Five Steps Back


Shinobu, Zori, Kyuketsuki, Soren

Date: April 25, 2015


Kame, Shinobu’s ninken, is extremely spirited, and she ends up putting herself and Shinobu in a bad spot. Others realize that she hasn’t been seen and come to help out.

"Five Steps Back"

Land of Fire

Outside Konohakagure [Land of Fire]

The first thing one notices in this densely populated area are the large thick wooden gates known as the entrance way of the mighty village of Konohagakure. A large what seems like a fence spirals around the gate seemingly surrounding the entire village, the gate from this point of view seems like it is the only entrance.

In all directions there are large matters of trees ranging from various different species and sizes, some providing allot of shade. A man-made pathway leads back into the forest providing a grassy route free of brushes with bushes. The pathway extends to the west and further in the distance the path seems to take you directly into the heart of the forest.


Shinobu was just outside the village of Konohagakure, the young Inuzuka trying to find a certain plant that she had seen in a book. She did not know, however, the scent, which would have helped quite a bit. Kame is doing her best to look around as well, the black lab sniffing around for just flowers in general amidst the grass.

Zori was outside the village picking out different varietys of flowers, that he could use to plant into his own garden. Zori looks around as he goes to pick out a flower in the nearby grassy area and notices Shinobu sniffing the around the flowers. Zori glances at the Inuzuka grining "hello there Shinobu..hehe" is said as he crosses his arms over his chest.

COMBAT: Shinobu focuses 1720 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Zori focuses 3772 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

Shinobu pauses when she hears Zori speak, the girl tensing in her spot before her eye slides up to look nervously at Zori. Kame blinks from her spot a few feet away and grumbles a bit before yipping at Zori. ~Hey, go away! Shinobu gets scared around you! Leave us alone!~ Of course, considering it's only barking, none but an Inuzuka would be able to understand the pup. But the anger in her bark might hint at the general picture.

Zori grin seems to contort in a different angle when the dog starts to bark at him. "Dont be nervous, Shinobu its just…me" Zori chuckles. Zori walks up to Kame, as his stares at the dog with a evil intent. "Why do you bark so much? Hehe."

Kame doesn't really like the look that Zori's giving her, and she immediately tackles into the boy's stomach, trying to knock the wind from him. Then she lands, moving quickly to bite at Zori's ankle whether or not the tackle succeeded. Shinobu simply looks on nervously, unsure of what to do for now. She couldn't face off against Zori… Though Kame was being silly just attacking. Sadly, she couldn't seem to get her voice to work so she could tell Kame to stop.

COMBAT: Zori defends against DOG-TACKLE(22) attack from Shinobu with a STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE…39
COMBAT: Zori defends against SHARP(11) attack from Shinobu with a DODGE…10
COMBAT: Zori loses the roll and sustains 91 damage.

Zori watches as the dog tries to tackle him, Zori's wires react and unravel from his wrist. He extends his arm outwards then the wire lashes out at a nearby medium sized tree, once the wire loops around the tree. It pulls him out of harms way from the tackle. But doesnt notice the dog going in for a followup ankle bite. When the dog bites his ankle , Zori winces a bit and his wire comes back and slices and slashes at Kame's body.

RP: Shinobu transforms into KAME.
COMBAT: Shinobu defends against RAZOR-WIRE(32) attack from Zori with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…38

Kame scrambles up along Zori's leg, but eventually drops down, avoiding the razor wire and landing with a roll on the ground. She yips at Zori, saying, ~Hey! That could've hurt, you know!~ In her anger, the pup immediately jumps to try and tackle Zori once more, though he's rather high up… Comparatively. The pup jumps again, spinning as she launches herself at the wire-wielder.

COMBAT: Zori defends against DOG-TACKLE(19) attack from Shinobu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…27
COMBAT: Zori defends against TSUGA(15) attack from Shinobu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…24

Zori steps back performing the neccessary handsigns as the tackle comes towards him. He makes a clone in front of him as it takes the blow. He makes another clone in front of that one to take the tsuga also. Zori continues to grin "This mutt needs more training, its attacks are too predictable" Zoris wires then lash out a Kame slicing and slashing at its body.

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against RAZOR-WIRE(27) attack from Zori with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…38
COMBAT: Shinobu defends against RAZOR-WIRE(38) attack from Zori with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…31
COMBAT: Shinobu loses the roll and sustains 300 damage.

Kame is able to still dodge, her partner watching from afar… Yet in her own way helping and guiding the pup. Shinbone's single eye continues to watch, fear slowly giving way to anger when Zori manages a successful hit on her partner. Kame just wasn't fast enough. The girl glares at Zori, shifting to a crouch on all fours and gathering her chakra. Kame, too, attacks, both of them using Tsuga at the same time on Zori.

COMBAT: Zori defends against TSUGA(30) attack from Shinobu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…18
COMBAT: Zori loses the roll and sustains 298 damage.
COMBAT: Zori defends against TSUGA(24) attack from Shinobu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…18
COMBAT: Zori loses the roll and sustains 238 damage.
COMBAT: Zori defends against TSUGA(21) attack from Shinobu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…19
COMBAT: Zori loses the roll and sustains 202 damage.

Zori sees the Tsuga coming at him from both directions. He tries to perform the right handsigns in a timely manner but ends up getting hit from both sides. Zori falls down to the ground, only get back up staring at Shinobu with a widened grin on his face. "Hehe that was nice…" Zori's wires lash out at both Kame and Shinobu slashing at them. In the meantime Zori performs handsigns to transform himself as he jumps into the bushes. If succeeded to conceal himself he would transform himself into a racoon.

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against RAZOR-WIRE(33) attack from Zori with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…26
COMBAT: Shinobu loses the roll and sustains 299 damage.
COMBAT: Shinobu defends against RAZOR-WIRE(31) attack from Zori with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…19
COMBAT: Shinobu loses the roll and sustains 340 damage.
COMBAT: Shinobu defends against IMPROVED-HENGE(24) attack from Zori with a INUZUKA-SENSES…42

Shinobu isn't used to facing off against wires, and the girl ends up getting caught in them, as does Kame. She ends up getting a number of cuts on her body, along with her nin-ken, but the two aren't inclined to give up. Especially because Zori had injured the two. They break free of the wires and, because both can tell the difference between a raccoon and Zori based on smell, immediately attack the raccoon that Zori had turned into.

COMBAT: Zori defends against TSUGA(22) attack from Shinobu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…17
COMBAT: Zori loses the roll and sustains 242 damage.
COMBAT: Zori defends against TSUGA(22) attack from Shinobu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…25
COMBAT: Zori defends against TSUGA(26) attack from Shinobu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…22
COMBAT: Zori loses the roll and sustains 227 damage.
RP: Zori transforms into CRAZED-FRENZY.

Zori looked up shocked to see Shinobu figured him out so fast. He stands up as the racoon performing the handsigns to make a clone. The clone takes the first barrage as the rest of the tsuuga connects with Zori's chest sending him into a tree. His back his the tree with a loud thump, Zori releases the Transformation jutsu. He looks up at Shinobu as his grin widens and his eyes get bigger with a madman look to them. Zori stands up laughing maniacally "Alright then, Here i come" is said with a dark tone. Zori's wires lash out at Shinobu in hopes of wrapping him up.

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE-II(44) attack from Zori with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…21
COMBAT: Shinobu loses the roll and sustains 375 damage.
COMBAT: Shinobu ESCAPES from Zori's stun!

Shinobu sees the look in Zori's eyes and realizes that she and Kame pushed him too far. That look of fear enters her eyes again, and she starts to panic. Quickly, she moves, not bothering to look back as she tries to escape. Kame is on her heels, the pup covering for Shinobu's escape.

COMBAT: Zori defends against STEALTH(27) attack from Shinobu with a WIRE-SENSATION…36

Zori smirks as he sees the fear in her eyes. Zori knew she was about to try to dash away. Zori performs handsigns slamming both of his hands unto the ground below him. Wires sprout out within the area, Once the Inuzuka starts to run away she touches one of the wires setting off a trap effect. The wire then lash out from the ground at Shinobu's leg to capture her.

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE-II(38) attack from Zori with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…28
COMBAT: You lose your stamina for 1 attacks.
COMBAT: Shinobu loses the roll and sustains 282 damage.

Shinobu sees the look in Zori's eyes and realizes that she and Kame pushed him too far. That look of fear enters her eyes again, and she starts to panic. Quickly, she moves, not bothering to look back as she tries to escape. Kame is on her heels, the pup covering for Shinobu's escape.

Zori smirks as the wire wraps around Shinobus leg. Zori dashes at Shinobu screaming "I Got You! Now!" in a crazy tone. Zori swipes his arm diagonally as the wire from his left arm follows in motion slashing at Shinobu's body.

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against NIN-SPAR(19) attack from Zori with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Shinobu loses the roll and sustains 222 damage.

Shinobu's single eye widens when Zori comes in, her mind flashing back to the compound…
"Punch! Punch! Punch!" the instructor's voice rang out. It was painfully loud to the young girl's senses, but she had to listen anyways. Her hands were raw, knuckles starting to bleed after the long sessions of training. She can't help but pause from the pain, which brings the wrath down upon her… "I don't see you training!" shouts the teacher, the sound of a whip whistling through the air. Then there was pain across her back a moment later.
Kame's barking brings Shinobu back to the present, and she simply stays where she is, dazed and confused, fear the only thing that was shown in the depths of her brown gaze. Kame grows at Zori, trying to tackle, then Tsuga the older boy. How dare he make Shinobu go that far back? He was going to go down, if Kame could help it.

COMBAT: Zori defends against DOG-TACKLE(23) attack from Shinobu with a STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE…30
COMBAT: Zori defends against TSUGA(25) attack from Shinobu with a STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE…36
COMBAT: Zori defends against TSUGA(16) attack from Shinobu with a STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE…41

Zori wire's slap away the dog and the tsuuga. Zori notices Shinobu had growled at him earlier. Zori glances at her "Your too weak. Its obvious that you werent ready for what i had to offer. Hehe" Zori snickers as he performs handsigns to transform into a squirel and run away. Zori doesnt want any more Supervision from Kenta, watching his every move and such. Zori says "You and that mutt need to get stronger, all it does is bark but has no bite"

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against IMPROVED-HENGE(26) attack from Zori with a INUZUKA-SENSES…38
RP: Shinobu reverts to her normal state.

Kame growls a bit more at Zori, his henge not changing his scent as well as he would like. While the pup could chase after Zori, she decides against it, instead going over to Shinobu, who looks like she wasn't home mentally. A haunted look was in her eyes, and it wasn't going away despite Kame's best efforts.

** Several Hours Later **

Usually Shinobu is back at home, or Mana would have heard from the girl. The old woman begins to get worried, shuffling around the village in search of her ward. She eventually begins to run into people that she knows, for one reason or another, and requests their aid. "Shinobu-chan's been gone for most of the day… I'm worried. Would you please help?" Inuzuka Mana requests to those who were willing to listen. "Some of the places she enjoys are the gardens, the lake, and … Well, anywhere that's quiet and doesn't have a lot of people. But she may be elsewhere."

Kyu heard the woman mention Shinobu and instantly became worried. He technically saved her once, and considered her his friend. "Yes I will look for her as best I can." With that he will begin hunting the entire village for her, as quickly as he can as he searches the Zen Gardens, the lake, the fishing pond, everywhere! Failing that he makes sure to tell someone to get ahold of others, preferably higher ranking people, just in case. He doesn't want to cause panic neccessarily, but is probably doing so. He then, with or without permission, starts searching outside the village gates for her, hunting for her worriedly.

Ayame had been out and about on her own today… and when she spots Mana asking around for Shinobu, she blinked, walking up to the older woman, in her pup form, sitting down right infront of her. She tilts her head, looking at Mana for a long moment… before speaking up. "Is she in any trouble? I think I might be able to help…" she says, her tail swinging slowly. "Are you sure she's not just out hanging out with some of her friends, or something?" she asks curiously.

Mana is a bit startled when Ayame comes up without Soren, but she's seen the duo enough times to know that they're partners. The older woman shakes her head a bit. "She didn't even return home for lunch, though… Usually she comes back for that…" Mana frowns, even more worried as she continues to think. "I don't know if anything /bad/ would have happened, but something in my bones… There's something not right…"
Kyu has permission to leave the village, of course. It isn't like he's a student. The Uchiha wouldn't have to go very far to find Shinobu, but she's tucked away in the grass, so he may miss her if it wasn't for Kame. The black lab yips when she smells Kyu, probably drawing him towards the pair. Upon closer inspection, they both are injured. Cuts are all across their bodies, and a lot of blood has matted the young lab's fur. Shinbone's eyes are distant and hollow, yet also filled with fear. The emotions itself is rolling off in waves from the girl.

Kyu hears the yip and wastes no time rushing over, looking a bit shocked by the blood, the cuts, just everything. He blinks a few times before snapping into action. "Shinobu!" He looks to the lab and looks incredibly uneasy. "Both of you, stay still." he says, not really waiting to see if they will actually listen to him. He immediately places his hands on Shinobu's forehead, and sends a wave of reflective chakra through her, getting a mental image of her body, condition, and severity of the wounds. Seeing as it's not much extra effort he does the same to the pup.

Ayame glanced up at Mana, and tilted her head, smiling. "Don't worry… we'll find her." she says, before hopping off. "I'll go find her! I'll bring her back!" she says as confident as ever.
But it's not too far out of the gate that she catches the scent of blood… and that little hint of fear creeps into her hackles. She heads over to investigate, no doubt arriving a little bit after Kyu does. (re)

Kame certainly does /not/ stay still, instead being even more active when Kyu approaches. The pup would probably try to drag the Uchiha over if it weren't for the fact that she, too, was injured to an extent that it was rather painful to move. The fact that Kame really wanted to protect Shinobu, though, was keeping her conscious and active. Yip! ~Hurry up! Shinobu's hurt! You gotta help her!~ Even Kyu, who doesn't understand the Inuzuka's language, would be able to detect the worry in the pup's barking.
With the diagnostic technique, Kyu would be able to tell many things about Shinobu's current condition that were not all obvious. The cuts she had sustained were very similar to those made by a wire, and one cut was very deep along her back. If he knew what scar tissue felt like, he would also be able to notice the myriad of scar tissue that runs along her body, said scars often hidden by the clothes she wears. Shinobu doesn't respond, shrinking further into a ball when Kyu touches her. But it was only an instinctual movement, as her mind was not completely in the present. It was stuck, for now, in the in-between of now and then.
The wind blowing sends the scent of fox towards the ninken, who is also injured. Cuts run along her body, blood matting her fur and likely disguising some of the injuries she had sustained. Yip! ~Fox, make yourself useful and get some more help or something! Or help me with Shinobu!~ Help try and provide comfort to her partner and prevent the progress from disappearing… The pup is silently cursing. Shinobu had just managed to start getting into the village life, and now /this/ happens.

Kyu's eyes narrow in frustration. These were wounds he was familiar with, wounds that were the type he had trained with when he was still learning how to use Diagnostic Jutsu. Despite his frustration he knows he needs to get started. The healing jutsu is capable of going through clothes and such so he simply places his hands, extremely gently, on the deep cut on her back, his hands glowing blue as he slowly focuses healing chakra into the wound, speeding up her body's natural healing process via chakra. Kyu pays no mind to his surroundings as he does this, his focus completely on Shinobu, and healing her rather severe wounds.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki heals Shinobu for 295 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Ayame caught up to Kyu finally… and she blinked. She smelled the blood, and the obvious pain Kame was in… she shivered for a moment… painful memories welling up, and she did the only thing she could. She shrieked. "SOREN!" Anyone who was close enough would see a faint seal appearing on the ground, before fading, a young man fading into existance nearby just afterwards.
"Ayame! What happened?" Soren said, confused and disoriented from the sudden reverse summoning technique. It took him a moment to get his bearings, but when he finally noticed Shinobu and Kyuketsuki, his gaze softened a bit, concern, and then he glanced at Ayame, nodding to her, before his attention went back to Shinobu, and more specifically, Kyuketsuki. "What happened? I'm trained in basic first-aid… is there anything I can do?" he asked, approaching slowly.

Zori didnt go far at all, he actually is behind a tree. He pulls out his backpack and pulls out the neccessary items for first aid. He then starts to apply ointment to the wounded areas on his arms and chest area. "Heh, mangey mutt managed to hurt me more then i expected." is whispered under is breath.

COMBAT: Zori heals Zori for 192 with FIRST AID.
COMBAT: Zori heals Zori for 239 with FIRST AID.

Kame yips, mostly alarmed by the usage of chakra. ~You're not hurting her, right?~ the pup asks, glaring at Kyu suspiciously. It does seem, however, to be healing Shinobu, so the pup lets it continues. Kame whines softly, worried about her partner who still seems to be distant. The fear that was filling Shinobu was at its highest levels in a long time, and the fact that her heartbeat was still rather high didn't help slow the bleeding from her injuries.
The fox and her partner were yipped at again, Kame encouraging them to help. Shinobu wouldn't mind them helping or getting close if she were 'awake'. But right now she was so unresponsive…

Kyu doesn't stop with the chakra based healing, when he hears another voice he starts, looking over at the voice, but then turning his attention back to healing Shinobu, "any help would be appreciated. I'm working on the worst of the wounds, if you could, clean out the other cuts and wrap some bandages around them. She's bleeding a lot and I'm a bit busy with this right now. I have a bottle filled with clean water in the pack on my left side, and bandages if you need it… I'm new to being a Medic Nin to be honest… But I'm doing my best." His first real 'patient'… had to be a friend he was trying to get on the good side of. Saving her for the second time now. He'd be sure to get Zori back for this… Somehow.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki heals Shinobu for 332 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Ayame was still having a panic attack. Her gaze was darting between Shinobu, and Kame. They were such horrible wounds… who would do such a thing? Memories of Kugo surging to the forefront of her mind.
Soren spared a glance back to Ayame. "Focus little one. Take a step back, and breath." he says sternly, but still caring. He shook his head at Kyu, reaching around, and tapping a few of his storage scrolls, getting his own medical supplies. "I got this…" he says nodding, his hands moving like a flurry, bandaging and cleaning wounds, while Kyu focused on the larger ones. "Don't worry, Shinobu. You're gonna be allright." he says, sparing a glance at her face. "We should get her to the hospital, as soon as possible. Do you have any idea what happened?" he asked, while his hands worked.

COMBAT: Soren heals Shinobu for 387 with FIRST AID.

Zori smirks as he hears the commotion going on behind him. He peeks out from the corner of the tree as notices the group administering her medicine and healing whenever need be. Zori makes a handsign transforming into a small black kitten. He then preceeds to look out from behind the tree at the group.

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against IMPROVED-HENGE(27) attack from Zori with a INUZUKA-SENSES…39

As the healing continues, the fear has a tint of another emotion to it: confusion. The healing itself was being administered, that was certain. But was the process always so long? In her mind, Shinobu's thoughts were on that of the place everyone said she would never see again. Echoes of fighting children, shouting instructors, and cruel guards pounded through her brain, and the first action that Kyu would see from her is the young Inuzuka's eye being squeezed closed.
The further blocking of her vision enhances her nose that much more, and she detects the scent that is now associated with the pain she suffered today. Already scared, Zori's presence sends Shinobu into a sort of panic attack. Her breathing starts to grow wild and shallow, and she curls up into a ball, which may open some of the wounds that had healing applied to them. In general, moving just would worsen her condition…
Kame also scents Zori, and despite the pup's injuries, she still has enough energy to charge at the 'kitten' with loud barks. ~This's all your fault! You're going down!~ the pup says in the Inuzuka language, Kame attempting to chomp Zori, regardless of his form.

RP: Kyuketsuki transforms into SHARINGAN-I.
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against IMPROVED-HENGE(22) attack from Zori with a PERCEPTION…24

Kyu sees Shinobu curl up, opening the wounds more before he suddenly hears the loud and angry barks. He reflexively blinks, his eyes turning red and gaining one tomoe, he glares at the 'kitten'. He knows it's a henge, and he knows JUST who it is! He jumps to his feet and it's VERY clear he is quite angry and hostile. In a voice he doesn't really use all that often he yells out, "Zori!" with that he does some hand seals Zori would likely remember. Out of Body Experience! He knows the drill. His vision would begin to slowly fade, and if he failed to break out of the genjutsu his vision would fade completely to black, his body would stop responding (most likely ending the henge), and he would see himself as a completely numb ghost looking down at his defenseless body. Again, he knows the drill.

COMBAT: Ayame defends against IMPROVED-HENGE(32) attack from Zori with a PERCEPTION…41
COMBAT: Soren defends against IMPROVED-HENGE(18) attack from Zori with a PERCEPTION-III…64
COMBAT: Soren successfully interrupts attack number 1: SHARP from Shinobu against Zori with a roll of 53 vs 25.
COMBAT: Soren defends against SHARP(25) attack from Shinobu with a BLOCK…20
COMBAT: Soren loses the roll and sustains 239 damage.

Ayame blinked when Kame started barking. She followed the pup, and looked at the cat. It was all it's fault? That… was what did this? THAT… THING… is what hurt Shinobu and Kame like that? No. No, there is NO fricken WAY she is letting some little pup deal with this! She was about to tear into this thing like NOTHING it has EVER suffered bef-
"Enough!" Soren snapped, reaching back to catch Kame as it charged the cat, taking fangs to his hand in the process. "You two!" he looks up at Kyuketsuki, then at Kame. "Focus. Shinobu needs you two the most right now. Kame, I need you to stay calm. Keep Shinobu as calm as you can, don't let her focus on anything else." He then shifts up to Kyu. "Focus on getting her stabilized. Ayame! As soon as he says she's safe to move, get her on your back, and get her to the hospital, to Taiki, to -anyone- that can do more indepth work." Then Soren stands, and looks at the soon to be dead feline. "I can't do as much to help her right now… but I can take care of this…" he says, setting Kame down, right infront of Shinobu's gaze. "Promise you'll put her first, ok?" he says with a smile between the three of them. Then he stands, and turns, summoning his Ninjato from one of his several storage seals, rage seething from his eyes as he stared down the cat. "You dun goofed."

COMBAT: Zori defends against OUT-OF-BODY-EXPERIENCE(39) attack from Kyuketsuki with a CHAKRA-PINCH-II…34
COMBAT: Zori loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki drains stamina from Zori
COMBAT: Zori defends against OUT-OF-BODY-EXPERIENCE(37) attack from Kyuketsuki with a CHAKRA-PINCH-II…41

Zori watches as Ayame stepped in front of him, stopping Kame in its tracks. Zori is indeed suprised that being a cat is more virtuous then he thought. Zori starts having this Genjutsu feeling, his wires pinch into his skin but the Genjutsu effect was just to strong to overcome. Seconds later Zori is in ghost form floating above his body.Theres only one person who does this jutsu that he knows of. Zori thinks to himself "Just wait till im all better, Kyu is gonna get it." As the result Zori's henge releases revealing Zoris form.

Kame gave a surprised yelp as she's quite suddenly got a Soren in front of her. The pup whines softly, unhappy that she was stopped, but she knows Soren is right. She needs to help Shinobu. The pup gets carried over to her partner, which is probably a good thing since Kame still hasn't gotten her own treatment. Her wounds were still bleeding. Though Shinobu was at about the same condition, it was the mind that allowed Kame to continue with the fighting while Shinobu just sat and trembled, trying to fight the wave of panic that continues to overpower her.
"If you're not going to fight, then don't. But that means you'll be punished," said one of the instructors. He beckoned to a teenage boy, who stepped forward with a rope in his hands. His grin was sadistic and cruel to Shinobu, and both tied her to a post using that rope. "Everyone! You're going to all perform five kicks on this insubordinate! Anywhere you like. If she passes out, then we'll continue once she wakes up!" the man instructs. The compound needed to make them fighting machines, after all. Some of the kids looked eager for the opportunity to punish; to be in the shoes of their tormenters. Others looked like they didn't want to, but they weren't about to be the ones in Shinobu's position. Even if they were all exhausted. The memories continued to flow through her mind, playing and replaying the various punishments. The single brown eye only had fear in it as it stared at nothing despite Kame yipping in front of the young Inuzuka's face.

Kyu sees Zori defenseless, and wants to do something, but he was instructed to tend to Shinobu, and his priorities should be on her. He doesn't take his red Sharingan eyes off of Zori as he once again puts his hands on Shinobu, healing her many wounds, focusing on the biggest ones first, taking into account the ones she reopened from panicking. "Hai." is all he mumbles to Soren as he gets to work, obviously having some pent up anger towards Zori that's /trying/ to escape.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki heals Shinobu for 369 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Ayame blinked… then looked at shinobu… and she nodded slowly. She bounded up next to Kame, and started by trying to speak… but… if that didn't work… she instead licked Shinobu's face, nosing and licking the girl in the most annoyingly needy puppylike way she could possibly manage! Everyone feels better after petting a puppy!
Soren on the other hand, glanced at Shinobu. She wasn't improving… he'd have to make this fast. He glanced at Zori, his sword flicking up, demolishing the tree the boy was next to, and tearing a scar into the world hundreds of yards in length, ripping up earth and stone with equal ease. "You. I know what you look like now… and you're in -SO- far over your head." He growled at the boy, his chakra spiking visibly. The urge to rip this -child- in two subdued by the realization that he was -just- a child. "You are going to go to the medical facility, and you are going to wait there, until -I- arrive. If you decide not to show up there, I will track you down, and remove that impetuous hide of yours in strips. Then I'll turn you over to Taiki. Have I made myself clear?" he says, as calmly as he can manage, not even raising his voice, for worry that it may worsen Shinobus condition. That… being an afterthought after the wave of destruction he just sent down range.

COMBAT: Soren attacks target 1 with CHAKRA-SHARP-IV with a roll of: 53

Shinobu was essentially on autopilot, the girl unable to respond to Ayame or Kame. She /did/ look up at them, but her gaze wasn't focused on them… It was elsewhere, the girl still suffering somewhere way far back in her mind. Kame whines at the look in her partner's eyes and yips, ~It's not working… We should just focus on getting her to the hospital.~ As soon as Kyu finished healing the Inuzuka, Kame would nudge the fox into action, helping drag Shinobu onto Ayame's back if she could. The pup whines a bit more, curling up next to Shinobu and nosing at her. This, at least, results in another action. That of Shinobu grabbing Kame into a tight hug, the squeezing not bothering the ninken at all. It meant that Shinobu wasn't completely gone.

Kyu sees the explosion of chakra launching out and destroying the ground and the tree and smirks. His eyes returning to the normal coloration. When he finishes the healing and such, he would then stand. "She's stable, but lets definitely get her to a hospital." Kyu would help Shinobu onto Ayame's back, or possibly, and more likely even carry her himself. He sighs as he readies himself to go to the hospital. He hopes he did a good enough job stablizing her, and still seems very worried about her. He's also broken a sweat from the exertion of both healing her, and using that genjutsu on Zori.

Ayame nodded as soon as Kyu said she was ready, decompressing into her full 6 foot tall form, to pick up Shinobu, and Kyu. She may not have as great reflexes as Soren… but she was atleast as fast as him in a land race. "Soren… we're going."
Soren nodded. "Go on then. Alert the gate guards on your way by. I'll be at the hospital as soon as I can." he says with a nod.

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