First World Ninja Competition - Mind and Body, Heart and Soul: Mune vs. Onimitsu


Amaya, Mune, Onimitsu, Midoru, Hinotori

Date: October 30, 2010


Odd tactics, evil swords, and SCIENCE! abound in this match between the Tao Shih's Medic-Nin and the swordsman Medic-Nin of Kirigakure.

"First World Ninja Competition - Mind and Body, Heart and Soul: Mune vs. Onimitsu"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring - Kusagakure

A bright, sunny morning in the Land of Grass. Dew still clings to the blades of grass that make up much of the terrain in Arena 1's Fighting Ring. There is dirt as well, and a small lake, and trees, and boulders… It is such a shame that this place of natural beauty is going to be defaced yet >again< by the violence of ninja battles. But that is why this place was made, after all. The plants and water and minerals were relocated to the stadium specifically so that the greater Land of Grass would not suffer. It is a bit unfortunate that the Kekkaijutsu and Fuuinjutsu that preserve the lives of combatants do not likewise preserve the health and lives of plant life, but them's the breaks. Guess they shouldn't have been born as vegetation!
There is a modest crowd gathered to watch the first match of the day. No one really knows Onimitsu or Mune very well here in Kusagakure, much like with most others that have come for the tournament. But so far, just about every match has been exciting and entertaining, so even if these two are relative unknowns, they still might prove fun to watch.
Nagayama Amaya is dressed in her usual non-serious-mission ninja clothes which seems to be based on the controversial combat strategy of 'if they are distracted looking at my exposed skin then they are easier to hit with my fist'. Amaya stands in the middle of the ring, ready to act as proctor, chewing on her lip a bit as she waits for the time to announce the fight starting. Finally, the moment arrives. "Ladies and Not-Ladies, it is my pleasure to serve as the proctor for today's match! The two combatants are 'Onimitsu', from the Land of Swamps…" she indicates one side of the ring and its entrance, as she reads off a sheet of paper. "…And 'Kishi Mune' from… Uhh… Somewhere else!" She gestures at the other side of the fighting ring.

Mune has been a busy little busty bee the past few days. So much 'data' to collect on various things… Techniques… Combatants… Trivial information and subjects that no one needs to be bored with. No, really! But right now, it is finally her time to have her match. She does not know anything about Onimitsu, but she knows she has to fight him. She could not get access to any records of him or his abilities, so either they do not exist, or they are simply not available to Kusagakure's authorities.
Striding out from her side of the ring in her usual white longcoat, baggy white pants, and black boots, the Medic-Nin approaches the center of the ring and then stops as though there were a predefined point at which to stop. There is not, but she stops there regardless.
Crossing her arms under her VERY generous — and rather exposed, thanks to the lack of shirt underneath that coat — chest, she waits for her opponent to arrive. Yes, Mune is familiar with the strategy of showing skin. In that regard, at least, she and Amaya are equals.

Having arrived early for todays matchup Hinotori makes his way up the stairs and finds the seat where he was sitting last night during Jon and Morikos battle. Sitting down, Hino takes out a breakfast bar and begins eating. The sun felt good, and with the crowd slowly building, he hoped this mornings fight will be like last nights. Intense and action packed. Chuckling to himself, he gets ready as he watches Amaya as she seems to be getting ready to protor this match up.
Checking out those who were up in the stands he didn't see a whole lot of faces that he recognized, though he hoped Fuyu would make an appearance to watch some of these matches. Finishing off his breakfast bar, the chuunin sits back and crosses his arms over his chest and gets ready.

Onimitsu, Age twenty two, Marital status - Single, and once upon a time medical chuunin for Kirigakure. However, after nearly continous string failures fufilling the duties of his Rank he has been bumped back down to genin rank. At least this was how things would be as soon as he returned to his homelands once the tourney was completely over. While there were many options to escape such a fate. All of them involved facing perils that would ensure a slow, painful, needless death at his own hands or the hands of the hunters that would be dispatched to eliminate him. Because of this he accepted it all with a heavy heart, crushed the missive that arrived moments before his first match in the tourney began, then stepped out into the light of the arena with a small bit of his energy pre-focused into chakra in grim anticepation…
The reflective light from his armor and the dull clink of metal on metal announces to all his arrival ahead of him. Only a solemn head bow followed by a hesitant shift into the basic taijutsu stance of his clan's style is all he gives to his opponet once they came towards the centermost portion of the ring. If not for the shadows cast by his helmet, Mune as well as the proctor would have a nice look into the eyes of man dead on the inside…
Thus probably also explaining why there was no trickle of blood trickling down from his helmet from not one, but two gorgeous women!

Midoru sits in the stands, laughter dying down. The giant of a man sits without his gleaming shell of metal, A loose, longsleeved black shirt and baggy pants of the same color taking it's place. He tucks a slip of paper and a vial into a pocket, copper-crimson eyes moving up to the fight in the center of the ring.
He takes to studying the people in the arena. A placid gaze takes in first Amaya, then Mune, then Onimitsu, murmuring to himself under his breath, letting the crowd's noise keep any sensitive ears from hearing.

Amaya watches as Mune approaches, nodding approvingly at her choice in clothing, and then watches Onimitsu approach as well. Armor like that? In a ninja battle? Maybe it's special armor. Chakra armor! Yeah! Everything is better with Chakra! Like… Like… Chocolate! Chakra chocolate is totally the best! Probably. If it exists. Pulling herself out of her reverie, the white-haired woman shakes her head and steps back several feet. Onimitsu looks to be ready to fight already, so she raised one arm in the air, glancing between the two combatants and then yells, "Onimitsu versus Mune… FIGHT!" Then she vanishes and reappears up on the proctor's platform, as the barrier and seals activate. No one will die here! …Probably!

Hinotori had to admit as he looked down at the two women in the pit that they both were very good looking. A smile places on his face as he looks to Amaya then to Mune, but when Onimitsu appears he quirks a brow as the two seemed to be getting ready. Looking around well mainly towards the steps he didn't see Fuyu and figured she was out doing something. He wished she said something so that he could help her, but then again with matches being called regularly now it seems, it would be a bit silly to be DQ'ed for not arriving. Shrugging, he waits for the match to start.

Mune does not know anything about Onimitsu. So she does not know he is/was a Kirigakure ninja, or that she is facing a fellow Medic-Nin. She has never heard of a Medic-Nin that wears armor before, after all… But she shrugs a bit when Amaya starts to announce the fight beginning. This, of course, causes a bit of an unintentional (or WAS it unintentional?) lifting of her prominent chest, since her arms are still supporting it. "Armor, hm? Is it heavy?" she asks conversationally after Amaya yells 'FIGHT' and vanishes. That was interesting. If Mune didn't know better she'd say that was pure speed… Either way, she turns her vividly blue eyes on Onimitsu and watches him with a seemingly bored or at least bland expression on her face. Or the parts of her face that can be seen. The high collar of her coat hides the lower half of her face.
"I'm feeling a bit reckless today. So I'm going to see just how thick your armor actually is." She then lower her arms to her sides, clenches her fists for a moment, and dashes forward! A Medic-Nin that deliberately gets into melee with an armored opponent? Is she insane!? Apparently not, as what appears to be a reckless charge turns into an acrobatic leaping cartwheel that is intended to go right over Onimitsu's head. And at some point during this cartwheel, probably while she is upside-down in mid-air, dangerously close to exposing whatever lies underneath that longcoat (if anything), something glass drops towards Mune's opponent. If it strikes him, it would shatter and leave a volatile chemical to try to eat away at his protection. If she lands safely on the other side, Mune immediately leaps back, rather than follow up with her initial attack.

'Too fast' Onimitsu thought momentarily with eyes shifting this way and that in attempt to track Mune's movement but to no success. In the end even boosting his perceptive powers comes to late to stop the corrosive acids from melting through a good portion of his shoulder armor as he dived away reflexively. Unlike most rookies he merely takes off the damaged armor without a passing glance instead of whining or gapping over it. Just when he thought to drop the piece to the ground he pauses before tossing it at Mune once she slowed down. Hit or miss, the armored chuunin would use this time to try and draw Yoshimitsu from it's sheath only to be repelled by some type of energy discharge. "…Even you old friend?", He mutters darkly as he withdraw his hands to take up a kunai instead.
The armored chuunin waste no time after his first attack to charge forward after Mune with a small assortment of bushins to help mask his real strikes. 'Very well, If this is how things must be…'

Mune was not really expecting armor to be used as a weapon, so though she attempts to duck out of the way of the thrown shoulder piece, she just doesn't move quick enough. She is struck in the forehead by the tossed chunk of corroded metal, and though that stings, she certainly does not wait around to see what sort of follow-up attack is coming her way. Instead she reaches into her coat, grabs something and pulls it out, then raises it overhead and SMASHES it onto the dirt. There is an eruption of dense smoke that conceals Mune and engulfs her opponent as well for a moment, leaving Onimitsu to slash blindly at the air. The smoke dissipates much faster than the smoke from a fire would.
But by the time the cloud disperses, Mune has decided that whittling away at the armor is no good if it's just going to be taken off a bit at a time and thrown at her. Maybe she can do more damage if she knows the armor's composition… Yes, that is a good plan. Destroy it all at once, leaving the vulnerable flesh underneath exposed to her other attacks.
With this in mind, she dashes in at Onimitsu, something held in each hand — possibly more of whatever she has been using so far. She then leaps forward and attempts to wrap her legs around the warrior's waist, and wrap one arm around his head, blinding him by sheer virtue of smothering his helmetted face in her chest! Is that stricly necessary? For what she is planning, yes. The helmet already has limited visibility due to the faceplate. It doesn't take much to eliminate visibility completely by putting an adequate obstruction in the way. And Mune's chest is more than adequate.
That isn't the full extent of her strategy, however. What is her ultimate objective? To pour a mucus-yellow substance out of a glass vial held in her left hand, onto the top of Onimitsu's helmet, and then switch which arm is latched onto his head and pour a rust-brown liquid from a second glass vial held in her right hand, onto the same spot. Then Mune claps both of her hands together, and aims them both at the helmet, sending crackling blue-white energy from her palms at the doused helm! If she picked the right combination of chemicals, then there should be quite an interesting and telling result from all this… Might be as minor as the helmet changing color, or as major as it exploding into flames… And possibly damaging the head of the one wearing the helmet in the process with chemical burns. Either way, she attempts to then release her leg-lock and uses one booted foot to push off of Onimitsu's chestplate, trying to get out of range of his counter-attack!

Midoru's eyes land weightily on Onimitsu as he reaches for his sword and draws his hands away, repelled. His own hand reaches behind him to touch something that is not there, and it falls back to his side. He draws in a breath and continues watching.
A brow is arched at Mune's tactics…

"What the..", Onimitsu emitted as he staggered back both in surprise and in an effort to try and readjust himself for the new weight. Before he could attempt to throw the woman off of him his vision is obscured by an even greater darkness that brings with it an odd, disorienting scent. Could it be the chemicals that seem to be the woman's main weapons or something else? In either case, enhancing his body further proved pointless in discerning the origins of the scent or precieving the true attack until he felt the burning sensation of his helmet melting and portions of the liquid dripping through to burn the skin beneath. Needlessly to say he began to panic and struggled just to undo it before chucking it towards the sound of anothers rapid retreat.
For the first few moments since the helmet is removed all would have to wait with baited breathes to see just what kind of a face was hidden beneath the mask. Yet as soon as he began to shift to raise his head to try and get a better bead on his opponet EVERYONE…..would be sadly disappointed to see ANOTHER mask beneath the first. Only made out of bandages this time! The only thing not covered by the bandages is long and strangely feral black hair of the chuunin streaming freely across most of his back, and his empty green eyes tinged red around the pupil scanning the area momentarily still until he could lock onto Mune once more. He doesn't bothering wasting another second once he could see again and immediatly swiped some of his blood onto the patch his other shoulder armor; releasing the first seal. By the time the unnatural silver aura has already surrounded him, Onimitsu had already burst forward once more; tossing the kunai still at hand at Mune before creating another set of bunshin to follow him into a chaotic dance of kunai.

Mune knows what that armor is made out of now. More or less, at least. There may be impurities, but she can dismantle this warrior any time she chooses. That is the nature of her skills… A three-step process. Step One: Understanding. Step Two: Destruction. Step Three: Rebuilding. So, now that she understands this armor, and its limitations, she can deconstruct it. She can even reconstruct it when this fight is over, if she desires. But for now, there is no need to proceed to the third step. She can stop at the second.
This narrative is interrupted, however, when Onimitsu releases some kind of Seal… And lunges into battle with a silvery aura engulfing him? She barely manages to dodge the thrown kunai, but by the time that Onimitsu is within range to slash at her repeatedly, she has already skipped back and dropped a pair of vials on the ground casually. In one vial was simple water. In the other vial was one nasty material known as 'rubidium'. When rubidium comes into contact with water it BURSTS INTO FLAMES. It is also known to just SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST when exposed to AIR. It is also highly toxic if consumed. Yum. So those two vials shatter on the ground and cause an eruption of violet fire to rise up in a wave that not only blocks Onimitsu's view of Mune, but may also just make it abundantly clear that he does not want to pass through those flames, thus potentially causing a brief retreat from the wall of fire.
And when Onimitsu next catches sight of Mune… She appears to be making some odd, ritualistic, almost kata-like movements with both hands and feet. She is more or less standing in place, but she is also moving around in strange ways. What exactly is she doing? It's almost like she's gathering some invisible substance from the air around her, forming it into a ball, and then gathering more, that she adds into the ball… But there's nothing there!

Onimitsu immediatly back peddled and shielded his eyes from the explosion of light and flames that surely would've engulfed him had he remained. His vision was slow to return, but given the extra amount of time he manage to recover fully enough to see something flicker beyond the flames. "..Dancing?.." He mutters in confusion briefly before turning his thoughts inward to think of his next coarse of action. Just one glance towards his arm revealed the silvery aura already about to fade; giving away the obvious signs that had very little time to decide. The choice was obvious…
Pain, blinding and more all consuming then the acrid chemicals that melted his armor lanced through Onimitsu the moment he gripped yoshimitsu in hand and refused to let go. Voices screamed (only known to those outside of Onimitsu in the high pitched screech of metal on metal) within him to release to stay his hand in this instance of futility, but the armored chunnin refused them. The very titanic effort to pull the katana free forced him to enhance his build his chakra to help enhance his strength to the point that even Yoshimitsu was forced to yield. Yet the moment it slipped free, Onimitsu collapsed to a knee with the sword held defensively before him if only barely. -Impudence…isss iiit death you…sssseeek?- The voices whisper dully along with the wind settling down around him.

Mune was taught most of her ninja skills in the Southern Lands (this world's equivalent of 'China'). Thus, there is a distinctly foreign bent to most of her techniques and methods. Such as this. Instead of just focusing her Stamina into Chakra, she is gathering 'Chi' from her surroundings. It still requires Stamina to actually gather the Chi, and the 'Chi' still winds up being used in the exact same manner as Chakra, so they might as well be the same thing. It just looks different when she does it.
And now that she has finished… She turns her attention on Onimitsu, performing some dramatic but probably-unnecessary kung-fu moves and then lowering herself into a fighting stance. And then Onimitsu is struggling with a sword that is making loud metallic noises, and… He seems to be in pain. What kind of sword is THAT? The fact it seems to be making her opponent weaker gives her the strange idea it might need to 'feed' on something in order to be wielded. And right now it is feeding on its wielder. So to gain the power to use it… Is Onimitsu planning to feed HER to the sword?
"…." That may be a bit of a jump in logic. There could be other factors she is not aware of or accounting for. But she resolves to keep her distance regardless, until she knows more. So what is she to do? She pulls out a thick Scroll from inside her hanging-open long coat, and then holds it ready in one hand. She does not use it yet. But she does use her free hand to retrieve two more vials of dubious-looking substances. These are tossed towards Onimitsu. They might not hit with pinpoint accuracy, but they don't need to. Because when they shatter and mix together… Their contents will suddenly begin to boil and bubble in a BIG way. The bubbles multiply and grow simultaneously, and everything they touch stops existing. They look like gigantic soap bubbles, though of an odd greenish coloration, and yet they are DESTROYING everything they touch! This is not 'soap'… This is more akin to 'universal solvent'. As in: it can dissolve anything in the entire universe. There seems to be no end to how long the bubbles will proliferate or how far. They just keep growing and expanding, even reaching back towards Mune herself. The ground has begun to disintegrate into a crater. And then Mune engulfs both hands in Chakra, claps them together in front of her chest, and aims both palms at the encroaching bubbles. Blue-white energy crackles from her hands, hits the bubbles, and then instantly begins leaping in every direction. Apparently the bubbles are also conductive, because the energy may well strike Onimitsu and possibly turn another chunk of his armor into fragments of metal. This time, though… It might take some flesh with it. The only good side of this attack is that the bubbles seem to be rapidly expended by the energy coursing through them, because they start vanishing almost immediately.
There is a hole in the middle of the ring now. A very irregular, but roughly circular hole. It is about forty feet deep, just from those several seconds of the bubbles proliferating. Whatever was in those vials… Was definitely not good for anyone.

Onimitsu could feel it now even with the seals weakening some of the effects of the jutsu launched within them. His heart, precious and small, was begin to give out from over exhaustion. This did not stop him from bearing all his weight down on his leg and leaping away without once looking at the attacks headed for him. It is only rapid collapse of his breast plate and the destruction of skin tissue, muscle, and even a bit of bone beneath the armor caused by the bubbles that sends him reeling in pain once more. Despite it all, he does not fall…
Instead he leers into Mune's eyes (assuming she ever stopped in her strange dance) fully consumed in crimson color tone. The same as the weapon still held within his hand and raised again in preparation for an attack. Almost within an instance he is gone without a trace of his ever existing except for the the small upheavel of earth left behind in his wake. By the time he probably reappears he's already closed the distance transformed into a demon incarnate and prepared to slash mune across her abdominal if she didn't move quickly. The same would happen again once he turned strike again; only this time with an army of furious looking bunshin assisting him. Once he finishes the last strike, beetle like wings are extended just before he lifts off into the sky well above the arena. A small barrage of shuriken rain only after he reached a nigh untouchable height admist the clouds..

Mune's training included the first and most important lesson for a Medic-Nin: AVOID ALL DAMAGE. Even a SCRATCH can cost the lives of an entire team. Maybe she is only fighting for herself right now, and there is little risk of dying in this place, but that blow to the head earlier was more than enough to drive the point home. She can not be injured again. So when the sword slash comes in, she avoids it, already having a vial of chemicals ready. Onimitsu's speed is impressive. Superhuman. But so is Mune's, and she is not even spending precious Chakra to make use of it. So she dodges that first strike and then crushes the vial in her hand instead of throwing it. It turns into an absolutely, devastatingly horrendous stench that may be just enough to make Onimitsu flinch during his blisteringly fast sword swings. Just the tiniest bit would be enough.
And then Mune begins leaping and dodging, moving out of the way of the sword strikes. When Onimitsu takes flight, heading for the upper reaches of the barrier, she frowns. Her mouth is not visible, but her blonde eyebrows coming down are. She does not know if she has anything left that can reach that high. Yes, she does not have an infinite supply of chemicals and ingredients for exotic effects in that longcoat. Her chest takes up most of the space in there, and the rest is just sort of slotted into place on the inner lining of the coat. What can she do to reach her opponent—Then a barrage of shuriken come flying down at her. She quickly reacts by withdrawing one more of her vials, though they diminish in number rapidly, and throws it up to meet the throwing stars. The vial breaks. A thunder clap erupts from the point of impact, along with a shockwave of force and sound, hurling the rest of the shuriken off-course. Also it is pretty damn loud.
So what should she do now? How can she reach Onimitsu? She does still have that scroll out. Can that be of use? Hmm… Well, she certainly can't throw anything that high, so the other solution is… THAT.
Mune unrolls the scroll part way on the ground — though the terrain is much diminished thanks to her early efforts with the universal solvent — and presses her palm flat on one of the seals on the paper. A cloud of smoke erupts from the scroll, and then expands… When it vanishes, there are two men in heavy clothing standing in the ring with Mune. Wait, what? Did Mune just summon allies? Isn't that against the rules or something!? The dark-skinned woman then unseals something ELSE from her Scroll… The puff of smoke this time is much smaller, and reveals a bottle of shimmering golden liquid.
She swiftly grabs the bottle, undoes the collar button of her coat, and up-ends the contents of the bottle into her mouth. She then tosses the empty bottle aside and rebuttons her coat collar. It takes only a moment, and then a glowing golden aura becomes visible around Mune's body. Whatever that is, it is not 'normal' Chakra. Chakra isn't visible to normal eyes. Usually, at least. She then looks up, trying to spot Onimitsu. If she can track him… Then she points at him. And one of the men in the ring with her gets an 'alley-oop' from the other, being hurled quite hard up into the air. The first man then attempts to stab Onimitsu in the face with a tanto. Nice. He does not seem at all concerned about how he is going to survive the hundreds of feet of falling back to the ground, either.

"Grrr! GET-OFF!!", Onimitsu cries during the struggle to remove his very unwelcome passanger. Unfortunatly, he couldn't stop the man from slash him across the face before he's forced to pull away his clammy hands and headbutt him until he's far enough away to cut the dead man's arms off. 'To abuse the dead in such a way…' He thinks before trailing off into a low, deep growl and diving back down at Mune to strike her over the head with the pommel of his sword until either she couldn't see straight or she moved again. However after all her chemical attacks from before destroying the ring that may prove more difficult than expected. Before he ascends once more this time to circle and skirt the edges of the barrier above and rain down more shurriken, Onimitsu lunges lashes out again with a downward slash intended to rend clothing and flesh in one blow.

Not even a scratch. That was the rule. But as one of her 'friends' is 'disarmed' by Onimitsu, Mune finds that though evading the first two attacks worked fine, yet another barrage of shuriken is just too much after all the previous activity. Or is it? She has been scratched now, definitely. But the 'Elixir Imbibe: Golden Flower Elixir' she just performed has super-charged her with additional energy. The pain is dulled, and the damage itself seems miniscule compared to what it should have been — even taking the Barrier into account. And with this additional Chakra, she can cure just about any poison that might have been on those shuriken. Not that she expects a demon-taijutsuist-guy to think of using poison, but it is better to be safe than dead.
Still, Chakra that sits and does nothing is Chakra that goes to waste. So she decides to spend it. This time, instead of just having one corpse hurl another, she has the heavily dressed man hurl HERSELF after Onimitsu. There will be no flying away this time. She is going to end this fight now before she has to unveil any more of her arsenal than she already has. Hands held flat and straight, almost like she intends to 'chop' Onimitsu with them or something, she tries to latch onto the nearest appendage with one hand — and if that is successful the limb would instantly feel a sharp pain and then go numb and useless — and then swing herself around to strike with her other hand at Onimitsu right along his wind pipe. And if that blow strikes, guess what? Breathing just became a lot more difficult with a hole in his throat.
How is she be able to do THAT!?

The lack of feeling in his legs is his first and only warning to the lethal edge Mune's hand possessed after latching on them to claw her way up higher. Thankfully, it is the only he needed to focus on needed to pull his neck inches out of range of suffering the full effects of the chakra scalpel. However, despite his efforts the blades still deal enough damage to the point that Onimitsu's breathing and attempts to remain in the air were becoming strained; especially with Mune still attached to him. The only thing that kept him from plummeting out right is his own the half-armored chuunin risk in closing his eyes to help focus all the energy in his body into the damaged areas. Mending what needed to be mended as best as possible. At this rate though he didn't have much time…

Mune hangs on, because… Really, that is a long drop. And Barrier be damned, she is not in the mood to fall and trust in this 'Ninja Technology' to keep her alive. She is also rapidly running out of patience here. The golden glow about her body is focused into her fingertips, making them shine brightly. Then she strikes at Onimichi's ribs, possibly sending a wave of stinging pain through that area. She calls out, "Just give up! You're in no condition to keep fighting at this point!" Then she notices that some of the more potent effects of damage she has inflicted on her opponent are fading… Did he just… Heal himself? Is he a Medic-Nin too?
Interesting. Interesting, but ultimately this is not going to save him. She attempts to drive her glowing fingertips into any area of exposed flesh she can find on Onimichi, and starts… Massaging the area? The pain, the stress, the high of adrenaline, all would start to fade if she successfully works on that flesh. Pleasure-based neuro-transmitters would start to flow in the brain, along with the ones that produce a feeling of 'sleepiness'. It might be enough to send Onimitsu lower to the ground, and perhaps even some flying entirely! If so, Mune will make sure to leap off before he hits anything.

Onimitsu couldn't suppress the subtle groan of pleasure from Mune's readjusted attack from cell destruction to muscle relaxant. Thus weakening his resolve and preventing him from even whispering a reply of any kind. At least nothing that's coherent enough to be even /considered/ such. There is some good news however for both Mune and Onimitsu and that is the simple fact that even with his mind winding down into sleepy town. Yoshimitsu's own will was enough to keep wings beating. Unfortunatly in doing so it could not aid it's master in shaking off the effects of Mune's technique without shocking him out of it and causing them to crash into the ground. Hard. So! Until he regained focus both particpants (unless Mune decided to risk jumping) would be forced to float around until Onimitsu's chakra reserves ran out, or some other misfortune befell them.

As they fail to descend, Mune squirms and tries to force Onimitsu to adjust his angle somehow. But no, nothing doing. They are not going anywhere, and Mune does not want to wait this out. So, though she DEARLY wishes NOT to… She makes a choice. Hanging onto Onimitsu with one hand, and all the determination she has, she lets go with her other hand, dangles for a bit, and then pulls out a single thin bottle of black liquid with a single blot of white liquid floating in it.
Somehow it retains its coloration and does not mix with the black. Mune does not have very many of these. So she will have to make this count. She guzzles down the bottle of black liquid, trying to ignore the taste—and then her body begins to shudder and spasm all over. Shaking involuntarily, her muscles tense and relax without her consent. She almost loses her grip on Onimitsu, but at the last second, she regains control and now she scrabbles with both hands for something to hold onto.
Then she takes in a deep breath, and lets it out. Time to wake up mister nappy-time as rudely as she possibly can. She forms a Chakra Scalpel around her right hand. The Chakra is visible now, as a black nimbus that acts like smoke and yet ignores the effect that the moving air would have upon natural smoke. She pulls back her hand… And attempts to drive the Yin-aspected Chakra Scalpel right into Onimitsu's crotch.
Oh, don't even look at her like that. She can fix it later.

Just as Mune predicted, extreme amounts of pain was just what the doctor order to wake up Onimitsu from paradise and straight into the underworld. This proves to be both metaphorical as well as literal in a sense thanks to Yoshimitsu withdrawing its will before the armored Chuunin was prepared to take command. And thus they wings shut off with Onimitsu slumping forward as they fell back towards the ground still writhing in pain. The only close to good thing that came out of having a few key areas in below the waist getting nicked is the fact that now all of his weight would be baring down on Mune as they rapidly descended back to the ground. No matter in what way he lands, Onimitsu was definetly not getting back up for awhile.

Mune was not planning on being crushed under this flying brick as the way to end her match. She snarls a bit, the negativity of the Yin Blood that now flows through her altering her judgement and emotional state. No way is she going to be crushed. But what can she do? The scroll with most of her stored equipment and so forth is down on the ground, and—
Her eyes widen as she looks down swiftly. This fall is not going to take forever. They weren't THAT high up. So she has only a few seconds. She sends out a command to the remaining Dead Soul corpse, presently lying on the ground like a corpse. It swiftly leaps up and runs across the fighting ring, attempting to intercept the falling Mune and Onimitsu! By leaping up to meet them, the cadaver uses its own momentum to negate some of the force behind the plummeting pair.
But it's not enough to stop the fall completely. Soon, all three hit the ground hard and skid across the grass for awhile, plowing it up slightly. Mune groans a bit and tries to shove Onimitsu off of her, and then roll off of the broken body that saved them both from a lot more pain than they have suffered so far. Unless Onimitsu suddenly leaps up and stabs her, she gets to her feet gradually and then calls out, "Can we have a judgement made here? I think he is out of it."

Amaya has been watching this whole thing from beginning to end, and while it was pretty spectacular, it appears to be over. She sees the two hit the ground hard… But the one who gets up… Is Mune. She leaps down into the ring proper and rushes over to check out Onimitsu…
Yep. He is out of it. Even has little yellow birds circling his head and everything. "…Nyah, I'm calling this over." She raises one hand in the air, while pointing frantically at Onimitsu with the other, and looking pointedly at the Kusagakure Medic-Nin that are on-hand as she calls out, "Winner: Kishi Mune!"

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