First World Ninja Tournament - Rise and Fall, Ebb and Flow: Yuzuna vs. Sora


Sora, Yuzuna, Fuyu, Touma, Hinotori, Kureno

Date: November 23, 2010


In the second round of the Kusagakure Tournament Hyuuga Yuzuna and Hayato Sora contend for advancing in the brackets.

"First World Ninja Tournament - Rise and Fall, Ebb and Flow: Yuzuna vs. Sora"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring

Arena 1's Ring is, as usual, grassy, with small patches of dirt, trees growing throughout, as well as some boulders suitable for using as cover and also a large pond. Fuyu is standing in the middle of the ring and announces at the right time, "An official match is about to begin! Challenger: Hyuuga Yuzuna and Challenger: Hayato Sora… Make your way to your starting positions!"

It was only after Fuyu announced the opponents did the movement shift in the opposite end of the arena. Emerging from the tunnel connected to the arena itself, a young, ebony-haired woman moves at an even, steady pace, dressed in what appears to be dark fighting clothing as her pale lavender eyes blink slowly. The shift is subtle when she glances over her shoulder at the stands, her gaze narrowing faintly as she glances over the crowd, shifting her gaze over the people before looking back to the proctor as she approaches. Slowing to an eventual stop, Yuzuna pauses for a full moment before lowering into a respectful bow to Fuyu.

Sora is still within the ring of the arena when Fuyu announces them. She quickly checks her equipment before striding out into the ring. She's actually smiling. The next match has come at last! She looks up, past the stands and the people looking down, to see a black dot floating in the air. She signals, and Megami her hawk would drop down to become much more visible but at diving range. Sora's attention shifts to Fuyu. She inclines her head politely. Then she'd look over to Yuzuna and say, "I'm gonna go all out on this one; let's have a good fight." She stands in readiness.

Fuyu nods when they are both in place, confirming their identities against the piece of paper she has with their photographs. Then she nods once more and says, "Alright. No particular rules, as usual. Just stay in the Ring and fight your best. Once I'm on the Proctor's platform and the barriers are up, you may begin." She then turns and leaps away several times until she is up on the viewing platform. Semi-transparent fields of energy engulf the Ring. The match has begun!

Touma lets out a loud whistle, complete with two fingers in the mouth, when Yuzuna enters the ring. He had come for some rest and relaxation and what better way then to watch a few girls duke it out. He sits back in his chair, munching on some crackers, as he waits for the match to start. He was curious to see how Yuzuna's training had gone within the confines of Konohagakure.

Yuzuna lowers her chin just slightly in acknowledge of understanding as she looks from Fuyu to Sora across from her, silent as only the faintest breeze catches the few loose ebony locks framing her face. The Hyuuga kunoichi is silent for several moments, lifting a thin dark brow as she listens to her opponent. Her pale lavender eyes glance over her steadily for a moment longer before Yuzuna idly rolls her neck, "Endearing, truly." she murmurs, though its unclear if she means it or not. Taking several steps backwards while continuing to face Sora, the Hyuuga puts a bit more distance between them as she breathes out slowly, already beginning to focus chakra in preparation of their match.

Sora glances up once more at her falcon and smiles. As Yuzuna gathers her chakra, so does she, slowly and steadily. However as she's doing this she's taking one slow step back at a time, widening the gap between them. Her gaze doesn't waver from those pale eyes. "Hyuuga Yuzuna-san," she says. "I was wondering if it's merely the genetic abilities your clan shares, or their fighting style as well." It's hard to tell whether that's a rhetorical question or not.

"Hayato Sora…" Yuzuna repeats stoicly. "Being the leader of your clan, I would have thought you would know just what makes a clan as a whole… However, my own specificly…" her words linger as she lowers her chin, enough that some of her long hair falls to shadow part of her face, "will just be a mystery at present I suppose." At the distance between them, it would be near impossible for Sora to see, though the corner of Yuzuna's lips tugs subtly. Another moment passes before the kunoichi shifts her weight, sliding her right foot forward with most of her weight supported through her left leg as she extends her arms out in front and behind her in a long, slanted pose. She narrows her pale lavender eyes, "Now then. Lets begin."

Sitting in the stands for this match up, Hinotori watches intently. Leaning forward in his seat, the Uchiha smiles as he looks down to his friend Yuzuna. "This is going to be good." he says more to himself then to anyone else. Focusing chakra to his eyes, the sharingan comes alive, then is swallowed by a henge. As the two fighters gather their chakra, Hinotoris smile that he did have slowly fades as he prepared to see what his friend has in store for her opponent.

In the vastly uniform wave of people in uniforms and what not, it is difficult for one such as Kureno to stand out as he observes the match that is about to happen. Of course, he didn't know either of the two fighters, but he did hear earlier that someone from the Land of Wind was about to fight. However, he was all but excited for some reason. Almost bored. He glanced sideways and noticed Hinotori not that far away from him. He knew Hinotori from earlier when they had a 'situation'. But he doesn't keep his eyes on him either, simply leaning back and allowing himself to be surprised if any of these two actually know what they're doing. He hoped they did.

Sora looks a little sheepish as Yuzuna identifies her as a Clan Head. It wasn't something she usually bragged about, so how did Yuzuna know? She glances momentarily at Fuyu, another Clan Head, before going back to her opponent. However, she does grimace momentarily as the Hyuuga activates her Byakugan. Well, it seems Yuzuna and that other guy share the same eyes. But Yuzuna must be a better contender, having won one around. Sora tilts her chin a little, as if in signal. Megami would swoop down just as Sora draws two shuriken in a swipe, and throws them pell mell at Yuzuna. It'd be followed shortly by Megami from behind, slashing with razor sharp talons.

Touma yawns as he waits for the fighting to start, looking around the crowd to see who was all there. Wishing he had picked up some snacks, the young Hyuuga adjusts his sunglasses and turns his attention back to the match as he begins to hear the first signs of combat.

Its only when Yuzuna lifts her chin slightly does her dark hair fall away from her face slightly, revealing the pulsing veins spiderwebbing from the corners of her eyes and lacing outwards towards her temples over her pale skin, hinting at the edges of her cheeks as her intense stony eyes faintly narrow on her opponent. The slight shift of Sora's chin does not go unnoticed, her eyes not missing anything as the bird begins its sharp dive towards her while its partner releases a pair of shuriken to throw sharply at her. Yuzuna narrows her pale, intense eyes before she blurs and seems to disappear, pushing off with an intense speed as the first round of attacks at her are avoided easily. Appearing behind Sora, Yuzuna focuses chakra through her fingertips as she first snaps her right hand out to grip at the side of the other girl's neck, releasing chakra into a specific chakra point to cause brief paralyzation. Then without missing a beat, the Hyuuga kunoichi suddenly spins once to aim one, two sharp strikes in the middle of Sora's spine.

Sora watches as both shurikens and falcon miss their mark. Yuzuna seems to blur from view, and it's only at the last moment that Sora barely glances over her shoulder. She ducks away from the first blow and skips back out of reach. While she's dodging blows Megami wheels around in a tight arc and comes to attack straight from above. At the same time Sora finds her footing and lunges back in to aim two long, sharp slashes with a kunai at Yuzuna, aiming to simply stab the kunai down into Yuzuna's leg as Megami makes a second wheel-around before swooping back up. All this is done in practiced, well coordinated moments, without a word being spoken between the Hayato and her hawk.

The kunai slashes across to graze against Yuzuna's leg, leaving its mark as the Hyuuga kunoichi narrows her gaze slightly, already pushing off with sudden speed once more to dodge Megami's flight attack. Yuzuna snaps her gaze back to Sora, her weight shifting silent and fluidly, like dance movements she first digs her foot into the earth to quickly stop her momentum, only to use it as she she pushes off hard straight towards her target. Chakra faintly streaming from her palms, Yuuzna attacks sharply at Sora with a pair of attacks, only to dash off as the corner of her lips tugs faintly, "Lets see how much you rely on your eyesight…" she murmurs faintly to herself. Her fingers blur as she makes signs, focusing her chakra into the moisture in the air as within mere seconds, the air around the arena begins to thicken with a growing fog.

Touma looked keen as he watched the match, both girls evenly matched so far and the only strike coming from a combination move from the hawkgirl. "Seems pretty close. Hopefully the big moves start to come out." he says to himself, the person next to him giving him a strange look. Touma looks over at the man before shrugging and turning back to watch the fight in the ring.

GAME: Save complete.

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,

Continuing to watch as Yuzuna and Sora go back and forth, Hinotori smirks a little. "Seems she has a bit of compeition in Sora." he says lowly. Bringing his hands together and resting his chin on his hands. Upon hearing Touma, Hinotori smiles a little, "Just give it time." he says simply then looking back down at the fight.

Sora keeps her eyes on Yuzuna, a luxury that her opponent can't afford as Megami circles low overhead, poised to attack. Then again, considering her foresight she seems to have no trouble keeping an eye on both of them. When Yuzuna charges at her Sora springs sharply to the left away from the blows. "Fast," she mutters. As Yuzuna begins to form mist in the air, Sora sweeps her hand into her pouch to grab three shurikens and in her other fist three kunais. She flings the shurikens first, but as they're nearly enveloped in the mist she throws the second set to strike them and alter their trajectory, sending them all throughout the concealed area. Megami, having kept an eye from above, waits for the projectiles to settle for only a moment before diving down to strike at Yuzuna.

Kureno leans back as he watches the fight unfold. Yuzuna definetely seemed fast, yet, she was apparently taking on a few attacks. Kureno lowered his head, as he thought for a long moment.

He glances towards Hinotori and Touma and just says, "I think the Hyuuga girl will lose."

Yuzuna skids to a stop as the fog surrounds her, though she narrows her pale, intense gaze as she watches her opponent and the bird above, silent for a moment or so as she rises to her feet and rolls her shoulders faintly. With the fog hidding her for the moment, it at least gives her some time to focus her chakra, her thoughts steady as her movements as she begins to go on the move again.

Sora lets out a long, slow breath. Despite perspiring slightly, she remains relatively unscathed. She says, "Close contact. It seems as if both of you share that style." But she has to wonder how similar this one is to the last. As she speaks she draws another kunai, of which she keeps a great deal. And as Yuzuna gathers her chakra Sora swoops in low, slashing at both her legs and then aiming her foot right at Yuzuna's knee in a flat, powerful kick.

Through the mist, the attacks are dodged easily as Yuzuna moves silently thrOugh the mist, avoiding the aimed kick to her knee. Only several moments too late. "Brilliant observation." she murmurs close by, only for her to reappear in front of Sora. "Too little, too late…" The chakra glows from her palms as her lips faintly curl with a slow growl, "Eight Trigrams, Sixty four palms!" The Hyuuga kunoichi yells sharply as the fog around them begins to slowly dissipate. Spinning quickly, Yuzuna uses the momentum to begin slamming her fingers at precise points over Sora's torso, "Two palms! Four palms! Eight palms!" Yuzuna continues to scream louder, "Sixteen palms! Thirty two palms!" Her hands blur with speed, "SIXTY FOUR PALMS!"

Sora's eyes widen imperceptibly as Yuzuna begins her attack. Unfortunately for her, Sora is already beginning to evade before the attack comes. Apparently she'd seen it before. So rather than leap away or under it Sora tenses her legs and leaps up, up away from the multitude of strikes. Then she's coming down, aiming to slam Yuzuna into the ground with a savage drop kick. Sora lands in a crouch, but doesn't hesitate as she vaults up in a spin, with a deft round house kick aiming to knock her halfway across the ring.

Yuzuna narrows her pale, intense eyes as Sora manages to jump up and out of reach of her taps, though the Hyuuga smoothly slides a foot backwards in a fluid spin as she dodges easily out of the way of the hard drop kick, only to also dodge away from the round house kick as well. Releasing a slow breath, chakra faintly streams from her fingers, "And once more…" Yuzuna murmurs lightly to herself. With quick, unhindered movements, she then sharply taps her fingertips once, twice, three times near Sora's shoulder with a released amount of chakra.

With the mist distorting his view, granted there were things he could see and others he couldn't and right now the mist was doing both. Moving to the edge of his seat Hinotori watches as Yuzuna starts her next attack. But as the mist is starting to thin out, Hinotori is able to see more of the match and as the two fighters exchange blows and defenses Hinotroi couldn't help but start to get excited as he watches.

Sora purses her lips together as Yuzuna manages to evade all of her kicks. When Yuzuna counter attacks with those light taps, Sora dodges backwards in a light jump. One might laugh at her trying to dodge what is seemingly just pokes, but Sora seems strangely wary of letting Yuzuna even brush her. She puts some distance between them. Then she says gravely, "I'm not going to let you get me with that strange taijutsu of yours. Why not concede defeat?" She sents two shuriken zipping at Yuzuna on paths aimed right at her chest, shortly followed by the diving hawk from behind.

The corner of her lips tugs faintly, even after the successful attacks as Yuzuna reaches down and tugs one of shuriken out to toss it away. Releasing a slightly long breath as she straightens her back, the Hyuuga slows her movements as she lifts a hand to brush her hair slightly smoother. "Heh, strange…" she murmurs, "It is only strange because you did not do what you should have in the beginning. Researched your opponent." Lifting her pale, intense eyes to narrow slightly on Sora, she is silent for a moment as the Byakugan fades and the veins slow to disappear completely, leaving only smooth pale skin once more.

"I will tell you this, Hayato Sora, as a word of advice. Because with every match that passes, you will only come up against stronger opponents, and there is only so much 'luck' can do for you…" Yuzuna keeps her unblinking gaze upon Sora. "I advise that you research your opponents in the future, instead of leaving it to fate… As a clan leader, you are responsible not only for yourself, but the rest of your clan as well. Knowing who and what may pose a threat to your clansmen is required… Upon life and death." She is silent for another long moment before her full lips tugs faintly, almost unseen, "Though I do commend you for being such at such a young age. It is a daunting feat for one so young, and admirable." the Hyuuga admits lightly. Then she glances to Fuyu as her features become passive and stoic once more. "I concede the match to Hayato Sora."

Fuyu has been watching closely the match so far. No need for Sharingan. The mist that cloaked the battlefield for awhile would have stopped it anyway. She watched the interplay of tensions between the opponents… Sora and her falcon: rising and falling like the sun. Yuzuna: moving forwards and back like the tides. It was an interesting dynamic.

But it was finally over. She raises a hand in the air and calls out, "This match is concluded! Winner: Hayato Sora!"

From Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Stands,

Blinking at the conclusion, Hinotori smirks, "Looks like I may have to face her again if I don't lose my next match." he says. Shaking his head and standing up, Hinotori moves from his seat and begins to head down the steps.

Sora signals and Megami would swoop down to land on her outstretched arm. The blue hawk looks imperiously at Yuzuna before starting to preen herself. Sora watches Yuzuna with sapphire blue eyes. Then she'd bow and say, "Thank you for the advice Yuzuna-san." She gives a low bow and turns around to stride from the arena, raising her arm briefly at the audience before departing.

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