First World Ninja Tournament - Good to the Last Whock: Moriko vs. Jon


Moriko, Hashiramako, Jon, Amaya, Hinotori, Mune, Kanami, Tosai, Kuki, Rain, Ryuk

Date: October 29, 2010


This high-tier match of the tournament turns out to be an incredible contest of extreme turnaround and close results. Meanwhile, drama and intrigue play out in the stands as well.

Poster's note: There are two versions of this log on the wiki. The other version retains much of the combat system notices, as the match turned out to be a very interesting and exciting one on that level as well. This page is the plain version, for those who would rather see just the poses.

"First World Ninja Tournament - Good to the Last Whock: Moriko vs. Jon"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!

*OOC*: look stands to see who's currently watching.


Mo looked at her docket and sighed, the girl then taking a full deep breath before wandering out onto the field. As she does the white-haired Kirryu glances around her curiously as she continues her way to the center of the field, hands in her pockets. When she reaches the center she pauses, the girl blithely looking around her and then tilting her head. "Fweee, now I guess the idea's to show off neh?"

Hashi stood on the edge of the ring, speaking with a few other officials from Kusagakure about the tournament and the exhibition matches thus far. Many representatives from noble families and villages around the world had come to see the matches. "Okay, so, next scheduled round is between Saito Jon of Kumogakure and Kirryu Moriko of Konohagakure." She said idly. "Shall I officiate this match?" she asked, confirming the request.
The officials confirmed it, "We have the utmost confidence in your ability to remain neutral in this fight, Lady Hokage."
Hashi nodded slightly "I appreciate the vote of confidence into my honor." She stated calmly. She offered the officials a slight bow and headed towards the center of the arena. Noting the presence of Moriko as she entered, the Kage offered her Jounin a smile and a nod, "Good luck, Moriko-san. You are about to go up someone whom if he lives up to his clan's reputation, is a skilled fighter." She then continued to the center of the ring.

Well, this is an interesting event, in Jon's opinion. A tournament where ninja of different nations can fight each other without really being enemies about it? Not a bad idea…Jon doubts that all of their international problems are due to antsy ninja needing catharsis, but it could still help a bit. Anyway, these arenas are the best thing since ninja-proof handcuffs. :) Jon made a point of coming to one of the off-hours trial sessions wherein people could see for themselves just how effective the seal systems are. Jon went from taking physical blows to full-on weapon slashes to explosions, all without being hurt more than he would be by a paper cut or a candle burn. He could /feel/ that there was just as much force and energy behind the attacks as there would be in a real battle, but somehow his body resisted taking more than a fraction of the damage.
Which means, now that's it's go time for an actual match, Jon is looking forward to going all-out. n.n Jon comes out on his side of the arena and gives his opponent a nod. "That does seem to be the general principle. Don't hold anything back, I sure won't be. Name's Saito Jon, by the way--" "An' I'm Shadow-glide Scruvo, at y'sahvice," pipes up the crow riding on Jon's shoulder. "Lookin' forwahd t'seein' this, should be a bonzah of a spectacle. Reminds me of th'time Jonny-boy infiltrated that undahground prize fightin' ri--" "Scruvo, that's confidential, remember?" e.e
Jon looks over and blinks on recognizing the referee. "Well, this is an honor," he says, giving a bow. "Thank you for overseeing the match, Lady Hokage." Scruvo does a double-take. "Wot, y'mean that'n's a filly? Crikey, I thought I'd gotten th'hang of tellin' wi' you 'umans. Say lass, 'ow'd y'like a little 'elp wi' findin' a nice young buck? Y'got potential, just need a few tips on--" Jon flicks Scruvo's tailfeathers, sending him into sudden flight. "Go on, get out of here before they activate the barrier." e.e Scruvo flaps off too look for Amaya amongst the stands. "Crikey, a lad tries t'be 'elpful an' look wot at the treatment it gets 'im…"

And Mo's simple reply to the whole crow is a large sweatdrop and the comment. "Crazy Turkey." She mutters, then looks to the Hokage. "Thanks for overseeing this, and I imagine lots of luck will be needed." she says with a grin, long ago, Mo gave up a bit of studying in the whole offensive area just to learn healing. That's really what she likes to do anyway. She nods at Jon "Nice t'meetcha." is the girl's reply, hands staying in her pockets for a bit long before she takes up a simple relaxed pose, hands now gong behind her back. "Am ready when Mr Jon is." she says and smiles cheerfully "Well as ready as I'll ever be."

Dressed in a manner more appropriate to a cheering wife than a Kemonoken kunoichi, Nagayama Amaya is sitting in the stands in a yellow sundress and a straw hat. The Land of Fire is usually fairly warm year-round. At least compared to the Land of Lightning. So while the natives might be bundling up slightly more, this is like the height of summer for the white-haired Kumogakure Jounin. She has had the good sense not to wear anything with a low neckline, because she's not a kitten anymore and doesn't need to show herself off. Beside that, she does not want to distract her husband!
">Yay, Jon-honey!<" she calls out and waves a little flag-banner thing she hand-made with the image of Jon standing dramatically before a sunrise, with one foot on top of a non-descript and featureless opponent. In the other hand is a bundle of noise makers and fireless fireworks, and around her neck is a whistle. Alright, so maybe she'll distract him a >little<… But not intentionally!
Amaya adjusts her small pair of eye glasses as she sees Scruvo incoming. "You don't want to be in there when the fighting starts, Scruvo. I'm not sure if it's calibrated for all four of you."

Hashi smirked in amusement at the antics of the crow. "This is exactly why I hold to the belief that animals shouldn't talk. Especially those as flighty as birds." She chuckled as she turned towards Jon. "It is an honor to assist in these matches, Saito Jon. I wish you the best of luck against Moriko-san." She then beckoned both towards the center of the ring. "Pay your respects to your hosts, to the stands, to me and then to each other. Then you may do what you like in preparation to fight. When you are ready, lift your hand or say ready. When you both have signaled, I will say to begin." She said calmly.

Scruvo lands on a hand-rail near Amaya. "I know, I know. Don't think they're too worried about a few little crittahs bein' down theah with 'em, though. I know I saw a squirrel in that tree ovah theah. Silly blightah's goin' t'get th'scare of 'is life if 'e don't watch it, though 'e probably can't get 'urt too bad eithah."
Jon smirks lightly in response to Hashiramako. "You don't know the half of it, Lady Hokage. Still, I wouldn't trade Scruvo in for a compass that points straight at a mission objective." Jon looks up at the stands and gives a smile and a wave to Amaya. Yeah…this is how ninja /should/ be, Jon thinks. Sure hope this becomes a regular event.
Jon goes through the ceremony for the opening of the match as instructed, then clasps his hands together in a seal. He wasn't really sure if gathering up chakra beforehand was allowed, although it makes sense--it'd be too much trouble trying to prevent it, so you might as well let both sides get it ready. Besides, it'll give the crowd a more exciting match. ;) Jon is quiet for a moment, then nods. "Ready to begin."

Mo nods to Hashi, offers a bow to her, then to the tournament officials and then the crowd, and finally to Jon. Still the girl stands there with her hands behind her back briefly before she raises her hand in ready. "Am ready!" she calls out, before her hands go again behind her back, the girl resuming her relaxed stance once more, though who knows what she's doing with her hands where they are. Still she studies her opponent for now, the girl using this time to gather a bit of chakra to defend her self and wait his first move.

Hashi watched for both of their signals, then walked into the middle between the two. "Ready." She confirmed. Then in a poof of smoke "Begin" would sound through the arena as the Kage flickered out of the way of the combatants just before they would begin to go at it. She would reappear off direct line of the two, so she shouldn't become an accidental target unless someone rushed towards her and she had to evade as the shinobi attempted to do each other in.

Amaya shrugs. "Yes, but damage or not, pain still hurts, nyah?" she responds to Scruvo. Then she focuses on Jon for a moment, detecting the increase in his Chakra level via her trained ability to sense such. "Hmm…" Then she focuses on his opponent, the odd lady… "Hmmm… Right now… I think they may be about equal in terms of how much Chakra they have gathered. But the way that woman is acting, she's probably trying to psych Jon-honey out. She doesn't know enough about him to be relaxed and confident… So she's probably just pretending to be such. That or she is >over<confident."
She then stops analyzing the combatants long enough to hear some hawker in the stands selling food. "Oooo! I am starving! I'll take a sweet bean bun, please!--No, make that >two< of them!" She waves a hand in the air, with her change purse in her grasp. Easily distracted much?

Having finished his fight some days ago, the chuunin Uchiha walks up the stairs leading to the stands. Taking a moment to look around for a seat, he finds one and starts to head over towards it. As he does he notices a woman speaking with a crow, he smiles and sits on the other side of her. Taking a moment to cover his mouth and yawn Hinotori gaze looks down in towards the pit to see who was fighting today.

Well, that Kemonoken kunoichi, Amaya or whatever, may have avoided anything with a low neckline, but others have not been so modest. Well, alright, so the neckline of Mune's longcoat is technically up near her nose thanks to her collar. But aside from one button in the collar being done, the rest lies wide open. The dark-skinned woman is currently situated up in the back of the first level/'box' of the stands, one leg crossed over the other, cheek resting on one hand as she props herself up on the arm of her seat. She has a 'reserved' spot in the VIP booth if she wants it, but she'd rather be a bit closer to the action. Purely for observational purposes.
The blonde-haired, blue-eyed Yotsuki woman looks very relaxed and subdued… Almost bored, really. But her gaze shifts from Jon to Moriko, back and forth. 'The one on the left is a Saito. No Kekkei Genkai. The one on the RIGHT, however, is…' she looks back to Moriko, not turning her head, just her eyes. She hopes she gets a chance to examine that one.

Here goes nothing. >) Jon gives his opponent a grin. "Y'know what I love about this arena?" Out come a pair of kunai with familiar-looking tags dangling from the handles. "You don't have to worry about collateral damage!" *WHIZZZZZ-B-BOOM!* A straight-forward and powerful assault to start a fight with, though probably not too difficult for a jounin to evade. Usually, a ninja battle will start out more cautiously, with attacks meant to feel out an opponent's defenses and general ability. Of course, it's not unheard-of to use flashy attacks to mask more subtle ones…like explosions obscuring the handseals for a genjutsu link. ;)

The Kirryu's eyes glance around, noting the incoming tags. THen, seemingly at the last second, Mo flickers out of the way of the first, one, then around to the second, the girl nimbly dodging incoming tags as the explode around her. Then she gets an odd feeling at the back of her mind, the girl staring then shaking things off as she forms a seal. Rapidly, Mo backs away, still studying Jon for the time being as she backsteps away. For those being observant they might notice Mo dropping small BB-sized spheres in her wake, perhaps preparing for something?

Dressed in red dress-suit and knee-length skirt of the same color, a new challenger appears! Not quite a challenger, actually, but she appears at least. With pale skin and perfectly smooth hair down to mid-back, Kanami wears a red fedora and red high-heels to complete her attire as she strides along the back row until she finds a seat next to Mune. Lowering herself into the chair slowly and elegantly, she glances first towards Mune, and then towards the ring. "I see it has begun already. Anything interesting so far?"

The Tournament!! Exciting so far, right?? Well, Tosai would think so.. if only he had been here to see some of the matches. This would be the first of the higher bracket matches he's gotten to see, so, of course, it had to be special. Special occasion + Big Ol' Akimichi= Tons of Snackeroonies!!! Yay!!! Thats right, the big lug couldn't even make his way to a center seat without getting in the way of some one's view, or bowling some helples spectator over with the El Duper-Size snack platters he toted in each hand. A baratoned, and rather smooth, "Pardon.", would be said as he would finally approach the seat he wanted.. or had he wanted it? It was next to that analytical seeming Yotsuki woman!!
Tosai would plot into his seat with a thud, and cause it to squeek helplessly in the wake of his mass. He would sit his ramen bowls front and center, and ask the high collared woman, "Can hold these please?", passing her a plate of ribs, as he would attempt to get himself settled. Notice Moriko, he would throw up a thumb's up, and say, "Eh! Thats my sempai!", before he would open up some chocolates and dump them into his gourd. Looks like he was forgetting that the darker woman next to him, still had his ribs.

Amaya blinks a bit, seeing how Jon is starting off big… Or >seems< to be. Explosive tags are hardly the height of power or the peak of Jon's personal capabilities. Still, usually he is a bit more tactical with his resources… So there must be a good reason for what he is doing. Then Moriko goes flickering out of the way and make a hand seal for some reason and starts dropping stuff all over the arena floor! "Wow!" she calls out suddenly, causing several nearby spectators to look towards the Jounin as though she had just come to some huge realization and is going to explain what is going on to the non-ninja in traditional Naruto style! "That's going to be hell to clean up later! Hope no one slips and falls." She then resumes waving her flag for Jon.
The spectators nearby face-fault.
Amaya then turns her attention on some guy that sits down next to her. She smiles briefly and then shoves a spare flag at him. "Here, take this flag and wave it!" she orders suddenly.

Hmmm…no dice, huh? Jon's initial attacks on Moriko have failed to ensnare her at all…and she doesn't appear to be pressing the advantage that this provides. Hmmm, that's unsettling. She must be planning something devious of her own. Jon breathes in deeply, reaching out with all his senses to detect whatever danger Moriko has in store.
Suddenly, he disappears from his current location, and reappears beside Moriko, rod drawn! He jabs at Moriko's calf, then hops backward and sends another thread of chakra after her.

As the explosive tags are sent Morikos way, Hinotori narrowed his eyes slightly. He hasn't seen her in some time and hoped that she would do well, she is representing Konoha after all. He was impressed that she was able to dodge the tags, letting out a soft sigh the Uchiha nin leans back in his chair and looks around for a moment, he ntocies Amaya cheering and waving her Jon flag which causes him to smile a little. He then looks about at some of the otehr spectators, he waves over to Tosai who has someone holding his ribs as he sits down. "Save me some." he tells him. BUt then he looks to two other women, one in red dress and matching boots and another wearing a trench coat with blond hair and blue eyes. Before he could study the rest of the crowd the woman next to him tries to shove a flag into his hand. Turning and looking at her, "Umm…no thanks." he smiles to her. Even though she tries to order him he just pushes the flag away politely, "I'm rooting for the woman fighting." he says politely.

Mune doesn't take her eyes off of Moriko for more than a few moments, even when Kanami joins her and sits down to her left. "No. Just the Kirryu woman. The other fights I watched from the V.I.P. box were a bit bland… I couldn't see what was going on very well. Even the one between the Uchiha and the Hyuuga lacked detail. Though we already know about the Sharingan and Byakugan, so there wasn't a great deal to gain there--" her eyes dart to the side as Tosai comes lumbering up the aisle. She specifically picked the farthest seat in back of this first box to AVOID this. She tries to pull one leg up a bit more out of a sense of self-preservation than politeness, as the Akimichi pushes through and seats himself to her right. Her mouth is concealed by the high collar of her coat, but she still gives the impression of being displeased as some ribs are held out to her. She accepts the plate with two fingers underneath, holding it carefully balanced, and seeming to be trying to avoid any unnecessary physical contact with either dish or food.
"…." She looks towards Tosai momentarily as he forgets about the ribs, and then just resumes watching the match.

Tosai was in for a sneak attack! A hand would slowly reach towards his snack platter. If he were to turn to look he'd notice the woman was shrouded with a cloak. Obviously a few sizes to big, it does good to cover everything but a slight bit of her lower lip and chin. Due to the 'mysterious' woman never really taking the time to speak with the man too often before it may be a bit hard for him to figure it out right away. The hand would hesitate, the woman's attention adjusting to the VIP section where free food was abound, silently wishing she was up there. "Tosai? Sharing is caring…." Kukiko's voice would 'shout-whisper' to him from the seat placed behind of the big guy.

In all honesty, Tosai, though he respected the Kirryu woman, had no idea of her capabilities in there entirety. Sure, he had known of some of her ninjutsu, particularly that of her lightning manipulation, which so far had not been shown. Tosai had not been sure, however, about just how good she was in a one on one fight. His curiousity was peaked when Tosai would see Moriko's speed, even if the Shunshin no Jutsu had been responsible for it. She had been Jounin ranked, but, his only question, in the end, what had that meant for Moriko in particular? Just as he would finish his chocolates, the displeasure that had been held back only by Mune's collared wardrobe, would some how leak out through those eyes of her's.
"Appologies.", would be said, as he would take the ribs, and then /slowly/ turn to view the match. As Moriko's clone would pop, exploding out with the pressure of built up wind chakra, he'd smile. She was doing quite well. He would have to wonder about just what was going on down there during those moments where genjutsu had been used. He hadn't known what that Jon had been using such, but he could percieve some of the slight pauses in Moriko's reaction. It made him think. "Am I not seeing something?", would be said with a mutter.

As Jon comes in, Mo turns rapidly, more of the tiny sphers going flying, then Mo is struck! Jon might feel a brief sudden resistance like a body, but that reistance continues to give instead of coming to a complete stop, and Mo explodes in a violent vortex of wind! As she moved away from her clone, Mo felt again that odd feeling and narrowed her gaze, the girl focussing long enough to push it away. Genjutsuist, that's twice… Mo takes up refuge near one of the many obsticals in the area, the girl using the cover to hide the fact that she is forming seals.
As soon as the Kirryu girl finishes her first series of seals a trio of thin wires that were left behind in her retreat vibrate lightly, then suddenly carry current to the many spheres on the ground. They give a brief vibration before suddenly exploding upward, the spheres blasting out in every which direction with speed rivialling a bullet. As she finishes her tecnique, Mo mutters "Raiko-no-railgun." THen Mo vanishes again, but this time appears to be closing the gap with Jon. As she nears suddenly, mo spins, her right leg lashing out as the foot is shrouded in what may appear to be a violent vortex of wind, As she lands from the kick, she comes up and fires off three more punches and kicks in rapid fassion, all carrying that same whirling vortex in trail of the blows.

Arriving late to this particular battle, Rain had other things to do after all, the Lord of Twilight seemed to be making a more public appearance, though he certainly did not make anything of it. The back seemed to be a popular place, unbeknownst to him as he manuvered towards the back row of seats in the stands. It wasn't as if he had trouble seeing regardless of the distances in the stadium. There would be many interesting people… including a fedora wearing business looknig woman and Tosai… an old aquaintence of sorts. With a bit of a bemused smirk, Rain would make his way carefully in to this strange mix of people. He spotted Mune and would send her a bit of a nod. It was a good thing that she was kept out of the fray during the Konoha incident or there may have been a bit of left over hostility. Luckily, if any, it would all go to him. Raising a brow at Kanami, Rain would introduce himself simply, "Rain… and whom might you be?" Perhaps he was looking at the possible business angle of this, or perhaps he saw something else of interest this day.

Kanami nods understandingly to Mune's complaints about the details of a fight, though she would not personally have any issue. That is what binoculars are for! Before she can comment, however, the dark-skinned woman cuts herself off in order to avoid being crushed by some big Akimichi. Kanami likewise draws her legs up to keep them safe, but lowers them again after casting a dubious look in Tosai's direction when he has passed.
"Yes, well… Perhaps now is not a good time to discuss such BUSINESS matters. We should just watch and… Enjoy the fight." She then turns without pause and smiles politely at Rain as he introduces himself, red-lipsticked lips evidencing no sign of any unfriendliness. Why should there be? She does not know this man, after all.
Her eyes flick to the outside of the covered area briefly, as though checking to see if it is raining, and then return to the man standing over her. "…Ah, you mean that is your name? 'Ree-nu'? A pleasure to meet you then, Ree-nu-san. I am Hino Rei." She then pauses as a huge flash of electricity goes crackling across the ground down in the ring, followed by Moriko lunging in with some sort of vortex-encased fist or something?
Kanami looks to Rain and says, "Please, be seated. This seat is not reserved." She then smiles winningly and turns her eyes back on the field of battle.

The women talking next to him would really get know comment from him, or even attention. Surely, the cleavage of one of the two obviously had deserved it, but Tosai, was dull. Good food and a fight often that do that to him. He would see the Moriko's assault, finally, and note that attack. He had seen it take down a rock golem once. Deadly. Tosai would nod proudly, before the ribs would began to overwhelm his senses, and seduce him more than any woman could at the moment. Of course, interruptions always come when you least expect them. Such was their nature after all.

That voice.. It sounded familiar. It was as if someone had been playing back a memory. It was loud enough where even the loud bangs of Moriko's going off, just couldn't drown it out. It would even stop the Akimichi in mid-bite of his ribs. He would seem to snarl, without even looking up, as he would hear the introduction, and instantly react. "Raaaaaaiiiiinnnnnn?????", would be said with a shout, as then the large Akimichi, without even caring of anyone else's place in the seating, would enlarge his fist, and hall off at the Uchiha, with nothing but anger in his heart!

It had been quite some time since and accent was used to pronounce his name. It was a shortening, so technically either way of stating it was correct. The rarity was however in it's own way "cute" to hear. Taking his seat, he'd glance towards Mune for a moment, knowing some things about where she'd been, but very little… and that was an understatement. That woman got around in all the right ways. He'd of paid good many to go romping around with her… on adventures that is. She wasn't /that/ sort of doctor as far as he knew.
It didn't take much time at all before Tosai noticed Rain back and well… immediately attacked. Rain would glance the way of the coming fist and state quite calmly, "Mune." as if that explained everything. Rain himself would slide under the fist and to the side, largely in front of Kanami whom as far as he was concerned was a non combatant. "Who would have thought that Konoha would be so eager to break the neutrality pact within these walls. Perhaps I have underestimated your village lack of regard… or atleast your personal lack of restraint… Battousai." Smirking slightly, he remained where he was. "Regardless, I would prefer if you did not harm Miss. Hino Rei or any other civilians out of merely the irresistible urge to pay homage to me."

Mune allows the ribs to be swiped off the two fingers she was using to balance the plate, and then returns her attention to the ring--Only to pause and look up. Apparently there is some woman clinging all up on the ceiling! Like 'What? A ninja!?' and she is even trying to steal food! Mune expects the next line spoken will be 'Just throw the ribs up here, please.' Shaking her head, she turns her attention to Kanami as she begins speaking to Rain. "Hello, Rain-sama." she offers idly, with a bow. Then she turns her attention on that wall-crawler for a moment. She is about to focus on the fight again when she detects rage made flesh has just stood up next to her. She takes a moment to -- almost faster than the eye can follow -- dart one hand in, and attempt to lightly tap the protruding giant-arm that is currently blocking her view of the fight, with two fingers. Just a tap. And yet, if it succeeds… The arm might suddenly decrease to its original size and lose sensation. Almost like the Chakra flow into that limb has just been severed.
Either way, she says, "There are laws against attacking people outside of the ring, you know. Do you really want to tarnish the 'good name' of your Village by getting arrested for assaulting someone?" Her vivid blue eyes are focused squarely on Tosai right now. There is no doubt as to whom she is speaking towards.

Amaya eyes Hinotori and says, "No, no. You're not listening!" She takes his hand and puts the flag in his palm. "Take. This. Flag. And. Wave. It!" she then sighs and shakes her head before turning her attention to the ring. She frowns as Jon is nailed by some kind of electrical jutsu after his own attacks are met with clones and tricks. Then a sword of distorted air slashes at him! How did Jon not avoid that!? Did that first attack…!?
She gasps and raises a hand to her mouth, whether Hinotori has decided to wave the flag or not. If he dropped it back in her lap she probably wouldn't notice. "Jon-honey!" she lets out in concern. To take so much damage this early… Maybe that odd lady is better than she thought!
She looks up in annoyance and vague concern when people start fighting up in the back. She wonders if she'll have to step in, but it looks like it's handled. Still… She's ready to non-lethally take down everyone in the entire stadium if she has to! …With her lethal claws! Yeah!

Kanami/Rei is still smiling when Tosai yells at her new acquaintance and leaps up to attack. The fact that Rain is defending her is fortunate, as she is not really sure she could stop an attack like was just used otherwise. Avoid it? Maybe. But not survive it. She clears her throat and says, "Akimichi-san, I humbly request that you refrain from combat outside of the ring. I would like to not be mashed into a nasty little pulp beneath your mighty heel. Please?" Her tone is polite and respectful, not mocking or in any way sarcastic. If Mune's disabling does not get through, maybe a plea from a non-combatant will.

Jon realizes something the moment after he flickers into close proximity with Moriko. There are lots of little bits of metal on the ground around here…and most likely they're going to be used for some sort of attack. Well, Jon has a way of dealing with that, although it looks like he has to move quick--Moriko's already doing something with those things. Reversing his grip on his rod, Jon jams the end into the earth, then sends an electrical current pulsing through it. Just after the metal explodes off the ground, all the little bits are suddenly yanked from their courses and pulled straight toward the rod. Yay physics! Unfortunately, since the metal is so pervasive, Jon is between his rod and a number of them, and those ones hit him in the back. x.x; Jon feels a familiar jolting sensation go through him, and is unable to defend in the next moment as Moriko comes in with her wind attacks.
Jon backpedals, reflexively wiping his lip with his sleeve even though the attacks didn't cause any bleeding. Sure felt real enough, although the pain subsides much more quickly than it would've had there been actual injury. Okay, so, genjutsu hasn't worked so far, and with wind manipulation, this girl has the edge in ninjutsu…looks like taijutsu is the best option. Jon grips his rod tightly. "Normally I wouldn't try this so bluntly, but it looks like I may not have a chance later." There is an odd scraping, swooshing sound down in the dirt, and Jon's feet start to slide along the ground. He begins to spin, and soon he is whipping around at a dizzying rate, with his rod held outward, and charges toward Moriko like a high-powered engine of bludgeoning.

Kukiko would manage to sneak a few ribs, given he didn't even realize she was there, even after talking! Kukiko would look up to Rain, not completely sure on who he was seeing as she never really encountered him and hasn't really look into the Rain situation, despite the amount of trouble it caused. So when Tosai calls the name up she'd just blink and look about for someone who was 'obviously evil' though doesn't catch on until Tosai attacks. "Huh." Kuki would take a few steps back… up, casually biting into the ribs as the scene goes on below. Being a Jounin of the village she should probably do something though, the situation was already handled it seemed. That and these ribs were just too delicious so, that'd leave her to continue eating away and looking to the match while keeping an eye on Tosai with the help of Byakugan.

Sighing and taking the flag, "Alright, alright." he tells her. "I'm still rooting for the other person though." he says to her. He begins waving the flag, but then again she was really cute too. Looking on at the match, Hinotori watches as Jon is hit by Moriko, "Good hit." he says a bit out loud. He was enjoying the matches so far, hell he even enjoyed the one he was in but when the sounds of fighting is heard behind him and the notable yells of Tosai. The Uchiha quickly turns around, his eyes scanning those around. They do fall upon Rain, but even he knows better then starting a fight here and right now. "TOSAI!" he says loudly to the other, his sharingan ablaze in his eyes as he looks to everyone. He bows his head to Mune who seems to be trying to talk Tosai out of fighting, but the other who is trying to attack him makes Hinotori moves towards the group which means he moves through the chairs, climbing over them as well. "Please, all this fighting stops now" he says. His two tomoe sharingan eyes looks to each person. "I know how you feel Tosai, but we know how to conduct ourselves in public, and you will act accordingly now!" he says sternly to his friend. "Even if he is here." he nods to Rain. "Am I clear?" he asks. "Thank you." he says to Mune and Kanami seeing as they were the ones outside of Rain that was trying to get Tosai to stop.

A swing and a miss!!! It seemed that things just weren't going Tosai's way today!! It wasn't like he was /wanting/ to encounter Rain this day. He just wanted to heal from his injuries from the /worst/ exhibition match ever, and even try his hand at trying to eat some foreign delicacies! But noooooooo! He had to walk in to /this/ box. Tosai would see the man move back, and before long, the name he called, would show that Rain.. had back up. And the worst part, was that she had been the same one to touch his ribs!! His ribs!!! Man.. fortune's not a smiler. She's a bitch.
Tosai's anger, was at orange. He could have probably been calmed down by Rain's note of the innocent bystander. Maybe, Tosai would have probably been apt to a talk-down, though surely, he would have hunted the Uchiha down at a later time.. Yet, it didn't seem that Tosai would have the luck of /not/ being manipulated today. His anger was to great. "You have the /nerve/ to talk of bystanders, when your old crony nearly made my entire /village/ a zombie nation??", would be said as he would go in for another swipe, only for Mune, to jump out to the man's defense. Just when that happened, the name 'Battousai', would cause Tosai to go /flip/. "HOW DARE YOU!!!", would be said as Tosai would rush in, only for that slight tap of Mune's finger to come into play. That same injured arm, would drop, and hang limply at his side.
Looking to it, and then to Mune, the woman's words would have no effect. "Its my village's /good name/ for whom I stand, lackey!! You assist a man who practically caused over a couple a thousand mines to be controlled, and many more bodies to be harmed, and you talk of tarnishing??" Tosai would have had the other arm, his better arm, raised, and enlarging his palm to use as his next attack. Hino's voice however, would seem to strike a nerve however. Looking to the man, and Hino, and then Mune, Tosai would roar out, "Graaaaahhhh!!!", before he would simply shrink that attacking arm, and then drop his head, in disgust. He would then suddenly look to Rain, and say, "I want you!! There!!!", pointing to the ring, and saying, "Set a date, and prepare to get dropped!! I am not going to say no until I have at broken any and every bone in your body, Rain!!!!"

There was a slight disturbance up in the stands, and from the corner of her eye, Hashi could identify most of the jutsu being used was that of the Akimichi clan of her village. She sighed, her heart saddened that one of her own would so openly dismiss the rules of this event to engage in behavior like this. She formed a seal and from her body a wooden clone would emerge. Within a blink of light, the wooden clone was standing before Tosai, the eyes of the clone almost blazing fire with anger that the Kage was feeling at the moment. "Tosai, you disappoint me with your lack of control and your hostile nature. You know the rules surrounding this tournament and you choose to break them openly and in plain sight of me. I will allow your challenge to go through if Rain accepts it, however, I will seriously consider forfeiting all your matches for the rest of the official tourney. One more outburst of this nature from you and you will be sent back to Konoha. Do I make myself clear?"

"Mmm.. Tosai-kun, if it is honor that is throwing you into this challenge it'd be best to hold off on battling him. I'm sure you've improved quite a bit buuuut, the only way you wouldn't come out of that battle broken would be because well, the protective seals." Kukiko would still be hanging on the wall, working on another rib… which would be the reason why she pauses from continuing to talk to Tosai. "Revenge cycle, yadda yadda… besides wi-" The wooden clone would appear causing Kukiko to retreat, the woman disappearing within the crowd above, easily slipping through as the Konohagakure drama drags the attention of those nearby.

Rain seemed to take a moment to cant his head to the side and consider Tosai's garbled words. Tosai wanted to "settle it in the ring" as it were, and Rain chuckled silently for a moment. "If that is what you wish, as soon as you are physically able." Rain would state just as the Kusagakure authorities would come to handle the situation. "Do you realize you just attacked a Lord of a foreign nation in /our/ land Shinobi of the leaF?!" would be asked before Rain would raise his hand to try to calm them. "Do not worry about it gentleman… we have made an arrangement. This is the first world tournament, likely not the last… it can easily be assumed that there will be bad blood some where in this gathering. The rules and laws i believe are made to make sure things do not get out of hand, and i believe that things will not get any further out of hand than they have. As little right as i have in your village, i ask as the victim of the assault that he be allowed to let out his frustrations in the spirit of this gathering…within the ring itself." Rain would raise a brow slightly to Tosai after he said such.
Very suddenly, Hashiramako would have arrived to lay down her own verbal lashings to which Rain would merely watch, amused as usual. "Such fire Hashiramako… it almost makes me take a step back before getting burned. I'd listen to her… Battousai… she pays your bills after all. Oh and by the way… the actions of a rogue are not my concern… Konhoa should really attend to it's own matters of security and not expect for me to be responsible for the actions of others. So i'd let that little inconvenience go and enjoy the rest of the match."

The Hokage's appearance. It was everything, but unexpected. He would seem to stare at her blankly, noticing the anger in her eyes true, but quarreling with those in his own as well. He hadn't been this angry, sense the first day Konoha had saw the Twilight's siege. It was Ryuk's injury, all over again. He nearly blanked out. He would look to the clone, saying nothing, but recognizing everthing. Hashi, was sure to see it all in his eyes. Hate. Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Tosai, just couldn't put it down. He /did/ try. He really did. But some things, like pride, and for the most part, grief, aren't so easily healed as the wounds sustained in this tournament.
Looking to the Rain's words, and how he easily mocked him by seeking to do away with the Kusa nin, Tosai, would hold in a roar, gripping the fist of his good arm audibly. The name Battousai. A reminder of his past as a cold hearted eater of men. It was not one for which this /snake/ had any right to call him. Tosai would smile, and say, "I don't care if this take my entire stamina.. I will not be letting this down.. I swear it..", before he would then spit at Mune's feet, and then turn around, walking off. He would leave a trail of blood, but only from reopened wounds. However, his face would show no pain. He was on the way to the medical personnel, and then afterwards, training.

Mune hmphs. "Lacky? He is not my master. I have no master, regardless of whom I 'serve'. But I will aid him when he is in the right. And from where I am sitting, Mister 'I Just Spilled About 50-Ryo Worth Of Junk Food On The Floor To Attack Someone Without Provocation', he certainly is not in the wrong. Your petty grudges can be saved for a time when you are NOT on foreign soil. You agreed to follow the rules when you entered the tournament. What better way to show everyone that Konohagakure wishes peace than by refraining from conflict except when necessary? Even when you have the opportunity to strike down an enemy… If you were to show mercy, that would prove your noble intentions."
She taps the side of her head with one finger -- one of the two fingers she used to disable Tosai's arm. "Think first, punch later. And if you'll hold still, I'll work on fixing you up a bit so that you're actually able to fight your exhibition match. Deal?" She then reaches into her long coat, which seems not to have any shirt or anything else underneath it, and withdraws a very thick roll of bandages… That have Seal calligraphy inscribed on them? Apparently a healing tool.
But her words fell upon deaf ears, apparently, because the Hokage's appearance and the Akimichi's salivary prelude to departure leave her with no one to use the bandages on. "Hmph." she hmphs and puts them away again.

As the array of attacks would come in, Mo quickly formed a trio of seals. Just as rapidly a solid wall of wind would blast upward and around the woman, carrying debris with it and shielding her from the repeated strikes. Whilst inside the wall, Mo formed several other seals and held her hand down, a pinpoint of light forming around her then swirling in with the wind. Just as soon as the wall appeared it would then quickly dissapear as Mo would hop away, the girl spinning clockwise as she does, her hands trailing a liquid silver fire in their wake. Suddenly she'd release what was in her right hand, a whirling scythe shaped-blade of that same fire blasting away from the woman with a dull snap hiss, the air rippling around the scythe as it cut through the air. That's when Mo finished her spin and flung yet another with her second hand, launching a second whirling blade to neatly slice through the air as they both curved in toward Jon, neither taking a direct path to the other nin.

Kanami pretends to heave a sigh of relief, placing one hand to her -- MUCH more modest than Mune's -- chest and say, "Well, I am glad that is resolved. I thought ninja knew better than to throw around attacks in range of civilians. But I suppose such discretion has not always been shown in the past…" She looks towards Rain and allows the thoughtful/somber tone of her voice to fade away. "Yes, Ree-nu-san. Wise choice. Let us enjoy what we came here for." The law enforcement of Kusagakure are nodded towards, and the Hokage's Wood Clone is bowed towards more formally and deeply, but eventually, Kanami would like to return to watching the match, since it seems there are quite a few things going on down there. Some sort of flaming scythe now? Interesting. That is not a normal use of Fire Release. Part of this… 'Kirryu' that Mune mentioned?

With Tosai's departure, Rain would place a hand lightly on Mune's shoulder before saying, "Just know that i do not assume what others do of our association. I do apologize for the stigma it places upon you by mere association." Just after he would pay attention to Rei and nod as he sat down beside her once more. Glancing back towards the fight, his Sharingan would be activated just as it was in the private box. regardless of who wins or loses… Rain always would win. "Might i ask what your interest in such events are, Rei-san?" Rain would ask as he'd lightly scan the crowd, having noted other Konoha nin within it from before. Eyes raising back up to the fight, he'd continue with, "I could assume it is for sport or pleasure… but there are many things that drive the mind of a woman that i won't pretend to understand."

After Tosai calms down and the Hokage of Konoha speaks to Tosai, Hinotori sighs a little and closses his eyes when he does his sharingan deactivates. He looks to everyone including Rain, "I apologize for his outburst. There is reason behind it, but he should've maintained himself better and ask for an official challenge of Rain." Even though he is speaking politely even he didn't like Rain, but he was not going to allow further shame come upon his village. "Those who tried talking him do, thank you." he bows his head. Waiting for any responses, if none are given he excuses himself and makes his way back down to where Amaya is sitting and sits next to her.

The Hashi clone offered Hinotori a nod, "Thank you, for assisting in the situation." She then turned to Rain and nodded, "That was completely uncalled for out of my shinobi. I hope that the seals hold in your combat with him, for his sake." She states calmly. The clone then leaves to return to the arena, as he makes contact with Hashi, some may understand her words to say, 'I wouldn't even mind a shot at Rain myself'. She'd chuckle lightly, then return her focus to the combat before her.

Jon is spinning too fast to tell precisely what's going on around him, but he can feel that something got in the way of his attack, and it wasn't flesh. That means that Moriko will probably be ready with a counter-attack the second Jon's attack ends. That's not good, because the hurricane spin tends to be pretty disorienting! @.@ So Jon decides on a catch-all defensive strategy. As his rotation slows, he flickers away--what direction he's going he doesn't know, and can't afford to care--and luckily manages to just avoid the scythes of flame. Getting his bearings after the dodge, Jon observes the blazing crater in the ground where he was a moment ago. Phew, this match certainly has gotten hot. *.*;
Jon frowns inwardly. While he bears this stranger no ill will and doesn't have his heart set on dominating the tournament or anything, he'd hate to go out of this match having failed to land a single hit. :P That wouldn't look very good for Kumogakure. Well, nothing for it but to keep trying. Jon pulls out another explosive tag kunai and hurls it, once again trying to slip in a genjutsu link along with the attack. This time, though, he doesn't rely soley on that--he flickers back in just after the explosion and makes a swipe at the side of Moriko's head with his rod.

Bowing his head to the Lady Hokage, "It's no problem." Hinotori says to her as he looks back down towards the fight. He notices that Amaya is quiet, "Sorry about that." he says to her as he watches the fight. It does take him a little bit to get back into the fight, he was preoccupied in thought mainly due to the fact Rain was here, but he clears his head and focuses on the match.

Mune waves off Rain's apology vaguely, just sort of allowing her hand to flop around. She has not moved her head from its position propped up on her right hand since she sat down. "Doesn't matter. The opinions of people are as meaningless as the lives of mayflies, and as short-lived in my memory. Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid. They will believe something is true because they WANT to believe it or because they are AFRAID that it is. Don't even need Genjutsu to control people if you can remember that."
She sighs and focuses once again on the fight. Some sort of electrically-charged gas? Not quite plasma, but probably as close as one can get with ninja abilities without going into the deep, complicated world of Jutsu Theory that her employer is familiar with. Not quite what she is looking for, but interesting nonetheless.

Mo nimbly dodges the first attack, the girl cartwheeling away and putting distance between her self and Jon. Then there's this odd feeling running down her spine, but Mo has to immediately dodge the second physical attack launched by her opponent. Quickly the girl sidesteps and shoots away, putting more distance between her self and Jon as he kneels and catches her breath, the girl's odd eye studying Jon briefly then changing? Suddenly the girl's eyes become more cat-like as she forms a single seal. This is followed by a quick, if perhaps strange transformation of the woman, accompanied by pops of bone and joints alike. Ears point then move from the sides to the top of her head as they become larger, more fox-like. Silver white and black fur sprout all over the young-woman's body as a long fox-like tail complete with black tip explodes out between the top of her pants and base of her shirt. Her fingers grow longer, sprouting claws on the end as her feet elongate, pushing their way out of the woman's sandals. Meanwhile she gets a small pair of horns growing on her forehead as her face pushes out into a small muzzle, her fangs growing more pronounced as the rest of her teeth become that of some kind of predator. Throughout the transformation, Mo would be breathing hard, panting a bit as she rapidly switches from being human to something far more monstrous in appearance.
It would seem the woman is now showing her family's unique Kekkei Genkai. As she she finishes, Mo would lout out a low growl which turned into a howl before she would form three quick seals and shove her hands out in front of her left palm on the back of her hand, other palm out, facing Jon as a pinpoint of black appears above the exposed palm. This quickly swirls inward, growing rapidly purple lightning arcs around the tiny sphere as it swells. Still the center is dark black, only surrounded by a miasma of swirling purple mist. In short order the ball swells to the size of a baseball as the transformed jounin brings her hands back, back hand moving to cup or surround the sphere as it builds and finishes forming. As the ball reaches its full size, that of a softball, there is a dull snap, and then a strange crackling, buzzing noise now being emitted from the dark sphere.
Mo glances from the sphere, then to Jon and mutters "Kuro-hoshi." With those words she suddenly shoves both hands forward, palms touching as the sphere explodes away from the Kirryu woman like a shot carrying dirt and debris with it as it races toward Mo's target ,and causing the demonic-looking fox-woman to go sliding backward with the recoil and force of the technique.

There were a lot of matches to watch, and Ryuk couldn't get to all of them on time, especially when he had to keep focus and stay on track to win his own in a short time to come. He comes walks up to the bleachers from outside, and peers around finding a small congregation of Konoha ninja, and moves to sit with them and watch the battle. A nod is given to Hinotori as an ally, respectfully. There were no hard feelings towards him on account he was up against his clan member, Yuzuna. It was a fast paced battle from what he saw, and he held his own well under the circumstances. He takes a few moments to observe the arena floor and considers the contestants, only to catch Hinotori's glance and peer over in the same direction. His brow furrows slightly on sight of Rainos. Of course, there were ninja from everywhere, and with his weight carried in the ninja world, he should have suspected such shinobi would show his face here. What could he do now though, besides examine his mannerisms, that of which were distinct but understated, and his company. Letting a long silent breath out he returns his attention to the battle at hand, which was out of his bracket, but he could surely learn from.

'Rei', as she has identified herself, relaxes once Rain is seated again. Yes, ninja battles should be kept to their proper places. Drawing in innocent business women like herself is such a frightful idea! And yet totally possible, apparently. "A mutual acquaintance of mine and Mune-san's is interested in the outcome of this tournament as part of an altruistic -- and perhaps slightly entrepeurial -- endeavor. A lot of funding is spent on military actions, training, supplies, weapons development, and so forth, that could be better spent elsewhere. There are countries where people are starving to death on a regular basis, while others have three or MORE--" she looks in the direction the now-departed Akimichi went. "--meals a day on a regular basis. Where is the balance in that? Where is th fairness? To eliminate pain equally across the entire world… That is what is being sought. Everyone would suffer the same… Ideally, not at all. Prosperity, learning, joy, love, family… This tournament is not QUITE what he is looking for, but it is a step in the right direction."
She pauses as Moriko transforms into some sort of fox creature. "…Hm." Then she resumes explaining. "The company I work for is called the Evolution Agenda. The general idea is to cause humanity to evolve to the next stage of its development. Kekkei Genkai such as some Clans possess are evidence that evolution is already taking place within certain families. So we will not be doing anything that is not already happening. We will just be speeding it up a bit, until we all truly understand each other. We will understand each other's pain and joy both… And by so doing, advance beyond the need for pain at all. We will simply know when something is wrong without having to be told. A global conscience that cannot be ignored, essentially."

Amaya is a bit… Shall we say… 'Focused' on the match right now. Even people fighting behind and above her is less important than Jon's status. She knows intellectually it is not possible for him to be killed in there before someone can stop the fight. But emotionally, she is worried. Especially when this Moriko-person turns into a fox of some kind. "…Did Konoha seriously send a Jinchuuriki into the tournament? And… The Kyuubi at that!?" She reaches a hand out lightning fast and tries to grab Hinotori by the collar and pull him in close as she turns her head to face him. ">What is the big idea sending that monster into the tournament!?< Where did the Leaf even >get< the Kyuubi!? I thought it was hiding and wounded somewhere or something! YOU TRYING TO GET US ALL KILLED!?!" She demands as she uses both hands to shake Hinotori around wildly by his clothing, as she yells her head off.
Then she stops, letting Hinotori's brain stop rattling in his skull, and looks back to the match. "Or… Is this…" She squints, and bites into one of her sweet-bean buns, chewing thoughtfully as she lets go of the Uchiha. "…I don't sense the level of Chakra from her that I'm sure I'd get from the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Maybe she's only using its powers at a low level… But this might just be something else… Hmm…"
She shrugs. "I guess we'll find out. But I'll bet Jon-honey can at least knock her out with his Genjutsu! Just wait until he starts using it! He'll make a Link any time now, and that will be that--" she breaks off as Jon is blasted by some kind of dark electrified sphere or something. It looks like it hurt. A lot. "…Come on, Jon-honey. Don't let that fox- get you! KICK THAT FURRY'S TAIL!" she yells loudly.

Everyone would suffer the same… that phrase sticks to Rain's mind like a fly to fly paper. Of course the poitn was more no one would suffer at all… but in all honesty, Anarchy and Utopia had an extremely thin line dividing them. One was far more possible than the other, given the nature of human beings and the world itself, and Anarchy certainly did not have to be as negative as it is assumed to be. Ironically, it could be the only way that a Utopian society could ever truly exist. Aiming towards that goal at all, on either side, was of heavy interest to Rain as well. The introduction of the organization itself and it's objectives caused a brow to raise notably. Evolution? Perhaps… but perhaps not. Evolution was certainly involved… but it may not be progressing so much as deteriorating based on some of Rain's… experiences. Perhaps the objective was to reverse deterioration over the generations.. or find ways of stimulating it's growth. Rain would not assume yet, but he would listen. "I see… so people interacting much like the cells that make us up. A global organism known as man kind. That is quite ambitious. So is this an attempt to scout for data… or to make yourselves known?" Rain would ask, not truly delving in too much with his words quite yet regardless of his reeling thoughts.

Ryuk peers as discreet as can be towards Rainos, but can't seem to hear much at all over the crowd. Who is he talking to? He thinks with a small squint. The match though was taking place right before his eyes as well, and he thought Moriko-san was doing a good job, against one ninja whom he did not know their abilities, but he seemed to carry himself like a pro even in the face of danger, or the threat imminent threat that Moriko now posed. Leaning off to the side for a moment, he says in a soft tone, almost a whisper "Hinotori-san, do you know who Rain-sama is talking to?"

Hinotori was very into the fight, he hadn't said anything at all since the outburst from earlier. He was enamored at the skill level of this battle, it was one of his second favorites so far. When Ryuk starts to speak to him, he shakes his head, "I do not know." he says. "Besides we are hear for the competition, if you want to know go up there and join the conversation." he tells him.
Hinotori turned to look at the rest of the fight when he is grabbed and hollered at, he didn't know where the hell this woman got all this strength but she was shaking the hell out of him. Managing to grab her hands and stopping himself from moving, Hinotori looks fiercely into her eyes, "First calm yourself." he tells her as he tries to moderate his voice so that he isn't hollering and disrupting the others around them. "SHe is not the Kyuubi." he tells her honestly. But when she fails to hear him and let him go, for the time being, Hinotori rubs his neck a little bit, "I'm glad your standing behind your boyfriend and all, but even if we had the Kyuubi, the Hokage would not allow it to do anything. That would be wrong and very unfair to everyone here in the competition." he states to her. "Moriko is a bit different, I think that is just a clan ability to transform into a fox, I'm not really sure. But one thing I am sure of is that if that was the nine-tailed fox, there would be a whole lot more going on then just this." he tells her. "Please calm yourself and enjoy the match." he smiles to her.

The person whom Rain is talking to is a woman dressed in a cross between business attire and leisure wear. Her dress-suit is definitely business-looking… But it is also of a bright red coloration and of a material that is a bit too luxurious for board room meetings. Her red fedora is swept from her head, not a single black hair on her head disturbed by the gesture. Perfectly smooth, and yet with no sign of any gel or chemical sprays or similar to hold it in place. She's just the very picture of a traditional Japanese woman -- in a very non-traditional role for a woman.
Nodding, without knowing that Ryuk has yet to spot her on Rain's right, seated inbetween him and the dark-skinned Yotsuki woman to Kanami's right, the pale-skinned woman says, "That is a very apt comparison. All 'seru' generally work towards the same goal, whether they are aware of it or not. The problem is that sometimes a seru is damaged or dies, and the overall organism has no idea. It is not truly 'tied into' the health of its component parts. It just… Lives. It lives to support itself, but without true awareness. Further, if something goes wrong with the body, it can kill a person. The mind is complex thing, well-suited to higher functions of thought. But it has lost much of its primal awareness. An animal will know when it is dying. A human, though also a type of animal, can ignore a problem until it is too late."
"Cancer is just one example. But a heart attack is another. Or internal bleeding. Or any number of other issues. It is as Mune-san said… People are stupid. They will believe something because they want to believe it, or because they are afraid it is true. That extends to believing nothing is wrong, when something clearly IS wrong. The goal, then, is to find a way for every seru to communicate and be aware of every other seru. A serial killer could be seen as a perversion of the 'organism' that is society. Such an individual is flawed in some way… Perhaps innately, or perhaps due to damages inflicted by other circumstances. And yet when one serial killer is caught or killed, that does not prevent more from popping up. This is because society is not 'getting better'. It is becoming worse. My employer believes there is a pattern to all of this. The same pattern that will lead to mass suicide or mass murder, if recognized, can be used not just to prevent such things, but to achieve the opposite effect. Mass growth, mass love… The issue is that the information needed to recognize the pattern cannot be assembled in a single human lifetime. The Evolution Agenda hopes to collate as much data as possible, and maintain a continuous study, until the pattern becomes clear. In the meantime, every effort will be taken to slow or stop the decay of the social organism that is humanity. Equilibrium must be reached first. Then, and only then, can we reverse the process."
Her eyes then widen and she blushes across her pale cheeks as she says, "My apologies, Ree-nu-san. I have spoken a bit too long on this matter. No doubt you have very little interest in such matters, despite your clear understanding. I did not mean to distract from the match. Gomen nasai." She bows her head to Rain.

Mune sits up and takes notice when Moriko transforms. THIS is what she is looking for. Kekkei Genkai, yes, but ones that have some physiological alteration beyond simply dojutsu. Dojutsu are valuable indeed… But a complete morphic alteration of the body? That is something else entirely. Mune's eyes narrow as she watches the now-fox-like Moriko launch some kind of dark sphere of power at the Saito man. Hmm… So it is not just an elemental ability but also shapeshifting. She will just have to hope that Saito Jon inflicts some damage. Otherwise it will be harder to find an excuse for what she needs to do…
She is vaguely aware of being indicated by Kanami and her name spoken, but she is focusing right now. So she leans forward in her seat, possibly making noses bleed if anyone is looking right at that moment, and watches the fight more closely.

Jon watches Moriko's transformation curiously. He's seen techniques that alter a person's appearance and seemingly their physical makeup before, but not too many that were so plainly…bestial. Seriously, did they combine this girl's DNA with some animal's or something? c.c Up in the stands, Scruvo comments on it as well. "Crikey, remind me not to 'elp that'n out findin' a mate. Last thing we need is a littah of liddle fox-'umans runnin' around, climbin' trees an' raidin' every nest fer miles around. Wouldn't be a safe egg in th'world." o.o;
Then comes Moriko's charged-up attack. Interesting…wonder how turning into a fox-person helps with that. Are foxes more naturally attuned to lightning than humans? Or do they have better chakra circulation in general? Well, whatever the case, Jon has an easy means of thwarting it. He raises his rod and…pauses. He thinks back to a spar he'd had with Amaya and a stranger they'd met that day. At that time, Jon had considered letting Amaya and the stranger duke it out first, since that was an easy strategy that would've worked to his advantage…but instead he'd gotten closely involved in the three-way tangle, because the point of a spar is to better oneself, and challenge was necessary for that betterment. Now, winning is a little more important here in this tournament than in an ordinary spar…but Jon doesn't have much faith in his chances of winning at this point, and when in all his life will he have another chance like this, to experience first-hand the effects of such a powerful attack from a foreign ninja without being seriously harmed? Jon lowers his rod, and the ball of lightning launches. Here's hoping the seal system is really--
Jon is flung back like a rag doll shot from a cannon. He impacts against the protective barrier with a loud crackling sound, and it appears to stretch slightly and even forms cracks, but it quickly rebounds and reforms, leaving Jon to fall face-first on the ground. For a moment, there is a shocked hush…then Jon lifts his face, pushes himself up, and gets to his feet. "Man, this arena is something else," he chuckles, dusting himself off. "I'd be lying if I said that didn't sting, though."
Jon looks over to Moriko and smiles, drawing a kunai. "That's some impressive lightning, Moriko-san. Tell me, are you still as good with wind in that form?" The kunai lights up with electrical energy, and Jon flings it at his opponent. At the same time, though, he smiles even wider and does a few handseals. "Y'know, some would say that dangerous beasts should be kept in cages." As the kunai flies in, something strange happens. The sparks leap off the blade and form into a net of lightning bolts. The bolts stretch around and downward, slamming into the earth, then stiffening like bars. Trapped! Or that's what it'll look like to Moriko; the whole thing is in her own mind, but how's she gonna know that? ;)

Amaya calms down and nods to Ryuk. "Nyah, this is getting pretty tense! But I'm assuming that guy is talking to the Woman In The Red Dress up there." She indicates Kanami vaguely. "Dunno' about what. The crowd is kind of being really noisy right now, you know!?" She yells out over the crowd, tone peaking towards the end as she sees how Jon hits the barrier… And then gets back up! He may be pretending to not be too badly hurt… But she can tell that at least was painful, even if no serious injuries occurred. As far as she knows, at least.
Looking towards Ryuk, she says, "Hey, can you tell me if you see anything odd about that Moriko person's Chakra? You're a Hyuuga right?" She thinks the kid is a Hyuuga anyway.

Mo tries to simply dodge the lightning blasts by simply sidestepping them, however she's still caught in the blasts, the girl having failed to gauge how far she actually needed to move. Then the lightning bolts turn into bars? Least in her mind, she tries to turn away and move out of the way but is soundly trapped in the latest genjutsu, the woman looking around to see if there is possible escape. "Crazy jutsu." She mutters, obviously caught by surprise. She then slows down, and takes a deep breath, now glancing around her as she attempts to focus more chakra for her next waves of attacks.

Rain can feel Mune leaning closer and closer to the action, almost as if she will fall flat on her face from her seat if she didn't balance herself correctly. Perhaps rudely, Rain would pull up slightly on the collar to aid the over all outfits materials in… holding her steady… as it were. "Be mindful of your tools, Mune-san." Rain would state softly with a bit of hush to his voice. Not that he himself minded, but he was fairly certain that Mune was one to use her assets with caution, and he didn't want mere distraction to suggest anything else. He did listen heavily to Rei however, and it was an intriguing concept… especially the fact that if you read in to it enough, it could be chalked up as the pursuit of immortality… and the knowledge to control the fate of man kind there after. Certainly one way to achieve Utopia… was to become for all intents and purposes a god. Still, whether Rei was aware of this possibility was not something he would look in to. Nor did he convince himself that his thoughts were truth. Information was information… it's use was defined by the actions of the wielder. "I am interested, but you are right, this is not the time nor place for such a detailed and in depth discussions as this is sure to become." Rain awaited this Jon person's ploy to turn this around, noting that Jon seemed to prefer practical tactics versus elaborate ploys.

This match wasn't helping Daichi recover from his Mokiphobia. The only thing that allowed him to continue to watch this match was to see her Mercurial Fire in action, and for the most part….it was freaking AWESOME. She was now more cool than scary, despite her transformation. No mater how many times Daichi has seen it, the whole thing was still a bit unsettling, the Kirryu are so weird, Daichi thought. Still he would cheer her on to return the favor "Alright Moriko-sempai! You doing great! Um…nice…tail…really compliments your eyes…." Daichi would shrug as after repeating what he said to himself. "Well that was stupid….but you know what I mean, kick some butt Moriko-sempai!"

Ryuk nods lightly to Hinotori's response, only to watch his Uchiha peer get abducted by a strange woman, causing Ryuk's expression to change slightly in confusion, or amusement? This was uncommon for him, but his attention returns to the arena floor with a somewhat meditative concentration to examine each of their moves, abilities, and strategies. He wanted to confront Rain, but this was not the right time, and he would remember how the people who he was talking to looked. For now he continued trying to learn from the ninjas in battle before him.

Jon sighs in satisfaction. Finally, something went his way. Well, mustn't waste the opportunity! Jon zips across the arena to Moriko with another body flicker and gives Moriko a solid kick to the jaw. "This is just an illusion, by the way," he remarks cheerfully, extending his rod and backing up slightly for a full-length swing. "I don't mind telling you, partly because you've probably figured it out already, and partly because you won't be able to do anything about it anyway for a few more seconds." ;) *SWOOSHWHOCK!* Nothing fancy here, just some good hefty smacks with the rod. When you've got a still target, you can afford to focus on power. n.n

Mune turns her head when she feels a hand pulling on her collar, and sees that Rain is reaching his arm across Kanami to pull on her coat. "…." She sits up straight, and glares a bit at Rain, though she is fully aware that she might have wound up dumping volatile chemicals and materials from the many vials in her coat onto the ground. And if they had mixed… That would have been Very Bad. Yes, the vials are all safely secured inside her coat's interior with straps and such, but that is still a wise concern of Rain's so she forgives him.
…He WAS referring to all her chemistry equipment when he said 'tools', right? Not certain OTHER 'tools'? She shakes her head and refocuses on the fight.

Ryuk peers up towards Amaya with a vaguely considering expression. Taking a few moments of thought he decided she was trying to help him, though it didn't give him much more information. He thought about it and realized the extent of his help was on the same level. He nods confirming he was of the Hyuuga clan, though he doesn't have to turn on his kekkei genkai to tell her the truth. Being from Konoha he knew Moriko well enough to know "Moriko-san, has very strong chakra." He shakes his head softly, there was nothing odd per say about the chakra, and he takes a straight look at her, was this woman to go up against her in the tournament, was she just curious, or something else. Apparently she knew Rain-sama, but her relationship with him was still a mystery to Ryuk, though he had the sense to assume it was neutral, perhaps she would be willing to help. If her chakra was on the level of jounin then it would be a great assistance to him. "I am Hyuuga Ryuk." He introduces himself to her emitting a mustered confidence yet still in a soft voice, passively awaiting to receive an introduction in return.

Mo's struck a trio of times through the bars, the girl blinking and simply pulling her limbs in tight to keep from receiving serious internal damage as she can't tell where the attacks are coming from. After the flurry, the girl staggers a bit, sucking wind in through her teeth as she tries put things together. She then glances at a place where the hit struck, the girl noting a perfectly circular discoloration in her skin under all that fur. She traces a claw over it briefly before frowning. "Genjutsu." She mutters, before she forms several seals rapidly, forming as much chakra as she can before shouting out "KAI!" The woman now trying hard to break the genjutsu she currently finds her self trapped in.

Rei/Kanami nods and accepts Rain's words with good grace. She focuses back on the battle, well-aware of how important things of this nature are to the Evolution Agenda. It seems that the Kirryu woman is being struck rather hard now. Her turn to feel the pain. But will it be enough?

Well, that was a great relief. Now Jon won't have to go home and have rumors floating around that he got trashed in the first round of the tournament without even touching his opponent. X) All good things must come to an end, though, and it looks like Moriko's breaking the link between their chakra systems. Unsurprising, really. Jon sets his feet and holds out his rod. "You never answered my question from before, Moriko-san. Is your wind as good in this form as it was before? If not, better have another defense you can use!" *SSSSKRRRRITCHSKRRITCHSKRITCHSKRITCH--* And off Jon goes in another hurricane spin assault. >D

Amaya nods to Ryuk. "Hmm… Strong Chakra, huh. That's it? Still more or less human?" She looks to Scruvo and says, "No need to worry. Apparently she is just using some Jutsu or something. She isn't >actually< a fox person--" Then she sees Jon start beating the out of Moriko while she stands there like a goon. She immediately leaps up and throws a fist in the air, crushing her last sweet-bean bun in her palm and yelling, "YES! YIFF IN HELL, FURRY! WOOOOOOO!" She then slowly sits back down, smiling broadly. She looks towards Ryuk and says, "Nagayama Amaya. That guy down there is my husband." She holds out the hand covered in smooshed beans and breading to shake Ryuk's own hand.

The fox-girl blinks and then shakes her head out, shortly before more attacks are incoming! Quickly some seals are formed and again she's surrounded by a vortex of wind, this deflecting the incoming attacks as it swirls around the young woman. Soon enough the wind dies down and Mo can be seen darting away? She lands in a deep crouch and frowns a bit before shaking her head "Yes, actually I get faster, and I can better control my flow of chakra." she responds, quietly enough that it doesn't carry too well up into the bleachers. "Just something that's unique to my clan." she then adds as her right hand glows green and she casually reaches over to one of the places on her jaw that was impacted, running her hand over the injury as the bruise seems to simply disappear. Seems she's also a medic nin?

Hinotori jumps when Amaya loudly exclaims who she was and her husband was. Leaning back in his chair, Hinotori laughs, looks like she is taking. Shrugging a little, "Well the match isn't over yet." he says to her, but Jon has an advantage over Moriko, but hopefully Moriko would be able to come back from this. Having tuned out most of everything else that was going on around him, studying the other opponents just in case he has to fight one of them next.

Ryuk shudders inwardly as a spectator on the side of Konoha, and the cheers of Amaya just rub it in more, due to the fact that he could have leaked information to the opponent. He takes a remote look at her hand and slowly raises his own to shake. Looking towards the ring, he shoots his glance to Jon, Amaya's husband he learned, and nods back towards her. Interesting, yet for all logics sake he didn't think she was that strange, despite the crow, and her hand. "They don't seem to be holding back, no one is during this competition. I will not either. Are you competing, Amaya-san?" He asks with a low and slightly hesitant tone.

Jon halts his spin and jumps aside to avoid the inevitable counter-atta…oh. Playing it defensively now, is she? Interesting. Jon chuckles and waggles a finger (and slips out another thread of genjutsu chakra). "What, stopping to lick your wounds so soon, Moriko-san? Y'know, funnily enough, this field that keeps us from getting hurt--it also reduces the effectiveness of healing techniques. Healing yourself here isn't going to be much different from healing yourself in the middle of a real battle, in terms of how it affects your chances of winning. Might wanna save your time and chakra for more important things!" That said, Jon dashes after Moriko and attacks her with a flurry of swipes, prods, and sweeps of his bo-length rod.

This time Mo's able to detect the attempt at another Genjutsu and is able to avoid being affected by the link. She mutters. "Not this time." Shortly before she's struck, a glancing blow at first, then she's able to dodge the second one, and the third strikes her solidly, just before she disappears in a puff of smoke and near blinding light, the smell of ozone sharply in the air. Mo then pops out of air on the other side of the ring, now using range to her advantage before she pulls out a metal sphere the size of a large marble. It's held as if she were to flick it with her thumb shortly before she tosses it a short distance into the air, finger pointing at Jon as if it were a gun. Arcs of lightning race up the woman's body and start to focus at her arm, these arcs moving to her hand just as the ball contacts the area above the out-stretched finger. There's a sudden loud report and the ball bearing is blasted at Jon with incredible force, the recoil causing Mo's out-stretched hand to rock backward as if she'd actually fired some kind of firearm. she then forms a couple of quick seals and presses her hands together before pointing two fingers at Jon, this time sending a blast of thin needles made of light, or lightning in this case, some blue some purple into the Jon's general Area.

Amaya notices the bean paste on her hand and grabs a napkin to wipe it off with. "Sorry. I just got a little bit excited. I know that you are rooting for Tails over there, like this guy next to me, but seeing my husband getting pummeled for most of the match was a bit disheartening. A reversal like that was something to cheer about, though!" She shrugs. "And yeah, I'm competing. Not sure when my match is, or against whom. I think some Uchiha guy. Good thing most of my techniques use Ki instead of Chakra. Even if he copies my movements, he won't be able to convert Chakra into Ki to perform them properly." She looks towards Ryuk briefly, wondering if he even knows what Ki is. Kemonoken are not wide-spread after all…

Kanami watches the fight interestedly, but eventually it becomes clear that someone like Mune is more likely to glean information from this fight than she is. She has other business to attend to. Thus, she lightly places her left hand on Rain's forearm for a moment and says, "Douzo, Ree-nu-san, forgive me for leaving so suddenly, but I have an appointment to keep. I believe Mune-san will be glad to keep you company, and can be trusted to gather all the data that we need, ne?" She turns her head to look at Mune, making sure she hears. Then she rises from her seat gracefully and begins to make her way down the aisle, headed off to some other place.
A place where she is expected to fight.

Ryuk Keeps his eyes on the match expectant of something, but not sure what, as he listens to Amaya. He offers a slight nod to let her know it was not a problem and he didn't take offense. He racked his mind to find the answer about Ki, and something about it clicked. He had been familiar with the basic concept, though he didn't know exactly how one could use it. He catches a glance of Kanami and watches her leave out of the corner of his eye. He nods to Amaya and Hinotori, it was time to try and find some answers, from a certain woman in red. He bows and says "I must take my leave, Amaya-san. Good luck to your husband, I wish for the battle to end in good spirits." Walking away with his head bowed he pauses and turns back to say in a somewhat shy tone "May…You, and your husband, join me for tea, some time?" Awaiting a response with hands resting in the sleeves of his kimono he bows respectfully once again and takes off.

Nodding a bit towards Kanami's departure, he would glance towards Mune and consider it. "I suppose she is right about you having an eye on the situation… as much as i'd like to see it to the end, i may be more interested in seeing the start of the next match." Rain would take out his itinerary and scan it. "Which may be starting quite soon." tapping his chin a bit, Rain nods. "Would you be willing to tell me how this ends later, should I step out?" he'd ask of Mune.

Jon raises an eyebrow. Well, he managed to connect a hit with just a simple taijutsu strike, Moriko must be getting tired. Not that Jon's as fresh as a daisy himself. When Moriko brings one of those little metal balls out again, Jon smirks slightly and watches carefully. His hands hang loosely by his side, and the sun draws slanted shadows over his eyes. A gust of wind kicks up some dust, and a tumbleweed rolls by. Okay, that was a candy wrapper some careless spectator dropped. "DRAW!" *PTANG!* Moriko's attack shoots through the spot wherefrom Jon just blurred away and ricochets off the barrier. Up in the stands, a reporter slaps his sketch artist companion in the back of the head. "You dummy, you just missed the perfect front page scene!"
Jon skids to a halt and observes Moriko's next attack. Ah, looks like more lightning! Good, this time he'll use *SHIKTSHIKTSHIKT*…ow. o.o; Those things fly faster than you'd think. Well, no use crying about it now. Jon charges forward and attacks with his rod again. Just one slim chance left, gotta outlast her chakra reserves…

Mune nods to Kanami vaguely when she departs, but when Rain speaks to her, she turns her attention on him for a moment. "Yes, of course. It should be announced anyway, but I will let you know if anything 'significant' occurs… Go enjoy the next match."

Mo is indeed attempting to conserve chakra, what for is anyone's guess. Still she's struck twice, both again glancing blows as she attempts to dodge the incoming attacks. The last she's able to sidestep nicely. As she moves to the side she launches her own few attacks, a quick wheeling kick, this leading with those rather vicious claws on her feet, as she moves, her hands fly through a short series of seals and she makes a thrusting motion, sending small spheres of lightning blasting Jon's way, then just as suddenly she launches forward again and attacks with more hand to hand techniques at this point, this time launching a series of punches, each move flowing into the next and more resembling some kind of dance as she seems to attempt to be hitting Jon from every angle she can.

"It's understandable Amaya-san." Hinotori says to her as she explained her action of shouting out for her husband. "If I had a loved one who was watching me get beat then I was able to turn things around, I woiuld love to hear that support down in the pit." he says to her with a smile. "Jon-san is a lucky guy to have you by his side." he tells her. "Moriko-san on the other hand, I don't know if she has that, but a good match has everyone always on their feet. I hope she does well, but so far your husband has taken a commanding lead."

Jon smiles grimly. Brought to the point of relying on taijutsu, are we? Turns out Moriko-san's not such a slouch at it herself, though. Those claws sting a bit. XP Jon narrows his eyes in focus, forcing himself to give his utmost. The effort pays off, allowing Jon to move fluidly around Moriko's lightning attack and her continued taijutsu assault. He can do this, he knows it. Win or lose, he can't be satisfied unless he goes for the gusto.

I'm going in

One two three and four

Like a kamikaze

Like Geronimo

A leap of faith

And I finally feel alive

Three two one I'm going in!

*WHOCK!* Jon finds an opening and makes use of it, spinning once and slamming his chakra-infused rod into Moriko's side. "This is it, Moriko-san!" Jon shouts, twirling his rod and taking the offensive again. "Let's give them a fight to remember!" Jon sweeps low, then swings high, then lets his momentum carry him into a spinning leap ending with an axe kick.

I'm going in

One two three say when

Like a flaming arrow

Soaring in the wind

A leap of faith

And I finally feel alive

Three two one I'm going in!

"Gah!" Mo shouts out, the rod sending her spinning. She uses the momentum to roll away from the man, the fox-woman spitting blood out of her mouth shortly before she's waylaid again. The first attack looks particularly dangerous and the woman body-flickers a short distance to the side before nimbly dodging the next two attacks. Still she'd been waiting for an openening and hope she'd found it. She spins slightly away from the man as she finishes her last attack, then lunges forward, the girl trying to close to the point she's nearly touching him. "Last one I think." she whispers, before there's there's that dull buzzing sound, her hand moving toward Jon's belly as a pinprick of black forms in her palm, this growing rapidly to the size of a golfball. "By the way, This works in close range too." She whispers, then adds "Kuro-hoshi." And attempts to make direct contact with that technique of hers at Jon's mid-section before launching off the attack. Point blank and to the point yes, but that's where this whole fight's gotten to!

*BOOOM!* The familiar sound of Moriko's special power attack echoes through the arena. But nobody is sent flying this time. Looking closer, it becomes apparent that Moriko's arm isn't quite pointed at Jon's midriff…it's been knocked to the side by a heelstrike from Jon's palm. The hand which struck the blow buzzes with latent electricity. "I'm impressed," Jon remarks. "It can't have been easy gathering enough chakra for that at this point." Jon fires off a snap kick and strikes at each side of Moriko in rapid succession with his rod. "I hope the judges can come to a decision soon, or one of us is going to just plain collapse!"

Mo's attack is diverted, then she's struck with a lightning charged-fist. She blinks repeatedly, trying to get the stars out of her eye sbefore she's hit again, this spinning the woman before she catches her self and nimbly dodges the next two attacks. Quickly, Mo puts distance between her self and the other, then frowns. "This is gonna hurt I think." She mutters before forming what little chakra she has left, storing it up as she can't really afford to take any other hits in this match.

Jon quirks a brow at Moriko. "Oh, no. You're gathering /more/ chakra? While maintaining that form, too? Y'know you've become your own biggest danger at this point, right? We can't kill each other in here, but it wouldn't take too much to overexpend yourself." Jon considers for a moment. Could she really kill herself for this match? Jon can see how it would be tempting, he feels far more motivated to win himself now that victory is nearly within grasp…but, nobody knows her own limits better than she does herself, and there are plenty of medics standing by in case of an emergency. Jon sighs and steps forward. "Don't die on me." That said, Jon continues to physically assault her. n.n *WHOOSHSWOOSHWHIP*

Mo dodges the first attempt rather neatly, then somehow fails to dodge the second, this sending the Jounin sprawling. There's really no need for a third as she lays face up on the ground. Quickly her form shifts back to normal and she settles there, still panting, and completely out of the fight.

Hashi looked at the two combatants and nodded slightly as a call came in from those that manned the seals, the amount of damage that had been absorbed by the seals was pushing the shinobi in charge to their limits. Moriko had definitely given her all, but Jon had managed to pull off the victory. Both looked at least a good bit winded, though most of the injuries sustained were far less than what should have occurred thanks to the seals that had been put in place. "Halt! This match has come to an end." she stated as she examined a bit more closely the conditions of each of the combatants. She examined Moriko first, "You did well." she said, continuing over to Jon. After a brief examination of what she could gather with the medics, she nodded "Well done, Saito Jon." she said, before turning to face the stands. "I present to you our winner of this match! Saito Jon, of Kumogakure!"

Mune stood up from her seat swiftly when she saw the final blow land and knock Moriko to the ground. This is it. This is her chance. She bounds down the steps in this first box, dodging around anyone in her way -- yes, even someone built like her can dodge -- and then leaps over the guard rail to head over to where Moriko lies still. There are Medics on-hand already, but most of them have been informed that they are generally to bow to the seniority of this dark-skinned woman. The Daimyou himself said so.
So when she comes in and says, "I'll help take her to the arena's infirmary." Most of them SHOULD just allow her to do so. Will they like letting a foreigner tell them what to do? Likely not. But orders are orders. So Mune bends down to help Moriko up and assist in hauling her away to the infirmary, with or without the aid of others. Maybe she'll even help heal Moriko on the way. But one thing she does for sure…
Is to get in nice and close, and use a sterile medical wipe she got from somewhere to clean up any blood or other nasty things that might be leaking from the Konohagakure Jounin. And unless a Hyuuga or Uchiha is watching, the use of Chakra in the process would probably go completely unnoticed…

Jon sucks in a breath as Moriko goes down…then exhales heavily. -.-; FINALLY. Now that it's all over, Jon feels sore in every muscle, it feels like. He's not sure he'd even have the energy to help his fallen opponent to her feet…although it's probably best to let her lie there anyway. He manages a bow. "Thanks…for the match, Moriko-san. Good luck with the rest of the tournament." Jon also gives a bow to Hashiramako. "Many thanks, Lady Hokage. You train some excellent shinobi in your village, it seems."
Scruvo takes off and flies circles over the arena. "Bonzah battle mates! Couldn't take me eyes off it fer a minute! You're goin' all th'way, Jonny-boy, straight to th'top!" Jon, of course, feels more like going straight to bed. X) He endures the applause and ceremony for as long as he must, then shuffles off to find a nice quiet place to rest and recover.

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