First World Ninja Competition - Terrifying Jutsu: Mune vs. Hiroshi


Amaya, Mune, Hiroshi, Hinotori, Kanami

Date: November 12, 2010


Official match between Mune and Hiroshi. Unexpectedly devastating weapons are unleashed for a simple tournament…

"First World Ninja Competition - Terrifying Jutsu: Mune vs. Hiroshi"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 3 Ring - Kusagakure

Another night in the frantically active Peach Pit Stadium. Mostly it's visitors from other countries and Villages that still frequent the place at all hours. Many Kusagakure residents are a bit tired of all the violence, the strange faces, and the >noise<. The yells and sounds of cataclysmic jutsu going off and all the rest can be heard almost constantly — especially with late-night matches such as this. People are honestly just tired of it. But the visitors are not nor are the merchants. Making money is fun, after all.
Arena 2 is ablaze with a mix of electric lights, phosphorescent gas lanterns, and luminescent fungi. Kishi Mune is not a big name per se. But she is fighting a Hyuuga, and her first match was a pretty cool win with a variety of interesting attacks and techniques used. Amaya is out in the ring, ready to start off the match. "An official match is about to start! Kishi Mune versus Hyuuga Hiroshi! Challengers, please make your way to the ring!"

Mune was standing ready at her side of the Arena, just inside the tunnel-like passage up from the lockers and waiting area. So she is quick to emerge when her name is called, and soon is standing near the center of the ring. Her white longcoat lies open, no buttons done except at the collar, just like usual. She also appears not to be wearing a shirt or other garments on her torso under the coat, just like usual.
The rest of her is covered up, of course, but why she would leave her top bare like that, with only a coat to barely cover her is perplexing. She crosses her arms under her chest and waits.

Hiroshi would be strapping his carpace bracers to his wrist as his name is called. A small sigh could be heard as he turns to peer down the dark tunnel shrugging his shoulders lightly as he steps forward. Hiroshi is met by the roar of the crowd as he emerges, his opponent already geared up and read to go it would seem, with little time to spare. The teen hyuuga would be garbed in his green and black battle suit. The earlier one was easily destroyed, but this one appeared to be brand new. The tight leather fits esily on his body as he moves. Haulting a few feet from the proctor Hiroshi could only nod his head at the proctor, a small smile upon his face.

Amaya nods when she sees that both participants are ready. Then she yells out, "Once the barriers are up, you may begin!" She then turns and dashes off, almost faster than trained ninja eyes can follow. She soon arrives on the Proctor's Platform, where she can observe from close up, without being in danger of being hurt. The barriers hum to life, as various Seals and ninja power the special Jutsu that will make this fight survivable for both fighters.

Hinotori had gotten bored from the last match he was watching and figured he would wander off. As he does he still has his sharingan activated, but the henge he was using to keep people from noticing. Walking into the second arena, Hinotori hears voices and decides to go to the stands, as he does he is greeted with a start of a match. Smiling, the Uchiha sits down and looks between both fighters, "HOpe this is better then…." he trails off as he notices the woman from the other match. "Mune…I think her name was." he says more to himself then to anyone else. Also now as his memory plays back, she was helping with trying to calm Tosai down. Grinning, hope this is good he thinks.

In a red 'china dress', with long black hair elegantly styled in a bun and chopsticks, Kanami is sitting near the front row, but not actually in it. She did not arrive early enough for a seat like that. Her pale skin has become a more yellowish coloration, making her look over-all as though she comes from the Southern Lands (Narutoverse China), as opposed to being a native. Her features are likewise altered to mimic a native of that vast territory. Legs nearly bare from the short hem of her dress, Kanami may draw a bit of attention. But over all, she is not dressed provacatively, and there are plenty of pretty kunoichi to oggle, in addition to an exciting match about to start. She is unlikely to draw much attention. Oh, except from Hinotori. If he looks in the direction of the Chinese-version of Kanami, he may notice there appears to be a concentration of Chakra on her face for some reason… Almost as though some invisible structure were there to contain it. A lesser amount of Chakra coats her skin.
But it doesn't seem to really be… Doing anything. It's similar to a Henge no Jutsu, but somehow subtly different. The Chakra is not being 'emitted' so much as it is just… Flowing. Self-contained, no true energy expenditure per se.
Of course, if he does not look towards her, he will never notice. There's plenty of other people in the crowd with Chakra. Kanami observers the barriers going up, and then focuses on Mune down below. It will be interesting to see just how strong her ally is in combat. The showing against Goh had not been particularly impressive, but then neither had her own. "Show me, Mune-chan," she mutters. "Show me how strong you have gotten. I want to know for when you and I battle."

Mune, unaware of Kanami's presence in the stands, just waits for Amaya to get to her platform and for the barriers to come up. Then she shrugs, causing her arms to lift her generous chest into greater prominence. "Another kid, huh? Well, let's hope a Hyuuga is a better challenge than my last opponent. Some sort of demon sword guy… Onimitsu, I think his name was. Armor can't save a warrior from every attack. Relying on it to the point it slows you down is a dangerous mistake. But enough about that." She casts her cerulean gaze towards the stands, removing her eyes from her opponent. "I'm babbling and the match has started. What do you say we start things off a bit quicker than usual, hm?" Looking back to Hiroshi, Mune reaches inside of her coat and pulls out a vial that appears to be full of some glowing amber liquid. She unsnaps the button at her collar, downs the elixir, and then closes her collar again. Moments later, her Chakra level spikes several notches, giving her a sort of golden glow that radiates from her flesh.
Mune then begins to gather Chakra from her environment in a strange 'kata-like' manner. When she finishes she drops into a combat stance, and stands ready.

Hiroshi would turn his attention at Mune, his ebony hair tied back as he hangs just down the middle of his back. "This should be interesting." he would say but he was not speaking to his opponent it would seem. His voice would be there, but more like he were having a conversation with an unseen being. "Well I should not make the same mistake as before. I need to go in hard and fast I guess." he would say a sigh now. Holding his hands forward, his pale opal eyes would fall upon his opponent. "LEt us have a match worthy of shinobi." he would add, a small gust of wind builds up around his feet, as he begins to gather and focus his chakra. The conversation Mune offered would be heard, though Hiroshi would seem to be caught up in his own conversation with, the air? "Yes I will be sure not to over do it this time if I can help it." would be said, though his own conversation would end as Mune pulls out the vial. "I see….its time." he would say slipping into his clans juuken stance, he would release a relaxing sigh, "Byakugan!" he would say. A moment would pass before full veins form upon his face, spreading from eye to ear, covering a majority of his cheeks as well.

Mune observes the communication with someone unseen. However, she also does not comment. Her experiences with people who talk to invisible things are more numerous than one might expect. However, once Hiroshi activates his Byakugan and readies himself to fight… She hesitates not a moment longer. Reaching into her coat she withdraws one more vial of something. She then dashes towards the Hyuuga at high speed, and hurls the vial before dashing towards his right side, attempting to strike him with what appears to be merely a two-finger jabbing or 'prodding' gesture. But if it touches, the cells under the skin will die rapidly and painfully. Not lethal damage by any means. But it would hurt at least.
And the vial? It would break on anything it strikes, and leave some nasty acid all over the place. Just the sort that is likely to eat through flesh.

Keeping quiet as the match continues, Hinotori watches the chakra flow of each fighter, paying close attention to both Mune and Hiroshi. A grin on his face as he watches, he knew he would have to keep mental notes. His eyes taking in everything that he sees, "This is getting good." he says. Leaning forward his elbows rests on his knees and his hands folded under his chin.

And the fight was off, Mune was wasting little time moving in it would seem. Hiroshi would only jerk as his opponent dashed forward. The teen hyuuga ducks down, dodgin the first vial as its tossed his way. Only to catch glimpse of his oppnent on the right side attempting to strike him, Hiroshi would simply spin from harms way as he twirls a small distance before haulting. He would peer down at the acid like material as it burns a small area of the ground, "Wow." is all he would say, but even that was short lived as he dashes forward, fist clenched he would move to jab his opponent in her torso with a right punch, an attempt to sweep kick his opponent, as he attempts to find an opponent to strike her dead center of her stomach with a two fingered juuken strike.

Mune is not entirely surprised that Byakugan can track her position even with her recently improved speed. But the reaction time is more than expected. Especially against her acid. Hm. She smashes a vial on the ground immediately when Hiroshi starts to attack, causing a cloud of dense, violet smoke to erupt and spread across the ground, concealing her position. Her feet are swept out from under her regardless, but she just uses the smoke cloud as cover to roll away from any further attacks. Just as the oddly colored smoke is beginning to clear, another burst of smoke comes out of nowhere. No… Three more bursts of smoke! This smoke is normally colored, however. Grey-white.
When all the smoke clears, there are… Four women standing in the ring with Hiroshi. They all look more or less identical.

Hiroshi could only stare in disbelief. Though his eyes seemed focused on a single opponent his byakugan allows him to see the others as they are standing in their designated areas. "I was not planning on this." he would say coughing lightly most likely from inhaling amount of the smoke from Munes earlier disappearing act. Which is which would be his only thoughts as his eyes remain intense and focused. A small chuckle is heard as Hiroshi brings his hands to his sides. Taking out a melee kunai one in each hand. "There. And there." he would say Throwing the kunai onto the ground One north of himself the other towards the west. Digging into his right pouch Hiroshi would take out a shuriken, bringing it into form as he sends the metallic star flying towards the eastern mune.

One Mune each focuses on the two kunai that are thrown. One to the north and one to the west. Interesting… So he is planning something. The other two dark-skinned women focus on Hiroshi himself. His thrown shuriken is evaded by one, and the remaining Mune busies herself by pulling out a vial from her coat again. Just how many vials does she have, anyway? This vial is different though.
It contains a pure black substance with a tiny white blob inside of it, perfectly round. She takes a deep breath and then imbibes the elixir. The golden glow radiating from all four of the women vanishes. In its place, a purple radiance emanates from the one who just drank that liquid. The purple rapidly darkens until it becomes black. Then the Mune that evaded originally charges towards Hiroshi. Now his Byakugan would probably be able to see what is going on. All four women had the same golden Chakra inside of them, and a thin coating of Chakra being emitted from them. Like a Henge no Jutsu. But now only one has an appreciable amount of Chakra INSIDE of her. The others just have small amounts centered around their hearts… It's almost like three of these women are… Dead.
But now a hideous, black energy that is not QUITE Chakra is flowing into one of the women. The Mune that is attacking Hiroshi with a series of physical attacks and kunai slashes, while ignoring any damage that might be inflicted to her in return. Like she feels no pain and no fear. Like she's just a puppet to the one with the black aura.

Hiroshi would smirk as the women simple dodges his thrown shuriken and nothing more. GOod theres a possibility that ones a fake. So far she has used that smoke stuff to protect herself but that would simply dodged my shuriken. Its a fake or atleast its possibly not her. He would think to himself, one down three to go would run through his mind, though the suspense would be over as one Mune indulges in another strange liquid. Hiroshi would only sigh, seems she didnt give me long to figure out what is going on. As the womens chakra changes Hiroshi can only peer at the one whom started such a horrid transformation. His all seeing eye could not completely see through this trick, but it was enough to buy him some time. Though she is using little jutsu, everything has an achillese heel. Taking the two Kunai from the ground now Hiroshi would peer at the mune puppet which attempts to assault him. Hiroshi wouldnt bother defending with flashy jutsu. INstead the teen hyuuga would attempt to fight back with meer kicks and punches. Casting his right foot to kick the attacking mune in the stomack as he allows a single kunai to fly from both hands, both aimed at the mune with the largest concentration of chakra. As the fighting mune easily punctures Hiroshi slashing him open a good amount, the teen hyuuga would smirk lightly as his crimson blood is left upon his enemy.

Hinotori quirks his head to the side as Hiroshi is hit, "Hmmmm……." he says simply. He has been wrapped up in the fight to notice the people next to him, but as he leans back and streches out a little. Hinotori does spare a look around, it seems this is a match people really wanted to see. A chuckle escapes him, but then stops as he notices Kanami. Well the chakra along her face, his eyes focus on her for a moment, as he watches just for a moment, before smiling to her and bowing his head. He didn't want her to know he was just plainly staring. Even though there are other women, he couldn't help but steal a second glace at her.
Turning around, and looking back to the match, Hinotori wondered what that concentration of chakra along her face was. Analyzing it as he watches the match only made him want to look to her again. And well he didn't mind looking at her. Figuring she probably would smack him, he turns around, but does bow his head to her then turns around.

The 'clone' is not so much a clone as a corpse that is of the same approximate height, weight, and build as Mune. With a henge over it to mimic the details that do not fit. After being damaged sufficiently, the dead woman's Henge drops, revealing a paler woman, smaller of chest, with dead, staring brown eyes, as opposed to Mune's blue eyes. The corpse just drops to the ground, like her strings were cut.
Mune tries to dodge the first kunai, but it slashes across her right shoulder anyway. Her eyebrows come down and she decides to stop trying to out-Taijutsu a Hyuuga. That is a losing proposition. Instead, she throws down another vial of chemicals, and the remaining three Mune all leap away as a blinding flash of light goes off when the contents of the vial are exposed to the air. Two of the Dead Souls attack Hiroshi while the light is still going off, since their dead eyes do not react to light like a living person's would. One tries to grab an arm and hold him, while the other tries to slam a Chakra-coated fist into his stomach, trying to destroy cells in his belly and possibly cause internal bleeding to a small degree. Not enough to be life-threatening.
But then, as the light fades, the Mune that leapt backwards rather than forwards is revealed.
She draws two vials from her coat and throws them both towards Hiroshi. Whether they hit him or not, they shatter and mix together in a way that begins to sizzle… And then the Mune that tried to grab the Hyuuga's arm claps her hands together and then unleashes two bolts of blue-white energy from her palms that leap towards the chemicals, wherever they land. If the chemicals landed on the ground, then the ground just got deconstructed into it component parts. If it was Hiroshi who got hit… The same thing happens. Messily.

Hiroshi would almost look disappointed as Mune attempts to dodge the kunai, "Not…wait." he would pause as he peers at the vial bursting on the ground, the intense bright light forms from the chemical mixture. Hiroshi would flench for a moment, but not long enough to allow his opponent to gain the upper hand. "Found you." he would say. Leaving his crimson blood upon one puppet Hiroshi would focus his eyes upon the other three waiting for the original to make her appearance. As the corpses hit the floor, Hiroshi can only stare at them, his eyes locked on the area around him. As two of the dead corpses attempt to strike at Hiroshi he would sigh, clasping his hands in a praying motion before he twirls once again from harms way, though his spin doesnt end there, The true Menu would join the fight once more.
"Almost." he would say as she draws forth her vials lunging them at the hyuuga. And she would soon follow. "Now." Hiroshi would say, dodging the vials but the hyuuga was their, just barely bent as his style changes, "You are in the zone of my eight trigrams." He would say a deep shout soon following, "Eight Trigrams, sixty four bleeding palms!" Hiroshis hands would be noted to be stained with his own crimson blood, which still slowly oozes from his wound just upon his chest.(edited)
Hiroshi wouldn't hesitate as his opening was clear, both right and left hands now only have two fingers extended, "Two palms!" he would say striking the tenketsu near Mune upper right shoulder, "four palms!" he would shout as his speed increases releasing large amounts of chakra from his fingers. To his own eyes it would appear as if small beams of light were erupting from Munes back. From there Hiroshi would continue the assault, "Eight palms, Sixteen Palms, thirty two palms." he would say rapidly striking each point, focused determined, his wound finally starting to clot, though blotches of his blood falls to the ground mixing with the dirt, "Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms!" he would say releasing an even stronger burst of chakra now, intent on sending streams of the blue energy through out his opponents entire body as he watches it expell.

Kanami notices briefly Hinotori looking towards her, but just nods back and smiles before turning her attention on the match. However, she can see where this fight is going already, even if the combatants don't. So she gets up and leaves. She knows enough about Mune now to know how to deal with her if the two of them ever wind up fighting.
Also, she does not trust an Uchiha to not be able to see through her special Noh-men Henge.

Catching the look she gave him as he turned away, Hinotori only smiles. As he looks onto the fight, he watches as Hiroshi attacks the clones of Mune. Sighing a little, at getting himself distracted, Hinotori scans the ring watching Hiroshi and then the clones of Mune. 'What will happen next?' he thinks to himself. With his eyes he looks along the ring, then smirking a little. He wonders what the Hyuga going to do. Could Hiroshi find the real Mune? Guess he will find out.

All those blows to the Tenkketsu of 'Mune', though she is actually an animated corpse… Ordinarily that would do nothing. But the corpse is presently flooded with the Chakra of the true Mune. So all the attacks travel right back to the original, impacting her the same as the dead woman she is controlling. She winces and places a hand to one side of her chest as pain pulses through her. She lost Chakra to that attack and feels weaker now. The corpse itself collapses to the ground, revealing a much different woman than Mune. Younger-looking, with sleepy green eyes. That leaves only one animated corpse left. Mune has that corpse dash away from Hiroshi and keep her distance.
The real Mune knows it is unwise to get in close with a Hyuuga… So for now she does not. She instead gathers more Chakra, as her body feels drained of it and her Elixir will consume her own flesh if she does not provide the Chakra to fuel it.

Hiroshi would have a sigh of relief as he finishes the palm strike, feeling this was just about to come to an end, or so he thought. Speechlessly Hiroshi peers at the thing he just struck, what, a corpse? Hiroshi could only watch as the corpse hit the ground, he was wrong, darnit. One more left before the original comes out. But why hasnt she taken this moment to go on the offensive. Hiroshi could only sigh as he watches mune, or what may be a corpse dash away. "Long range." He would say, shaking his head from right to left as he peers down at the corpse of the young woman. 'What kind of person does this. Shite skill, and deadly cunning." he would say as he unstraps his right carpace bracer allowing it to fall to the ground. "IF this drags on to long I would have enough energy to defend myself." he would say, shaking the thought from his head as he flickers forward, Dashing really aimed directly at the puppet, Hiroshis right palm open to deliver a dashing palm strike. Though his assault would have no end as he attempts to elbow his opponent in the face, before bringing the back hand of his right arm towards the corpse neck in a chopping motion.

Unfortunately for Mune… Hiroshi guessed wrong again. The 'puppet' was, infact, the REAL Mune. Fortunately for her, however… When Hiroshi closes in on her, she tosses a vial at him to counter his assault, and shatters it in mid-aid with a bolt of blue-white energy from one palm. This causes the contents to erupt into a ball of fire that may thwart the attempts to get in close by virtue of most people responding instinctively to fire bursting in their faces by NOT trying to rush through the flames.
Mune comes in from the side, AROUND the fireball and tries to slash at the side of Hiroshi's throat with… Her hand? She is holding the hand like a weapon, but to the eyes of most, it would appear to just be a hand. To Byakugan and Sharingan? Her hand is surrounded in a Chakra field that looks almost blade-like. And if that Chakra field touches Hiroshi… He may start bleeding in a big way. Go for the jugular indeed.

Hiroshi would seem to be thwarted in his plans again, only this time it truly almost costed him his life. As mune came out to slash at the teen hyuuga, she would make a clean slit right across his neck. Hiroshi can only go wide eyed as more of his crimson blood is spilled. Though the barrier was in place to protect the shinobi from death, the pain and shock from the slice would not lessen. Coughing raggedly Hiroshi would peer down as a set amount of his crimson blood rushes down his neck, what is with him and fighting people with sharp objects!?!?!?! Hiroshi would attempt to talk, but is unable, an amount of blood finds its way from his throat erupting from his mouth. Truely a bloody sight for the crowd. Hiroshi's steps would waver for a moment, as he peers at mune. The teen hyuuga intent on striking hard and fast. His right hand would hold his neck, attempting to prevent any bloodloss the barrier doesnt protect against, as he would enter into a spinning rotation.
The air around Hiroshi would waver as the spinning rotation intensifies. Set amounts of his blood would scatter amongst the field as a barrier of blue chakra secure him. As the barrier forms a 360 degree orb, A large gust of wind would soon circulate around the hyuuga. An act of desperation this was, as the spend only intensifies. Dirt and debris from the field would soon join the spinning cyclone, the raging wind chakra comes into form as it picks up corpses, and thrown kunai alike carrying them in the spainning vortex. At that moment, The blue orb containing Hiroshi would seemingly levitate from the ground, as it moves forward all intend on sucking mune into the raging vortex.

Mune is too close to stop the counter-attack. She had been so intent on following up with another slash to somewhere vital that she forgot to get away first. So though she tries to reach for something inside of her coat, it is too late. She is struck and hurled through the air, the vortex carrying her around and around and shredding parts of her clothing. She can do nothing to stop it right now.

The swirling vortex would rage on for what seems forever, though not long before it sucks Mune into its cyclone, it would bash , batter, and cute away at her, but soon fades away, but not before sending mune to the very peak, as the rotation stops, Hiroshis own spinning ceases the swirling cyclone fades. Hiroshis hand would still be upon his neck, though as he leaves the safety of his inner chakra ball, he would slowly lower his bloody right hand, still a large amount of blooding being spat from his mouth. Once pearly white teeth stained red as he peers at his opponent. Hiroshi would cough several times, large blood clots spewing from his mouth, but his eyes every so locked on his opponent. His right hand held back, as he gathers a large amount of chakra into it. His attention on mune, as she lands on the ground. Hiroshi would not give his opponent a moment to recover instead he lunges forward, his once juuken stance dealing with palm strikes is no more, now the teen hyuuga is throwing his fist forward, Though he never seems to connect, instead he releases large burst of chakra from both right and left fist. As he attempts to come in for a final NON-chakra infused punch, an earlier wound upon his stomach would reopen, no stopping the teen hyuuga dead in his tracks. Once again his blood would slowly pour from his wound, compliments of Munes earlier corpse strike. The Gut wrenching pain sends Hiroshi to a single knee, though he attempts to push himself back to bridge a gap between him and his opponent.

What follows being caught up in that whirlwind of pain is not pleasant. But in the end, as Mune hits the ground and goes rolling across the terrain thanks to the force of the blows that struck her… She just sits up as quickly as she can in her injured state, and tries to prepare herself to handle any follow-up attacks while she is still weakened. But none follow. It looks like Hiroshi is suffering more than she had anticipated. Time to do a follow-up of her own, then.
"I apologize for not giving you a chance to recover, but after this attack, whether you're still able to fight or not, I recommend you give up. It will only get uglier for both of us if it continues. But I have reasons other than just winning to continue through this tournament. So I can't give up. Not like this!"
The dark-skinned woman draws a single vial of yellow liquid from inside of her labcoat, and throws it as hard as she can in Hiroshi's direction. Now it won't MATTER if it hits him directly or not. Because the moment the contents are exposed to the air… They begin to proliferate. They turn into yellowish soap bubbles, it looks like. But those bubbles soon begin to grow, and multiply, and then they begin to dissolve everything they touch. Grass, dirt, stone, flesh… It doesn't seem to matter. It just keeps growing and growing, consuming everything. Just like in her first match, it looks like this won't stop until the bubbles are destroyed somehow, or until there is nothing left to dissolve.
Mune keeps as much distance between herself and the bubbles as possible, even going so far as turning and running away towards the opposite end of the fighting area. That is probably not a good sign.

If it wasnt wounds from his neck it was wounds of his torso. It seems no matter what Hiroshi does he is always going to get sliced and diced. The teen hyuuga would be attempting to regain his composure as he undos his last carpace bracer pressing it against his chest as he peers at mune who recovers quicker than he thinks. Damnit, I should have planned better when it came to her first corpse. He would think to himself, taking the blunt of the strike purposely may come back and bite him. As Mune talks Hiroshi would be busy sealing off his wound, his byakugan powered eyes locked on his opponent as he smirks lightly. "No need for apologies considering neither of us plan to give up." He would say just barely standing to his feet. "I know I should give up and get myself checked out, but its been awhile since I have had a chance to fight like a true shinobi. He would say, though he wasnt talking to mune when he said these words, he would instead be peering over his right shoulder, smiling. Obviously he has lost to much blood and gone mad.
But talking would seem to be the least of Hiroshi's problems and Mune unleashes heer deadly attack. The teen hyuuga can only stare in disbelief as the bubbles begin to multiply. A set amount would find its way towards Hiroshi, though he would begin to dash back, spinning, twirling, doing anything he could to avoid the bubbles. Hiroshi could only stare in disbelief as the once battle field turned into bubble land. "What the?" Hiroshi would stare in disbelief watching as a once balanced arena turned one sided. "Darnit." he would say, bringing his hands up to gather a set amount of chakra, feeling its all he could do for now, atleast until he could take on this challenge.

Mune is fairly tired by this point. She has used up the extra reserve of energy granted her by the Yin Blood Elixir. And now it is beginning to eat her from the inside out. The bubbles continue to dissolve the terrain until a massive pit has formed where the middle of the arena used to be. The bubbles look so innocent. And yet they continue to destroy everything they touch.
Mune knows she should cancel the effect right away before it goes beyond her ability to control. If this chemical is allowed to proceed… It can destroy this entire Village. Sighing, she looks over as her last remaining Dead Soul corpse lies just out of range of the Solvent. She sends her Chakra to the corpse and then the Mune look-a-like gets up and dashes towards Hiroshi while his attention is fixed on the bubbles. It lunges at him, attemping to strike him repeatedly with Chakra Scalpels around the dead woman's hands.
Mune will just have to hope that Hiroshi doesn't do what he did before with attacking her through the corpse. That would pretty much completely suck at this point.

Hiroshi can never seem to get a break. As the jutsu takes its effect on the area Hiroshi would sigh, peering around himself, "I hope this barrier holds or everyone including myself is as good as dead." he would say, a sigh once more as the mune corpse enters into attack mode once more. You gotta be kidding me, Hiroshi would think to himself, the teen hyuuga driven to the end of his limits almost, and to make matters worse he would only get slashed open again. The slash would send Hiroshi spinning as he attempts to recover, his bleeding and beaten body is begging him to stop, but the hyuuga ignores it. But does not ignore the blood which is now pouring down a better half of his lower Torso. "You are really trying to kill me." he would say as he limps back a small distance, peering at the mune clone. "Body dont fail me now." is all he could say as he enters into his clans juuken position, hands held high, "Eight Trigrams, Thirty-two bleeding palms!" As he enters the rotating strikes, though he would not end it with simply palm strikes but going as far as to enter a spinning rotation if all else failed.

Mune severs the connection between herself and the corpse as soon as it finishes its attack. But Hiroshi strikes the dead woman with such force with his spinning attack that it hurls the dead woman through the mountain of acidic bubbles and out the other side. There really isn't much left of the dead body in the 1.66 seconds it was within the Solvent, but enough remains to hit Mune with considerable force and knock backwards into the barrier. And on top of that she gets some acid burns. Great.
Shoving the sizzling remains off of her, Mune claps her hands together and sends multiple bolts of blue-white electrical energy towards the Solvent. The chemical begins to dissipate when it comes in contact with the energy. Then Mune uses the Solvent as a medium to lash out at Hiroshi twice, attempting to deconstruct him a bit. Successful or not, the Solvent is gone now. And there is a pit now that is so deep the bottom can not be seen except via enhanced vision. And the bottom is VERY far down.

Hiroshi was not prepared for this, having blown through four puppets and their master along with her more deadly jutsu, the teen hyuuga was at his limits. At the very least he was only still standing thanks to the pulsating adrenaline and his incredible stamina, but his body has had its fair share of damage done to it. "Even if I could seal this in one more jutsu, its not worth it. This entire arena is almost in ruin. Such terrible jutsu." he would say, as he sighs lightly, lowering himself to take a seat, only to stare blankly at the large hole in the ground. "NOt enough room to even manuever myself.
"Not enough arena left to even call it one." Hiroshi could only chuckle as he peers at Mune, "Such terrifying jutsu. But I wonder just how much fight do you have left in you." he would say. Not yet admitting defeat, but obviously not in a condition to keep fighting. Hiroshi would wince in pain as he looks down at his right arm, the chemicals truly did a number on him, but none the less fighting any further is in vain. "To risk my body for one deadthly blow which may end this, is not worth the risk. Nor is it worth falling in that hole. I surrender." He would say a goofy smirk upon his face as he cast his head back, strands of his ebony hair drape over his face.

Amaya has rarely seen such devastating techniques among Chuunin-level combatants. She has been standing watch, hoping that the barriers extend deep, deep, >deep< underground in order to prevent the entire Village from collapsing into itself as the ground it is built upon falls apart. But thankfully, Mune destroys her own chemical weapon. She'll have to talk to the judges about banning that one…
Hiroshi says something not quite picked up, but then makes no move to attack further. She tunes her feline-sharp hearing and hears him say he gives up. She nods in relief. Neither of them looked to be in very good condition. "This match is over! Hyuuga Hiroshi has given up! Winner: Kishi Mune! Medics, get down there pronto!" She gestures for the barriers to be lowered.

Mune was, honestly, just thinking that she was far too tired to proceed. She just couldn't keep going. Or rather, she COULD but her life would be at stake if she did. And regardless of her master's orders, this tournament is not worth her life. So she was just starting to open her mouth to call out her surrender when she hears Hiroshi do it instead. She snaps her mouth shut, glad that the high collar of her shredded coat hides the lower half of her face.
Shaking her head she moves to leave the arena. She'll need some rest after this one.

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