First World Ninja Competition - Pride and Prejudice: Kuki vs. Fuyu


Kuki, Fuyu, Rain, Takeshi

Date: October 26, 2010


A fight between Hyuuga and Uchiha. A fight between powerful women. A fight for victory and for meaning. The second battle of the World Ninja Competition… Begins.

"First World Ninja Competition - Pride and Prejudice: Kuki vs. Fuyu"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring - Kusagakure

"Ah, I'm actually on time." Kukiko, quite impressed with herself due to her tardy streak as of late would be standing outside of the Peach Pit Stadium, causually adding a wrist attachment to her left wrist as she listens in for the announcement of her match starting before she even set foot into the lobby. "Not entirely sure I can count this on time…" Her eyelids would lower as she sighs, checking over the kunai holder attachments on her thighs before nodding and moving in. Squeezing by the crowds within the the stadium blanking out a yell from one of her fellow clanmates, essentially telling her she was late which was… pretty obvious.
Rolling her eyes as she hears her name called out right when she enters the waiting room. Walking on through, not even glancing around to see if her opponent was standing anywhere within. The woman casually raising her hand in response to cheers and jeers of the like, doing her best to not be overwhelmed by the crowd. Her eyes never looking up towards the people in the stands knowing there would be many here given ninja from all around the continent and then some were invited. Right hand resting on a kunai, she'd patiently wait for her opponent to be announced, not even truly sure what she was up against as she simply just knew when to be here.
With the first contestant set in place he'd give a moment for the crowd to calm themselves, "Versus… UCHIHA FUYU!" Kukiko's lips would purse and her smile would fade, something that truly doesn't happen often at all. A Clan Head, from her least favorable clan. She'd notice the tensing of her hand about the kunai and she'd quickly force herself to relax as she puts the false smile up once more, waiting for Fuyu to enter.

The World Ninja Competition. What a day, who would have thought that villages would ever unite for something like this, the biggest contest of skill ever…That's what he wanted to say, but he knew the true reason. It was all a ploy, a ploy to spy on the competition a ploy that he was game for. At least it meant getting out of Kiri for a little bit. The stands were starting to get full as the first match began.
On the second level of seating, first row, sits Takeshi, old man Takeshi, cane and all. He's sitting straight up, hands on the cane, staring down at the ring, eyes half open. It's a wonder he's even seeing the match, but he was, oh yes he was. And wait, was that two women fighting? Old man heaven.

Fuyu has not been training much for the tournament, oddly. She has been spending more time simply making sure she is fully recovered from her trip into Ankoku Cave. That means minimal exercise, and plenty of time spent on medical treatments. Everything from vitamin supplements to muscle-regrowth jutsu has been applied to Fuyu. And now here she is, in Kusagakure, with Team 5 in tow.
Well, technically there are not HERE, because they are up in the stands or in other places in the Grass Village. But nonetheless, she arrived with them, had some time to get situated, and then was called up for her match. "Tch," she offered at the time. And now, here she is, garbed in the clothing she wore during the Clan Wars, rather than her Konohagakure uniform. Is there a reason behind that? Is she trying to make a statement? Perhaps point out that she is Uchiha first and foremost, and ninja of the Leaf second? Maybe. But she does still wear her Konohagakure hitai-ite on her left bicep, so perhaps not.
Wild guessing at symbolism aside, the raven-haired woman strides into the ring, features calm, movements swift and steady. No smile graces her lips, false or otherwise. But some guys go for the 'stoic, defiant' type, and hey, that mesh vest and sleeveless top show hints of sideboob so there's really nothing to complain about. Unless you are Hyuuga Kukiko, in which case one probably could complain about choice of opponent.
Fuyu walks towards the center of the area, and then stands ready. At least she left her sword behind.

Reclining luxuoriously within the VIP box that housed the leaders of nations as well as their biggest "business associates" and benefactors, Rain was dressed in his most official way, sipping a light sake and gazing down at the arena while sitting rather close to the edge, away from the rest. Alot of gambling was going on behind him, though some of the more "Straight Arrow" leaders seemed to frown upon it. "Rain-dono… aren't you going to bid on this fight? The pot is full to near bursting at the seams at this point!." one of the businessmen moved to goad Rain in to flashing his Ryo around. However, Rain declined. "This battle holds no financial interest to me… good luck however." The man scoffed and shrewedly quipped, "I see… you are afraid to gamble real money then." Rain out right laughed at the man, but didn't face him. "One busted coin purse is hardly worth my notice, chairman. Go salivate over your change else where." Offended, the man would retreat to go swindle another as Rain continued to watch closely.

The announcer marches quickly onto the field, slightly out of breath. When he sees the crowds encircling the stadium he stands a bit taller and straightens the shinobi headband around his arm displaying the Kusagakure symbol. He wears sturdy clothes with a vest, and he's visibly equipped with the standard shinobi gear, including a pouch hanging at his hip. He clears his throat and calls out in a surprisingly carrying, deep voice, "This bracket match will be between Uchiha Fuyu and Hyuuga Kukiko. The match will end when one of the shinobi is rendered unconscious, admits defeat, or I announce the winner if I deem either of them able to fight." He looks at both of the ladies and says gravely, "Fight bravely and with determination." Then in a decisive shout: "Let the match begin!"

Kukiko takes a few steps back after her opponents entrance. Her right brow perking up with a look of interest, "Hmm.. looking quite intimidating aren't we?" Kukiko reaches back to the 'tail' of her clothing, "I suppose I should take you a bit more seriously." Kukiko grins, unlatching the large bell, kneeling and resting it on the floor. The Hyuuga stands up, stepping over the bell and getting back into her position. A light bow of her head given, "No hard feelings. I look forward to working with you in the future." The woman glances to the proctor, as if silently saying to get the match started.
In the mean time she adjusts her stance, not entering her clan's famed juuken stance though instead the Konoha taijutsu stance a kunai gripped within both hands, left foot turning gently and raising as she settles on her toes leaning her weight forward on the leading leg a visible tensing in the leg as she apparently wasn't going to hesitate in starting things off. At the word begin she'd launch from her position, a cloud of dust erupting into the air, clearing away to show Kukiko no longer stood within the area.
The woman would speed to Fuyu's frontal left side in a lowered and semi crouched position. With a push of her right leg she'd raise her right hand up in an upward slash. The left kunai slashing for the middle as she carries herself with the momentum of the slash to pull a roundhouse kick to the head. To some it might be a blur, Kukiko only would hope this was also the case for her opponent.

Fuyu stares back at Kukiko, and offers a brief bow — only what is strictly necessary to be polite — before straightening up. "I'm sure," she murmurs. "That there will be no hard feelings on my end." When the proctor announces that the match has started, and the extremely fast movements of Kukiko come into play, Fuyu knows that if it comes down to dodging normally, she is outmatched. She may be fast, but her Taijutsu is not going to be equivalent to a Jounin-level Hyuuga. It's just not her specialty. So she decides to not be where Kuki is aiming when she arrives. A quick Body Flicker backwards puts her just out of range of the kunai, but the roundhouse kick seems to find Fuyu's head regardless!
Only… Fuyu fades out of existence, leaving behind naught but air. She is apparently standing off to Kuki's left. "…." she offers in true silent antagonist fashion, as she remains in a half-crouch, right leg extended to the side, one hand on the ground, and the other behind her back. 'Speed then.' She takes in a breath and lets it out, and then begins focusing her Chakra until the air around her is nearly crackling with static build-up. She takes no action to attack yet, putting all her focus into gathering a reservoir of energy to draw upon.

"Hrm…" The world would almost move in slow motion, the perceptive eyes of a taijutsu-ist taking almost everything at a rapid pace. 'Expected.' She would think as her foot would lightly drop onto the floor in front of her, eyes rapidly moving to spot the new location of Fuyu as she finds fighting without Byakugan a bit irritating. Pride getting in the way of logic as she avoided her doujutsu until her opponent used hers, at least she did not believe the Uchiha would follow someone lacking their greatest ability. The searching eyes eventually sliding to her left and she casually turns to face her opponent who doesn't seem on attacking just yet as Kuki had originally hoped.
Too late to intervene on the chakra gathering, Kukiko would bring her hands together over the two kunai as she gathers her own chakra doing her best to avoid looking bothered by the amount of chakra gathered by her opponent. The woman would then start to slowly walk towards Fuyu. The light smile spreading into a toothy grin eyes showing nothing but a pleasant welcoming. "I'll try to make sure you don't evade the next time I close in." For now, she makes no real effort to get in range her stance blatantly loose, wanting to see what sort of attacks Fuyu had in her aresenal.

Nearly grinning, but not quite, Rain's tomoe would activate as Fuyu would begin to focus herself. "What a gamble..from the very start." he would mutter under his breath as he watched with ever increasing focus. "Doujutsu against Doujutsu, chakra against those reknown for disabling chakra. Let us see what plan you have, Fuyu." Glancing slightly towards the Hyuuga opponent, he would wonder. "Ah, now you've prepared yourself… but that also means you've missed the opportunity to take advantage of Fuyu's preparation…" Rain would comment to himself once more as the battle progressed.

Being the proud clan that they are, the best arrangements have been made for the Hyuuga clan for the duration of the tournament, private vip seats with the best view of the contestants without the ever real danger of being coated in blood splatter. Sitting in one of the cushioned seatings, Yuzuna sits perfectly still with the curve of her back habitually straight from years of practice. Her pale lavender eyes narrows slightly as she watches the enchange of blows and tactical maneuvers between her older cousin and Fuyu, an Uchiha. With her small hands in her lap, the Hyuuga kunoichi watches in silence, dressed in more formal robes and her long, ebony hair twisted up into place by a pair of ivory chopsticks.

Yes, the old man with half open eyes didn't have any trouble seeing the fight. In fact, he was having a good old time watching the two dojutsu users get up to using their biggest moves against each other. Right now was the play round, the round every fight begins with, the gauging round. Who would win would be decided later.
However, The old man is not alone in his seats, in fact, he brought the entire family and even though he's quietly watching the fight half asleep, Yuuji has fallen asleep in the seat to his left, while Sumiya is knitting something in the seat to his right. Aoi and Akiko are to the right of Sumiya and they appear to be making bets with their snack food on who will score the next hits. Yes, twas an Odori family outing, all five of them in one place watching a match and causing mischief.

Fuyu finishes gathering her Chakra, unaware of the presence of Rain watching from above, and then she stares Kukiko down as she approaches. She doesn't answer. Telegraphing one's battle strategy is the sign of an amateur. So she can only assume that either Kukiko is an idiot or is intentionally lying about her strategy. Does she have ranged attacks? Unknown. Possibly. Hyuuga can do that, after all.
She swiftly brings up her hand from the ground, making a series of complicated gestures that terminate in front of her face in one half of a Tiger seal. Then she breathes out a stream of flames at her opponent… But the flames are oddly condensed. Until they actually hit something — even if it's only the ground — it would not be obvious why they are so compact.
Something else was done during this attack, however. That hand gesturing served another purpose…

The movement would be hard to take in, it was obvious Fuyu was good with handsigns, the tiger seal causing Kukiko to take a bit more responsible action. The woman would quickly shift to the Juuken stance, unaware of the genjutsu link at the moment, besides it was something she never had to defend against without Byakugan active. The woman would quickly take in the path of the the assault her hands raising in a position that Yuzuna might recognize as one preparing to perform the Heavenly Spin technique. Though, that would not be the end result as she does spin no chakra involved at all. The woman would spin out of the way of the technique, the flames managing to singe the tail of her clothing.
Mid spin the two kunai would be tossed into the air and her free hands would reach for the compartments about her wrists, flicking it open and whipping out two pieces of paper running them across her tongue. 'I should invest in some better tasting adhesive some day.' Flickering into the air she'd grab the kunai out of the sky and twisting each kunai erupting from her position and honing in on the Uchiha looking to impale her and whether successful in their task or not they would explode just as they close in on Fuyu. The sizzling of the kunai perhaps giving her time to notice the seals if she wasn't aware of what Kukiko had pulled out earlier.
As she begins to fall she reaches into the left compartment to only pull out one seal. For the time being she would do her best to conceal it from Fuyu until she, hopefully, lands.

Fuyu manages to Flicker out of the way of the kunai, but thanks to the angle that Kukiko is attacking from, she does not see the two tags attached to the blades. They explode despite her attempt to get out of the way by any means possible, sending flames washing over her and hurling the Uchiha Clan Head across the terrain forcefully. She tumbles, somersaults, and comes up in a crouch, though she now has some burns on her left arm, shoulder, and back. That could have gone better.
Well, she has nothing to save by holding back. Pride is for opponents who matter. This is just a tournament. Why hold back against a Hyuuga? Because that would just be feeding their idea of how they're somehow 'better' than the Uchiha. But after hits like THAT… Well, does it really matter? Even with a damaged arm, she does a series of leaps and flips, to put some distance between her and the Hyuuga woman.
She runs behind a couple trees in the process, and then pauses behind one in particular. A moment later, Fuyu comes blasting out of the tree top, throwing a shuriken with her left arm! …The damaged one. And it seems to have an impact on her aim, because the throwing stars land quite short of Kuki. Is Fuyu trying to prove something by using an injured limb? To show that even with explosive tags hitting at nearly point-blank range she is good enough? If so, her point seems to be founded on fantasy rather than reality.

Observing the movements and the slight back and forth so far, the Hyuuga pulls forward with an explosive attack, negating Fuyu's efforts to out manuver as well as bait and switch. Rain raises a brow slightly as the one two combo of explosives does it's work. "It is still a ring after all, speed will only get you so far in an enclosed area." he'd murmur before rubbing his chin slightly. "Making your move sooner than later seems to be your only option."
Just then, Fuyu would make her move, utilizing Kuki's lack of Byakugan to slip away jsut after the explosive exchange. "Hm…" Rain would let out as he continued to observe.

With the attack managing to make contact, Kukiko's smirk would spread for a moment once again as she watches her opponent get shoved away while landing in a crouch. The seal would go unused for now it seems as Kukiko raises it up to her lips, gently biting on the tip of it so she can freely enter the Juuken stance once more, lowered deeply as she doesn't give chase to her opponent. Once again she'd wait it out, her confidence only rising higher as the match went on in her favor so far. "I am rather patient… I do not mind catching my breath eith-" Her speech would be cut short as Fuyu breaks out from the tree top.
The woman's eyes would squint in an almost annoyed fashion as Fuyu uses what is an obviously injured arm to attack her. Feeling slightly insulted she'd dash forwards, snatching up two of the throwing stars in one hand as she launches the shuriken at Fuyu, hoping to damage her with her own weapon. The apparently patient Hyuuga wouldn't show much of it as she charges in after the kunai, looking intent on picking up the taijutsu onslaught once more while her opponent looked slowed.

Fuyu attempts to block the shuriken with the same injured arm, using a kunai. She fails. The throwing star lodges itself in her burnt shoulder, causing a brief noise of pain — or possibly annoyance — before she suddenly *POOF*s in a cloud of smoke. A moment later, a series of small fireballs come streaking out from the tree line, and detonate all around Kuki!
Whether the fireballs actually hit or not seems to be irrelevant, as suddenly burns might erupt on the Hyuuga from the heat alone! And possibly… Some splashed oil!? The searing pain if these wounds pop up would be quite noticeable, as the flames seem to almost cling to what they touch.
And yet where is Fuyu in all this? Through the haze, the smoke, and the various patches of flame on the ground, Fuyu standing inbetween two trees in the distance with her hands together in a Tiger seal once again, would be quite visible. Her mouth is moving, but at this distance whatever she is saying is not audible.

Kukiko's eyes would widen as the clone disappears, 'Those shuriken had to be real… a genjutsu? No…' Looking around she'd realize that the shuriken too had gone up in a puff of smoke. 'Shadow Clones?' As the thoughts ran through her mind she'd note the fire flying out of the tree and she'd quickly get out of the way. Wondering if she was truly being toyed with, though if that truly was a Shadow Clone then it would appear that this wasn't truly a testing period anymore. Right when she adjusts her path to head into the trees she'd suddenly feel a burning sensation, Too caught up in thinking to realize that the fire made contact… or, did they?
Keeping herself together she'd condense a scream of pain into a growl and gritting of teeth as she goes to pat the fires away. To the crowd she may just look like a nut as she drops to the ground the pain overwhelming her to the point where she could no longer pat the flames away. Her only hope was to roll about to hope the dirt would kill the fires off.

Fuyu's chanting reaches a fever pitch and then she calls out, "Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!)" Is she holding back? Is pride keeping her from going all out? Why… No, she's not, and no, it isn't. She didn't survive the Clan Wars by going easy on people. Maybe now is a 'time of peace' to some… But to Fuyu it is simply a preparation period for whenever the next war will be. That means she has to try harder than ever, rather than get weak and sloppy. A tournament is the perfect time to show everyone that she and the Uchiha will do whatever is necessary to protect the future.
Or so she is justifying it in her head as she lets loose with an enormous fireball shaped like a dragon, right at the prone Hyuuga! Dirty fighting? Maybe. But if the Seal Barrier for this tournament actually works, then nothing permanent will be inflicted. Probably.

Thoughts would run through her mind all the while, doing her best to ignore the pain and think straight as she looks back to the burns on the ground studies their positioning. Her mind flashes back to when the attack came in as the pain would dull, the thoughts would clear and she'd realize… She was engulfed in flames once more, though Kukiko would be much more stubborn this time around as she simply rises to her feet letting the pain sink in. If this was also a genjutsu then she would not have to worry all too much, hoping that it was indeed a real technique and that she was correct in her guess that she was under the influence of genjutsu she would let the flames last a bit longer while her will was within the situation to break free of its hold.
Through the flames Kukiko would shift into the Juuken stance, white eyes piercing out of the devouring flames before the fire just erupts outwards. Anyone with the ability to see chakra or feel it would notice that this was simply an eruption of chakra to kill the flames. Clothing, hair, skin… everything effected by the attack. It was obvious she was not at all amused with the turn of events as through the blackened marks left on her face the veins were easily visible along the sides of her face, her eyes now a pure white as her hands start to crackle with electricity.
Looking off in the distance, or at least she would appear to be, Kukiko would know exactly where her opponent was the field of vision letting her lock right on to Fuyu even though it was somewhat obvious from before. "Shall we begin?"

Fuyu hmphs. Her Sharingan is indeed active as she watches the sudden change in her opponent's Chakra — or rather how it is being used. Extinguishing the flames from an attack like that, hm? Very interesting. Smirking finally, Fuyu calls out, "Begin? You mean like THIS?" She then flickers from half-way across the ring to Kuki's right, hoping to get in a quick slash at the Hyuuga's nearest shoulder with the bladed edge of her war-fan, before getting out of range with another Flicker, and letting out the Uchiha Clan's signature technique… 'Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)!' she thinks as she focused on just blasting Kukiko. This is killing her stamina-wise, but she isn't going to try to outlast a Hyuuga. Not with their defensive abilities.

With the previous tag she had in hand burned away by Fuyu's earlier assault, Kukiko would whip out another with a quick slide of her hand. "Impressive." Would be her comment as Fuyu closes in on her with a much greater speed than before though she'd be quick to evade, barely, as the tag goes off. Not as an explosion this time around, smoke would simply pour out of it. Not taking long at all, the smoke would engulf Kuki as the first attack /just/ misses her shoulder. The continued attack would burn through the smoke, eating it away to reveal Kukiko was no longer there.
Kukiko's voice would whisper from behind of Fuyu, her right foot sliding forwards, "Ha-" Her hand slides to her back just gently resting it there. "SANGEKI!" Dust would erupt behind of Kukiko as the attack seems to have a delay effect before the swirling blast of chakra visibly erupts outwards. Whatever remained of the smoke tag would be blow away by the chakra attack as the ring becomes a dust field causing the Hyuuga to close her eyes to avoid it getting in her eyes, not like she needed them anyways. For the time Kukiko would hold the position, the idea of missing not crossing her mind at all at this range but, she did close in on Kukiko rather quickly just now.

Fuyu overestimated how much Chakra she had left, and overestimated her chances of hitting her opponent. The smoke tag was also unexpected. So *BAM* She is blasted by a wave of Chakra from directly behind, and slammed into the barrier wall that surrounds the fighting ring. She hits it and falls to the grass. She lies still for only a moment before struggling to push herself up onto hands and knees. That… Hurt. A lot. Blood trickles from her mouth and from a cut on her forehead that is now leaking into her right eye.
Neither eye has the Sharingan active in it anymore. Breathing hard, Fuyu takes a moment to grit her teeth and then puts her hands together in a focusing seal. She gathers a large amount of Chakra once again. Not as much as before, but hopefully enough to last her through the rest of the fight. She didn't think this would be an 'easy win', but she expected to do better than she currently is. Maybe she should have been training instead of healing. That would have been best… But now it has come down to this. So little Chakra she can't even maintain her Sharingan, and she's not in very good condition. She'll have to take some drastic action here pretty soon, because she already feels pretty tired.

"I would advise you to give up or you will regret all that chakra going to waste." Kukiko would say her hands crackling with electricity as she pulls out of the assault stance and returns to the Juuken Stance. "I will not hold back with my next technique." Another crackle of electricity would appear as her chakra would also begin to gather, once again at a smaller scale than Fuyu before she tired her body too much to keep up with her primary fighting style. Exhaling slowly, whispering to herself, "I cannot risk to do that again." She felt she was talking too much though, perhaps this was a good balance to the silent ways of her opponent. For now there would be a sand still, Kukiko assessing her wounds in the time being trying to calculate how long she should even let herself last and how deep she should delve into her jutsu.

Fuyu continues to breathe hard, perhaps more so now than before. At Kuki's words she pauses and then grins bloodily. "Give up, huh?" she calls out. "I'll bet you'd like that. Just so you know, the 'rivalry' between the Hyuuga and the Uchiha is one-sided. I hold no animosity towards you or your Clan. But if I just give up, then that will give your Clan reason to perpetuate this idiotic 'feud'. So I'll just have to make it clear that the Uchiha are what we are, and we will not simply bow down because we are told to. We both want what is best for our Village and the people who live in it. But those who want only control over BOTH of our Clans…" she trails off, though still speaking plenty loud enough for everyone in the stands to hear.
"…Are in for a rude awakening." She opens her right eye, despite the stinging of the blood dripping into it, and both eyes return to the two-tomoe Sharingan. Then she breathes out another Great Fireball at Kuki, with a nasty surprise behind it. A Shadow Clone that is racing just behind the mass of flame, apparently attempting to leap at the Hyuuga and stab her!

Kukiko's smirk would return as Fuyu decides not to give up and even more so when she is done speaking completely. "I wonder…" If she had said anything else, it was killed by the roaring fire . Kukiko makes no move to avoid the oncoming attack, her right foot would kick off the ground as she goes into a spin. The fireball would connect with a wall of chakra along with the shuriken and possibly the clone if it did not evade the chakra wall. Slowing to a stop, the smoke would start to clear as Kukiko starts running towards Fuyu. The three handsigns done in nearly an instant as she extends her hands out in front of her.
Pulses of electricity flying from her starting as small rings and rapidly expanding, Fuyu may find that this isn't as painful to the touch as most.
Though if it does manage to connect after a second or so after the skill will take its full effect. Fuyu appeared exhausted and Kukiko was going to work with it, 'If I an't get in to perform Taijutsu… I'll make it so that she can run no longer.'

The Shadow Clone strikes Kuki's Chakra wall and vanishes in a poof of smoke, along with its weapon. The electric rings that come at her are troublesome due to their expanding nature. But she just tries to leap up and over, even though it is obvious that even her great jumping ability won't be enough. And then she Body Flickers in mid-air, gaining more altitude via the wonders of Chakra Physics. This carries her over the first ring, but she starts to drop towards the one behind it. Gritting her teeth she performs a second Body Flicker to get over THAT one. Which results in her plummeting towards Kukiko.
This is it. Her attempt at establishing a hold on the Hyuuga's mind to hit her with the strongest attack in Fuyu's arsenal has failed. So she does what any Uchiha falling towards a foe with the ability to bring up an impenetrable shield in an eye-blink does, while wounded, exhausted, and having said she isn't going to give up. She makes a Shadow Clone to take the hit for her. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" she calls out and grabs her doppleganger, hurling her at Kuki, and planning to land safely off Kukiko's side so she can plan a desperate counter-attack! Maybe Great Dragon Fire again? Will that be enough to finish the job?

"Know this…" Kukiko would make no effort to stop Fuyu's creative way of landing safely. Kukiko would turn within the recently created crater. "These eyes see through all cheap tricks will only work for so long and…" Kukiko would phase in and out of view, blowing he resources for a show of power and speed. "I truly.." Kukiko would appear behind Fuyu, kneeling, "Look forward to working with you. A Thousand Years of Pain." Kuki's fingers shoot forwards, "Juuken style." The attack would aim to interfere with the tenketsu and nerves about Fuyu's spine, aiming to momentarily disable her in hopes that this would end the fight. The pleasant smile returned to her face now that she wasn't, you know, in flames and all that.

And the proctor raises a brow at that one.

Rain would stand swiftly as the … attack… was unleashed on Fuyu by the Hyuga who was apparently named Kukiko. "Penetrating her weak spot… as i expect from a Hyuga." he would say with a chuckle in his throat, finishing his sake slowly. "I simply do not know how Fuyu will ever forgive you for that… but perhaps the ways of the Lead will settle her spirits and allow her to… who knows." Cheers would come from behind him in anticipation of victory o ntheir bets while upset groans and protests and backing out would already begin. "There is not a thing worse i could think to do to her… i'm not sure whether to congratulate that Hyuga… or pray for her future…" Rain would smirk before sitting back down.

Thanks to the momentum provided by her Shadow Clone being thrown by her, she manages to stay airborne just long enough for Kuki to say her words, get into position… And then slam two fingers together, enhanced with the ability to see Tenkketsu. Fuyu has excellent eyes of her own. She sees what's coming her way, and though she has never been exposed to it, and does not know this is the 'Juuken Style' version, she has heard of it in rumors. So she turns her head, Sharingan widened in anger and fear trying to find some way to get out of this. But her Chakra is too low, her reflexes too slowed by tiredness, and she can't do any more Body Flickers. So she lands and gets her Chakra shut down with a very stategically placed attack to her… …. …. …Well, it didn't hit her spine, and may actually have hit a bit further forward than intended, but the end result is the same.
The Juuken abilities of the Hyuuga still hit the right Tenkketsu and shut down her Chakra network from… The… Waist down at least. Her feel disjointed for a moment, and then everything just goes numb. She feels weakness spreading up her spine, and a moment later, she turns as she falls, trying to swipe at Kuki's EYES with a kunai she drew while she was falling to earth. Maybe she knew she was going down. But if she could blind the Hyuuga, then that would be something at least.
Unsporting? Definitely. But it winds up that the swipe goes wild, APPEARING to be aimed off to the side, perhaps at Kukiko's shoulder, instead of anywhere near her eyes. She then loses the last of the momentum gained from that final attack… And collapses to the ground.
Looking up at Kuki from her spot on the burnt grass and dirt, her right eye closed again from too much blood getting in it, Fuyu allows her Sharingan to sleep once more, and just stares. "…This better not be permanent." Then she raises her burnt left arm, the one with the kunai in her grasp, and says, "I am incapacitated! I give up!"

The proctor walks towards the center of the arena, adjusting his clothing slightly and and clearing his throat audibly, but probably not intentionally. "Due to the circumstances…" the deep voiced proctor would begin before… shifting phrases, "At this time i must announce…" once again he seemed to get slightly uncomfortable before steeling himself. "One of the combatants has forfeited due to an inability to continue, Uchiha Fuyu. The winner of this match is Hyuga Kukiko!" he would finally get out before going to seeming raise Kukiko's hand as medics would come to help Fuyu off of the field.

Kuki's eyebrows would perk up as she sees the kunai swing by, not sure what to do about it as she simply leans her head back just in case there was more to the attack. "Ah… well then." Kukiko would be tempted to crouch down to help up Fuyu if the fight was called but, after that attempt of a swipe she'd figure it'd be best to stay away. Kukiko would wiggle her index and middle fingers a bit as if flexing them in a way as the sharingan-less stare comes her way. "Ah permanent? Not at all… in fact I could fix it right now! Though…" Kukiko would wink to Fuyu as she walks by, "I'm not sure who would appreciate it more you, or the crowd. Though… give it some time." Her right hand would give a passive wave as she leaves the arena to the medical ward.

Fuyu arches an eyebrow at Kuki as she lowers her arm and puts away the kunai. "If you can fix it, why would you wait—The crowd?" She looks towards the Stands, wondering if she is missing something. Then she notices the perverted leering from roughly half the men in the audience. She scowls in their directions, and radiates the female-only version of Killing Intent, which might be summed up as, 'I am going to hunt you down and cut off your s'.
A moment later she turns her attention on Kuki as she walks away. She watches the Hyuuga's rear and thinks to herself, 'Some day, I am going to use that devastating ultimate technique she used on me… On HER.' Then she is helped off the field of battle. She does have a head injury after all.

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