First World Ninja Competition - Rest In Pieces: Mitsuomi vs. Kanami


Risu (emitter), Mitsuomi, Kanami, Kira, Reza

Date: November 18, 2010


A match between muscular might and insane illusions is underway, as Mitsuomi faces off against Kanami. Regardless of the results, it is unlikely that either opponent will remain fully untouched by the experiences this day.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First World Ninja Competition - Rest In Pieces: Mitsuomi vs. Kanami"

//Peach Pit Stadium Arena //

The proctor today stretches then leaps down to the center of the arena, "Okay!" He calls out with an amplified voice, "Today's match is between Seishino Kanami a wanderer and Mitsuomi from Kumogakure! No cheating, no targetting the proctor, and no targetting the fans in the stands! As proctor I reserve the right to step in and call a winner if things go too far. If there are no questions, let the match begin!" And with that, assuming there are no questions, he'll hop back, and out of the way, letting the two contestants approach each other.

Mitsuomi strode calmly into the arena. This was going to be fun. He felt a little cheated at getting a pass for the first round, but to him it was whatever. This was his time to shine and no one was going to take that away from him.
As he cleared the gate on his way to the center of the arena, his hands reached down to the bottom of his shirt, and he unceramoniously pulled it over his head and threw it to the side. Discarding it his flesh was revealed to be like cut stone. Muscles buldged everywhere, and in the center of his chest radiating over towards his left shoulder was a gnarled scar. It looked like he got blasted with something painful a ways back. Long before the tournament started.
Turning to look at the cheering crowds he smirked a bit. This was showtime in the big leagues. Looking back to the other gate he awaited his opponents appearence before letting out a small bow of recognition. With that little bit done he would drop back into a readied stance and announce loud enough to make sure he was heard, "Kumogakure's Double Impact Mitsuomi!"

On one side of the ring, there is a muscular warrior. Mitsuomi is a man that, even with his scar, appears to be a perfect physical specimen — a true example of the height of fitness and power that pure training can achieve. His opponent understands the importance of psychology and showmanship in battle, or any other situation. Presentation is everything. Thus, as Mitsuomi strides out confidently into the ring, and a trio of water moccasins slither past the feet of a totally unaware child in the stands, the other side of the ring remains void of challengers. Given how Kanami's last match went, those who saw it are expecting a dramatic entrance. The seconds tick by, and the tension grows, along with the anticipation of the audience.
Then questions start being asked. Did she run? Is she too scared to face such a warrior as this? Mitsuomi IS pretty impressive. Certainly, no one in the stands would want to face him. But then the noise level drops slightly as an odd noise can be heard. A hissing noise. Then, swift as lightning, and silent as a ghost, a massive black serpent about as tall as a horse and much, much longer, comes slithering out of the entrance on the other side of the ring. The snake comes to a stop near the center of the ring, its lengthy body extending backwards into the darkness of the participants' preparatory area.
The snake is large enough to eat Mitsuomi in one bite. And it seems to be PLANNING TO, as its mouth opens wide, its jaw dislocating! Its maw exposed, the serpent simply… Remains still. And waits. Screams from women and children, cries of shock from the men as well, and some of the security forces of Kusagakure that are watching scramble to deal with this monster. But the snake simply lies where it is, and the signal is given secretly to hold off on interfering for now.
This is good, because a moment later a figure becomes visible emerging from the snake's throat. A woman in a white kimono, with the pattern of snake scales in black upon its surface. About her waist is an obi that appears to be made of snake skin, and hanging from it are two Noh-style theater masks. One of a monstrous white serpent's face, and the other of a woman's face… But with stringy black hair hanging in its features. On the face of the woman that now steps out of the snake's mouth, there is a third mask. A simple, ordinary, but high-quality woman's theater mask.
Seishino Kanami has arrived, looking pristine, rather than covered in whatever lies in the throats of snakes. She raises a hand and the massive serpent slithers in reverse, back to where it came from. "I have arrived, Mitsuomi-san. Let us make this a most excellent show, shall we?" she bows and places her hands together in front of her chest as she does so, subtly focusing her Chakra. When she rises back into a standing position, her left hand snaps down swiftly and grabs up the mask of the woman with the black hair, and attaches it to the mask she already wears. A change comes over her. Her kimono seems to shred before everyone's very eyes, turning ragged. Her well-groomed hair mimics that of the mask she now wears… Stringy, dirty… And her frame becomes thin and frail. Then Kanami allows herself to hunch over slightly, and her arms to dangle at her sides. She says and does nothing further.

As the two combatants start to prepare and arange themselves, the proctor retreats slightly further and a hum kicks in as the wards are thrown up, to protect those in the stands as well as those in the ring. The proctor observers, watchfully, waiting for the battle to unfold as he does his duty, ensuring a fair match.

Mitsuomi stood still as the snake approached him. A part of him ready to strike at it, but that was witheld. Animals were not the primary opponents here, and he had no doubt that his opponent would transform into such a beast. Still it made him wonder what was with the dramatic entrance. That was until he saw the change that the mask granted his adversary.
Letting out a small sigh he understood what was to come now as much as he ever did. "I was hoping to avoid showing this off in the first match…I guess I too will surrender myself to the power."
With that it was becoming apparent as to why he shed his shirt earlier. Small lines began to dance under his flesh from seemingly all over. His pants moved with their movements as they began to take life. His skin crawled as if a beast were slithering to break free of its fleshy cell. Over the next few seconds the thin lines began to change as they raced over his becoming thick as cords and not stopping yet.
With a low growl his muscles began to bulge up threatening to shred his pants and what would have been shirt in the process. Finally, after a long moment the movement seemed to stop. Thick cords resting on top of his bulged muscles almost as if his skin would break and release something as he stood there.
Then, with a large roar, Mitsuomi's chakra began to flourish as small rocks and dirt about him were hurled away as if by a fierce wind. The air around Mitsuomi now heavy and laden with an intent to finish this. This was his power, that of madness. An unstable mind and a body enforced for it. Truly a deadly foe.
"Warning you now…Once this completely takes hold…this show is going to get messy. Let's make it one to remember Kanami!" With that the brawler seemed poised and ready to fight.

Dry, choking noises that are almost like sobs emerge from Kanami. But due to the regularity of the noises, it becomes apparent they are laughs. Sick, weakly laughter. "Messy, messy…" her voice says. Only it is not the same voice that Kanami had before. This one is low and mournful. Almost regretful. But not quite.
"Messy, messy… Messy! MESSSY MESSY MESSY MESSY!" she becomes shrieking as she comes running right at Mitsuomi, arms thrashing above her head. When she gets close her arms drop back down, her hands gnawling into claw-like positions, and then she throws one hand forward, releasing a trio of lengthy snakes from within her sleeve. The snakes attempt to reach out and bite into Mitsuomi, leaving him with three nasty wounds. Kanami then leaps into the air as the snakes retreat into her sleeve once more, and seems to… Turn into a mass of snakes!? Snakes that were somehow held together in the shape of Mitsuomi's opponent, but which now seperate back into individual serpents that, in turn, rain down on the Kumogakure warrior. None of THESE attempt to bite him. Just to get away.
Which means… Where is the REAL Kanami? Perhaps behind!?

Mitsuomi sighed heavily as the woman started raving. A part of him wanting to pound her head into the ground just to stop the irritating noise coming from her flailing lips. Then came the attack. Three snakes launched towards him. Was this a joke?
The warrior didn't even bother to move as his chakra harnessed over his body into an invisible armor to the naked eye. Two of the snakes struck his with bared fangs only to compress against his body and coil over onto themselves. The third hit and he could feel its fangs locked in the armor. This was the lead snake and just a tad quicker than the others. He thought nothing of it as they all pulled pack, until he noticed the small puncture wounds and slight bruising around the area. Apparently it got through enough to injure his arm more than he thought. This was bad, now that he had poison in his system it would have to end soon.
Looking back to the source of the retreating snakes he narrowed his eyes. As it burst apart, he almost thought the murderous intent he felt was responsible, but a rain of snakes showed it was merely wishful thinking.
Sharp eyes scanned the area for her as the snakes slithered from his body, several catching heavy boots to their bodies as recompence for their master's attack on him. Perhaps this would drive her out. Destroying her seemingly harmless pets.
With a loud bellow he roared, "Fight me coward! Show yourself! No time for childish games…"

Kira was sitting in the stands this day, after he heard that someone from Kumogakure would fight. Of course, by the time he arrived, the fight had already begun and he couldn't tell which one of them was from Kumogakure. It couldn't have been the snake lady, could it?
He remains silent though, as he watches calmly, taking a moment to scan the crowd in case someone he knows might be there.

As some of the snakes are stomped and injured or killed, their cold, black blood sprays out onto the ground. And wherever a drop falls, the ground begins to CHANGE. Spreading outwards from each drop, the earth turns gray and then becomes stone and tile. The grass shrivels, dies, and vanishes into the growing number of dirty tiles that make up the floor. The decay spreads and spreads, and then other things begin to change. Walls spring up from the floor. Medical equipment comes rolling in from somewhere out of line-of-sight. Everything is changing, into a dimly, dingy, old-fashioned hospital.
Even the audience might notice a few cracks in the stadium here and there… Signs of blood stains that were not there before… Nothing big. Just cosmetic changes. But for Mitsuomi, he would now find himself in an operating room. Behind Mitsuomi is an operating table, with two nurses and a doctor surrounding it. They appear to be in the middle of surgery.
"Scalpel," says the doctor. One of the nurses slaps a scalpel onto the palm of the doctor, who cannot be properly seen beyond the two nurses. "Clamps," says the calm voice of the doctor. The requested item is provided by the other nurse. "We're losing him," the left-hand nurse says. "Adrenaline!" the doctor says urgently. By this time, Mitsuomi likely would have noticed a chart lying nearby… Almost seeming to call to him. It glows dimly, with a grey light. On it is listed a lot of information. But clearly printed, right at the top, is Mitsuomi's name. "This is a lost cause, doctor. He's dead," the right-hand nurse says blandly.
And then the nurses step aside and turn to face Mitsuomi. Lying on the operating table is the mutilated body of Mitsuomi himself, cut open, limbs removed, and looking much like Mitsuomi himself does right now — muscles bulging, cords straining… All of it. The left-hand nurse is missing her lower jaw. The right hand nurse as hypodermic needles extending from her eye sockets, and more inside her mouth. The doctor has the face and head of a snake.
"Nexxxxxt patient," he rasps silibantly, a scalpel in each hand.
Then the dead Mitsuomi on the table sits up suddenly and begins screaming at the top of his lungs at the still-intact one.

Mitsuomi stood there still scanning the area as he noticed the changes. Slowly it began to dawn on him that this was the work of Genjutsu. Something that he dreaded more than anything. This already seemed worse than anything Maia could do, and yet all he had noticed was the surroundings. The nurses and doctor forming behind him as he turned his head.
Without hesitation at seeing Mitsuomi clenched a fist and slammed it into his own jaw. Racking it to the point he felt it nearly snap. Still he was in the hospital. The nurses calling made him try and peer. His body moving towards the table. At the sight of his name a cold sweat broke out over the otherwise calm looking man. As he heard the call of a lost cause as the nurses turning his hands moved on their own as if to strike them to the ground but nothing was happening. His fists couldn't reach them.
He lunged for the doctor and couldn't grab a hold of the serpentine bastard. Oh how he wanted to crush his head in. Then, came the sight of his own mutilated body. The only solice in it was that she screwed up. His transformation of power fades when he loses consciousness… Still it was enough to make him nearly puke. He retched as he turned, this is more than just the poison. The screams drove him from the room.
Staggering steps lead him out what looked like double doors. There he saw her. The one that showed him this. With a loud roar, his chakra flared up. Instinct took over now. He could feel it compressing through his body. Spiraling up and outwards as it threatened to tear his flesh. This was no illusion. Crescent moons of chakra began to seem to riadiate and pulse from his body as he lunged forwards with a heavy step. Roaring like a demon, "Ryukei Qigong Tashinkou Shinden: Gao Soryu Enresho!"
When he landed that massive amount of spiraling chakra was released with his palms right at Kanami's body in an arcing blast that would transfer into her should he make contact.

Mitsuomi's powerful attack does not just impact his opponent, but it also impacts his environment. The walls shred and peel, the spiralling energy enough to tear tiles from the floor, to destroy the flickering flourescent lights in the ceiling, and to send an enormous, devastating blow towards the limp-armed, scrawny, pale-skinned woman who stands in the hall with hair hanging in her face, and does not move. Double-Impact Mitsuomi comes charging in… And when his fist arrives… Kanami fades away into ashes that drift on an unseen breeze, completely independent from the winds generated by the warrior's attack.
The force passes through the hall and sends gurneys and other objects rolling or falling for quite a distance. Kanami is now standing off to the side, in a different room from the main hall. If he turns to face her, he'd be just in time to hear a yell, of a nurse from behind, in a different patient's room. "He's escaping! Stop him!" Then the door behind smashes open and a giant hand comes bursting out, trying to grab hold of Mitsuomi and hold him still, no matter how strong he is, or how much he thrashes. Then Kanami begins to laugh again. Dry, choking… Mournful… And then she pulls out a bonesaw from behind her back. This she holds up in one hand. And then she begins to advance on Mitsuomi. The giant hand that attempted to hold him is cold, and wet with blood. The blood drips on Mitsuomi as Kanami continues to walk forward at a normal pace, with that rusty bone saw in her grip, hair hanging in her face.
He better break free before she arrives, or things might get ugly.

Kira simply smirks as he watches the fight. It takes him a while to even begin to figure out what is going on. In fact, all he sees is Mitsuomi throwing attacks around. "Is he showing off?" He asks himself nearly silently. Of course, this behaviour makes him only think more strongly of Mitsuomi as someone from the Land of Lightning.
"He seems to be hitting himself more than fighting his opponent. Heh." Kira comments, again, to no one in particular as he stands up and shouts, "You can do it! Crush her!"
From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands, Reza has disconnected.

Mitsuomi is racked at this moment. His attack was a big gamble and failed. She made him ache all over with these false images, and now something else came at him. Turning swiftly he snarled, as his hands clenched enough to draw blood. "This *BLEEP*ing isn't real!" With that his hands moved as if to tear the fading image in half.
Then he turned solemly, "Enough of the mind games you crone! This is over!" He revanished for a moment to appear behind her with his hand reaching for her spine. If he caught her then he would raise her over head by that dreaded bone in an attempt to snap her back. With a low roar not caring if she got away or not he would let loose a heavy punch ladened with stored chakra to errupt and send her flying. Now it was time to see a rampage.

The ragged form that Mitsuomi seizes appears to be grabbed and held overhead as planned. But instead of being snapped like a twig, she just dissolves into powder and falls apart. The punch is aimed blindly, it appears, but hidden in the cloud of powder is the real Kanami. This time she is actually there. She Flickers backwards, leaving Mitsuomi in the choking cloud of white…
And then Mitsuomi may find himself suddenly feeling… Restrained? Not quite restrained. More like, his arms and legs aren't reacting properly when he tries to move them. And then the words from when this first started may be heard again. "Scalpel." The powder clears, and now it all becomes obvious. Mitsuomi is lying on an operating table. The jawless nurse, and the needle-eyed nurse are both visible at the foot of the table. His arms and legs are missing. And the doctor… The doctor with the snake face… Is standing right over him. And has just been handed a scalpel. This he prepares to apply to Mitsuomi's belly, and start carving him up like a christmas turkey, unless Mitsuomi can somehow break through this extremely realistic illusion. The metal table he lies on even feels cold to the touch. No matter how fake it may be, right now… It feels real in every way.
His arms and legs are numbed, not cut off. But there's that bonesaw lying right nearby… So who knows how long THAT will last?
To the audience, Kanami is standing near Mitsuomi, who may well be lying on the ground, looking pale, tired… And perhaps a bit shaken? Or maybe he is still standing somehow, despite all he has been through.

Mitsuomi stood there seeing his attacks failing to connect on his opponent. This was rediculous. If only he could land one solid hit on her, this would end. He snarled as he felt his limbs become heavy. The smoke clearing to reveal that he was again in the presence of his loving medical staff.
He tried to move, but his body wouldn't respond to his commands. With a sickening sound his teeth tore through his lip. Still he couldn't move. As he was left there still as a statue he snarled, "I know that this isn't real! It isn't f' real! You sick freak! Hear me! Let go of this hold on my mind! Fight me! Show yourself!" He still tried to thrash and struggle. Muscles bulged and strained against an invisible force. Blood began to trickle through clenched teeth as he tried to move. A violent cough sent his blood speckling across the ring. This wasn't the work of the genjutsu.

Mitsuomi would… Suprisingly… Receive a reprieve. The doctor pulls his hand back. And then the nurses and doctor disintegrate, leaving Kanami to walk in through the double doors. She walks slowly into the operating room. "Do you really want to fight me? Or do you want to give up now? Things are going poorly for you. I can make sure you are in no condition to ever fight again… Or I can destroy you on the field battle." She hmmmms quietly. Then she removes her mask, revealing the mask she had on before. The hospital dissolves, leaving Mitsuomi lying on the ground. He may still feel restrained, but he is no long about to be cut open, is he?
Then Kanami says, "It is unwise of me to do this, but I am interested in seeing if you can back up your interest in fighting." She clasps her hands together in front of her chest and then begins to channel Chakra again. Her mask has gone back to her belt, but the firt one remains in place… And it begins to change. Red makeup on the cheeks of the ceramic mask seems to 'bloom' into vivid red roses, with green vines. Elaborate designs imprint themselves all over the mask, as though numerous invisible pens were drawing upon it. And a glowing white light shines forth from the previously blank eyes.
Then Kanami takes up the White Serpent mask, and places that over her 'base' mask. It snaps into place, and the ceramic mask of a monstrous snake BECOMES her face. "I am ready now, Mitssssuomi. Are you?"

Mitsuomi stood there and glared at the snake woman as she changed before his eyes. A deep roar prepairing in his throat. The change gave him a moment, and he tried to clench his hand enough to break the skin and gain freedom. He couldn't move the fingers enough to succeed. Instead he glared at the snakelike woman. Now she was a vermin to be exterminated. "Let me go of this crappy mind hold, and I will tear you appart. I don't care how much my body hurts, or how tired I am, in a show of force no one can equal me in this bracket. So are you brave enough to release me and start fighting for real, or are you a spineless coward who hunts from the shadows?" To accent his own anger a wad of blood was spat at her.

Kanami hmms thoughtfully. "Cowardice is the better part of valor. At least in terms of survival. But if you wish to be released, that I shall grant you. However, if you want a match of fists versus fists…" She laughs. Normally, this time, and yet somehow deeper than her normal voice. "…I sincerely apologize for disappointing you. I am sadly not well-suited to Taijutsu and am exceptionally weak as far as physical strength is concerned. But I will fight you as evenly as I am able. You might not like it much, though. For example…"
She stretches her mouth wide. Far wider than a human is able. Perhaps it is just the mask's mouth, or perhaps it is her own. It depends on how real the mask is.
Then several asps slither up out of her throat. And all of them begin spitting bullets of fire at the downed Mitsuomi, causing explosions of flame to erupt each time one of them touches the warrior. This pelting of fireballs continues on for several seconds. When it ends, there are several craters around and under where Mitsuomi was lying. Perhaps he is even inside of one. The flaming holes in the terrain indicate just how much power was involved in that attack.
The asps vanish back into Kanami's throat, and then her jaw goes back to normal. "…For example, I am not easily taunted into action, and WILL take advantage of an enemy's weakness. I apologize for that personal trait, as I am aware it is highly offensive to warriors with honor."

Mitsuomi stood stark still as the woman admitted to being a coward and opportunist. This mental bind was holding him despite his efforts. He knew that he was screwed, mentally he was weak…physically he was strong, but for only the briefest of moments he wished it were the opposite.
As the snakes began to form a part of him snarled and scoffed. That attack was weak the first time and wouldn't be much to deal with now. The fire caught his attention and made his muscles buldge again. If only he were free he could have dodged it or shielded himself and managed a counter attack.
The ground gave way under the heat and pressure leaving craters across the arena. Mitsuomi and his roar of pain were both swallowed up by this inferno. It seemed she would have won this match and the barrier did little to help him cope with this level of pain. It dulled pain, but his nerves hightened it.
Lying amongst charred rock and melted dirt He was flat on his back and singled everywhere. It would seem to most that the man was done for.
Without a sound he forced his beaten body to move and vanish. The only clue was the sound of falling glass as the dirt cooled. He would appear back standing before the woman with a massive amount of chakra balled up into his fist and he let the punch fly out. He hoped it hit her and sent her flying to the walls. This punch needed to do something to help him turn this around.

Kanami was just standing there, waiting for the smoke to clear, it seems. The flames gradually die down a bit, though they continue to crackle around the edges of the craters. Seeing her opponent, the Snake-masked actress just sighs a bit. "How unfortunate…" she lets out quietly. A moment later Mitsuomi appears in front of her, and his fist comes surging in, engulfed in Chakra that would surely pulverize her if it hits. But it doesn't. Because a massive snake comes blasting up out of the ground where Kanami is standing, and takes the hit directly to its scales. The scales do not even flex an inch to the blow. What… Insane kind of animal IS this that can remain unyielding even to a titanic attack such as that!? The serpent towers up into the sky, and Kanami is left standing atop its head. Its lips are closed, but if it opens its mouth, she would fall right in and be devoured.
Seemingly unconcerned, Kanami looks down at Mitsuomi some hundred feet below, and calls down, "…How unfortunate that you did not lie sssstill and let the proctor end the match, that isss. It givesssss me no pleasssure to torment you like thissss." Then she begins running down the snake's belly, back towards the ground. As she does so, the serpent also begins to retreat back into the arena floor. When she is close to where Mitsuomi stands, Kanami leaps off the snake just before the last of it vanishes into the hole in the ground from which it emerged. The hole seals itself without any sign it was ever there.
In mid-air, Kanami's jaw unhinges again, and an almost-literal FLOOD of snakes of various kinds comes pouring out of her mouth. From the mouth of each snake, a sword blade emerges. The snakes attempt to swarm over Mitsuomi and STAB him with their mouth-swords, even as Kanami lands back on the ground a dozen feet away and snaps her jaw back into place again.

Mitsuomi stood still as he felt his punch impact the snake a split second before it would reach Kanami. This woman was becoming a royal pain in his ass. As she rose up he looked to see her counter attack and heard that he should have just yielded to her. He would never do something so low.
As he readied himself to attack again he saw her snakes coming and decided that now was time to show what he was made of. His chakra flooded out from his body and hardened into an almost visible armor. The snakes slammed into his body and halted. Their teeth and blades held at bay on his skin. A smirk rose on his lips. He smashed them all away as he began to close in for her again.
Chakra flooded his foot as he slammed it down near her landing point to make a shockwave on the ground to throw her off balance and hopefully leave her open for him to spin behind her and grab her spine to raise her over head in an attempt to snap her back.

Mitsuomi successfully knocks Kanami off-balance. She wobbles and is then hurled from het feet by the shockwave, knocked to the ground! Only she never reaches the ground because Mitsuomi seizes her in mid-air, holding her above his head… And Snaps her completely in half! Her torso comes away in one hand, and her lower half comes away in the other! That… May not be what was expected. But ultimately, it seems not to matter. Because both halves dissolve in Mitsuomi's fingers, turning into YET MORE serpents. A deception!
The two halves fall apart into snakes that writhe around and try to slither out of the way of the fight. Then Kanami calls from off in the distance, "Remember how I said I would release you from my Genjutsu?" There is a steady mechanical noise that has been building up for several seconds now. Then a deep steam whistle blows. Razor-covered chains come from somewhere behind Mitsuomi and attempt to wrap around his arms and legs, holding him in place.
"I lied."
Then the Nogakujin woman steps aside as a bright light glows from behind her. The light appears to be the head-lamp of a train. The train comes tearing through at high speeds — yet giving plenty of time to realize what is about to happen, and to struggle uselessly. Unless Mitsuomi manages to break free, he will simply be run over. Slammed into, knocked down on the tracks that have appeared from out of nowhere, and then crushed repeatedly under numerous, heavy wheels, until all that would seem to be left is a mangled corpse with parts sawed through by the weight of the locomotive.

"Damnit!" was snarled through his teeth. The serpents fell away and as he turned to listen the whistle drowned out her words. He felt the chains wrap around his flesh, and in that instant slammed a chakra coated finger into his thigh and twisted it. The pain wasn't enough. Still he fought it as his arms moved wide as if to catch the train in them and force it to a halt.
Even in his mind he was unlucky, and was slid back by this imaginary force until his legs buckled and he ate steel. He could feel himself being drug around as gears slammed into his body, and the wheels of the locomotive cut his flesh and rended muscle from bone.
When it was all over blood poured from his lips in reality and not just his mind. The serpentine cords under his flesh shriveled away to hide deep inside his body. Still the behemoth's body didn't fall. Eyes were closed and breathing was labored. His transformation ended and blood pouring from his self inflicted wounds and the stream of it spouting from his mouth and droping to the ground in flecks with shallow breaths.
He pushed himself too far and his muscles locked from the strain even in unconsciousness. His body now was just an empty shell resting and waiting to awaken again for a new opponent or perhaps to finish this one. Only time and medical assistance would tell. He was finished for now.

Apparently, the previous proctor required a restroom break. And as such Reza had slyly took their place for the rest of the match up. Having been keep his eye on things, he'd frown towards the apparent unconscious state of the Kumo ninja. "Bah…well then." With a sudden poof, he'd reappear flickering onto the battlefield. "This Match is Over!, The winner is… Seishino Kanami!"

Kanami waits for the match to be called, and then bows to her unconscious opponent, before removing the Doujouji Mask, and hanging it on her obi. Her features return to normal, and her mask also loses it bright coloration, turning into merely the mask of a woman's face. "You are better than you will realize, Mitsuomi-san. But not as good as you thought." Then she turns and walks away. She is going to need to rest for awhile after a fight like that.

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