First World Ninja Competition - The Mixing of Water and Lightning: Kira vs. Hoiishime


Hoiishime, Kira

Date: Unknown (log received November 8, 2010)


Hoiishime, again, enters yet another exhibition match, in hopes of testing the performance of the Shime Eki Shinti style of grappling. However, fighting Yotsuki Kira, proves to end up more than just a test of his own strength. Fate comes into play, as more than just the monk’s taijutsu is tested, in the battling of a strong opponent.

"First World Ninja Competition - The Mixing of Water and Lightning: Kira vs. Hoiishime"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]


TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!

*OOC*: look stands to see who's currently watching.


Exhibition matches were still in the works.. This one would be one of them. Hoiishime had again submitted himself for more, as if to say even more so that he wanted more chances to test his style. So far, he had been more sucessful in seeing life lessons than finding just what the Shime style had been able to do. He would look to another field this day, walking out into the ring, only to see another theme for the enviroment.. A field, of endless sand. Dune's stretched about this place as the sun would shine down from above the barrier that would protect lives. He would look to the place, wondering just how even he could use such a barren ring.

Nothing was in his favor as far as strategy had lent, but in the end, that was what had Hoiishime interested. He was entering a field of battle that would make everything harder for him. A large lack of water.. nothing could come well of it… Sands that would threaten the footing of his taijutsu.. Even for the most part, the beating down of an endless sun, one that would threaten his stamina if he used such unwisely. He would enter the field, and move to its center, where a lone oasis had been set up. Just 4 palm trees would have been in this area, and very little shrubbery and moss. Who would be his competitor?

Entering from the other side of the ring is a blue eyed youth. His footsteps sink into the sand with what appeared to be practiced grace. Confident, resolved and unshakable. His spiky dark mane that was swept backwards to not hinder him during a fight ruffled with what small breeze there was in this place. From a distance it seemed as if he had no weakness. Unbothered by the sand, unphased by the sun.

But once he gets closer, the left side of his face seems to twitch, as if he is struggling himself.

His open palm closes around the fist that smacked into it, and the youth bows. A formal greeting it would seem. "Let's hope you are experienced at real fights. I am itching for a good fight." Says the youth, playfully even. "The name's Kira."

Looking to the young man, Hoiishime would see Kira, and widen his eyes.. Him.. That guy from back in Kumo, who had been rather impartial and rude to Team One.. Had he not remembered Hoiishime from that day? Hoii would look to the man and his greeting, and in turn, greet the Yotsuki nin with a sign of prayers, say, "You don' be seemin to remember me, Kira-sempai.. I be Hanma Hoiishime from Team One.. One of Yamayuki Maia's team." He would look to the young man, and say, "I know ya do, but I tink I be a bit reluctant.. Pardon me seein ya as a challenge.."

He would then widen his stance. Hoiishime would seem even now, to be thinking that this wasn't going to be a match in which he would be demonstrating his art.. Another lesson would be learned this day. It would not be apparent now however.. Even now, Hoiishime, was focusing his chakra in preparation for the Yotsuki's attack..

As the words are spoken, the Yotsuki nin seems to not even be listening. His eyes aren't focused, as if staring through his opponent. He stays this way for a long moment, and than the left corner of his lips pull back in a smirk and Kira nods his head. "Of course, I remember you now. I apologize for forgetting, I am not very good with faces." The nin apologizes, chuckling.

Lightning than shimmers and crackles through his form as he nods his head and drops down into a low stance. "I hope Maia-sempai taught you well." He grins as he takes a step closer, hands lifting up protectively. Or so it seemed.

"Let's see what you can do." And than with no warning the Yotsuki nin dashes forwards, crossing the distance between the fighters in two mighty leaps, thrusting his knee forwards, the momentum propelling the Yotsuki Nin off the ground.

His jacket flies behind him by the G forces acting on the Yotsuki as he spins in mid air to try to deliver an elbow to the back of his opponent.

Looking to the man's serious look, Hoiishime would have not been so much frightened. It was more like a feeling of unsureness. His competitor, took this seriously. A tad bit more than he had. He would look to the man, wondering if he had indeed forgotten about back then. The smile however, would seem to ease the tension some, enough to make the aura of this man, a bit less.. overwhelming. At least Hoiishime felt that he was facing a comrade rather than some emotionless opponent, who knew him from no other Cloud nin. He would take a moment nod at the man's comments, and as he would warn, Hoiishime would set himself ready with a slight tense.

The attack would come in, the knee being noted just after the two leaps, fast and sudden, would put him within inches of Hoiishime in a hurry. Hoii would move into the attack with a sudden change to a lowered positioning, his left palm waving in a circular, before it would mere touch the man's knee, moving backward as it move forward, and then diverting it with little effort. As the man would fly past him, Hoiishime would turn with a pivot, keeping an eye on Kira and trusting that the next attack would be just as fast.. And with that assumption, Hoiishime would prove himself correct. Before long, Kira was airborne and spinning, and attempting to drop an elbow down upon him. Hoiishime, would move downward upon one knee, in anticipation, and as his palm would whirl about in that same circular motion, Hoiishime would push upward, meeting the elbow. But that was not where it would end. The elbow would be deflected, but only for Hoiishime, to sail above and past it. Hoiishime would handspring upon the Yotsuki's shoulders, and with the twist of his body, and the coil of his legs about the man's leg, he would whip himself about, and send Kira flying into the sands beneathe them.

Kira wasn't at all disappointed in himself seeing that the attacks moved past his opponent without much effect. He was actually proud of Hoiishime in some sense.

Instead of having a 'wtf' moment when Hoiishime springs on his shoulders Kira smiles. Yes, he smiled. With the legs sweeped from under him and his body thrown to the ground, it would appear as if Hoiishime was succesful. But as Kira rolls on the floor and springs to his feet, sliding backwards.

"Very nice." Kira says, nodding his head, as he assumes his stance again.

A perceptive eye might notice that Kira is confident, aggressive, and his style is acrobatic, favoring power and speed. His defense is apparently lacking. It's logical isn't it? So much power must mean that defense is lacking. But is that the truth?

Slowly, Kira, draws a kunai and smiles. "Alright, I guess close quarter combat isn't quite the best method. Let's see how this goes." He flicks two kunai at Hoiishime. The last one charged with lightning, as if trying to trick Hoiishime.

Seeing Kira land with such agility wasn't that bad for Hoiishime. He hadn't planned on being surprised by a failed attack, so early in the game. He was fighting a ninja, that had earned his rank. He would hope he hadn't been overestimating the Yotsuki. He would move look to the man as he would seem to change tactics suddenly. Had Hoiishime up him on the defense? Or had it been a ploy for to bait him in. Hoii would smile as he would see the first kunak thrown.. From his hand would steam chakra, and with a simple wave of his palm in a circular motion, the slower kunai would be deflected with precision.

But that wasn't the one Hoiishime worked about. He noticed it. It was slight, but Hoiishime had saw a crackle of lightining off that second Kunai. The Yotsuki, in Kumogakure, were the clan synonomous to the most proficient and natural use of Lightning throughout the village. Such had scared Hoiishime, and he knew well that if this man had been of his clan, he was dangerous in that regard. Hoiishime would see it thrown, and in preparation, chakra would build up through out his arms and hand, with a gold glow. Then with a powerful motion, he would clap his hands, sending out a burst of chakra , both large and expansive, to defend. The charge kunai, however, was formidable. Charged metal objects tend to vibrate at a high frequency. Not basic science at all, but perhaps if Hoiishime had known it, he would know that even chakra, couldn't hold such a highly sharpened and charged object back for long.

Hoiishime would see the kunai pierce his barrier after a few seconds, and move for a side step. The kunai itself wouldn't get him, but the electrical output, would singe his shoulder. Long distance or not, Hoiishime would fight back. He would raise a palm back behind him, and with a bit of concentration, chakra would began to warm just at Kira's bicep. With a push, chakra would be driven into that part of his body. This had only been a distraction for his next attack, for where even Kira had moved, Hoiishime would be ready, flying in from Kira's blind spot, with a lariat clothesline.

He had heard of these monks. Actually, he heard of Hoiishime specifically as some sort of monk. He could never actually figure out why such were employed as Nin or supplemented nin teams. But now, as he fought this monk, he could see the extreme potential. It was a well known secret among Yotsuki that lightning can be manipulated to cause objects to vibrate at high frequencies. Invisible to the naked eye, unless enhanced. But it was very potent. But what he was seeing here was a different thing. To charge Ki to such extend, condense it and release it into a blast? That was something very nice.

Kira was very impressed. Though, he may have overdid with his assumptions. Maybe it's just a move of someone with lots of chakra in their reserve.

Did this mean that Kira was on the defensive? No. He was even more aggressive.

As the first attack came, aiming at his biceps, Kira would move back his arm and step back, ducking in time to dodge the Lariat. Quite a formidable move.

Rotating on his heel, Kira would plant his hand on the ground and kick upwards towards Hoiishime.

His hands swap positions as he leaps off the ground, showing off his acrobatical maneuvers as he than flips in the air— and astonishingly— changes direction of his rotation in /mid-air/.

His leg than swings out from it's relatively harmless position and comes crashing towards Hoiishime's midsection.

Spinning back from the attack, Kira would roll on the ground, kick up sand to provide a temporary defense-screen as he says. "I am very impressed Hoiishime. Did Maia-sempai teach you this?"

The monks of the Jinrai Shrine, had indeed not been all like Hoiishime. To say Hanma Hoiishime had been special, would be cliche', and in so many ways, not accurate to whom in reality. He was an orphan like many who had been raised as monks of the Jinrai Shrine. He was raised and taught the clan's grappling taijutsu, as well as the Jinrai's healing arts. From there, potential was saw in him from another. That potential, was that of ninja ability, in its rawest form, specifically, one's relationship with chakra and its use.

Kira was not impressed with what the monastery had been teaching of Hoiishime. What he had saw, was a technique of Hoiishime's own creation, the uniting of the Hakkushu or Hand Clap, and his ability to shape chakra. These things are what parted the kunai and his body, though only momentarily. Hoiishime would move with the first kick, watching as Kira would lower a hand for balance, and strike. What was wrong however, was Hoiishime's perception. That hand had not been meant simply for balance, but for movement. Hoiishime would move with the kick, always keeping his eyes on Kira, up until the speedy push from the ground, would send Kira airborne. Hoiishime was unprepared, and so he would indeed suffer. The kick would hit dead center, and Hoiishime would flip backward. He would land on his feet surely, but only after skidding quite a few feet back. What power!!

The question would make him smile, despite how much pain he had been in. The kick to his abdomen was enough to bruise him, and cause quite the soreness in his muscle. "Maia-sense, don' be a taijutsuist… Dis be a combinination.. One meldin' me experiences wit da shrine, me teaching's as a mednin, and the strategic tinkin of a ninja for which I owe Mai-sama…" Hoiishime would handseal, and with such, his palm would glow blue with chakra. He would simply press that same hand upon his wounds on the shoulder, and his sore abdomen, and before long, he would find himself healed, with only minimal scarring. "All dat be combinin of me own way.. Fluid Motion Grappling… The Shime Eki Shinti style..", would be said with an immediate restancing, Hoiishime now smiling, and getting into the game.

This boy, this Genin, had incredible potential. Kira saw that. He also felt that his time with Maia-sensei was perhaps ill-fitted. To Kira, it seemed that the boy needed stronger leadership and guidance. No disrespect to Maia-sempai. He just thought that Maia could not bring out the best in this Genin.

But Kira kept his silence about this and simply nodded his head. "That is incredible." Kira had said, his jaw closing around his thumb as he pressed his teeth into it, thinking about something apparently. "I am not much different. My clan prefers Lightning-Taijutsu. I do too, but I prefer to combine speed with lightning. That's where my power comes from. While the rest of my clan prefers power with lightning. This leaves their defenses open. Mine are solid, even though it may appear to not be." Kira chuckles as he explains.

"I can train you." He says, and quickly changes the subject, "But first, let me show you what I can do."

Kira stood there, motionless for a moment. Not even in a stance.

And than there was a crackle of lightning and it seemed as if Kira simply exploded forwards, in the time of a heartbeat he was in front of Hoiishime, spinning around, a elbow aimed at the boy's midsection. His hand crackled with lightning, and despite the potential that this move could miss, Kira would quickly follow with a lightning enhanced uppercut.

Looking to the man's explanation, Hoiishime would expect what came next, to be much more than even he could probably handle. The words from Kira, weren't just found in simply teaching Hoiishime about his clan. No… These words were a warning, a precursor to what would happen to him soon. He would look to Kira as he would tell him of the Lightning Taijutsu his clan practiced. This was knowledge that even now, Hoiishime didn't really take as new. After all, the Yotsuki weren't all that hidden of clan. They were at the top three of Kumogakure's more nobler clan's. He would expect nothing less. The only thing now was that Hoiishime had been expecting a demonstration.

He would get one, along with an offer.

Hoiishime would look to the man as he would come in hot. He was simply too fast. Hoiishime would glow gold about his own form, and for the most part, he would try to phase out of view just seconds before Kira had come in. But this was not to be. The elbow would squarely hit him in the same spot, reinjuring the abdomen once more, and this time, causing blood vessels to burst, even cracking a few ribs upon impact. And then the uppercuts, would be beat into him with the utmost of precision.. Hoiishime, had met his match needless to say. Hoiishime would seem to stand there, moments passing where the boy seemed to lose concious even while standing. It would be when he would drop to his knee that the boy would seem to awaken. He would be bent over, and for a moment, seem to be in drastic shape..

That would be only until his body, would irradiate a blue aura. His hands, eyebrows and feet would began to foam over, and bubble, and for a moment it would seem that his body, had been emitting pure water. When Hoiishime's eyes would change, the white of his eyes would turn blue, while the irises would turn white. Pupils would form blue raindrops, and his tamcap would blown clean off, revealing dreadlocks spread spiked across his head, and tipped in blue chakra. He would look to Kira, and seem to smile, saying, "I be speechless.", chakra, cascading the points of injury on his body almost automatically, and already begining to reheal him. Hoiishime would say, "I be seein alot of what ya be doin.. but… Your offer don't be much needed.." He would look to point to his own form, and say, "This form.. It be one I be discoverin' I have.. What I be seein far, it be me blood line.. It be alot like what I be seein some of ya other clans men do with they Lightning.. Only difference.. is mine be bout pure water…"

He would look to Kira and say, "Me style, don' one dat be usin of power and speed so much as ya tink.. I be only able to fight ya know, because of pure technique. Me style, was created as to not inflict pain and hurt, by providin a powerful defensive technique.. I be still workin to take dat to da level of even fendin of ninja attacks, but I don' be tinkin dat way be possible, if I be learnin of your kind of power.." He would wipe his mouth of blood, before sayin, "You be strong.. If I don' be trainin, I be dead in dem two hits alone.. I be sorry, but, that kind of power.. It just don't be for me.."

Kira had demonstrated his incredible speed and power. He demonstrated how to fuse lightning with punches. He demonstrated his acrobatic ability. But the words of Hoiishime leave him dumbstruck. He refused?

Kira wasn't the smartest guy around, it took him a long moment to try and figure out why. It had resonated with something within him. The fact that he was turned down made him want to train Hoiishime even more.

"You know that water and lightning don't go too well together." Kira said smirking as he leisurely pressed his hands together. "I won't lecture you. I won't tell you where you lack. But I will tell you this.." He began to say as lightning crackled around him, turning into a even, cascading, stream of lightning pouring from him, as his aura seemed to change into something burdened with violence and something omnious. It's as if Kira became darker, shadows became longer around him from the lightning. "But power is not a weapon. Not for me. It is a shield." He said, smiling as the lightning dispersed, leaving a smiling Kira staring at the Genin. He definetely seemed more like a comrade than an opponent, perhaps upsetting some attending this fight, hoping for a good match.

"It is to protect not to kill. I understand if you don't see it that way. And that's perfectly fine. My offer still stands though."

Looking to the man's comment, Hoiishime would laugh, even while in his own form, and wince some at the twinges of pain he still had. "Ya know.. ya be right about dat, in more den one way, Sempai.." He would look to the man's display, and smile.. He had seen it before but not from Kira. Another, much older man.. One whom even now, would stare from the stands, looking down on the match, twittling at his white beard, his eyes seeming absent, beyond the heavy white eyebrows. He would look Kira rather curiously. "Hoho! He seems interested in my Hoii..", would be said with a chuckle, his own tan skin, gleaming in the sun. Large muscles would ripple with the laugh, as the man, at 8 feet tall, sat in a seat made for two, alone.

Hanma Yuujiro, would look to the two, wondering just how Hoiishime would react to such a display. After all, though he had told Hoiishime about Lightning Release Armor, the boy had never saw in in action. Hoiishime would see the power, and merely smile. He was confident that Kira was a master at what he did, or at least experienced. However, the Chuunin said best. Water and Lightning don't mix. "I be a bit to cool in me-self.. I be going wit da flow, but only so long.. I be sorry again, but refusing ya even now, don' because I be simply afraid of blood shed. Dese hands of mine, be both healin and fightin.. I just want maintain da balance.." With the last bit of healing, Hoiishime's form would degrade, and revert, and he would be revealed as normal, slightly battered but normal.. He would make the same gesture in honor, that Kira had greeted with and say, "A lesson be learned today nonetheless however, Kira-sempai.. It be commendable.. and for now.. I concede, not just for ya power, but because of ya honor as a man.. I have been bested."

Kira would chuckle and nod his head, "I am far from mastering it. It just feels.. right. I should probably ask one of my higher ups about it." He than chuckles again and shakes his head. "No, dear friend." Says Kira as he steps forwards, "You have bested me." He extends his hand, to grasp Hoiishime's before returning to the locker rooms, saying over his shoulder. "In a few years, you might surpass me. With both honor and might." He winks than as he disappears round the corner.

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