Flames in the Night


Akane, Isura, Kenta

Date: November 21, 2014


Caught on her way home, Akane (as Kyoujin) encounters Isura again, much to the dismay of all involved.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Flames in the Night"

A forest clearing outside of Konohagakure

Akane had taken the offered ride from Hiei and then he dropped her off at the Crossroads where she bought some dango and moved on. Then she had diverted off the main path to make camp for the night in the forest. Bandits would not expect common travellers to be in the woods rather than on the road. Especially at night.
She'd built a little fire and laid the seemingly sleeping child a certain distance from the fire. The girl showed no inclination of waking any time soon. The woman sat on a log staring into the fire her eyes were a deep emerald and she was silent but aware of her surroundings. She had her long hair in a braid and a jacket around her shoulders but she still appeared to have no weapons.

Isura was in the local area seaching for Akane something about her really Munchausened him off and her face although lovely to look at he couldn't help but think it was smugged. Searching high and low Isura would searching for anything at all that could lead him to her. Isura day thus far wasn't the best either him and Zankuro got into and the whole team building mission as it stands now was a bust. Huffing and puffimg Isura would be standing in a tree looking up at the night sky and in the distance he could see the smoke shrugging his shoulders he took off into that direction.

When he arrived at the camp fire he would fine it abandoned. The child /and/ Akane were gone it seemed. As he came in closer he would hear the sound of a footfall up in the tree. There wearing her hair down in a long braid and a set of tan 'peasant's' clothes stood Akane, her face covered by that Kabuki-style mask. The eyes looked as hollow and black as death.
The mask still bore Isura's blood where she had smeared it the other day. She knew there was little point of hiding her face but the mask had it's own affect.
"What do you want?"

"Sup, I honestly came here for a rematch I feel as though it wasnt really a fight more so me taking your schizophrenia…and something about that mask kinda Gloriosuses me off. It could be the blood on or perhaps what hides underneath." Isurs eyes started to flash red before taking notice to the baby "oh you have a kid? Tropeit I cant fight you if you have a kid…" Isura would release the chakra to his eyes as he crosed his arms overnhis chest in disapproval before sighing "why are you still here?Why are you sleeping out here with a baby?" Isura would frown before looking back towards the sky.

Akane lifted her head as he addressed her, stating that he wnated a rematch. For a moment her head tilted then a manic kind of chuckle escaped her. She reached up and released the mask, dropping it to the ground where the child was swaddled in a blanket and still asleep. Drugged more like. Akane leapt down from the tree then, the light from the flames illuminating her emerald green eyes and the scar that bisected her left eye.
She smirked darkly. "The girl is not This One's daughter. She is This One's payment for stopping you the other day. Are you sure you know what you're up against, boy?" She didn't need the sharingan to flare her chakra and if he was sensing it in any way it would seem darker than the usual chakra would be.

Isura sensed her chakra and although dark and sinister it excited him then placed fear, "some wicked chakra you have there perhaps we could…fight after all and me knowing what im up against really changes nothing. I know your powerful I do however I what to see how I measure up…" Isuras eyes flared up again and he notice the sure darkness coming from her before snapping himself out of thr fear that cloaked him before tensing himself up once more.

Akane or rather the one known as Kyoujin, the Assasin's Blade of Fuuma Alley, watched Isura. The boy clearly felt her aura, clearly felt fear from it. It was true that her real face and eyes could cause more fear than that mask she wore. Still, he had the guts to challenge her. She moved away from the child, ending in the clearing in an agressive stance.
"Well then, come, boy!" Despite her words she leapt forward, a fist aimed for his solar plexis and a knifehand strike aimed at his temples, both aiming to stun him. She moved so fast that without his sharingan he simply would not be able to track her. And the expression on her face was one of blood lust.

Isura would use his blinding speed to dodge the first strike landed softly a ways way he was shocked to have fast Akane was able to discover him. Wincing as he is strucked and unable to fore a clone he would slip land softly a little way away dripping blood onto the ground below. "You waste no time there boy without these eyes I would've already be nothing more then a stain on the floor…however I have them and I will used it to win!?" Isura flashed through seals and released a barrage of tiny swift and well aimed balls of fire that would be coming at her for basiclly everywhere at once he would have a difficult time tracking her however this was one of his greatest attacks.

Kyoujin didn't seem to react to his evading her first strike except to say she looked even more excited by the violence. She grinned as her second landed heavily. She laughed. "This One is not the weak medic. This One enjoys the fight." The woman watched him as he prepared his attack and her movements were once more hard to follow. She flickered in and out of existence, leaving behind afterimages in her wake. One of the small fireballs came at her face and she lifted her arm, taking the burn on her wrist.
She paused to look at the wound as though it were a curious thing. But then she lifted her emerald eyes and grinned maniacally as she licked the burn. "It's not /quite/ blood but it's a good try, /boy/." She laughed. "What's your name? Just in case This One has to bring your body home."
She waited for him to answer. She did, however flash through the hand seals required for a fire attack, bringing her two fingers to her lips before she spit out several flaming balls at him. A teasing mockery of what he'd just done to her.

Isura moved swiftly however the lingering pain on top of the slightly fear made his body feel heavy thus he took the fire two fireball barrage before he shifted his weight around and flashed from view onto the tree tops. He would whip wire and kunai as well as shuriken towards her trying to bind her to a tree nearby before his heavy breathing starting to catch up with him. "Tsk, I can't keep up with here…she's moving too fast perhaps? Perhaps I could try that combo…" Isura thought to himself before smirking and dipping down to a runner stance. "I will show you the true power of Isura of the body flicker!?"

The fact that some of her attacks /didn't/ hit the boy made Kyoujin grin even more. The dark glee on her face was plain to see. She was focused on the boy's movements. Her long crimson hair fell down her back in a thick braid much like a certain Uzumaki's hair. Her eyes were emerald and Kyoujin was in full control. She leapt and backflipped, leaping higher still to avoid the fireball. Then she landed on his strings themselves and grinned like a demon. "That was actually pretty smart, boy. What did you say your name was? Isura? Uchiha. Isura."
She laughed again and backflipped off the wires, landing in the clearing once more. Her leg bent and the other slid out from under her, allowing the tips of her fingers to graze the grass beneathe her. From there she stood again and flashed her hands through more seals. "This One wants to raise the stakes." She grinned and brought her fingers to her lips before spitting smaller, more concentrated balls of flame at the boy and his tree.
"Would you like This One to heal you so we can play more?" And yes..she was dead serious…

Isura wince as he notice the sudden change in her nature. Once she attack it was made clear to him that maybe he was in over his head however the case maybe it was too late to sink into the darkness and thus he whipped himself about and tried to use pure speed to dodged but quickly notice it was a little too late until another chakra signature came into the picture. Once the wall of chakra went up he knew it was Kenta smirking he would release another swift barrage of fireballs however this time they would be used to hide the wire in his attempt to catch her. Hit or missed he spoke in a loud cry "Kenta now strike her down?!" Isura pulled down on the wire to tighten it or pull it lose from nearby trees.

The soles of Kenta's open toe boots thumps against the branch of a tree and he launches off it in the direction of the disturbance. The young medic-nin had been out picking herbs again when he saw flames and smoke blowing into the sky deeper in the forest. It's not unheard of for shinobi to do some sparring outside Konoha's main grounds, but the level of activity seems a little above normal. It worried Kenta just enough that he decided to go take a look. His bounty of fresh herbs are still bound to his back, which slows him down slightly, but the medic-nin doesn't really expect anything to come of the inspection. At the most, he might have to tell a few people to simmer down before they accidentally burn the forest down.

It comes as a rude surprise when Kenta bursts out of the tree line to see a dubious looking woman send a wicked barrage of fireballs blast towards a figure in the tree lines. The figure, which Kenta realizes quickly, is none other than Isura. "Whoa!" the young medic-nin exclaims. He leaps into the path of the flames while rapidly forming hand seals, a few herbs flying out of his pack from the vigorous movement, and slams his right hand into the ground upon landing. Walls of blue chakra ripples into existence around him and some of the fireballs snuff out against them, but the walls don't focus quickly enough, so several hits him with a whoosh.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Kenta exclaims as he rolls quickly to extinguish the fire and tosses his back basket, which is on fire. The young man rises to his feet with a wince, smoke stream from his clothing. His jutsu drained a noticeable amount of prepared chakra, so he presses his palms together to focus more before running healing chakra through his badly singed body. The young man's worried gaze darts between the two combatants. "Umm… What's going on here? That attack seemed a bit more serious than warranted…" And who is the mysterious lady, his gaze seems to say when pointed in Akane's direction.

Kyoujin saw the point when Isura saw his own failiure. Saw that moment in which she had broken the genin's spirit. Even if only for a second, it happened. And Kyoujin relished it like a candy. Her moment of pleasure was interrupted, though, as a seal wall came up between Isura and her attack. Emerald eyes narrowed and she prepared for the incomming attacks that would certainly fly her way.
Unfortunately for her, the distraction of a second opponent allowed her to be caught by those wires. The flames followed swiftly. However, her eyes didn't wince, she did not flinch, and she remained perfectly silent despite the pain.
A twist and a jerk allowed the wires, weakened by fire, to snap and she landed lightly on her feet before backflipping to land on the vertical trunk of a tree. She resembled a spider watching it's prey, her crimson braid falling over her shoulder as she watched the two before her. She slipped out of her ruined jacket with a 'che' then tossed it aside, discarded and worthless to her.
Kenta's words garnered her emerald gaze, a manic, excited expression. "The boy wanted a rematch with This One. This One is giving him that…" She watched Kenta heal himself and ground out the word, "Medic.." as if distasteful. But then she perked up brightly, still clinging to the tree with her feet. "Heal him so we might continue our game. This One can wait."

"Nice to see ya Kenta it's been a while yeah?" Isura spoke to Kenta without ever taking his eyes off her. His sharingan dialed in on her and nothing else before shifting back to his stance "your sudden appearance allowed me to not only dodge the attack also land a rather well timed counter strike…" Isura shifted slight before crack his neck and knuckles.
(Hmm she is hard to pin down and although it hit she acts like it did no type of real damage…thus I need to step up my game or else pack it up,) Isura though to himself before slowly opening his eyes wide. Launching his assault he would heat the air then strike at her with another huge fireball.

Kenta lets out a slow breath as the burns slowly fade from the exposed surfaces of his body to leave behind skin that's still pink and slightly tender. The strange woman's mannerisms is odd and more than a little creepy to say the least, which makes Kenta take an involuntary step backwards. However, it doesn't prevent his mouth from running on its own. "I don't know who you are, but this isn't a game. You don't look like a Leaf shinobi and you definitely don't -act- like one," he states in a somber voice. Leaf shinobi arguably sound less psychotic, at least in Kenta's mind. Their "spar" also ruined another vest, since the one that he's wearing is scorched and the surface of the leather is bubbling up. Luckily, it isn't the one that Atsuro brought him, but a spare. The herbs that he picked had also gone to their ashy grave along with the nice wicker pack they were in.

"Please state your business here. Otherwise, I might be forced to consider that you're up to no good…" Kenta flips a kunai and tosses it at the woman to show that he means business, although he fully expects her to simply block it easily. A fireball roars through the air at the same time and Kenta's head jerks around. "Isura!" he exclaims, obviously thinking that the Genin jumped the gun.

Kyoujin tilted her head in a dark mockery of curiosity when Isura spoke to the newcomer. As a result, the tie that held her braid together finally snapped, burned by those flames. And in a mimicry of those flames her hair unraveled and fell about her like a bloody waterfall. She tested the feel of this medic's name. "Kenta…." Hmmm…. She decided this was appropriate for a leaf shinobi and let it pass into her memory. Emerald eyes flicked over both of them, the boy and the medic.
On the tree as she was, with her hair falling about her, bits of blood and burns on her exposed shoulders and arms, she looked like an avenging goddess or a bloody Oni and her eyes seemed to back that thought up. She moved with lithe motions and the pain of the burns did not even register on her face. She looked as ready to fight as she had been when Isura had approached her for this fight.
The Uchiha boy certainly had his eyes on her as a target. It was kind of cute… She could see the wheels in his mind turning as he tried to find a way to trap her, stop her, defeat her. Kyoujin had gone several months without really 'comming out' and playing. The medic in her was too happy and she was basicly kept in the village thanks to haviing been pregnant until just recently. It was a slip that had allowed the dark personality that was Kyoujin to take over. And she wasn't going to let it go so easily.
The ball of flame headed for her and she simply bent her body out of the way, letting it fly past her and explode against a tree. The air rushed and her hair fluttered about in the violence of the blast. Kenta's kunai she didn't even attempt to dodge, blocking it with her wrist before flicking her wrist, sending it flying to embed in a tree. Once more she showed no reaction to pain.
"Silly Medic Kenta." She chided, laughing. "This One told you to heal him so we could continue." Then she flickered, her afterimage left on the tree as she moved like lightning, heading in a round about way for Isura. She reached out and trailed a hand over his wounds… As it had been the last time she healed him, she was closing wounds basicly by branding them closed. If not treated properly within the right amount of time, they would leave a scar but for the moment she was happy to provide him with 'healing', however painful that might be.

All it took was an instant for him to lose track of her only to register pressure by the pain brought by her odd healing methods. Pulling away Isura narrowed his gaze before speaking again "Scrappy you…I'm not done yet?!" Isura flashed though seals before a brief paused came across his face…"I'll do it…I'll burn this whole forest down along with you?!" Isura poured his chakra into a wave of fire the spreaded like Napalm across the air hopefully it would be enough to distract her as he flung around her and breathed blazing of fireballs in a barrage manner.

"Hey!" Kenta exclaims when Akane rushes towards Isura. He follows in quick pursuit, expecting her to try her worst against the injured Genin. What she actually does is both surprising and even more revolting than he expected. The young Leaf medic's face twist in appalled disgust at the sight of Isura's wounds burning shut and the stink of smoking flesh to fill the air. "Keep away from him!" he exclaims as he runs up the trunk of the tree. He also addresses Isura without taking his eyes off Akane. "Isura-kun, stop your antics and clear your head! You're -not- burning the forest down around us!"

Kenta's digs his feet in a few feet away from Akane, bends at the knee and launches the remaining distance upwards. As he hurls towards her, the young man twists his torso and uses the torque of the motion to slice his hand through the air. He releases paralyzing chakra from his palm, so that it blows out at Akane in a short ranged wave instead of the bolt straight blast that the jutsu normally produces. He instantly leaps back and tosses a tag at her face, which erupts into noxious green smoke. "I don't know who you are, lady, but you're coming with us. You're obviously dangerous."

Kyoujin's emerald eyes widened in a playful expression of mock suprise when he pulled away from her healing touch. She snickered and climbed back up the tree behind her, onhands and knees like a spider, keeping an eye on them both once again. She'd already snapped the boy's spirit so what he did now was either reflex or proof of that elusive thing they called Hi no Ishi… The Will of Fire. It brought back memories. Memories that she had not thought of for almost two years now.
Isura's rage brought her focus back down to the boy below her and her eyes narrowed as he gathered himself for an attack. She could see he might actually try to take down the entire forest and that presented a problem for her….
Instantly emerald eyes darkened, hardened and clouded in Kyoujin's face. She went from playful and laughing to lethal in a few seconds. She moved swiftly, top speed back into the forest behind her, flickering here and there.The explosions and flames followed as if on her heels, not touching her….
And when she came to a rest she was on the edge of the forest again, opposite the blaze.. And holding the limp body of a child, perhaps 4 years of age or so. She looked none to happy that Isura's attacks had put the child in danger. She set the girl down carefully and moved with long steps putting her both between the two leaf shinobi and off to one side. She did not want to dodge an attack only for the girl to be hit.
As proof that she would protect the child, she did not dodge fast enough for the poison tag to miss her completely. In fact she turned her wrist and allowd it to impact and this explode over her rather than allow the attack to go anywhere near the unconscious girl. She coughed, she couldn't help it. But she did not allow the pain or irritation to stop her from watching those two warily…
Kenta's order to go with them made her blink. She tilted her head even as her eyes welled from the poison. "Are you daft?" She shook her head and lifted a hand to her own chest, pushing healing chakra into herself with an expert's touch. "This One is not going anywhere with you. Withdraw. This One was approached."

"Lampshadeit the child…how annoying…Kenta let's pull back for now…she has a small child with her and I don't wish to put it in any more danger then I already have…or perhaps we can meet up again and finish this battle for I wish to defeat you with all I got while you fight all out without protecting anyone." Isura hit the side of the tree in utter frustration on how things are going ti seemingly end and thus as of now he would just be watching here. "That is twice now I lost track of you and its utterly annoying." Isura clutched his fist as he stared into her eyes.

Kenta's eyes flick towards the unconscious child that Akane's suddenly carrying. The presence of a potential flesh shield is alarming and changes things. At least it looks like the child is important to the strange woman, so she's unlikely to use that type of tactic. The medic-nin holds up a hand, gesturing for Isura to cease fire at the same moment that the younger shinobi speaks similar thoughts. He keeps his feet spread apart and balanced lightly on a branch of a tree that's slightly above the one that Akane's standing. Kenta already has another tag in his left hand, but a defensive variety instead. His fingers tighten on it in tense anticipation.

"Is it true? Did you attack her first?" the medic-nin asks without turning to look at Isura. His next statements target Akane. "You still haven't stated your name or business, which makes me suspicious. Strange shinobi wandering the forests isn't taken so lightly, especially with the Silence roaming around." Kenta dips his chin towards the unconscious child. "Is she your daughter?" he probes lightly.

Kyoujin glanced at Isura when he swore. He did not wish to continue the fight because she had a child to protect? That made no sense. If she did not have the children to protect she doubted that he would be able to keep up to her. For now she had to watch their positioning and had been from the beginning. She tilted her head curiously as Kenta held up his hand to stop her from attacking and the signal for Isura to stop attacking. The woman was annoyed that the child was stopping them. She dropped down from the tree and set the child in an alcove gently. Then stepped back out to look up at the two leaf shinobi. "This child?" She indicated the tree. "Is not This One's daughter. She has no family anymore." Looking at Kenta she narrowed her eyes and glanced around her she canted her hip with a smirk and flipped her hair over one shoulder. "This one is called Kyoujin sometimes. This One is heading home."

"She attacked first however the case my be I provoked it a little…I did it for two reasons however I'm only going to share the one…it's her mask it's my blood on it and I wanted it back." Isura grew even more masqueraded then before as he released the chakra flow to his eyes. "Leave the night time our paths cross on the battle field you will be struck down by me Uchiha Isura. Isura slipped his hands into his pocket before releasing a held breath one that he's been holding to gauge the intensity in the air and around this time it was a lot. "What are you going to do with Yuuma little payment?"Isura words where as sharp as ever and it may have took awhile for the wheel to turn however the case my be there where rolling now?

"That makes me wonder how the child lost her family," Kenta says with suspicion obvious in his voice. "We don't fight with children around that might catch the crossfire. I still don't trust you, but I'm not going to risk hurting a civilian. A civilian that you seem to plan to bring home with you… wherever that is." The young medic-nin places a bit of emphasis on the last phrase, hoping that Akane with bite. His head jerks slightly when he also takes note of Isura's words. "Yuuma… You're with the Silence?" Kenta's muscles tense, but he doesn't make any sudden movements. His eyes do narrow and focuses on Akane like a hawk.

Kyoujin watched silently as the boy kind of sort of maybe admitted to provoking the fight. Not that it took mugh to provoke Kyoujin… But her expression went from bored — as if saying 'see?' — to dark and full of pleasure. She had seen that anger on Isura's face, the rage he showed was sweet. Perhaps one day he would grow to be stronger as an Uchiha. Surely she had given him plenty of incentive this night.
The boy's bravado made her laugh. He disengaged his sharingan far too soon. If she had wanted to kill him he had given her the opening to do so. "You need not wait Uchiha-ling. This One is ready." She taunted the boy lightly. His question made her eye him a moment then. What was she going to do with her 'payment'? She folded her arms. "This One does not need to answer a child's questions."
Kenta, however… Something shifted in her eyes, as if they had lightened in shade from emerald to jade.. and then back again. The moment's slip made her petulant. "This One will take her home." Kenta's gaze pulled a hard stare of her own. She wasn't denying anything but she wasn;t giving him information either.
A long moment stretched between them. Then she lifted her chin. "This One saved the Uchiha-ling's life by getting between him and Yuuma. Ths One is not Silence." She left it up to Isura to provide the details of the fight in the south of the Land of Iron…

Isura raged increased as he watched her before smirking "no hold on to that blood on your mask when I strike you down I'm going to replace it with yours." Isura blood started to boil as he stared her down straight in the face with an activated sharingan. Isura crossed his arms to hide how much he wanted to attack her out right with great bluntness.

Kenta's lips compress into a thin line. The woman's holding back too much, but neither he nor Isura can apprehend her without collateral. It's also very possible that they can't subdue her even working together. "You better hope that your secrets don't bring harm to my Village," he warns, while knowing that's the most he can do in this situation now.

Kenta reaches back towards the medical pouch that rests against the back of his waist, normally underneath a larger pack, before his current pack was burned to ashes. He keeps the motions slow and measured, so that no one would be alarmed. When he pulls his hand out of the medical pouch, he has a small bottle of herbal pills in his hand. The young man tosses it at Akane. Being another medic, she should be able to tell they're just a concentrated form of vitamins and immunity boosters. "The child doesn't look so well. Give her some of that and be on your way." She's obviously not going to go free that easily. Kenta intends to inform the guards when he returns to Konoha and get some trackers keep an eye on the woman from a distance to watch for suspicious activities.'

Kyoujin matched the boy's gaze, crimson for a light green, like an acid color, clearly energized by the rage inside the boy. His bravado entertained her to no end. The delight was plain on her face. "Little Uchiha-ling, you have a long way to go before you can start talking of taking This One out. Even the Medic," She tapped the side of her own head, indicating she was talking about herself and not Kenta. "The Medic might go easier on you."
She looked at Kenta then when he began moving. Her eyes narrowed and hse crouched faintly as if waiiting for the attack to come. But when he pulls out a bottle of pills she blinked. Catching the offering was instinct and she looked at the pills curiously, shaking the bottle as a child might then opening the cap and sniffing at the contents.
When he told her it was for the child she frowned and shook her head, tossing the bottle back. "The child is merely under Star Shade." She spoke of a rather rare plant that in tiny doses could be used to keep someone unconscious for long periods of time but in large doses caused great physical symptoms upto and including internal bleeding.
She looked at Isura. "You're not going to tell your shining knight what This One did to aquire the girl? Well, let there be no secrets." She turned back to Kenta and with a cold expression spoke matter-of-factly, the playful fighter from befoore gone. In her place was a creature used to the darkest of events, someone with blood on their hands for all eternity. "Yuuma was attacking a village. Your Uchiha-ling came with a friend and This One and another Kiri shinobi stopped them from doing anything to Yuuma." She looked at Isura with a sneer. "This One saved your wretched life, boy."

Kenta reflexively catches the bottle when it's tossed back to him. His eyes flick briefly in the direction of the child when Akane mentions that Star Shade was used. It's an herb that's not unknown to him, although he's never used it before. He could only hope that the strange woman used the proper dosage. Unfortunately, this revelation also makes him suspect that there's more that Akane's hiding from them. Kenta keeps a lid on shimmering questions that's bound to be left unanswered. "I'm sure that you thought you were doing everyone a favor in those events that you described," the young medic states neutrally. He gives no other indication of his thoughts other than that single comment.

Kyoujin watched Isura continue to seethe and Kenta seemed less likely to attack her but she disliked the idea that they might have tried should she have been alone. She would have thought they would fight her /for/ the child. Still, Kenta seemed wary of her and not agressive. And /that/ made her suspicious. Suddenly she moved, flickering, disappearing. She reappeared, her mask suddenly in place, Isura's blood smeared over one cheek of the white surface, matching the twin bloody 'tears' painted on the mask. Over her shoulder was the child, secure but as a parcel not a human. "This One suggests you do not come looking for her, Medic Kenta. Akane seems to like you." With that she suddenly flashed through several handseals, a complex series of fire rat and tiger seals that ended with her spitting a single small fireball into the space between the leaf shinobi and her. There was a single moment where it looked pitiful… but then it exploded, growing many times in sze and catching trees surrounding them aflame. The forest would be changed by morning. And when next they looked up.. ther was nothing to see…. Kyoujin and the child were gone.

Unable to dodge all a falling trees and fire he got caught underneath them instead. In raged he pulled himself up and out and waved though seals however she was already gone and this time left no trace. Kicking rocks be would shift about towards Kenta "how yavholding up?

Kenta stands as silent as stone while he watches Akane. It's thanks to his alertness that he manages to react as soon as the woman begins weaving her seals. He weaves hand seals of his own while he leaps off the branch that he's standing on, trying to interpose himself between the blast and Isura.

"Watch out!" Kenta exclaims as soon as it becomes apparent that he's not going to make it in time. The soles of his open toe boots skid on the bark of the last tree trunk that he lands on right before the wave of fire hits. Kenta slaps his hand against the trunk to create another shimmering enclosure of chakra around himself. He ducks his head under his arms as the barrier struggles to keep out the flames and shatters completely, causing some of it to wash over him..

When the blast of fire dissipates, Kenta slaps the flames off himself. Small gasps of pain escapes from him, due to the multiple burns that cover arms and the back of his neck. Then, the medic weaves among the flaming debris and trees that it leaves behind to close the remaining distance between himself and Isura. "I'll be fine, but we have to hurry, Isura-kun. We need to get back to the village -now-. The fire's going to spread. You have to lead the fire department here while I find Atsuro-senpai." Kenta lowers his hands. "Quickly!" he exclaims before he starts leaping through the trees in the direction of the village.

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