Rain, Aburame Rin

Date: March 3rd, 2010


Rain once again looking to the talents of the Twilight Village, though this time he discovers someone whom had followed that Takokujin here.


Trainnig Grounds, Twilgiht Village

Moving slowly, Rin's hands gesture and shift in the air in an almost dance like style. As she moves, the kikaichu fly with her, surrounding her and then passing onward to another area, attacking and then returning to her quickly. She watches them move, keeping her hands fluid with them. Soon, she is sliding from spot to spot as if to direct them like an orchestra, the tide of bugs rising and falling at her whim.

This would be Rain's second visit to the famed… well… in the underground world of talent and combat, training grounds of this location. In no particular way, and without prying or spying to any real measure, Rain had kept an eye on the two "guests" to bought along with him to discover what lay within the twilight. Thus it was not surprise that he would eventually visit the one known as Rin, especially as she displayed some of her talents. "I see you take some pride in your control with your Kikaichu." he would say to her as he approached casually.

"Pride?" She states, not even pausing or seeming surprised by his approach. She simply keeps moving. As she brings them into herself, the kikaichu slide into her body and she stares at him, "There's no pride in it." She nods her head, "It simply is." She nods again, "I aim my hands, my friends follow." She nods her head, "And they do as I direct." She holds out a hand and a swarm of them form around her hand, "It is, what it is."

"Is it?" Rain seemed to question the statement for a moment. "It is rare for an Aburame to consider their brood to be friends… given that they only live a few hours . Also given their… expendability in most cases. Do you honor them all as friends regardless?" Rain wondered of her. Aburame usually were a quirky bunch. No more so than he himself, but they always seemed to have a way of thinking that was most interesting.

"I honor every one of them." She nods, "They are my friends and have been since my youth." She looks at one, "This one will die long before I do." She nods at it, "It will be gone…and yet it will give everything it has to help me in everyway it can, without condition." She nods, "At least beyond being fed." She stares, "Is that not what a true friend would do for you?" She hmms, "Do what is necessary to help you, asking only to be given what is needed to survive?"

"By that definition, i have a few friends." Rain would state with understanding he had before the conversation begins. "Still, each has their own dream to acomplish, even if they are achiving it through the collective help of everyone elses pursuit. In this way, it is just as mutual as a dependant friendship can be." Allowing his eyes to follow one of the Kikaichu, he would continue, "Why are you out here… when you have friends?"

"Why?" She laughs, "Because my goal is to become stronger, and stronger still." Rin nods, "My friends agree with this as I'm a better meal for them if I'm stronger." She nods and looks to him, "Complacent life within a village would not gain me that strength. Even if I were to go on missions as often as allowed."

"And what are you willing to do to gain this strength for yourself and your friends?" Rain would ask, narrowing in on the point as it becomes more clear to the both of them. Rin had logical reasons, but there was no logic to the desire for power. The application of it, certainly, but there was no logical reason for desire beyond what the kikaichu wanted, sustinence. This however, was nto the kikaichu's pwoer that was growing, but her own.

"Whatever is necessary." Rin states very simply, "I will do what it takes." She looks at the bug, "Is that wrong?" She looks up at Rain, herself starting to sit down, "To want to have power?" She hmms, "To want strength?" She laughs softly, a strange laugh that almost seems to lack any true feeling, "I will do what is necessary to gain what I want."

"Then it appears to me that you require a path that will lead you towards a progression of power and ability. Within that path, you will then be able to do what ever it takes to survive it, and surviving it, will award you power. That is the way of the world. Practicing means nothing when the results are not tested through hardship and challenge." Rain would state affirmatively to Rin. "That path… is how i have drawn what you call friends to me."

"I see." She states and nods her head. Rin looks at him carefully, "This is what I was thinking. They wished me to stay in my village. Train, practice." She shakes her head, "How am I supposed to grow closer to my friends? Gain strength? If we do not face true danger." She looks at the kikaichu, "That is why I must go on." She looks at him, "What do you propose? Are you a group? A orginization?"

"I am an individual amongst individuals. I am not important to those who don't consider me such, and i am to those that do. Whether you call this a group or an organization, or a band of Strangers is up to you." Rain would turn to start walking away as he finished. "Much like your Kikaichu, they may be individuals in the most basic sense, but in the end… they are all one. That is what i represent."

Standing up slowly, Rin looks at Rain, "And what do you call this thing you represent?" She hmms as she starts to walk after him slowly, "You said I can call it what I please…but what do you call it?"

"I have no name for it, we are simply Strangers." Rain would reiterate as he'd continue on. "Every stranger has his or her own way as well as their own path. The destination however for everyone that exists, is the same no matter which way you take nor how long it takes you to get there. Still, a group always travels farther than an individual, even if they remain strangers."

"I see." She states as she walks with him. She nods and then hmms, "This group of stranges." She nods her head, "I think this sounds like something I can get behind." She looks at her 'friends' and then Rin nods, "We are in agreement that this might be, for the moment, our best bet."

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