First World Ninja Competition - Yet Another Uchiha Against Hyuuga: Hinotori vs. Ryuk


Hinotori, Ryuk, Kuki, Azure, Sora

Date: November 7, 2010


Hinotori and Ryuk have their first loser bracket match and Hinotori wins the match

"First World Ninja Competition - Yet Another Uchiha Against Hyuuga: Hinotori vs. Ryuk"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

"This feels like some sort of ill omen…" Kukiko would find herself stepping into the arena ring once again to proctor yet another match in the Loser's Bracket, not one proctored match in the original brackets. Her mind drifting as she waits for the stadium crew to give her to go ahead to start the match a the Stadium 'Seal Teams' rotate in order to make sure the protective barrier was working at one-hundred percent or at least 80, while the fight carried on. The woman would quietly study the the seal work with her Byakugan as she rocks back and forth on her heels.

The switch would eventually be complete and a thumbs up would be given to Kukiko. An exchange of nods would follow between Kukiko and the crewman before a booming voice rolls out through the stadium, "If we can have your attention please, the next match will begin shortly." The announcement would cause the stadium to quiet down significantly as they focus on the ring itself. Kukiko would seem to not pick up the cue as she seems to stare off into nothingness for a few moments, eventually lazily announcing the battle. "Hyuuga Ryuk of Konohagakure…" Kukiko would wait for him to make his entrance, a quick nod being given to him, a serious expression worn momentarily as she watches him. "Versus Uchiha Hinotori." Her expression would shift back to its usual pleasant one as she gives Hinotori a bit of a smile. She'd wait for them to settle before giving a motion of her hand. "Begin."

Ryuk stands with his head bowed silently awaiting for his next match. His mind needed to be clear for the events to come, he was sure of it. The opponent he faced was a fellow Konoha shinobi, yet he was from a clan as esteemed as his own, Uchiha Hinotori. Emotions were running high, it was necessary for him to calm his heart. How had he lost his last match was due to the level of skill of his opponent, and the choices he made were regrettable. He had vowed to give it his all, the effort he made was commendable, but he over-did it. Now this was taking a toll on him, but he still had to try his best. He walks out into the arena, the crowd wailing and cheering upon one of the combatant's entry to the ring. The noise suddenly turns to a humming murmur of whispering and confused voices, there was something about the combatant that didn't make sense.
The Hyuuga's steps were not consistent, he almost had a limp. No injured combatant would have any hopes to win a match in their right mind if they didn't posses some kind of special power. However, this was not the case, but somehow he summoned the will to compete against a worthy opponent. With hands resting together under his sleeves he walks towards the middle where Kukiko stands, and returns her serious glare with a neutral but knowing glance of his own. They may have thought it absurd, but even with the state his body was in, he would not only be aiming to prove his skill to himself, the villages and the people, but now the proctor as well, who was a member of his own clan. He straightens up and his eyes scan the area and the stands, landing on the opposite side to see his opponent emerge.
He studies Hinotori with a considering yet passive stare, standing still. His palms join together before his chest and he bows low "Hello, Hinotori." He says in a soft tone. The match had already begun, though he stays non-wavering, each moment was for him a window to gather more energy and focus. With a deep breath he raises a hand seal before his eyes and says "Byakugan!" As he gathers chakra for his kekkei genkai, buldging veins forming around his eyes. "For one of us, this will be our last chance to continue up the tournament ladder." He says in a slow and steady voice. His head tilting slightly forward as his fixed look doesn't falter from Hinotori. He needed the byakugan if he was to have any chance at defending against the speed of his Uchiha opponent. The slim statured Hyuuga positions his feet and raises his arms in that of the juuken style "If that one is me, at least I will know that I tried my best."

Standing in the entrance way on the opposite side of the tournament ring is Uchiha Hinotori. His eyes were closed and his thoughts were calm, he did lose to a very worthy opponent, Hyuuga Yuzuna. But today he had no intentions of losing. Knowng within Konoha as one of the non-stuffy Uchiha and one who loves a challenge, Uchiha Hinotori slowly opens his eyes. He had heard of his opponent and how he did in his first round, he too suffered from exhaustion during his first round, but Hinotori wasn't going to make the same mistake that he did once before.
As Hyuuga Kukiko walks out and introduces Ryuk and then himself. Walking out from the tunnel with his hands in his pockets, catching Kukiko's smile. Hinotori winks back at her, she is pretty cute even though she may be a bit older then him. But he didn't mind, then his eyes fall onto Ryuk. Stopping and studying him for a moment, once he is greeted, HInotori offers a smile, "Hello Hyuuga Ryuk." he says cheerfully. "Well lets have a good match and man lighten up and have some fun." he chuckles a bit. Stepping back a few steps, and watching as Ryuk calls upon his Byakugan, Hinotori sighs and bows back to Ryuk. He then begins to channel chakra throug his body.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands, Hiszur managed to miss every major match since he came to Kusagakure. Granted, he did show up rather late to the tournament. Whether it was sleeping in, wandering around and getting a feel for the area or a random restaurant that caught his eye, Azur had failed to see an entire match through, unless he was in the middle of it. Finally, he managed to make it to the start of a match. Neglecting to sit, Azur would stand at the railing to the stands with his arms crossed, possibly blocking some people's view. It would seem this watch was between an Uchiha and a Hyuuga. "Kekkei Genkai…" are the only two words this Kirigakure-nin would mutter as watched the battlefield down below.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,
Sora much preferred to avoid seeing matches. She didn't want to have an advantage over her opponent by watching their next techniques. But this was different. This would be a final battle, at least for one of the contenders, and she couldn't help but come to see Ryuk more than Hinotori. If Ryuk won, she'd look more impressive, whereas if Hinotori won, it'd make Yuzuna look better. Ugh. It was a selfish reason to come, but at last something had finally made her get out of bed and come to watch another match. It seems so far up as she sits in the stands, watching the contenders below. If she'd known what it felt like to be up here, looking down, she might have felt more intimidated in her last match. As it was, she hadn't even glanced up at the people.

Ryuk was breathing lightly, his still presence yet grounded and serious was almost fleeting as he listened to Hinotori. Of course, he wanted to have a good match, giving him a nod, but he could not completely understand what Hinotori meant by 'lighten up' at first. His breaths came together and he found that he was able to let the tense start of the match roll off his shoulders allowing him to feel at ease, perhaps this is what he meant. It was like the chakra flowing through the tenketsu, and he saw Hinotori gather chakra to use for his technique. He knew that it was time to start, and with a swift motion of the arm he sends a kunai knife flying through his sleeve straight at Hinotori. It was only a single kunai but a ranged attack at a close distance could prove to be a danger if not reacted to quick enough. He watched Hinotori's movements to get a gauge on his ability and speed to start. An Uchiha was one of the reknowned genjutsu users but Ryuk was not going to let that stop him from attempting his strategy, as he manipulates genjutsu waves of chakra to get a grasp on Hinotori's mind.

Standing in a neutral stance, Hinotori was as ready as anyone else would be if they were in his place. But then again, it was only a tournament nothing major, well not to him. All he wanted to do was test himself, something that is hard to do when you can only spar to a certain degree in your own village. Shaking his head, Hinotori takes his hands out of his pockets and smile, "Time to have fun." he says as the match starts.
As Ryuk tosses a kunai at him, Hinotori noted there weren't a follow up behind it and simply steps off to the side and watches the kunai go past him. Feeling something wasn't right, Hinotori quickly closes the distance between himself and Ryuk. As he closes distance, Hinotori comes in with a quick flurry of strikes. He throws a outside kick towards Ryuks ribs, then quickly spinning he does a spinning back fist towards Ryuks head.

Ryuk watched as Hinotori dodged the kunai speeding at him, and he had the foresight to predict the Uchiha's attack, as if he were trying to draw that kind of reaction from him. With flickering speed he uses a burst of chakra to evade the flurry of kicks and punches. He looks on during that moment to try and find an opening, and once he sees one he goes in for it. With a palm raised he launches towards Hinotori with a steady gaze, aiming the juuken palm strike at the chest. In the shadow of the palm comes a two fingered hand seal aimed at the shoulder, a chakra point as the target. Ryuk knew that if he could close the point, the Uchiha would have a much harder time using chakra for his taijutsu. He follows in stride to end the combo with another juuken strike to the opposite shoulder. If the Uchiha wasn't careful he could have him in a bad spot, but he persisted with a calm expectancy, only to be ready for whatever would come next.

So far things were starting out pretty easy, Hinotori was able to capture everything with his eyes. He watches Ryuks movements by studying his body and looking towards his chest. As Ryuk closed the distance between them which wasn't a lot, Hinotori knew the reprecussions of being struck by a Hyuuga. Channeling chakra through his body Hinotori flickers out of sight using a combination of his natural speed and chakra he quickly blurs out of the way of both the initial attacks. Then doing a backflip away from the final strike.
Hinotori focueses chakra to his eyes and with a smile, his sharingan is activated. A smile appears on his face as he looks to Ryuk, then using speed only he is able to generate, Hinotori quickly closes the distance between himself and Ryuk. As he nears Ryuk he jumps up in the air and as he does he starts to do a split kick, but as he does fire erupts from the heels of his feet fanning out quickly as he tries to aim both kicks out towards Ryuk. Upon landing he thrusts his knee out quickly towards Ryuks soloplexus, aiming to knock the wind out of him.

It was difficult for Ryuk to catch Hinotori with the juuken strikes, he only had enough speed to come close. He lands and takes a few breaths watching as he notices Hinotori's activate the Sharingan. There was certainly a difference between the Sharingan and the Byakugan, and the red eyes surprisingly made him wonder what he could see, the perceptions of the two in the arena ever so different. He knew that he would come in with something again, so he summons chakra to he feet, allowing him to spring off with ninja speed. Looking up at the flying Uchiha his eyes widen slightly "Fire…" It was a good call for him to anticipate a move such as that and gather the chakra needed to dodge.
This was a fast paced taijutsu battle, that his body was aching from already, though he had not spent nearly all his energy. He gets himself to a ranged position and a few shuriken appear in his hand from under his sleeve. With a thrust of his arm and a 360 degree spin picking up the dust in a circle, he launches the weapons at Hinotori.

Having missed again with both his attacks, Hinotori manages to recover quickly, a smile plastered on his face. Sighing a little bit, so far neither one was able to land a hit on the other. Hinotori hops back a few steps and as Ryuk tosses shurikens at him, the Uchiha only grins. As he watches Ryuk, his eyes take in everything he sees. As Ryuk launches the three shurikens at him, Hinotori saw them as if watching them in slow motion. Hinotori side steps the first, but as he attempts to dodge the second, he is grazed along his right arm. But as the final shuriken streaks in towards him Hinotori, the Uchiha ducks under the spinning shard of metal.
Standing up, Hinotori stretches out a little bit, he had to get something going and not tire himself out like he did his previous match. Remembering something that he should have started with earlier, Hinotoris hands come and quickly flash through hand seals, as he finishes he brings his hand to his mouth and blows outwards. "Katon: Sear!" he calls out as he blows all the air out from his lungs producing an incredible area of heat around him and moving outwards. The heat is the same that as if he was launching a Great Fireball out towards his opponent. Using the intense heat, Hinotori quickly closes distance with Ryuk, as he nears the Hyuuga, he throws a standing straight high kick towars Ryuk chin aiming to launch him into the air. If it connects, Hinotori follows up behind Ryuk then does an axe kick towards Ryuks head and with the strike send the Hyuuga crashing down towards the ground. Landing neatly Hinotori stands ready waiting on Ryuk.

As Ryuk was picking up the dust around him he had a few viable options. He could use the cover to speed into hiding covering his steps with a ninjutsu technique, or depending on what Hinotori would throw he could try to defend in place. As he spun in place, he noticed Hinotori using his chakra for ninjutsu. Picking up speed he lets out chakra from all his chakra points "Rotation!" But the attack was deceiving. He tried but he couldn't block the heat from the katon jutsu. Coming to a stop coughing, he tried to roll out of the way of Hinotori's move, but he's hit straight up into the air, landing with a loud thud and a plume of dust. Laying on the broken floor for just a moment, he gathers the strength to stand up.
"You tricked me." Admits Ryuk in a matter of fact tone of voice. It hurt but it was impressive nonetheless. Relaxing into the stance of the gentle fist, he prepares for another combination of attacks. Before he initiates however, he gathers more chakra for his Byakugan, increasing the range and detail of the technique. Hinotori was in range of his Byakugan. Ryuk balances Yin and Yang, his mind, body, and spirit coming into harmony with all the natural elements of the world. The noise of the crowd dissipates, it was just him and Hinotori on the arena floor. Suddenly he looks up at his opponent and speeds forth "Eight Trigrams: Thirty two palms!" Aiming sets of strikes at Hinotori's chakra points, striking with an increasing rate of speed for each set.

Watching the Hyuuga get up from the crack in the ground that he made, Hinotori was indeed impressed. But he doesn't tell Ryuk that, instead as the boy says that he tricked him, all Hinotori does is gestures for the Hyuuga to come on. Watching as Ryuk gathers chakra, he smiles and as he closes the distance towards Hinotori, Hinotori watches the Hyuuga as he moved in, that form and name rung a bell deep within Hinotori, yup, the the 32 palms. Watching how Ryuk moves and where each strike is aimed Hinotori seems to create a haze about him as he dodges away from Ryuk. Though Ryuk would think for just a second he struck Hinotori due to the after image that is left only to have it fade.
Continuing to watch, his sharingan like it has been doing spins as it takes in every strike that Ryuk uses. Grinning, Hinotori flashes through hand seals quickly, deep inhales and brings his hand up to his mouth, looks like he is doing it again. "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Great Fireball Technique)!" he launches a large sized fireball towards Ryuk.

Ryuk executed the thirty two palms technique just as the main branch members would and with perfect harmony if just for a moment, he was sure to hit Hinotori, at least he thought so. The Uchiha was fast, and he even made eye contact to see the Sharingan. He should have thought so, but the kekkei genkai he was up against had a quality so advanced that even his Byakugan could not beat, for now. He noticed the Uchiha gathering fire chakra in his stomach, it was none other than the infamous Great Fireball Technique.
Ryuk could not be caught in such a firey jutsu, and he used his genjutsu control to make an escape. Holding up the hand seal of the tiger, he continues to form a set of seals in a lightning fast motion, he attempts to alter the perception of Hinotori. The colors of the arena become slightly more vibrant, such as he was painting a mural. The breeze picks up, a gust of wind blowing his hair and robes, a few leaves blow across his vision. A bush blows over, and the sound of the wind in the trees starts to roar, as the number of swirling leaves increases. Then, a wall of leaves whirls around the body of Ryuk and disperses. Using the Hidden Leaf Escape Technique, Ryuk is nowhere to be found as he crouches, hiding in position.

As the large fireball misses, Hinotori couldn't help but frown just slightly, but still this match was going a lot better then his prevoius. Things did look a bit different and as he now looked with his sharingan, he shakes his head. 'Genjutsu.' he thought. Shrugging a little, his eyes are able to penentrate genjutsu and now that he knew he was in one, he only smiles. This match is already proving to be pretty fun. As Ryuk attempts to use his that same technique to hide, Hinotori allows him to think that he escapes Hinotoris notice, but then again, this match has drug on for quite some time.
Seeing where Ryuk has gone, Hinotori crouches then pushing off with his left foot Hinotori darts in towards Ryuk, "Time to end this my friend." eh says as closes the distance. As he nears Ryuk, he dips his right arm and shoulder thrusting upwards in a slight jump, "SHORYUKEN!" he calls out as he throws the jumping uppercut. If it strikes, it would hit the stomach, chest and chin launching Ryuk into the air. Spinning and landing, first, Hinotori quickly dashes towards Ryuk, and as he does his right shoulder dips again and this time his right fist burst into flames, "Katon: SHORYUKEN!" he calls out, doing a double dragon punch, ending with one with fire. This would would do the same but engulfs Ryuk in flames.

While he was hiding, Ryuk was able to watch Hinotori with his sphere of Byakugan vision and he noticed when he was coming close. The sharingan was good against genjtusu, but the konoha tonsou no-jutsu was effective to the last pindrop. Still, he was careful to create a false image of himself as a distraction, to cover his steps. He could tell the Uchiha could ultimately see through his attempts at genjutsu, when he could see him coming after him with the Katon shoryuken. He tried to dodge with a chakra boosted high jump, almost clearing the height of the stands, he could have waved to the spectators in the highest seats, but the Hinotori was on his tail, and the fire taijutsu was too fast and powerful. He gets knocked back down to the floor, a hole in his kimono steaming from the heat.
Leaning on his hands he lifts himself back up, dirtied and burnt. He could continue but he had run out of useable chakra reserves. There was a lot to compensate for against this opponent, and it would cause him more harm to tire himself out again. He starts walking towards Hinotori slowly, and stops at a close distance. Bowing humbly, he says "I surrender. Hinotori-san, you are a remarkable shinobi. I hope to work more closely with you in the future, for Konoha." And he starts walking peacefully off the arena floor.

Missing his first attack, Hinotori did catch Ryuk as he tried to jump away which only a long fall for Ryuk as he struck the Hyuuga. The fire taijutsuist Uchiha lands, sweating a little, but not feeling the effects of exhaustion yet. Hinotori controlled his breathing, calming himself as he stood there watching Ryuk. As the Hyuuga started to walk towards him after dusting himself off and righting himself. Hinotori took a few steps forward, he is relaxed, his sharingan proving to be a force to reckon with even agaisnt the Hyuuga. He bows his head after Ryuk surrenders. Smiling Hinotori bows his head, though his sharingan still active, "Ryuk-san, this was a very good match. I think this was the most fun I've had so far. My match with you and Yuzuna have showed me a lot. I hope we do get to work together in the future." he smiles and bows his head.
Hinotori looks to the proctor and smiles to Kuki, "Thanks for being the proctor in this match." he says to her. He then walks over to where Ryuk is and walks out with him. "Good match." he says again.

"Hrm, really…" Kukiko would comment quietly to herself after the forfeit, though with a small shrug she'd announce the result. "Ryuk has forfeited the match. The winner is, Hinotori.." Kukiko would give a lazy wave to the two, they both seemed fine enough so she had shown no concern for injuries so, off she goes!

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