First World Ninja Tournament - Lunar Mirror Style vs. The Paths of Earth and Wind!! Imota vs. Tsukiko


Tsukiko, Daisuke, Imota, Kara

Date: Unknown (log received November 19, 2010)


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"First World Ninja Tournament - Lunar Mirror Style vs. The Paths of Earth and Wind!! Imota vs. Tsukiko"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]


TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!

*OOC*: look stands to see who's currently watching.


It is late afternoon/early evening. The arena is packed yet again for another exciting official match! Even Bracket 2, previously thought to be 'lamesauce' by those who assumed Genin were nothing special, has turned out to be surprisingly entertaining, and even incredible at times. Kusagakure's people are a bit tired of the fighting, to be honest. But business if business, at least.

Kara has not proctored a match before. She is a bit surprised she was asked to this time. But here she is! Right in the middle of the ring, with all its grass, and dirt, and a large pond, and trees, and some boulders to hide behind, etcetera! She also has her Puppet out next to her. Pharaoh stands ready at her side. Kara then uses the microphone thing that is around her throat and says, "Attention everyone! An official match will begin in just a moment! The participants are… Pharaoh-kun! Give it to me!" She gestures at Pharaoh, and the mummy's lipless mouth cranks open slowly. Then a stream of paper begins to emerge from his maw like it's being printed on a roll of ticker-tape. Kara rips off the paper and starts to read from it.

Closing her eyes, she holds up one finger and says, "I see! Today's words of wisdom are… 'It is flirting to guide a woman by the small of her back. It is harassment to guide a woman by the large of her front.'" She nods sagely a few times, going, 'Mhmm. Mhmm. Hm.' then she gets a dismayed look on her face. "Whaaat!? I wanted the participant list, Pharaoh-kun!" Pharaoh chatters his teeth in apology and then out comes another stream of paper. Kara mnnsss and then tears off the new one. Reading it >carefully< this time, she announces, "The challengers are… Sasaki Imota, from the Land of Wind!" She gestures to her left. "And Tsukiko from the Land of Fire!" Gesture to the right. "Please join me in the ring, challengers!"

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,

Daisuke has to ask the person next to him for clarification of what the proctor had just said but for the most part the red-headed chuunin was ready to see some action. Genin or not, he always enjoyed fighting and watching others fight because it gave him a chance to pick up on cool and impractical tricks for later. So the boy settles into the seat and observes the beginning of the match.

Tsukiko blinks a moment at the words of wisdom. Her cheeks color slightly before she ahems and focuses her thoughts some more. She strides broudly out into the arena. Despite her focus she can't help but look to the stands to the section of very loud, very large armored warriors that have been acting as her cheering squad through these matches. She smiles, taking strength from their support and takes another deep focusing breath before she settles in her opening position to await her opponent.

Worst for wear, and seemingly exhausted, Imota, would come in looking rather unprepared, and scatter brained. Those who would normally know this nin, probably would be surprised. The look in his eyes was drifting, and sleepy, his normally expression altered only by bags big enough to hold his library of scrolls back home. He'd heard his name shouted, but not from the proctor. It would be from one of the other Chuunin who would be sent to look for him. They would find him sleeping, atop a bench in the locker room, drooling on top of an open scroll, with lots of scribbles and drawings on it, a pencil still in his hand. The walk to the middle of the ring would be slow.

The mouth of this expressionless mask, would only seem to open for yawning. Blank eyes, alert, yet devoid of interest, would stare at Kara, then at Tsukiko, before another yawn, would proceed a deep bow to each. The smile of this girl had been ignored. The only thing Imota had to greet Tsukiko with, was slowly closing eyes, and a body that would sway, only to then stand up straight once again as he'd jolt alert. Had he been dozing off as he stood there? Really? Probably so…

Tsukiko watches the boy who is seemingly asleep on his feet. Is it a ploy, is it some special sleep-no-jutsu.. she can't take the chance. She keeps her focus, channeling her strength into her chakra. She cannot hold back.. it would be rude to her opponent, and possibly a fatal mistake if this were a real battle. She bows slightly and politely to her oponent, then awaits the start signal.

Kara nods once the two participants are in place, and then says, "Once I'm out of the ring, you may begin!" Then she turns around and Pharaoh hops onto her back and clings there like a mummified monkey. She then dashes off and leaps out of the ring, running up the walls in the process. When she is a safe distance away she indicates for the barriers to be activated. Once they are in place, she yells, "Begin!"

Begin would be heard as a defining scream that would cause Imota to look to Tsukiko with widen eyes, as if amazed by her very presence. The boy's chakra would seem to explode upon such a reactions, causing the wind about him to flux at heavy speeds, but only for a moment. He would look to how much he had summoned all at once, and calm a bit, as if he didn't mean to. "This nin begs his pardon. The apparent fatigue is due to lack of sleep. Not an excuse, but rather an explanation." Imota would then extend one hand behind him, seeming ready himself like a gunslinger waiting for the draw.

Eyes would seem to scope the terrain rather quickly with peripheral glances, before Imota, would then realize whom he faced. "…Tsukiko-san..", would be said with a sense of realization, but not reflect such, only because of the boy's monotone and drone like voice.


Tsukiko would look into Imota's face. "It seems your prediction was correct, Imota-san. I am your next opponent after all." She focuses her chakra into the wind, wrapping it around her bangled senbon, launching them towards her opponent. two sheathed in wind, the third with a small tag attached.

Imota would seem to look on to the words, with little reaction. He hadn't really been to focused, and in the end, he would pay for it, eventually. It was a quick progression, the first senbon piercing through a clone, whose explosion into white smoke would only be delayed by a wince. The second? Well it would be simple swatted away by a gust of wind from behind Imota, only after eyes would lock onto it. The harm, however, would be courtesy of the explosive tag, his speed with the Shunshin no jutsu, not enough to get out him out of range. Being singed slightly across his shoulder, the sting, would bring him to a status much more alert. With alertness, came the planning.

Imota would look to the girl, and with that, his hands, would flick, revealing several shuriken, which would thrown the girls way. Handseals would follow the throw, and before long, 6 shuriken, would become twelve right before the girls eyes, the second half being only an illusion. This would indeed help Imota, when a hard yank, whether these shuriken missed or not, would cause the wire attached to each of the real shuriken, to wrap about Tsukiko tightly.

Tsukiko forms a hand seal quickly, but not fast enough. the shuriken strikes her before she finish her jutsu. This knocks her off balance slightly so that she misses her attempt to deflect the second attack, leaving ehr cut a second time. She appears to be caught by the wires trailing the final shuriken. The bound Tsukiko shatters, glass falling in the middle of the field. The real Tsukiko launches her attack from the side, hoping to catch Imota unawares. She launches a small black pellet, charged with chakra, causing it to explode in a cloud of glitter and smoke. Then a second tsukiko springs from behind him attacking with a charged kunai. While the solid clone keeps her opponent busy, Tsukiko gathers wind chakra to her hands once more, swirling it in her hands before sending it accross the battlefield floor.

Quick attacks, all in succession, and all of them seeming to take an enormous amount of pre-planning. Imota had been very watchful of Tsukiko at this point. She seemed to /mirror/ him, pardoning the pun. He would watch as she would then the girl would throw the small pellet. Not knowing what it concealed, Imota would not care to dodge it, believe it or not. He needed to know exactly what might be pulled out on him later. A barrier of wind, would be like see through glass, both blocking the smoke/glitter bomb, but allowing Imota to stir and separate its contents.

The clone, just so happened to be a bit more sneaky, and though a large amount of wind would seem to sweep into the girl clone, causing her to be push off violently. Though the Mirror clone was eliminated, it still manage to graze Imota only slightly. But this is when things would get more complicated. Imota would find that the glitter, though now settled on the ground, was still available for use. That, along with debris, as well as wind itself, would seem to surge before being projecting at him, at full blast!! His remedy? Well, Imota could no longer stay stationary. Small whirlwind, from each palm, would send Imota sailing upward like a rocket, up and above the storm brewed by Konoha's Mirror user.

Imota was now airborne, and even more so, his mind was moving a mile a minute. "Threat Level Orange.. Restriction Level 2 now commencing.", would be said in monotone words, as a hand would flick and throw above him, a scroll. Hands would seal, and before long, a poof of smoke would reveal a large shuriken, Fuuma Style, and modified. It would be left to descend with its owner only for a moment.Meanwhile, more air, thanks to more handseals, would soon be inhaled, and sent at Tsukiko, like a bullet. This was only, whether it hit or not, a distraction, for the real strategy, had been simply the attack of two opposing forces of wind, meant to knock the girl above, and upside down for instability.

Whether or not any of these two attacks had worked, they still had a follow up. The main attack, had yet to come. The Shuriken, even as he was now making his descent, was being enveloped in a large whirlwind. It had only been in wait the entire time, longing to be returned into its owner's hand, to be his whipped around with a contortion of his body, and released from the hands with a grunt, and a heave.

Tsukiko is struck by the wind bullet, flying back and shattering on the ground. The real Tsukiko would suffer a similar fate s she is buffeted off balance despite her shield mirror shield. the imbalance causes her to lose concentration on the chakra flow through her shield. The glass shatters as the windmill shuriken burts through, slashing the girl harshly. She holds her arm looking back at him. "This is a mirror match.. I should have the advantage" She hunkers down, letting the chakra flow through her, tuning it just so.. causing her bod to glow softly, though the shine might be unseen in the sunlight. She begins gathering wind chakra, sending a man sized funnel cloud accross the battlefield, gathering glass as wind charged shrapnel. As the wind dies down, an inconspicuous piece of mirror suddenly explodes in a vortex, threatening to trap Imota if he doesn't move fast enough.


"Not all things are as predicatable as you may be believe, Tsukiko of Konohagakure.", would be mentioned shortly after the words of the Mirror style ninjutsuist would cut the air. These words, were said from a Sasaki who even now, seemed deftly tired, his reactions slowing and speeding up randomly the entire fight. Imota's words would exit just as he would then observe a most peculiar sight, one that he had noticed only a few matches ago. The body of this one, would yet again glow with the light that seemed to shine even in the day. It caused him to awaken slightly, but not enough to keep his reaction speed on constant.

Imota, was exhausted. With every bit of attack and defense that littered the air, the born Wind Path Sasaki was feeling the strain, his eyes reddening, his pulse hastening, and his body producing a nervous, cold sweat. Even now, he sleepily struggled in analyzing attacks that he knew he should have been able to avoid. His logic would seem to dwindle slightly with the cutting of shrapnel into parts and pores of his body, feelings of regret, and annoyance, wind surrounding his body, and sending him backward. The feeling of pain, would only awaken him enough to actually feel his body moving through air, and soon instinct, would take over. Hands would seal on impulse just before an explosion would envelope the boy in mass. He'd only seemed be caught, until wind would blast violently, blowing the explosion appart at the seems, and revealing nothing of him.

The cloud of dirt and rock that falled through out after such large trap, would part, wind seeming to clear the way for sight. Imota would come walking through, panting, the Seal of Paths, glowing upon his skin, bubbling, as if burning from the inside out. Imota's face, twitched. It seemed to want to form the face of frustration, but only was forced back by the mask that had been worn more often. Flakes of black would seem to slowly float above his shoulder blade, while the skin would eminate light, and reddness similar to a developing rash.

Even Imota did not seem to understand why his chakra level was spiking, wind and small amounts of earth churning about him as he would stare at the girl who had been his opponent. Feelings and logic conflicted but only in argument. The fight between the two had yet to began.


Tsukiko sees the confusion in the boys face and, while she wants to feel sorry for him in the moment, she nows she can't. More than her own ambitions, she has the hopes of the Kuroyari troops to keep up with.. and she has her own need to prove herself to her adopted village. She leaps up to the air, drawing a mirror from her scroll pouch. She flashes the mirror at the ground at Imota's feet. She focuses a seal at the back of the mirror, locking the grounds image in the mirror. then, with a swipe of her hands the ground rips up, hopefully slinging Imota aside. Then, with a second wave, the chunk of ground is flung at the Sasaki as Tsukiko drifts back to the ground

Tsukiko had a point.. Pity was never helpful in situations like this. Some circumstances just won't allow such. Imota certainly did not need pity at all. Right now, he was going through hell, due to just not being control of himself. His mind wanted to break apart the mysteries of this mirror manipulation that had now been being use. Imota was not one to express things like happiness, or enjoyment. Such would, however, would have been possible, if he had been well rested, focused, and working toward strategy. He had been pushing himself, trying to keep emotions suppressed. But exhaustion was something that seemed to make him give up.

And right at the wrong moment.

An attack from above. One that even /his/ mind could not comprehend, would rend the ground about him with seemingly only a touch of a simple mirror. The boy would be whipped into the air like a rag doll, his body loosed and uncontrolled, yet just as silent as a childs toy. Pain would tear through his being, that would cause his eyes to widen, almost in both shock and rage, and soon, the Sasaki nin, would go blank, all in mid air. Had he been vulnerable? Had this been the point where the second wave of Tsukiko's attack, would win her the match? Well, to such, would be to neglect the activity of the seal that had been seeming to erupt with light upon this small genin's back!!

The chunks of earth would enter the atmosphere, seeming to follow Imota through while he yet flew through the air. His destination, the barrier wall, would seem a likely end, but only until a seemingly unconcious Imota.. would smile.

Without fail, tendrils of earth, would seem to crawl to him on reflect, grabbing at each of the boy's limb and body, in caress, bringing him to a halt. In more displays of almost maternal protection, the earth would seem to swallow Imota in a dome of rock and dirt, smoothed over, and perfectly circumference, a barrier to deny the second attack.

The ring, would grow silent yet again, the only sign of Imota being this now large earthen dome, there as a testament of something more to this Sasaki.

Tsukiko would get worried when her opponent showed he had mastery over a second element.. Only the strong had access to that. It worried her even more that she could not locate him after that. She turns her gace to the mirror she held in her hand. Through it, she searched through the reflections from all the mirror pieces that littered the field.. no sign of Imota would be found.. Tsukiko looked to the ground. She knew The ground was the least safe place she could be. She leaps to the wall of the arena and waited.

Had Tsukiko merely delayed the inevitable. Surely such a wall had been high above the ground, and could she have figured out that Imota, though not of his own will, had lay in wait for her? Probably so. Or maybe she had been wrong. Her strategy, would indeed, be very well for providing of view of the reality of such a situation. The earth, seemingly of its own accord, would part, as the winds, would change direction, heading into an opening fissure. They would embrace him, carrying Imota onto the more solid of ground, and revealing his present condition. His face, was a contorted mix of emotion, while the seal on his shoulder would seem to tear itself apart at the seams. The winds, and earth about the boy, clamored to him like children, snaking about him, and around him, like reptiles.

His eyes, lacking any personality, would search about viciously, before then finding Tsukiko. A mischievious smile, would widen at the cheeks, before, "Urhahahhahaahhaha!!", would be laughed in a high, almost feminine pitch. A lone hand would seem to flow out in front him, and then fold into a fist suddenly, proceeeded by the violence of winds, both torrential and without harm. Soon, he would place fingers at his side, his cackles followed by streams of tears, and blades of chakra and wind, would form at his side, like the joining ranks of a battle, one by one. With a loud, "Uuuuyyyyoooo!!!", the chaotic winds would mix in with swirling blades, blasting at Tsukiko as if to beckon her call to a cold and deadly bleed.

Tsukiko moved to make her defensive jutsu, but the speed ov the wind burst was too great for her. She was knocked off her perch on the side of the wall and caught midair by the barrage of wind blades, wincing in pain as she hit the ground. She struggles back to her feet, looking to her opponent. Her mind works quickly, and calculates her next move. She focuses her strength inwardly as she rises to a fighting stance, not willing to give in.

Despite all the activity of attack, the force of elements about Imota seemed to still swirl, and slither with the intention to serve. Cackling would seem to cease into snarling, as a murderous intent, would flow into the eye of Imota. The elements about him even now, would swirl with greater haste, seeming agitated by their masters now surging want for blood. The chakra in the boy's system, though very exhausted, was still rampant, being summoned without regard for the boy's life.. Perhaps this fight, should not go much further.


Tsukiko stands weekly, winded and disoriented by the buffeting attack. She closes her eyes a moment, a calculted risk to clear her head before she opens her eyes again. She grits her teeth and sets her feet, opening her eyes again, locking onto her opponent.

And she stands… The snarling Imota would definitely not seemed to like this at all. His eyes widened, as if to have recognized some sort of determination in her eyes. The boy would seem to have gotten enough and in moments, arms would flail about him, and blades, from his rage, would take form in the air. Every attack, despite the chaotic demeanor of the Sasaki, would seem to home in on Tsukiko's exact position.

Tsukiko forms a hand seal, then there were two Tsukikos. Then the two Tsukikos both form a seal and there are four. The four copies of the girl attempt to scatter, one, then two being blown away in the wind element attack from her opponent. The third is blown apart, the attack slashing though the fake and hitting the real one. blood drips down her arm and her thign from the lacerations. She had taken quite a beating.. The wind itself is her opponents weapon, but the battlefield is hers. Her weapons lay strewn all over the arena floor, waiting for to use them. She summons a funnel cloud between her hands and casts it forward, letting it gather up the glass from her broken mirrors, giving them new life. Wherever Imota landed, no matterhow he got there, there would be a shard of glass.. a fragment of mirror.. perhaps it would be safe.. perhaps it would be a trap… perhaps it would explode in a vortex to trap the Sasaki

The path of which the battle took, had been a long one, and so far, the combatants, had been pushed to edges for which they had yet to venture. Tsukiko's constant littering of the field with glass and broken silver, had indeed been a constant weapon. For one in Imota's state, it was quite effective, only due to Imota, having no direction. At this moment, the boy had been unthinking, and unaware of his actions. His need to face this woman, had been on instinct. Someone was attacking him, therefore, he would retaliate, but only for preservation.

As the funnel cloud of wind and debris picked up, so would the wind and earth seem to shiver and shake, quaking the earth, and throwing up chunks dirt and dust into the air. The funnel, would be redirected, but only after a swat of the Sasaki nin's hand, would cut the funnel down its middle. Glass would be scattered about Imota, on all sides, just as Tsukiko had went for! Soon with an approaching step, one mirror would activate, blasting the boy back with a pop, and sending him flying. No damage done, but this would not be just a single phenomenom. *pop* "Rawr!!" *pop* "Grrrr!!!!" *pop* "Blarghleblarghleblarghleeblarghle!!!", would be the sounds of the event that would keep Imota trapped, giving Tsukiko more time to do her worst.

Mirror shards were not her only weapons She draws a kunai from her pouch, attached is a string of explosive tages. She throws it forward into the whirlwind, letting the vortex suck up the string and wrap them arounf her helpless opponent.


Kara has been watching the match, but has sort of been distracted most of the time. Tinkering with Pharaoh and all. But when explosions start going off, she peers towards the bursts of flame, and realizes that Imota is totally out of it. He wasn't just going 'blarghalarghalargh' like a Murloc to terrify his opponent! He was honestly a Murloc!—Err… That is… Uhh… Doesn't matter!

Kara points a hand towards Imota once the smoke clears, and says, "Pharaoh-4: Plague of Blood." Pharaoh sprays out a stream of bloody-looking oily liquid that douses Imota and sticks him to the ground. "This match is over! Sasaki Imota is in no condition to continue! This match goes to Tsukiko! Medic-Nin to the field! And bring towels! …Lots of them!"

Tsukiko nearly collapses as well, needing the medic nin almost as much as her opponent. Shewaves them off when they reach her and forces herself to her feet again. She waves up to the crowd, to her cheering section as she tries to catch her breath. Tsukiko gingerly makes her way off the field, until she is out of sight just inside the entry tunnel, and there she collapses, exhausted and wounded.

Meanwhile, as many of the audience watching the match would look on at such a powerful display of force and ability by both Genin, someone else had shared a rather heated interest in today events. Sasaki Oromaru, could not believe at all about what he has saw of this match. A Sasaki ninja, had managed, in succession, both elements of Earth and Wind. Nevermind that such use was not under the complete control, of mental conscious of the boy. They still had been used. As an Earth Sasaki, such findings horrified this one man of 18, who had been loyal to his Path. “I have to let the elder know of this!”, would be the only things said before this man, would be seen fleeing of out of the stands.

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