategy. So far, all he had used, had been for naught, and slowly, the Akimichi was running out of ideas.. He would not be much of a planner it seemed, once Pharaoh would transform. His eyes would widen.. A cannon??? He would sigh, as he attempted to move out of harms way, and such was where Tosai, would utterly fail. The cannon would erupt with a deafening boom, causing the sensitive hearing of the enlarged man, to be drive mad with ringing… Tosai would move to the right, but the senbon was just to fast..
At first it would seem that he had dodge, but only after careful inspection would man see, a large indentation in the upper portion of his chest, just north of his heart, and just below his clavical.. In its center, had been a large hole, see through, and partially cauterized by hot metal, touching against skin. The exit wound, would not be gruesome, though surely, the hole, was there, and with such, blood would seem to eminate in pools.. Tosai, would be hit so hard that it would cause him to drop back, lifting the dust from the ground upon impact. Panting, and wincing, Tosai would shake some sense into himself, before he would sigh, and look to Fuyu… Temptation to give up.. It was to much, and so was the pain of both this new wound, /and/ the Curry Pill he had ingested.. No choices left. "This is the first time I will ever smile while I forfeit.. I have been bested. Well done, Kara-san.."

Fuyu has been amazed by the powers of Akimichi and Puppeteer both. She feels like she may have something to learn from these two. But when she sees Tosai's injury, and hears his surrender, she wastes no time trying to be 'respectful' of the downed warrior. "MATCH CONCLUDED! Winner: Uudo Kara!" She then motion for the Medic-Nin to come help out Tosai once the barriers go down.

Kara's Papyrus Reed Boat lands. She is very tired. That fight took a lot more out of her than she would have liked. And yet… It was a good fight. Good until she saw the horrific injury she had caused to her opponent. With all three of her Puppets trailing behind she tries to run over to help Tosai somehow. She doesn't know what she can do, but… The Medic-Nin make it there first. She frowns and slows down her run, jogging up to the Akimichi warrior. "You were incredible, Tosai-san. You have every reason to be smiling. If not for that last hit… You would have won merely by exhausting me." She smiles weakly, even though her nose is choked with the scent of charred flesh, and her ears are ringing from the sound wave of her own attack.
She can't use that weapon again. Not for a tournament like this. Barriers or not, she isn't going to risk hurting someone this badly again.

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