First World Ninja Competition - Yuzuna vs. Hinotori Postmatch Analysis


Abiku, Hiroshi, Yuzuna

Date: November 1, 2010


After the match between Yuzuna and Hinotori in the Kusagakure tournament

"First World Ninja Competition - Yuzuna vs. Hinotori Postmatch Analysis"

Peach Pit Stadium Lobby [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Lobby [Kusagakure]

TEMPORARY DESC! This is where the World Ninja Competition is taking place. There are three arenas, each one identical, so just find one that's available and get your match started!


And with a roaring shout, the match between Hinotori and Yuzuna had came to an end, leaving Yuzuna, the hyuuga heiress as the victor. Hiroshi would have been in the stands, a large smile upon his face as he applauds at his cousins victory, turning to peer over his shoulders. "I told you the end game solved it all." he would say to a random land of lightning shinobi, before he takes his leave. There would be a small time gap between the next match, an hour limit to be exact, giving everyone enough time to obtain refreshments, restore the ring and clean up from the other matches, seeing as how most ended with exhaustion. Hiroshi would have made his way towards the outer walls hall of the waiting room. At the end of the haul he would make his way forward in attempts to meet Yuzuna as she returns.

With Hinotori taken away for medical treatment, Yuzuna sighs softly as she makes her way tiredly through the tunnel towards the waiting room, rolling her neck some and absently reaching up to brush back any stray strands of ebony hair back into place. Though there isn't a scratch on her, the kunoichi had used considerable energy during the length of her match, and it had taken a toll on her. But as tired as she is, Yuzuna's stoic, passive expression remains unwavering.

Hiroshi would be stepping down the hall, shoes clocking on the floor as he he peers down the hall, the image of Yuzuna in his eyesight, the teen hyuuga would rush towards the kunoichi, a bottle of water, cold towel, and a small box in hand. "Hey there you." she would say, rushing towards her as he sets the items on the ground, the towel cast over his shoulder as he embraces her, or more so attempts to. "Impressive match, a close one at that, but you really didn't pull any punches on him." he would say to her, his pale opals locked on, his ebony hair tied back cast over his right shoulder. "If I didn't know any better I would say you two had a score to settle, or a past one."

Yuzuna blinks once with mild surprise as Hiroshi suddenly hugs her, arms wrapped awkwardly over her own arms to leave her trapped of sorts, even for a moment. The Hyuuga kunoichi lifts a thin, dark brow before she lightly pulls herself out of Hiroshi's arms, look at him with a mildly odd glance for only a brief moment before the corner of her lips faintly tugs with a slight, very Hyuuga smirk. "Not particularly. Though I did find that the match would end too quickly if I had used Water jutsu." Yuzuna shakes her dark head once before pulling away completely, leaning down fluidly to take the bottle of water before straightening her back. Then with little hesitation, she begins twisting the bottle open as she passes around Hiroshi into the waiting room itself.

As Yuzuna continues onwards towards the waiting room there is a pitter patter of feet. Not just one pair but… three pair? A young man is there, his appearance leaning almost towards the moral feral end of the spectrum and a somewhat large juvenile nin-dog idly wander down the hall. The leaf headband on the young chuunin hangs lazily around his neck and he walks with crossed arms, "Yea, not a bad match I guess. Kinda boring though." he says, though oddly enough not to Yuzuna but the dog beside him who is looking up at the shinobi with a keen understanding in her eyes.

Hiroshi would smirk lightly, turning to the side as he watches Yuzuna enter into the waiting room, "I got ya some lunch, you may wanna eat up, gonna be awhile before your next match." he would say. The sound of the feet pitting pattering down the hall would catch Hiroshi's attention, though he wouldn't bother to look over his shoulder to see who. The arrival of the pair would receive a curious glance from the teen Hyuuga, tilting his head to the right he would peer at the shinobi. "An Inuzuka." he would say lightly, moving into the waiting room now he would place both hands in his pocket, "Hey. I am Hiroshi." he would say to the new arrivals.

Her footsteps are silent as Yuzuna enters the waiting room, twisting off the cap of her bottle of water before lifting the edge to her soft lips, tilting the bottle upwards as she lifts her chin and drinks steadily for a few good drinks. After lowering it, the kunoichi quirks a brow as she hears the comments about the match, the corner of her lips tugging just faintly before Yuzuna lowers herself at a table, releasing a silent breath as she sits perfectly straight and ladylike. "I think…" she murmurs idly after Hiroshi introduces himself, "that he did not really see any of that previous match."

The Inuzuka and nin-dog go into the waiting area, their pace painfully slow it seems - obvious that there is no hurry on their part. As Hiroshi speaks both would look up at the Hyuuga and offer a grin, a long fang present on one side, "Inuzuka Abiku." he says, the dog at his side letting out a type of grumbling growl at her master, "And this lovely lady is Tohime-chan." he adds teasingly, the dog bowing her head and tucking her ears in protest.
As Yuzuna speaks Abiku cranes his head to the side to look at her with the same toothy grin, "I saw enough of it. And i wasn't talking about you, more the Uchiha. With all you hear about them you kind of would expect more y'know?"

Hiroshi bows his head lightly, smiling at both the Inuzuka and his nin dog ally. The smile would last for a moment, before Hiroshi turns his attention back to Yuzuna, nodding in agreement."Well speaking of interesting matches, I had to proctor a match with a young prodigy by the name of Okumo Meruin. The kid is only 8 yet he beat adults." Hiroshi would say, shifting against the doors entrance as he completely enters the room, moving over towards Yuzuna taking a seat next to her. "The Uchiha are a proud and strong clan, though most would guess their are not as fearsome as most stereotype them to be. Though some are a bit reckless at times." he would say, bending down as he laces his boots, tugging the laces tightly before he ties them off, strapping a carpace skin against them.

Yuzuna faintly lifts a dark brow again, her hands in her lap as she remains quiet for a moment longer, "Fire kicks and punches are rather flashy, however if it was not entertaining enough for you… I suppose to each his own." Though tired, the corner of her soft lips tugs just slightly before she lowers her head in a respectful bow towards the Inuzuka. "Hyuuga Yuzuna-san," she murmurs, introducing herself. "A pleasure to meet you, Inuzuka Abiku-san." Her pale lavender eyes shift to glance towards the puppy, her expression relaxing subtly. "And a pleasure to meet you as well, Tohime-san." Looking back to her older cousin, her expression returns to her usual passive state as she breathes out slowly, "The Uchiha… are not as impressive as they think themselves to be."

Abiku nods once to Tohime who's methodical tail wag turns a bit more excited as he trots happily towards Yuzuna and noses at her knee and hand playfully. Abiku however gives at least some effort to appear civilized with a slight bow, "Not sure I'd be very good against the ocular-jutsu users. But i'm pretty good at tracking and such." he says with a shrug, moving towards the table next to Yuzuna's and propping a foot up haphazardly on it.

"Well to be fair, your nose may triump over my eyes in some cases. But when it comes to damaging the tenketsu, our clan has that won." Hiroshi would add, moving towards his left boot, although it is already laced he would strap a piece of carpace leather around it, before sitting up, limbering his shoulders. "I cant wait for my match, I am so pumped on the inside." he would add his shoulders rotating back as he peers at the inuzuka and friend, "So tell me, are you in this tournament sir Inuzuka?" Hiroshi would ask, his pale eyes falling upon the nin dog, a faint smile over his face.

Yuzuna lightly glances down at Tohime as the young dog happily trots over to where she sits, watching as her knee and one of her hands in her lap are nosed slightly. She waits briefly for a short moment before turning her nearest hand to Tohime in a nonthreatening manner, quietly offering the dog to smell her hand, knowing enough about customs and the Inuzuka clan to know that their dogs are held in the highest regard and never to be taken lightly. Besides, properly introducing oneself to a Nin-dog was just as important as to their partner. If and when Tohime allows it, Yuzuna quietly lifts her hand just enough to trace her fingertips through the dog's chocolate fur, gentle and massaging along her head before rubbing subtly deeper into her ear. "Every clan has their strengths and weaknesses. To disregard others because we do not see eye to eye on one matter or another is foolhardy." Yuzuna murmurs lightly, lifting her pale lavender eyes to glance to her older cousin. "When is your match beginning, oniisan?"

Tohime's tail continues to wag and she moves a little closer to Yuzuna, resting her lower jaw on her leg as the woman runs her fingers through her fur, obviously content. Abiku watches, slightly amused, and nods at Hiroshi, "If you need to warm up, I don't mind the practice myself." he says slyly, though not with any hint of arrogance in regard to his own ability, "We all have our uses. I wouldn't hope to match a Hyuuga clan member in taijutsu, I agree with Yuzuna-chan. We all have our strengths." he says, using the -chan without hesitation as is his obviously informal nature.

"Soon I hope." he would say, giving an annoyed sigh as he stands to his feet. "I have been waiting for sometime now, and I rather get my three matches over with rather than conceeding." he would add, moving towards a single refresher, turning the handles on the sink as the cool clear water erupts from it. Sighing once more Hiroshi would cup his hands under the fountain, the crystal clear water gathers in it before he splashes i upon his face. "Hmmm, thats refreshing." he would say, the droplets running down his face as he turns to peer over at the trio, First the inuzuka and his companion, then to Yuzuna. "She likes you." he would say, chuckling lightly as he returns back towards the group, "A warm up would be nice but its best I save my strength for the real deal. Dont wish to go in injured."

Even as Tohime places her chin on Yuzuna's knees, the kunoichi continues to silently massage her fingertips behind her chocolate ears, just enough to be a comfortably deep massage as the pup seems more than content to remain where she is for the moment. "Kanines are a good judge of character and fiercely loyal to their partners. I am merely showing my respect to her." Yuzuna murmurs lightly. The honorific 'chan' earns a pause of her fingertips as her pale lavender eyes glance up at Abiku, lifting a brow at him for a longer moment, as if her gaze was questioning him in silence before the Hyuuga merely glances back to Tohime, returning to her petting. "Hiroshi-oniisan, do you not have enough Abiku-san's judgement in his own abilities? I am sure he knows well enough not to take things too far. That it is merely to warm up, and not a serious spar."

Abiku lets out a soft snicker at Yuzuna's pause, but doesn't press any farther as his attention is on Hiroshi, "I wouldn't aim to injure you. I have enough control over my abilities that it would only be a warm up. I wouldn't want one of my own going into a fight cold." he says, his tone reflecting his loyalty to the village as a whole, regardless of rank, position or title.
Tohime on the other hand, ignored her brash master for now, quite content to let Yuzuna give her attention and even licking at her hand happily.

"Leave it to you to find a loophole in my ideas." he would say, holding his head down, but instead of a sad sigh, he chuckles a bright smile appearing upon his tan face, as he glances at Yuzuna from the corners of his pale eyes. "Well I am not sure, but I think even in the case of sparring amonst villagers, it has to be done inside the ring. Exhibition style, though I wished to avoid most Exibition matches atleast until my second match." he would add, holding his head up proudly, crossing his arms over his chest. "I trust your judgement, but I will respectfully decline for now. Perhaps at a later time?"

Yuzuna doesn't mind the light lick to her slender hand every once in a while as she continues to gently massage behind Tohime's ear, releasing a slow breath before faintly shaking her dark head just briefly. Hiroshi tends to show his emotions more so than other Hyuuga, though she idly focuses her pale lavender gaze onto Tohime's chocolate brown head. "Suit yourself, oniisan." Yuzuna replies passively, as if the matter no longer concerned her.

Abiku shrugs with a carefree manner at Hiroshi, "Suit yourself. Let me know if you change your mind ni-chan." he says turning towards Yuzuna and Tohime, "You little tramp. I see you've found someone already, always out loafing." he says to Tohime, not Yuzuna. Tohime turns her head a little, ears pricked up and her tongue slightly out of her mouth as if directed at Abiku.

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