First World Ninja Tournament - Setsiro’s….Defeat? …Tosai’s Victory…? Setsiro vs. Tosai


Tosai, Setsiro, Kurohana, Koudo, Rise

Date: Unknown (log received November 27, 2010)


A win should be a win, right? Well, in the matters of love and war, there are a lot of things that are suppose to fair game on the battlefield of which. However, what in the world constitutes as either a low blow or a honorable victory, when matters of the heart are at stake?

"First World Ninja Tournament - Setsiro’s….Defeat? …Tosai’s Victory…? Setsiro vs. Tosai"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 Ring [Kusagakure]


TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!



Cloaking billowing out behind her, a small, dark-looking kunoichi enters the ring. The woman is short, barely five foot so her brisk pace makes her look much more like a hobbit scurrying through a meadow than a proper ninja making her authoritative stride into a tournament arena.

After pushing her hood back from her unkempt hair, the Kirigakure ninja lifts her hand into the air to silence the murmuring.

"Here we have a match between one Akimichi Tosai and one Reizei Setsiro.." She pauses, looking up from the palm of which she wrote their names and waiting for the two combatants to enter the arena…

Not that far after the announcement, Tosai would seem to walk to the ring, not all that proud, or boastful, but rather nervous. Something about this entire thing, had him seeming a bit.. off. Just what in the world had been going on in his mind. Tosai would walk toward Kurohana, and bow slightly, being that she was the proctor of this match, before he would look around the scenery about then. It had been the usual setting for most of the regular matches.. A lake, some trees and rocks… Mostly a forest like landscaping, not much beyond the areas most traveled through out the Land of Fire. He would seem to anticipate the arrival of Setsiro, from the other side of the ring, almost seeming to sweat coldly as he kept looking that way.


After her introduction, the secondary participant stepped from her waiting area. Setsiro strode into the arena, pale skin shown as flawless by the revealing sun. The small woman's eyes, a blue too deep, too dark for the fervor around her, scanned the masses for a moment, before latching onto her opponent and staying there. She raised a slim-fingered hand, pushing over her shoulder long, lustrous hair, dark as the raven's dream.

She ran her fingers over the hilts of two swords and a dagger, all mounted on her hip, each ornate enough to be worth a sizeable sum of money. And she flowed to a halt, a respectable distance from the two others sharing the ring. She bowed first to Kurohana, and then to Tosai, hand settling on the hilt of her topmost blade as she straightened herself to her 5'2 height. She allowed herself the outline of a smile before she spoke. "Blessings, Akimichi Tosai. I wish you luck in your endeavor."

The mist ninja glances to the both of them and promptly tucks her hand away in her sleeve. "Right, get on with it then!" The kunoichi blurs from vision and can be seen affixing herself to a wall far, far away to watch and be not hit by any stray objects or elements.

And then, Setsiro would seem to appear, Tosai, would turn pink. His eyes would follow the woman all the way until her arrival before the proctor and the himself. He'd bow of course, mumbling almost in a sound like that of a relieved, and calmly exhaled breath., "Setsiro-san..", his eyes seeming to twinkle a moment. Realizing his behavior only a second later, Tosai would then shake himself alert, blushing even more deeply, before bowing deeply, and saying, "I wish you the best as well, Setsiro-san.. I hope indeed that this match provide excitement for each of us."

Tosai had a look in his eyes, his mind seeming to stray as he would look at Setsiro's physical form. Her eyes.. He could stare into all day, though they indeed held a seriousness that he often found just as intimidating, as they were beautiful. As Kurohana.. in her own way.. would give the signal to start, Tosai would shake himself out of his stare, and say, "Wait!", inclining Setsiro to pause a moment. Tosai would then set pull out a scroll. It seemed to have been no smaller than a microfilm at first but when the chuunin would hand-seal, the scroll, would then enlarge to a much large size. Tosai would then roll it out on the ground, and make more seals.

With a poof, a large missile, would seem to eject out of the scroll, and explode above the ring, in bright colors of pink, red, and white. Just when the colored clouds would seem to fade, the sky, would then seem to rain…. rose petals. As the rose petals would rain down upon the two fighters, Tosai would hand-seal once more, only for a poof on the ground, would reveal all manner of gifts.. Every thing from formal kimonos, to necklaces.. to mirrors, and even a pair scabbards, made specifically for the katana the woman now wore. "I am not a person like you who is good with words.. Sometimes I get shy, and often times, I get nervous.. Ever since the day I met you, I have been thinking about you. Every where I have went, since that day, I have bought gifts. One gift for every place… I am not rich.. I barely make a Chuunin's salary, and no I did not buy this stuff all at once, just to earn your affections.. However.. I would hope that one day, these things would prove at least useful."

Tosai would point to the make up kit that had been part of the gifts and say, "You are a fight.. That much is enough alone, for you to run through my mind. However.. you are also a woman.. I would wish one day, to see you have used these things, to not make you look any more beautiful simply.. But to see that you indeed are showing yourself leisure and care.." With a hand seal, the scroll would roll itself back up, resealing all of the gifts, and then reverting to the small size it had, before he would toss it back to her.

Koudo walks makes his way to the stands with somewhat of a long stride and arms moving in step. It would be a shame to return to Kusagakure without seeing any matches while the tournament was still running. His eyes narrow on the ring and then widen as he sees some surprising behavior from one of the contenders. He can't help but let out a deep chuckle, as he assumed this Akimichi to be a 'smooth operator'. It was an entertaining sight, especially with the rose pedals, but he could commend the large ninja for gathering memorabilia from his travels, which was one of his favorite past-times. However, he watches and anticipates the Kumo ninjas reaction, as well as the fight to come.

As soon as Rise heard that her sensei(?) was having her next match in the tournament, Rise was the proverbial leaf in a hurricane, considering how she let her reflexes and the masses gathering to witness the match stream her along until an opening could be found. As soon as it happens, Rise breaks away and consequences be damned, spirits herself forward until she could snag one of the front row seats to watch the match. Not that it looked like she would be using it alot from how jittery she was about watching her sensei -really- cut loose for a change!

Thankfully for those in the Ring she manages contain her excitement enough to keep from yelling down into the ring. For now…

But then comes his declaration along with the rain of petals and gifts that causes her to jump out of her seat with part of the arm rest clutched tightly in her hand. "That little snake! He's trying to weasel out a surrender! I swear by the Kami if he thinks that's enough to sway her I'll..", The rest of her thoughts are drowned out by the ohs and ahs and the occasional sighs of relief or wolf whistles from the crowd in combination with her own feral growl of annoyance.

By the time Tosai had said to stop, the Reizei had crossed half the distance between them, her blade held out to her side. She slowly drew herself out of the combatant's mindset, bringing herself back to a fully standing position in a smooth motion. She looked at Tosai somewhat warily, watching as he pulled out a scroll. Her blade was held at the ready.

What came from the scroll… was a surprise. The explosion in the sky brought a myriad of vibrant colors to her skin and the steel in her hand, and her gaze turned upwards at the touch of a rose petal, her eyes uncomprehending. They then fell on the numerous articles of clothing and jewelry — so many wares, and her breath caught.

She looked shell-shocked as Tosai spoke to her, as though the act of giving itself were something that she couldn't quite comprehend, and something of this magnitude was too much for her to take in. The thrown microfilm sized scroll would be caught with a simple raise of the hand. By the time the Akimichi's words came to a halt, though, a slight blush had found her, nose and cheeks coloring prettily.

For once, when she spoke, the surity of manner was not there to bolster her voice. But she did speak, still, her voice not carrying very far and holding a sense of confusion and, perhaps, something more fearful than that. "I… I must go."

And she did, vanishing into the air.

The color fades from her face at the display. Really? Did he just do that?

After the girl disappears, Kurohana makes her way back toward Tosai with her small steps. The woman tips her head back, staring up at him disapprovingly. "Way to go." She reaches forward and grasps his hand, pulling up in the air as far as her arm will reach. "Winner!" Dropping, she heads toward the exit, jerking her hood back up over her head.

It seemed that the two ninja contenders had known each other, but didn't expect to see the blush red on Setsiro's face, neither did he anticipate that the swordswoman of Kumogakure would forfeit the match, especially at this point in the tournament, and so close to the title of champion. He looks from side to side at the rest of the crowd, and suddenly as everyone was able to comprehend just what had happened, he flails his arms pointing towards the ring, and wails "Common! This is the World Ninja Tournament, Aren’t you ninja!? What is this!?" Letting it all out, he finally lets out a defeated sigh. What an upset.

Rise was livid. Absolutely, and without any doubt furious to the point that if not for the lingering uncertainty about the seals around the arena acting as a barrier for people too. She would've jumped into the arena the moment her sensei disappeared a look she had never seen on the elder Reizei's face, until now. Further luck would be in his favor when things started to get jammed up things trying to leave while others people either yelling encouragement for Tosai to go after her, or the polar opposite for making them waste their time!

Her attempts at elbowing people aside gets her noticed by a few Kusagakure chuunin in the crowd her 'politely' escort her out of the arena to cool off. 'Don't worry sensei… I'll get him back for you. That I swear!'

Tosai, would look to the woman, who even now, stood to fight him, gripping her blade, and staring with the intent to fight. It indeed, no matter how it seemed to everyone else, was beautiful to him, even now, as rose petals rained about the ring of battle. He would look to her, indeed, anticipating nothing, but hoping everything. Was it indeed love that had caused Tosai to act this way? Who knows? Tosai, only knew, that for any woman, he had never felt this way before. He was an emotional wreck, nothing more than a love sick puppy, for the pass few months, every time this woman's face entered his mind.

Tosai would look to Setsiro's reaction, obviously expecting shock being the first. He saw her take things in finally, not realizing the scale of his efforts until all of a suddenly, the entire crowd would seem to hoop, and holler, some swooning, some cackling in negatively, and others, well, speechless. Her blushing would be the first thing to make him smile.. He had hit home some way, but how? Had Setsiro really been feeling as Tosai had? Had she too, felt something undeniable? Something powerful as affection? Setsiro's descent into confusion, would suddenly say no, giving a denial that was scary for Tosai, almost as to let him that he had failed.

Tosai would stumble with his words, saying, "Wait!!!", as he would seem to claw across the ground from where he had now been kneeling, seeing her fade off, almost in a hurry, and not being able to stop it. Kurohana's announcement would be met with, "No!! The match hasn't even begun! This isn't right!!" Tosai would then turn toward the exit, screaming, "Setsiro-san!! ….SETSIRO-SAN!! Wait!!!", all the time his mind seeming to go off on a tangent. Had he gone to far in trying to show how he felt? His call, would be one which ached for forgiveness and an answer.. but would only get none. Tosai, would give up, falling to his knees, and pounding the earth with a crevice causing smash, before cursing to the skies, and then pausing in a brief bit of frustration. He didn't want to win like this.

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