First World Ninja Competition - The Monk and The Assassin: Namu vs. Hoiishime


Namu, Hoiishime

Date: Unknown (log received December 9, 2010)


In his fights so far at the World Tournament, Hoiishime had been learning all sorts of life changing lessons. But in this match, Namu does not seem much of the teaching sort. So just who will be learning what on today?

"First World Ninja Competition - The Monk and The Assassin: Namu vs. Hoiishime"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 Ring [Kusagakure]


TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!


It is a little before noon, but a heavy overcast of storm clouds makes it seem like it were dusk. A faint, intermittent drizzle occasionally peppers the area with tiny rain drops and threatens to grow into a downpour at any moment. A proctor from Kusagakure is currently standing in the middle of the ring with a small scroll.

The proctor clears his throat before declaring loudly, "A Genin Exhibition Match is scheduled to start shortly. The match is between Hanma Hoiishime of Kumogakure, and Shippoduko Namu of Sunagakure. Will the challengers come and take their starting positions in the arena."

Shortly thereafter Namu would emerge from the fighter's waiting area. Drabbed in his usual full body, he is lacking camouflage that usually accents his attire. Instead, he is covered head-to-toe in dull black clothing. His Sunagakure Hitai Ite is sewn into the front of his shoulder, reaching to a bit of his chest. The Shippodoku boy offers a small bow to the proctor and awaits the arrival of his opponent. Meanwhile, he slowly gives a roll of each wrist, causing the signature pincer weapons of his clan to shoot forward into a ready position.

Arriving shortly after, Hoiishime, dressed in his own normal everyday vacation wear, would come out smiling. He would look to the whether, and seem rather cheerful despite of how drab it was. He would look to his opponent, with a bow, and then the proctor, and say, "Hmmm.. Rough weather we be havin'.. Be hopin dis don' be rainin' on our parade…" Corny as it may, he didn't mind the weather. As far as he could see, it raining, seemed to be a blessing from the gods.. Something good was going to happen today.

Looking to the weapons Namu possessed, Hoiishime would raise an eyebrow.. "My.. sharp..", would be said as he would look to and from Namu, and the area about him, and then sigh.. Lifting his head to smile, Hoiishime would shout, "Aahhh! Almost forgot!", before soon, the wrap that he had wore, would be adjusted. His full left shoulder, and arm, as well as collar bone, would be exposed, while the rest of the simple material that wrapped him, would be tied so that his right arm, would be left free, though slightly covered.

"I say we have fun, won't we, mon?"

Namu offered a bow to his opponent, but offered no words in response. His eyes were hidden behind a mesh of dark cloth, but his gaze was locked upon his opponent. The proctor would wait for a few moments before lifting a hand and shouting, "The match may now begin!" With that, the proctor would vanish from sight and the dome-shaped barrier would surround the ring.

Choosing not to waste a moment, Namu made a single hand seal as focused chakra into the soil beneath him. The ground around Namu's feet would seem to become like quicksand as the boy suddenly sunk into the dirt, vanishing from sight. A keen eye and good tactile perception might notice subtle shifts of earth, and vibrations emanating from the submerged Genin.

The beginning of this fight, was marked with such a quick tactic, that Hoiishime, just couldn't keep up with it? "Hmmm.. That be quick… Looks like I might be in for one.." Hoiishime would try and hand seal, to be able to see just where the smaller ninja had went.. But that was just where being chakra sensitive, would fail. Hoii was chakra sensitive, but not completely a 'sensor'. He would look to the place where the boy had sunk, which even now, gave no evidence that Namu was even around. Maybe he was a specialist.

Not really seeming concerned about tracking Namu, Hoiishime would do what he did best.. Go on the defensive. Chakra, would seem to envelope Hoiishime's form, almost immediately. He wasn't really even concentrating hard. It would seem to happen upon the onset of a mere stance: one, where the heel would be simply dropped back, and the hand would be placed forward in an open palm. Hoiishime, would close his eyes, seeming to try and open his senses to where Namu may strike from next.

Directly behind Hoiishime a metal pincer would emerge from the ground first, attempting to pinch a bundle of nerves located in the back of the calf. Almost simultaneously, a second pincer would emerge to pinch the same bundle of nerves on the opposite legs. Quickly, Namu would rise from the ground and pinch a selection of nerves along Hoiishime's backside that would leave the boy temporarily immobile. Regardless of whether or not this tactic would succeed, Namu would swing an arm for Hoiishime's neck and aim his pincer for the jugular. Under normal conditions, this would be a rather vicious and lethal strike, but the seals in place would leave Hoiishime with barely more than a bruise should Namu connect.

Just when Namu would surface, the breaking of ground, though silent, would alert Hoiishime immediately to the presence of the boy who had been so attacking of him. A small slide, would clear the gap between pincer and neck, by merely an inch. It was intentional, as Hoiishime, would roll off of the Shippodoku nin's back, only to then push off, and turn, remaining close to Namu always. The pincers, however, would have still applied a light scrape as Hoiishime would return to his stancing, looking Namu straight in the eye, and yet, still retaining a smile.

At the feeling of something warm trickling down his neck, Hoiishime would touch the spot, noticing just how well he had escaped a very lethal attack. Close to the jugular, and just near the spine. Hoiishime would smile.. "An assassin attack… Ooo.. you be a sly one, don't ya, Namu san.." Meanwhile, without Hoiishime even hand sealing, or even a touch to the spot, Hoiishime's wound, would glow gold and began to seal its own self up quite quickly. Hoiishime meanwhile, would still stand paused, and looking to the spar at hand.

A small sigh would escape Namu's lips, accompanied by the words "Medical Ninjutsu." More or the antithesis of what Namu has been taught thus far, this match would prove to both be interesting and annoying. Perhaps this was the exact reason Namu's parents has sent him to this tournament, although now was not the time to dwell on such matters. Lunging forward, Namu would bring his fist up for Hoiishime's jaw in a quick uppercut with the intent of snapping his pincers into the sides of Hoiishime's face, near the temples, just before chin and fish would meet. Continuing the momentum of the lunge, Namu's foot would snap forward toward Hoiishime's knee. Next Namu's other arm would come in from the side aiming to stab his pincer into Hoiishime's shoulder to finish off the small combo.

That Medical Ninjutsu wouldn't be the half of what Hoiishime was capable of. The monk, would prove to be quite elusive, as Namu would began to notice, when all of a sudden, Hoiishime, had pretty much defeated his combo with a neat bit of defense. Hoiishime would be seeing of the uppercut, well before the boy could actually get it into him. He would stand his ground. A hand would make its circular motion at his side, as chakra would emit from the entire arm like steam. Hoiishime, would simple turn into the uppercut, pushing down the blades with the entirety of a chakra covered palm. The snap to the knee wouldn't get close to his knee, but only because of a retracting of the leg.

And the last blow. Well, just to show off some, Hoiishime would turn his back on it.. Plain as day. Instead of merely just using his hands to block it, the boy would move under Namu's guard, backwards, and slide across his body. The slide, would move all the way about to the boys back, which had been aimed as a target quite some time earlier.. Chakra would glow directly at its center, waiting for a shoulder charge, with his direct polar opposite, to connect, sending Namu, flying forward.

Meanwhile, noting that he missed, Hoiishime, wasn't all that sad about it. Now the fight could go on longer. By the time the blow would come in, Namu wouldn't notice that the Hoiishime he was attacking was standing there, seeming to wait on the blow. Hoiishime would be hiding farther away, just waiting on the boy to attack the clone he had made. When the clone would burst, Hoiishime would say, "Now.", and the clone would burst into a cloud of mist, which would flood the entire ring!! As a result, it seemed Hoiishime was making sport of things, seeing who was the better hider of them both.


Exactly where he had sunk Namu would surface as Mist flooded the ring. "Typical" he muttered to himself. Namu would make no attempt to seek out his opponent or to be unseen. Instead he would simply wait, pincers at the ready and mind alert. "A tiresome pattern is becoming evident. Tiresome indeed." A small sigh would escape his lips before he would fall silent once more and listen to his surroundings.

Hoiishime, would walk through the mist rather silently, just in time to actually here the mutters. Then he would sigh.. "What's wrong, mon? Ya don' be havin no fun?" He would soon hand seal, causing the mist to drop suddenly, and gather on three different sides.. From then the water would instantly shoot at Namu, ensnaring him in what would be mainly an sphere of the same.

Ignoring Hoiishime's comments and focusing only on the water, Namu would leap backward, twisting his body to avoid one torrent of water shooting his way. His hand would slam into the ground, keeping himself upright through the maneuver as he leaned his body further away from the rushing stream. However, he did not expect the water to collect into a sphere and his foot was close enough to be caught in the expanding ball of water, whose current would promptly suck him into it's center. All he could manage at this point was to hold his breath before becoming encased in water, incapable of escaping the contained current.

Seeing this boy fight with such seriousness, was upsetting to Hoiishime. He would walk from his hiding place, shaking his head, and soon approach the sphere the boy was trapped in. Fortunately, Hoii wasn't the type like most Kiri nin, to simply want to drown someone, and so, he would only leave Namu's head exposed, for breathing. "You know… If ya be havin more fun, instead of goin for de kill all da time.. You may not be seemin so displeased at this whole ting.." Hoiishime would then step back and say, "Oh well.. Ya don' be havin to worry.. I not a killer at all.. I be only here for sport.. And besides.. Me don' be dat good at ninjutsu no way."

Hoiishime would seem to be moving to give himself room. Hand seals would come into being only when the boy had reached a favorable, and from there he would seem to began to rise. On top of what? Well.. you see, water, would began gathering behind Hoiishime, as vapor would condense, and seem to form only from the air itself. Soon, water would push from under him, in a wave that would encompass half of the ring.. He would say from atop such a titanic tsunami, "Don't worry… It got force… but it won't be a murderous ting ya see.." Hoiishime would then make the last seal, sending the entire thing crashing from beneath himself.

The sphere holding Namu would merge with the massive wave of water, leaving the boy at it's mercy. Carried all the way across the ring, Namu would collide the barrier, producing muffled fizzles and pops as water washed over him with tremendous force. Once the water had subsided Namu would fall to the ground, landing on his knees with a few quiet coughs. Slowly, Namu would move back to his feet and start to close the gap between himself and Hoiishime, seeming to be in no particular rush. "Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of taking this match lightly. The terms in which this takes place has no bearing on my demeanor." Namu did not speak up enough for his voice to carry across the arena clearly or reach those in the stands, but if Hoiishime's hearing was good enough he might catch most, if not all, of that. Simply to prevent Namu having to rush across the arena to keep the match going, the boy would reach into a slit on this lower back and pull out a single kunai which would then be hurled at Hoiishime.

And Hoiishime, would hear it all.. It was sad to hear also. The fact that most likely this boy had been put under a condition where he would have to win, instead of one he had the freedom to lose. It made Hoii upset to a point. Even as the water would seem to rush in and out of the arena with the force of a ocean current, Hoiishime would stand amongst the slowly lowering tide.

He would look to the boy and seem allot more stoic, his eyes squinting into lines before he would then notice the boy pulling out a kunai and flinging it at him. Hoiishime would make a slow approach, even as the kunai was flung, not seeming to care of its approach. However, arms that glowed gold with chakra, visible to the naked eye, would say otherwise, before Hoiishime, would all of a sudden clap his hands.. Suddenly, a barrier of the same color chakra, would fill the air, and seem to melt the kunai partially, while causing to stop in mid air. It would ricochet off as if it had hit a solid wall. The barriers out ward force would probably felt from Namu's end.

Hoiishime would say, "Den, in that case… Dis don't be a match I can fight… You be a tad to fussy for me nindo.. Me be sorry.. but I be departing.." Hoiishime would hold up a sign of prayer, and say, "Buddha bless..", before he would then simply wall off.

Namu would come to a halt and his pincer's would retract to sit on his forearms, harmless. "This is why not talking during these things works better." The proctor would signal for the barrier to be lowered before Hoiishime reached it's edge, and just then there would be a loud crack of thunder and rain would start to pour from the sky. This didn't mean much to the already drenched Namu who slowly made his way for the opposite exit.

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