First World Ninja Competition - Kenta vs. Imota


Imota, Kenta, Moriko, Onimitsu, Hinotori

Date: Unknown (log received October 27, 2010)


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"First World Ninja Competition - Kenta vs. Imota"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]


This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!

*OOC*: look stands to see who's currently watching.



Kenta is sitting up in the waiting hallway, hands behind his back and fingering the leather and metal handle of his kodachi. He's nervous, if you can't tell. Being out in the arena, where everyone can see. It's unnerving to him to know that everyone can watch Kenta. But he sucks in a calming breath. Maia-sensei will be in the stands, and hopefully the other members of team 1. God bless their team spirit.

Yes folks, it's the first round of the first ever ninja tournament! Sadly, Onimitsu has been dragged away from shopping and is being escorted by two Kusagakure jounin to the arena. A small crowd of people have gathered in the stands even this early in the morning. Flags and pennants from both Kumogakure and Sunagakure fly above the crowds on poles or strung on the overhang shade above the stands. Trumpets blare and announce the next match and that all participants should make their way to the arena at this time, as well as the announcer/ref.

Meanwhile, in room just a halls distance away, one Sasaki nin awaits what will be his own first match. The nerves Kenta had felt, weren't really felt by this one, but then again, Imota, had not been feeling of much emotion at all in his life. A blank expression sleepy and rather nonchalant, had been upon his face as he would simply sit, staring at the door. He was told that when his name was announced, thus would be an indication of his entry into the dome. In his on words, this nin would comply and thus he would wait. He seemed to only have been carrying his standard gear, the likes of which had been used routinely on missions and the like. The normal temperance he exuded, had been one of stoic calm, nothing over the edge, or even showing enthusiasm.

The most unexpected about this entire situation, was that Imota, who would normally have no reason for being in such a tournament, had volunteered of his own accord. When asked why, by Watanabe Itami, his sensei, team leader, and boss, why he wished to be in such, Imota's reply had been simply to 'test himself, under different situation in combat'. Imota had always been on to use statistic information, to analyze what had been his own prowess. So from this tournament, the small nin, age 11, expected to get a load of data as of how he had stacked against nin his own rank, in the world outside of Sunagakure. Even more so, this first match was one of many important ones where Imota would take it quite seriously.

He /will/ go all out.

Onimitsu was still unsure as to how exactly he ended up roped into referee for world ninja competition by the time he was unceremoniously pushed into the arena by his escorts. Well, not exactly pushed and more like stumbling over his own feet over a pebble catching his foot. THANKFULLY, all those years of shinobi training came in handy in ensuring that he recovered with some dignity intact!

The moment he comes to a stop between the two competitors, Onimitsu gave the crowd a quick once over before turning his attention to the competitors. Well competitor. Which immediately put a frown on his face before he called out for /someone/ to go fetch the boy if his first calling failed to reach him. No matter how long it took, as soon as Imota reached the field, Onimitsu would look up and give the signal for the sealers to active the barrier before giving both competitors the run down on the rules. Just in case things weren't already made clear by some other source. "Alright gentlemen. I won't bother asking you to bow or shake hands since that's how 9 times out of 10 someone gets poisoned or outright killed from the get go. However, I /will/ give you a quick run down on the rules before things begin. *deep calming breath* Rule number one: Victory is decided either when one of you surrender, is knocked unconscious for no more than ten counts /unless/ it some special hidenjutsu with your clan and blah blah blah…, OR you are deemed incable of continuing the fight. Secondly, although this area was designed to allow for everyone to really cut loose, beheading and maiming is still to a certain degree still possible. So please, try not or I may be forced to interfere. And lastly, aside from those first two rulings it is pretty much anything goes so…*whew*…Give it your all and don't hold back", He finished calmly and gave them one last glance to make sure they understood the rules.

A gauntlet covered hand is raised…

A silent nod for the barrier controllers to active the seals…

Then the hand is dropped with Onimitsu calling out "Begin!" then jumping back far enough out range of the competitors. "….OH! And don't attack the referee!!!"

Kenta walks into the arena and squints his eyes. The sun is just peeking over one of the shades. He looks about at the people as they're cheering, well, maybe not for him but are cheering. They want some blood! He listens to the words from Onimitsu and then looks over at Imota, sizing him up a bit. Younger by a bit, but not too much, and with a fair amount of weapons visible or weapon pouches. But if they carry that, would be anyone's guess. "Well, good luck to you." he says with a smile, then slips into a stance to get ready. Kenta takes in a breath as the barrier goes up, and decides to act. His hands reach into his duster and pulls out a kunai with an explosive tag attached to it on a string. He lets the blade fly as a line unwinds from the tag. At the last moment, Kenta jerks on the line causing the tag to smoke and spark. It's a kunai tag combo attack!

The first call, was indeed not heard for some strange reason, and thus Imota would be notified. Only seconds later, would the boy be seen, flickering onto the middle of the battlefield, and giving Kenta a scan. The wardrobe of the boy, was put under a microscope, strict attention being paid to what the Tenjin had been wearing. Imota remarked how this kid, for one, had not seemed suited much for the weapon he now wore. The hilt was noticed but none of its intricacies. It had caused Imota to be quite puzzled, but no comment would be, nor reaction shown. He expected however, that the sword would be used if it was possessed.

The crowd would be the first thing noted by Imota upon his entrance. Their cheers had been in part something of that Imota had been trying to pick apart and understand. They seemed excited for the show of blood shed. Something this nin could hardly understand, since such things normally promoted sadness, grief, and pain, from those who had not been himself. He would turn once, before then looking to Kenta sharply, and then looking to the proctor. The rules had been indeed explained, in short, and bluntly by Onimitsu, enough to where Imota could understand, despite his use of slang and jargon. When the barrier would be raised, Imota would note the balance of chakra it took for such, and wonder what mainly the seals had been composed of, though he would never once take his eyes off Kenta. This two, however, would be a note to him that this match had indeed been starting, and hence, Kenta, would be allowed the first move. His capabilities after all, had to be seen before Imota could possibly figure a strategy.

Imota would expect a simple start, and this when the Kunai would fly by, hand seals had been ready. The boy would first have substituted with a dummy clone, of himself, before he would then be seen disappearing in the large explosion created by the explosive tag. Thus, even now, Kenta, would notice that he had been nowhere in sight, the dummy being the only thing left behind. Just what had happened? Well despite Imota's visible presence being none, the trap that remained would show that he was still much in the fight, for the dummy left behind, just as the tag would explode, would scatter small grenades about the field, and into Kenta's direction. The contents of such being charged with chakra, and filled with corrosive acid.

Kenta tilts his head as the smoke from the transformation on the dummy dissipates leaving the mannequin and tag. "Damn it.." Kenta says as the tag goes spraying grenades around the area and at him. He glares at the grenades and makes a hand sign. Water explodes out from several pockets sending streams swirling about Kenta before launching at several incoming grenades. A hand from each stream forms and morphs into a Kenta half formed. They grab the grenades and pull them into themselves causing each to puff and bloat the clone slightly, but dampen the explosion…literally. One does manage to roll through the water clones and Kenta gasps as it explodes spraying him with acid, but he quickly melts away into water and Kenta bursts out from one of the water clones. Soaked but ok, he did the replacement technique with one of his own clones. Now breathing a bit harder now, he makes a hand sign and begins focusing his chakra. "Not bad kid…" he says with a slight smile

Meanwhile, from his own position, seeing the exchange and reaction to his smoke grenades, Imota would have confirmed his suspicions. This one, for the most part, had been a ninjutsuist, and a well versed one. The clone had been manipulated with expertise the likes of which he had seen only few times. However, his use of water, had made Kenta's jutsu, quite limited. He would need sources of water. The use of the replacement technique was one which would use some of his own reaction speed. These two factors would be key for Kenta's defeat.

Imota would uncover himself from a tarp for which he had used to camouflage himself on the field, before coming to a stand, and then walking within range of Kenta. He would look to the boy's concentration seal, and say, "Hmmm.. an acute lack of chakra control.", out loud, before saying, "While luck has been wished upon this nin, this nin does relate superstition as irrelevant in comparison to statistics and fact. You shall learn this soon.", before then removing a scroll from his pouch. He would hold one seal which would cause a large poof of smoke around his entire arm, before a larger weapon would be revealed. Kenta would note such as Fuuma style Windmill Shuriken, but drastically altered. It had been modified to possess 6 blades instead of 4, and along with alteration, would appear to be quite lightweight in Imota's hand. It was either lightweight, or Imota had been stronger than Kenta realized.

Imota would appear to simply stand there waiting on the next move, though at the same time, he had been gathering his own chakra and remaining observant of this Tenjin's actions.

Against his better judgment, Onimitsu momentarily glanced away to check to make sure the seals held in place after the explosion. "So far so good. Now let's see what else they have", He muttered quietly to himself as he watched the exchange. "Hmmm….looks like things are really starting to heat up now", Onimitsu continued once he felt the air subtly change from the rapid build up of chakra from both combatants.

Summoning weapons is something Kenta has seen before, or at least he's heard of it. He drops his arms and says, "Really? I always thought I had good chakra control." He gives a shrug and uses the splashed water on the ground to launch several volleys of senbon at Imota, now that he has the chakra to do it. As the first volley is away, he opens his mouth and several brown senbon launch out, and Kenta finishes up with one more volley from the water on the ground.

Seeing the water senbon in use, Imota would be reconsidering his words. To form senbon out of water, had not been any small feet. However, the senbon weren't fast enough to hit Imota. Imota, would jab his shuriken into the ground with authority, before going through his own string of seals. Soon, torrential winds would seem to come in from every place within confines of the battle field, changing the air pressure in its totality. Winds would collide from two different direction, in front of Imota, providing a wall for which the senbon would it. The technique would dissipate upon contact. Once the attacks had done so, Imota would release his seal, and calm remove the hefty weapon from its place in the ground, before soon, beginning his own attack run.

"Target acquired. Utilization of first attack run imminent.", would be said, as Imota, would began running. He would strafe about the field, to create the look of a beginning evasion. Meanwhile, in actuality, the boy had starting his attack, which would began with heaving throw of his large shuriken. This place however, had been one which had been filled with contingencies. For even if the first throw had missed, Imota would have had been always attached to the weapon he threw, via wire. This wire would allow him to change the trajectory and movement of the shuriken as he saw fit, enough so where the weapon would have not one, but two chances to hit. And even if the weapon were to miss on both occasions, the wire, and the weight of the weapon, would be used for the finality of the plan. The wire itself. Using the String Reeling technique, Imota would have placed enough line out in the field, thanks to the shuriken throw, that with one yank, Kenta can easily be entangled.

The shuriken spins towards Kenta and he does a quick hop over it and to the side. He lands skidding to a halt in a three point stance, only now dropping the syringe on the ground. His body gives a small shudder, the only evidence of the transformation. As the spinning blades come back around, Kenta disappears, reappearing a safe distance away but in a full run towards Imota. His sweating at this point, the strain of whatever he took evident on his face. But he's moving much faster now, almost doubling his speed. As he nears the target, he reaches behind him and swings his arm around pulling the kodachi out and pumping it in front of him in a double slash before it slips back into its sheath.

The test had seemed to work for Imota, but only in a way that had been not expected. In fact, this had only made Imota, more curious. The use of a syringe, had primarily been for the injection or extraction of something. The emptiness of the on dropped conveyed that such had been used for the first. Imota would see his second and third attack be evaded, but only by a quick burst of speed, that would cause Kenta to flicker out of the distance. Before that however, the nin had been able to easily sidestep it. The differences in speed, presumably before and after the injection, had been noted by the Sasaki, and even prompt a vocal reaction. "The use of such strange augmentation, for the pursuit of a win. The use of anything within disposal for the effective means to an end. This is what makes ninja. Commendable."

Imota would see the next attack of Kenta, but he would also see the sweating, as well as the evident strain on his face as he would come in. The sword strikes, while they had been quick, showed an acute lack of technique. Imota would confirm this and say, "However, this uses, has not seemed to help you. Second attack run, imminent." Kenta would seem to be on target with the first slash, however, a sound poof, would reveal a clone for the first evasion. Then, to imitate Kenta, the second slash would seem to cut through a fading Imota, before the boy would be revealed, a few feet away taking some smoke bombs, and hurling them at Kenta. What Kenta would not see, was the Makibishi spikes that were inside, that would scatter upon the ground, and restrict his movement. The smoke would be enough to hide Imota's next attack, kunai, ricochet from different point's on the field, and laced with wind chakra to streamline their flight.

Finally!! It's here!! And Moriko can be seen just kind of wandering into the stands and looking around. She then mutters. "Can't believe I was volunteered." she mutters, then smirks before shaking her head. "Ah well, will represent as best I can!" Next she notices the fight going on and the girl all but skips down to the edge of the stands to watch the goings on.

Kenta, in his heightened state, sees the smoke grenades coming at him in slow motion. He pushes off from the ground and leaps right through half a second before they explode. He slashes hard at Imota, scoring a hit but feeling his luck wearing out he backs off. His hand reverses its grip on the kodachi and Kenta swings it back and forth in front of him in a rapid figure eight. Sparks fly off in every direction but the wind…always the wind. Kenta gets a cut by an invisible blade in his arm and one across his cheek. That could have been worse had he been anywhere else. Kenta snorts and says, "Well, if we're through dancing…Tenjin ninja art: Sludge Emission." and he starts running through a series of hand signs and slams them on the ground. From within his sleeves inky sludge spews out covering his hands and flowing out in waves. They crash over each other, only a foot high, but from the way they're moving, it could easily limb up legs and make them have a bad day.

It seems that the second of his attack runs had failed. However, it did prove that Kenta, had been allot more perceptive in this more drugged phase. Imota would receive a neat little cut across the arm, and with such, he would turn to the Tenjin with a low peer. Kenta, had now become a threat to injury. Imota would look to the you man as he would back away, and with that Imota's shuriken, had now began to attract the wind in the area. A slow breeze had begun to blow. He would look to the scruffy looking Kumo nin, with a change mindset. It had been more testing. He had seen enough of what Kenta could do in terms of evasion, damage, and as far as he was concerned, skill. It was now time for the process of his elimination.

Imota would see the hand seals, and know this attack, as his opportunity to start yet another strategy. "Third Attack run…. Priority orange… Restriction Releases level 1..", would be said as the sludge would seem to spew from the sleeves of his opponent's duster, and before long, cover him up to his neck in a sticky waves of muck and mire. Imota, would seem stuck and motionless, for only a few seconds, before the clone, would explode! Air pressure would be released from this clone, causing the icky black stuff to be pushed in opposite directions above, and around the battlefield. Then, from Kenta's blind side, a shuriken, would be thrown, seeming a repeat of the first strategy Imota had implemented.

However, it would entirely different.

The large shuriken, had hid two others in its shadow, and those two would seem to speed from beneath it as it passed Kenta, aimed off course intentionally. Why? Well.. the shuriken, had not actually been a shuriken. As it passed, Kenta would hear a poof sound, and see Imota, flying through the air and holding his own shuriken, which had been laced now in a mini whirlwind, and was be retracted for a throw. "To announce your attacks…give away you strategy. You lack tact..", would be said before the shuriken would be released at high-speed, swirled with wind chakra, and coming in hot on Kenta.

Mo glances at the Sludge thing, then the wind clone reply. The girl tilts her head, eyes glancing around the arena to try and find the location of the defending Nin. "Hmmm. Ahh there we go! She mutters, and watches, before blinking "Those look familiar." She states the girl leaning forward on the railing to stud Imota curiously. Next she glances back to Kenta and to Imota. "Now what I wonder."

Kenta pulls his hands out of the muck with a slurping sound. With his chakra influencing the sludge, it quickly evaporates. The Tenjin is surprised by all the flashy shuriken skills but not enough to slow him down. He quickly makes a hand sign as the first shadow shuriken nails him and he disappears in a puff of smoke only to appear a short distance away. It's that second transformation and Fuuton attack, way too fast for Kenta to follow. Even before he tries the water clone, he gets blasted off his feet from the high velocity wind. On top of that, he takes a shuriken in the belly. Not a good place to get hit. He lands on his butt and skids a few dozen feet, but not flat on his back. He's not out yet. Pulling himself up he pulls the blade out tossing it to the ground. "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind." He feels a little drained, but even less hurt. A few cuts and one nice wound, but that's about it. However, his chakra is about gone, so he's forced to draw his chakra in. If he attacked Imota now, his taijutsu would be really out classed.

It was as this point, were things had seemed to be turning to dangerous for the two ninja. First blood had been drawn and now second. At this point, Imota was going for third. His attack had landed, and thus would it have some form of effect, as Kenta, had now taking the opportunity to group. The shuriken, as it passed Kenta, would be reeled back with string, even as Imota still flew backward, the recoil from its throw, not halting the Sasaki's momentum. While Kenta had been resting, Imota would not be letting up anytime soon however. For as he landed, his shuriken had yet again been jabbed into the ground, to both help in sticking his rather off kilter landing, and to free his hands for seals that would help his next jutsu.

Itami would be proud if she could see this jutsu used, even prouder if she were here to see it connect. Imota, as he would finish the seal, would have started a stirring in the air just above them, and yet still beneath the barrier that had enclosed he and his opponent into the field. Soon Imota would then bring his hands down simultaneously, a gestured command that would cause torrential winds to blow downward, right on top of Kenta, enough so where he would be possibly pinned to the ground for a long length of time.

Onimitsu grinned and raised a hand to ward off some of the dust kicked up by Imota's windy attacks. "Without a doubt. Ninjutsu and Taijutsu seems to be a favorite of these to…but..*headshakes*…aside from that shadow shuriken attack I can't really say that…..Mmmm.. Better withhold judgment for now", He continued in a low tone before circling around the edges of the field to examine things from another perspective.

"Shadow Shuriken, and the big shuriken are usually common to Uchiha, but I guess outside the wars." She mutters, then grins slightly at the use of wind. "Fwee, yay for Macrobursts!" She calls out of nowhere… "Next we need a low altitude FunnelGunnel!" She begins wandering around the edges of the stands to get a better look at the combat. "Now what's the other fellah gonna do."

Kenta is ready, well, he thought he was ready. Later on, he'll reexamine this match and come to find out he's never faced a wind user before. Right now though, he's seeing stars as a huge column of air slams him into the ground effectively pinning him to it like a giant hand. He grunts and twitches as he tries to pick himself up, but is out of action until the air dissipates.

The attack had succeeded. Imota's face however, would show any signs of pleasure, or anything within the confines of such pain or sympathy. Instead it was nothing but a blank mask, from which a ninja molded by war, and fighting would stare out of. Imota would have looked upon the jutsu he used with little to no surprise at its effectiveness in keeping Kenta prone to the ground. He now had the upper hand, and for the most part, his strategy afterward, had been implemented to get the job done. "You have fought well. However… in the end." Hand seals would blaze as a clone would be made just outside of the where the winds had blown. It would run into the void, and with its explosion, explode, knocking Kenta airborne. With that more seals would be made, as then 12 blades of wind, would form about Imota, lining in perfect symmetry. The blades would have been rather large, the size of a small child, as they would all began to then swirl about Imota's frame at high speed. He would then send them off, one by one, at Kenta's now airborne and flailing body. Before long, the same jutsu which had utterly destroyed half of Sunagakure's Administrative dome, would have then smashed into the Tenjin's body, simultaneously hitting at different points, and cutting at tendons, arteries, etc.


Kenta is thrown in the air and hovers there for a moment before swirling blades come at him at all angles slicing and cutting at his body, all the while Kenta is screaming in pain. Blood trickles down splattering on the ground like a butcher in a meat shop. Eventually, his torn and ragged body drops to the ground with a wet and merciful thump. Groaning, he still extracts himself from the floor, leaving a few wet streaks. "Ugh…can't…" he says through clenched teeth, "…give up. Hebari-sempai, wouldn't…." Kenta launches out of his mouth a huge bullet like burst of water and then flashes through hand signs. Once again he slaps his hands down on the ground and thick sludge oozes out, heading right for Imota. But will it work this time?

The Tenjin's body would be watched closely as it traveled, being beaten midair. Imota would look on, thinking the job had been done, and before long, had begun to leave, even before the body would drop to the ground. Things would seem to pause momentarily, as if the end, for Kenta, had gone and went with just two attacks. The words of the nin, however, would signal to Imota otherwise. The younger of the two would turn, and look to Kenta with widened eyes, especially when he would spout the words he had. He had known Tenjin Hibari? Such seemed very very weird, but then again, they had shared a surname.

Imota would then slowly turn and face the boy saying, "You are injured so, and yet you face one.. Such, is seemingly, futi-.", his words cut off as he would be attacked. The clone would be struck squarely by the water bullet, and sent flying back, only to poof once it had hit the barrier. Imota would be looking on from further back as he would then see the same sludge attack and sigh. This had been the start of another strategy. However, the threat, had been deemed less than before. Imota would again seem to be swallowed in sludge, this time, his entire body being covered with the gunk and slime, and blown backward by the initial force of the attack. However, this time, would be different, as then muck would seem to slowly run down his body, as if to not even cling. Infact, as he sailed through the air, Imota would be sent right into barrier and would strike it soundly, only to… bounce off? Yep! The body of the boy would bounce from wall to wall with quickly and inhuman elasticity, its limbs flailing like a dummy.

Had this been the real Imota? Kenta would find it hadn't on closer inspection. It had been a clone made of nothing but rubber, that would curl into a ball, and seek to fly into him at high speeds. Meanwhile, if the clone had struck Kenta, the Tenjin would be bounced into an awaiting Sasaki, that would burst open, and cover him with corrosive acid.

Well, after that stun and massive damage given to Kenta, even he knew he wasn't going to win this. BUT, this is far from a normal spar and to push it over the edge he knew was ok. Running isn't an option but neither is giving up. In the last second Kenta gets off the tiger hand sign for a water clone, but gets nailed by the rubber clone before it forms. Kenta grunts and closes his eyes, knowing what is next…his body collides with the acid clone and is enveloped by acid which scorches his body. His body, with streams of clothes, flesh, and acid fluid lands on the ground and skids to a stop at the far end of the ring. Kenta couldn't move if he wanted to. But, he has a smile on his face. Happy that it's over most likely.

Having arrived into Kusagakure with his sensei, Hinotori gets information regarding the tournament and where the matches were taking place. Upon getting the information he sought, he walks towards the stadium and as the current match was raging, Hinter quickly finds a seat and sits down. He does look around for a moment trying to get a good look at those who are around.


Onimitsu nods sagely to himself; stroking his chin thoughtfully. "Not as gory as I would've liked, but with those seals..", He trails off with a shrug before making his way over towards the combatants to check Kenta over. With a simple nod, he calls over the medics before sweeping an arm over towards Imota's direction. "And the winner is…Sasaki Imota!" Cue cheerful fans, possibly a few choice items being tossed in the ring once the barrier went down, and so and so forth. "If your able to, head over to the med bay to get checked out before resting up for your next match.", Onimitsu manages to whisper over the roar of the crowd to the Imota before helping the medics get Kenta out of there…

His attack had worked.. Not one to beat a dead horse, he was good for walking away right then before all of a sudden the crowd would erupt with a cheer. Imota would look to them, and then to Kenta, and seem to have no reaction. This behavior, was indeed illogical on the points of both the crowds behavior at seeing a kid beaten half to death, and even Kenta's smile after he had been cut, bruised, bloodied, beaten and burned to within an inch of his life. None of it made sense at all.

When the winner was announced as himself, he would say, "An obvious ruling. This announcement seems, redundant, as the evidence seems understood by those who watching." This of course would be said even as Imota had been leaving. He had heard the whisper, and took it as orders from a higher ranking ninja. This tournament. It was serving his purposes so far, but indeed, it had also been bring forth newer questions. What will fighting under more controlled conditions do to bring more peace. If anything, such competition would bring with it more animosity. Had this been something that would urge the people to come together? Or would it breed more blood shed then even these barriers could contain?

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