First World Ninja Competition - Revenge versus Desire: Fuyu vs. Kuki


Hashiramako, Rain, Kuki, Fuyu, Hinotori, Raiga (as G)

Date: December 24, 2010


A rematch between two of Konohagakure's Jounin. Will it have the same results as last time? Or will Fuyu's training bear fruit?

"First World Ninja Competition - Revenge versus Desire: Fuyu vs. Kuki"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 Ring - Kusagakure

Friday and yet another day of battles for our spectators as the tournament spins ahead at a feverish pace. Anticipation and excitement fill the air as the coming matches promise to be among the best yet. The weather today is not as cheerful as the mood however, the sky pours down its rain. Flashes of lightning and claps of thunder periodically crash from sky to ground. In the stands a few people with ponchos and umbrellas dot the 'cheap seats' however the covered sections of the arena stands are flowing to capacity and possibly slightly over.
From the corner of the stadium, the Hokage emerges through the pillars to a medium height stone dias in the dead center of the arena. She casually leaps up to its top, about the same height as the lower nosebleed section of the arena. She glances around, locating a few other pillars on which the combatants may make their entrance as she looks out at the crowd. "Greetings ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I am Senjuu Hashiramako, Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. It is my honor to proctor a match between two of my most talented shinobi. So, sit back, relax and know that protective barriers are being put in place as we speak by teams of shinobi to protect the crowd. Please know though, that special measures have been made to protect the shinobi fighting, and while you will see advanced techniques that seemingly don't do much physical damage, please know many of these techniques may be of a caliber that would normally kill a person. So, in other words kids, don't attempt to try anything you see here at home. That is, unless you're a shinobi with proper guidance." Hashi said with a smile. "Anyway, without further delay, I present you to our competitors. From this corner," Hashi proclaimed pointing towards a waiting room to her right, "Is Hyuuga Kukiko!" she allowed her to make her entrance as she wished and then spoke up again, "And in the other corner, is the Uchiha Clan head herself. Uchiha Fuyu!" and of course, as the two shinobi enter into the arena, eruptions of cheers and applaud spill out into the arena floor.

Round two for these contestants was about to begin, and Rain seemed to bee quite pleased with this. There wasn't a truly transparent reason for this. Perhaps he had won a bundle last time, or perhaps he knew something that others didn't about how this fight would unfold. Yeah.. the latter, definitely. However, what could it be? Did he stack the odds in his favor? Did he tamper with the battle at all? No, as that was simply not his way. What he knew was something simple that is often forgotten within this new age of "peace" and in events like this that try to promote that fleeting illusion. "The Uchiha, are vengence incarnate." he would state to a server who had been sent as a cajoling measure by a business associate as an invitation to the "Royal Box". This was likely ismply to try to squeeze betting capitol from him or negotiate some other form of lucrative transaction.
Needless to say, the server would not truyl have any idea why that phrase was uttered and would be on his way as soon as possible. Rain would smirk a bit. "Does it burn, Fuyu? Will those flames consume you, or your opponent?" he would state once more in to the air as he comfortably leaned back in the quite uncomfortable standard seating within the general population. His eyes would focus as on the Uchiha's can before anything would even kick off. "I have seen it flicker within you, as well as your conscious attempts at controlling yourself and how easily it can waver from one side of the spectrum to another. Fire is only as unpredictable as the ineptitude of its wielder however. Let us see if the three-tomoe will accept you as its master… or if it will crush you and leave you with nothing. You cannot ride the fence on this one, Fuyu."

Kukiko would not make the Hokage wait too long, the woman would peek out of the waiting room, coming off timid. "Wonderful…" Her voice drab, she was not too excited about the rain, her first step awkward. The rain would pummel her skull and her hair would begin to droop, her eyes would scroll up, taking a peek at her wet bangs and an annoyed huff will soon follow. "I don't have time for this." Grumbling to herself, she'd start to make her way out into the ring.
The irritated state Kuki was in would last until she was in talking range with Hashiramako, the smile would be forced back on and she'd bow slightly. "I figured I wouldn't be fighting the same person again so soon… guess that didn't work out for me." She'd glance over her shoulder, she had nothing new to bring to this match, "…that may be a problem."
Fully turning about and waiting for her opponent, her fingers would lace together and she'd idly twiddle her thumbs. "Well… Sorry if I disappoint."

Fuyu just walks into the ring without preamble. Before she is even done being announced/introduced, she has begun striding towards the center of the field of battle. The rain is ignored, allowing it to dampen and then plaster her long ebony hair to her head and the sides of her face. When she reaches the middle, she stands ready. Her expression is not happy, but she does not seem to be angry to be facing Kuki again either. She just stares blankly from behind the wet bangs that hang slightly over her eyes.
Not the most dramatic of entrances, but then Fuyu is not actress. She is an orator, yes, but she is not like that one snake-woman with the masks that seems to like flamboyant appearances.

Hashi offered Kuki a casual smile and nod. "I wish you both the best of luck. I'm not sure if you have ever trained together, however now is the time to pull out the stops and implement all you have in skill and even moreso in cunning to defeat your opponent. I wish you both luck in the endeavor. You already make Konoha proud for making it to this point." She said, looking back and forth between the two. "I trust you know the rules of the tournament." She stated not waiting for their response before glancing over to a jounin below who was in charge of the protective barrier. "Everything ready Hotoko-san?" she asked the shinobi who gave her a firm nod. "Good then." She smiled, "Combatants ready! Fight!" with that, she flickered away, appearing a nanosecond later beside Hotoko.

"My my…" Kuki would observe Fuyu's expression or, lack thereof. "And I thought I didn't come off as too excited. Well, let's just get this out of the way, hmm?" Kukiko would reach up, dragging a bit of hair from her face, clearing her vision. Her eyes giving Fuyu a quick scan before she hops back a few steps, her hands coming together in a focusing seal as she begins to gather her chakra. "They couldn't of made this a dome, could they…" Her body language would be quite obvious at the moment, she was prepared to evade. She would do her best to get a proper idea of the ring without Byakugan as she begins to plot, trying to figure out ways to counter what Fuyu previously had to offer.

Finally able to make it to the match in this ring, Hinotori notes the packed stands, the raining and thunder isn't forgotten either. Shaking his head as he looks to be a bit wet, the young Uchiha starts to walk up the stairs near the VIP section and finds a seat towards the middle of the stands. Smiling he sits down, a few people seem to move from him as well he shakes a little to get the excess water off him. He channels a little chakra to help in warming and drying himself a bit. As he looks down into the ring he notices that things are just now starting to begin. Closing his eyes for a moment and channeling chakra to his eyes and then using a henge, when the young Uchiha opens his eyes his almond brown eyes are able to see a lot clearer now.
A rematch between Kuki and Fuyu was inevitable, after their first match and Fuyu lost he felt that the two would face off again and well he was right. Smirking a little as he watches as the match gets started.

Likely unsurprising, rain does not disturb the one known as Lord Rain what so ever. Even the thunder apepars to be ignored, though most likely it is simply atmospheric to this man. His fine clothes would be drenched as well as he, and he would not mind at all. The drink he had been served lost its heat and was now overflowing with the rain water, completely wasting the gesture sent out to him from the warm, comfortable, inviting VIP booth. Many people scattered either to huddle under the cover of said booths, get in to them themselves, go even further back to wait along the entrance lines where they could still see, or sparesly fil lthe seats with their own umbrellas or coverings. This meant that Rain and Hinotori were some of the few, relative to the size of the stadium. to remain as plain observers. Glancing Hinotori's way, Rain was not surprised to see him out here. He had kept a close eye on most battles up until now. Fuyu being a participant was also a notable reason for his presence. Lastly, Konoha Jounin going at it was of course a reason to be there regardless as well. "Enjoy the show…" Rain would say under his breath, expecting something himself.

Fuyu waits until the order is given to fight. By that point, her Sharingan is already awake and she is very aware of her opponent's gathering of Chakra. She wastes no time in doing the same. It seems she has no intention of giving Kuki something to evade — at least, not yet. "Nothing personal, Kukiko-san, but this fight is personal to me. Unlike last time, I am not going to hold back. You'd better get ready if you want to make it out of here with the ability to walk," she warns.

Kuki's eyebrows would perk up, looking a bit more interested in the situation now. "Oh? Very well then. "Kukiko would then pick up on the large increase of chakra, 'I should've trained harder… I would've had that technique perfected by now.' Kukiko would frown, 'I'll have to do without, for now I'll just have to take things a bit more seriously.' Her chakra would erupt up to a higher level, veins pushing out along the sides of her face as she activates her doujutsu. "I'll just have to shut off any attempt of crippling me. I've fumbled enough already, I at least want to redeem myself from my previous sloppy display."
She would look confident, though there was something new. 'Did she always have three?' Her eyes would focus on Fuyu's, exhaling sharply, causing the water to spray from her lips. 'Whatever the case…' Her hands would split apart from the handsign and she'd quickly shove her hands into the sand.

Fuyu sees the activation of Byakugan, but still does not act except to reach a hand up slowly and grab the War Fan strapped to her back. When Kuki plants her hands in the sand, that is when Fuyu acts. She draws her War Fan and slashes with it, kicking up dust and dirt from the ground, and creating an obscuring cloud. Useless against the Byakugan, as it can see right through the cloud. But while it can see Chakra, seeing something MANIPULATED by Chakra but not actually infused with such is another matter. Blades of wind come tearing forth from the cloud, dispersing it in small areas by producing holes in the obscuring barrier. The Wind Cutter she copied from Tessen two matches ago. The wind blades, not truly visible except as distortions in the air, come right at Kuki. But they are definitely infused with Chakra. Following immediately behind them, however, is an intense wave of heat that indicates a fireball is on the way! But one never actually appears. It's just a startling amount of sudden heat with nothing else to it. The heat may have been produced BECAUSE of Chakra, but it is not MADE out of it.
Now Kuki can feel free to start evading.

"Hrm…" Kukiko had only heard of one person from the Uchiha clan really taking the clan symbol to heart and, he was quite dangerous. For a moment she wondered why it was so rare to see it be used, perhaps it is something restricted to the leaders? Whatever the case, this was something that she could not play around with. As the dust kicks up, Kuki would close her eyes and hold her breath as she goes charging straight into the initial winds, planning on getting an edge by trying to charge into something others would shield themselves from.
This would almost be a fatal mistake as she notices the precisely molded wind nearly too late. Swearing, the simple word would be muffled out by the sounds of the wind as her body reflexively emits a barrier of chakra that catches the initial brunt of the cutting wind, breaking into a spin to break it away completely. The follow up attack would be met with the same barrier that blasts the mini sandstorm about Kukiko away.
Breaking from her position, Kuki would come blazing out of the assaults with her palms held back, right hand thrusted forward first and soon the left. The woman would not make physical contact with her target but, surprisingly even with the range in mind she manages to send out a powerful burst of chakra that manages to travel a decent distance without loosing it's usual 'oomph'.

Stretching his neck a little bit as he moves his head from side to side, Hinotori looks on as both fighters begin to channel chakra. The rain isn't forgotten but there isn't a whole lot he can do, besides no one can control the weather right? The small bit of heat Hinotori is generating is actually helping to warm and dry him, though only he would be the one noticing the effects. As he looks into the ring as Fuyu starts the attack and Kuki defends, his eyes, those sharingan eyes take in the amounts of chakra being used to manipulate the attacks they were creating. The Wind Cutter technique is something, he hadn't seen them used but now committing them to memory, HInotori watches as Kuki use one fo the Hyuugas many defense, one that he's been fortunate enough to get through despite the user.
But as Kuki defends against both attacks and starts her own attack, Hinotori just soaks up what is being done. He didn't like these tournaments but his learning of his kekki genkai has increased quite a bit since coming here, and now it's just habit for him to have it active when he needs it.

Fuyu waits on her side of the dust cloud, until two blasts of Chakra come surging in from Kukiko's palms, scattering the cloud completely. Fuyu can see the Chakra, of course, and further she got a sense of what was coming. The moment that the cloud was dispersed, she saw where the Chakra blast would be in about .8 seconds from then. So she leaps up and over the blasts in a single move, while simultaneously moving into position for her next attack.
As soon as she touches the ground, unless Kukiko has moved out of the way, Fuyu draws back her War Fan and… The Uchiha woman vanishes. It's not a 'flicker'. She just is no longer there. Where is she? Standing some distance behind Kuki, facing the same direction she was facing before, but with her War Fan held in one out-stretched hand as though she had just attacked with it. The razor edge on one side may even seem to gleam with blood… But that is provided that the blow actually landed in that fraction of an instant between 'Fuyu is here' and 'Fuyu is there'.
Getting into Taijutsu range with a Hyuuga is a dangerous proposition. But Fuyu seems to be willing to chance it for a moment at least.
So far everything is going well. But the fight is only just beginning, as far as she is concerned. There is no reason to crow about her imminent victory before all the pieces are in place on the board. That's the sort of arrogant thing that she used to do when she was younger. She can't afford to be that dumb anymore.

The attacks were evaded, easily it would seem, though she wasn't entirely surprised by that. What did surprise her was the amount of speed Fuyu had followed up with. Only a freakish amount of natural perception could keep up with the movement and, Kukiko managed, as for having the ability to evade? Not so much, her body would just not move fast enough and she was aware. With a flick of her wrists, two tags would slip out of the containers latched to her wrist that she had become so found of during the tournament. As the tags caught in each hand and Kukiko pushes the oncoming attack as best she could, the adhesive of the tag aiming to stick to the bottom of Fuyu's fan while the Hyuuga did her best to keep the Uchiha from completely gutting her.
The fan would cut in, causing her to cringe and grip her ribs. All she could do was hope that the tags actually managed to stick and that Fuyu did not notice them and remove them in time as they sizzle all the while. "So…" Kukiko turns about, ignoring the damage as best she could. "One level of Sharingan really causes that much of a difference?" As that is said, the tags would go off no matter where they were.
A painful laugh would follow, "That's almost… not fair."

Fuyu actually did not manage to catch full sight of the tags when they were placed. But she is currently holding her fan out in front of her in a post-striking position, so not noticing them NOW would be pretty difficult with eyes like hers. Her first move is to 'Body Flicker' for only a single limb, moving her hand quickly enough to strip off one of the tags and damage the seal calligraphy on it sufficiently to disrupt the jutsu. But there's a second one and not enough time. No help for it.
She turns to face Kuki and casually throws the War Fan away entirely. It explodes about ten feet to Fuyu's left. Though the throw was casual, the expression on her face is anything but. "…That fan was given to me by Madara-sensei himself." The flaming paper and twisted metal frame of the War Fan lie on the ground nearby. "There is no replacing it."
Silence for a moment, and then Fuyu says, "That's twice I've been insulted by you. And this is my repayment for one of those insults." She then forms two handseals, Bird and Tiger, and then yells, "Katon: Gouenkyuu! <Fire Release: Roaring Flame Sphere!>" A moment later she exhales a massive sphere of flame the size of a METEOR that tears towards Kuki! It is so large and contains so much force that trying to block it would be suicidal. Yet with its width, even dodging it might be difficult. Still, if Kuki is hit by this attack she will actually be carried along on its flesh-searing surface for a few seconds before it reaches the other end of the Ring.
Evaded or not, it slams into a pillar on the far-side, and then detonates so forcefully that the protective barriers around the Ring visibly 'ripple' for ten full seconds as a dome of fire engulfs that entire part of the battle ground.

When the importance of the gift was mentioned, Kukiko would sigh, 'That was probably a terrible idea.' She was in no condition to keep this going forever at the calm rate Fuyu was originally going, though now she seemed quite pissed. The amount of chakra gathered for the next attack, would be no small feat. Kukiko could feel a trickle of fear before the attack was even released. "Well damn…" She'd wipe a bit of blood from her lip. 'Three… two…' Electricity would begin to crackle around the entirety of her body and she'd switch her stance, ignoring the wound completely now.
Kukiko would be eaten alive by a massive orb of blinding light, not showing any mercy for the crowds eyes for the sake of disrupting Fuyu's own. An arena shaking boom would follow as the shape of the massive flame sphere would bend, Kukiko speeding right by it.. or possibly through it? Whatever the case, Kukiko would be at her next destination. "KAITEN!" Breaking into a spin, the kaiten shield would form about her. If it hit Fuyu, it would be nothing out of the form for the first moment.
With a strain, she'd manage to increase her rotation speed mid-spin, the chakra shield spreading and becoming a very visible glowing blue, crackling with electricity.

This match is intense, Hinotori is spell bound but as he watches, he roots for Fuyu-sama. His thoughts of her has greatly increased since his first time meeting her, but now it was just a treat to see her actually going full out, granted he thinks she is still holding back. THe teleporting attack she did against Kuki is something that he's seen her do once already but still he had a hard time trying to keep up with that attack. His hidden sharingan catching all parts of the battle as it goes on in the ring, Hinotori lets out a soft sigh as he adjust in his seat. Small whisps of smoke could barely be seen coming from him when rain drops would drip on him. By now two of the spectators sitting on either side of him have been generous enough to share a bit of the their protective shielding which were their umbrellas, and thust he's extended his heat just enough for them to get just a little heat. They didn't know wher eit was coming from but why complain when others are cold.
As he watches, Hinotori notices that Fuyus fan….."Uh..oh." he says as he looks at the gnarled, burning fan be flung to the ground. When he hears that the fan was given to her by Madara, his mouth drops. He knew she was trained by the famed and disgraced leader of the Uchiha, but to be given a token that could be used in offense as well as defense has been destroyed. He could only imagine the pain she could possibly feeling. As Fuyu begins forming the handseals for a technique, Hinotori watches her, taking in the exact seals and chakra being used for the technique, knowing that his sharingan is spinning as it takes and commits things to memory, the Chuunin Uchiha couldn't belive what he is seeing. As the whole area began to shake as the large meteor comes crashing down, he too like many others had to brace themselves as everything around them shook. "Kuki-san." he says to himself as he watches to see if she is able to dodge this impossibly huge attack. Hell even he would have a hard time dodging it, but somehow Kuki is able to actually dodge the attack. "Whoa." is all he is able to manage right now.

Kukiko comes barreling in out of nowhere, moving fast and surrounded by a Chakra field that is in turn shrouded in Lightning Chakra. Fuyu stands there, seemingly stunned that her attack missed. Her eyes are wide as Kuki gets within range… And then she smirks. Kuki's electrified Heavenly Spin seemingly tears Fuyu to shreds, grinding her flesh away, until a glowing light becomes visible at her core. A moment later, a contained but very potent explosion of flame erupts from Fuyu, destroying her and super-heating Kuki's own Chakra barrier with thermal energy sufficient to nearly roast her alive.
And the longer Kuki continues to protect herself with that jutsu, the longer the 'cooking' will continue. The moment she stops, the flames are dispersed and cast away.
A flaming crater remains where Fuyu was just standing. "I was waiting for you to close your eyes again," Fuyu calls out from a distance away. "You closed them the first time when defending against my first attack of this match. That is when I realized what I needed to do… During the moment you closed your eyes again, when you could not see, that is when I planted my special Shadow Clone and then MOVED. I wasn't counting on you moving so fast to attack me, though. I didn't even have time to bury myself all the way." Fuyu is standing there with a shallow hole nearby, still intact. Too bad the same can't be said for her war fan. She looks again at its broken remnants. Then the cruel amusement on her face changes to just cruel.
Facing Kuki again, she says, "That was repayment for one of your two insults. Now just stand still while I get ready to repay the second." It seems that after using two jutsu of THAT scale even Fuyu needs a moment to gather Chakra. The fact she needs to prepare for her next move is probably a bad thing for Kuki.

It would be safe to say, Kukiko would have no idea what hit her. The shock from the clones explosion was enough to wipe away her offensive barrier and knock all sense out before she was even caught up in the flames. When all would clear, Kukiko would appear elsewhere, apparently dead save for the fact that the barrier was set up to prevent such things. The smouldering woman would not move, regardless. She wouldn't be able to function enough to perform any higher level attacks, so she wasn't going to bother making another assault. "Ugh…"
A now-pink right hand would press against the ground, Kukiko slowly pushing herself up onto her feet. The right half of her body would obviously be the side that got the direct hit, her skin either malformed or a raw pink yet the skimpy clothing she chose to wear would some how conviniently remain in all the appropriate areas to keep herself 'decent', not that most would find interest in a half cooked woman anyways.
Somehow, she'd manage the smile for just a moment longer. "Take it…as a favor, don't worry… I don't need re-replace… ment." Her vision would waver, as her ability to fully comprehend what was going on recovered, she'd realize she was wheezing. "I give… you were obviously the victor from the first few seconds in." With that, she'd begin to limp the other way, doing her best to try and get out of the ring without assistance.

Fuyu's eyes are wide and a nearly 'unstable' looking, or 'manic' grin on her face shows she might not be in full control of herself at this exact moment. "You think you can just walk away?" she asks. "I won't be able to get revenge outside of the Ring. We're ALLIES after all. Attacking you when a match is not in progress would be the act of a traitor!" So she then charges at Kuki with those words, she slams both hands together in a Tiger seal. An 'ember' of bright-white heat forms over the two raised index fingers, and a sphere of wind holds it in place. Streaking forward, Fuyu lunges at Kuki from behind and yells, "Uchiha Vengeance Technique: Thousand Years of Hell!" Then she tries to drive that burning ember directly into Kuki's spine.
Unlike when Kuki used the Juuken version of 'Thousand Years of Death' on Fuyu, this one is well and truly aimed for the spine, not the tailbone. Good thing the barriers are in place, because if this were to hit OUTSIDE of the Ring, it is possible it could burn through the vertebrae or do damage to the spine otherwise that could leave one paralyzed… And even WITH The barriers in place, it is unlikely that moving around much after being hit would be possible.

Rain smirks a bit as the fight draws to it's conclusion. "So… Gouenkyuu is within your power now. You have grown indeed." He would say as he stood from his seat and continued to stare for a moment longer. "I can no longer take you lightly. I wonder if i should be proud… what ever the case may be, that attatchment to Madara is still an amusing crutch." Rain would state as he'd begin to move towards the exit, casting away his sharingan. "It is too bad that you believe the key lies within Konoha's walls, Fuyu." Rain would murmur a bit as he'd move to leave entirely.

Looking on towards the match, Kuki is hurt pretty badly, even though this is an match between allies Hinotori felt a bit of discretion should be used, but then again after Fuyus last defeat he could see why this is important to her. Standing up, Hinotori watches as Fuyu finishes with her one hundred years of hell technique, a chuckle escapes him as he starts to walk towards the stairs. "She's good, I better be careful." he chuckles. As he nears the steps he notices Rain, he gives a slight glare to the man then walks past him and down the stairs. Just because they were here in public he wouldn't do anything like Tosai did. 'Looks like i have a lot to learn.' he sighs as he makes his way down towards the ring and awaits Fuyu.

Kukiko would shake her head, she had left her Byakugan active for this very reason. It would appear Fuyu wasn't going to let this slide, as the Uchiha charges in, Kukiko would make her move. It would look well executed for a moment, though her foot woud not hold out. Already fractured from the previous explosion, it would give out as the fracture expands from the heavy step, the hit would connect and she'd wobble, face heavily flushed.
A shot to her massive ego that she tried so hard to pretend she didn't have, "I hate you… so much…" The woman would fall over, unable to continue walking. A hand would reach for a kunai, though halfway towards it search her body would completely shut down as her consciousness fades, to the sound of her own mumbled, swears.

That is when a lightning bolt splits the air. >Inside< the barriers. At the crackling end-point of the bolt is G, the Kusagakure Jounin that is also apparently a huge Yotsuki man with an altogether different >real< identity. That has not been announced to everyone yet, but people should recognize him at least as a registered proctor. He is presently standing to the side of Fuyu and Kuki, and has one arm held out in front of the former to prevent any further attacks. "THIS MATCH WAS OVER WHEN SHE FORFEITED!" he roars out. "And now I am declaring this match over officially! The 'winner' is Uchiha Fuyu!" He turns his head and calls out, "Medic-Nin, to the field!" He faces Fuyu again and snarls out, "Get out of my sight!"
Raiga/G is not fond of backstabbers and rule-violators, apparently.

Fuyu is, despite herself, startled by G's appearance. She was just breathing a bit heavily and standing over the unconscious Hyuuga, when suddenly this huge man appears out of nowhere. To her credit, she does not take a step back from him. But doing so might have actually been wiser than standing still. When he declares her the victor she just regains her calm expression and de-activates her Sharingan. "Hmph," she lets out and turns away, walking out of the Ring. "Maybe in my next match I'll actually get winded a little." She pauses when she's out of sight of everyone else, and looks to the side as though something is troubling her. 'I was supposed to remember something about using the Sharingan… Something I shouldn't let happen… What was it?' She tries to remember what 'personal rule' she put on herself… But it slips her mind at the moment. Oh, well. She'll remember it eventually. She continues walking along her way. She'll have to find a replacement weapon for herself somewhere. Not that anything can replace the one she entered the match with, but she'll need SOMETHING when she faces her next opponent…

Making his way down the stairs, Hinotori walks towards the ring area, and waits at the fighters entrance, his back against the wall. Having deactivated his sharingan, his arms crossed over his chest. Hinotori has many thoughts but none that needed to be worried about right now. He is ready to leave Kusagakure though, he is starting to become home sick. But shaking his head, and turning to look down the tunnel he notices Fuyu walking up, he walks down towards her then stops as she meets him he will begin walking with her, "Nice match." he smiles. "Congratulations." he says to her. "The team will be taking you out to dinner tonight." he smiles as they walk.

Silently, G watches Fuyu leave as the medics appear and perform on-site emergency treatment now that the barriers are down. Wait. If the barriers were still up, then how did G get inside? A mystery for people to ponder. At the moment, however, G is pondering something else. 'That one is as wicked a soul as I had foreseen. I can sense the hatred and negativity inside of her… A gift from the Nine-Tails or a curse? Either way…' He then crosses his bulky arms over his chest and speaks once the Ring is empty. "I am probably going to have to destroy Uchiha Fuyu at some point."
He thinks about that statement, and then in a flash of lightning he is >gone<.

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