First World Ninja Competition - Shooting the Breeze: Koudo vs. Odo


Odo, Koudo

Date: November 8, 2010


Two ninjas meet in the arena for an exhibition match. A clash of Swords and elemental techniques ensue.

"First World Ninja Competition - Shooting the Breeze: Koudo vs. Odo"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 [Kusagakure]

Another day at the Tournament in Kusagakure, bringing the likes of fans, common workers, and shinobi to spectate the numerous matches throughout the day in all three arenas. The late afternoon was a good time for a match as the air started to cool down and the people could really settle in. On the arena floor was a Sunagakure ninja garbed in dessert robes, a councilman at that. Koudo watches the entrance with an intent look for his opponent. One that had been shrouded in mystery but he knew would be a powerful adversary. The air was pleasant other than the yet heavy quality there seemed to always be before the start of a battle.

"Combatant number 2, please step out into the arena!" Calls out the announcer.

Odo appeared from the corridor opposite where Koudo was waiting. Right in the Suna Council Member's line of sight. He was stoic for the most part, but his eyes darted about, taking in the area. Odo steps slowly and sternly into the ring, eyeing Koudo before he stops in his slow gait, "So, that's it? You just point at someone random and say 'Hey, We're gonna fight or else you have no honor?' And you fight? Huh." Odo didn't understand all the rules quite yet, but he just stands there, waiting patiently and quietly for the… well, for just -something- to happen.

Koudo's eyes brighten up and his mind starts racing to focus on the entering combatant. These two certainly looked to be an equal match, Koudo was just about an inch shorter and an inch broader at the shoulder to some eyes, than his would be opponent. His face exerts an energetic yet focused nature and his deep green eyes seem to scan his opponent non-invasively. He captures the sight of a sword alerting him to at least one of his styles. As Odo approaches, Koudo's lip tugs to one side as a smirk surfaces, and forms into a full on grin. Listening to the man's words he can't help but break out with a hearty laugh. "Have you not stepped foot in this arena of your own Volition?" He asks. Nodding, he knew it was a rhetorical question, and he says to clear the air "I am glad you have come. I am Fukuzawa Koudo of the Sunagakure Jounin Council." Introducing himself in a deep tone "It is truly an honor…" Taking an inquisitive look towards the man "Is there anything, you would like to share with me? I can tell you are not just a typical sword for hire." He says with a bit of a laugh.

The announcer says "This is not just a normal exhibition match, Ladies and gentlemen! These combatants are two of the most powerful shinobi in the world of ninja! Let your minds be dazzled by the awesome power that they wield! Kusagakure Peach Pit Arena welcomes you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!"

Odo just watches complacently (maybe not so oblivious though, as a swordsmans nature usually is) as Koudo speaks. When the laugh comes, Odo begins walking forward again towards the center of the arena closer to the Suna council member. "Blows," is all he answers. His feet slowly slide apart a bit more, widening his stance, but he is still upright! What a horrible stance!

"…Combatants, are you READY!? BEGIN!" shouts the announcer.

Koudo was surely surprised by the Sword user. It didn't bother Koudo that he was being so rude, but for a friendly exhibition match it was not the type of attitude to be expected. Though his eyebrows crease slightly as he lands a focused gaze on Odo. Still, he did not know this person and he could not assume that how he was acting was intended for any specific purpose, it made him think he was serious with his weaponry too. What then, could he make from this man's behavior and stance was incomprehensible, but he had devised a strategy to defeat even the quickest and most skilled sword users.

Hopping back a few feet picking up a slight gust of wind in his wake, Koudo stands in a loose position with legs shoulder length apart. Bringing a hand seal to focus chakra he calls up four earth clones in formation between him and Odo to defend his position. "Let's start then…" He says outloud with a subtle grimace.

Odo looked at the four clones for a moment, narrowing his eyes figuring out something. His eyes scan the area around Koudo. Hm, no water immediately available. Odo then holds out a finger with one hand reaching back to his sword handle, drawing it as he speaks a single word, "Rai."

After drawing his sword and shooting the bolt at his opponent, Odo would speed towards Koudo, hoping to get at him before the clones could interfere with a single slash at the Suna Jounin in an upward and rightward angle towards Koudo's ribs, to continue across his chest. After which the swordsman would leap back, taking up his defenses against his opponent.

Koudo was able to get a distance from Odo, watching from his location behind the clones. It was not until he spoke the word 'Rai' that Koudo notices the sword user's attempt at lightning ninjutsu. His distance from the source of the attack along with ninja speed was enough for him to avoid the lightning bolt. The clones made it a point to guard with all their skill and might, one ducks and rolls in front of Odo to distract him, while another one blocks the attack merely by standing in the way of the sword and being cut in half, returning to the earth.

His strategy was underway and he had the cover of the clones to buy him enough time to activate his seal ninjutsu. Unwrapping the bandages on his right forearm, Koudo exposes a ninjutsu seal tattoo that reads, Heaven. Standing loose, with his right shoulder lower than his other, he activates the seal with a set of hand seals "Seal Release: Friendly Breeze!" He says in a determined tone of voice, as the seal starts to glow bright with wind chakra. The wind whisps around him and he lets out a light and airy laugh. Starting to slowly float up and backwards as if he was a balloon, he forms another set of hand seals and takes a deep breath. Cheeks puffing up with air he lets wind chakra out of his mouth at Odo that spirals into a vicious vortex, and the air velocity increases throughout the arena. Drawing from the under a flap of the brown robe he produces a kunai knife that gets coated with wind chakra as he peers through the vortex and launches it straight at Odo.

Odo watches as the preparations are made. He crouches a bit, holding his sword horizontally behind him and his other arm bent in front of him as he darts to the left as the vortex begins where he just left. Next, the kunai as well would just fly through the vortex. Another moment, and Odo was attempting to get past those pesky clones with a flicker of his body towards Koudo with a single slash at his chest once again, this time downward from right to left across Koudo's torso. Another moment and Odo would flicker again out of fight, and the second attack going as a large arcing slash straight across to catch Koudo either in the back, or whatever part of him was facing Odo at that time.

Koudo took a considering look at Odo from the side, the sword user proved to be very fast, as he should have suspected, but to dodge the wind vortex was not an easy feat. Laying his gaze on Odo's eyes, hands, and feat, he tries to predict the opponent's next move. The clones were still forming a barrier for him, but that was all they would do. With a flicker to the side he is able to dodge the swords strike, then as he flickered through the air with chakra enhanced speed, he was caught unawares of the next attack. With an attempt at the last second he spins gathering wind chakra around him and below his feet, and jumps as if using a cloud of air as a springboard. Odo's attack was able to slice through his robe on the side and draw a couple onces of blood, but Koudo was not one to give up on a single laceration. He soars through the air above the arena floor and reaches to his back pouch on his waist under the robes, to draw a windmill shuriken that he flips open with three blades. A smirk crosses his lips, by now it would be apparent he was using wind at a range as a viably effective strategy. He uses wind chakra to enhance the fuuma shuriken and sends it spinning at an arced angle at Odo. With a discreet touch he launches two small shuriken using the wind element to increase their speed and sharpness, in an arc from the other side at his opponent. The fuuma shuriken spins high velocity with wind chakra spinning off it, and makes a full circle to return to Koudo, who his only now beginning his trajectory downwards from the jump. Such as the seal ninjutsu name indicates, the wind chakra was surely aiding him such as a friend would, and against a lightning user it was the ideal tactic.

Odo's speed was failing him at the moment. The first and third attacks hit, drawing blood from his shoulder and torso as they hit. He winces, but holds back whatever verbal reaction he has to offer, and bears down against the pain from the wounds. He takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes to focus for a moment. After he opens his eyes from the moment of concentration, his eyes narrow at Koudo.

Odo would flicker out of sight once again, trying for Koudo's side once again, with another slash, but this time a horizontal strike for his opponent's thigh. After that, he would draw out his tanto, which was about the same design of his sword. And in that moment, he would feint a strike with the tanto in a quick motion at Koudo's stomach in a stabbing motion, but bring his sword down for the Suna Jounin's shoulder again. Afterwards, Odo would point the tanto at Koudo, "Senrai." As a much larger bolt of lightning would erupt from the tip towards Koudo.

Koudo was curious about his opponent, no matter how much he was trying to concentrate on the battle. To his success he noticed his sharp projectiles with wind chakra hit home, his opponent's reaction under the cicumstances was to be expected, but he could not get the thought out of his head 'Who…is he?'. Koudo noticed the look from Odo, taking the opportunity to gain a look into the eyes again perhaps he would be able to understand more about him, but nothing came to his avail.

No…He would not understand anything about this man, except that his taijutsu was lightning fast, and come to think of it, Sword and lightning, were signature of a clan from Kumogakure, the Reizei. His eyebrow raises as a bulb lights up in his head. It was in no-time before Odo was attacking with a body flicker strike, which koudo has to flicker in place to dodge, moving with ninja speed a few feet back. The battle was at such a speed that they would have to have the highest level of focus, that only an experienced ninja could master.

The Sand Jounin makes a hand seal as he notices the Reizei draw another sword and move in. A gale of wind would blow straight from the side of Koudo between him and Odo, as Koudo vanishes before his opponents eyes with such speed that he could muster only from the help of his good friend the wind. It was in the next instant that he re-appears at a location only a few feet away again, only to catch another glimpse of the Odo's eyes, and perpetuating the combination of attacks he would have to make a chakra leap away, and gain distance.

He looks at Odo with a spark in his eye, and a trickster grin. He forms a ball of flame in his hand and launches it at Odo to distract him, continuing to speed through hand seals. His chest puffs up and he lets wind out of his mouth as if launching another wind vortex. This time however, the wind spirals into a vortex, only to pick up the ground below in pieces. The vortex continues towards Odo picking up the earth in its wake, leaving a trench afterwards. Continuing on the offensive Koudo makes a hand seal and blows fire chakra from his mouth "Fire release: Blazing shuriken!" He says launching the supporting attack.

The next group of attacks sends Odo reeling. Leaping back as burns over his torso and bruises on his lower body caused him to grunt a few times standing from the knee he had taken after the attacks. After he stands, he breathes deep again, focusing some of his stamina into usable chakra. At that moment as well, water begins forming in the ground beneath him, flowing up and taking the form of three more of him. Water Clones. The water table was luckily close to the surface. As well, Odo summoned up water to the surface, pulling enough to just maybe create some water based techniques. Now, he waits for the next attacks.

Koudo watched the Havok caused on Odo's body, and he crosses his arms for a moment looking on in expectancy, or curiosity. His opponent, seemed like he was down at first, but sure enough he still had the strength to continue. A nod is given to Odo from Koudo and he watches as the water clones are formed…Giving him an idea, but he wasn't completely sure if it was necessary to attempt, they would have to wait and see. For now he flicks open the windmill shruken again, eyes slinting as he aims the shot. Raising the shuriken up he lets it fly spinning from one side only to make a circle arc back around at Odo. The first arc aims to cut through the newly made water clone, and the second engagement of the Fuuma shuriken aims at Odo, only to arc back around passing Odo one more time on its way back to Koudo who catches it in hand. "Tell me, what is your purpose, Reizei-san?" He asks letting him know that he found a clue about who he was. Not that he had shown he was a talker but it was worth a shot.

Odo's speed once again was not up to par. His water clones all failed out and dissipated, leaving him vulnerable to the first two attacks, the second of which he attempted to dodge. More slashes and gashes appear over his body, and he falls to a knee once more. Though his face as hard as he tries doesn't show his pains, his body would prove different as he attempts to stand again. "Who is this 'Reizei' you speak of?" And, for purpose, he looks up into the stands to a certain someone who has been with him for travels for the last few weeks. "No. No purpose to speak of." At that moment, Odo stands, and sheathes his sword and tanto. "Good fight, Suna." He only states the village of origin when referring to Koudo. Odo made a wave to the proctor, and started to turn to walk towards the doorway from whence he entered.

Koudo saw the wounds caused by his shuriken and having been using a sharp and deadly jutsu he was not sure if the sword user would continue, though he hadn't knocked him out. Following his movements as the match wasn't over yet, he also listened to Odo's words intently, as this was the first time he was really addressing him. "…A clan from Kumo…" He cocks his head to the side, confused…Though he is glad to see some human nature from the sword guy when he looks up to the stands. It was not as if he believed his denial of a purpose but he would ultimately choose to disagree silently with a clever smirk.

When the opponent sheaths the weapons, he takes a long breath out releasing all the air chakra in his system back into the air, and he takes a low bow to Odo to show his thanks and respect "Thank you, Mystery-san." He says with a sincere nod, and a wave. The usual crowd applause and jackal cheering for the winner was recieved by Koudo who would stay to work the crowd for a minute before walking off in the opposite direction of Odo to get some rest, having broken a sweat and breathing heavy needing to catch his breath now that the Wind seal was deactivated. Then, it was a great honor to defeat the sword man, but he now had outlived his time in Kusa and it was time for him to get back to his home village without having found his originally intended target, or recovering some other useful information. He takes a deep sigh and offers one last wave to the crowd with a wide grin.

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