First World Ninja Competition - Ignore the wails of the body: Setsiro vs. Hiroshi


Hiroshi, Setsiro, Rain, Mikado, Tosai, Tsukiko, Yuzuna, Abiku

Date: November 2, 2010


Reizei Setsiro and Hyuuga Hiroshi mave their matches in the world ninja tournamenet and find their opponents have made exhaustion their greatest enemy.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First World Ninja Competition - Ignore the wails of the body: Setsiro vs. Hiroshi"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 3 [Kusagakure]



The sky above the ring is lit up as this evening match begins with a very elaborate introduction. The crowd doesn't question it, they just get involved with the cheering and anticipation involved with such a spectacle. A plume of smoke suddenly erupts from a box that was left alone in the middle of the ring. The smoke would spiral as it began to dissipate before showing a small object begining to fall back down to the ground below. Just before it would hit the ground, well several feet before, a hand would have grabbed the object from the low settling smoke and with a wave of his free arm, the smoke would be blown away to the roar of the crowd. Revealed within was Lord Rain of the Land of Rivers. Too damn pretty for his own good, the crowd continued for a moment or two before he'd speak in to the object, a microphone.

"Ladies and gentleman. Boys and girls. Warriors and workers. The maintained and the maintainers… It is time for another display of skill, cunning, and power within this arena." Twirling the microphone rapidly as he lowered his arm to comfortably be held before his face, the noise would sound alot like the low roar of the crowd as he's continue to state. "It is an honor and a priviledge to introduce another of the prestigious Hyuuga clan to the ring, 17 year old Chuunin, Hyyyuuuugaaaaa Hiiiirrrooshiii!" Fired up, the crowd would act like Hiroshi was a pop idol that just had record breaking sales even before they would see him. "But that's not all spectators. A Reizei will br gracing the Land of Grass as well! Yes the stoic clan that fuses tradition and honor with the more modern concepts of the shinobi embodied, emblazoned and representing the very essence of a strike of lightning, Reeeeiizzeeii Setsiiiiirooooo!" Both sides of the arena shoot off more fire works as the fighters were expected to come out about that time. Such a spectacle.

Hiroshi would be waiting down the main tunnel where competitors enter. The teen hyuuga would sigh lightly, peering over his right shoulder, no turning back now. The sound of the fireworks would catch his attention as the proctor announced his name. Hiroshi would nod to himself, taking several steps forward as he arrives onto the field, flickering several more steps as he comes to a hault. The teen hyuugas ebony hair would be tied back, resting just below his back. He would be garbed in his traditional green and black battle suit. The thick tight leather with sealed buckles would fit his body perfectly. A single green and black mid back length cloak is attached to his suit. Black and green shorts with extra pockets containing a melee kunai, and a selection of Shuriken.

The crows roar would recieve a small smile from Hiroshi, the hyuuga not to use to this much attention, but he does not let that get to his head, he watches carefully pale eyes locked on the other side, as his opponents name is called. "This should be an interesting match." he would say to himself. In his hand would be a carpace strap, which he wraps and tightens around a syren bracer. This being done Hiroshi would slowly make way to the center of the ring. Eyes locked on Rain, one who he had heard many things about, but all the same, he would give the proctor a respectful bow.

After her introduction, the secondary participant stepped from her waiting area. Setsiro strode into the arena, pale skin brought to a myriad of colors by the fireworks lighting the evening sky. The small woman's eyes, a blue too deep, too dark for the fervor around her, scanned the screaming masses for a moment, before latching onto her opponent and staying there. She raised a slim-fingered hand, pushing over her shoulder long, lustrous hair, dark as the raven's dream.
She ran her fingers over the hilts of two swords and a dagger, all mounted on her hip, each ornate enough to be worth a sizeable sum of money. And she flowed to a halt, a respectable distance from each. She bowed first to Rain, and then to Hiroshi, hand settling on the hilt of her topmost blade as she straightened herself to her 5'2 height. "Blessing, Hyuuga Hiroshi. I wish you luck in your endeavor."

"It is said that the Hyuuga can read any opponent and see anything they set their gaze upon… but will that be able to defeat a culture based upon moving far faster than sound with precision? We are about to find out!" Rain would state as he spread his arms to gesture at both of them. "Fight well… i'll be watching… Begin!" Rain would state as he faded from the vision of all present.

Hiroshi would bow formally at his opponents, pale eyes, arched looking up at her. "And a blessing to meet you as well Milady." though Hiroshi would pause, his eyes move towards the hilts at Setsiro's side. "A blade dancer." He would say. A moment of silence as he straightens his posture. Thinking to himself, oh boy, this is the samurai all over again. Talk about me being the unlucky one. A nervous chuckle escapes from him as rain makes a statement that leaves Hiroshi rather, puzzled. But the time to begin was in order, as the command was given Hiroshi would jump back, reaching into his sides taking out two shuriken. "Lets see if what Rain said about your clan was true." he would add, bringing his left hand up in the tinger seal. "Byakugan!" he would shout out. The pulsating veins coming to head, as his eyes become even whiter. Hiroshi would launch the shuriken assault as he positions himself, entering his juuken stance as they launch.

In the crowd, one voice trumps all. It is loud, masculine, and full of righeous fury, as if the gods themselves had come to earth and declared "KICK THE SHAPELY POTATOES OUT OF THAT WHITE-EYED SISSY!"
the voice would come from the mercenary Mikado, who was leaning up against the railing on the very edge of the ring. He had been present for nearly every fihgt thus far and could have been seen taking notes. This time, however, the notebook is gone and instead his fist is pumping proudly in the air for the young woman.

"Man…. I hate lines at the concession stand.", would be said as Tosai, yet again, was going to try and do the whole spectate while snacking thing. He didn't even know whose match it was and yet now, he was going to see it. Hearing "White Eyed Sissy" comment, Tosai would instantly look to it and think. There could only one Bishounen Hyuuga who fit that comment, and the good news was, it wasn't Rain.. "Hiroshi?", would be said almost instinctively as Tosai, would move to the seating, yet again having to squeeze through and block some unfortunate souls view with one of a.. different sort. Mikado would have karma affecting him through this measure. After all, not having eaten in a while would have made Tosai a bit gasy..

*Poot!* "..Whoa.. pardon me..", would be said as the Akimichi would pass Mikado, and then sit right next to him. Getting settled in would be hard for the Akimichi, with his hands full. "Hold these please?", would be said with a creak of his seat pass of his hot wings to Mikado. With a sit, the chair in the stands would whine.

Setsiro inclines her head in acknowledgment of Hiroshi's words, standing still and ready for the mark to begin, and when it comes, she started walking towards Hiroshi as he jumped away. A quick step to the side had the first shuriken whirring past, and the second was just in front of — her blade was in her hand held at her side, the approaching projectile imbedded into the arena wall far to the side. From her hilt comes two shuriken of her own and she moves her arm in a backhand swing, weapons flowing from her fingertips in corkscrewing arcs towards the Hyuuga.
The small woman followed these, moving in with them, visible in the center of their rotation as the eye of their tornado.

Hiroshi would frown lightly, watching as his shuriken were easily dodged and defended against. "Talk about unlucky me." he would say to himself, who is he talking to, a strange one he is. As the two shuriken fly from Setsiros finger tips, Hiroshi would simply duck and roll, dodging the two metallic weapons. "I guess, but I am not a fan of those blades she has. I rather not have a repeat of that samurai tragedy." he would say, obviously he has lost it. Stand to his feet now, Hiroshi would take out a single melee kunai holding it in his right hand as he sighs. "Ok I am going in." He would say charging forward. Bringing his hand back he would appear to be ready to toss the kunai, but he would throw it to the ground. Flickering as he dashes forward, delivering a right palm aimed at Setsiros shoulder blade, and then, attempting a kick on her right side.

Mikado stares in in abject horror as the overweight ninja more or less farts on him then has the gal to ask him to hold his chicken wings. "Certainly." He says with a smile and gracefully empties the Akimichi's hands of food. His own hands are quickly emptied as well as in one movement he simply drops the food on the far side of himself, far out of Tosai's reach. The chicken hits the floor almost in slow motion, the box spinning as it follows the dismembered spicy poultry to the floor. It bounces, and you could see the dirt covering the delectible chunks that once resembled a chicken. "Oops. Sorry." The mercenary mutters something about childhood obescity before turning back to look at the fight, chicken be damned.

The reizei leaned to her left, hands beginning to rise. The palm aimed at her shoulder passed it by, and she managed a single swift seal before the kick took her in her hip. Almost as if this were reflex, she lifted her legs from the ground, letting his kick push her to the side as she firmed her grip on her weapon, spinning and bringing it around to slash at the Hyuuga's chest. She landed, bringing it up in a second strike, verticle, in the center of his torso.

Well, in Mikado's mind, that was how the whole dropping of the wings would have went. Who does that anyway?? The dropping of a man's wings?? Aww c'mon!! And they were for an Akimichi too!! An Akimichi! Well.. The moment Mikado went to see those things flying, Tosai, would have been paniced out his fat mind!! He looked to the air, and with his face showing the horror, he would shout, "NNNNooooooo!!!!" He'd hold the rest of his food in one hand, and dive across Mikado with the other, practically smothering the man just to catch them. His hand would go large, and with all the sauce covering them, the wings would have a safe place to land.

Tosai would sweatdrop, and say, "Jeez man?? Do you even have thumbs??", would be said before he would sit back, and dump the wings into a bucket of ramen he had brought along.. "You should get some ninja training! It really helps when you just can't keep ahold of things."

As Hiroshi's kick was landed he could only stare in disbelief, "I am withen range." he would say, but before he could launch his jutsu, Setsiro would return with a spinning cut. Hiroshi would duck against the first slash, and then, gracefully spin backwards, bridging a gap between the two. "Of all the people, I had to go against a blade dancer." would be said, Hiroshi sighs once more, waiting for the spend to end before he positions himself on the ground. Hiroshi would nod to himself, eyes locked on Setsiro now, as he launches forward another flicker, this time he would not wait to stand in one spot, he would unleash a barrage of assaults first another right palm thrust, as he quickly tries to bring his left for a jab in the center chest. Only to flicker, but he wouldnt stay hidden for long, the teen hyuuga would strike from behind the blade dancer, attempting to deliver two fingered strike towards her spine. Though the first spin was dodged, unknown to Hiroshi his short cloak would have been just barely sliced, a fine slice at that.

Swift, simple pivots were the staple of Setsiro's defense, taking her out of the way of the Hyuuga's strikes with minimal effort, as though he were trying to strike at an object floating in the water, but his movements caused waves. "You should not speak with yourself, so," said the young woman.
She saw an opening and moved for it, long sword whipping upwards in three swift blurs, each one meant to strike through Hiroshi's clothing with just enough depth to cut the skin, filling it with enough blood to fill the new crevase, but no more. An attempted show at skill that would do no true harm, though she knew he did not know that.

"Get off me, you fat prune!" Mikado pushes heavily as Tosai gets off of him. The mercenary looks like he is ready to kill. "What, be a ninja so I can spend all day stuffing my fat face with treats food. Get real. At least as a mercenary I can choose what jobs I take. Ninjas are all just crispy sell-outs. You kill because you are told to. Oh yes, they ease you into it, but before long you are assassinating families and lords, going to war, and even torturing people for information. And if someone decides they want to leave your organization? You hunt them down and kill them in cold blood. Yeah, being a ninja sounds glorious. No thanks. I would rather choose what missions I take and be free. I can fight for what is right, and not for what I am told to fight for. He spits at the ground at Tosai's feet before standing up and leaving his chair, disgusted in more ways than one. He ends up leaning against the railing at the bottom of the stairs, watching the fight between Setsiro and the white-eyed sissy.

Hiroshi would go wide eyed, as the slices came at him, each one cutting his body, slicing, ssamurai all over again he would think. But, there would be no physical harm? Hiroshi could only stare blankly as he swiftly bridges a gap, blinking lightly at the girl as he looks down to himself. Leather battle armor actually cut. Thin drops of blood actually showing. "That was to close." he would say undoing his buckles as he keeps jumping back, his torn armor now discarded.. Hiroshi would have three fresh cuts resting upon his pale chest, but in other locations, more so his back, and torso, would be large scars where stiching had been. "She is something. If that were a samurai I would have been a goner by now." he would say sighing lightly. "Your right, she is the perfect opponent for me, to most likely knock me out of the first round is a wise call." The conversation had ended Hiroshi was now peering at Setsiro, sighing as he moves forward. Once again hand to hand tactics, the teen hyuuga would throw an open palm tap, nothing to harsh, more so a pat on the shoulder even, before he attempts to follow up with a left elbow to the shoulder and a right jab to the stomach.

The reizei again leans to the side, pivoting to avoid the Hyuuga's pat on the shoulder, but his hands were quicker than she anticipated and he tapped her, sending a small shock of pain into the bone. Surprised, the secondary elbow to the shoulder landed with her only able to lean with the blow, mitigating damage. It was with a sudden exhalation through her nostrils that she followed her momentum into her spin, lashing out with her foot to push Hiroshi backwards in a blink, before his strike could touch her.
She followed in immediately, the form of her indistinct with her speed. Again, her sword came into play and she lashed out at Hiroshi collar bone in an upwards slash. Her body went up with the blow and spun as it came down so that she pivoted around to his back, weapon slashing across the center of it.

Hiroshi's exchange of blows would prove more effective than he thought, but what was his meaning behind them, and why does he keep talking to himself would leave most wondering, or have him deemed as insane. Even though only two out of the three landed, Hiroshi would remain head strong, even if the last was easily countered. As always, Setsiro would waste no time slashing away, her blade dancing skills really are pushing Hiroshi as he ducks down, and spins out of the way once more. "One moment, I think talking is a distraction." he would say, sighing lightly, as he moves back in waiting for the spin to stop before he proceeds to kick at Setsiros left side with his right leg, and then vice versa only to flicker away once more, only to reappear behind her, another two fingered strike aimed at her spine.

Setsiro's hand came down to hit Hiroshi's leg away, though she found she hadn't put enough strength into the act, and his kick overpowered her defense, hitting her in the side, causing her to stumble. She leaned, letting Hiroshi's secondary kick fly through the curve of her body. He vanished, and she began to turn — but he'd already struck her in the spine, chakra bring her body to brief numbness.

Hiroshis double kick would prove to be only a single kick, though this got the results Hiroshi needed, a distraction long enough to bring his swift opponent to a halt. Hiroshi would spin a small distance back, taking a moment to regain his compusure, but not to long. sighing before he speaks. "I am sorry, but you are in range of the hyuuga dragons grasp." He would say positioning himself in the ground, "Eight Trigrams, The Dragon Dance." He would say, moving forward as he throws a round of punches forward, though not with much force, more so with a sparring punch, but behind each one, a burst of chakra, more powerful than the blow before it. The focused chakra is released from his fist and his kick, but one strike would be without chakra, it would be an actual kick placed at his opponent, to kick her a small distance from him.

"Wait? Is that Setsiro-san??", would be muttered by Tosai as he would look to the fight. He hardly recognized her, moving at this slow of a pace? Had something been wrong? Or had Hiroshi simply come that far. Hiroshi was connecting attack after attack. Though it didn't seem to do more than rough the girl up, the fact that Hiroshi was even able to touch the Reizei, was more than just disturbing. It was just plain mind boggling. Had the Byakugan been that powerful? He would look on as the spine would be struck. Akimichi weren't sensors, so Tosai couldn't exactly see the chakra that hit Setsiro's spine tenketsu. However, a hit in a place that specific, whether it was by a girly Juuken slap, or large Akimichi fist, was just as lethal.

"Setsiro-san…", would be said with sad mutter. Tosai didn't mind Hiroshi winning, but for some reason, he knew full well just what she had been capable of, and if her work ethic said anything, she would probably have double in strength, if his predictions served right.

The small woman's body is bombarded by Hiroshi's blows, the light blows appearing to jerk her about, the reizei's teeth clenched as she simply endured the barrage, sword clenched in hand. The final kick does send her backwards through the air and when she touched ground it was in a sliding crouch, a hand on her stomach. She was grateful, then, for the seals as she stood straight, letting out a hissing breath.
She paused, before a dagger slipped into her hand, held by the blade. She spun it between her fingers, glinting red in the light of a sudden firework and she dashed at the Hyuuga, gaze steely. She jumped at him, both blades held high above her head for powerful blows.
Before the clone even reached Hiroshi, Setsiro would appear behind him. She thrusted her dagger at the hollow of his of his shoulder, where the neck tapered off. Her sword aimed to enter his body, just beside the spine, each blow on it's own one that coulr paralyse him.

As Hiroshi landed the kick, the teen hyuuga would sigh, looking down at his hands. "still bleeding." he would say, his byakugan seeing just what the dragon jutsu has did to his hands for now. Hiroshi would peer at his opponent as she remains there. "What is she doing now." he would ask, though his face would frown as he seems to get no response. "That attack was powerful, there is little reason to keep." But his byakugan would catch it, the figure before him charging forward, Prepariing to repulse the attack, Hiroshi would blink lightly, "What the!" he would be in obvious shock, the real SetSiro, appearing out of nowhere , "A blind spot?" he would ask, but it was to late, the sword jabs into his back, the cuts easily felt, and without his armor this proved to be quite the assault upon his physical being. "What the….I" but his words would be cut short, either from shock at being stabbed, or from the effect of her assault, either or it would leave the hyuuga teen paralyzed from head to toe.

Setsiro jerks the weapons from Hiroshi's body, slinging the nerve-stunned Hyuuga's blood from her steel. Her dagger vanished with a flick of the wrist and she turned… vanishing in the middle of walking away.
She reappeared at the Hyuuga's side, moving in a blurring lunge, blade sliding along the base of his stomach, as if disembowling him. She faded, reappearing in front of him in a lunge — she faded, reappearing in front of him in — she faded reappearing in front of him — and she continued, vanishing and reappearing in a prolonged onslaught of slashes.

As Hiroshi would be still, eyes locked on the sword dancer as she appeared at his side, his eyes going wide as she slashes at his stomach, "GAh!" the hyuuga would scream out, something which was not normal for a shinobi, an old would of his cut deep. And then, the girl would come in for a second strike. Hiroshi would grit his teeth, the numbness in his legs still there, but he is just barely able to spin out of harms way. His spin never ending, a mixture of dirt and blood sticking to his body. FInally as the numbness subsieds, Hiroshi would peer at the girl, sighing lightly. His back bleeding, his stomach dripping blood. His eyes upon her. "I cannot afford to become more injured than I am now. and from my last assault I would guess you cant either." he would say talking to his opponent. Taking two Shuriken from his side Hiroshi would peer at SetSiro, " Give up for me, and lets not let this prolonge more than it has to." he would say, throwing both Shurikens forward, the numbness in his hands from both the dragons dance and the loss of blood is something he is attempting to recover from.

To look at the two now, it was suprising that both ninja, had come such a long way. Tosai, was proud of Hiroshi and Setsiro both. He wondered if they even had met each other before now.. He had been connected to them both in one way or another. Hiroshi had the skill of the Main Branch on his side, and for the most part, his own character shined through his style well, however, there was a vicious side of Setsiro that Hiroshi mindset, just could not compete with. She could be as cold as the steel she wielded, and even now, the wounds she had did not seem to stop her from stepping it up a couple of notches..

But this match, was starting to lose its steam soon. Both competitors, instead of just one, now had heavy wounds. Sure, Hiroshi and Setsiro both had stamina to spare, and blood surely wasn't a thing that disgusted Tosai. The fire in there eyes.. it had not been meant for it to be sustained this long. Things naturally give. Thats just the way life and humanity were. It ran out of energy. The question had been, which one would do which, and for who? Tosai had noted two things that still hadn't happened yet. Setsiro, and Hiroshi, had not used anything connected with there affinities yet. No elemental manipulations so far. No real strategy either, had been used either, beyond natural ability. Would that come into play this fight?

Tsukiko made her way through the crowd. How would she ever find Tosai in this massive throng of people would be.. oh yeah.. its tosai. She spots him, sitting head and shoulders taller than almost everyone in the crowd. She makes her way over to him and bows slightly, "I can't believe no one told me Hiroshi's match would be starting already" She still showed small signs of the match she was in, small bandages over small cuts.

Setsiro's arm appeared above her head, then down by her side, the shuriken deflected from their harmful path, falling downwards towards the ground. The small woman stared up at Hiroshi, eyes and shoulders holding the steel of her blade and blood both. Her raven hair lifted from her back some, dark tendrils seeming to meld with the shadows of the night before falling at rest. "You insult me."
Though the Reizei wouldn't move an inch, should success find her this evening, Hiroshi's flesh would part of it's own volition, a gouge opening up on his shoulder, in his chest, and on his right thigh. The wind swirled away from her.

As Hiroshi would sigh lightly, the teen hyuuga shaking his head as he peers at Setsiro, the female obviously going for gold in this fight. "Forgive me then, I will honor your codes and MOrals." he would say, another sigh escapes his lips as he peers at her, but the speed, "What the." Another slice, as if Hiroshi were being carved into, the teen hyuuga would get sliced twice, leaving him dripping blood. The final slice would be something Hiroshi defends against, spinning away as he peers at Setsiro. Hiroshi panting now, tired. "Darnit. I guess I need to do better." he would say, his byakugan fading away as he peers at Setsiro. Fading, no, receeding, only to expant even more. The pulsating veins are charged with chakra as his eyes come to life, the teen hyuugas eyes shining with more intensity.

"Fine, here I come." He would say, moving forward in a single flicker, a speedy dash as he aims at the chest of Setsiro, but it would not end there. "I will place you within the zones of my eight trigrams, and, allow you to know how bleeding feels." HE would say, as he prepares for his jutsu, "Eight Trigrams the bleeding palms!"

"Wooooo!!!!!!!!! Doooo eeeett!! Yar!!!", would be cheered from the sidelines, just cause. Who had it been for? Only Tosai knows.. He would hold up his big gulp, enhale the last of his wings, and let out a might burp before Tsukiko's words would call him to attention. "Tsuki-san?? Oh, hi. Yeah.. It was today. The matches haven't been going as scheduled so it was hard to know. Besides.. It looks like things are windin-Ohhh!!" Looks like Setsiro had gotten up close and personal. Tosai would see her go and come with a flash, and after a few seconds wounds on Hiroshi would open in slits.. "Yeah.. So far its been pretty even. Hiroshi scored a couple of punishers.. And Setsiro-san… well.. yeah.. She's a walking Ginsu knife."

A quick twitch of the wrist and Setsiro's blade caught Hiroshi's thrusting hand, raising it so that it moved over her shoulder. "I am familiar with the feel of blood, Hyuuga," murmured the reizei, her arms suddenly moving in a blur in front of her, sword slapping away every strike the man sent at her. Her streak blade tore at the air and it fled from her, throwing her hair back so that it waved as death's pennant. Her dagger appeared in her other hand, and she raised it so that it glamed in the lught of the fireworks high overhead. "There is heaven in my blade, Hyuuga."
Abruptly, she was behind Hiroshi, repeating her action from earlier in whole. The dagger swept towards the hollow of Hiroshi's shoulder, seeking it's nerve; her sword sought the bundle of nerves just beside his spine, her accuracy so perfect as to slide into the already made wounds, should she be successful.

Hiroshi would grit his teeth, watching in amazement as his jutsu are easily blocked, defended against so easily, "someone to match my own speed." he would say, almost in disbelief as he stared, blankly, his entire assault being defended against. As Setsiro moved in for the kill, the same assault she performed earlier, Hiroshi would not hesitate this time. This time, the hyuuga was quick on his feet, tired as he was, he was not looking to get cut again. Dashing from left to right, his intense eyes locked on his opponents. "And there is pain while in the zone of my eight Trigrams." he would say, arms reaching towards his bracers, pulling the carpace straps from them as they fall to the ground. The hyuuga teen would strike a pose his clans signature juuken jutsu, as he sighs in regret. "Eight Trigrams." he would pause launching forward to perform the assault, appearing on the right side of Setsiro, "64 bleeding palms!"

Tired from her previous match, but uninjured, Yuzuna moves seemlessly up the steps into the stands, the sky opening up above her with the growing noise of the crowd. Her pale lavender eyes blink lightly as she adjusts to the difference in light, shifting her gaze to the many rows of chairs before she turns and ascends another set of stairs, moving into a row to lower herself into an empty seat. Releasing a slow breath, Yuzuna glances to the Arena's ring, narrowing her pale eyes just slightly to see Hiroshi's match already underway.

Tsukiko's eyes widen as she watches the show of extreme speed and bladework on the field. She ohs softly, "I didn't realize Hiroshi-san was that fast." She sits, watching the give and take, her eyes moving rapidly, trying to keep up with the action. She hesitates at first before speaking softly, "did… did you see my match, tosai-san?"

Humming quietly to himself Abiku makes his way through the seats, his nin-dog Tohime walking at his side and carefuly not to stray. Pausing briefly he watches the match, whistling to himself as Hiroshi attacks before continuing onward and upward until he spots Yuzuna to whom he offers a wave, "Yuzuna-chan. How's it goin? Is he winning?" he asks haphazardly as he takes a seat a couple of chars down from Yuzuna.

Looking to the fight now, Tosai would never take his eyes off. Desperation attacks.. The seeming last ones from these two that may grace the field. He would say to Tsukiko, "I am afraid not.. Had a couple of other things to attend to. I am in the tournament as well, and some training last minute seemed needed. However, I did hear that you did quite well.. I am proud." He would say this with a smile as he would turn to Tsukiko, and then soon, eyes would look him to Yuzuna. Tosai would smile, and do a small wave to her. Soon another would join her, and draw his curiousity. An Inuzuka? Probably.

Setsiro's blade swept up just as swift as he, but she immediately realized that her choice of defense was inept as his chakra slammed into her body beyond her sword, draining much of the strength from her body.
She staggered backwards at the end of his assault, teeth clenched around a gasp. Respect glinted in her eyes, and it spoke, saying that she would give Hiroshi his do, which was her all.
She brought herself up and dashed at him, seeming to throw any regard for her safety to the wind. She slashed at his chest, using the momentum to jump and the attack more as distraction. She spun mid-flight so that she rotated, moving upside down. Her dagger flashed from her form, aimed at the nerve on Hiroshi's shoulder.

Yuzuna offers Tosai a respectful bow, lowering her chin just slightly before her attention is pulled away to the approaching Inuzuka and his nin pup. She faintly lifts a thin brow at him for a brief moment before glancing to the progressing match, "I do not know. I only just recently started watching, though it appears Hiroshi-oniisan has injured his opponent some."

Hiroshis speed would be matched, but that would not stop the hyuuga, throwing his fingers forward, striking any place he can, shoulder, arm, chest, side. Anything he could connect with he would attack, "Two palms, Four palms, sixteen palms!" he would shout, even though his attacks were being blocked, he would not let up, every loop hole, every advantage he would take it. "Thirty-two palms." Hiroshi was becoming slower, tired, but not done yet. HE was gasping for breath at times, something he has rarely ever done, will except for in fights with Tosai. Not good, she is matching me in every shape or form. How long can I last. I have enough chakra to get by, but my body wont strain much further. Darnit. Sweat would build around his fore head at the final palm strikes are landed or dodged.

HIroshi would start panting, smirking lightly, strands of his long ebony hair is stuck to his forehead, the glistening sweat building up on him. He has been shirtless most of this fight, considering how Setsiro diced his armor. The teen hyuuga could only toss his head back pale intense eyes locked on his opponent. As she charges forward, fatigued hitting him as he is slashed, but, his eyes would lock on her, spinning once more to avoid her final assault. "This is it. Both of us are shot for chakra, and I know I am getting tired." he would say. Smiling at her as he clasp his hands together, praying.

His prayer was either short, or a distraction, because instantly, the teen hyuuga would enter a spinning rotation, but thats not all, the dirt on the ground would pick up, as the spend insensifies, till the point a small gusting tornado is formed. Hiroshi is not pulling any punches, he is going for Gold as he moves forward for his assault, the Tornado growing, the blue chakra orb inside spinning faster and faster. A vibrating voice would emit though it was shouted to most it could not be heard over the spin, "Wind Style, HEavenly Spin!"

Setsiro's eyes widened, just the slightest bit, the spreading of her eyes abruptly stopped by a wall of control. She flickered from vew, and reappeared down the length of the arena, rolling head over heels, twisting and tumbling from the force of the attack that had hit her body. She came to a stop, dust settling into in night air.
Her eyes eyes flashed open, taking in the night sky, now vacant of fireworks. The steel returned to them and she took a deep breath and with an effort of will, forces herself to sit up, looking into the distance at Hiroshi. She began gathering her efforts to bring her body back under her reign.

Tsukiko ooohs at the wind move used by her mentor. "I've never gotten to see the full force of that move.. its.. wow.. its impressive." She slumps back, watching. "I.. I really didn't do that good in my match.. he had me out skilled." She chews her lower lip a moment before catching herself and stopping. She takes a deep breath and gives a little smile, "I'll just have to get better."

Hiroshi would falter as the ball lands, him back onto his feet, the swirling dust and leaves which was once in the air floats for a moment before gravity takes control of it. "Darnit, even after all of that. She is still standing. I would rather fight a hundred samurai then one you." he would say though there is no telling if she heard him. Panting, coughing, the blood from his wounds has clotted, if not for the arena this would have been alot worse. Thinking him himself, he would move in, her chakra is low, I have to make this next one count. "Proctor! The end game is near!" he would shout flickering from sight as he appears before Setsiro, "I dont think I can survive another minute in here, if this fails……Eight Trigrams thirty-two Bleeding Palms." He would say, thinking that attacking her chakra, may win him this fight. "Two Palms!" He would shout out assaulting her with a powerful beam of chakra as he presses her tenketsu, "16 Palms, 32 PALMS!" he would shout out pressing the final point, panting, sweating, truly tired from this fight, its a wonder he has went this far.

Again, Setsiro's body was battered and abused, Hiroshi's chakra-laden fingers throwing the energy from her form, but he was tapping at an already depleted reserve. Her chakra was gone, and the body he harmed could bring no more pain than she had already pushed through before. His final blow sent her flying…
…She landed in a backwards sliding crouch, her breathing ragged. And she brought herself to her full height, jaw clenching around her pain, once more greatful for the damage reducing seals. She brought her weapon to bear and began a staggering run that smoothed out as she moved, bringing her to Hiroshi in short order. She made two slashes, one for either of Hiroshi's legs. Both were feints, though the Hyuuga would not know that. In between them, should she find success, the flesh of Hiroshi's chest would part.

Hiroshi was spent, his chakra wavering lower than normal, his body pushed to the very end of its limits. Never before in his life had he been pushed to the brink of giving up, the teen hyuuga could only stare in disbelief as his opponent moved forward. Attempting to pull off a dodge like before Hiroshi would be cut, spiinning around, The kunai from earlier still on the ground. he would grab it, his hands wavering, as he attempts to parry the next slice, only to have his legs nicked again. Spinning, turning even, the teen hyuuga was wavering now, legs shaking as he stands. The metallic clang was God sent, as he was able to defend against the blade dancers slash at his chest. "I am not forfieting. But another day, another time. IT would be good to finish this." he would say, stumbling as he walks away from his opponent. Peering at her, His byakugan still in bloom, though the pulsating veins could obviously be seen subsiding, straining to stay active. Turning around, Hiroshi would not bother assaulting the girl, instead he would seem to be, taking a rest? Supporting his weight on his knees both hands there, as he peers at her.

With a back of Iron, Setsiro began walking towards Hiroshi once more, sword still held at her side. Her body turned it's energy into chakra, preparing herself some. "You are… worthy," said the reizei, a slight quiver in her voice that swiftly steadied. "I would not mind having a loss to you, if life paints such a picture."

Hiroshi can only shake his head and sigh, having rested for only a moment, the teen hyuuga would toss his head back, as he focuses a small amount of chakra, not to much, as to not push his body past its limits. "Darnit, and here I was hoping you would not have gave up." he would satm sighing lightly as he watches you, thinking to himself. "This should be just enough." he would say outloud, now peering at you, beckoning for you to approach. "You will exhaust yourself before your second match. But this has indeed been an honorable fight. If I have to lose, I am glad it is to you." Would be said, Hiroshi standing proud awaiting her attack, "And your as vicious as a samurai, but I am sure as hell glad you arent one."

Setsiro made a noise that might have been called a snort from a lesser woman. "I see." She shrugged lightly, gait turning liquid. "Let us finish this, then."
She vanished reappearing near him to slash at the man. She did this repeatedly, body flickering and appearing just long enough to make an attack before repeating the action.

Hiroshi would nod lightly, a smile upon his face as he tosses his head back, strands of his long ebony hair stick to him and rest down his back. "Yes, lets." he would say not in his clans juuken stance, instead fight are clenched, the teen hyuuga at his end, as he looks to end this with simple punches. A sigh escapes his lips as he is met with her blade again. Left, right, Hiroshi can only hope to dodge, but most of them more so stumbles as he moves back. The Teen hyuuga barely keeping his composure, but long enough to lash back, Kunai in his right hand, he would deliver a left punch, well attempt to, then a right slash, only to follow up with a left punch again, stumbling.

Setsiro's blade whipped out, creating a thin slice into Hiroshi's arm as it came at her, directing it to go past her over her shoulder. Her arm appeared at her other side, the kunai strike deflected, and it was already en route towards doing to the second punch what it had to the first. But, her arm gave out, and fell, the point of the blade a good foot under the blow it was meant to deflect.

She was struck squarely in the chin, and she stumbled back a few steps, looking completely off kilter… and she toppled. Exhaustion overtook her and darkness melded with her consciousness, until she knew no more.

The fight was still going, even Hiroshi didnt figure he would last this long, the blade of Setsiros weapon cuttiing his arms, the two fighting like titants, A punch easily countered, a sharp kunai swing easily blocked. And a single punch settled it all. With that punch, hiroshi would stumble, even though it landed he could feel himself lose balance. Hiroshi was standing but he couldnt take anymore. He could only cast his head back, His byakugan still in full bloom, but its slowly receeding, the pulsating veins vanishing, slowly, the burning intensity leaves the hyuugas eyes. Tired, weakened Hiroshi could only gasp for air as he watches Setsiro.

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