First World Ninja Competition - Making a Statement: Daichi vs. Meruin


Daichi, Meruin (Badass Spider Kid), Tosai (Loveable fat guy)

Date: November 11, 2010


Daichi is challenged to an exibition match by a mysterious competitor. Little did Daichi know he and his challenger had some history, how will Daichi fair now that his revenge is no longer his motivation for fighting?

"First World Ninja Competition - Making a Statement: Daichi vs. Meruin"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring

Meruin stands in the center of the arena, the eight year old apparently staring off into nothing as he awaited the arrival of his opponent. It was mid-morning, around what may be 10 o'clock. The fresh-faced sun poured it's heat onto the world below, though the warmth was only just beginning to take its effect. The day sounded fully underway from the noise of the people in the stands and the sound of the masses beyond the arena. The Okumo had scheduled a challenge with Daichi for five minutes from that time. His misted eyes lay unerring on the other side of the arena, where the konohagakure ninja was most likely to appear from.

Lugging Madness's Butcher into the arena Daichi was shocked that he had been challenged by a stranger now. "I wonder who it is?" Daichi says as he steps into the arena gateway. "Whoever it is…they must not know the value of sleep! It is too freaking early too-" Daichi is shocked as he sees his opponent "You!?!?!" Daichi pointed as I was Meruin, AKA that spider kid! Daichi had wanted a rematch with him for the longest. He had also heard that Meruin had been making his way through the tournament smoothly. It was good that Daichi would face him here and now, but his heart still wavers on something. Despite Tosai's encouragement Daichi can't help but feel remorse for Seki. He inches closer his eyes locked on that spider kid.

"Katsuko Daichi," said Meruin, ignoring the Konoha genin's pointed outburst. “We are present for blatant motive. You have overcome Kurenko Sekisetsu in martial combat, and I would that I could ascertain the extent of your growth,” Statement made, he leaned to the side some, his weight settling. A hand lifted and he beckoned, his long platinum hair giving a single, slow writhe.

Daichi stares at Meruin as he mentions Sekisetsu. Though she was unpleasant still she had a look of pain in her eyes that Daichi was familiar with. This guy Meruin, he couldn't tell if he had that look, he was a mystery. Daichi couldn't figure him out, but he wanted to. “I see, that's how it's gonna be?” Daichi unwraps Madness's Butcher from its bandages. He takes the stance, and looks at Meruin with soft eyes. A fight was the best way they could communicate now, Daichi wasn't out for revenge anymore, he wants to understand now what makes him and Sekisetsu this way. During his fight with her she did say something strange to Meruin. Enough thought now though, with nimble and graceful footwork Daichi swung the cleaver with such force. The kata was made for this weapon it seems, as Daichi could feel the power this blade had. He returns to the same stance now, his eyes watching for Meruin.

Where Daichi provided strength to his grace, Meruin provided a yielding quality to his, his body seeming to slide around the edges of Daichi's weapon, avoiding the strike that'd been sent his way and standing still as Daichi brought himself back. “Yes,” The small boy rushed forward, a black chitin spreading over his nails, forming sharp talons. Hands contorted into claws, he provided a frontal assault. It was an attack of a simple, almost languid cadence that shifted, abruptly becoming a near blur of staccato strikes.

Meruin rushed in fast, his attack caught Daichi's waist. Daichi winced as he couldn't move quickly enough with Madness's Butcher. Daichi would back up and stab the blade into the ground, hiding behind it. “Damnit, I told him I couldn't move with this thing yet. I guess I just need more training with it.” Daichi says as takes out a kunai. Hidden by the massive blade Daichi would take a deep breath before continuing “Tell me…how is Seki?” he wanted to clear his mind of that first.

“Angry,” was Meruin's reply, his small form already flying in low over the massive Madness' Butcher, placid gaze looking down on Daichi. He landed on the other side of the genin, swiftly turning to face him. During the motion, his arm lashed out, the silk along his arms lifting to show a pair of shuriken, which fly towards his opponent. Attention hopefully turned on himself, the group of spiders he'd left out of sight by Daichi's own weapon swarmed around it, spiders' movements a quiet hiss as they set themselves upon him.

Daichi smiles “I'm not surprised,” he says as Meruin attacked. Parrying the shuriken with his kunai he can hear the hiss of the spiders. He dodges quickly and rushes towards Meruin. A crescent shaped slash at Meruin was made now, Daichi slides in as he rotates using his dodge speed as momentum while he spins into his next attack. A punch, a strong one infused with chakra, it would be released on impact with the spider kid. Daichi was still trying to get a feel for Meruin's movements.

It seemed that Tosai was late! No matter.. Just maybe he'd get a chance to see Daichi lose this time. Now, we all know what you’re thinking. A master wishing his pupil will lose? How cruel? Well, losing a fight, but not one's life, is motivation, for he does not die right away, lives to fight another! Tosai would seem to walk in, just as spiders would seem to come out of nowhere, and attack his pupil. "Oh.. so it’s started.", would be said as he would seek to find seating at the edge of the barrier, just where he would see Daichi, punching with that annoying punch he liked to use. Tosai would sweatdrop. "He's gonna learn sooner or later, when the other arm gives out on him from holding the blade he's /not/ using." He would look to the ring once more wondering just how long Daichi could last against this one, a weird looking kid, whose moves came right out of a laboratory. The weird amalgamation, more spider than kid, was rumored to have put down two of Suna's competitors, easy, and only at the age of 9 years old. Tosai knew what he could expect, but would enjoy watching Daichi show off.

Okumo Meruin leaned backwards, rolling onto the heels of his feet to let Daichi's sword strike fly past him without causing incident. The heavy blade nicked him in the shoulder, causing him to stumble backwards. He seemed unperturbed, however, and immediately reestablished his balance, pivoting to avoid the secondary punch. "No," agreed the eight year old, following the punch in. Stepping past as a child-sized blur, his ebony talons lashed out at Daichi's side and he turned, smooth cheek nearly scraping the Konoha nin's back, he stayed so close. The claws lashed out against, aiming to rake up his opponent's back.

This kid was quick too! Daichi would realize this as he was cut in the back. This had never happened before. The kid wanted to stay close, and Daichi couldn't use madness's butcher at this close range effectively, not against someone like him. Soooo what Daichi does next his he takes the cleaver and thrusts it into the ground, oh the spider kid just so happened to be in the way too. The massive blade makes quite a quake and as it did Daichi would take the kunai in his hand from earlier and toss it at Meruin to keep him occupied. Now after that, Daichi would grip the handle of the cleaver and kick the blade while he pulled back on it, the result was the blade being swung upward ripping up the ground and pulling up chunks of the arena floor as he attacked. Daichi was trying to force the spider kid away….

What was Daichi doing? Parrying with his kunai? Really? Tosai was looking on furious at what he had scene. Had Daichi been fighting all of his exhibitions, like this? It was starting to bother him some. The Okumo, was fast as he was. Tosai would look to this and smirk. "Speed versus speed, and because he's so used of just running, if he is hit hard, then he won't be able to take it.. What you gonna do Daichi?" He would look to the talon slashes of the smaller kid. Contact was made. Tosai would have a hunch. He saw webbing earlier, wondering if that had been all that this kid seemed to push out of himself. Tosai wished he could say he told Daichi so, through the barrier. The hospital room's conversation. Tosai's words were coming to fruition.

Whereas Meruin remained inside of Daichi's comfortable space, the small boy seemed to thrive in these closest of quarters; seemingly to purposefully destroy the Konoha genin's attempts at pushing him back as he evaded the blows sent his way with minimal movement. A pivot, putting him on Daichi's side to avoid the earth-rending thrust of the butcher into the ground, and a calm-eyed duck to avoid the thrown kunai. Meruin hopped, moving over the dirtied edge of the weapon as it was lifted from the earth, landing lightly on its other side. As soon as his feet touched the ground they left it again, pushing him into the air. He flipped just over Daichi's shoulder, long ropes of spider silk seeping from his pores, coated with a caustic poison. These ropes, propelled by the force of his flip, lashed out at Daichi's shoulders and, as the boy continued into another flip, down his back. Weightless hair trying to catch up to him, he landed in a low crouch.

"Web?" that seemed to be the case as Daichi dodged the first, but he couldn't avoid it entirely and felt its burn on his skin. "Well, that didn't work…" Daichi mentions. Can't play the speed game with this one, so Daichi decided to take him head on. It was all he could do, he had been getting bested pretty badly. Daichi needed to think of something, but with Madness's Butcher he was too slow to really do anything against this speedy kid. A shocked look came over Daichi, he stabbed the cleaver into the ground and smirked. "Duh…" he says as he leaves it. He rushed off to attack the spider kid now, since he wanted to stay close. A fury of punches came Meruin's way, what the hell was Daichi planning to do with the cleaver stuck in the ground like that though? Daichi felt his shoulder burn however…that attack must have been more damaging than he thought.

The small boy didn't seem to take well to Daichi's new tact, avoiding half of the blows entirely, the rest managing glancing blows onto his arms, chest, and shoulder, though his face showed there to be no difference from what was now than what had just been.

Daichi's final strike, a strong blow that struck Meruin right in the abdomen, the eight year old's body bowing over his fist. His stomach seemed attached to the hand, moving back with it as Daichi pulled it back. A sudden pool of darkness shot from under his clothing, there, leaping from the small boy's form to land on him, biting. The spiders that'd attacked Daichi earlier formed a loose circle, flashes of brown appearing in the chittering darkness.

This kid was as sneaky as he was fast, Daichi had little time to react as he freed his fist from Meruin's stomach and avoided the swarm that came from Meruin's body. "He has spiders all over his body?" Daichi thought. This guy was like some of the Aburame back at the village. This did help Daichi understand what was going on; he would take note of that as he thought out his next move. But he felt a strange sting the shoulder that was previously struck by the spider kid. Daichi winced as he looked at it. "Poison?" Daichi sighs as he didn't want to have to deal with this now. He takes a small pill from his pouch. He groaned as he tossed it in his mouth, he would prefer not to use it in front of his opponent, he reveal to him that he was a medic. Daichi sighs as the pill had a bad after taste but it was infused with chakra that would aid in wound recovery and help get that poison out of his body. Daichi didn't take his eyes off the spider child though.

"A medic?" Meruin asked, the Okumo making a rare comment since the fight began, not too long ago. "That is unfortunate." The silk seeped from the pores along his arms, wispy strands hanging down. "I would rather accelerate this, that being the situation."

He dashed inwards towards Daichi. His laced arms lashed towards the butcher knife wielding boy as he darted in quick circles around him, dust rising from the speed of his effortless passage. Abruptly, webbing snapped outwards from Meruin towards Daichi, meant to latch onto him. The attempt was, then, to cocoon the genin through his swift circling.

After the attempt, a single step brought him rushing in once more, directly at him. He lifted his talons, letting the poison drip from them. He reached his intended victim in due course, arms striking in a blurred flurry of cuts. So swift and numerous were his blows, the poison lined strands of silk along his arm whipped out at the boy.

Daichi groaned "Yeah…it won’t happen again though. I don't like pulling out the gear when I'm in a fight like this. Those poison attacks though…I guess I better not get hit with those." Daichi states. He sees Meruin coming in then is confused as he sees him begin to circle around him. He then sees the webbing and remembers "Oh yeah….this kid is a spider…kinda" Daichi escapes the cocoon, just before it is complete with a great leap, but in the air he would see Meruin come at him with a similar attack from before. Daichi dropped and tumbled out of the way. Landing now, Daichi would continue his assault and stay aggressive, it had been awhile since he pressed the attack really but he had little options. The cleaver, he needed it now. Meruin now in between him and the cleaver found himself under assault by a charging Daichi. One two, he fired off two punches at Meruin trying to knock him back into the cleaver. Daichi's arm belt also seemed to be unbuttoned, when did he do that?

The eight year old turned towards Daichi to stand and receive. He moved to avoid the strike but got hit in the shoulder, the blow spinning his small form around. His leg lashed out, the spin making the momentum of it blatantly faster than Daichi's secondary strike, hitting him in the stomach but pushing him back rather than harming him.

He blazed through handseals that were finished almost as soon as they began, and the air around Daichi abruptly whirled around him, moving swiftly enough to cut before closing in on him. As this occurred, the ground behind the genin opened up in silence, a trap door to a pit of spiders four feet deep. They sent out grasping tendrils of silk, reaching to grab him and pull him back in with them, where they could inject venom into their prey.

Uh-oh Daichi thought as the wind surrounded him, nowhere to go to but up. Daichi had to take to the air again. As he came down though he would see the ground corrode and bubble as it seemed to be an acidic substance. With a yank of his arm as he was not ready to dodge he was drawn to the cleaver. His belt had been attached to it at some point, he recalls doing this with his katana during his spar with Tosai,. The katana however was light enough to be pulled, the cleaver no so light, so when Daichi yanked he came to it instead. His body flung towards the handle of the cleaver. Daichi would kick it, knocking the cleaver free. The blade now pointed at Meruin and his belt still attached to it Daichi used all his strength to launch the blade at Meruin with a forceful strike to the base of the handle. As the cleaver rocketed in Daichi when along with it, using the speed it granted he would be slung right into Meruin. He recalls Meruin movements; he dodged using the minimum amount of movement. If the initial attack missed i.e the flying cleaver, Daichi would try to hit Meruin with a punch stored with more chakra than the previous ones before it.

Meruin leans backwards, turning his body to once side. He jerks, slightly, as the tip of the blade catches him once more, the heavy weapon affecting his light body. But his eyes stayed on Daichi, and stayed calm. The punch came in, and he stayed in its path. Abruptly, he simply wasn't, body turned to the side as he allowed the blow to streak past.

His turn hadn't stopped but changed, morphing into a spin. Giving no notice, he blurred with the speed of his rotation, so strong that it pulled the spider silk from his body, pouring in all directions in a torrent.

"Damn it.." Daichi said as the punched missed, the cleaver took him all the way to the other side of the arena. It was stuck in the wall now, and to make matters worse, the spider kid had begun to spin and unleashed a devastating attack. He managed to free the cleaver but his attempt at dodging the attack wasn't as successful. Daichi was caught by the attack and hit hard, swept up in the attack. Daichi grumbled as he was barely able to stand after the attack hit, it took a chunk of stamina with it. Daichi lifted the cleaver though…heavy pants came from him as he stood; the battled field covered in silk. Daichi's hair faded and a gust of wind blew through the arena. 'On a battle field, never hold back, it is an insult you and your opponent.' That little Kiri girl was so annoying but right. "Can't hold back…" Daichi murmured he took the stance with the kata and prepared to give it his all. 'We all have to make some painful choices, just know that on the battle field giving it your all shows the utmost flattery to your opponent.' Daichi chuckles "I'm quite flattered…." a silent gale swept over the arena before Daichi would vanish. Slice twice in rotation as he flickered around the spider ling with great speed, Daichi wielded the cleaver as gracefully as he could, giving it his all in this fight.

Meruin suddenly ducked, the first slash flying far overhead — he vanished, reappearing some small distance away. He sported two new cuts on his right arm. He stared at Daichi, silent and examining. It was little time, though, before he spoke, standing around in the middle of a fight inviting too much foolishness for his tastes.

"Would you like a little flattery?" asked the boy. "I would say that you earned something. You're weak, but you've grown much."

Daichi looks at Meruin, a smile appears across his face. "So you do talk? Well I'm glad." Daichi stood with the cleaver resting on his shoulders. His eyes would look into Meruin's examining them. "I'm glad you're so concerned with my growth." Daichi can't sit still and be idle for too long. But since the spider kid was in a chatty mood Daichi would exchange as many words as possible. "I wanna know something. Why are you fighting? Not just me, but in general…what is your purpose and why did you challenge me?" Daichi asked resting up as long as he could too. 'What was this spider kid hiding?' Daichi wondered, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't figure him out.

"To make a statement." Meruin shifted stance, slightly, his balance shifting, a liquid thing, in motion but perfect. "A statement which may be made clear upon your answer."

Daichi watches as the thing shifts stance slightly. "Statement?" Daichi too shifts his stance. "To make a statement…" Daichi shrugs as he can't quite understand the spider ling. A statement to be made clear upon my answer. "So you want to know why I'm fighting. It's simple really…I think it will help me understand you better that’s all." Daichi chuckles he comes in fast closing the distance quick. Using the soulstrike technique Daichi applies it to other areas besides his fist. An elbow jab, followed by an back fist, and finishing with a swift punch all in one motion with the same arm. "I think as shinboi, we can understand each other a little better by fighting, rather than talking it out." Daichi states

Swift, sudden jerks put Meruin out of the way of Daichi's first two attacks, though he ended up having to roll with the final, straightforward punch. "You cannot correctly perceive my identity," responded the boy without judgment as he spun, apparently deciding against doing whatever he'd been about to do, as nothing changed. The spider silk, laced with its burning poisons, followed his motion as he whirled, a wheel around him that struck out at Daichi as he spun.

Daichi winces as the first web attack, hit. He avoid the last two with ascension not far above the spider ling. Daichi came down promptly just as the spider ling came out of his spin with a swing of the mighty cleaver. He knew however that that wouldn't be enough so he followed up with two more swings, wind splitting and fast, these swings were. "Maybe, not yet I can't. But I will one day…make no mistake of that. You still haven't answered my question fully. What is this statement you are trying to make?"

Meruin slid across the earth, friction seeming to have no hold on him. Despite this, Daichi's blade nicked him the first go around, and his hands rose into a single seal, and the world seemed to open up to him, throwing him forward and away from the secondary strike. He slowed, however, and the third struck him, throwing him backwards into a frictionless slide.

He skid a small distance before the rules began to apply to him again, and the earth rose from under his feet as dust until he stopped moving backwards. He brought himself to his full height, calm eyes again locked onto Daichi. "My statement…

"Is that I can destroy you." The words passed his lips without a hint of vehemence, a smoothly spoken message of fact, child's voice undisturbed. "I concede to you this match."

He then vanished.

RPCOMBAT: Meruin defends against with a BREVITY…35

Daichi looks into Meruin's eyes, he is hit with fear momentarily then he listens closely to Meruin. The look in his eyes was slightly sinister. Daichi was overcome with a feeling similar to when he first saw Uchiha Rain. "Destroy me?" Daichi repeated. The kid vanished and Daichi was confused. He couldn't help but feel disappointed in himself, for some odd reason he didn't feel as though he had one…he felt more like he had been….spared. He dropped Madness's Butcher and punched the ground. "Damn it…" is all he could say, is hair fades back and he is stricken with silence…

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