First World Ninja Competition - Snowy Skirmish: Hinotori vs. Mitsuomi


Amaya (emitter), Hinotori, Mitsuomi, Tosai

Date: November 30, 2010


Hinotoris crushing defeat by Mitsuomi during the loser bracket matches.

"First World Ninja Competition - Snowy Skirmish: Hinotori vs. Mitsuomi"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

There was a Ring here.
It's gone now.
And in its place is a Winter Wonderland! Yes, that is right, for some >bizarre reason< the terrain artists got tired of fixing up the Rings and decided that this particular one will be covered in snow. There is snow everywhere, including various snow banks, a snow man, >two< rather solidly-packed and >large< snow forts with eight-foot high walls, and also various icy spires and spikes throughout to act both as cover and potentially as weapons. The spires can be torn up and thrown or wielded, or a foe could potentially be thrown into or onto a spike. Fun.
And in the middle of the Ring is the reason why the Ring is designed in this manner. A… Penguin with two bat wings on its back, peg legs, and a ninja tool pouch!? "A lighter is about to start!" he calls out. Another penguin identical to himself ducks out from behind the snowman to yell, "Match dood." "Match! Lighter! I am starting this thing, alright, do not harass me, dood!" Then the first penguin calls out, "Two doods enter, one dood leaves! So… Enter now, doods! Hinotori and Mitsuomi! Also, your names are completely hard to say, doods!"

Mitsuomi strode out into the arena calm as he could until the frigid air blasted his form. He was used to a bit of cold from Kumogakure's winters, but this was a bit much. Still he didn't move to turn back despite being more than just a tad cold from imprpoer atire, but hopefully this fight wouldn't last long enough for it to make a difference.
Seeing the winged penguins made him arc a brow in response, but in this world far worse could be seen. Considering his last opponent this seemed harmless if it was a trick. Still his form didn't budge much in spite of the goose bumps on his flesh.
He merely took a readied stance and awaited his opponent. No show boating this time for him. That cost him last time, now it was time to be serious.

Hinotori rubs his head, he really didn't want to fight today, but then again he had already promised he wouldn't be holding back anymore. As he makes his way towards the ring, he stops suddenly. "Whoa." he smiles a little. He was liking the winter wonderland, it was a change of pace from the regular rings they had to fight in. Making his way towards the center where Misuomi was already in his fighting stance he smiles. "Yo." he says and bows his head.
Hinotori looks to the two penguins, "Whats up dood!" well there goes the whole being serious thing. "This place has possibilities." he grins and bows his head to the penguins and looks back to Mitsuomi. "Alright, lets kick this off." he says as he gets into a relaxed stance, focusing chakra and channeling it to his eyes, his sharingan activates. Two tomoe could be seen in his eyes, showing his evovled eyes. "Lets have some fun." he laughs as he gestures for Mitsuomi to start them off.

Tosai had to admit it.. The guys that came up with the ring obstacles did a number on this one. So random… So.. well.. unthought of. It wasn't that bad of attempt though. After all, what makes things harder in a fight, than to have to conquer the elements while punching someone simultaneously! He was here to cheer on Hinotori, and give him the best of luck, from the sidelines. It was rather comical to say the least that Hinotori, known to Tosai for his awesome Fire Taijutsu, would have to try and put up some flame in this heat. To be frank, it would make for quite a challenge. Not to mention, he found hard to keep in a laugh, in seeing the ninja snowman, chilling out, if you will.

The only question in Tosai's mind had been, "Are there really places in the world like this?". An obviously dumb question, but one that he could probably answer with a 'yes', or a 'most likely'. But the question wouldn't linger long. Not when a penguin would come walking in. A summon? Probably so.. It was entertaining nonetheless. The worst part was they were arguing penguins.. Tosai would sweatdrop.

"Hmmm.. I wonder who they are pitting Hino against, this time?", would be answered by the entrance of a rather fit, and muscular Kumo nin. This guy, seemed like a bruiser type, and thus would peak Tosai's curiousity in full. "Hmmm.. Yeah.. pretty no nonsense. I wonder if he's only good looking though.." When Hinotori makes his entrance, the Akimichi only gives a sagely nod.

The Proctor Prinny looks up at each of the participants when they enter, make a jerky head motions in the same manner as most birds. The Proctor calls out, "Hey, doods! Better get out! You can continue later!" Then a dozen different Prinnies come popping up all over the places. 10 of them from each snow fort, and two from behind the snowman. The proctor then turns his attention back on the participants. "This tournament has been taken over by ninja! Are you bad enough doods to win the tournament!? …I don't know, but I'm going to stand over here now!" Then he waddles off about half way across the Ring and then flaps his way out of the combat zone.
He makes sure he is very safe before he calls out, "So, like… Umm… Start, doods." The barriers activate and engulf the Ring.

Mitsuomi ignored the birds and their shenanigans when he felt the chakra rise out of Hinotori. The beady red eyes made him smirk. With a low voice he spoke, "Come on…power it up if your going to go for it." With that Mitsuomi shifted slightly as his chakra began to race through him and build up. It began to push back the snow at his feet as it flared up. The goose flesh on his body seeming to shift from the pressure.
Once he had enough built up that the snow around him flurried away it released some as his flesh began to shift and change. At first thin lines began to slither under his flesh. They branched out from everywhere. As they ran into eachouther they seemed to merge under his flesh and continue to rise in number and thickness. His muscles bulged out to the point his shirt began to tear away from his body revealing chissled flesh. When the lines were thick as cords and strewn across his body from head to toe a final gutteral roar came out and with a final surge of chakra his shirt blew apart sending tattered cloth to meet with the snow.
Looking to his opponent he smirked. "Kumogakure's Double Impact Mitsuomi!" was said with an air of confidence and joy. As if he was about to have fun in this ring regardless of what happened.

Taking a moment to look up into the crowd for a moment then back to Mitsuomi as he begins powering up. "Interesting." is all the Uchiha chuunin says as he watches Mitsuomi, but the transformation was taking a bit long. Hinotori crosses his arms and yawns as Mitsuomi finishes, "About time." Hinotori chuckles. "Look, do what you want, but have fun, really. I know I will." Hinotori goes back into his relaxed stance, though the seriousness of Mitsuomis transformation does concern him. He used quite a bit of chakra for that transformation.
Hinotori gauges his opponent for a moment longer and just using his natural speed, Hinotori lashes out with two quick strikes. He throws a palm strike towards Mitsuomis chest, then spining around quickly he does a back spin kick towards his head hoping to hit with a two hit combo.

Mitsuomi stood there as Hinotori came charging in. His body reacted naturally by focusing some of his eminating chakra around his body. The palm thrust to his chest barely causes a shift in his weight before the back spin kick collides and does nothing. He is left standing almost exactly as he had from the get go. No worse for the assault at all.
His eyes narrowed at Hinotori as he landed from the combo. A massive amount of chakra pulsed through his body and down into his right arm. It nearly glowed as it congregated in his fist. With a heavy hand Mitsuomi aimed to land the blow right across Hinotori's face. Not a word passed his lips. If this person could not surpass Setsiro as his training partner…then so be it.

Strikes landing skillfully, but watching as Mitsuomi absorbed them without a flinch only makes Hinotori grin. Not very intimdated by his opponet, Hinotoris eyes are able to watch as Mitsuomis chakra focuses into his right arm. At the same time Hinotori focused his fire chakra through his body and began moving as soon as Mitsuom began his attack. Hopping backwards and expelling his chakra at the same time, Hinotori begins to back dodge away but as he moves, Mitsuomis attack catches him in the chest. The power of the blow sends him staggering backwards. Getting himself under control, Hinotori is dazed and tries to reclaim his air back into his chest.

Looking to the ring, both competitors, seemed pretty evenly matched. From what he knew of Hinotori, Tosai had already assessed speed, tenacity, and the strength of fire. Mitsuomi, from his looks alone conveyed raw strength, and power. He probably wasn't that fast, but Tosai couldn't quite tell that from the man simply standing there. The predictions only seemed to grow more positive when Tosai would notice the Wheel Eye of Hinotori, grow red. He would smile. Many people forget that Hinotori is an Uchiha, he himself included. However, the eyes told the tell. Level 2.. Tosai would look to Mitsuomi, saying, "So what do you have up-… Aaaahh.."

As the transformation began to move into its final stages, Tosai would only sigh, saying, "He's a show off.", the shirt bursting off his body being alittle to much for him to stomach. However, this man's form still proved quite interesting. Vessels of blood? Or something else.. Tosai wasn't really a mednin. He couldn't tell which. But one thing he could tell. Hinotori was in for a fight.

And then came the attacks. Hinotori's speed, was insane. Tosai's felt his neck spasm, just from a quick turn of the head, in following the Uchiha's first moves. However, they wouldn't seem to make a dent at all. Mitsuomi, would just stand there. What in the world kind of transformation had the man assumed? Tosai would fold his arms and look on intently.

Just what in the world had this technique been that Mitsuomi had been u-.. "Whoa!!!!", would be shouted by Tosai as he would feel the raw force generated by Mitsuomi. "Hino!! Look ou-..OOOOOOoooo!!!", would be said as the attack would connect.. "Yep.. he's a power fighter.. But this must mean.. Oooo.. Chakra powering his own strength.. Remarkable.." Tosai would lean on his palm. This match was going to be good.

Mitsuomi looked to his opponent as he failed to dodge the attack and only sighed. Now was the time to finish this match and end it all for good. Shifting his feet his chakra flared again as he looked to Hinotori. "Tashinkou…"
Mitsuomi's feet dug through the snow into the earth as his chakra surged again. It spiraled through his entire body. From the toes up. Every one of Mitsuomi's muscles clenched to add more force and speed to this attaack. When the chakra reached his shoulder a hand shot out in a clenched fist. The distance too great for a punch to connect. That was when the chakra became visible to the naked eye. A glowing mass on the end of his fist. It shot out like a cannon blast. The chakra spiraling overitself like an auger bit as it barreled for Hinotori. If it hit the man, it could be the end of this match.

That attack.. Who would have thought that this man, would have been this powerful. Mitsuomi would get a look from Tosai, as he would launch for the large blast would uproot snow, and ice, and practically every single bit of ground beneathe it all. Tosai, had been silenced.. This guy was not another pretty face. Two concussive blasts of raw force, one stronger than the next, could actually end the match. Tosai would wonder exactly, if his eyes had been decieving him. This match.. just could not end this way.. Poor Hino…

This was not going how Hinotori thought it would go. He was seriously getting his ass beat and the match has only just begun, looking up at Mitsuomi as he tries to get his body to cooperate with him. He was still stunned from that last attack which now he was only able to start getting his balance back. But his nervous system wasn't rebalancing fast enough. Grimacing as Mitsuomi gathers his chakra for his next attack, Hinotori bracing himself. As the attack hits, Hinotori is hit hard, knocking him off his feet and thrown backwards a couple of feet only to crash in the snow and ice pillar which sends snow into the air.
Wincing in pain, yeah this match should be over, but Hinotori wasn't going out like this. He was going to do what he could to see if he could even out the match. The force of the blow has cracked a few of his ribs, and it was getting hard to breath, but with the snow cloud still in the air, Hinotori decides to use this to help him hide to buy him some time. As he does he begins to channel chakra through his body, gathering it subtely so as not to let his opponent know his whereabouts as he moves slowly away from where he fell and towards the next ice pillar.

Mitsuomi would smirk as he watched his opponent try and rise up. Vanishing from his current position he would appear right before Hinotori in a low stance. His chakra flaring off of his body in large neon blue crescent blades as he continued to build it up. Steam eminating from his mouth and body as he spoke in a voice loud enough for the stands to hear him clearly, "Ryukei Qigong Tashinkou Shinden: Gao Soryu Enrensho!"
With that Mitsuomi would lurch forwards and slam both of his palms out towards Hinotori's body. At the moment of predicted impact he would release the visible chakra outwards through his palms to rack through Hinotori's body and end this match.

Ok, well that didn't work. With Mitsuomi already on him, Hinotori could only look up in horror as Mitsuomi was about to finish him. But then again, Hinotori is a bad actor when it comes to losing. Having already prepared himself, doing a back roll to get onto his feet and leaping backwards, he expells his fire chakra to shoot him backwards at an alarming rate only leaving an afterimage of himself where he was was. Continuing his avoidance of Mitsuomi, Hinotori expells more chakra to whip up the snow into a blinding white haze in an attempt to possibly make it harder for Mitsuomi to track him.

Mitsuomi sighed as he saw his opponent fade away from him. This was becoming bothersome. He saw one of the ice spires near him and sent a kick into it to snap it. As it fell he raised his arms over head to catch it and hurl it at Hinotori as a distraction. He would move to vanish as the ice spike flew at Hinotori in an attempt to grab the Uchiha by the base of the spine and rip him over head. This technique was known to break spines in worst cases and make even the most hardened warrior scream in pain in the best.

Having managed to avoid the ice spike, Hinotori was almost there, the charging of fire chakra was now able to be seen through his skin. As Mitsuomi attempted his final attack, Hinotori tries to dash away from the attack. The Uchiha wasn't fast enough, his spine wasn't grabbed but his left ribs were and with the expulsion of his blaze dash broke his ribs and still freed him. He crashes into the snow, spitting up blood and gasping for air. His sharingan still ablaze he looks to his opponent while holding his side, knowing it would be pretty pointless in fighting longer, he shakes his head. "Alright, I'm out." he says as he smirks up at Mitsuomi, "Hope you had fun." he chuckles then coughs up some blood again.

Mitsuomi looked down to the beaten uchiha. "You are not even equal to my student…this was a waste." With heavy steps he turned his back and began to pace away from the uchiha. This was a waste to him. An opponent that didn't even scratch him. It was disgraceful.
After a few steps however, one with a keen eye would notice a trail of blood leaking from the corner of his mouth and down into the snow. It seemed something was wrong. When he neared the gates the cords under his skin slithered like serpents back down to wherever they came from and he could be seen lurching over. He began coughing up blood by the mouthful. It was a brief fit, but it was noticable by all.

Smirking as Mitsuomi tries to verbally beat him, "Oh my, am I supposed to be all intimidated now because you beat me and didn't get a scratch." he coughs. Shaking his head, "SOme people don't know how to win gracefully." he says as he sits down. Though as Mitsuomi leaves, and stops, Hinotori watches him. As he starts coughing up blood a frown reaches his lips. "Seems your body isn't able to handle what your forcing it to do I see." he says. Looking over to the Penguins, "We both will need medical attention." he says as he closes his eyes. Having problems with keeping himself upright, Hinotori waits for the medical ninja to come out and assist him. Yeah he lost, but who cares. To him this was a tournament to show who can do what and how. He was a bit happy that he lost and was hit. He really didn't want to show what he was going to do as a last stand, but for now, the only people who will see that attack will be those who deserve it and Mitsoumi didn't deserve it. Laying back in the snow, Hinotori relaxes as best he can despite the broken ribs he has.

The Prinny Proctor looks up from eating a hotdog and says, "Ohh… Uhh… Game over, doods. The guy over there wins." He indicates vaguely Mitsuomi, but he might have been pointing at Hinotori too. The audience seems just as confused as the participants probably are. "…Which one dood?" another Prinny asks. "Dood! I am trying to eat this totally awesome dog of hotness here and I don't want to be looking at any of this gross stuff down there!" "Oh, hey, the big guy is coughing up blood." "…Not cool, dood." The Proctor eventually pays attention and wipes relish from his beak as he calls out, "Mit--Missi--The Mittens dood wins! Someone should probably cut the other guy's paycheck for not winning too." "Do humans do that, dood?" "I dunno', but Mistress Etna does it to us. Are you questioning her methods, dood!?" "NO! No, of course not, dood!"
This continues on for awhile, as the barriers deactivate and medics come rushing in.

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