First World Ninja Tournament - White vs. Red, the battle of the Doujutsu Wanderers: Touma vs. Tessen


Touma, Tessen, Yuzuna

Date: November 23, 2010


An exhibition match between two wandering ninja turns into a potential problem for the future of the ninja world. As Tessen lay beaten, his words leave a mark on the impressionable Touma, who's malevolence towards his own clan seemed to know no boundaries.

"First World Ninja Tournament - White vs. Red, the battle of the Doujutsu Wanderers: Touma vs. Tessen"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 Ring [Kusagakure]

An exhibition match was offered to Touma who gladly accepted the chance to stretch his legs. Against a fellow nin with no home to call his own, Touma felt it was time to make some friends. And so the young man stepped out into the ring at the appointed time, wearing his usually casual clothing and sunglasses to hide his eyes. Walking across the ring with his hands casually slipped into his jacket pockets, he steps up next to the proctor to wait.

Tessen strode into the ring. He was still a bit hot under the collar about losing two matches in a row and being eleminated from the tournament. That didn't mean that he didn't still serve a purpose, nor that it was over already. A stoic air around him as he looked to his opponent as if appraising him. The eyes gave away his blood and Tessen was pegging him for a taijutsuist off the bat. Not that it was bad, he just had to keep his distance.

A flat voice rang out as Tessen's hands touched the hilts of his twin katana. "Let us begin." With that he let his chakra soar in preparation for what was to come.

The crowd begins to roar with life and excitement with the beginning of the match as Yuzuna lowers herself into one of the reserved seating, sitting straight and proper by habit as she places her hands in her lap. Her pale lavender eyes blink slowly as she lowers her chin just slightly, some of her ebony hair falling lightly along the sides of her cheeks as her keen gaze shifts over the arena. From first glance, it is easy to see that while dressed formally, bandages from recent injuries can be seen as well. Her gaze focuses on the subtle body language of each dualist, lingering on Touma as he smirks easily enough.

Tessen looked to his opponent and wasted no time at all blurring from vision leaving only a few faint after images in his wake to try and confuse Touma before he came in with a blinding slash. Tessen wasn't the strongest opponent, but his speed was something both of his opponents had a hard time dealing with. Finishing the assault he would turn hoping its distraction worked to allow him the moment he needed to seep his chakra into the enemy and form a link.

Touma reacts fast as the opponent vanishes from sight. Not able to move as fast without his pre-game warm up, the Hyuuga is caught with the blade, knocking his sunglasses to the ground. Given no time to react, he is forced to disrupt his chakra in order to fight off the impending assault of chakra as the veins around his eyes begin to bulge. "Genjutsu, huh. Efficient in both weaponry and genjutsu, one would take a guess that you are also from the Land of Fire, but probably wouldn't bet on it." the Hyuuga teen says as he stands up straight, his Byakugan fully activated. Taking a familiar stance of the Gentle Fist, the Hyuuga disappears from sight, attacking the opponent from behind with the intention of temporarily disabling his opponent before launching into a combination assault.

Tessen sighed a bit at his link failing and his opponent wasting time talking. The first strike he managed to blur away from, but this guy was persistent. His foot touched ground and as he moved to vanish again a few of the strikes jabbed into him as he flew back. A nasty surprise left on the ground where he stood. By the time he was visible again so were his eyes, and now his blood as obvious as his opponents. He was Uchiha, but only in blood. The name long since abandoned.

Touma is left in the area where the opponent was. His Byakugan is able to catch what was left on the ground by his opponent, the heightened senses from his kekkei genkai allowing him to react fast. "Kai-ten." he says as he builds up chakra within his body and spins, pushing that chakra outwards as the ground underneath and everything along with it being pushed outside of his range. His body slows before stopping, stepping out to the side of the area that he pushed back with his chakra. Looking back towards his opponent, he notices the red eyes and chuckles lightly. "Uchiha, huh." Building up a strong chakra reserve in his hand, Touma crouches low before thrusting his palm forward as if trying to strike an invisible person in front of him, attempting to knock the Uchiha on his behind with a condensed force of chakra.

Tessen landed and despite holding back for a moment saw the attack coming. In the wars this was about as ranged as a Hyuga got. A shame really it left too much time to dodge at a distance. His eyes closed as a red crackle began to emanate from his body then with the crash of thunder his body was gone and the blast destroyed some of the scenery behind him. Landing he decided to go all or nothing for the fun of it. The eyes he showed darkened as his hands moved to make seals. Chakra filled them and began to flash into life as small arcs of lightning jumped between his hands. Soon the small crashes of thunder grew louder as he forced them to compact. In just a few moments the orb was complete and ready to fly out at an enemy. Hit or miss on the initial pass it would rupture and leave arcs of lightning sprawling in every direction to try and catch him. Even at a graze from a single stray bolt this jutsu was evil.

Touma notes the deep 'boom'ing sound as the Uchiha moved out of the way of the attack, thinking it sounded like some kind of thunder or lightning. 'Huh' he thinks, wondering if elements were going to start playing a role in this battle. With the crackle of electricity, Touma's thoughts became reality. The Uchiha was a lightning user, similar to Touma but different in the way they utilized it. With the small orb sent out towards Touma, the young Hyuuga spun yet again, pushing the attack and all remaining electrical charges away from him through a spinning shield of chakra. As he begins to slow down, Touma decides to step things up a notch as lightning crackled around him. Appearing behind the Uchiha, Touma is crouched low, one hand spread out behind him with the other near Tessen. Focusing his chakra, he begins the last move he ever mastered before leaving his clan, starting the assault with two quick strikes. "Eight Trigrams… Two strikes. Four strikes, Eight Strikes. Sixteen Strikes, Thirty Two strikes. sixty four strikes." he says as he continues his assault, his arms a massive blur as they attempt to strike each and every one of Tessen's tenketsu points that he can. As he completes sixty four strikes in a row he roars out in exertion, breaking the barrier as he calls out "One Hundred and Twenty Eight strikes."

Pleased and disgusted with himself, he ends the flawless showmanship of his clan's ability with an empty palm technique, a disgraceful act for any clanned Hyuuga to do."Eight Trigrams, 128 Malevolent Palms Technique."

Tessen smirked a bit as he saw the orb bounce off of the shielding. His own thought on the matter unimportant as he looked towards the man that moved to get behind him. A smirk still evident on his face. The winds around him howeled into a gale wall of force that drastically cut down the damage of this attack and neutralized several blows. Still he was lit up like a Christmas tree as he looked to the man before him. Despite the pain he still spoke.

His voice calm as ever despite suffering that attack head on. "Good…You have no problems handing high end jutsu both in attack and in deflecting, managed to seal off most of my tenketsu with a variation of your clan's technique, and still have energy to burn. Lord Rain was right about you. Now comes time for a question…You passed the audition…do you wish to take the test?"

Touma stands and raises an eyebrow, curious of what the man spoke of. "If this is some trick I am not falling for it. You Uchiha don't have a devious nature for nothing. I never was one to do well on written tests back home, but if you want to talk then I suggest uttering those two words of defeat first while we are still in combat." he says with a nod, building up chakra within his palm before sending it out towards Tessen to knock him to his rear. "I'm all ears."

Tessen chuckled as Touma moved for another attack. "It isn't written at all. Though perhaps you are a bit unprepared to face Lord Rain. Find me when you decide if you want to take the test…" It seemed he had more to say before the blast struck him. His muscles did not move to twitch to defend himself. This wasn't meant to draw attention from others or to show too extensively what either combatant was capable of. Merely to get Touma's attention and let him know he was desired for some reason by Tessen's master. This tournament was the perfect place. Neither could die in the testing clash…as would have been with Tessen's holding back before the blast hit him dead on and his body fell limp.

This time the victory went to Touma, but what was in store for the future would determine the course of the war. As Tessen fell unconscious the ref stepped in to make his speech on a hard fought match between two men with nowhere to call home. Then announce Touma the victor as medics rushed in to help Tessen recover yet another time.

Yuzuna blinks with stunned surprise for several moments as she watches events unfold in front of her, her lips parting slightly as she watches her cousin stun his opponent, only to then unleash an Air Palm while Tessen is paralyzed. An underhanded and unhonorable move. Her fingers clench unconsciously in her lap as a Tessen is knocked unconscious, clearly on the verge of dying as the MedicNins rush out to begin emergency healing. Yuzuna watches him for a moment longer before lowering her gaze to her hands in her lap, as if just then realizing that her knuckles had turned white. She hadn't before seen so much anger, so much suffering displayed so fluidly through their clan's gentle fist technique.

Touma narrows his eyes as he watches Tessen before he falls, his words sticking with the impressionable Hyuuga. A wanderer, like him, with a master who was possibly a wanderer himself, showed some kind of initiative towards what seemed like a plan. He was left standing in the ring as the medics take Tessen away, wondering just how close his own plans came to this 'Rain's plans. He would have to think on this later. He looks up into the stands, a somewhat pensive look on his face as he briefly glances in the direction of Yuzuna before walking over to grab his sunglasses that were tossed near a wall. Sliding them on, Touma became anonymous yet again, and much more comfortable.

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