First World Ninja Competition - Searching for Answers and Finding Only a Fight: Kureno vs. Imota


Imota, Kureno

Date: Unknown (log received November 8, 2010)


Strange things happened in Imota’s last tournament match with Meruin. Things he can’t remember. Investigating into his only clue, a badly broken and scarred Seal of Paths, Imota enters the exhibition match ups, and is pitted against Kureno. Just what outcome will be made with him being pushed by an even tougher ninjutsuist?

"First World Ninja Competition - Searching for Answers and Finding Only a Fight: Kureno vs. Imota"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 3 [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 3 [Kusagakure]


TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!


So… What was Imota view on rehabilitation? Any guesses? >_>…..<_<…… Fine.. -_-; Guess an explanation will do. For the Sasaki, who had been so willing or at least so estimating of his own abilities, rehabilitation, was only getting himself back out there, and doing what he did best. The ninja he was, led him to often be quite diligent, going back into the fight despite injuries and physical ailments that would otherwise limit him. Even for a kid his age, and so young, Imota was an expressionless soldier, not fearless, or deadly, but simply without emotion. Nothing held back his judgement when he fought. Whatever he was ordered to do, it would be done. This can, unfortunately, extend to the most grave of tasks.

Anyway… His return to the ring, would not be within the confines of the tournament. Other reasons would not allow that. No.. He was searching for answers.. Just what had been the reason for why he remembered nothing? Why had the Seal of Paths, on his shoulderblade, been looking worst for where everyday? The only conincendence he had spotted, had been linked to the fighting with Meruin, where even then, he had not been aware.. It was unknown to him even then, that his form had been pushed to the limits for which the seal could contain for the second time.. The first time even now, being sealed away in his memories, and remaining unspoken by those who were first witnesses.

But would such answers be found on today's terrain? Water… For miles around.. surrounding only a few small islands, and even there, had been shrubbery and tropical plants… This terrain, had been similar to the Isles in the Land of Water… Such would prove for an interesting test of strength, and might, and a push of wits..

What best way is there to get a fight? To apply for a exhibition match of course! What a silly question.

That's why Kureno was here today, despite the hint that his injuries haven't fully healed, even though his body was in tip top shape. Stress could open old wounds, they had said. But Kureno didn't care. Kureno was a warrior through and through. Not a soldier. There is a difference between the two. Warriors fight for the sake of it or something else. Soldiers fight when ordered to do so. Which one was the better? That's a good question. Kureno didn't know.

Taking in the surrounding water and islands he already knew that this terrain favored a water ninjutsuist. But Kureno, rather the Seishukuni, were a special case. They could thrive pretty much anywhere.

He stretches his back, inhaling slowly and than expelling air in a sigh. It felt good to be here again. On the battlegrounds. It was different than the slow pace of life. Hospitals and whatnot.

"Who am I fighting?" Kureno asks.

When Imota would walk on to the field, or water walk rather, Kureno would see his opponent.. A short, half naked kid, with tanned skin, some slight bandaging, and bruises, and an expression that seemed to scream out 'vacancy'. The kid would seem to walk out upon the water, on one tooth geta sandals, with very acute posture, and seemingly perfect balance. Imota would walk toward his opponent, and give a bow. He had saw a comrade, older. He would look to the surroundings with brief peripheral glimpses, saying nothing before he would briefly scan his opponent. Nothing was given as to what this man's expertise had been from the obvious dress. To him Kureno, had been quite anmbiguous… This was indeed an interesting characteristic.

Imota would prepare only with a focus of chakra, indicated by a small stirring of the breeze about him…

Kureno squints his eyes when his opponent doesn't reply and shrugs his shoulders. Politely. "Alright, I guess you're the silent type. I shall respect that. Let our fists do the talking." Note that fists may be a understatement. Or false statement. Semantics.

Falling silent than, Kureno brought his hands together, relaxedly, of course. He didn't pose himself as super mighty, nor did he treat his opponent such. By the look on his face, he regarded Imota as a comrade. Like they were having some friendly shadowboxing.

But when the sand near him stirrs, and the surface of the water trembles from the ammount of chakra he focused, one might wonder if it's a friendly spar or a friendly annihilation.

He nods to Imota, gesturing that he should go first.

"Not so much silent, Sempai.. This nin can speak.. Sentences vary.", would be said with a bow, and a nod in agreement with the encouragement. Imota would look upon the man. His ending comment, though a use a cliche', would be understood by Imota. He knew that fist couldn't talk, but Imota had experienced in the equating of fist to fighting. Such was not unusual at this time. The mannerisms and comments, analyzed, would convey a taijutsuist's haught confidence.. The look of the man, when he saw squinting and the like, conveyed a cocky nature that had been very much exuded. The Taijutsuist theory seemed stronger even still.

However.. Something else would blow that theory completely out the water. Imota being as close as he was, and as sensitive as he was to it, would feel the chakra Kureno now summoned. It was a rather huge one to be summoned all at once like that. A lot could be told by this one action. Why would he need such a chakra, so early? Either his taijutsu had been using of such, or.. he had been a ninjutsuist… Signs now pointed to the latter. Imota, would have to see more.. A test… Removing two Kunai with a flick of his wrist, Imota would immediatly began using his terrain. In each direction, boulders would stick out of sandy beaches. One to rear left of Kureno, and one to the rear left of himself. Imota, releasing wind chakra into each for propulsion and sharpenining, would count on these two for a first strike, before he himself, would flicker out of view, seeking analyze this one from afar.

Kureno squinted his eyes again. Kureno was smart, and perceptive. Well, perceptive of details, not of hiding Shinobi.

The first kunai passes straight through Kureno's clone as it puffs in a shower of smoke, and just a few steps next to that one, Kureno was hiding. And than something strange happened.

It was as if the sand rose up and turned into dirt, and on impact with the kunai shards of something red and glassy fell to the ground, leaving behind a unharmed Kureno.

Are those shards Earth? Or something more? Just as they fell to the ground, they returned to their previous state of sand. Disappearing as quick as they came.

Kureno lifted up his head to smile at his opponent and clap his hands together, only to notice that Imota is nowhere to be seen.

Instinctively, Kureno begins forming some sort of handseals and earth barriers begin raising around him protectively. Leaving only a few entrances to his 'fortress' which was like a cube open on two sides. Unless you count going /through/ them.

Looking to the nin even now… He had been noticing something of grave importance… It was a dynamic which would pretty much change that workings of the entire fight. He would see from beyond the tall trees of a nearby isle, shards… shattering from the connection of one of the crystals.. Imota would peer at this well, and see something that had only seen before from one person, and one clan. Had another of this clan became ninja as well? He had only thought from Tsubasa's words, that his clan had /not/ been associated with Sunagakure other than the alliance and support given during the last attack upon Sunagakure. This, was uncanny.

The thing that made this worst, was that Kureno, had been also a rank above him. The chakra he possessed, to back such a deadly combination of Lightning and Earth, would definitely give Imota a hard time. Not only that, but this one, had seemed to be a defensive ninjutsuist, using even now, the Earth element, to provide himself a fortification of some kind. To put it simply, he had been calling Imota to an attack. But what would be Imota's plan?? Well, the best way lure someone out of their security, according to Imota's theory, was to deem such, insecure.. Imota would make a long string of handseals, just to prove that point, and then, the concentration would began.

The handseals would end with the pressing of his index finger and his thumbs together, forming a hole.. a sight if you will. The winds would then began to fluctuate about these hands, seeming to be drawn in, and condensed with every second that the boy had concentrated.. Just what had he been forming??

Kureno was always one to hide his clan's techniques. But in a moment of lost concentration, he was forced to use it. No matter how hard he tried to hide it, however, he had to count on the fact that his opponent was of the kind that is perceptive, or at least was suspecting it. It was the safe way to do.

But he had his own plan of defense. He could feel the build up of Chakra somewhere. He couldn't put his finger on /where/ exactly. But regardless, the more time Kureno had, the more dangerous he became. This was a good thing. Or so he thought.

The key to breaking any form of armor, or resistance, often relies on the focusing of force upon one particular point. Keys to such rely on factors like precision, speed, density, distance, and the emittance of constant pressure. When all variables are accounted for, any barrier whose strengths are weaker during the point of impact, or even weakened to a certain threshold, is prone to failure, and penetration. The factors are what result in almost every dangerous weapon created, as well as even help tools like the drill, or even the common nail. Whether or not any particular object is made for piercing often matters little, in some cases. After all, with enough force behind it, the softest object can be made to go through an established force with the right compensation.

These factors in physics were what inspired Imota, to develop such an attack. The aiming and firing of wind chakra, subjected to a long period of gathering and shape transformation. Something so fluid, and gaseuous, being taken, and formed into a bullet.. was beyond what most ninja would even call, unorthodox. Wind, spiralled and focused into a small, 3 inch long, hollow tube, a mini-chakra vortex, meant to sail through the air at high speeds, and strike into what ever had been its target. Wind, would propel it, and the force of chakra would keep it together, hopefully enough for it to make impact and keep going, drilling through whatever resistance was held against it. The resistance would fail, if connected, and be pierced.

The attack, was almost formed, and around Imota, the wind had been seeming to become more and more violent, being drawn from as far away as the place where Kureno had now been set up… Imota would look to the his target, and began his measurements.

Oddly enough, Kureno standing in his little Fort didn't make any movement at all. How could that even be possible, despite the winds all coalescing at one point in space? Was this a coincidence? Was Kureno simply that confident of his own prowess at combat? Or was there something else at work here.

A more careful observation might provide the solution to this mystery of this Chuunin's serenity.

Looking to the Fort, Imota had been reaching the finality of his calculations. Wind speed. Angle. Barometric Pressure. Distance. With all these factors, Imota would be about to give the mental command to fire, but then something would cause suspicion. Why hadn't Kureno moved all this time? Had he been that confident in his base that he would only wait for Imota to make a move? Then Imota would understand.. But had his eyes been betraying him? It hadn't been genjutsu. He saw Kureno there, in the fort!! Something wasn't right.

Forefinger and thumb would separate, and yet remain glowing, as the projectile that had been formed between Imota's hands, would be pulled apart at both ends. He had dissipated the jutsu? Probably. Hands would move to more seals.. It would cause Imota to look around.. How could such a large chakra go missing all of a sudden? Something wasn't right at all. He would look around still, wondering just what had been the case.. Somehow, if his opponent had managed to lose track of Imota, then he would probably in pursuit at any second. Imota, wasn't about to be found out.. Stealth versus stealth it seemed. Imota would flicker out of sight almost immediately.

Kureno was in relative safety on one of the islands. While his clone was sitting neatly in the errected fort.

Though, all this time Kureno had observed the direction of those winds. Something was going on. At first he just thought it was the breeze, but than on the island next to him, the wind blew in another direction. On the island opposite of the center one.. the wind blew in the /opposite/ direction. What did this mean? Kureno had wondered, looking towards that island the winds pointed to. Something was going on and he didn't know where his opponent was. It may have after all been an distraction, to fool him.

Kureno definetely couldn't see the nin hiding from him, but could his opponent see Kureno himself?

He makes a mental note to compliment Imota on his tactics when he sees him.

Thinking even now, the ninja he had called his opponent, had been still quite missing. Imota, had not been much in thinking that he had been, however, he was one to found out how. He would have been stealthy in his own movements, and with his first premonition, his investigation would began where it all started.. Near the fortification made by Kureno, Imota would take a position to spy, undercover of a nearby bit of lose shrubbery, and kelp that had been washed assure from the nearby water.. To think, all this had been within the confines of one arena.. Pretty awesome.. Anyway, Imota had been looking for clues. Sandprints, no matter how small, or subtle, seemed to exist in the sand.

The first, had been where Kureno stood for his handseals to erect the barrier. Few more seemed to turn about for a place to make his clone. Imota would look to the entrances next. No prints.. However.. with only a few entrances and exits, the odd of where Kureno could have made his, were only leaving of a few possible places, and the last set of prints within the fortress only gave way a few places.. In the end, Imota had concluded one thing.. At some point, an educated guess would point to Kureno, at some point, paying mind to the winds for which had been used in the gathering of the Sasaki's jutsu. Imota would look to his old spot, and make measurements of the island it had been on. The denser woods and shrubbery, had been on the northern most part of the isle..

This was thus where Imota would start his own testing of the theory at hand.. He would handseal…. Winds would stir above that entire region of dense woodland and with both hands being brought down, a jutsu would began. Harsh torrential winds, pushing well passed hurricane force, would bare down on that entire area, threatening to keep everything from trees, to animals, or even possibly Kureno, glued down to the ground for an indefinite amount of time.

The winds pick up again. But this time it is from another place. And by the time the blasted thing actually starts looking like an attack, it is way too late.

A barrier of earth quickly errects in what he thought was the direction of the attack, but the angle was wrong. And the burst of the downdraft strips away the entire barrier and pins Kureno to the ground. Yes, that was his mistake. If he had made the wall of Crystal, he could have extended it to have a roof. But this was just a waste of Chakra.

Pinned down, Kureno can only expect that whatever comes next is gonna be painful.

But instead of giving up, he plants his hands on the ground and tries his best to push himself into a position for handseals, regardless of how pointless it seemed.

Maybe Kureno should have given up. He was in a prone state. Such could be deadly. At the distance Imota was, the only thing the Sasaki nin, would be trees, bending at their base, but none of then actually breaking. If any had, then the Macroburt Technique he performed, named and developed by his master and boss, Watanabe Itami, would not have been the none damaging capture technique it was meant to be.. The techniques purpose would have been much more deadly instead. The success of such however, would not only demonstrate Imota's dedication to perfecting it, but give him a queue to go and check just what the jutsu had uncovered.

Imota would move to the top of the hill of the island he now stood. He would see amongst the debris, bended palm trees, and scattered soil, undoubtable from a barrier of some kind, and then Kureno, layed prone, and attempting to escape the jutsu's effects.. It seemed that things went to plan. Imota would then began new calculations, and from Kureno's positioning, he would have a clear view of what had been responsible for the wind's earlier disturbance.. The glowing thumb and forefinger of each hand would touch again, and then soon the winds, would swirl, recreating that projectile.. The small vortex of wind that had been gathering and being made into a pointed tube.. Imota's target had been different indeed, and its resistance had been less.. Only clothing and bare skin.

"Wind speed.. 25 miles per hour.. Barometric Pressure… 34 knots.. Angle.. 43.67 degrees… Distance.. 42 kilometers..", would be muttered as Imota would then take aim.. "Target Acquired..", would be said before the projectile would began to spin at a horrifying 6000 rpm's a minute. "Wind Release: Hollow Point Ballistic.", would be said drabbly before the wind woulr swirl loudly, and then a loud, BOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!, would proceed to deafen Imota's ears, the recoil from the launch enough to dislocate his arms from his shoulders, his hands being thrown back in a flail. The sound barrier would be broken twice, before the force of change in air pressure would shake even the barrier itself. All this, would have Kureno as a target.

You know, for someone who was a deadbeat as far Taijutsu is concerned, Kureno has some muscles that allows him to get up on his knees and lean away from the potentially deadly projectile, which at the last moment passes by him, centimeters past his left arm. You'd think that he'd be unharmed from that. But this ain't the case. As the projectile is just two meters away from him, it breaks the sound barrier again, sending shockwaves through Kureno that nearly punt him into unconsciousness.

This is all good and well.. if Kureno had really lapsed into a unconscious state. No, this was not the case.

Rolling on the ground, with a arm possibly dislocated or fractured, it is immensily painful to lift it into a stance where he can perform handseals. Which drastically cuts down on his abilities as well as making it much more predictable. But Kureno's sheer determination might give some good inspiration to future Genin.

Blinking his eyes, he tries to force the darkness out of them, he couldn't afford to fall unconscious from pain, if he managed to remain conscious from the shockwaves themselves. He didn't want to portray himself as a weakling. Oh no.

"Crystal Style! Crystallization!" He yells out as a spike of crystal shoots out from the ground, towards Imota.

It leaves several gliterring petal shaped crystals in the air, which are possibly lighter than air considering the way they float up and down on the wind. Their beauty as treacherous as their design and purpose.

You paged Meruin with 'That is going to be fun.. Tosai still likes her.. regrets not asking her out.. He thinks she won't remember him.'

Imota was not surprised about the older nin surviving his attack. He did however, analyze it rather deeply. The attack taken out portions of this man's arm that would be key in completing ninjutsu. Imota thought the jutsu, had done its job but he still was left with one fact.. This fight, would get harder now that Kureno was no longer restrained. The fact that this man had been pushing himself.. Imota would feel nothing like inspiration, or fear, or any emotion for that matter.. However, Imota did feel anticipation. He /would/ be attacked.

And from what he saw, retribution from Kureno, would come in that element.. The one he let slip earlier in defending against a single wind laced shuriken. Imota would brace himself, hand sealing, and call forth the winds, which would blast from behind Kureno, seeking to redirect the shower crystal shards that had made the Sasaki a target. Only one would be missed.. One single shard that would cut Imota across the shoulder.. Imota would look toward the petals that had been in the air, and for some reason, his chakra, would seem to drop lowly before raising once again.. Just what had happened there? He had no idea, but what ever it had been, strange had been a good word for it.

Kureno's threat leve would move up, and for the most part, Imota would not wait for his own rebuttle. A scroll would appear in his hand with a poof of smoke. Large, it would have 6 prongs, seeming modified from the standard four of a Fuuma Shuriken. The wire upon it, hidden, would be what would keep it close.. but Imota, would not count in that right now… The shuriken, would be surrounded by a whirlwind of wind chakra, and with three slashes, produce large blades of the same, that would meet each other and combine for one large projectile of bladed wind.

'The link had been made' Kureno thought to himself as he leaped back. His chosen element was that of Crystal. But he rarely used it. One could ask why. He rarely used it to defend. So far he used it for attack. Was that some kind of indicator? Perhaps Kureno's skill with the chosen element? Or was it something else?

His fingers crackled with lightning as he shot out two bolts of lightning from them. They are small, yes, but they could be able to pack a nasty punch.

Altough, if things go bad again, he had /that/ ace up his sleeve. Definetely worth exploring once this fight reaches towards it's crescendo.

Kureno was one with many skills.

The mile stone in all this seemed to come at the point where all fighters were let loose to attack at will. Kureno had been the first, and though his attack would be vicious to start, it would not been finished at this point. Imota was ready.. Handseals would happen as the lightning, though fast, would penetrate the air visibly. Imota would seem to be shocked well, the body of the Sasaki sizzling visibly before then…. bursting wildly from the gathering of volatile air pressure. A clone.. The second, had been well striking as well, hunching the Sasaki over, and causing him to tick and chitter teeth, before yet bursting again.

Where had Imota been? Well the winds would be quite leading of that place.. Two blast would come in simultaneously from Kureno

The mile stone in all this seemed to come at the point where all fighters were let loose to attack at will. Kureno had been the first, and though his attack would be vicious to start, it would not been finished at this point. Imota was ready.. Handseals would happen as the lightning, though fast, would penetrate the air visibly. Imota would seem to be shocked well, the body of the Sasaki sizzling visibly before then…. bursting wildly from the gathering of volatile air pressure. A clone.. The second, had been well striking as well, hunching the Sasaki over, and causing him to tick and chitter teeth, before yet bursting again.

Where had Imota been? Well the winds would be quite leading of that place.. Two blast would come in simultaneously from Kureno's left and right side, seeking to flip him into the air.. Then those slashes from earlier, would be involved.. but in a different form. Imota produce large blades all the same, twelve in all, that would surround Imota in formation. Then one by one they would meet each other and combine for upon Kureno, for one massive barrage of bladed wind.

With one arm down, Kureno was forced to defend with the element he was most closely affiniated with. This ment Crystal. But producing Crystal required handseals, unless..

Kureno quickly crouches down to the ground placing his hand on it and quickly, a barrier of earth snaps up to meet the blast of wind. But this defense was incomplete. So how does one go around making handseals when you have one arm that you can use. Easy.

The next step, he leans against the wall, and makes one handseal with his good arm to force his chakra into the earth barrier and it quickly turns to crystal, extending sideways to envelop Kureno from frontal attacks. Which it does perfectly as the shurikens slam into the wall in a shower of crystal shards.

"Heh. Nice." Kureno comments Imota. "You've outsmarted me. I lost this fight." But despite his words, Kureno punches the Crystal wall and a single shard of crystal explodes from it, slamming into the ground in front of Imota.

.. and than hilarity ensues. Where the crystal shard fell, earth spirals begin shooting out of the ground, aiming for Imota.

And if that weren't enough, Kureno's echoing words may be another reason for concern. "Crystal Style: Crystal Dream Prison." What is that supposed to mean.

Well, that means, that if Imota's willpower isn't up to speed to battle this technique is that he may find himself in a cycle of being stabbed by those earth spirals.. over and over again.

This match… it could really wear a kid out. Something like facing someone with a combination element, was alot more taking of strategic know how than anything. Imota, was fighting with all the strategy he could muster for the time, well, that at least was how it seemed. The man's reaction to his last attack seemed to nominal, and this meant that wind, probably wouldn't cut it.. Imota would seem to see effeciancy in sealing with only one hand.. Something like that, if he had been capable, would probably free up a variety of advantages. To do so effectively, with injury, Imota would not take this as a simple task, now that he saw that lost of one arm, did not totally limit his ninjutsuist opponent.

The comment would be heard by nin known to never drop his guard. Imota wanted to take it for what it was worth, but the follow up with Kureno's next attack, was too quick. Didn't make the lie believable enough. Imota would handseal again, repeating signs that had been flawed earlier, for perfection, and this time, that defense would work. The winds would come downward from above and behind Imota, and interrupt the spikes, smashing them into dust. But then the words would be heard? Dream? Prison? Such terms even now, would point toward terms he had heard in teaching and books about Genjutsu.. This had been his first encounter with a practicioner of such, but Imota, was prepared.. Upon the onset of the jutsu, Imota would take a finger, and stick it deep into the cut on his shoulder, causing himself excrutiating pain. Pain that indeed would be enough to dispel the genjutsu before it even started. Imota would feel the strain and bleeding, and know well that to press this on, and have to fend off another one of those mental attacks.. would take alot more than he could muster.

He would look to the wound on his shouler and the wounds on Kureno's arm, and say, "This nin concedes.. Your wounds need attendance and the answers for which this Sasaki searches have not been found.. Forfeit declared… Farewell.", would be said drabbly and rather roboticly before the nin would bow, and soon, began walking across the water, and out of the ring.

"Nope, Genin. I already said that I lost." Kureno chuckles, "You've outsmarted me, like I said. In most circumstances, that is enough to lose your life in battle. You've seen me cornered." Kureno explains as he waves the barrier off and it crumples to the ground. His next motion is to place his arm on the one that seemed dislocated, or fractured, Kureno wasn't sure.

"You've did well, but you haven't seen me at my best. Probably too much to handle anyway. In case you want another spar, look me up. I'll be glad to fight someone like you again." Kureno than nods his head and heads towards the exit of the arena, where he will hopefully find some medical assistance.

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