First World Ninja Competition - Guardian Against Assassin: Mitsu vs. Namu


Mitsu, Namu

Date: December 3, 2010


Exhibition Match

"First World Ninja Competition - Guardian Against Assassin: Mitsu vs. Namu"

Arena 1

The proctor rose from his seat and took center stage in the ring, "Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a show in store for us today. This young genin has mustered up all of his courage and wishes to challenge one of the Senshi of Kumogakure!" The crowd rose to their feet cheering, whom they were cheering for would be impossible to tell over the roar. "On the east end of the ring we have Shippodoku Namu of Sunagakure!" The proctor paused allowing the crowd to cheer out. "And, on the west end of the ring we have Saito Mitsu of Kumogakure!" He would pause once more allowing the crowd to scream out again. "Now that the introductions are done, the moment you've all been waiting for. Let the fight begin!" The crowd would roar out yet again as the Proctor would bow and leave the ring. His foot left the ring suddenly there was a slight tremor and a barrier would rise up surrounding the ring.

Mitsu stood from the west end of the ring and looked at his opponent and smirked, "It's nice to see someone was courageous enough to accept my challenge. I must say you have some guts to step into this ring with me." Mitsu reached behind his back unfastening his sheathed blade before retying it to his hip and removing his white button down shirt tossing it to the side. "Very well then, come at me let us see if you have anything to back up those guts my child." He said as he adjusted his leather gauntlets, "That is unless you've decided to quit while you are ahead." He said this with a soft chuckle. He didn't seem to be all that concerned at all and did not seem to be at all focused on his opponent.

Namu offered a bow to the proctor before he departed, then one to Mitsu. The boy would not speak a reply, instead he simply rolled his wrists lightly, causing the metal pincers resting on his forearms to jerk forward and extend past his knuckles. His usual full-body suit was mottled with shades of brown and dark yellows, the kind of camouflage one would wear in the desert, and his forehead protector was sewn into side of his mask, covering one of his temples. "Good Luck." would be muttered as Namu's hands formed a single hand seal and the ground beneath him became like quicksand. Abruptly, Namu sunk into the dirt and the ground solidified once more, unmarred by his passing.

Mitsu who was too busy adjusting his gauntlets to pay attention to his opponent had seen him disappear below the ground. Perhaps he had underestimated his opponent, his eyes searched the ground and his body felt for Namu's chakra. Unable to detect him he relied on the vibrations of the ground to tell him when his opponent would strike. There was a slight rumble below his feet, was it from Namu or the crowd? No time to decide. Mitsu lept out of the way rolling across the ground before using his momentum to carry him to his feet, spinning around he looked for the genin only to find he wasn't there. "Hiding I see, you are only delaying the inevitable child." He said out loud as his eyes continued to scan the ground for signs of his opponent. Mitsu spread his feet to shoulder width before sliding his right foot backwards into a readied stance. His hand rested on the hilt of his sword and he turned his mind inward as he began to build up chakra preparing for his opponent's strike.

Emerging from the ground as if it were water, a pair of pincers would appear at Mitsu's ankles, snapping at nerve bundles in the calves. Rising at a steady rate, a rapid series of precise pinches would be aim up Mitsu's backside, aiming to injure a number of large nerve bundles that would temporarily lock the muscles of Mitsu's major joints in place. Immediately afterwards Namu would snap one of his pincers at the side of Mitsu's neck, aiming for the jugular. Should he connect with the otherwise lethal strike, the seals of the arena would prevent any major bloodloss from occurring.

Mitsu's eyes darted left to right, his ears perking up listening for any sign of the genin. He could feel the ground shift slightly below his feet again, it couldn't have been the crowd again this time. His hands quickly shot to his chest and his hands flashed through a few signs in a moment. The attack came at his feet and just as the pincers tried to close for the first time Mitsu would vanish from sight. "Not quite fast enough you sneaky little genin, now that you are done playing hide and seek can we begin this fight for real?" His voice would come from behind the genin, immediately after his finished his sentence his left hand would cross his chest as he would swing a backhand at the back of the genin's head hoping to send the boy horizontal before he would swiftly let a roundhouse kick loose in hopes to send the boy flying to the other side of the ring.

Namu's head dipped down under Mitsu's backhand as he began to bring up a pincer. Namu would use the somewhat duller portion of his pincers to grab hold of Mitsu's ankle and push the leg up over his head, allowing the full motion of the roundhouse to continue. During this time Namu would quickly snap his other pincer into the thigh of Mitsu's other leg. Wasting no time, Namu would release Mitsu's mobile leg and snap both pincers at his opponent's shoulders simultaneously before hoping back a step.

Mitsu was surprised when the pincer grabbed his leg and his momentum was carried by Namu. The second pincer clamped down on his leg there was no avoiding it and he allowed it to happen. No expression came across his face as he stared into his opponents eyes. The pincers were released and Mitsu's training kicked in, his body twisted in the air to avoid the two pincers coming at his shoulders. His left hand touched the ground and his body would flip entirely upside down, his sword sliding from its sheath. He quickly twisted and flipped to his feet from the single handed-handstand catching his sword before it would touch the ground. A moment was not even spared before Mitsu would dash towards his opponent moving past him he would attempt to drag the sharp end of the blade across his opponent's torso before coming to a halt his back to his opponent he would spin back releasing a kunai from his left hand aimed directly into Namu's right kidney.

Abruptly Namu's feet turned to point opposite of each other. Mitsu was fast however, and was upon Namu faster than the boy could react. A long gash was torn into Namu's suit and blood began to swell. In this opening, a secondary skin-tight suit could be seen, hiding all of Namu's skin from view besides the bleeding wound. Twisting oddly as he scuttled backwards, Namu moved with the force of Mitsu's strike and just narrowly avoided the kunai hurled his way, which passed through the gap in his suit. His feet scrambled haphazardly across the ground as his hips swayed from one direction to the next, although his torso seemed more or less still. Bending his knees to lose some of his heigh, Namu would snap at Mitsu's knee and sword-arm simultaneously, although he would make two attempts at piercing Mitsu's arm, snapping the pincer in rapid succession.

Mitsu smirked as Namu rushed at him and had disappeared from sight well before the strike even had a chance to get close to him. Reappearing behind Namu he spoke, "You are quick, but not quick enough child. I'm afraid this is beginning to become quite a bore. It is time for me to end this charade." He would spread his feet shoulder width apart and smiled at the genin, "I hope you are ready." Suddenly Mitsu disappeared from sight again only to reappear infront of namu his sword would swing however he would twist the hilt in his hand causing the flat of the blade to be used as he attempted to leave a rather nasty welt across the boy's face before backflipping away. This was meant to show his superiority over the genin in hopes to have him concede.

Namu's own speed had obviously been bested, and simply keeping track of Mitsu's movements was a trying task. Hoping to anticipate the next attack, Namu lifted his pincers before himself and interlocked them to form a small barrier infront of himself. However, his placement was off and he gets struck, rather soundly, on the side of the head. Exposing a palm to Mitsu, to signal for him to stop, Namu would rub his cheek and expel a light sigh. "There is no need to continue this match, I forfeit. The gap in skill between us is obvious." With that, Namu would offer a bow to Mitsu and wait for the proctor to call the match before moving to depart from the arena.

Mitsu smirked as he held his next strike upon seeing the palm held up, "Very wise child, you have some time yet before you will be able to keep up with me." He returned a bow in response to the genin's. "You did manage to strike me however and for that I give you praise."

The barrier surrounding the ring would disappate and the proctor would rise from his seat again moving to the center of the ring and clearing his throat, "Ahem. Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a winner!" The crowd would cheer out in praise of both the fighters. "The winner is… Saito Mitsu!" A mix of both boos and cheers echo'd through out the arena as Mitsu's hand was raised to the air. He then would make his way over to the edge of the ring before gathering his button down shirt dusting it off and slipping it back on before moving his sword from his hip to its casual resting place across his back before exiting the arena.

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