First World Ninja Competition - The Sword and the Shime Style!! Daichi vs. Hoiishime


Daichi, Hoiishime, Moriko, Taji, Kenichi

Date: Unknown (log received October 31, 2010)


Daichi stumbles in on his first day in Kusagakure to find that not only is he /not/ signed in to participate in the tourney, but that he still has a Match. Hoiishime, meanwhile, wishes to debut to the world, his Shime Eki Shinti grappling style. The result? Well… more than just this happens, that’s for sure!!!

"First World Ninja Competition - The Sword and the Shime Style!! Daichi vs. Hoiishime"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena [Kusagakure]


TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!


"That's just like Tosai, always leaving me at the most important times…." Daichi says as he walks through Kusagakure. He left the cleaver behind this time as it would seem a little strange to anyone who didn't know why he was lugging such a massive thing around. Daichi found his old katana that he had put aside for as a result of Tosai's training, and decided to bring it along with him. Daichi would be looking for the arena so that he could register for the tournament, but of course Tosai who was suppose to be assisting him, is nowhere to be found. "Great, i don't know my way around this place! When I find that guy I'll….I'll…I got nothing." Daichi grumbled a bit as he wandered around. Little to know that he found his way into the stadium lobby, and even more astounding he found himself in the arena. "Huh? When did I end up here?" Daichi asked as he looked around. "Err….ah…ok soooo am I late…or perhaps too early?"

Looking to who had been entering the arena now, Hoiishime, had volunteered to be one of the competitors for exhibition matches. It had only been for the demonstration of his own style, that which had been developed from the Shime Art of Grappling from his monsastery at the Jinari Shrine. He would look to what had been entering and see Daichi, coming in, and well, clueless. He would smile and wave, "Ya be seemin a tad lost, Konoha-san.. Ya be me opponent? I be ere' for the exhibition matches."

Daichi looks to the familiar voice. "Hey it's you again. It's been a while. I haven't seen you since you last came to konoha." Daichi smiled as he was reunited with a good sparring buddy from Kumo. "So what brings you here? I heard some kind of tournament was going on and I wanted to see if I could get in it." Daichi replied as he walked towards the monk. "Sooo are you in the tournament?" Daichi asked with a bit of excitement in his voice.

Kenichi is practically thrown into the ring for lack of any proper proctor. He turns to the guys from Kusagakure, "I'm just a travelling mercenary and medic! Why would," he stops at the stares, sighs and turns around to walk over to the two genin standing in the ring. He looks between the two, a headband missing from his features and replaced by a symbol on his trenchcoat. A symbol that perhaps someone may know as the seal of the Land of Sea, not that anyone was paying attention to it ever.

He raises his hand, "Attention, your attention please. Welcome to the First Annual World Ninja Competition, we now have an exhibition match between…"

He stops and looks up at the crowd, two shinobi from Kusagakure hold up signs with the competitors names on them. "Uh right, Exhibition match between Hanma Hoiishime, of the mountainous, beautiful land of Kumogakure," pause for applause, "and Katsuko Daichi, from the calming, forest and plant filled land of Konohagakure." More applause.

He raises both hands, "You may begin the match on my go. Ready yourselves. Bow," he waits for the bow, "Fight!" His hands come down and he moves to a safe distance.

Looking to the nin, Hoiishime would quirk an eyebrow at being recognized. "You.. be knowin me? Who you be, mon? You be connected to Hyuuga Hiroshi-san?" He woud look to the kid and then say, "Well, like I be sayin, I be hear for an exhibition matchin now, but more so, I be hearin dat me teammate, Kenta-san, be losin' a match earlier. Some suna boi.." To the last question, Hoiishime would say, "No mon.. I do be wantin to show da world a style for which I be tryin to perfect.. Perhaps it be time for dem to see the Shime Eki Shinti style of Hanma Hoiishime."

As soon as Hoii would end his words, a proctor would enter the ring, and call both their name. Hoiishime would then look to Daichi, and say, "EEeee!! ya /do/ be me opponent. I tink dey be choosin well, eh?" He would look to the kid, and then bow deeply, before he would ask, "You sure we be meetin before? I don't be remeberin ya face not once."

Taji is here, but he seems to be alone at the moment. He has a small bag of snacks of some kind and he's seated in the stands watching things play out. He hasn't actually started to cheer for a side but he does seem very curious to find out the outcome of this next match, watching Daichi's progress intently.

Daichi would be surprised that Hoii didn't remember him. Daichi would chuckle "Yeah, i used to be on Hiroshi's squad…you really don't remember me? You and another lady came to visit the village once." Daichi would look over to the reluctant proctor "Whoa, I'm already entered? Sweet." Daichi would look at his opponent. "Good this fight should refresh our memory, I came to watch a friend too, but this should be fun too." Daichi bowed and took a stance "Ready when you are my frined." Daichi said with a smile as he waved Hoii on.

"Looking to ya now, I tink I remeber ya face.. Ya be havin to forgive me memory.. Ain't been da same since da Land of Waves.", would be said as Hoiishime, would gesture to his head with his index finger. He would then say, once he had heard Hiroshi had been his team lead, then Hoii would say, "Aaah… then I be counting ya a fellow pupil den.. I be learnin chakra control from da man." Daichi's not knowing that he had bee entered, would cause him to smile, and then chuckle saying, "You mon, be a silly man." Hearing the boy talking of refreshing his memory, however, would make him raise a brow.. "Whoa.. A bit serious won't ya say? I don't be seein a Konoha nin for several months.. Don't be offended."

Hoiishime would peer to the nin as he would he let him be first, and say, "Aaah.. I tink I can ablige.." He would start off with a slide, that would cause Hoiishime to seem to speed off and past Daichi. The sprint would seem to stop suddenly, off to the other mednin's right side, all before Hoiishime would stop suddenly, and move into a backward shoulder charge, taking to knock Daichi forward, before he would then jump into a dropkick. The dropkick, would be a feint, when Hoiishime would grab about the boy's neck with his feet, and with a flip, send Daichi flying.

Daichi thought he was ready for the man, but the dropkick feint caught him off guard. Daichi went flying and landed on his back. He flip up and dusts himself off with a smile. "Yeah, i definately remember that." Daichi said as he prepared to go on the offensive. Daichi would look at Hoii carefully as he watched for an opening. Daichi shruged and saw none, so he quickly entered his pouch and pulled out a shuriken, quickly flinging it at Hoii. In the same motion Daichi would burst forward with speed and deliver a punch straight towards Hoii's stomach, hopping to knock around the organs slightly, but not enough to cause severe damage.

Enter Moriko! The oddball Jounin now wandering down to the edge of the ring where she blinks. She then hee's and calls out "Woot, Go Daichi!" She cheers out, the girl waving rapidly. In her hand appears to be some bandages? Evidently she's just come back from treating nin who've been involved in the event so far! "C'mon, use yer head, think and get your way through this, y'can do it!"

"Hmmm.. really? This technique don' be made the last time Hiro san be around.. I don' be tinking you be around when I make dis.." Hoiishime would look to the shuriken, and with a whirl of his body, his kesa, would seem to whip around, and swat the shuriken away from him. Hoiishime would be grace in his spin, his left foot sliding, and then lifting at the knee, before his arms would seem to move above him, and then return to there place at his side. But this spin, had caused an opening, one which graze his side rather painfully. He would sigh, and wince before he would move backward, and then strafe to his side.. "Aaah.. Very good, mon… I don't be tinkin dat a regular punch.."

He would pass his finger over the place, emitting a pulse of chakra before he would then look to Daichi and smile. Hoiishime would see that indeed, it had cracked a bone.. He would look to Daichi, and say, "Aaah.. internal damage.. I tink I might have to avoid dat punch of yours.." He would smile as he would heal the spot before then saying to the nin, "You gon' make me take ya seriously at one point, mon."

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands, Kuki has connected.

Taji peers over at Moriko and her cheering. He laughs and shakes his head slightly then can't help himself and cheers as well, "Go Daichi! Go!" He cheers, calling from the stands as he seems to finally choose a side the cheer for.

Daichi would smile as he connected with his second hit. Hoii's graceful moves seemed showy and often did leave him open. Daichi would smile as Moriko and Taji cheered, he had no idea they were here. The bandages though made Daichi a bit nervous. "*gulp* I don't wanna get hurt too bad now…" He would glance at them and shoot a smirk their way before his gazed returned to Hoii. Daichi noticed that Hoii recognized the type of damage his punches delivered. "Yep, smiliar to Hiroshi's Juuken style, hehehe kinda thought of it after I got poked in the spine." Daichi would nod as he honored one of the intructors that played a roll in his growth. Daichi would feel that he had to fight to protect their teachings as well, with made him stronger. Hoii was tricky, and a medic Daichi would take note of this and think about his next move. 'Well since he can heal, there is no point in holding back, after all Tosai-sensei said that was a bad thing.' Daichi thought. He drew his katana and smiled "Ok…hear I go." He said with a quick gust of wind he was behind in Hoii's blind spot, this swift blade glided through the wind as he swung it. His next move would be to incompacitate Hoii's tricky movements as they all seemed to stem from the legs, it's like they were the root to all of his attacks. Daichi went for a leg sweep after slashing and finished his surprise combo with another punch to Hoii's exposed mid section again.

What most people would think was flashy, had merely been grace, and finesse.. Something that while many see them as flourish, and unnecessary movement, is actually technique.. Hoiishime, had not been the fastest. He was athletic sure, but speed was just not his forte, which had made him different from Daichi in many ways.. He was strong though, and to much of the Konoha Medic's surprise, he was smart when it came to his taijutsu fighting style. Hoiishime would nod as he was told of the move being similar to Juuken, and say, "Yeah.. It don't be affectin tenketsu, but rather ya internal organs.. Harmful indeed."

Hoiishime would look to gust of wind, and took it as a warning. Daichi was coming in quick, and thus the attak would be too. Hoiishime would move into Daichi's strike, fanning his hand, as chakra would envelope his entire arm. He would slide his palm across the swords blade, and push Daichi out of his direction, before he would then move into his defensive. As Daichi would attack his legs, Hoiishime would say, "Ya no tinkin right…", would be said, as he would then drop to the ground on all fours, and move with the leg sweep momentum. Hands would then pull the leg, and lift, and soon, Hoiishime was spinning with Daichi's leg in tow, along with his body. After three spin's, Daichi, would be thrown yet again. Once the punch to his stomach was made again, Hoiishime would say, "Repeatin ya attack, don' be a wise choice..", before he would simply side step it and move to the side, restancing and waiting for more.

As Daichi was tossed off again he landed. With a chuckle he would stand. "Man you're pretty tough." Daichi said. He thought to himself. 'Damn. looks like he doesn't have too many openings.' Clentching the sword tighter in his hand Daichi would try and think of a way past the man's defenses. Repeating the same stratagie would be unwise like Hoii said, but Daichi couldn't think of anything else he could do…at the moment. "I guess I'll just have to overwhelm him then." Daichi wouldn't be dumb and attack up close again. He would keep his distance until he could thing of a way past Hoii's guard. Daichi jumps off acrobatically, fliping and twisiting with great skill to hide his movements. As he circled Hoii from a distance he would toss several shuriken and kunai, switching direction as he leaped to have the ranged attacks curve in from both sides making avoiding them difficult. Daichi would be watching Hoii for an opening in his defenses while he attacked.


Looking to the boy as he would come to his stand, Hoiishime would say, "Thank ya much.. Ya don't be quite bad ya self mon." Hoiishime would look to the clenching of the sword, and then to suggestion, but say nothing.. Daichi was trying to figure things out, and he would let him. Besides, he was not about to try and embarrass Daichi at this point. This had been a peaceful competition, and to do so had only been taking things to the extreme. He would look to the boy's movement's, and then smile as he would then have to dodge projectiles. Hoiishime wouldn't quite be dodging them.

Both arms would seem to steam blue with chakra, as Hoiishime would widen his stance, and widen his arms out at his sides, one palm facing up, and the other facing down. His moves to this position were slow, and graceful, and seem to welcome the attack with open arms. As soon as the sharps had came within an arms length, however, Hoiishime, would show off his defense, as one sharp, would be parried with the back of his hand, and sent into another direction. The other, would simply be caught at the side of his cheek, and dropped at his side. Hoiishime, however, would have seemed to notice his chakra level drop with just before the next sharp would get within reach, and this would cause him to simply drop his foot back, and pivot.

He would look to where the projectile had gone, before slowly turning to Daichi, and restancing saying, "I be awaitin ya next move… Daichi-san..", before winking at him. Wait? He remembered Daichi's name??? That sly fox. Must have been the chakra he was focusing.


Daichi watches closely, the man wasn't really dodging, he was anticipating and reacting accordingly. He would deflect the first two sharps but the last one he evaded with strange movements. Watching the feet Daichi would understand a little bit more about the defense. Daichi smiled "You're not very fast are you?" Daichi took out a Kunai, to test his theory. He thinks he has a plan. Daichi would rush in, knowing full well Hoii had just gathered chakra, so he would be open momentarily. Daichi took out another Kunai after tossing the first one at Hoii feet and tossed it at Hoii's feet as well. Expecting to see one of Hoii's two techniques Daichi would jump into the air and come down with his Katana. A quick swing of his blade was all that he needed.


Widening his eyes, Hoiishime would smile at the observation and chuckle.. "Ya learning to peer deeper, ain't ya. I like dat.. No mon.. The Shime style don't be built for speed at all, and I don't be quite dat fast meself, actually." He would change his stancing back to its default, dropping his foot, back, and placing his hands forward while saying, "Me strength, be lying in both me technique, da watchin of me opponent's movements.. What I be losin in not bein fast, I be gainin in perception.."

While Daichi may have noticed that Hoiishime was weak in that area, this observation, would bring about a definite change in Hoiishime's defensive strategy. It was something that would surely confuse Daichi, and Hoiishime counted on that fact rather confidently. The Kunai, would hit, stabbing Hoiishime right in the forehead, and causing him to seem to lean backward, as if he were about to fall. However, mid fall, Hoiishime would seem to stop, and come back to a normal stand.. smiling.. What had this been about? Not sure, but it was a bit weird.. A clone.. and more precisely, by the look of Hoiishime melting into a puddle.. a water clone.

Soon Hoiishime would appear, moving from behind it, just to start in a run, full speed, and directly at Daichi. The other kunai, would be dodged, with a quick slide to Hoiishime right, before Hoiishime would charge, right into the swing of the boy's blade. That is when it would happen. As Daichi would come down, Hoiishime would push his hand up into the boy's chest. Grabbing his leg, Hoiishime would grunt, and push down hard, with as much power as he could quickly muster, smashing Daichi into the ground with authority, making a neat little crevice in the earth in front of him.

Daichi would wince as he was slammed into the ground. Daichi snapped out of the shock and smiled. A water clone, then all that movement. Wouldn't be long now. Daichi would hop back after flipping himself off the ground and away from Hoii. "Perception huh?" Daichi now a little more informed on the Shime style would attack accordingly. Hoii had ninjutsu abilities too, which would really surprise Daichi. Daichi then would notice Hoii's condition, 'he can't keep this up forever, that style does have it's draw backs like any other style." Daichi figured that if Hoii could see the attack comming he could aovid damage. So using his speed, Daichi would attack with untraceable speed. His movements well hidden as he would flicker back and forth with his blade in haphazard paterns stabbing and aiming low away from Hoii's arms. Daichi planned to either connect or push Hoii to the limit with these attacks. Three strikes came, one, aimmed at the lower outter thigh, the second aimmed at Hoii exposed back, and the third aimmed at Hoii's rib cage. Hopefully Daichi was successful. His body did feel heavy though after taking so much damage, he would have to tend to it soon.

Daichi would wince as he was slammed into the ground. Daichi snapped out of the shock and smiled. A water clone, then all that movement. Wouldn't be long now. Daichi would hop back after flipping himself off the ground and away from Hoii. "Perception huh?" Daichi now a little more informed on the Shime style would attack accordingly. Hoii had ninjutsu abilities too, which would really surprise Daichi. Daichi then would notice Hoii's condition, 'he can't keep this up forever, that style does have it's draw backs like any other style." Daichi figured that if Hoii could see the attack comming he could aovid damage. So using his speed, Daichi would attack with untraceable speed. His movements well hidden as he would flicker back and forth with his blade in haphazard paterns stabbing and aiming low away from Hoii's arms. Daichi planned to either connect or push Hoii to the limit with these attacks. Three strikes came, one, aimmed at the lower outter thigh, the second aimmed at Hoii exposed back, and the third aimmed at Hoii's rib cage. Hopefully Daichi was successful. His body did feel heavy though after taking so much damage, he would have to tend to it soon.

Until that last blow, Hoiishime had been able to basically percieve everything that Daichi did, though he would admit one thing if asked. Daichi… was fast. Very fast. However, his technique, had been lacking, and that was something that Hoiishime, had wanted to relate to him, without it sounding like he had basically, been trying to tell the boy that he was poor. Hoiishime would look to the match and hand, and see that indeed, the speed, would be overwhelming, which in the end, was something that Daichi had counted on.

This would bring us back to the match, where even now, Daichi proceeded forth, in quick burst of speed, seeking to slash at Hoiishime and wound him. The first two hits, would miss Hoiishime squarely. One would be fast enough for him to slide into, and thus evade. The other, had been involving of Hoiishime's mastery of the Shime Style, where he would pushed to his limit, and resort to having to feel things out. He would place a palm out to meet the hilt of Daichi's blade, and parry away with a spin. However, the last strike, Daichi was just to quick, and when Hoiishime would attempt to blast him back with a large barrier of chakra, created with a clap, Daichi would be quicker, slashing his arme.

Hoiishime would wince in pain, before looking to the boy, and then smiling.. "I see… ya be much faster den I can ever dream. I must be admitting to that, you be doing well in tiring me out some. However.." Then soon, Hoiishime body would glow blue, water vapor beginning to bubble upon his hands feet, and eyebrows, and even just above the aura that now surrounded him. His tamcap, would be blown clean off, as the tips of his dreadlocks would glow blue. His eyes would be the last to change, the white of them turned blue, why the pupil would change to rain drops, leaving his irises white. His statement would be finished as then he would say, "This match, can not go on forever."

Daichi smirked as Hoii complimented him. "Yeah, and you are pretty skilled, I can't believe you dodged them all." Daichi would now realize that his body was damaged well. Daichi would reach into his pouch and pull out a small capsle. He placed it into his mouth and waited for the chakra to be realeased. Though the capsle was made for illnesses it would also aid in wound recovery. Daichi nods to Hoii "True this fight can't go on forever. So we better end this." Daichi said. He released a bit of chakra in the right spots to unlock his true potiential. Daichi smiled at Hoii transformation, "I see you were holding back too." Daichi's hair fadded as he continued to release chakra. In this form Daichi's speed would increase to near impossible levels, as far as genin and even chuunin could be considered.

This indeed, had been a match where both competitors had to have been as surprised at one another, as they were with themselves. Hoiishime would look to his own abilities, and think for a moment. He had truly grown. Even though one of those abilities, to which he attributed his form now, had been something of an inherited trait, he still had to give credit to coming into such naturally. Perhaps he /should/ have entered the tourney. Probably not… He still had his thoughts, but at the moment, he was confident that he would have performed well.

The only person he seemed to question now, was Daichi. Daichi hadn't entered the tourney either, or at least he didn't know if he had been. But still, Hoiishime, seeing this boy now, felt that he too, would have done quite well, perhaps have placing alot better than he himself, even. Even now, the Konoha mednin's transformation had surprised him. He had an inner strength, as well, and it seemed he indeed, had been holding out too. The release of chakra, with the fading of his hair color, were clear indications.

This would be enough of a prompt for Hoiishime to actually pause and, even in his tired state, show admiration in the form of a sagely nod. He would smile to Daichi, and stand from his stance a moment, pondering a question he had for the boy, even in a form where his body eradiated, and leaked an abundance of water chakra. "Daichi-san.. Why ya don' be enterin da tourney? I mean, ya be givin me quite the time, and I be figurin you would be well enough to win." He would pause enough, watching the boy's movements, but showing indeed that he had wanted an answer before they continued.

Daichi thinks for a moment as Hoii asked him, he had been able to control himself in this form now, so his voice remained normal. "Ummm….I had no idea a tournament was being held…until a couple of days ago." Daichi says with a smirk. He nods to Hoii "I think you would've done well too. Now, lets go all out, since we can't be in the tournament, we gotta get our exercise some other way." Daichi took a stance similar to the way he held the cleaver, only he used his katana this time. Weird indeed, what was Daichi planning? Daichi would start off by smiling at Hoii "Keep up now." With a flick of his wrists two Kunai came flying at Hoii, in the midist of this attack, which appeared to be a distration, Daichi would sling the katana the same way Tosai had taught him with the cleaver, the foot work was perfect, Daichi's train results would show here as he closed the distance between him and Hoii in fractions of a second.

Certainly, Hoiishime would smile at the compliment. It would be affirmation of what he had already thought, and that alone, for Hoiishime, meant alot. He know had a friend. He would nod his head with his eyes closed, and say, "My thanks, Daichi-kun.." Hoiishime's face would go back to the tension it had been possessing of most of the fight, before he would then seem watch Daichi's change in stance, with mild interest. He hadn't seen a style like that before, and from the look, Daichi, had gone from just straight speed, to something a tad more graceful. The style, if it had a gender, would appear as one of a feminine nature. Hoiishime would smile. Maybe Daichi had more technique than he thought.

Hoiishime would be distracted however, even by that change, as then Daichi would throw the kunai with a flick. A feint? Hoii would probably think so, but only because it would work in grazing him in his shoulder as he tried in dodging. The spark of pain, however, was enough to bring him into focus once again, as he would simply lean, and duck into the next Kunai's path before then, seeming to slide. This approach, had not been unlike the Shime's Styles own movement, except for one things. A small puddle of water, had been under Hoiishime's feet, causing him to seem to hydroplane across the ground, and cover more distance in a single lean of his body. However, as soon as Hoiishime would seem to enter into the boy's slashing radius, Hoiishime would seem to be split down the middle with Daichi's slice.

Had Hoiishime been cut down? Afraid not. The Water clone the monk had sent in, had did its job well, both as a substitution, and a trick to Hoiishime's real strategy. The clone would burst into water vapor, covering the entire field in mist, to both disguise Hoiishime, and impair Daichi's vision.


"Water Clone eh?" Daichi says as his blade went through Hoii. Daichi would then see the mist arise, "I remember this…" Daichi said as he looked through the thick mist. Daichi thought for a second. "Now..Abel did something similar once…." Daichi considered hidding himself too, but that wouldn't help the situation, instead he had to think of a way to combat this mist. Daichi would first have to wait and see how Hoii planned to attack. Daichi would unsnapped his arm belt as he kept a keen ear open. Daichi would sigh "If only I had mastered that technique Moriko-Sempai taught me…" Daichi would think to himself. He remains in the stance he had before he attacked, the kata had come in handy. His katana was so light compared to that huge cleaver.

Hoiishime kept himself hidden within the mist that now enveloped the area, watching Daichi for to see just how perceptive he had been. He had done well to give Daichi the slip, but how would that help him in the end.? Well, he would find out indeed. He would move to run, and in each palm, a ball of water, would be formed. They had been rather large, about the size of a softball, and for the most part, would seem to appear without so much as a handseal. His body, would have produced them thanks to the transformation he now assumed.

When he had gotten in range, which would not take much movement, Hoiishime would simply lob the balls, one after the other throwing one, then flickering to another place on the field, before throwing the other. To Daichi, they would seem to come at him at the same time, the delay in attack being mere a few seconds.. Meanwhile, Hoiishime, in his attempts to maintain his own stealth, would seek handseals the moment both attacks had been flying, seeking to cover his movements only a tad.

Daichi was quick, he dodged the incomming water bullets, his movements where graceful as he repeated the steps of the kata without swinging the katana. The footwork for the kata was surprisingly useful for evasions, Tosai really knew his stuff. Daichi would smirk as he owed his sensei a thanks, perhaps he would treat him to a meal…er on second thought the finance required for such a feast may put daichi in the red. But his mind was focused on the battle now, he caught a glimpse of the origin of the attacks. "There…" Daichi would whisper, his katana in hand now, he tries something. He uses the graceful kata but combines it with chakra as he vanished mid kata. "Good but *twap* no chakra! While it does aid, you must learn to use just your phycial ability to perform this. If I see you do it again, you will be subject to one of my beatings." a flash back with Tosai's training. 'Sorry, Tosai-sensei, but I think I'm on to something, I'll do it just this once.' Daichi thought as he would appear behind the unsuspecting Hoii. Now completing the kata in once gracefully swift swing Daichi would follow up with two more sword slashes making this somewhat of a combo. 'Power without purpose is useless.' the kage's words echoed in his head prompting Daichi to speak after his attack "I have a purpose…"

Perhaps his strategy would fail him more than Hoiishime thought!! Hoiishime, hadn't though exactly through how much faster that Daichi would get. He had been now using both a new style of kenjutsu. One that not only help to make him much faster, but one that also seemed to cause the boy to show alot more technique. It was just enough that Hoiishime, could hardly make out what he had been doing. And to add insult to injury, Daichi, had seem to spot him through his stealth technique!! Amazing indeed.

The first two strikes, would seem to be quite unavoidable. It was enough so, where Hoiishime, almost couldn't match his perception to the speed that Daichi had finally attained. One wound would open, that Hoiishime wouldn't even feel until it was looked to. Of course this meant that Hoiishime, had to switch strategies, on the fly. He would seem to slide out the way of the last attack fairly easy, all before he would smile, and say, "Well, done…" He'd handseal, and with such, the mist would seem to fall like rain about the two. However.. Hoii was not finished there. He'd have something else for Daichi. A string of handseals would cause water to be produced from his transformed aura. A river, would seem to spill, and then split from behind Hoiishime, before snaking along the ground, weaving, and parting, before then encircling him. And then, it would happen. The water, would cave in from around Daichi, and into him, hit him hard, and then engulfing him. This would leave the Konoha mednin trapped in an orb of water.

Daichi blinks as he got careless, he couldn't dodge the water, there was indeed a lot of it, though he thought he managed to slip through some of it, ultimately he was captured. Daichi was engulfed in an orb of water, he tried to take up all the air he could when he realized he was about to be caught. Daichi would smile through the water giving Hoii the thumbs up 'Ya got me!' would be the message Daichi tried to convey to him. As he floated there Daichi would ponder a way to escaped from such a prison. He would try his best to gett out, but it didn't seem like he would be leaving anytime soon.

Taji is up in the stands watching all this with great interest. After all, he has some hint of how Daichi fights most of the time but seeing him fight someone else is nice for a change. Taji leans forward, munching on some deep fried green beans with wasabi on them. The use of a water attack catches Taji by surprise, but he's sure that no permenant harm would come to Daichi, after all, that's what the proctors and wards were for, right?


Looking to the attack, Hoiishime would pant deeply. He was feeling the strain of attack, after attack, and for the most part, he could tell two things. Daichi was faster than him, and most likely, had alot more stamina. It was obvious, as it often took such in order for any person of his calibur in speed to keep such a pace. He would have thought about this hard, as he would think of a strategy. In the end, his strategy, had been totally different from Daichi's had, when it came to attack. In fact, it countered it. How do you counter someone who is constantly on the move? You stop them from moving. You take that priviledge away and you have an easy target.

As Hoiishime would thumbs up to him, Hoiishime would stand up straight, and handseal, allowing the boy's head to be exposed to fresh air. After all, he wasn't cruel enough, like the Kiri nin who use this technique, to allow the boy to drown. He would say to him, "You be okay?", as he would allow the boy a breath. This would not be the only reason for such a seemingly gentlemenly deed. Hoiishime, had the upper hand, and he really wanted to know just how Daichi felt before he proceeded with his next plan. "I be givin ya a chance to surrender now.. I don't be tryin to lure into a state of insecurity, but I do be havin' the upper hand."

He would approach the boy where the orb had hung, and say, "Me water attacks, don' be gentle. I don' like to use em' because dey be genuinely… well.. Destructive.. Me nature won't allow such to be used, unless it be for a good reason, mon. So.. I be askin ya now.. You sho' ya be wantin' to go on?"


Daichi smiled at Hoii as he let him get some air. "Thanks, you are a really good guy hehe." Daichi would try and free his arms but it was usless he was trapped. Daichi laughs at the question "I'm fine, you wouldn't believe this but a little girl….an annoying…loud mouth….inconsiderate, just plain mean hurtful little witch! *ahem* A little Kiri stu-" Whoa….that may be too much information…lets exaggerate a bit, Daichi thought "A Kiri…gen..Chuunin…taught me something one day after defeating me." Daichi nods "I can never take an opponent too lightly, no matter who they are and to let up on them even a bit would show a great amount of disrespect for them, and yourself. So I have promised myself never tto back down from a challenge, I'm tougher than I look hehe" Daichi chuckles. "I can take it, show me what ya got." Daichi said with a smirk, he welcomed the next attack.

"Aaah.. A warrior's pride… I never be understanding of that much." He would look to Daichi and say, "However.. I do be understandin what honor be like.. Some tings.. Dey don't be took back dat easily…" Hoiishime would think a moment before he would then say, "I don't be a warrior, mon. I be a monk.. But I do be a taijutsuist wit all me soul, and a mednin wit all me heart. I fight cause I can'.. And because of that, I tink you be deserving of da best." Hoiishime would handseal, causing the aura he surrounded, to glow quite brightly.

Water, from the air, and the aura around him, would seem to condense, and little by little, push the monk into the air. Water walking, would be an understatment for what Hoiishime did now. He had been rising atop the water, as it would form slow but surely, something big. It would go beyond probably any wave that had so far been produced by himself, ever. Hoiishime, would come to the climax of his rise, standing atop a tidal wave so huge, that it would block the view of nearly 35% of the arena spectators, and even block some of the sunshine that had poored light down upon them. "Suiton Release…. Titan Wave…", would be said, before wave, would seem to crash down upon Daichi, in two folds.. Thank Kami this barrier had been life preserving.

Daichi would smile as the attack came at him. Bracing himself for the impact Daichi was sweept away by the wave and set free of his water prison, and with a quikc adjustment escaped the damaging crashing of the wave. Daichi would agree with what Hoii "I feel the same way about you, I have to say out of all my encounters, yours will be the most memorable." Daichi's arm belt now completely free, Daichi could unleash his attack. While Hoii finished his surfing Daichi ran up to attack him with twin fists. "But I have to be strong, I can't protect or proove anything until I am." Daichi said as he released his chakra on impact with Hoii. Daichi would feel his stamina drop considerably, but he wouldn't show it he would just check to see how Hoiishime had faired. 'I can't afford to hold back….' the image of the two Kiri Nin Daichi saught to defeat appeared in his head, only raising his determination for strength.

Looking to the attack, Hoiishime would see the waves crash into Daichi. He /saw/ them. But he would also see Daichi come out of this entire, scenario.. Unharmed… As if nothing ever happened.. This was /uncanny/. Just what in Buddha's great name was going on? Hoiishime's jaw would drop. Daichi would evade the second, just as well as he had tensed the fist. It was as if something had been totally denying of the choice he had made, to utterly take down Daichi in this. But what? Hoiishime would look to the Heavens, and see the sunshine above him. "Heavens above me!!! What ya be tryin to show?"

Soon, he would look toward Daich's attack. It had been a powerful one, unlike the other he had started things up with, but stronger than previous. He would seem to move into things, parrying the first punc back rather seriously.. However.. The second, for some reason, Hoiishime, would seem to give up, and take it solidly into the shoulder, before he would then buckle only slightly. He would place a palm up to stop Hoiishime, before he would then say, "Wait!", in a tone that was commanding.

That is when it would happen. Hoiishime's first form would diminish rather quickly, before another would seem to come withing the blink of an eye. Hoiishime's form, would flash gold, revealing in the quickest nature, his body, lined in gold, about every part of his body, and his eyes glowing with the same gold chakra. He would look to Daichi and for some reason, be smiling, not before he would say in a billowing voice, almost godlike, and heaven sent, "You be not aware dis day, of the message this monk hath been sent!!" He would smile as his voice would rang.. "You, Daichi of Konoha… Hath been blessed.. Through you, Daichi-san.. I have been shown away for which I tink only can be shown by Kami, himself.. It is not your strength of body dat hath earned you a victory in mine eyes.. This form, would put me far on par wit ya own, even helping my own Shime style… It was your strength of heart, in the face of something bigger. Your pride, and you willingness to move on!! Those things are why even now.."

Hoiishime would place both hands in a sign of prayer, and bow deeply, before saying, "I forfeit.. You be provin a greater man then I dis day… Thank you."


Taji simply can't believe what he witnessed. He stares openly. He expected Daichi to be crushed by the water attack, but… no such thing happened. And whats more Daichi got the better… of this person? Taji rubs his eyes as if he can't believe it, only this is a bad idea after eating wasabi coated fried green beans. He winces and coughs, and… eyes water. Still, he's left clapping for Daichi's surprise victory!

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