First World Ninja Competition - White Eyes and Red Eyes: Yuzuna vs. Hinotori


Abel, Fuyu, Hashiramako, Hinotori, Hiroshi, Moriko, Taji, Yuzuna

Date: November 11, 2010


Yuzuna and Hinotori's match in the Kusagakure tournament

"First World Ninja Competition - White Eyes and Red Eyes: Yuzuna vs. Hinotori"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!

*OOC*: look stands to see whose currently watching.


Tucked away in the corner of the arena stood Hashiramako, beside her was a small morning buffet set up with donuts, bagels, Pepsi, coffee, orange juice, and other miscellaneous items like Mountain Dew and Chipotle burritos available for the combatants of the day. These Kusa people really know how to put on a good show, free food seemed to attract young shinobi like bees are attracted to the nectars of flowers. The Kage grabbed a nice large powder sugar donut and bit into the soft cake, her lips being lightly ringed with the white sugar coating as she walked to the center of the area. She lifted her hand to her lips, wiping away the light dusting from her lips. She looked at the small bifold paper in her hand and nodded, "First Up: Hyuuga Yuzuna and Uchiha Hinotori. They represent two of the predominant clans of their village, Konohagakure, The Village Hidden in the Leaves. May you do your village and your respective clans honor in your fight today." She said, addressing the two. "Signal when you are ready, then I shall announce the start of the fight."

The morning was a good one, having gotten plenty of rest and eating a bowl of cereal, Hinotori was at the Stadium. He didn't know if he was fighting today or not, but then again he didn't look at the roster, mainly due to just wanting to have that element of suspense for him. Sitting in stands like many of the others spectators and fighters, Hinotori looks around and watches people as they spoke with one another. It was just like the Chuunin exams almost, a small smile catches his lips as he looks down into the pit. As Hashiramako comes to the center of the ring, and announce the fighters, Hinotori blinks then smiles again. It had been a long while since he's seen Yuzuna and even longer since the two have gotten a chance to spar one another.
Standing up and walking to the stairs, Hinotori puts his hands behind him and walks down, onlookers watching him as he leaves the stand then appears in the pit. Upon walking out into the pit, he bows his head to the Lady Hokage. "Long time no see." he says to her. He then stands and waits for Yuzuna.

Her steps are noiseless and light as a feather as Yuzuna descends the stairs, passing through the open archway into the arena itself touched by the morning sun. Lifting her gaze slightly, pale lavender eyes blinks slowly beneath dark lashes while some of the crowd begins to stir and cheer in excitement. Her expression never falters, never changes as she gazes out to the many people while seeming to casually cross the length of the pit towards Hinotori and Hokage-sama. Slowing her steps into a stop, Yuzuna closes her eyes and offers the Hokage a respectful bow before straightening the curve of her back, lifting a dark, thin brow as she glances back to her opponent. Regardless if Hinotori /is/ and Uchiha, what with the clan rivalry, surprisingly enough she gets along with him just fine. The corner of her full lips tugs with a subtle smirk that only the Hyuuga have mastered so very well, "Hinotori-san." Yuzuna murmurs.

As Yuzuna makes her way into the pit, his eyes does watch her. It has been a good while since the two seen one another and even if she is a Hyuuga; he never really cared about the rivalry. But again that's just Hinotori, he does know that rivalry will be tested today; it was tested by Fuyu and Kuki a few days ago. He bows his head to Yuzuna, "Yuzuna-san, been a while." he says to her with a smile on his lips. Hinotori does look a bit taller; his hair is a bit longer but kept neat. His build is more defined and arms toned. "Well looks like we get to really test one another." he tells her. And with that Hinotori stretches out a bit then closes his eyes and exhales. As he exhales, the dust roils away around him. He then moves into his Inferno Dragon stance.

"It has." Yuzuna murmurs lightly in agreement, lowering her chin just slightly with a faint nod. The subtle smirk continuing to linger on her lips for a moment or so longer before she shifts her pale lavender eyes to the Hokage. "I am prepared." she murmurs, narrowing her gaze before shifting a foot backwards and turning slightly, taking a few steps back to allow more comfortable room between herself and her opponent before turning around to face him once more. Silent, Yuzuna shifts her stance and adjusts her weight, placing most into her left leg while extending her right leg and right arm out in front of her in the familiar Juuken stance the Hyuuga clan is known for.

Hashi smiled and looked at the two young shinobi before her. "Do me proud." She said warmly and softly, so mostly only the two combatants would hear. She then took a few steps back with her arm raised. "Fighters ready!" she called out as the two settled into the fighting stances. "Begin!" With that, the match had officially begun and the Kage was then on her toes to avoid possibly being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He bows his head again to both the Lady Hokage and Yuzuna and smiles, "We will." he says to Hashiramako. Hinotori studies Yuzuna for a moment, watching her and actually feeling a bit nostalgic in a way. But when the words "Begin." leaves the Hokage's lips, he starts to grin at Yuzuna. It was one of his typical attitude and nature when knowing he's going to get into a good fight. He focuses his chakra through his body as he slowly begins moving in a slow deliberate circle.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Up in the stands, Taji is watching this fight eagerly. Hinotori is definitely who Taji is rooting for but he wants both of the Konoha Nin to do well. He's sitting down front and munching on some deep fried wasabi beans as he waits for the match to get going. He calls out, "Good luck! Go go go!"

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Hiroshi would find his way towards an open section of the stands. An area in the lower seating area. The teen Hyuuga would be in his battle gear, awaiting his name to be called for the tournament. His pal lavender eyes peering out at the ring, nodding lightly as he turns to a seat. His long ebony hair would be tied back pulled tightly as it rest below his shoulder. "Come on Yuzuna!" he would shout out, letting her know he is there watching, before he turns to glance at Taji who made an earlier outburst.

Yuzuna keeps her pale lavender eyes trained on Hiroshi all the while, narrowing her gaze as the Hokage signals the beginning of the match. The subtle smirk fades just slightly as she begins to shift her weight fluidly through her legs while her fingers extended outwards tense, tightening with concentration as her gaze continues to follow the Uchiha. Even while they both begin to focus their chakra in preparation, one corner of her lips tugs faintly with a subtle, unusual glance. "This will be different than what you are accustomed to, Hinotori-san." Yuzuna murmurs. "I have trained myself to such a degree that I know what you are going to do before you do it… I know when you lie; I know when you are nervous or excited. My eyes can see everything."

Smirking now at Yuzuna as he sees her getting ready, "Yeah, just like before you will never lose the wit of yours." he says to her. He hears Taji up in the stands as well as Hiroshi. "Ah…" he says as he notices Yuzuna looking towards Hiroshi. He doesn't take his eyes off her, but subtle things he does notice. "Well I will admit, I have been slacking, due to y'know you not being around to help out in training, but it will be alright." he tells her as he closes his eyes for a moment. His smile fades from his face, his body relaxes to a point that his shoulders and arms drop to his side. Blowing air out through his mouth, "Show me what you got." he says then in a burst of speed, Hinotori streaks in towards her, his eyes opening at the last moment, he nears Yuzuna and throws a punch towards her stomach. He quickly thrust his right knee towards her ribs, then does a back flip, which he kicks out at her as he flips away aimed towards her chest. Nothing fancy, but something to get things rolling.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Taji keeps cheering, mostly for Hinotori. He waves a little Konoha flag and calls out! "Go you two! Do great!" He really seems to want both sides to do well. "Go Hinotori! Go go!" Well, maybe a bit of bias, but considering he's on Hinotori's team that's not surprising.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Hiroshi can only chuckle, as he finds his way towards a seat near Taji, smirking at him for a few moments before patting the happy Genin upon the shoulder. "Talk about a Fan club." he would note, smiling down at Taji, before sliding into a seat. "How have you been Taji, are we going to be seeing you in this." but Hiroshi would pause, glancing down as Yuzuna dodges Hinotori's first attack barrage. "No hesitation to start I see." he would add not finishing his prior question.

Smirking now at Yuzuna as he sees her getting ready, "Yeah, just like before you will never lose the wit of yours." he says to her. He hears Taji up in the stands as well as Hiroshi. It was good to have people here from the village rooting for everyone. He doesn't take his eyes off her, but subtle things he does notice. "Well I will admit, I have been slacking, due to y'know you not being around to help out in training, but it will be alright." he tells her as he closes his eyes for a moment. His smile fades from his face, his body relaxes to a point that his shoulders and arms drop to his side. Blowing air out through his mouth, "Show me what you got." he says then in a burst of speed, Hinotori streaks in towards her, his eyes opening at the last moment, he nears Yuzuna and throws a punch towards her stomach. He quickly thrust his right knee towards her ribs, then does a back flip, which he kicks out at her as he flips away aimed towards her chest. Nothing fancy, but something to get things rolling.

Yuzuna lifts a thin, dark brow at him, "You cannot possibly be trying to lead me to believe that your slacking is due to my absence." she replies easily as the Hyuuga kunoichi continues to watch him steadily, already gathering information in the opponent's movements while the crowd continues to cheer all around them. When Hinotori moves with sudden speed, Yuzuna narrows her pale eyes slightly, though doesn't hesitate as she shifts her weight backwards with fluid speed, his punch missing completely. Digging her left foot into the ground, pushing off to throw her momentum to the right to smoothly avoid the attempted kick to her ribs and back flip kick.
Flying back with the momentum for a few feet, Yuzuna shifts her feet behind her to dig into the ground and skids just slightly, arching a brow at the open and straightforward attack. No doubt he was testing her. "That's it?" she asks, the next moment disappearing with sudden speed. Pushing off, she blurs as dashes straight towards Hinotori, chakra faintly streaming from the surface of her hands while the smooth skin along the temples of her eyes sharply bulges with webs spiderwebbing along her pale skin. The intense gaze of the Byakugan penetrates Hinotori as Yuzuna lifts both of her hands, aiming both her right, then her left at his chest with a precise "Hiyah!"

"Nah, don't flatter yourself." he laughs. Seeing that his attacks were easily evaded, he smirks a little bit as he gathers himself a bit. "Just saying I've been slacking, but ehhh, let's just make sure we have fun." he tells her. Again he laughs when she asks if that was it, "Girl, it has been a while since you and I trained together." he backflips back a few feet, but as he does he sees here Byakugan activate and her blur out of sight only to catch him off guard with her first strike. But as her second strike comes in, Hinotori tcks with his mouth and gathers chakra through his body and expels the powerful build up of his fire element to propel him up and over her.
Landing and spinning around, Hinotori begins smiling a bit more, and then using his speed to close the distance. As he nears Yuzuna, he begins to get a bit serious and throws kick towards her back, and as his foot reaches the apex of striking her, his foot is engulfed in flames. Upon completing his kick he spins around and throws a punch towards the middle of her back and as his fist reaches her back it too is engulfed in flames.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Taji blinks then smiles, "Hi there." He offers to Hiroshi, "No, I'm not going to fight. Too big a risk." He explains, vaguely, "Besides, I try to avoid fights if I can. Here, it's just who is faster, or stronger, but not usually who is smart enough to avoid the fight in the first place." He says with a little grin. Then he turns his attention back to the match, "Go Hinotori! Go go!" He cheers on.

Yuzuna blinks once before arching a thin brow as Hinotori flares upwards through the air in a flashy move, seeing the slight fire behind him. Uchihas. As he lands, she rolls her shoulder back with a smooth turn to face him a bit better, never moving, only studying him as Hinotori spins around and uses his speed to near her once more, aiming a flaming kick in the center of her back, only to also follow through with a punch to her back as well. Yuzuna narrows her pale eyes as he attempts to get behind her, pushing off with sudden speed to blur to avoid both attacks.
She reappears a moment after, a few feet in front of him with narrowed, hardened gaze. "Right now…" Yuzuna murmurs lightly as her weight shifts once more, arms extending to dip her right hand downwards and out in front of her. "You are in range…" Focusing chakra through her fingertips, she pushes off with another sudden burst of speed, shoes digging in the soft earth as she propels forwards straight towards the Uchiha. "Eight Trigrams, Sixty Four Palms!" Yuzuna screams, the instant after her hands double tapping his chest in fluid, menacing motion, "Two palms!" she screams again, slamming four more bursts of chakra into him in very precise points on his body, "Four palms! Eight palms!" The kunoichi yells while her hands continue to relentlessly pound him, "Sixteen palms! Thirty two palms! Sixty four palms!"

Well that went very well, he says to himself as he whiffs on his attacks, but then again he was starting to get the feeling of his body and just fighting again. He knew he couldn't put off this too long before Yuzuna gets into a groove. She has already hit him once, and for him that was one too many. Hinotori watches Yuzuna as she blurs in towards him, and as she announces her attack, he shakes his head, "Shit." he curses himself as he channels his chakra through him and tries to dodge away from her. He does dodges, but not well enough to be struck. Feeling half the strikes, that's what was enough for his tenketsus to be closed. Grunting in pain, he knew he didn't have much time to try to get something going in his favor.
Hinotori knows this would be dangerous for him, but it could pay off. Activating his Sharingan, Hinotori quirks his head to the side and actually starts backing away from her, getting some distance from Yuzuna as he can.

Yuzuna isn't about to let him get away to recuperate, though she does narrow her pale, intense gaze as Hinotori activates his Sharingan. Something that she has never seen him do before. With her attention sharp, the kunoichi digs her feet into the soft earth as she takes off in a sudden burst of speed, straight towards her opponent. She lifts her lax arms as she focuses chakra through her fingers, aiming another pair of precise and swift strikes directly in the middle of his chest. Her intense gaze narrows hard, jaw set.

Hinotori isn't even able to defend, as Yuzuna rushes him Hinotori is only able to bring his arms up and prepare for the attacks that strike him precisely where she wanted to place them. Staggering a little and breathing hard, Hinotori lowers down to one knee, but his eyes narrow, "Seriously Yuzuna-san, this is it?" he asks her as he looks to her. His Sharingan eyes seem to emblazon intently as he looks to her, his cocky grin still on his face as he looks to her. Blood trickles from his mouth, he isn't able to move much right now, and his eyes look to be reverting back to normal.

Her strikes pushing him back, Yuzuna slows herself as she straightens her back, coming to a pause in her attacks as she lifts a thin, dark brow at Hinotori. Not without focusing her chakra as she gazes stares at the Uchiha as he lowers onto his knee, the Sharingan faltering and fading into dark eyes. She remains silent for a moment longer before she murmurs to him, "You have fought well and honorably." Yuzuna murmurs lightly to him, "Do you forefeet?" Her fingers absently flex, slightly twitching at her sides a few subtle times.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Hiroshi could only smirk as Yuzuna fights; the teen Hyuugas eyes flare open as he peers at his younger cousin. "I see she isn't holding anything back, she is going for Gold." he would say, watching the display of the 64 palms. Turning to peer at Taji now, Hiroshi would smile lightly, "Well I hope I get your cheers when I enter my fight." he would say, chuckling lightly as he turns to face the arena once more, watching Yuzuna dash forward Hinotori delivering the barrage of blows, "And now, the end game begins." he would say, smirking lightly as he turns to Taji, "What do you think, can you read the battle?"

He needed the break, this was going horribly bad, he had never been brought down this quick before but that smile on his face remains. He knows that he isn't doing well and those well placed strikes have hurt him, but taking this time as she speaks to regain some of his air back. Taking a few breaths, "Yuzuna-san, as long as you've known me, I only quit when I have to." he begins to stand again, his chakra flowing through him a bit easier now, but it is still hurting him to gather his chakra back. "Let's make this fun." he tells her as he takes a few breaths as he stands and gets back into his stance. His stance is open, even though he tries to cover it, Hinotori is winded but his stay focused even if he isn't using his Sharingan now.

Yuzuna merely lifts a thin brow at the Uchiha, silent all the while before she lifts a shoulder in an idle shrug, "So be it then." she answers lightly. And without hesitation, she widens her stance and lifts her right arm simultaneously. Taking a step forward, she quickly thrusts her open palm straight at Hinotori, focusing chakra into the area of her palm and releasing it all at once, releasing a sudden burst of pure chakra straight at her opponent. With the close distance between them, Yuzuna aims her attack to blast Hinotori straight back and into the stone wall at surrounds the pit.

The Hokage is called away, and a new proctor enters. Uchiha Fuyu stands out of range of the fighting (hopefully) and watches. She frowns a bit when she sees Hinotori's condition. She should end this fight right now. But she doesn't. Garbed in her Konohagakure Jounin's outfit, she is not just an Uchiha right now. She is the proctor for this match. And if Hinotori might still manage to do something, even in his current state… Or even if he can't… He would likely resent being cut off right now, before it is truly over. So it's down to whether she lets Hinotori fight to the end, since he appears to be too stubborn to recognize defeat… Or to risk his resentment and anger.
But neither is really an option. She has to wait until it is clear he cannot fight anymore. Then, and only then, will she be able to call an end to this. Anything else would compromise her duty. Still, there is hope. "Come on, Hinotori," she mutters, as Yuzuna comes blazing in with a powerful attack.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands, Enter Moriko, she had been trying to look around the town and all and do some shopping but it's been rather dead of late! Mo blinks and glances down at the arena before wandering toward the edge where she leans against the railing. "Oooh what's going on now I wonner!"

He isn't one hundred percent but he was still able to fight, this fight meant a bit more than previous due to him getting his fire back. As Yuzuna closes in on him, Hinotori waits. As she nears him, Hinotori expels his chakra as he jumps backwards from Yuzuna causing her to miss. As he lands he rushes her, closing the distance between them booth. Hinotori skids towards her, dipping his right shoulder and as he comes up he jumps upwards towards Yuzuna. As he does that his fist erupts into fire, the fire moves down his arm as well as fan out as he attempts to uppercut Yuzuna.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Akane would be in the stands watching this match; he was interested in this particular little scuffle. He had heard stories about the Uchiha as well as the Hyuuga; it was interesting to see them in the arena as opposing forces. Their ocular abilities were astounding each in their own way; the Byakugan he had heard so much about was indeed impressive, the Hyuuga appeared to have no blind spots. The Sharingan was still a bit of a mystery, but the sinister look of such eyes gave Akane a weird feeling. Now looking over the railing to keep a closer eye on the match Akane would smile. "I must say… this just got a bit more interesting, I do hope it doesn't end anytime soon."

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Hiroshi would applaud at the display, obviously pleased with how the fight is going. The teen Hyuugas pale opals are locked on Yuzuna once more, smirking at her, but the smirk soon fades as Akane's words are heard. Hiroshi would fold his arms over his chest, glancing over his shoulder, pale eyes now locked on the being behind him. "Like any move, this is now the end game." whatever that would mean, Hiroshi would then turn his head back to the ring, now peering at Hinotori, who has taken his fair share of damage this fight. "Yes, almost over." he would say once more.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Akane would look back to the pale eyed teen; he must be a Hyuuga as well. Akane would chuckle "You really think so?" Akane asked while not taking his eyes off the match. Akane would look at the Uchiha, he was beat up, but he didn't have the look of defeat yet which meant he still had a chance. "I've heard that there are very few things those eyes of the Hyuuga can't see. However I am sure the future isn't one of them. The Uchiha's art is a blaze, and it is strong ever growing….I would not say it is over yet. I'd like to think that the fight has yet to reach its climax." Akane glances back to the teen Hyuuga and smirked "You do seem confident though."

As her Mountain Crusher attack misses, Yuzuna arches a thin brow with mild disapproval at that for only a mere moment before she focuses sharply on the Uchiha again. Her jaw firms when Hinotori rushes towards her, dipping his body weight low as his fist only hints with the inferno that will no doubt erupt upon his attack. Her eyes see everything. With no hesitation, Yuzuna shifts her weight into a sudden spin, focusing her chakra at all of her chakra points at once in sudden release. The spin and the release of chakra dispel the uppercut, only to then counter in swift strike.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
"Hinotori has taken too much damage, to his tenketsu, his body, and his mental abilities. He did not come in this fight to go all out, unlike his opponent it would seem." The Hyuuga would say, leaning forward, eyes locked on the match. "Either something is holding him back, or he is not as strong as his opponent." Hiroshi would note, turning to peer over his left shoulder, "Think of it like this. Even with all the medical ninja here to assist. When the Byakugan causes enough damage. It can turn into permanent damage." he would add, smiling lightly.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands, Mo continues to watch, then notices Hiroshi. Suddenly the odd Jounin grins and well flickers over in an attempt to be behind Hiroshi before trying to poke him in the shoulder "Howdy!" She calls out cheerfully. "Interesting set of matches, yus?"

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Akane would nod at the insightful Hyuuga's words. Very true Hinotori had taken many punishing blows yet he still was able to move, he was still able to put up a fight, hopefully his opponent didn't get ahead of herself and let her guard down. "You are right, but I still won't count him out. There isn't a single skill in this world that can damage a ninja's spirit, and as long as he has that…I believe he will be able to keep on going, no matter how much damage he receives." Akane would think about what Hiroshi said about something holding Hino back; with hesitation he would never win this one. Whatever if anything was hindering Hinotori's full potential, he needed to overcome it if he wished to come out of this match victorious.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Watching the elder Uchiha battle Abel would smirk as it seems that he was more than talk, watching the man dodge the spin of Yuzuna he would jump out of his sit. "Tsk… he's better than I thought." is said as he shrugged and sat back down. "This match is far from over it seems." Abel eyes would lock onto Hino, locked onto his every move and action, taking notes to the way he moved and fought. He could feel the energy coming from him like he never felt before from anyone else.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Hiroshi would turn to peer up at Moriko, giving her a faint smile, and a small wave. "Yes, it is an interesting turn of events. I see you arrived at the right time to peer upon the end game." he would say turning back to face the arena, eyes once again falling upon the match. "Yuzuna has greatly damaged Hino's Tenketsu, and his body has taken allot of physical damage. I would guess things won't last much longer if he tries to unleash a jutsu arsenal on his opponent." he would add. Sighing lightly, taking a moment to brush a few strands of stray hair from his face. "The human body is a fragile thing. It can take allot of damage, its skin can stretch very far, and it can so easily shrivel up in a moments time. But when they human body takes that much abuse and damage, while training to maintain a bloodline jutsu, focus and gather ones inner chakra, while at the same time fighting."

His eyes focusing, even though he isn't using his Sharingan, Hinotori was able to see as he lands and the moment Yuzuna body shifted to do her spin. Using his momentum landing, he throws himself backwards. He was very close in being struck, and he couldn't believe his luck for being able to avoid the counter attack sprung by Yuzuna. Panting as he landed, he was starting to get tired, and his body already sore due to earlier strikes by Yuzuna, but he wasn't going to allow himself to stop now. Watching the Hyuuga Heiress as she stops, Hinotori dashes in towards Yuzuna, using his speed to carry him in quickly towards Yuzuna. As he gets within range, he hops in towards her doing a back spinning roundhouse kick aimed towards her chest. Using all his strength and speed he attempts to launch Yuzuna into the air, "RYU….!" he calls out, then quickly leaping up in the air to follow if he succeeds, he does a mid-air axe kick aimed towards her right shoulder to slam her down towards the ground, "REPPU!" he calls out at the same time his hands flash through seals, "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Great Fireball Technique)." he calls out as he brings his hand towards his mouth while inhaling air into his lungs, then expelling it out forcefully sending a large fireball down towards Yuzuna.

Her Great Heavenly Spin defended against, Yuzuna narrows her pale gaze just slightly before slowing her spin, her small feet skidding just slightly through the earth as she comes to a stop and snaps her sharp, intense gaze on her opponent. Her stoic expression never falters as she watches Hinotori launch himself towards her, using the momentum to launch himself towards her. Arching a thin, dark brow, her eyes watch the tension in his muscles, the excited beat of his heart fueled by adrenaline and racing through his limbs, and chakra building up in preparation. With little hesitation, Yuzuna slightly digs her right foot into the soft earth as she pushes off, smoothly avoiding the back roundhouse kick that was aimed towards her chest. His hands flash with a series of seals, using his chakra as a very large fireball is aimed towards her as well. Breathing out slowly, she pushes off and blurs with sudden speed, disappearing from the path of the giant fireball to appear right behind Hinotori. Without flare, the Hyuuga kunoichi reaches up to grip at the side of his neck, focusing chakra through her fingers as she aims for the chakra points in the side of his neck to paralyze him.

Not surprised that Yuzuna was able to dodge his attacks. Landing, Hinotori continues breathing hard, but he tries to slow his breathing down enough to conserve what energy he had left. But as he does he catches the slight of movement from Yuzuna and quickly spins out of the way. When he turns to face her, his eyes crimson with a comma in each eye. A smile playing on his lips, he was really getting into the fight, even though he was losing, Hinotori hops about a few times shaking out his hands, arms and legs then settles back into his stance. Slowly moving in towards Yuzuna, Hinotori knew that she has perfect vision, but that didn't make it better then the Sharingan, and now he was going to try to prove just that. Moving his head from side to side just subtlety, the Uchiha Chuunin closes the distance between them, throwing a quick snap kick towards Yuzuna's head. He then quickly jumps up into the air, while still moving in towards her and executing a split kick towards her, though as he does so, fire erupts from both his legs and as he swings his legs out for the kick, he purposely executed it early in hopes of catching her off guard which has his kicks aimed for her chest and stomach instead of chest and head.

He spins away from her and out of her grip, avoiding the paralyzing maneuver easily while staring her down. Yuzuna quirks a thin brow in return, seeming unsurprised with his sudden movement and simply lowers her hand to her side, her body lax as the Uchiha meets her intense gaze. Breathing out slowly, she rolls her neck just slightly as she begins focusing chakra, watching Hinotori all the while as he begins to pace his way towards her, closing the distance between them. Narrowing her pale eyes just slightly, she sees the kick at her head as he shifts his weight, responding in turn as she turns back just enough to smoothly and elegantly avoid the kick. Arching a brow, she calmly watches as he jumps towards her and does another split kick, only to be met in turn as she takes a step back and shifts back to avoid that kick as well. His timing didn't throw her off it seems, as the Hyuuga was watching his body movement instead of his timing. With as close as he is now, Yuzuna's gaze narrows, suddenly disappearing with inhuman speed straight towards the Uchiha. Even if he could see her attack coming, her reflexes were better than his. She closes the distance between them and aims two precise strikes at his chest, specifically for the tenketsu points there as she releases a pair of bursts of chakra.

Having missed, Hinotori chuckles a little to himself as he watches her body movement as well. The Sharingan ablaze in his eyes, Hinotori is able to easily see her strike out at him in slow motion, allowing him to dodge away from each of her strikes easily. Her reflexes are nothing compared to his own which Hinotori knows, breathing hard, his body shaking a little. He wasn't going to last long, sighing a little Hinotori wasn't an idiot, he hasn't been able to strike her since they've started, but then again, she hasn't been able to hit him since he's warmed up. Shaking his head and deactivating his Sharingan, he smiles towards Yuzuna and bows. "I concede." he says as he manages to catch his breath. He looks to Fuyu and bows to her and as he starts to walk he staggers but manages to keep from falling, shaking his head a little he sighs and waits for the medical nins to come to him.

Yuzuna narrows her gaze faintly as Hinotori dodges each of her attacks, now with distance between them once more. She presses her lips together in thought, though quirks a brow as his demeanor and stance shifts, releasing a breath at his uttered words as she slightly rolls her shoulders. Pulling herself out of the Juuken stance, she rights herself and releases the Byakugan, pale skin smooth once more as she lowers into a respectful bow to Fuyu as well. After a brief moment, she straightens her back and lifts her pale lavender eyes to the crowd watching, turning towards them with another bow of respect. Standing once more, she begins to move towards the exit, moving swiftly enough to close the distance between herself and the staggering Hinotori. Wordlessly she ducks just slightly, moving simultaneously to lift his left arm and cross it across her shoulders, supporting most of his weight as she assists him from the ring and to the Medical nins.

Fuyu saw long ago how tired Hinotori had become. Yuzuna was not in particularly great shape either, but Hinotori had taken a lot of hits apparently. The degree of skill and determination he showed at the end of the match was too little, too late. Yuzuna had prepared better for the tournament. Just like Fuyu's own opponent had… She shakes her head and raises an arm in the air.
"Winner: Hyuuga Yuzuna!" she calls out. Hinotori will need to be treated for exhaustion probably. He won't be doing his next match any time soon.

Not thinking Yuzuna would help him out, Hinotori smiles to her when she comes to help him. "T… hank… you…" he manages to say before passing out. His body is hot and his heart is racing, he pushed himself hard and now his body is catching up with all the exertion and effort he gave.

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