First World Ninja Competition - Toxic Love Bites: Mune vs. Kanami


Kuki, Rain, Rin (emitted), Hinotori, Mune, Kanami

Date: November 29, 2010


Two members of the Tao Shih face off in the First World Ninja Competition. Mune, a wielder of chemical weapons and forbidden knowledge, and Kanami, a queen among serpents and dispenser of terror. Which shall triumph?

"First World Ninja Competition - Toxic Love Bites: Mune vs. Kanami"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 3 Ring - Kusagakure

The tournament must go on!
Despite the endless amount of fights that have been going on, official and exhibition alike, the stadium crew never faultered in their work. As soon as one fight was over, they were already out cleaning up bits and pieces that one would not want to fight in. Even after that they would replace the old obstacles with new ones, this time around, there was a dramatic difference in the arena. Instead of the usual ground, it was loaded up with sand, random metal structures all about the arena to serve as cover and obstacles.
The sand somewhat of a quick fix as the floor itself had gotten torn up to the point where they no longer truly cared to fix it right away. Hoping the next shift would take care of the floor… and apparently the massive amount of sand in the ring now, they'd give a wave to Kukiko to show her things were good to go.
With a nod, Kuki would raise her hand into the air, trying to grab attention. "Seishino Kanami vs. Kishi Mune will begin shortly. Combatnants, please enter the ring." She'd wait for them to enter skipping the fanfare of most introductions, "Tell me when you're ready."

It had been a bit of a rough night for Rain. He wasn't able to get alot of sleep, but it wasn't a total waste as business was able to be done in the end and everything was running smoothly again, if not smoother. The current match up would have two people Rain was familiar with going at it and though he wasn't there early, he did make it. Accompanying him was likely an unknown female companion who didn't seem to have any particularly identifying marks or apparel. Once again Rain would be in the VIP booth, but this choice was for particular reasons rather than pure preference. "I suppose this will be a good time to introduce you to my associates within this village and internationally. Also, when you get a chance, be sure to keep an eye on this battle, Mune and Kanami are both known entities though Kanami is quite a bit less know. Keeping track of them professionally and other wise is important." he'd say to Eri quietly for a moment as he reclined a bit in his seat.

With the match being announced, Hinotori has made his way to the arena stands. With all the matches heating up, it was hard to stay away for too long, granetd Hinotori was only watching certain fighters. As he walks to one of the seats near the railing, he smiles when he sees the two females, Mune and Kanami. Seems that they keep meeting in passing, and well he hopes this will be a very good match.

Mune is the first one in the Ring after being called. But she does not come quickly or happily. She knew this match would come eventually. She was just hoping it would be much, much, much later on, once she had time to expand her knowledge and her capabilities. She does not expect much is going to come of this fight. She knows she is outmatched before it even begins. But still, she will do her best… Even if for no other reason than appearances.
She manages to get out of her gloomy state of mind long enough to wave to the audience. She knows she has become a bit popular with certain segments of the population here in Kusagakure — namely the male population, but the injured have likewise taken a liking to her due to her skill and efficiency. Two of the reasons why the males like her are currently uncovered, except for a white longcoat that hangs in just the right way to conceal anything indecent on her top half.
It's all for show. Kanami should appreciate that. She's all about drama and showmanship after all. So why shouldn't Mune give the audience a bit of entertainment? She makes a sweeping gesture with one arm and then bows towards a different section of the ground, and winks while blowing a kiss. This is not her true self. This is not her true personality. But it has become almost routine to fool people in this manner. She straightens up with a bounce and finishes making her way to the middle of the Ring.
The dark-skinned woman waits nearby Kuki, a bit impatient even though she knows what the outcome of this battle will likely be.

All of Kanami's matches so far have had a dramatic entrance on her part. Sure, she has only fought two matches so far… But they were very DRAMATIC matches! Recently returned from an excursion to help a friend outside of Kusagakure, Kanami has had precious little time to rest up from her travels. However, it has become sort of expected that her arrival for her third match will be as entertaining as her first two.
She does not disappoint.
It begins with a loud *BANG* and a column of violet smoke that erupts from Kanami's side of the Ring. The column expands into a cloud of bright purple haze, which in turn takes on the shape of a hooded cobra, arched and ready to strike. The smoke-cobra hisses loudly downwards at Mune and Kuki—or maybe does Mune, but they're right next to each other, so it's hard to tell.
The hissing sounds so loud that it actually drowns out the crowd for a couple seconds. Then the cloud-serpent dives down at the Proctor and the Opponent, and seemingly SMASHES into them! But there is no accompanying tremor of impact from the skyscraper-height snake. There is no sound of a colission. Instead the snake just disperses into more smoke that fills the entire Ring.
Seconds tic by one after another, as the Ring is filled with the all-concealing violet smoke. Occasional flashes of light from within give the impression of lightning amongst storm clouds. Then the smoke swirls away from the central point of the Ring, revealing a woman in a white kimono, wearing a Noh-style theater mask of a woman's face. Mune and Kukiko are revealed too, of course, because Kanami is standing only a few feet away. The smoke washes over the crowd as it continues to spiral outwards until it lifts into the air and is carried away on the wind.
Kanami bows formally and politely to Kuki, and then once again to Mune, before straightening up. "I am prepared, Proctor-san."

"Huh." Kukiko would glance between Mune and the crowd when the kiss was blown shrugging afterwards, "Hello there." The words backed by a pleasant tone and a smile, "Rather flamboyant. Though at least it wasn't one of those loud and sudden entr-"
Kukiko would visibly twitch, even those in the seats way back it would be noticeable if it wasn't for the smoke serpent thankfully the smoke managed to cover it all up.. A hand would raise to her chest as she exhales slowly. She'd look at Kanami out of the corner of her eye, her smile had faded for just a moment as she mubmles, "Just like… that." Quickly shifting back to her normal self she'd give a quick nod to Kanami, acting as if nothing happened.
Kukiko may be the only one that didn't really enjoy the flashy entrances, as it seemed to have gotten the crowd itself riled up enough. So with Kanami giving the go ahead and Mune looking quite impatient she'd take a few steps back, "Begin!" With that she'd take a quick hop back to make a good chunk of distance between herself and the fighters.

Rin would nod simply and remain quiet, taking everything in instead of asking questions for now. Seated beside Rain, she would allow this day to go by quietly. Rain himself had focused his gaze, that is sharingan, on what was to occur. He didn't like missing details after all, and as usual, hiding was not something he bothered with in most cases. "Two performers with entirely different styles and reasons. At the very least, it should be entertaining to see if they conflict or if they meld in some way during this match." Rain would muse mostly to himself while informing Rin.

Mune manages to resist the urge to turn her head away at the noise. Her vividly cyan eyes watch the column of smoke as it ascends. She distracts herself from the instinctive fear that most humans feel when being confronted with a rearing snake, let alone one THAT big, by doing some chemical analysise in her head concerning what Kanami would need to have used to make the smoke that particular shade of violet. She distracts herself further as the serpent dives down at her, keeping her arms crossed under her chest. She tries to figure out what kind of compounds she may be breathing with her analysis of the smoke's composition from before. None of the gasses she comes up with are particularly pleasant conclusions.
Oh, good. It is more or less over. There's Kanami right now. Mune fixes her gaze on her opponent, and fellow member of a certain organization. As far as anyone other than these two know, they do not know each other. She does not bother to bow. Perhaps rude, but oh well. Kanami can live with it. When Kuki leaps backwards instead of getting out of the Ring completely, Mune breathes out in annoyance. That means she can't use one of her best weapons. She'll just have to hope her others are good enough. "I'm not going to hold back, Kanami-san. I can't afford to. You're too strong."
She thus reaches inside of her coat and withdraws a vial of brilliant red liquid that appears to be… Molten! It glows and mixes of white, red, and yellow in an unmistakably lava-like pattern flow within. She stares at it in her grasp for a moment. If there is heat, she is not suffering from it. She takes a deep breath and then pop the stopper on the vial, and downs it in one quick gulp. Immediately her eyes widen in shock and her she hunches over. Her arms cross under her chest again, but this time for different reasons. She coughs and seems to be choking or gagging. She keeps on coughing, violently, until she has to unbutton the button on her high collar that normall conceals the lower half of her face. She spits out quite a bit of blood onto the ground.
Gasping, shivering with agony, she can barely even think, let alone fight. But she has to do both. Putting her hands together in a focusing seal, she bends every mental resource she possesses to the act of molding her Chakra within her throat and then spinning it within her stomach. She has to infuse that Elixir with Chakra or it will eat her alive. Gradually, she manages it. And then her Chakra surges around her. It is far from being the strongest Chakra in the world, but it is also far in excess of her normal levels. Breathing heavily, Mune seems to have regained her composure, as she uses one sleeve to wipe away the blood that stains her lips.
She has no further words to say to Kanami.

Kanami does not bother to face Kukiko as she retreats. If her blank white eyes are looking at her is not evident. She is facing Mune. That SEEMS to be her focus. "I am flattered, Kishi-san," she responds. Yep. These two women don't know each other at all. She observes as Mune swallows her elixir and suffers badly for it. "Do be careful, Kishi-san. I have not even attacked yet. If you finish yourself off I will be very disappointed." She is making light of the situation, but this is an impressive amount of Chakra that Mune is currently wielding. Further, with her Mystic Noh-men she can sense the potency as well. She is going to have trouble with Mune if she does not at least make a token effort to match her.
She reaches a hand down towards the obi about her waist. She only has one mask there. She normally has two. Three when she is not wearing the Mystic Noh-men she is presently wearing. So there should be two. But the one with the stringy black hair hanging in the face of a saw-toothed woman is missing. "Because this fight would be terribly uninteresting otherwise, I will make you a promise, Kishi-san." She takes her Doujouji Mask, the Mask of a monstrous White Serpent, and places it over her base mask. It merges with the Mystic Noh-men and then shimmers and vanishes. Ordinarily it would just become as 'real' as a Mask can be. It would look like Kanami really is some snake-faced monster woman. But this time it is hidden away. Why is not really important to Mune, probably. But maybe it is a clue?
"Regardless of what techniques YOU may use, -I- will not use my Genjutsu on you during this match." That is… A major concession from Kanami, who devastated her second opponent with her Genjutsu. Is her Ninjutsu really strong enough? Why even bother to cut off an entire field of Jutsu like that? Then the mask she is wearing begins to grow vivid green and red designs of vines and roses all across its cheeks. The colors and design of the Rising Sun appears upon her brow. Her eyes glow from within, bright white. The vines and roses seem to almost be swaying in some unseen breeze… And likewise the Rising Sun seems to radiate light, even as it remains stationary on her forehead. They are 2-D images… But they seem to give depth to the mask that does not actually exist. Almost like her mask is a window into some other place.
Just like Mune, her Chakra Level increases, though she focuses even more of her energy into it. She would be at quite the disadvantage if she had no Chakra available. "You may have the first attack, Kishi-san. But choose wisely."

The pain has lessened to a degree, but every time her concentration on spinning the Chakra in her stomach slips even a LITTLE, that Elixir reminds her quite clearly it is still there and still plenty willing to eat up her flesh at the slightest contact. Still, she feels stronger than ever. She feels more aware than ever. She feels more IN CONTROL than ever.
So it is almost disappointing when Kanami declares she is going to hold back. Almost, but Mune is not that stupid. She is simply not equipped for fighting off Genjutsu. Her opponent using her full strength against her would equal a loss. As long as Kanami sticks to Ninjutsu… Mune might actually have a chance! She came into this fight expecting to lose. Now she is allowing the faintest glimmer of hope to form within. But she reminds herself quickly, in large part thanks to the Draught of Fiery Blood touching her stomach walls and sending pain jolting through her, that she does not really have to win. That is not her purpose in the tournament. It never was.
'Don't do anything stupid,' she tells herself. Then she pauses to respond to herself, 'What, like using a potentially lethal Elixir when I'm not even trying to win?' She shakes her head and says sarcastically, "Much appreciated, Seishino-san. I hope you don't mind me taking advantage of your generosity." She draws a vial and throws it at Kanami, followed by dashing in and trying to nail her with a Chakra-engulfed fist that, if it strikes, would cause a painful burning wherever it lands. Why? Because it would have just destroyed the first several layers of Kanami's skin by destroying the cells that make them up. She does not stop there, and swings her other hand around in a gut-punch that is likewise surrounded by a Chakra field. Same effect as the first punch.
If that vial hits Kanami or smashes on the ground or whatever else, it shatters and releases its contents — some form of nasty and highly-corrosive acid.

Kanami says nothing in response except to incline her head in assent to Mune's sarcastic question. The vial flung at her seems to hit her but what it winds up dissolving is a mass of powder that quickly bursts outwards into a cloud of white, much like if one were to sudden make a bag of flour explode. Mune's strikes hit nothing. Standing a moderate distance away, to Mune's left, Kanami lifts both arms and holds them straight ahead. The arms transform into a pair of serpents thicker than pythons but with much more wolf-like dental gear. Kanami's arm-serpents extend outwards in an attempt to bite Mune on the left shoulder with her right snake and on the right arm with her left snake. Then she sends out one more attempt with her left arm, aiming at Mune's throat.
If she can get a good grip there, she can crush the dark-skinned woman's wind pipe, which would force her to waste time fixing herself. Time and energy. At all costs, she must make Mune waste her Chakra!

Mune grunts. She took in the details of Kanami's appearance, of course. Attention to detail is very important for a Medic-Nin, and with the Draught active, burning through her Chakra Network, she certainly is nowhere near feeling sleepy. One mask. Only one. Why is there only one? She tries to piece together the information she has so far even as she tosses down a pair of vials that send up a plume of scalding steam when one shatters and then a freezing mist when the other breaks open. The combination produces a violent and loud *CRACK* of the very air BREAKING from the contrasting temperatures, sending a mix of hot water droplets and ice shards flying outwards. That is enough of a distraction or concealment to evade the two Henged limbs.
She has already decided that Kanami is toying with her. That means she is confident in her victory over Mune. That might be all that will save her in this match. She has to continue to feed Kanami's expectations of her as a weak opponent, while at the same time not allowing herself to be harmed. Snakes… Poison… What a time to be without any field-treatment gear for snake venom. Big mistake on her part. But if she never gets scratched that should be fine.
She was preparing for a counter-attack but then another snakey limb comes streaking in towards her. Eyes widening, she leaps backwards and only JUST BARELY manages to avoid getting her throat bitten into. She lands a few feet away and then leaps back again to get even more distance. "…." That was too close. Enough introspecting and more fighting. She draws a couple vials from inside her coat and tosses them in Kanami's direction. Then she shatters them in mid-air by clapping her palms together in front of her face, and then pointing her hands swiftly. A bolt of blue-white electricity leaps from both hands to strike the vials. They break and then send out more bolts of power in every direction, attempting to deconstruct whatever they come in contact with.
She decides to toss out another vial of acid as a follow-up. She has to keep Kanami on the move and expending energy!
Unaware of the irony she thinks the same thing that Kanami thought a moment before. 'I have to make her use up Chakra at all costs! She has no Taijutsu. Without Chakra she is nothing!'

The destructive bolts of energy streak towards Kanami, and unwilling to expend more Chakra than necessary, she seems to just allow it to hit her and dissolve her! But no, though her kimono seems to shred and fall apart into rags, all that is really disintegrated or… 'Dismantled', as the case may be, is a mass of serpents that gives out a shriek as though it were a woman, before that subsides into angry hisses. The real Kanami falls backwards, out of the destroyed clothing of her Serpent Clone. That was a close one. Closer than she would like to admit, infact.
Kanami's expression is not visible behind her mask, of course. But she is not pleased with how much Mune is pushing her. She could try one more gambit… But she is not a betting woman. She is an actress. And to be an excellent actress is to be aware of the difference between reality and fantasy. To be the best actress in existence is to be able to make OTHERS fail to understand the difference between reality and fantasy.
Kanami can not claim the title of greatest actress in existence. So she will just have to settle for knowing that if she keeps trying to scrape by at this level the reality is that she might be hurt. Even if only a little, that is not acceptable. She plans to win this tournament without a single scratch on her person. So she doesn't follow up with another attack after she Body Flickers away from the acid vial. Instead she focuses her Chakra into her mask once more. And it begins to change again…
The designs and coloration that existed before become their opposites. It is like looking at a negative before it is made into a photo. The vines become mold-blue, the roses become bruise-purple, the rising sun on Kanami's brow becomes a full moon, and the whiteness of the mask itself becomes black and reflective. Kanami's eyes lose their glow and instead seem to become empty sockets, such is the darkness of them.
"I am impressed, Kishi-san. You are not as weak as I thought you were. You have forced me to use my newest power. This is a level of achievement that few Nogakujin have ever achieved. Witness my strength, and know that this battle is already over!" She then tosses out one arm, and several snakes emerge from her sleeve and stretch across the distance to try to bite into Mune and deliver a nasty venom.

Mune cautiously observes the changes being wrought on Kanami. She doesn't really understand the significance of the mask's color alteration. But she at least realizes her opponent has become significantly stronger. Sadly for her, she did not realize quite HOW significantly stronger Kanami has become. She attempts to dodge away through a combination of superhuman reflexes and Chakra-enhanced reaction time, but she is not quite fast enough. Even as the snakes bite into her, causing pain everywhere their fangs sink in, she is already in the process of planning her counter-attack. She isn't going to lose to Kanami this fast. She made sure her Elixir would prevent that, at least for a little while. She can't do much about the venom, but she can at least deal with some of the wounds.
Infact… Mune has been sweating an awful lot since she took that Draught. Her skin is shiny with it, despite the chill temperature of the air. But there's something odd about the sweat. Almost like it's… Green. And it's even sealing shut the wounds caused by those serpents once they retreat! She's already healing herself and she doesn't even need to use a jutsu.
But can she continue to fight under such conditions? How much of that healing catalyst can she generate? That Elixir is still eating away at her insides. Slowly, but it's still there, breaking down every cell it comes in contact with in order to provide her with energy. But she has spent most of that extra energy already both in combat and on the healing sweat she is generating.
Sighing, she determines it's time to stop 'acting'. She can only defeat her opponent if she goes all out. So that is exactly what she does. She goes running towards Kanami abruptly, leaping into the air at about 10 feet away and then travelling towards her opponent in a crouch. She slashes once with her right hand in a simple chopping gesture towards Kanami's skull if she can get close enough, and then jabs with her other hand towards Kanami's right hip after she lands. What would be unseen to those without Sharingan or something similar is that there is potent Chakra shrouding each hand. Similar to the kind she used to destroy cells — or try — before, but somehow more stable. 'Sharper', if you will. If the blow on Kanami's hip lands, then she'd have just introduced a fraction into the bone that would be quite painful and potentially debilitating.

Once again, Kanami abandons a Serpent Clone and its hapless reptiles to Mune's none-too-gentle ministrations. The Chakra Scalpels slice right through 'Kanami' and cause great protest from the snakes that make up her body. The real Kanami leaps aside and seems to nearly float through the air before landing on both feet a fair distance away.
"Mune-san… You are looking a bit tired. Perhaps you should take a rest. Do not worry. We will wait for you to catch your breath." Yes, she said 'we'. Is she referring to all the snakes that have been released in the Ring so far? Most of them just sort of vanished as soon as they weren't being looked at anymore. Only the dead ones remain.
She takes a moment to gather more Chakra to her. Not too much more, but enough to do what she has planned at least. What does she have planned? Well, like Amuro-sama would say, 'That is a secret.'

Mune does not feel tired, actually. She is a bit banged up, the Elixir is still burning away at her insides, and now she has venom in her veins, but hey! She has been in worse condition and against worse odds. Barely. "'We', huh? You're obviously dropping clues and hints. You still think this is a game. Well, I'm sorry to have to say, Kanami-SAN that you are not as high and mighty as you may believe."
She then dashes in as swiftly as she can and makes several more slashing motions with her hands, just like she did before with the Chakra Scalpels. This time, however, there is something different about the Chakra surrounding her hands. She's not just aiming to disable or injure internally. She is trying to CUT THROUGH Kanami. These are not Chakra Scalpels. These are something much deadlier.

Whatever power Kanami may be speaking about, whatever 'we' she may be referring to, there is only so much that dramatic presentations can accomplish. But when she tries to stop Mune's attack by expelling a veritable wall of snakes from her mouth, Mune is seemingly overwhelmed for a moment! …Only to burst forth from the barrier of hundreds of serpents, simply cutting her way through with what appears to be nothing but her bare hands. Kanami has no time to dodge.
Her right arm is cut off at the shoulder, and Mune slashes a gaping hole in Kanami's stomach. Her left arm is amputated at the elbow, and then *SLURCH*, right across her throat. Her head falls off.
Yeah, her head fell off.
No snakes emerge to show this is just a Serpent Clone. Instead her decapitated body just stands there, leaning against either Mune or the mass of now-dead snakes that seem to have simply turned white like the husks that living snakes leave behind. 'Shedding' it's called.
Did Mune just kill Kanami? Aren't the barriers supposed to prevent that!?
And then like the world's freakiest Jack-In-The-Box, Kanami's head pops up out of her own severed neck. She then struggles backwards and her own body and flesh tear and come away like they're dry and papery instead of skin, muscle, and bones. Kanami struggles backwards and away, and then staggers several feet before turning to face Mune again. She is intact. Her arms, body, head… All of them are still where they belong. Mune is left with a empty husk. A shedded body.
Kanami turns her attention on Mune and says, "…Well, I did not want to do have to do this. But you give me no choice." Then a second Kanami steps out from behind Kanami. This one is wearing a red dress suit and red skirt, with red fedora and red heels. They contrast her pale skin wonderfully. Just like the pale skin that Kanami possesses. This is… What is this?

The Lady in Red takes a moment to tip her hat towards Mune and then says, "Good to see you again, Mune-san. Have you collected much data for our company? You will have to tell me all about it later." Then she focuses her Chakra and fixes her yellow-brown eyes on her 'associate'. "You appear to be in rather dire straits right now. Perhaps you should give up?"
She may be recognized by some as Hino Rei, possibly the head of Evolution Agenda — or at least a high-ranking member of that humanitarian effort. But right now, the resemblance should be obvious. This 'Rei' could easily be Kanami's twin! Especially standing right next to each other like that.
"I mean it, Mune-san. I have no intention of harming you, but… Well… You know how it is?" She gestures at Kanami. And then sends out a thread of Chakra in an attempt to Link with Mune.

Having paid very close attention to this battle, Rain actually remained utterly quiet through most of it. However, the appearance of Hino Rei was… unexpected. Was she related to this Kanami person or… Rain would look to their chakra for the answer. Even if they were for some reason two different chakra sources, they may be similair enough to come to a conclusion. At the very least, there would be other details he would gather from it. If it was a different person, thne this match was now forfeited by Kanami, but if it was the same person, than it means that Rain should keep in mind the ruse portrayed during an earlier meeting, though he'd keep it under his hat for now as far as public knowledge. "Hmm… why do this now…" Rain would murmur.

It seems battle has already started and well underway when from the back of the first arena's stands, a robed and slender figure slips inside quietly, a hood draped over a young woman's snow white head as bright aquamarine eyes glance over the crowd. Not that she really expected to see anyone she knows anyways. The Kaguya woman paces behind the last set of seats as she chooses an empty one, lowering herself into it and habitually brushing her slender fingers over her long, pale kimono. Yuuka breathes out slowly as she glances up to the battle arena for the first time, finding it comfortable enough to remain on her own as she begins to watch the contrast in battle tactics.

Mune's heart skips a beat when she realizes she has just killed Kanami. She may not LIKE Kanami per se, but she never wanted her dead. She just wanted to defeat her. And now she has decapitated her. She stands there, stunned, as her Chakra Dissection Blades vanish from her hands. Not that they were ever visible to anything except a Doujutsu in the first place, but that is a minor matter.
Then Kanami's head pops up and she actually screams out in shock and backs away. She recovers remarkably quickly, but she is still pretty stunned as Kanami tears her way free of her own body like a wet paper bag. "What…" she starts. Then she yells out, "WHAT THE *BLEEP*ING HELL WAS THAT!?"
Then Kanami's disuised form as Hino Rei appears. Mune has decided at this point that she must be dealing with Genjutsu. Meaning that Kanami has lied about not using Genjutsu. Big whoop. And because Mune assumes she is already under the influence of a Genjutsu, she has no idea to try to stop the Link from occurring. Why stop something that is already in place, after all?
Mune shakes her head. "You said no Genjutsu. I'll remember I can't trust your promises in the future." The pain is greater now. The emerald 'healing perspiration' has ceased to flow. She can keep fighting. She is only barely damaged on the outside. But she really only has one last gamble. And she has already come too close to killing an ally already without bringing out THAT formula. Every time she has used it, the Solvent has destroyed more and more than the time before. She'd have to let it proliferate to at least 75% of the Ring's capacity with an opponent like Kanami. And if there are TWO of her… Well, one is Genjutsu of course, but… No. Something just does not feel right about that.
It's not worth it. In a confined location like this, she would be as much at risk as Kanami. Maybe she has plenty of stamina remaining. Maybe she is still mostly intact. But she is not going to risk death for this. She has already contributed greatly to her master's plans. Anyone worth gaining data from in this tournament has already been met and healed by her. And thus data has been obtained in the process.
She doesn't like Kanami. But she doesn't hate her, and she doesn't want either of them to die. So she takes out a hypodermic needle and injects it directly into her heart. It is a really fricking big needle too. After she finishes with that, she abandons the needle and starts to heal herself by making her tissue regenerate from the inside out. Her other hand is simply held up. "I give up. My only other attacks would either kill my opponent, kill me, or kill us both. I am not going to risk that. Even with the barriers." She gives Kanami an angry look. She's going to expect answers later.

Was Kuki sleeping?! No, that would be a terrible thing to do in the middle of an arena match, especially if you were proctoring it! Since she was still in the ring she might've gotten hurt! "Hrm? Wait what?" Her eyes would pop open as one of the fighters seems to have lost their head. She would look confused, very confused as her Byakugan would activate to make sure that the seals were in working order, though at that moment she'd notice something else going on and gives a little nod of assurance to herself.
So instead of calling the match she'd settle back into a somewhat relaxed appearance, catching up with the fight to get a reading on who was in favor of winning, only for Mune to apparently call the match. "Ahah, yes… ahem."
Looking up to the stands above she'd call out, "The winner is Kanami on the grounds of forfeit, please thank these two for an excellent fight!" 'I… think.' She'd give a thumbs up, it would appear both were in working order and get out themselves, though Kukiko was unsure herself how the match started and ended without her really noticing. With a shrug, she'd turn about and leave.

Kanami pauses. "How very wise of you, Mune-san. This may be the first wise thing you have done in this entire match, infact. I do not mean that as an insult, but I did say to choose wisely right at the beginning… And you look simply awful! You should be seen soon. I will speak with you later." She then turns around and prepares to leave. To Rain and Kuki, when they inspected Kanami and 'Rei' — even if Kuki was not really paying attention — they would be able to easily determine that their Chakra flow, colorations, and all the other details, are identical. The only difference is that Rei has much less Chakra than Kanami. The amount, however does not mean that much in the long run. To all other appearances, Rei and Kanami are the same person. Not Shadow Clones, not Genjutsu… Just the same exact person.
How THAT works out is anyone's guess. Kanami's mask begins to return to its normal coloration.

Rei bows towards Mune and says, "My apologies if this was seen as interference. However, she DID say that SHE would not use Genjutsu. She said nothing about ME using Genjutsu." And with that she severs the Genjutsu Link, and turns to depart as well. She walks up behind Kanami and touches a hand to her shoulder. A moment later she just merges with Kanami like a ghost. She's gone.

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