First World Ninja Competition - Just like the Good Ol’ Days: Tosai vs. Ryuk


Tosai, Ryuk, Yuuka, Tsukiko

Date: Unknown (log received December 7, 2010)


Comrades, and friends, both to one another, Ryuk and Tosai, go a long ways back. This match, is both the reunion of friends, and a peek into each other’s progress as each nin fights with the determination to win, and the desire to have a little bit of fun.

"First World Ninja Competition - Just like the Good Ol’ Days: Tosai vs. Ryuk"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]


TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!

*OOC*: look stands to see who's currently watching.


So!! Here we are again!!! The stage is set yet still, as the World Tournament presses forward with more and more of the same. Ninja, as well as fighters of every breed, and stature, come yet again to see if they have what it takes to go out in a contest of skill, luck, tenacity, heart, and all out desire!!

So what brings us to the ring today? Well, for starters, a special request was put early by a certain large, and very persuasive Akimichi, and not the setting is a bit of a doozy!! Yes.. due to his argument(or threat rather), the designers decided to incorporate old style architecture, in with a more religious motif. The question was asked.. Where did much of the martial arts actually originate from? And this time, they would answer. Meet today's ring. The Temple of the Ninja Monks of the Land of Fire!!!! That’s right folks. Today's setting, is a recreation of much of the internal training court almost down to the small nooks and nicks in the concrete floor!! It indeed is over looked by a large temple staircase, whose peak displays almost an uncanny resemble to the Bell of Untold Peace, which is rang once each morning back in Fire Country!!

Along with his rather enthusiastic request(and very large fist) the Akimichi showed quite the knack in detail, and guaranteed today, that events would be quite interesting!!

The tournament did not hold victory, fame, or valor for a certain Hyuga, though it did hold strength in knowledge, learning and practice. Now he was back, at the request of an old friend. When Ryuk got the invitation he was unsure what to think, that if he could take time off his duties to make a trip to Kusagakure, there was not telling what would be in store for him there, except of course one thing. A battle in earnest with Akimichi Tosai whom had never done anything less than give it his best shot. This is what Ryuk admired, and he could also relate.

When he got up to the ring, he noticed something very strange, rather interesting in fact. "Fire temple?…" Ryuk had stepped into what was once his home, his dojo, and his temple, and he felt warm inside, nostalgic. He looks for Tosai with a straight face, though when he sees the Akimichi, his brow relaxes and he says in a soft tone "This is quite a surprise, I don't suspect you had anything to do with it, Onii-chan." He scarcely used humor or sarcasm, this must be a special occasion indeed, though his mannerisms tend to stay the same as he bows humbly to the Akimichi.

"Yep!! The Fire Temple! You like?", would be said from above him, as Tosai would come descending from the Bell of Untold Peace, walking casually down the steps.. "You look well Ryuk.", would indeed be said with a bow.. He wouldn't say much of whether he had anything to do with it all. After the way he treated those ring designers, the only thing he was proud of, was the way it all turned out. "I am surprise you call me Brother after all this time.. Older at that! I always thought we had been more of the same age!" He would come down to what would be the ring for the day, with a chuckle, "Though since we are in the midst of holy ground, recreated or not, we still must behave as monk-like as possible, Nii-san.."

Tosai would make his own bow again, this time, with the greeting of one warrior monk to another. He would then take a stance, that would be quite nostalgic yet again to Ryuk.. The Temples stance of the Divine Deity Palm… He would stomp his feet down, raising one fist and one open palm to his guard, and smile giddily the entire time.. "You best not hold back on me."


Tsukiko settled into a spot in the stands, eagerly watching the fight in the ring. She had healed and rested from her own final loss in the matches and seemed to be much better off with the lifting of the pressure the games had put on her. She calls out down to the ring, "Yay Tosai!"


Ryuk nods with his eyes closed at Tosai, all monks were brothers, though the honorific used was his way of being light-hearted, plus he and Tosai were not just brothers of the temple, but of Konoha as well. Then shifting his gaze back up to see the grin on the large ninja's face, he steps into the Divine Deity Palm stance as well. Though after a few moments, this he realized this was not going to just be a simple spar, no that is not what he came here to do. He says a short prayer before nodding once again to Tosai, and stepping out of the monk stance, and into the stance of the gentle fist, which was not much different, but the foot placing and limbs seemed even more loose. "Of course.." He takes a few breaths and focuses chakra to bring forth a glowing aura around his body. Looking at Tosai now with a more stable nature, intent on what will follow during the match.

Looking to the sharing of the stances they now seemed to both have, Ryuk would get a look from Tosai, as he would seem to hesitate his attack. Was he being sized up? Well, so far Ryuk hadn't decided to make any moves.. Not yet anyway. However, this did give Tosai time to ready his own self.. Chakra, little more than necessary for his Taijutsu style, would flood the Akimichi's body, almost as if unintentional. Tosai would smile as he would lower his stancing more, acknowledging the Hyuga’s reply with a face that would go from smiling, to focused, in the second in which a heart beats..

Ryuk would not have much to go by in the way of meeting the Akimichi's strength in power, but he did have a few jutsu on his side that could perhaps give him a chance. This is the way it always was, and today would be no different, though with the Juuken against the Akimichi style these two would still meet in hand-to-hand combat. Though he wouldn't be caught in such a position without the aid of his bloodline technique. His eyes widen suddenly as he gathers chakra and activates the Byakugan, white eyes gaining an iris and veins popping out around them. Besides this, nothing but the bending of the legs, a slight duck in stance to gain momentum, an angle from which to gain an edge, would proceed Ryuk's lightning fast movement forward with a Juuken strike to the shoulder, then taking a step and whirling his light weight body only sixty degrees he attempts to take an opportune strike at the neck with a two fingered hand seal, aiming to close a chakra point on the Akimichi.

The slow watch for tactics.. This seemed to symbolize some game of strategy, just to see who would make the first move. Tosai would have been serious sure, but in his mind.. He was a kid again. Of course, the monastery had been teaching of how to fighting using your head more than you strength. The Akimichi hadn't been the best at that in his youth, but now? Well… To say so, walked a thin line.. Lets just say he was /better/ at it now.

As the Byakugan would awaken within Ryuk's vision, Tosai would make no motion.. He would only regret thinking that he it would soon surface. Tosai would try his hand at testing this man's skill.. First came the speed test.. As Ryuk would began his first strike, Tosai would indeed, notice no sign of him ever moving. It was his sensing of the intent to strike, that would make Tosai's using the Body Flicker Technique, work a whole lot better than it should. The Akimichi, would fade into nothing in mere seconds..

Unknown to Ryuk though.. He would pass a second test from Tosai with flying colors. Just before hands could seal, the test of acuity to tactics, would be done.. Tosai would get stunned beneath his beard quicker then he could actually think. His mind would go blank for a few seconds, his body not being able to respond for a few moments.. Needless to say, this was going to leave him vulnerable.

The floor of the fire temple had been a training ground to Ryuk for a significant time, and it was all coming back to him very clearly. He had grown since then, and now he was up against a test of skill so he executed his attack strategy to the best of his ability, which proved to be in a way, masterful. Here was Tosai, under the replication stone work of the fire temple and the bell tower. Ryuk's vision reached to the stands, and the ninjutsu barrier, and it was if time had stopped as it all comes together on a single target, a set of points on the Akimichi. "Eight Trigrams: Thirty Two Palms!" He lets out a single strike "1…" Then a set of two "2…" Continuing the jutsu, his speed increasing "4, 8, 16…32 palms!" He steps back and before Tosai can recover, flickers to a balcony. He manipulates genjutsu chakra as he stares from higher ground at Tosai. If he was not quick to react, he would be met with a kunai launched straight at him. Ryuk was sure to make full score of the opportunity that arose from the Juuken strike that hit, now he would not let Tosai rest, making it a point to stay on the offensive, even from a distance.

It seems battle has already started and well underway when from the back of the first arena's stands, a robed and slender figure slips inside quietly, a hood draped over a young woman's snow white head as bright aquamarine eyes glance over the crowd. Not that she really expected to see anyone she knows anyways. The Kaguya woman paces behind the last set of seats as she chooses an empty one, lowering herself into it and habitually brushing her slender fingers over her long, pale kimono. Yuuka breathes out slowly as she glances up to the battle arena for the first time, finding it comfortable enough to remain on her own as she begins to watch the contrast in battle tactics.

Tsukiko oohs and ows, empathizing with the hits the big man on the field takes. She stand and claps, shouting down, "Come On Tosai! you gotta hit him to win, right?" She shakes her head, grinning, knowing Tosai and Ryuk will be enjoying the spar as much as the audience

Looking to the Ryuk he saw now, he never would have thought this was the same Hyuga that was hurt that day back at the previous siege of Konoha. That hit was shocking to his system, just a tad bit more than it should have. Even now, Tosai was just shaking himself out of the first stun, when all of a sudden, he would attack with a combo that was a staple to the Gentle Fist style. Needless to say, he wouldn't see it coming, and thus would be slapped upside the head to the point where it just was not funny.. But just how would the Akimichi come out of such a barrage of blows designed to cause folly within the tenketsu of his chakra system?

Well.. beyond the chakra burns, and a rather annoyed look, he wasn't that bad.. He would stagger only slightly, after being hit a total of 32 times.. Not bad huh? Of course, if this had been outside the confines of the barrier, Tosai wouldn't be counting his blessing. The only change he would feel of himself though, would be a slight weakening. The interrupting of his chakra flow for genjutsu, wouldn't be felt at all. Even as he would drag himself to the left, out of the way of a chakra coated kunai, he would otherwise seem in perfect shape. "Well.. It seems that using only ninjutsu against you would, would be pointless.. You will pardon me for my underestimation, won't you?" Ryuk may have noticed something early about the monk stance that Tosai had took. It has seemed incomplete. Well.. Soon, a hammer, would be withdrawn from the small of Tosai's back.. if such a thing existed on the large man.. With a twirl, and a deep stomp, Tosai would seem to awaken.

The hammer bridged across his shoulder, Tosai, would make it a point to gain his ground… "Earth Release!!! Center Ripple Smash!!", would be said with a shout, as a fist would be smashed into the ground, causing a wave of earth, rock, and stone, to rise from his power, and head right at Ryuk. Even if that was changed, a clone of himself would be made amongst the chaos, hidden, and waiting until the last second, just to strike Ryuk.. Tosai on the other hand, would have using this to close the distance, between he and the Hyuga.

Ryuk watched the Akimichi's response to his attack, and as he suspected, it was surely not enough to incapacitate his large friend, just a show of half of what he was capable of. He saw the quick reaction to the kunai, of which was a test of his own, Ryuk was prepared to handle the situation effectively. "No apology necessary." He had not been offended in the slightest, though he knew Tosai was just being polite, so he felt that it was right to give him an answer. Even with the large ninja's new state of mind, and the step that caused the fire temple structure to shake, he saw the earth chakra with his Byakugan. He jumps off the balcony with ease, landing and hopping to a safe location. Having set off a genjutsu in Tosai's mind the image of Ryuk poofs! on contact with the earth clone, unbeknownst to Tosai that it was an actual genjutsu clone, he had avoided another set of attacks from the earth wielding Akimichi, yet he was wary if the match could persist like this. He was not sure whether it would be completely wise to engage in close range taijutsu once more at this time, so he keeps up his momentum from the jump and runs along the side of the stage tossing a couple of chakra imbued kunai at Tosai, the second of which carries an exploding tag, and he is sorry to damage the temple walls all the same, yet that was not an issue with the earth shaking jutsu already.


Frowning at the lost of his most recent strategy to Ryuk, Tosai would have recent to be more observant of the Hyuuga. "That second attack.. I should have landed.." Tosai would not say out loud what he was thinking, but Ryuk would probably discover what had been the case. Tosai would began his attack but only after beginning his approach to the situation, which would start in total change in defense.

Firstly, Ryuk would see everything hit… Tosai would have reduced his approach to a merely neutral stanced, and slow paced stroll. With every attack, even the explosive tag, Tosai would be seen as more and more damaged. Yet, for the most part, his behavior would show him seeming to unaffected by any of the cuts from the kunai, or even the mighty explosion of a tag. A large deep laceration, would appear on his left arm. Meanwhile, a kunai, would seem to get stuck dead in his chest. And when the explosion would happen, the man would appear, beard half burned off, and his armor, tattered, and hanging off. In actuality, everything that Ryuk had launched at him, would have merely avoided with high speed movement, out of the way, and back into place, as if to elude to the man never moving.

By the time the Akimichi had been in close proximity to the Hyuga, the man would have been torn to literal pieces, haggard, and looking rather vulnerable to any attack that had been able to be used.. Meanwhile, Tosai, would be plotting his next move.

Ryuk noticed the attacks hit, but he could not help but to have an itching feeling that something was wrong. He had watched closely with his Byakugan but the movements of the Akimichi were too fast for him to get a real grip on, which is why he thought it strange he had just been hit, and even though he could see his chakra, his opponent's technique was so flawlessly skilled that he couldn't tell what had really happened from the fake sight of the injured Akimichi before him. He continues as if his attacks hit on the same strategy, moving in with a Juuken combo ready. A palm raised is about to hit the Akimichi when it suddenly stops mid-air. "Nii-san…" The injuries looked really bad and he wouldn't hurt a friend more "Are you…?" but then…His brow tenses as he sees the true vision of the Akimichi, though he goes wide-eyed. It was too late, how could he have been tricked. Now he really had to think on his toes.

The Akimichi never lost sight of the Byakugan that Ryuk welded. However, that was thing. He was being careful. Tosai wanted to make the Hyuga doubt what he had been seeing. It was an idea that would stem even from the genjutsu that had been used upon him. Tosai was not going to just let this thing be a simple taijutsu match.. Not at all.. It was a fight.. But, just because it was indeed a fight, didn't mean the two of them couldn't have a tad bit of fun. Ryuk's face when he was analyzing Tosai. Keeping himself serious up until the very point when Ryuk would ask him the cut off question was hard. However, Tosai's sense of humor would make it a point to come out a couple of time's in this battle.

Tosai would say, "Hehe!! I'm fine!", would a loud laugh, as his henge'd form would poof into smoke before Ryuk's very eyes!! Smoke would be merely a distraction, as a low sweeping kick would aim for the back of the Hyuga's knee. The hammer, which up until now, had been at his side, would now being swung, one handed into Ryuk's gut, just before the Akimichi would spin, digging deep, and moving low into the Hyuga’s abdomen.. A heavy right palm, would bury itself deep into the right side of the nin's belly, with enough power to probably set him back a few paces.. Meanwhile, Tosai would seem to be having allot of fun now.

Now this was something he was not expecting, but the antics of Tosai had effectively caught him off-guard. However, Ryuk would not give up a reaction to this stunt, as he didn't find humor in any number of things, much less a trick like this. He is tripped by leg sweep by the Akimichi, but seeing as it was a fight, he didn't let himself go all the way down, as he is in the fall he manages to roll away from the hammer. He wasn't going to let that hit him either, but the quickness of Tosai was able to catch him with an Akimichi palm strike. He is sent reeling by the weight of the attack, only for his back to hit a wall, and somehow landing upside down with his head and shoulders on the floor. He topples over and gets back up into a standing position. Now for something completely different. Ryuk jumps high and out of sight, taking cover behind the tower. All with flickering speed he comes down to deliver a retaliating combination of Juuken strikes. One at the chest, another at the shoulder, and a third strike with a palm to the chest.

Looking to what had been the Ryuk's knocking into the wall, Tosai would wince, and sigh… Ryuk may have noticed that up until now, Tosai had been merely using ninjutsu, and weaker forms of Taijutsu offense that had not been using of his clan's Hidenjutsu.. It may not make any difference to him, since Tosai's speed and power, even without, had been quite formidable, but to Tosai, it meant something. It was a match, not a fight to the death, or an event where someone needed to be embarrassed.. He wanted to see just what Ryuk could take, and whatever happened, happened. But for now, Tosai would have kept things simple and conserving.. The palm, only would have been thirty percent of his full strength.

However, when the hiding would come, along with bursts of speed to confuse, Tosai would seem to ready himself for the worst. He couldn't keep up with his eyes… Thus, he had to use his other sense. The first two strikes, would be parried with one handed strikes that would hit at the base of Ryuk's wrist. However.. when the final strike to his chest would be launched, Tosai would panic, and his belly would literally explode out, meeting Ryuk's open palm with a hard wall of stomach and gut.

Meanwhile, Tosai would have readied another strategy. For Ryuk, this would be the point where things changed.. A large hand, would be sliced into Ryuk's shin's, to swipe him off his feet without much harm, and flip him into the air.. But even that was a set up for when Tosai would consider a smash down tactic, where he would then flip that same hand enhanced with the Multi Sized Technique, over, and smash Ryuk into the ground, like a spatula into a frying pan. Ryuk would probably bounce upon impact, and this when Tosai's final move would come.. An overhand right, that would send Ryuk flying yet again…

Ryuk was not going into close range without an attack strategy, so after his juuken combo, he starts to spin in preparation for the Heavenly Spin technique. Tosai however had a powerful strategy of his own, and his growth and speed was enough to catch Ryuk with another attack to the legs, and he goes down. He doesn't stay down though, getting back up to a crouch, gathering chakra to his feet for a leap away from the oversized hand trying to grab him. His evasion didn't bring him to safety completely, as he is knocked down from mid-air. He could tell the Akimichi had upped the ante, and was using some more advanced jutsu, but it wasn't over yet. After some of the dust clears from his fall and impact, he slowly gets up and breathing heavily. "Is that the most you can do?" He says, to provoke the Akimichi into bringing something harder, though it was a dangerous tactic, he was prepared for the consequences if it didn't work. He gives Tosai a nod, and lifts up a hand signaling "Let's go!" He mutters, already preparing some more chakra for a burst of speed forward to meet Tosai's attack head on if he took the bait.

Tosai would look on to Ryuk, as he would come to a stand yet again. He would look to the Hyuga with a smile. "You know full well I can go harder than this.. I know those eyes of yours can see a whole lot more than just what’s in front of you now.. Don't make a foolish tactic out of tempting me.

Tosai would look on to Ryuk, as he would come to a stand yet again. He would look to the Hyuga with a smile. "You know full well I can go harder than this.. I know those eyes of yours can see a whole lot more than just whats in front of you now.. Don't make a foolish tactic out of tempting me." Tosai would still be standing in place, looking ont to the fact that even now, the boy had been seeming tire. Tosai, meanwhile, hadn't even gotten started. Sure, his body ached, and he felt himself drained of chakra knowing that part of it wasn't due to himself. He would smile and Ryuk once again and say. "Besides.. If you wanted more of a strategy, then I would suggest making sure that genjutsu is stronger next time.. I have to say, you surprised the hell out of me with that."

He would then began to grow, only slightly, his height only doubling, as he would look to Ryuk, just waiting on what would be the boy's strategy. Meanwhile, Tosai, had much planning of his own to be done.. After all, something had to be done with the amount of chakra he was now summoning.

Ryuk listens to Tosai, and figures he had not provoked the attack, so he would have to try to do it a different way. The only problem now was that Tosai was twice the size, and he was going to have a hard time standing up to him, especially now that he was quite tired, and Tosai well he was just abuzz with chakra and energy. Ryuk launches a kunai straight at the giant ninja's face as he sets off the explosion he attempts to hide behind the smoke and get close without being noticed.

Tosai was getting to the point where he knew just what was going to need to be done for Ryuk to improve. But wait.. Had that been all this was about? Seeing where a friend had been weakest? Well.. possible. Tosai was still remembering when he couldn't save the friend he held dear. He would even remember these things, as he would see to a fight that was now one sided in his opinion. He would look to Ryuk's efforts with a bored expression as before long, he would take merely tilt his head to the side for the Kunai to whizz by. He would then look to the explosive tag, hopping above it, never turning to see the explosion happen below him.

Tosai would land calmly, just near where the ring seemed to end. He would look to the design, and sigh.. "A shame.. this setting.. It wasn't a complete waste… but I wish we could have not destroyed it so much. Welp… Time to finish this." Tosai would sheathe his hammer behind himself, and in his large form, sink his palms deep into the earth below. Then, he would lift… Soon, the earth's crust would seem to be dragged upward, the ring being caused to quake as Tosai, was now preparing a monumental size earth jutsu.. Soon, the sun would be eclipsed by a large, mountain sized boulder, made of half of the recreated Temple of Fire…

With a heavy grunt, all of this, would be dropped… right on top of Ryuk.

Ryuk couldn't stand up to Tosai's giant size, he was in a league of his own. Ryuk would never give up though, for him even a match such as this was worth it. He watches the Akimichi use the earth dumpling technique. Getting his chakra ready, he gathers chakra in his palms, and spinning his arms fast in a blurring motion around his body, as he stands in place creating a dome of his own. His was made of chakra to protect his position, and the giant mountain sized rock dumpling lands on him he cuts it into tiny pieces, some of them get through and hit him, until he uses all his energy, and can't hold out any longer. Stuck under the rock, he can't see outside, but when he can he says "Good match, Tosai. I have a long way to go, to meet your level." He bows to the Akimichi.

Ryuk’s bow, would be met with one of his own. Tosai, had been finding Ryuk’s skill quite admirable. “You sir, are not giving yourself enough credit. I would have thought, that all this time, you had been going easy on me, until I saw through your genjutsu.” Tosai would move to the boy, and say, “Besides.. This won’t be the last time we face one another.. I am planning to help you train, just like you helped me back at the Temple. I mean, it was you that taught me to take my technique more seriously, was it not?” Tosai would then pat the boy on his back, and say, “Now.. I guess this means your turn to pay for lunch, right?” Yep.. Ryuk will out soon that some things never change. This includes the depths of Tosai’s appetite.

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