First World Ninja Competition - Heated Battle Three Way Take Down: Abel vs. Meruin vs. Aryanna


Abel, Meruin, Aryanna

Date: November 2, 2010


Three way battle

"First World Ninja Competition - Heated Battle Three Way Take Down: Abel vs. Meruin vs. Aryanna"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1

Abel would appear into the ring in a flashy way this time as he showed up with a blast of speed as a dust cloud would clear and leaves would spin around him he would be standing there as the crowd would go wild he would struggle to keep a stright face on as he stood there he would tap his foot onto the ground. "And so it begins." is said as he stood there with both hands in his pockets as he stood there.

"Truth," said Meruin, already standing in the arena, his unassuming silence a counterpoint to Abel's flashiness. He ignored the crowd, instead keeping his eyes on the Uchiha, gaze calm and holding depth. He was still to the point of alieness, even his long hair seeming to ignore the affects of the wind.

Was it a mistake? Did she make a wrong turn? Was she part of the ambiance? She hadn't been there before, and if a match would have ambiance, it would the be official matches no? Who knows, but one would find Aryanna here, sitting on her knees with her biwa resting on her lap as she plucked away at the strings. She carefully periodically, her playing would soften and her voice, like that of an angel would sing out a song of springtime and budding romance.

Abel would be standing there as he looked at Meruin as he started to chuckle slightly he would scratch the back of his head, "We meet again Meruin." is said as he clitch his fist and open his eyes slowly he would build chakra up inside of his body. Waving threw three hand signs he would ready himself for the attacks of Meruin. "I've been waiting to fight you once more." is said as he narrowed his eyes at the man for a moment and smriked.

Meruin said nothing, apparently seeing no reason to comment on Abel's words. He simply swayed, just a little, falling into the rhythm of the woman's playing that was overpowered by the apparent roar of the crowd, but catching it's tone regardless, in the ring itself.

As he took in a deep breath he would knock three kunai into the air as he took hold of one he would toss it at Meruin and it flew with an nice noticable arc on it as for the other two he would catch one with his back hand as the other got closer to the ground he would kick it with everything he had and send it flying towards Meruin with again another arc on it as he spinned the last one in his hand he would take to the air as he threw that one and put another arc on it. Abel would flash threw a series of hand seals as he smirked and took in a deep breath.

The eight year old turned to the side, avoiding the first kunai, and shifted to avoid the second, already moving to complete the spin. Rather than going over his shoulder, however, the weapon tore through the silk on his shoulder, creating a new cut across what was shown to be a puncture wound. The boy ignored it, continuing the circle, silk spreading back over his shoulder of it's own volition as he caught the kunai and tossed it back at the end of his rotation. The weapon glinted, bouncing off of Abel's shoulder, the seals preventing it from actually cutting him.
He looked towards Aryanna, now, considering Abel's growth to have been insufficient to warrant any worry from him.

Take a light scratch to the arm he would look at Meruin as he stood there and shake his head that's enough for the warm up I guess. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" releasing fireballs for a total of three he would move in three diffenent directions as he released the first one he would do it from his normal stance and moved his left leg and spin flip over doing the spin releasing the second one as he dashed forward he would take in a long and bigger breath as he released the last one this one was the strongest and biggest of the three. "Now learn the power of the Uchiha clan!"

Aryannna continued to play, on her biwa, noticing Meruin glancing at her she smiled calmly. She did recognize the boy from Kirigakure and had heard he was doing quite well in the tourney. Perhaps, she should test him herself, albeit carefully. Her eyes also gazed briefly on the Uchiha. Such a hothead, she thought, shaking her head as the music softened and her voice sung out. She lifted her hand to her hair, pulling out a few thin needles. With a minor flick of her finger tips, the thin needles would sail through the air at the two combatants.

Meruin turned his head towards Abel, then, as fire leapt and flew at him. The small boy jumped over each with seemingly no problem, a graceful ease in his motions. Then he gaze locked onto Aryanna's needle — it's glint marking it's approach. He jerked backwards, twisting his body, but still the thing bounced off of his shoulder, the boy not having been close to evading that attack. "Mm…"
The silk around his arm partway, revealing two shuriken. Utilizing the twist, he gripped them and spun, flinging them both at Abel before the silk of the shirt of his chest exploded, flinging a duo of shuriken at Aryanna.

As he was to slow to dodge the attack he would hit with it but notice that it did no damage as for the attacks by Meruin he would poure fire chakra into his feet and dodge them as he rolled across the ground he would land onto his feet again. Looking at Meruin and then at Aryanna he would narrow his eyes. "Who are you?" is said as he flashed threw hand seals as he stood there he would be breathing heavy as he started to build more chakra he thought about some of Meruin pervious attacks and smirked. "Stop the hands..I stop the boy." is said as he stood there flashing threw more seals.

The boy vanished before the shuriken, reappearing a little farther away from the boy of them sporting a new bruise on his cheek. He ignored the Uchiha, eyes on the woman with the instrument. "Interesting."

He would attack the women as he took in a deep breath and dashed at her with everything he had, "FIRE STYLE: GREAT FIREBALL JUTSU!" is said as he released the fireball in her direction it would be running along the string that connected the two from when Meruin attacked with the kunai. Before the fireball would reach her a fire clone would be reaching his hand out to hold her in place. "FIRE STYLE: REACHING FLAME JUTSU!" is said as he stood there breathing slightly heavy he would flash threw three hand seals hidden from view as hte dust cloud was start to clear, "did I hit her?" is asked.

Tycho feels the tap tap tap of the smaller man on his neck and chin and Rather then Continue playing keep up with the smaller man switches tactic to area denail. Grasping his main hand to his small dagger like Zanpakto he charges the blade and forms a handsign with his off hand." Raikoho! " He yells as he drops a explosive bolt at his feet causing the immidiate area to be filled with writhing yellow tendrals of plasma. Anticipating a dodge he readies and launches a second bolt as soon as his target becomes visiable.

As the clone approached, Aryanna smirked and leapt out of the way, leaving her biwa behind. "No, you didn't get me." She said in a rather monotone voice as she turned to look back at where she had stood watching the fireball collide with her instrument. She frowned. "You know, those aren't exactly cheap." She said with a sigh, pulling a simple steel folding fan from within her Kimono. "I do believe though, you should cool off. Here, let me fan you a bit." She smirked before slipping towards him gracefully, closing the fan to bring it down as a club on his wrist before turning and opening it, the sharpened steel ends of the fan ready to slice into him.

Taking the hit it would spark something inside of the young genin as his Uchiha blood would boil he would dodge the wind attack like it was nothing as he landed onto his feet he would slide across the ground and land as he did this he would smirk as he stood there shaking his head for a moment and clitch his fist. Attacking with a barrage of Kunais and such as he stood there he would think of the way that she is attacking him as he notice she needs her fingers to do most of her damage he would be ready for anything at this moment.

It wasn't much of a dodge. A quick sidestep, a duck and turn, and finally a quick dive and roll under the enormous Fuuma Shuriken. "The problem with using a shuriken as big as that, is it's easy to determine the trajectory, even with the arc that you manage to put into it. If you know where it's going, its easy to get and stay out of the way." She then walked casually towards him. "However, with a small weapon, it's easy to catch them completely unaware. In fact, some people may not even realized you are armed." She stated, reaching her hand up to her hair to pull out an ornamental senbon, her hair gracefully cascades down when suddenly she attempts to drive the weapon into the arm of her opponent as she lifts a knee to his sternum.

Abel would dodge once more as he stood there his body would drape a bit, breathing heavy he would smrik as he stood there shaking his head. "This is the most fun I have had in a while….but it seems my body don't have a lot left in it." is said as he laughed as he started at the women he would build chakra for one last attack. "This will be my last attack." is said as he stood there breathing heavy as he built chakra up into his cheeks and hands. "I'll make sure this is a sweet attack that you're going to love." is said as he smirked.

"Ah, one final attack that you think I am going to love?" Aryanna asked with a possible note of excitement that could be mistaken for skepticism. "Bring it on then. So far, I'm not overly impressed with what you've had to offer. I mean, it's big, it's bold, it's flashy. However it's not very effective. Sounds like Taekwondo."

Abel would start to flash threw some hand signs as he got ready for one last attack he would shake is head of a moment. "Fire Style: Phoenix Immortal Fire!" is released as the attack was heading towards Aryanna the flames would be holding shuriken. As he motion to move once more his vision would blur as he shook it off he would attack again this time he would build up more chakra. "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" He would release both of these powerful attacks. "Did it hit?" is asked as he stood there he would struggle to wave three more hand seals. "Stay with it….my body feels heavy…..damnit."

"Um, no, you missed me again." Aryanna said with headshake. "If fire is all you have, then, well, I really have little use in continuing this further. Thank you for the exercise though. I haven't had to move this fast since I went walrus sledding. For some reason, walrus don't like being used as sleds and we almost got skewered on their tusks!" she laughed. "Anyway, let me go see if I can pick up a new instrument. I hope they have some worthwhile vendors here."

Meruin bows to Aryanna, saying a polite, "Be well, Lady," before rising and turning back to Abel. Now that the Uchiha had decided to have his play with the musician and was worn out, the small boy had decided to take up the fight with him again. The earth opened up behind Abel as a trap door, revealing a four foot deep pit of spiders, this one stretching twice as long across as one usually would. numerous, strong strands of webbing shot out, trying to grab Abel and drag him inside where the brown, yellow-striped spiders would inject their poison.

Abel would shake his head at Meruin as he dodged the trap door of spides and with the fire shot out of his foot it would burt the spiders inside. "Tsk…damnit…..sorry Meruin but our fight have to wait once more. I withdraw from the match." is said as he walked out of the ring and towards the box to rest as he got there he would pass out as he laid there smirking as he was breathing heavy and sweating the young Uchiha would grow a lot from this battle as he slept.

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