First World Ninja Competition - Tricks Are Not Enough: Jon vs. Yasushi


Hisu (emitting as Aion), Yasushi, Jon, Hinotori, Yuuka

Date: November 7, 2010


Official match between Yasushi and Jon. A bit of a mismatch… Or is it?

"First World Ninja Competition - Tricks Are Not Enough: Jon vs. Yasushi"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 3 Ring - Kusagakure

Once again, the Maneshi Clan Head has been called to proctor a match. This time, Tora-Tora-Tora, his full-grown bengal tiger friend, is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps this is a good thing. Tigers can be frightening. Doubly so when they can talk. Triply so when they insist on yelling everything. Waiting until the appointed time, Kinji stares at a watch in his hand. Finally, it rings. He deactivates the alarm. Looking up calmly to the audience, the subdued voice of Fukasaku Kinji echoes out to the entire arena, thanks to a sub-vocal amplifier he has pressed to his throat thanks to a special collar he is wearing. "Attention, please. An official match is about to begin." The man dressed in the garments of any other Jounin, with no special signifying marks to indicate his true position, waits for everyone to settle down. The arean is large, grass and dirt, with trees, boulders, and a large pond. Even with the damage inflicted in the most recent official match between Kara and Tosai, the arena maintainers somehow got it to look almost exactly as it did before the fight happened. Perhaps part of the barrier jutsu? Who knows?
"I am Fukasaku Kinji, and I will be acting as proctor for this match. Challenger: Kaguya Yasushi, from the Land of Water, versus Challenger: Saito Jon, from the Land of Lightning. Participants, please make your way to your starting positions."

This time, Yasushi seemed to not be so flamboyant about his entrance. He still was in the stands beside Yuuka, giving her a kiss to the forehead before removing the silk kimono and heading towards the railing. But this time he simply walked up and over it, descending the wall calmly. It apepared he had no animosity towards Saito Jon as of yet, or he simply was taking it easy. Which ever the case, he would soon be on the arena floor near the pond and walk over it towards the center of the fighting area. He'd take time to glance about slightly, seeming to actually notice the features this time around. Maybe the lack of a roaring tiger helped to calm his own spirits…

It's time for Jon's second round in the tournament. He managed to triumph in the first one, through a close matching against an unknown opponent and a few lucky breaks. Theoretically, while the odds of being faced with a tough opponent goes up as one progresses through a tournament, it's always possible that your next match will be easier than the last. That's not the case this time, though. Like a good detective, Jon did a little research about the next shinobi he's scheduled to face. Kaguya Yasushi, not only a member of the feared Kaguya clan, but one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist. Jon's quite sure that whatever behind-the-scenes gambling is going on has him at fairly low odds for this match. e.e Still, that's no excuse to get lazy or despondent. This will be the best match that Jon can make it, no more, no less.
Jon walks out into the arena, with Scruvo chattering in his ear as though he was his personal trainer/manager. "Now remembah, Jonny-boy, don't let 'im psych ya. 75 pahcent of a star fightah's powah comes from intimidatin' their opponents wi' their track record. See if y'kin make 'im look clumsy early on, that always shakes the ones that think they're big stuff. And wotevah y'do, always make sure to—" "Scruvo." "Hm? Wot?" "Could you stop digging your talons into my shoulder like that?" "It's called a massage! I can't 'elp it if I ain't got soft 'ands like you 'umans!" Jon chuckles. "Okay, playtime's over, 'coach'. Get out of here before you get trapped inside the barrier again." Scruvo caws briefly and flaps off. "Fine, but don't come cryin' t'me latah about not 'avin' anybody t'give ya advice." :P Jon steps up to the mark and gives a bow to the referee, then his opponent. "May the best man win."

Dressed in similar, more feminine kimono to her elder brother, Yuuka blinks her bright aquamarine eyes with up at Yasushi as his name is called out for a match. With the usual red markings along her eyes and twin crimson dots upon her forehead, the white silk of her kimono shifts subtly with each light and unconscious movement, pure snow white hair twisted up elegantly in a pair of ivory chopsticks. She blinks as she turns her head towards Yasushi when he stands to his feet, the kiss place in the middle of her forehead before he disrobes and gives the fabric to her. The young Kaguya kunoichi lightly presses her lips together as she watches him in quiet, silently folding his robes over her lap and crossing her arms over it.

Kinji nods when they are both in place, bowing to the participants. "Fight well." Then he says louder for the audience, "This match begins… Now!" He then turns and runs at 'normal' ninja speeds to try to get out of the ring before the barriers come up. He only barely makes it. Seems he's not as fast without his tiger to ride around on.

Watching as Jon comes up to him and the proctor with his… coach in tow, Yasushi remains silent. There seemed to be alot of talking animals around here. Kirigakure didn't have many of those… perhaps because they would soon be eaten and used as decoration. Still, it intrigued the young man as to the possabilities of it. He could always eat it later if it got annoying after all. With a slight glance to the retreating Scurvo, he smiled just barely at the thought.
The fight would begin then and the Kaguya would blurr forward immediately, even before the protor was out of the ring. His hand would come up towards Jon's face and… a finger would be flicked at his forehead? Well that and his free hand would move to slam a fist into his gut, following through with a crecent kick with a short arc to land swiftly and easily afterwards.

Whoa, quick start from the Kaguya. o.O; Jon flings one hand up to prevent the first punch, but not quick enough—although as it turns out, it didn't make much difference. c.c The second, /real/ punch meets Jon's arm, but the kick strikes home. Jon slumps over…*POOF* Oh wait, it's a sandbag mannequin! Jon must've left it there during Yasushi's flicker. "Make him look clumsy early on," the real Jon murmurs from a perch in a nearby tree, making a handseal. "Not such a bad idea, really." *SSSS-BOOM!* An explosive tag on the sandbag detonates. Following up, Jon tosses a couple of shuriken at Yasushi, then reaches out to form a connection with Yasushi's chakra system.

Spotting the tag at the last moment, Yasushi would manuver to the side, sliding low but keeping his balance as the blast largely washes towards where he was and a bit above himself. As the shuriken come, he would reinforce his hand and flick them away, or so he thought. One of them would have lodged in to the still fleshy parts of the hand, though he'd be plucking it out as the genjutsu link would take him. "A bit of force behind that throw." Yasushi would state as he'd free up a few shuriken per hand as well as Jon's. Noting that Jon so far had used hard defenses, it was time to see how he faired against harder to block attacks. Six shuirken would be loosed at once first, however, Yasushi would widen his stance and begin to toss a dizzying amount of shuriken there after, quick drawing them with experienced ease. While on would be occupied, jsut after the last shuriken leaves his grasp, Yasushi would be right behind it, arm reared back to throw a punch that falls just short. Clenching his fist however, a bright flash of light would seek Jon's eyes prior to the barrage of incoming shuriken.

Having watched a genin exhibition match earlier, Hinotori finally makes his way back up to the first arena where the official matches are taking place. With a large soda in hand, Hinotori walks up the steps and looks around for a moment. Finding a seat near the front, he walks over and sits down in one of a few few empty seats. His eyes scanning the crowd for any familiar faces. Upon not seeing anyone he knows he shrugs and turns to watch the match that was already in progress. Smiling he channels chakra to his eyes, allowing for his kekki genkai to to activate, then quickly using a henge to hide his sharingan. Hinotori sits and watches the match.

Well, at least nobody can say Jon didn't manage to do any good at all against this opponent. :) Maybe he even has a shot at winning after all. It's way too early to relax, though. Seeing the incoming shuriken, Jon whips out his rod and extends it to full length. A few of them clank off the metal weapon, but Jon doesn't manage to keep all of them from hitting. >.<; And here come more of th—whoa, flicker strike! c.C Jon throws himself forward to avoid the incoming strike. Fortunately, this causes his vision to miss the blinding flash; unfortunately, it sends him straight through the cloud of shuriken. XP
Jon lands on the ground beneath the tree. He takes a moment to pluck out a couple of shuriken. "Your reputation is well-earned," Jon remarks. "I may not last long unless I take this really seriously." Jon turns around and locks his gaze on his opponent, focusing hard. "Sorry, but in order to have a chance here, I'm going to have to cage your potential." And caged Yasushi would suddenly seem to be, in a maze of tough, interlocking tree branches!

The Kaguya calmly followed after Jon as he treated his wounds, seeming to be in no rush unlike before against Reza. He ovehears what he has to say, and notes Jon is speaking of a trap before it is sprung. However, the fact that the tree seemed to shift and grasp at him was odd to Yasushi. Taking a bit of a chance with very little time to spare, Yasushi would bite his lip just as the strange jutsu with the tree would entrap him, shattering the illusion just before it could take full effect. "Clever… i would not have noticed at all if you didn't use the tree as your catalyst. I am well aware of Senju Hashiramako thus your gamble failed." Yasushi would state to Jon as he peered at him. Of course, he didn't mention how close it truly was.
Licking his lip free of the blood, he would blurr forward and attack the tree. His fist would pulverize it, shattering large chunks and causing it to creak and moan as it began to tilt. Yasushi would climb the tree as it began to fall towards the ground and tumbled over the top branches, grasping it with both hands as he'd grunt and torque with the large falling mass. With an extremely loud crackling of broken wood, he would rip it free as he continued to roll forward and the bulk of the tree would rotate with great power down towards Jon's location. Falling free from the tree, but still in the air, Yasushi would choose to attempt to restrict the movements of Jon by bombarding him with dozens of senbon, attempting to corall him as the tree plummeted atop his form.

Jon smiles ruefully. "Realizing a genjutsu isn't always enough to escape from it. Congratulations on breaking mine." Jon watches with furrowed brow as Yasushi…attacks the tree? What does he plan to accomplish by…oh. o.O Jon starts running away from the falling tree, but skids and stumbles in an attempt to avoid Yasushi's needle storm. He's successful in this, mostly…but the failure is critical, as a couple of needles pierce his foot and pin it to the ground. o.O; Whilst the cracking groans of the toppling giant drown out all else, Jon tugs at his foot, winces in pain, then crouches down to try and pull out the tiny anchors…but all too soon the shadow looms over him, and he looks up briefly before—*WHOOOOMPH!*
Whoa. Even with the energy field protecting him, and being hit by the leafy crown rather than by the trunk, that had to hurt. c.c Of course, it's tough to tell just how bad the damage is underneath all that foliage…which is exactly what Jon is counting on. The real Jon crouches behind the tree's forlorn stump, slipping out another linking thread of chakra. The simple clone Jon left behind when Yasushi went after the tree served his role well. Jon leaps straight up and unleashes a barrage of shuriken at Yasushi. "Of course you're right, though, it's all the better if you can trick your opponent!" >D

Yasushi didn't lack anticipation behind his assault. This was a shinobi battle after all. The ambush sprung by Jon was avoided via ducking, though for the rest Yasushi would turn and stand, walking in to them. Most of them deflected and bounced off of him, but a few scrapped his outter appendages to seemingly no real effect on him. "Some times, tricks simply are not enough." he would state as he'd flick his right arm harshly towards Jon, barely shifting his stance as the bullets of bone would leave him and move to rip through Jon should he be unable to escape them.

Jon lands and readies himself as Yasushi extends his arm. What's he going to do n—*THUNK* Jon feels something small, hard, and very fast bury itself in his shoulder. c.C; OW! More of the tiny whatever-they-are pepper the area, and Jon can only manage to flicker away and avoid the tail-end of the storm. Jon hides behind another tree and takes a moment to feel himself over. He has puncture wounds all over, although thanks to the protective field none of them are deep or have hit vital spots. Jon isn't sure whether he'd have survived that otherwise. c.c; Well, no use dwelling on how bad it /would've/ been.
Jon steps out from behind the tree. "That was a very impressive attack," he remarks. "I don't like my chances here. But I guess that's why you're known as a legend." Jon takes a pair of handcuffs from his belt and twirls them on one finger. "Ever see a pair of ninja cuffs? Extremely strong, chakra-suppressive, virtually escape-proof. If the rumors about your village are true, you might not have much use for devices intended to take prisoners, but…" Jon gives a flick of his hand, and the cuffs disappear. A ratcheting sound and a cold metal feeling encircles Yasushi's wrists. "…they do have some other uses!" Jon dashes forward and aims a flying kick at Yasushi's face, following up with a falling punch toward his gut.

The hand cuffs would be strange to see in the middle of an arena battle. In fact, it was strange to see at all on a shinobi, but almost alien to see for a Kaguya. Not that they never captured people, but beaten within an inch of their life was normally how they would be seen coming in to what would be considered a jail cell. Yasushi wasn't fooled however as the cuffs disapepared and moved to grip his hands. He easily out manuvered… well atleast he would have had they been real to begin with. "Another illusion…" he would state as he is bound behind his back and withi nhis mind and largely unmoving as the kick comes to his face full force right after. Leaning backwards harshly from the kick, his vision would clear and see the punch coming down towards him. Yasushi however did not seem to remain stunned and unaware as both of his fists shot up towards Jon as he growled viciously, sending devestating force back towards his foe who had slipped in a hit himself.
As Jon would have to deal with the crushing coutner, Yasushi held his jaw and jerked it back in to place with a sickening crunch as he stared at his opponent. "Your tactics are sound." he would say as some of his smaller soudns began to mend themselves as well. "But as i stated before, some times tricks simply are not enough."

Ouch. x.x; Jon flies back through the air, somersaulting over and managing to land in a skid on his hands and feet. He can keep going easily enough, but he has a feeling the judges will call the match pretty soon on account of You'd-Be-Toast-In-A-Real-Battle. Jon grunts as he straightens up and stands. "Y'know, I just realized something," he remarks. "You're one of the Seven Swordsmen, but I haven't seen you use a sword this whole time. Am I just not a serious enough opponent to warrant the use of it? Or maybe…" Jon clasps his hand in a seal. A ring of swords of all shapes and sizes seems to fall from the heavens, hemming Yasushi in and melding together into a cage around and above him. "…it's really just a title?" A fairly obvious illusion this time, but might do Jon some good regardless.

Raising a brow at the comment Jon made, the larger of Yasushi's twin blades unsheaths itself and cuts Yasushi on the cheek as he finds himself being assaulted by blades from the heavens. It was probably more than was required, however… "I believe that a sword should not be drawn unless blood is to be spilt with it. I am a master of many forms of battle, swordsmanship is merely one of them. It seems you are curious however… so watch closely." Takin his blade fro mthe air, Yasushi would then move almost like a streak of lightning. While it was increadibly fast, the reason for this visual illusion had more to do with how precisely he moved from point A to point B. No wasted movements, no second guessing, the blade was Yasushi and Yasushi was the blade. There was nothing but the target and the will of the swordsman in existence for Yasushi for that split second. After the attack, standing a couple of yards behind Jon, he would resheath his blade. "Are you still curious?" he would ask without facing his opponent. Perhaps he was sure of his victory, or perhaps he simply didn't want to move from his position.

Jon readies his stance. Seems his words had achieved their desired effect…now to see if he can outstroke a master swordsman. o.o; It's an extreme gamble, of course, but when you're down to your last chip, betting for the long odds can't make things much worse. Jon reaches up to grasp his holstered rod, and—
Uh-oh. It's already over. x.x There is a brief spray of blood from Jon's chest, not nearly so much as would come from a mortal wound, but pretty serious as things go in this arena. Jon drops to one knee. Even though the wound is only skin-deep, it feels like something just went through him like a hot knife through butter. Jon listens to Yasushi's question and chuckles faintly. "Not so much, no…thanks for indulging me." Jon lets go of his rod and waves his hand limply. "Hey, I'm done, he wins. Can I get some medical attention here, please?" X)

Kinji holds up an arm quickly, before Jon is even done giving up. But he says nothing until the words actually leave the Saito's mouth. Then he announces, "This match is over. Winner: Kaguya Yasushi. Medical ninja to the grounds, please." The barriers go down in order to admit the shinobi in question.

"Not bad…" Yasushi would state, though he didn't clarify what he was speaking of. A moment later, a strike of lightning would suddenly hit him! Well, actually it seemed he had vanished within the bolt of lightning. As many looked for where he may have gone, he was already putting his kimono back on beside Yuuka. "Hungry?" he'd ask of her as he adjusted his clothing. Once again he'd not bothered with after battle medical attention.

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