First World Ninja Competition - Sand Logic vs. the Will of Fire: Daichi vs. Imota


Daichi, Imota, Itami

Date: Unknown (log received February 14, 2011)


A clash between Genin, taijutsu and ninjutsu face each other in a challenge. While one might find answers, the other might find himself in trouble.

"First World Ninja Competition - Sand Logic vs. the Will of Fire: Daichi vs. Imota"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]


Arena 1's Ring has grass and dirt as the primary terrain, with a large pond full of water in the north-east corner, trees scattered around to act as cover, as well as boulders of various sizes for the same — or to act as impromptu weapons if necessary. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. During a match, the seals generate a shimmering energy barrier around the Ring to shield both the combatants and the audience.

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The spirit of the tournament has not left the hearts of the individuals that participated, either as fighters or as spectators. The thought of challenging oneself against another opponent from a different land, whether it be for personal growth or bragging rights, still lives on and thus continues to bring fighters to Kusagakure in neutral fights in the various arenas.

One hails from Sunagakure and another from Konohagakure, Wind and Leaves. It is uncertain what will take place. Will the leaf succumb to the wind or will it hold strong against it? That is what will be determined today. Itami, proctoring for the match today watches the two opponents ready themselves on the field, Imota and Daichi, with some sense of vigor. She has her hands clasped behind her back ready to give the signal for the match to begin. "Any final preparations should be made now." She states as she holds a hand up.

"The match between Imota of Sunagakure and Daichi of Konohagakure is about to begin…"

Having lost what was his earlier matches with Tsukiko, Imota was now officially out of the main tournament of Genin Bracket. The Sasaki ninja had still be quite questioning of what factors beyond his own exhaustion and lack of sleep had caused this match, but only because of one reason. There were parts of it he just could not remember.

This match therefore was about answers, and as Imota went out into the ring, leaving the locker room, and moving out, he kept in mind many of the things he'd use as strategy, not against his opponent, but for his own observation. A slow pace made his gait seem a lot more contemplative, though his rather nonchalant, and empty gaze left him more to look as a zombie rather than a ninja. He was yet a kid though, and would appear as such to the crowd, though his lack of child like enthusiasm and energy left much to be questioned. Even as he arrived before Itami, he seemed a little more than serious, and yet never would give off any vibe of anger or stern manner. He simple bowed to her as if they had no connection beyond the ring, and said, "Good day, Itami-no-Kimi.", before setting his eyes toward the entrance of his opponent.

So from Daichi's point of a village is only as good as the ninja that represent it. Naturally Konoha was amazing as he himself was simply marvelous. Kumo was equally amazing if not then more amazing….not just equal, as Hoiishime was one of the coolest people Daichi have ever met. Maia, a Kumo shinobi, saved his life once and he would be forever in her debt, so, that would only add to Kumo's awesomeness. Kiri, on the other hand, was disturbing beyond repair, perverts, bloodthirsty monsters, and a twisted combination of the two out those three, in the form of a little girl. Definitely not one of the places he would like to visit. The only two left were Iwa and Suna, and Daichi had yet to meet a ninja from either village. But today, as luck would have it, he'd be fighting one today, or so it was rumored. He couldn't wait to see what kind of shinobi Sunagakure had. Imota was the name of the shinobi, and so far what Daichi thought of the boy would be summed up in few words. 'Squinty Eyes….' but that would be rude still it was the only thing notable about this boy, he was completely stoic and unreadable. The proctor was from Sunagakure as well, Daichi quickly looks her over. She is a lot tanner than this Imota guy…maybe she gets out more. What Daichi would not about her is the mole just below the corner of her eye. Her eyes were strange too, that intoxicating red with the pupils beckoned Daichi to stare. He fought the urge to stare and would finally speak up; his relaxed stance became formal even with the massive cleaver on his back. Heels together head up and his voice would be spoken a bit louder than normal "I glad to meet you, it's an honor. Good luck in the match," first impression secure…take that Tsukiko.

Itami nodded to Imota in greeting, but said nothing. She was only here to watch, after all and she didn't want to display any bias towards him. So, when Daichi came along, she nodded to him as well in greeting, hand still raised in order to signal the match. As he spoke to Imota in a good luck statement, she began to back away from the two fighters so she wouldn't be in the immediate area of jutsu or other such things that may come her way. "If you both are ready…I will begin the match." She remarks and looks at the both of them to observe their reaction to the 'news'.

Without waiting, she lowers her hand and signals the match to begin as she jumps back and disappears to someplace safe.

Every village indeed has a first impression for which there shinobi usually give. They may usually possess a trademark way of appearance, or even a manner of skill and style for which each village often ends up taking credit for. From Kirigakure, Imota had managed to see the more vicious, and abominable creations, made specifically for the purposes for which they serve. From Kumogakure, he had managed only to see the valor, the idealism, and the might for which had went with it all, as apart of a heritage of heroes. And though he also had not take view of the ninja Iwagakure had possessed as well, Imota was ever knowing of the kinds of rarity and unique ninja that Konohagakure could produce. After all, his lost had been to one of their Genin.

But when the jet black hair of a young swordsmen, or whatever weapon was bandaged and slung across his back, Imota went into analysis-mode. He checked out the smug manner of the kid who approached, seeking to decrypt what had been the visible signs of lithe agility, and toned strength. He was slightly taller than Imota, and for the most part, kind of dawned on the precursor of teenage life, but other than that, his approach didn't seem to hide anything. He may have been just as straight forward, as the vibe he gave off. The compliment didn't go over Imota's head at all, though from the sound of the mednin's next words, it seemed this one was seeking only competition rather than antagonism. Either that, or he was trying too hard to impress. "The outcome of this match, will not be based upon mere superstition. This nin, however, does prefer to not be held back from. Come with all ability possessed, and it shall be reciprocated."

With the beginning of the match, Imota seemed to never move beyond his placing in front of Daichi. In all honesty, it seemed Daichi may probably have the advantage of a first strike. Imota's fluctuation of chakra was the only minute sign of an actually planning.

Daichi always did like the way the more experienced shinobi disappeared. He would have to learn that one day. But that would have to wait, for she gave the ok and Daichi would hop too it, not wasting time like he did in his other matches. Executed perfectly with her departed Daichi readies Madness's Butcher applying pressure to the hand twisting the blade free of it bandages. Taking hold of the blade, resting the cleaver with the blade facing up and lying horizontally across his shoulders behind his neck Daichi had finally grown comfortable with the kata. He would use the cleavers reach to his advantage and burst forth stopping shortly provoking hasty action on Imota's side, the real attack would come just when all sense of security would be reestablished. As he turned swiftly, the weapon was slicing, using the momentum provided by the specialized footwork customary to a learned kata, at Imota's chest. One wouldn't expect with a follow up attack with a weapon as massive as the cleaver but bracing the back of his blade with his arm he was able to quickly adjust and attack again with a flourished strike of the cleaver.

"Weapon verified.", was said with a rather blank and robotic tone, as if the boy possessed some sort of computer program, as Daichi finally revealed a probable source of his main offense. Imota made hands to clap, before his arms would spread, and then handseal, all the while seeming to weave almost invisible metal thread into something of use. Once the Mednin began to move, Imota noted brute force, and a speed he had yet to see come out of Konoha, and from there he braced for what was Daichi's first attack. The Madness's Butcher was caught in a steel net, ninja wire some how remaining uncut by a slight generation of chakra that use it like a conductive circuit.

Imota looked on without reaction to this strength, as even more the movement of Daichi displace versatility and grace, contradictory of the weapons seemingly brutal and dreadful nature. Imota's hands weaved once more, and this time, plunged into the ground. From there, the boy lifted both hands simultaneously, almost as if to shake out a blank. Instead, a large shield of the same wire, lifted about the boy, on all sides, reinforced by even more chakra and hard to cut at even this point. Imota's hand seals maintained a moment, before he calmly lowered them, cutting off the chakra to the wire, and causing the dome about him to simple fall like loose yarn. Left with yards of the stuff about him, yet still, Imota was not going to attack. Something cause him to wait.

Daichi eyes widened as it seemed an invisible source stopped his first strike "Hmm," he wonders as he readies his next strike, now it is clear what this ninja was using to defend himself. The use of ninja tools lead Daichi to believe he specialized in the area of ninjutsu, hearing the boy's somewhat robotic tone and words Daichi confirmed his speculation. He seemed to be the analytical type as well. Daichi had learned how to fight those types quite a while ago; he would introduce a variable to the boy's analysis changing his speed constantly allowing it to fluctuate from low to high. So he could readjust his blade quickly while remaining on guard Daichi would vanish (flash strike) a bit slower than usual so Imota couldn't get an estimate of his true speed and come across Imota's back with a mighty swing. Sliding his foot forward to create leverage he swung up with then arced the path of his blade allowing it continue slashing beyond Daichi's reach. His speed was shifting from low to moderate during his attack allowing him to put more force behind his attacks.

The attempts to confuse Imota, may probably have worked, if Daichi hadn't been so fast to start off. The slight maximum of his speed, had been the fastest then, and for Daichi to suddenly want to vary and slow down, was not going to fair well for him. It belittled on of his best attributes. "You are holding back.. This is not proactive.", was said as Imota was literally given time to respond, his own speed accelerating to about Daichi's current restricted speed, and moving him out the way within the time span of a blink. All the time, the Sasaki ninja, had been planning his next move, using his defenses now as a chance to set Daichi up for his next move.

The simplest of sword strikes from Daichi, would seem to literally /cleave/ the small boy in two. The two halves of Imota fell lifeless, before poofing into white smoke: an classic indication of the Clone Technique being used. Soon, Imota appeared before Daichi once more, this time, seeming bent on taking a more weaponized approach with a simple Kunai. When Daichi swung with all the grace of his taught art, he manages to hit Imota again, only to have the blade of the large meat cleaver merely bounce off of the Sasaki ninja's guard, recoiling back at him, only then to stand before him, still chosing not to attack amongst the left over wire.

The fact that his attacks fail and were beaten by Imota's speed lead Daichi to believe that his strategy was not applicable in this situation. It seems the little display he gave at first revealed how fast he was capable of moving for the moment. Now as his strike bounced off the ninja he knew that couldn't be the real Imota, something about an elastic ninja was not believable. Daichi frowns slightly and goes to punch the clone with his trademark soulstrike punch, at the moment the clones elasticity wouldn't matter. "So he's hiding then?"

Meanwhile, as Daichi kept punching, Imota kept on keeping himself hidden, and out of the way. Daichi had shown a good bit of what he was capable and at the moment, Imota decided to at least pull a little bit of a switcheroo just when the boy decided to keep attacking the fake. Within almost seconds, if Daichi hadn't noticed it, a replacement technique was used right before his eyes, as materials were changed from the inside, the next punch that Daichi makes, likely would burst the clone almost immediately, leaving in probably covered in a good amount of goop, and gunk, fuming, and vile smelling. This was no simple bit of sticky however. If he wasn't careful, this stuff could leave him burned and bruised from corrosion.

Daichi tried to jump back as quickly as he could to avoid the acid spray but ended up getting burned by a toxic concoction seemed to be stored inside the clone. Daichi cringes as it burns away at his flesh he is forced to take a knee and tend to his burns. He cleans off the spawn of acid and wraps the vile burning wounds so he can continue fighting uninterrupted "ok walked right into that one,"

As acid pour upon Daichi, Imota didn't relish such a small victory. He chose instead to prepare, as usual. He decided that this match, had gone for longer than he had wished, and while Daichi took the time to heal himself from acid burns on his skin, Imota watched, and focused, his chakra causing the elements of air, and even some slight rock, to swirl about his form in torrential amounts. Air was pulled from every portion of this ring, and for Imota to do so, caused the air pressure within the barrier, to change drastically. It wasn't just run of the mill bad whether, but the starting of preparation. A powerful just, Imota rarely used, unless he meant to actually take down whatever target he saw in front of him.

He looked to Daichi, seeing a healer though wrapping bandages took little proficiency for even his own self. He knew well that it was time to take the gloves off, and if Daichi wasn't going to, then he was.

Daichi looked up at the Suna shinobi and tired to figure out what he was doing. Daichi took hold of the cleaver and entered the kata’s stance, he pressed the soles of his feet against the ground to prepare himself. He figured something big was coming and he wanted to be prepared as Imota didn't seem like he was about to light up. Daichi grins as the air started to be pulled in "Wind manipulation? Perhaps I'll learn something here," Daichi said to himself as he watches to see what he was planning no doubt had noticed Daichi was a medic, perhaps this made him hasty to draw an end to this fight. Daichi would feel the poison from the last attack work its harm on his body, Daichi groans and takes out a small pill to alleviate the symptoms of the poison.

Just then, Imota still stood, not bothering at all to try and make small talk. He was yet still charging himself for what had been something a little larger than Daich had been providing the entire time. He better be careful, because at this point, as all of the boy's control went into the winds themselves, something was being crafted. Hand seals went through a long string, before the thumb and forefingers of each hand, made a small targeting sight for Imota to peer through. But that was not all. His hands functioned as a cradle, for which chakra and the wind itself began to mix and swirl, giving form to the otherwise formless air that now course about the two genin.

If Daichi had been perceptive enough, he'd see all of the wind, making its way to concentrate in that same hole in Imota's hands, and then stopping there. At the center of it all, a small screw, was slowly being made out. Imota's concentration was serious, at its peek, as his brow sweated profusely, yet his face never showing expression. His eyes were now staring a whole into Daichi, making sure he never was left out of sight.

Daichi grins "Oh, so that's how it is?" Daichi would use this skill for the first time in a while. He would control his muscles with his chakra and force them to push far past their natural limitations. He could see that Imota was concentrating on him and his hands there was definitely something strange about them, Daichi would have to be cautious in his approach to this. With this news skill he can burst into great speeds right in the middle of combat. Daichi grins as he takes hold of the cleaver "Ok….her goes nothing," he opens up with a toss of a few shuriken to test the limits of Imota's abilities in this state.


This was a classic example of what happens when you underestimate an opponent. They are able to capitalize and before long, one finds themselves actually having to take a different approach. Imota had been thinking of Daichi as a person whose ideas, tended to not be thought of ahead of time. He tried to adapt to what his opponent had been doing, and hence his own strategy suffered from him not using his strengths. This wasn't well blending of one's natural attributes. And yet hear Daichi was, at the same time, even with a small scrape of his shuriken, interrupting the delicate concentration that Imota needed.

For where the first shuriken failed, the second one would not. It managed to force the boy's hands formation off by disconnecting a single thumb, causing the wind at its core to disperse. Imota's eyes widened as he then looked to the now 'Awakened' Daichi. He viewed the nin's form briefly before then saying, "You have redirected back to your previous path once more. Well played.", before he himself decided on a more honest approach. It was one which seemed to unconscious reward Daichi's decision to actually fight harder.

A single scroll appeared in Imota's hand with a flick of a finger, and with a poof of smoke, a large shuriken then appeared in Imota's hand. Similar to the Fuuma Shuriken, this modified version had six prongs instead of the four. The blades resemble those of scimitar, and seem very dedicated to rending flesh with little effort. "Restriction Release.. Level One. Priority Level Orange.", was said plainly and before long Imota was set on his target. With a spin on his heels, the large shuriken was hefted at Daichi, only for hand seals to follow.

Before long, the shuriken would seem to split, as one other appeared from its shadow, to confuse Daichi and force a hit. Even if that hadn't confounded the boy, from there Imota then tugged on wire in an opposite hand, causing the real shuriken of the two, to make a curved turn, and return for another go. But there also a third part to this plan. Remember the wire that had been scattered on the field? Well the leverage that large shuriken had, was enough to make sure that an array of the same wire could surround and immobilize Daichi, wherever he chose to run.

Daichi would stand his ground try to parry each of the Imota's attacks. The shuriken baffled him as is split in two, Daichi parries at the wrong one getting scraped on the shoulder. Looking at Imota's hands he notices a thin strand of wire "SO that's' how he's doing it," Daichi realized Imota was using wires to perform some of his skills. Realizing this Daichi applies the correct amount of force to the swing of his blade to cut the wires disabling the manipulated shuriken and protecting him agains the surrounding wire. Daichi then jump forward trying to take Imota by surprise as his wire has been destroyed. Daichi strikes thrice with the cleaver bracing each strike with his forearm allowing the swings to be consistent in speed.

However Daichi's efforts may have been to defend himself, he still didn't keep in mind just how proficient Imota had been at planning ahead, as well as his skill in the use of ninja tools. There was /a lot/ of wire that Daichi couldn't disable, even if he wanted to. And while Imota no longer had connection to his large shuriken from his opposite hand, his main hand still had portions of the cables attached, helping him to remain armed. So when the first slash came forward, Imota's defense had been sound.

The large shuriken that he almost lost, was regained with a tug of the wire. Wire would rewrap about the large weapon with but a gesture, before the weapon seemed to return of its own accord, being caught but Imota, and then swung. From that single swing, blades of wind were unleashed into the air, batting back the Madness's Butcher with pinpoint accuracy. And even if Daichi managed to move in with grace, and repeat another swing, a gesture of a hand simply allowed more wind to divert the large meat cleaver once more. But Daichi's attacks with it once more, had been too repetitive, allowing Imota to not only know what s coming, but prepare for it.

Thus instead of the real Sasaki being cleaved in half, another fake would take the brunt, seeming caught clean with a diagonal slash across the body. However, after a delay amount of time, the remnants of the clone, would soon then blow up upon Daichi, sending him flying into the air. This was the set up Imota needed for his next jutsu. One inherited from the proctor herself, Imota said calmly, "Wind Release: Macroburst.", calmly, before bringing down his free hand like a strike. With that gesture, torrential winds from above Daichi, proceeded to send the kenjutsuist into the ground with a smash, and keep him pinned down.


Daichi observes the twisting gales of wind come at his blade knocking his strikes away. He groans as the shinobi's wind jutsu were astounding something Daichi couldn't deal with yet. He decided to retreat back after he avoided the clone's explosion. His sense made him look up as if alerting him to Imota's next attack. Daichi avoided the attack and would smile. It seems Imota was trying to pin him down. Daichi grins it seems he must've interrupted something with those shuriken earlier. Daichi would then decide to keep the pressure on Imota. He used his speed to create a large discrepancy between what is seen and what Daichi's actual movements were he repositioned himself striking at Imota's shoulders and waist.


Sadly, the loss insight created by the sudden jump in speed, did nothing for Daichi. He only proceeded in bursting through a well placed clone, as Imota made for his own retreat, moving backward and sticking to what he knew was his best out. He could defend against Daichi's approach easily. It was when he attacked, that somehow the Mednin curiously was able to keep his cool and evade. This was indeed making Imota's task a lot harder than it should have been. However, it seemed Daichi was most easily deceived, when pitted against hidden attacks. Imota made sure to keep this in mind, even as he blasted himself backward with whirlwinds that caused him to fly backward.

And just when Imota had gotten the rhythm of Daichi's actions down, the ninja proceeded with his plan. Daichi's attack at the waist, seemed perfect, sawing the Sasaki Genin in half, and causing his insides to instantly come gushing out into the air. Only instead of things like intestine and blood, all manner of small balls came flying out at the poor mednin. A variety of colors for each, when they landed on either Daichi or the ground, they'd have a mix of results. All of them would either burn the boy with acid, burn him with burst of chakra, or leave a pin cushion with makibishi spikes, as smoke would fill the air around him. The spikes were enough alone to immobilize him, as smoke blurred his senses to Imota's next Endeavour.

Daichi moved right into Imota's smoke set up as he avoided his last two attacks. His feet were pricked by the spikes and the smoke limited his ability to determine where or what Imota was planning. "Damn he got me," Daichi coughs slightly but he wasn't too concerned, he remained rather calm despite the fact he was a sitting duck. Daichi groaned and took hold of the cleaver and placed it back on its holster strapped to his back. He then tensed his muscles as he was certain he was going to be attacked before long. Daichi grins "You remind me of a friend of mine back at home, her name was Tsukiko," Daichi sighs "I won't lose this one though, I hope your next strike his powerful enough to end this…..because if it is not, I will defeat you," Daichi seemed a bit confident, he wasn't bluffing but what made him believe he could turn out victorious. For the most part Imota had been besting him for the majority of this match. Daichi wouldn't let that discourage him or instill a drop of doubt. "I'm waiting…" he said with a bit of amusement in his voice.

With Daichi seeming to disappear in all the smoke that was now filling the ring, Imota could walk from behind his hiding spot rather calmly without being sought out. Even as Daichi was talking as if the boy would hesitate in doing so, Imota was preparing indeed for a rather large attack. He may have been cordial, but what he had not known of Imota was that the boy was cold to hesitation. He had the upper hand, and it was to be used. The mentioning of Tsukiko, gave the Sasaki and understanding. The person who had gave him his defeat the first time around was known by this person. Imota remained silent to all of the boy's mention, until the last portion.

"This nin will attempt to heed to your expectations."

The last words said, Imota jabbed his large weapon into the ground with authority, freeing both hands for what he wanted to do. Now normally, Imota could bring this jutsu into being with only one hand, his sealing being just that skilled. However, his strategy had been very different this time around. The normal use of this release, after all, produced only twelve large blades of wind chakra within the air about him. However, Imota decided to do something different. He attempted to seal two sets of the same technique, at the same exact time, sealing each with only one hand. In other words, instead of one formation of twelve blades, Imota wish for double of that.

A total of twenty four blades.

The chakra amount four this large scale attack was huge, and for the most part, it seemed flashy even for Imota's way. However, the crowd who observed, would have the privilege of seeing blades form one after another, in perfectly section rows, in the air above the black smoke that hid Daichi from view. They were visible to the naked eye as blue sections of light. After forming, they'd swirl one another in a dance, almost seeming to greet one another in an eerie playfulness.

That would not last for long.

For once they had done so for a few seconds, all twenty four blades of chakra would stop, turning simultaneously on Daichi, seeming to remeber there use. From there, they all crashed… right into the mednin.

Daichi emerged bleeding and standing from the attack. The blade did heavy damage to the mednin but Daichi would still be smiling as he spits blood and whips it from his chin. "Not bad," he says as he took a step towards Imota. Daichi would crack his neck fingers. He thought to himself 'that was big, I nearly passed out from the pain…I'll have to patch myself up later,' Daichi has already resolved not to lose this fight. "My turn," Daichi had to keep his chakra flowing through his muscles to keep them moving. He still moved with astounding agility and speed as he got iin close to Imota. Seeking to inflict a sizable amount of damage into Imota, Daiichi launches a serious punches to Imota's body, the chakra already flowing through is muscles would be pasted into Imota on contact inflicting internal wounds and bone bruises.

"..!!", was the only thing Imota could offer when it came to seeing just what Daichi was made of. It appeared that the boy's will had been that of refined steel, just as solid as the blade that he had been hefted up and down by him. The comment came off alittle more than upsetting, though Imota never showed much beyond widened eyes. He saw Daichi mover with just as much speed as he had before, all the time wondering just how damaged the boy was. Imota could not have miscalculated his strike.. could he??

Thoughts raced through the Sasaki genin's head, as even now Daichi pushed the envelope, heading in for what it seemed was the kill, punching about and seeking to pummel rather than slice. Imota sealed with one hand, attempting to force the boy's blows back with his signature element. However, Daichi kept pressing, and as Imota's concentration on the wind dwindle, the Sasaki found himself vulnerable to a fist.. right at the chin. Confused, and rather upset by this turn of events, the boy's eyes twitched as they gazed at Daichi, not able to grasp why this mednin had survived. He stood, shaking, quivering like a leaf, a small fist balled up.

Imota's emotions were no longer stable.

And as they weren't this way any longer, the control of chakra the boy once had began to slip. Imota watched in confusion as the wind and earth about him began to crack and swirl, seeming well bent on harming him. In actuality however, the elements had been heeding to a call, a beckoning from the chakra that this boy had possessed. Looking about his own body parts, the partially confused Imota, tried to grasp what was this feeling of power he had no long been possessing of…

And what it meant for he and Imota, was definitely uncertain to him.

Daichi would smile as one hit got through to the ninja's chin. Daichi would breath a bit heavy and in his excitement he didn't notice the change that Imota went through though he did notice the boy began showing more emotion. "So you are human, hehe I was beginning to wonder," Daichi commented as he got ready to attack once more he groans as he pain from the wounds started was catching up to him, Daichi sighs. He moves in towards the boy coming from the side and throws a punch at the Genin's left cheek and then followed up with an uppercut and finished with a hook to his head. Daichi began panting a bit as he was beginning to feel a bit fatigued.

The words were heard from Daichi, as he pressed the advantage, and with them came a shock from Imota. There was a bit of irony with Daichi's comment that came with the comment.


A word that symbolized Imota's disbelief in what was going on within him. It was said mere moments before the earth itself, came up to guard Imota without a sign of any hand seals. The Earth Element had shown its disapproval of at what Daichi had done. The Wind Element show its anger at what Daichi tried again. And when the time came, it seemed Imota was to be removed from combat all together, as he was dragged into the ground beneath him, without need of his permission. Imota seemed to grasp only what was going on, when he began to feel through the earth itself, the presence of Daichi being felt overhead as his chakra now extended through the soil. His feelings of frustration were what led Imota to reach up from the rocks, grabbing Daichi, before the soil softened and pulled them below once again beneath, trapping Daichi up to his neck.

And from there? A pillar of sorts, would push Daichi into the air high velocity, smashing into him without prejudice. Meanwhile this gave Imota enough time, before he'd lose complete control, to attack with a swipe of his hand, sending up a smaller blade of air to attack Daichi once more.

As the Imota went underground to avoid his last strike Daichi couldn't help but remember how many times Tosai had done the same thing to him. Daichi was almost expecting the Head Hunter Jutsu and the other attacks would be avoided the columns of stone would be used as foot holds as he avoids the blade of wind. Daichi looks down at the Imota and grins "Hmmm, oh I disagree… haha, you're starting to show more emotion," Daichi stated as he moved about the arena approaching Imota. Taking hold of the cleaver he swings the blade at the Imota with mighty force using the momentum to give force to a strike with punch to Imota's gut then brought down the blade in hops to maim Imota.

There are moments where people lose control. Everyone succumbs to a point where they have no grasp of the situation at hand, and are subject to things like fate or situation. But moments like these are only made more difficult when one actually see's themselves doing so, and can do nothing about it. This was what made this situation hell for Imota. He felt his mind moving into chaos, only it was the worst feeling imaginable. It made him cry. It made him scream. It cause him to feel anger. It also made him experience power. Not to mention confidence, strength, courage, arrogance.

All these chaotic emotions, made for an instability which would cause the Arena to /rock/. With a final explosion of emotions, all of the elements about Imota managed to explode, causing more than just wind, and rock to burst from Imota, but the boy's very power itself. Daichi was to be consumed, at the air pressure in the ring intensified, and then burst, sending him careening into the outer ring wall with enough of a jolt to probably injure him further.

Imota meanwhile, stood, tired, and at the same time, feral, his body crouched as his eyes glowed a menacing white. His face contorted in a spastic mix of joy, anger, sorrow, and confusion, the boy was demonic, as his chakra soared to dangerous levels.

Itami would recognize this form. This had been the one he assumed when the Administrative Dome was partially destroyed by his violent wind jutsu. If he was not stopped, Daich could probably suffer further.


After being blown back Daichi is barely able to stand and without the support of the cleaver he would fall. He hadn't lost consciousness yet and he hadn't accepted defeat. "I'm not…finished," he states. Blood pour from nearly every orifice as his eyes seem to be struggling to stay open. "I….won't lose," it seems Daichi isn't concerned about his survival at the moment as he looks to Imota. 'This guy's lost it,' he thinks 'I have to do something….attack…move…move….MOVE!' he commanding himself but his body was unresponsive. Daichi coughs and just glares at Imota "Is that all you got?" he asked as he a forced grin shows on his face. Daichi would force his legs to extend allowing him to stand "Go ahead, attack….do your worst. I'll face it head on….I wont run from this….I'll take any scar and wound and attack you got. But I will not give in… a fight…a scar on the back is the mark of a coward….so I will not run," Daichi stated as he stood covered in his own blood.

Sniffsniff. Blood. Imota peered at Daichi, in the storm of stone and wind that flew about him. The Sasaki with all emotion and no mind seemed to snarl as he looked upon the mednin, his eyes tearing, as his face twisted beyond recognition. It was then that any and every aggression that the Sasaki had, was then turned upon Daichi as then more chakra was gathered. Imota's mouth opened wide, as he inhaled, sucking in all the wind and debris in the air. Before his face, the vacuum produced would began to serve as a shaping platform for which a large corkscrew began to form. It spin in the air, with enough velocity to make a whining sound almost akin to the ringing of one's ears.

When all was completed, the spike for which now seemed to spin before Imota, was released with the close of the boy's mouth into a devious smirk. It's target? Daichi's limp and almost lifeless body.

Itami would reappear on the field when she felt the rocking of the arena. The crowd was beginning to grow frightened at this as some left their seats to leave. Others decided to stick around and watch the final blow be dealt. A bit saddening, really, but people love a good fight. As she took the field, she shouted, "Cease! The battle is over!" She knows Imota might not hear her, but Daichi was in some condition to. She moves to Daichi and says, "We need to get you out of here and into the infirmary. You're in no condition to continue fighting." She states when she feels a large amount of air being blowing or rather being sucked away by Imota.

When she turns to look at him, she finds a wind bullet headed her way. Flinging her hands together into seals, she finishes and raises an earth barrier in barely enough time to intercept the wind bullet, but it manages to blast some of the earth away from the barrier and strike her with a few good chunks. Keeling over from one that struck her in the stomach, she wheezes while the the pain spreads from her stomach and through the rest of her body. When it finished running its course, she inhales and coughs in response as a couple tears seep from the corners of her eyes and down her face.

She thinks she needed to take out Imota before this got out of hand, so she shook her hands to free them of the tingling sensation to make seals. No sooner than she finished the set, a large wind would crash down on the field above Imota to try and pin him and stop his rampage.

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