First World Ninja Competition - The Second Coming: Daichi vs. Sekisetsu


Sekisetsu, Daichi, Meruin, Kitai, Moriko

Date: Unknown (log received November 8, 2010)


Sekisetsu wakes up to find herself rather dirty, and on the Arena floor.. The why’s and how’s only matter until she see’s Daichi walking on to the field. Let’s see the outcome, shall we??

"First World Ninja Competition - The Second Coming: Daichi vs. Sekisetsu"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]


TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!

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Never in her time here, had Seki expected to find herself, in the ring. Somehow, she would find herself awakening in the dirt, fully geared, and prepared for the fight. Who in the hell had done this?? She would then look around, as the crowd was roaring, and she wouldn't understand anything!! "NO!! Not again!! This can't be my Genin exam!! I passed already!" Poor girl was confused.

"Not the genin exam," explained Meruin, voice raised to be heard over the crowd from the side of the arena. "You are about to have an exhibition match with him." He gestured towards the girl's foe and sat down, cross-legged, quiet and looking on, back to the wall of the arena. "I would prepare yourself, Sekisetsu."

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands, Kenta has connected.

Finally, this moment came sooner than Daichi had anticipated. His opponent would be her, the one who sparked such change in him, she would probably nnot recognize Daichi from their lasst encounter. Daichi though would refresh her memory, though he had so much to settle with this one, Daichi would speak in a calm friendly voice "Ah well isn't this a treat. Never thought I'd get so see you so soon." Daichi smiles and bows while pitchiing a glare towards Meruin. But he had to focus on the girl for now. "Still loud, guess you haven't changed much…thats good."

"Meruin???? What the hell are you doin-.. Ex-hi..bitchin'??? Ho-… We're not supposed to use those kind of words!!!" Sekisetsu would look to the crowd, and then to Meruin, and then it would hit her. "The tournament??? But.. I didn't enter no tournam-…", would be said moments before she would scan the crowd, only to see.. her uncle? Niyami would be sitting in a private booth, drinking sake, and raising a toast to his niece, with a simple smirk on his face. She would faceplant mightily.

Then her opponent would arrive, and with that, Seki, would pretty much seem to stale face the boy before standing. "The Weird Grabbing Hands Kid??? From Konoha?? Really??", would be said as she would look to his smile, and bow, and say, "Awww.. this is bull doody.. I am not staying around for this me-… Well.." The cutoff? Well the barriers had went up just as she was about to walk out.. Looks like he was trapped.

Daichi smirks "Oh come on, I came all this way just to see you, and you can't even say hi properly?" Daaichi voice would become low and more sinister as emotion swelled up inside him "How rude…" Daichi would then ease up instantly and smile, learning this trick from Moriko as it often did psych out your opponent. 'Never though I'd benifit from my Mokiphobia…' Daichi thought. Be the time for introductions was over "We have some business to settle, now don't be scared, I'll try and leave you intact." Daichi said then smiled again. This all was making him sick, he just wanted to rush off and slamm the girl's face into obilivon, but that would go against his teachings…though Tosai wasn't here to see that…..

Meruin gives Daichi a blank look, not seeming to care about the fact that he was there, or that he was being less than friendly. Abruptly, he heard the sound of his name and Abe Tsukiko's being called for an official match in a half of an hour. He took in a breath…

Silently, the eight year old took to his feet and began walking away. "Defeat him swiftly, Sekisetsu. I would like your aid in something after our matches." Close to the doors, he opened them and went through without further comment.


"You sir.. are a perv.. Pervs be nice because they want to get all close and creepy.." Yepp.. a Seki statement if one was ever heard. She would move toward the boy as he would seem to get all dark and hazy, and smile. "I was born that way.. Sue me." She would then look to the boy's threat and say, "Don't right a check your butt can't cash, Weird Perve.." She would then say, "You act like don't remember what happened last time.. Are you really ready to go home with your tail between you legs.. again?? Or are you gonna actually fight me.."

Looking to Meruin's request, Seki would snort, and say, "You don't tell me what to do!! We're the same rank remember???", would be said with a pluck of her hitai ite, place at the end of the scarf she now wore. She would look to Daichi, and seem to be envelopped by strong heat, this time, even more stronger than when Daichi had first met her.. Her chakra was gathering it seemed. "Bring it, Moist Hands!!"

Up from the medical station wanders Mo. She then pauses as she sees lots of people and she blinks. "Ummmm. OOOokaaay, so they're still doing matches?" She mutters and begins wandering the edge of the arena, not wanting to get zotted as she just quietly makes her way around. Then she notices Daichi… Then glances to Sekisetsu, and oofers him that same 'cheerful' smile she does when trying to 'motivate' him. "Win." Is what she says in tha self-patented creepy cheerful She continues wandering around the edge of the Arena at this point, hunting up the exit.

Kitai was standing in the ring. Daichi had asked him to proctor a match, and well. There was nothing else to do. It was simple, watch the two genin fight, and then call it when it got to far. His purple eyes swirled with chaos look between Daichi and Sekisetsu. He raises a hand before dropping it, "BEGIN!"

Daichi smiles with a hint of laughter in his voice "Well…I'm not one for much talk…I'll answer your questions…" Daichi would feel the heat and feel his own chakra rise too, this intense heat only made him more anxious. He would clentch a fist and chuckle as he raised one towards Seki now finishing his statement "….with these fists…." Daichi would prepare himself his katana on his hip ready to be swung at a moments notice. That Meruin…soo smug…he'll get his soon too. Daichi would crack a few knuckles as he spotted the headband on Seki "Oh? You're a genin now? Congratulations…..consider this then your initiation as a sign of my gratitude." No more talk now, Daichi would enter grudge-match-fighting mode. To show Seki his resolve his first strike was aimed at the girls face, precisely her mouth as it needed to but shut for once. No hesitation this time, Daichi would strike with the intent of a true cold blooded ninja.

A smirk would go about Seki's face when she would see that Daichi, had seemed alot more cockier than that time in Kyuusen. He was wanting to actually demonstrate just how much he wanted to hurt her. She loved that. "Well don't just stand there.. Bring, Weird Kid!!" She would cackle as she would fold her arms, and wait with her head slightly tilted and looking to what he was doing. He had a stance, and used a sword.. Big whoop right.. Well he was a taijutsuist.. Kenjutsuist to be exact. She would gag and say, "Damn… no wonder I hated you so much..", before she would react to his spotting she was a genin.

"Ini-partation?? Grami-fool? What the hell is up with these big words???", would be said before Daichi would be noticed coming in, swing his fist. Seki would sigh, and not a moment after, a portion of her scroll, would seem to come about her. When the mednin's fist would smack it, it would make a metallic clink, before then retreating back to Seki.. "You know.. if I hadn't know better.. I'd say you actually plan to hurt me.." Seki would hand seal, as then she two of her, would then surround Daichi on each side, before the girl infront of him would fade, and say, "Sorry… not going to happen…", and then.. Booooooommmmmm!!! And inferno of fire and explosive might!!

What the? Big words? Was this girl actually dumber than Daichi? He couldn't believe it…he says something just to see "Ambidextrous…" a word he had learned from Tosai. Daichi would smile as his fist hit the iron scroll "Oh?" he said. His attitude seems to have changed again, now Daichi would look…more playful. The fire was avoided with an acrobatic backflip. Daichi would smile and clap "Very nice. Hate me? Now that hurts…" Daichi pouts playfully. As Seki speaks again Daichi would smile a friendly smile, eyes closed "Hurt you?" He vanised to the girl's side blade already drawn with a flick of his wrist. A gale causing swing followed soon after. "Why on earth would you think that? I'm just having a little fun." Daichi says with an upbeat innocent tone.

Seki would snarl as she would hear the word, and say, "You sir.. will die..", before she would again cackle. She would then smile with all her little teeth, as he would watch her scroll in amazement. "Oh that.. He loves me so.. he keeps me safe.", would be said before patting it lovingly. She would grin at him as she would then hear his sarcasm, and thrn seem him flicker and flash to her side. She would smile more, this time maniacly, before the blade would run her through, and seem to chop off an arm!!! The Seki clone would look to him and say, "Ooopps.. Ya misssed!!", before poofing into a large cloud of smoke.

Meanwhile, Seki would have been very far away, sealing, and sending fire chakra to the bottom of her feet. Then it would happen. Fire in streaks, would come at Daichi hot, along the ground. Four walls, would encircle like serpents, and surround Daichi, forming a pillar of fire. The heat would be hot enough to keep him burning, and the fire enough to keep him trapped. Meanwhile, another burst of heat, would be emitted. One which would be none lethal, affecting dropping his chakra system to nothing, and linking the kid to her genjutsu.

Another graceful evasion he escapes the wall of flame, his comments seem to be getting on the girl's nerves Daichi would keep it up "It means able to use both hands equally." Daichi explains "Just like Kiri…so blood thirsty tsk tsk you'd have more friends if you weren't so mean." Daichi waves a finger at the girl. Daichi then looks up to Moriko in the stands, appearing to have let his guard down, but he perceived the genjutsu Seki tried to set up. "I'm having a great time Moriko-sempai." Daichi smiles and turns back to Moriko "Ya know, once you get past her creepiness she's actually quite nice." Daichi says with a friendly look on his face. "It seems I missed you last time….sorry about that." Daichi said, he would then make his way towards Seki, a zig zag dash Daichi comes within range in seconds. He goes for a strong leg sweep to knock the girl off her feet, then with almost monkey-like flexiblity he swung his blade at her, it was strong it might even go through that iron scroll, the giant cleaver did wonders for Daichi's strength.

Looking to Daichi, the Kuroenko would form a nice tick at the side of her head before she would then laugh.. She would cackle so much at Daichi, until before long, she was done taking him seriously.. She'd wipe the tears she had from laughing before she'd say, "You know.. I wish I could say that your plan to get to me was working.. I couldn't keep a straight face… I know what that word mean's Daichi.." She would look seriously to the boy, before saying, "The friends things.. Oh yeah, I forgot. You're from Konoha." She would look to Meruin, and say, "Those same friends you talk of.. If you left the village right now.. Would they not kill you for it?"

She would look to the boy, and say, "You don't know anything about being a /real/ ninja.. Damn.. I think I have probably killed kids our age than you probably even know.. You are still simple.. Strong, but simple." The first kick would come into hit a white hot barrier, composed of the girls emitted heat. The sword strike? Well, a yawn would proceed her clone. Seki would have been right behind Daichi, handsealing, and inhaling.. about 5 feet away, when she would then use a jutsu Daichi might have seen before. Abel likes to use it alot.. And with right cause.. The Uchiha did invent it.. didn't they?

GAME: Save complete.

Meanwhile, more handseals would follow that, as the same heat blast would follow, trying to cause Daichi yet again, to be linked in ninjutsu.

Daichi would wince the flame caught him, that jutsu and Daichi had quite a bit of history. Daichi would pick himself off the ground as he tries to shake off the pain. Looking at Seki he would tilt his head. "Yeah I'm from Konoha, so I probably don't understand what you Kiri call 'ninja' but I do understand one thing. Being a /good/ ninja isn't about killing as many people as you can. No, you are weak if thats what you think….true strength…being a true ninja is measured in how maany people you haave protected. Someone like you wouldn't understand that." Daichi said with a serious tone. Enough play time, Daichi would look at the girl now "I can't lose….not to some one like you." Daichi would shot a glare at Seki. He comes at her with determination in his eyes. A fury of punches came her way each one would release a certain amount of chakra with each impact, a little sommething for her hardening scrolls.

Now.. Seki, had come far in gaining control of the emotions that made her fighting, useless. That was where, however, her maturity, had ended. He would look to the kid as he would come in, and with his first punch, she would handseal. Daichi, would see her, however, pressing her palm into the ground, almost like a summon, and out from the ground, would pop a large mouth, with about 8 eights, and some nasty looking teeth. He would see himself, flying into the jaws of the thing, before soon the mouth would close, leaving him in darkness.

Seki had intended to keep this image for a while, to keep the boy in the dark as he would attack her, never hitting while her genjutsu was up.. However.. What happens, when you use chakra too much? It runs out. Before long, Seki, would find her handseals not working, and with every other of the two punches.. Daichi would connect, sending non-Taijutuist Seki into the dirt. Good job!!

"….You called me Demon Child once.. Am I right, Daichi kun..", would be said in a gritty, rather seductive voice, as the flame and spark would envelope her form, and then it would happen. She'd snap. Seki, would stand, okay, but otherwise, pretty irrate, as her eyes, would smoke over black, and her skin would slowly turn red. The skin would become like scales, inky black lines, outlining her body, before then small horns, and a tail made of flame would appear on her body.. "….", would be the only thing she had left to say.


Daichi would look amazed as the demonic figure appeared before him "What the," he starts, but his fist goes right through it, which means it must be genjutsu. he felt his next two punches connect and figures that, that Seki was the real deal. Daichi would tilt his head at Seki's words "Yeah….I recall that…" Daichi says as he watches Seki. Is this for real? The girl just changed into something wicked….it fit her very well but it was still creepy. Daichi would look at the horns, then the scales….and last the flames. He would smile "Thats a good look for you hehe" Daichi joked but he was seriously on guard now. Not wanting to make a huge mistake right up front Daichi would attack from a distance first to test the new abilities in this form. Taking out three shuriken Daichi would toss them Seki's way . "Ok…let's see what you got you little imp."

The Konoha would have a weird awakening in knowing that this form, had not been just a genjutsu. It had been real.. His reaction had indeed been warranted. Seki, was not to be out done. She would give him a look of nothing but serious staring.. Eyes that would cut into the very fabric of his soul. Even as he went about joking, she would have even less to offer him. She would snort at his very appearance and thus, wish for to do as she had done originally. Keep him at bay, and desecrate his dreams of facing Meruin. Daichi had been in need of yet another lesson. One of humility.

This would be done only after Seki would recieve a few of her own. She would look to the boy's shuriken, standing stoically, and unmoving. One graze to her arm. Another to her leg. Nothing more, especially after her scroll would seem to take pity, and rise from around her, deflecting the last sharp with a metallic tink. Seki would look to handseals, simple, and three in all. Daichi would then see a familiar sight. The girls body would contort weirdly, before bone saws, about her arm, shoulder and back, would seem to rise from her skin quickly. A genjutsu, but, Daichi would know nonetheless in terms of the pain he would feel as he would see an illusion of Seki, whipping her body around, and flinging the saws at high speed at him.

"Damit!" Daichi says as he remembers this particular attack. It was a very painful genjutsu that Daichi didn't want to experience again. He tries to break the genjutsu but it was to no avail as he felt the sting of each attack. The saws tore his flesh into pieces, thankfully this was all an illusion, a painful one but an illusion none the less. He had no choice now, he hadd to get serious. Releasing the right amount of chakra Daichi would unlock his full potential. His hair faded in color slightly more than usual this time, and what made it even more strange was the pain he felt. "What is this," Daichi mumbled as he knelt over. He would cough violently but briefly into his hand. He would see blood in his palm. Daichi would remain silent at his observation, he had to end this quick. He would have to break the genjutsu to be free of Seki's mind games, he started with two kunai. Flinging them at Seki Daichi would leap into the air afterwards with great speed in the midst of his attack. COmming down now with a mighty swing of his katana at Seki Daichi would seek to end things quick.

Daichi tried to keep his distance for a long time in this match. To do so, under this predicament, was is wrong doing. Seki was a ninjutsuist, as much as a genjutsuist. Either way, long distance fighting, would be her own forte, for a long time. She wasn't going to just chase after Daichi. She was going to find ways to wear him out. Simply enough, the genjutsu she used, had been for that same purpose. Seki would make hims needlessly run around, trying to figure out what to do, using stamina with every fiber of his being, to evade, and take techniques that weren't there. The pain, would be undeniable.

Of course, while Seki had been planning to use this through out, even now, she was feeling the strain of her own jutsu. Daichi's speed was causing her to push harder for a defense. She would seek to stop him, but even after his kunai attacks, she would still be cut slightly. A fire clone would be her way out of the way, before more handseals, in a desperate move, would be made. A shower of speeding bone saws, would be felt tearing into Daichi once more, before he would then see… A large hand?? Yep.. A Multi-Sized hand, coming down to slap him, and pin him to the ground beneathe.. Talking about a slap to the face. Wasn't Daichi's sensei an Akimichi??

Daichi would see the bone saws comming again, he couldn't break the first but with another bite of his lip he would be free, the saw evaporated before him. Daichi would then simply dispell the gaint arms. "Hehehe, sorry the real thing is much more dangerous." She is still in that form? Weird I guess that wasn't part of her genjutsu. Daichi would glare at her now as he planned to take her out. The KATA a useful technique Tosai taught him, using the footwork Daichi would swiftly manuever himself around Seki, throwing off her perception of his next attack. A quick flash of his blade would be seen, the three strikes that followed it would be harder to see however.

And with a repeat of things, it seemed that Seki, had been going just a tad to far. She wanted Daichi out of the game, and with her anger slowly boiling inside, it appeared that she would yet again, miss one fundamental thing.. Her chakra conservation. She had been burning through her chakra as if it would last forever, and with such going on, along with Daichi's excessively dumb comments, Seki, was having enough. It was time to do away with Daichi, and if it wasn't for the barriers, her damage would have been much worst than what it was now.

The sword strikes would all connect, and even now, the Demon Child, had not only been red from skin, but from blood as well. She was cut severely, and even if she hadn't mortally wounded, blood loss was enough to put any person, into shock. The transformation she had been in, had seemed to stave what had been the worst of things, but Seki, was not about to be out down. Her eyes would drift, and then widen suddenly, before she would then look to Daichi. Flame would live about this girl. Her chakra levels would soar, as she would look to Daichi with the mindset to kill. Mind you, killing had been impossible, Sekisetsu, was not caring any. She wanted him to feel every ounce of punishment, she had felt.

Daichi looked at her, she was bleeding. He would sigh at the sight before him, was his vengence be worth this much? A bleeding woman is before him, at the hand of his anger. Daichi would remember Taji's talk of killing needlessly and murderous ninja. "Tsk…" Daichi would say as he looked away. He felt that Taji was correct….this wasn't the work of a ninja, this was the work of a beast consumed by his own rage. Daichi would look at Seki, her furiousity, she wasn't in control anymore…in her he saw what he could become. Comsumed by killing intent and rage "Demon…." Daichi says, he didn't want to become that. But…."….it would be a disgrace to leave you there now. Afraid to finish what I started…." Daichi gathers chakra in his right arm, and unsnapped the arm belt. "It may be a sin…but I have my pride…and you have yours." Daichi charged in, determined to end things here. He said it himself…being a ninja was about protecting…not harming how could he forget such a thing? As a medic he should be better…"Sorry….mother." Daichi uttered those words to himself before looking back at Seki. Now rushing it with blinding speed he delivers his most destructive attack. He punched Seki in her stomach, enough force to knock her out.

Kitai watches as the last strike is given via Daichi, and it is then that the proctor moves to stop the match. "The winner of the match is Katsuko Daichi!" is announced. He looks towards Sekisetsu and motions for the medical staff to take her away.

It wasn't that Seki wasn't in control. She wasn't possessed. She wasn't out of her mind. She was just her own angry little self, and this time, she had been placed in a predicament yet again, where losing, was inevitable. One thing to note is that someone is always around, looking over this girls shoulder, allowing her to learn hard life's lesson's without the aid of a teacher. She was too stubborn for one. Maybe, just maybe, she would get something out of this loss. Something like how to maintain her chakra throughout a match where someone's stamina is greater than her own. Another lesson may hold key in not going into a match over confident.

The punch would hit her so hard that the girl literally slump over Daichi, and cough up blood in his ear before she would fall over, and fall to the ground. Her transformation would fizzle and pop out of sync before she would then lay, twitching, and unconscious.

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