Flood Relief - Rising Rain


Yoichi, Kiji, Naoya, Tsubaki

Date: March 15, 2015


With flooding occurring all over the Land of Water, many teams have been sent out to assist villages in need. There is one island in particular that found aid from three genin and Kiba’s wielder, Yoichi.

"Flood Relief - Rising Rain"

Land of Water

The constant storms and flooding of this island have led to calling for help from Kirigakure. As such, a team suitable to helping with the evacuation and helping stave off further damage has been sent in a large ship made to withstand the beating of the harsh waters of the storm. Standing on the edge of the ship as it hurries toward the shores of the island, Yoichi casts a glance back at the team, nodding to each of them before looking back to the island. "First priority is getting the people of the villages safely to the ship. If those of you who can't heal come across anyone injuries. Once Kiji and I have finished our work, we'll attend to them. I assume all of you can do basic CPR to get people back breathing who've drowned… Any questions."

Kiji had been called as Naoya had from the exam's rules about being out late due to this crisis and so she had been preparing the whole time. She practiced breathing excercises to be sure she could perform CPR properly and had made sure to eat and rest and train lightly on the journey. When Yoichi spoke to them Kiji listened attentively, her eyes already a golden shade as seh prepared for the comming problems. She gathered her chakra about her and those crimson vines coiled up her arms and legs in preparation. She might need to use the multiple whips to snag civilians, though she would have to be careful not to let the water mix too much with her blood…
Yoichi's question about CPR got a nod from her, yes she could perform CPR, though mostly her healing was from her blood, she could still perform the simply first aid techniques.

While Naoya has been assigned to the operation on short notice, he was unsure of his role and that was clear with the confusion on his face. While sailing, the young Okumo scaled the ship's mast and lingered on the rigging, finding a high vantage point while they sailed. When the ship made it close to shore he was forced to land, and make his way towards one of the operative cells, soon finding himself in front of the wielder of Kiba, seven swordsman Yoichi. 'Yes.. we don't have time to practice that here.. control from within, should be better.. now'
Without much further notice, the young Okumo began to become cloaked with dense silk which birthed another two sets of unnatural arms which flex in time. The ex arms move behind himself as his original arms across over his chest. "Question.. What's the estimated count of people? I can't feel for people like Kiji-san does, the rain would wash away my brood as well." Almost as if annoyed at their limits, Naoya's hair begins to come alive, weaving it into a tight ponytail before a web is forged on top of his head that thickened before filling out, taking shape of a crude hood against the rain.

Tsubaki was also one of the ones that was assigned to this mission. She wasn't entirely sure what her main role in this was, so she just prepared for everything. Medical supplies, though she only knew a little of that, as well as some extra food to give her energy should she need to use her jutsu. "Shirayuki Tsubaki, present… I can do basic CPR, at least, yes…" She reports in. The girl is wearing the typical workers' outfit that she has tended to wear while under Taree's tutelage.
A small bow to those present before her (Naoya, Kiji, and Yoichi) before she just falls silent to listen to the answer to Naoya's question. "And where should we put them…?" was her own question. "Is there an assigned place?" she asks.

"The village we're going to is small. I wouldn't expect a huge population, probably a little over a hundred, some of which have likely already perished," Yoichi responds with a glance over to the Okumo. He then looks over to Tsubaki, nodding to her. "Put the injured in the foremost cabin of the ship. The rest can go in lower decks on their own once they're to the ship since they should be able to walk." With that he brings his hands into a seal, sprouting three clones of himself from water he's absorbed from the rain, which then dart out onto the island as the ship docks at it to wait for the citizens to be retrieved. While his clones move out onto the island to retrieve civilians, he begins to prepare for a different jutsu.

Kiji watched Naoya as he was made to come down from his perch in the rigging, and then turned her golden eyes on Tsubaki as the girl came up. Naoya's question was valid and they all paused to listen to Yoichi's answer. Kiji wore her usual skirt and shorts with a tank combination, fully expecting to get soaked on this mission. There was a dry change of clothing for her in the hold of the ship for after the mission.
Yoichi's orders got a simple nod from Kiji, then she jumped up on the rail of the ship and opened her senses, eyes closed for just a moment. When seh opened them she looked at Taree. "There are some over there…" She pointed to the west side of the village where a higher hill had several children and elderly gathered as the waters were slowly rising.
Then Kiji pointed to the north. "Naoya-san, there is a large group to the north there. They seem to be trying to keep something up.. It's probably a dike or a wall. Maybe you could reinforce it with your webbing. Then she spoke to Yoichi. "I'm going to pick people out of the water itself." Assuming he had no objections she would head toward the center of both points she had told her comrades about..

'Small.. around a hundred.. collect, not defend.' Closing his eyes briefly, the young Okumo nods lightly. Turning his attention towards Tsubaki for a moment at the news that even she was a medical trainee at least. Once Kiji began to talk, he turns his attention towards her and hums softly, as she directs him, but shakes his head lightly. "We'll work quickly, if it would manage to hold if I loop several times. We're going, not much time to lose.."
With that said, a sensor would be able to tell he was cloaked with chakra but at the same time, it was faint even when he moved, he was using his raw energy to move at unreasonable speed. Within an instant, Naoya was little more than a blur as he disappears from between the pair of other genin and made his way north towards a failing dike. With all six of his arms come around and tuck in close as he dashes, hoping to catch sight of some of the villagers on the edges of the dike, assessing if it was worth saving or simply rushing them to safety.

Tsubaki nods lightly when Kiji tells the group that there are people nearer the western side of the village, offering to go there herself. Should there be no argument, she would head that way, mists starting to form as she moved quickly with bursts of wind to speed her along. The mist would be able to tell her just where people were and if they were moving, to some degree. "Hmmm… Who's alive here…" she would wonder as she starts moving around between bodies, sending those still standing to the ship while those who couldn't move very well she would tend to enough that they could travel the small distance.

All across the island, people are trying to hold structures up. Some are caught in currents and hanging on to objects like trees and houses for dear life so as not to be swept away. Though Yoichi's clones are there to assist, there's still a a large sense of urgency to get these people to safety.
Once the team has moved out, Yoichi brings his hands into a seal and closes his eyes. After using his senses to be sure his actions won't bring any immediate harm, he begins to use a technique that he used powerfully in the last big mission… except in reverse. With a powerful focus of chakra from him, clouds begin to be shoved out from the island toward the ocean, which makes the rain beat heavier on the ship briefly until it passes over, but that's not a huge concern at the moment. What's more impressive is what comes next, as the huge amount of standing water on the island begins to move in reverse, starting to rain upward and remove itself from the island to flow out toward where the clouds are moving to start slowly but surely decreasing the water levels. He could probably do it faster, but that'd get all the people in the water hurt.

Kiji's eyes shifted to crimson as she ran, but she wasn't simply running and she wasn't falling to the lust. Not just yet anyway. She found a boat snagged on a tree. It only took a moment for her to unsnag the ropes and pulll the boat free. Then she sprouted two more sets of whips from her back and shoulders… She focused harder and another whip wrapped itself about her waist before attacking to the rope from the boat.
Then she reached out again, searching for more casualties, those living or nearly dead in the water itself. Once she pinpointed one she leapt forward, running along the top of the water and dragging the boat behind her.
Reaching the man in trouble, Kiji nnearly scared him half to death. Because she did not speak to him but simply used her whips to wrap about him and pull him free of the rushing water, carefully setting him down in the boat. "You alright?" She asked.
He coughed a few times but nodded. "Who are you?"
Kiji turned back to him. "Kirigakurean shinobi sent to help your village evacuate. lets go find another." Turning, she Zeroed in on another target, a younger target and this time fading fast. It didn't take long to reach, though Kiji was not used to this kind of physical labor, puling the boat, she plucked a child from the water. But she wasn't breathing.Kiji went down to one knee as the older man int he boat lamented it was too late. Kiji could tell it was getting there yes, but she knew a faster way to get that water out. it wouldn't be pleasant, but it would be effective.. She opened the child's mouth and directed her blood into the child's mouth, into her lungs where it mixed with the water she had swallowed, then made an about-face and exited all the same. Once the bloody water was out of the child's luncgs Kiji smacked her resoundingly on the back, making the girl cough, but start to breathe again. Nodding, she turned and placed her into the boat with the old man….

'No.. what they want doesn't matter.. I know.. Just focus..' was said as the young Okumo moved. With his speed, in mere moments almost a kilometer of distance was covered, carrying him across the land. When the not only stopped but began to move upwards, this brought an arch to the Okumo's brow, "What kind of technique is this? Too large.. just.. insane." Shaking his head, he focuses and brings his hands together, weaving his true hands into a set of seals before taking flight. While in the air the ninjutsu completes, cloaking him and much of the area around him within thickening mists.
Between the rain falling into the sky and the blanket of mists rolling in, most of the villagers were startled at best, at worst some were face down attempting to pray. Using the distraction to make his job easier, Naoya moves forward and strikes with two open hands the side of one boy, hardly younger than himself. The first strike aimed the back hand the boy's temple, while the second strikes low at the boy's diaphragm, attempting to knock the wind out of him. Moving rapidly in the mists, he hurries and hastens his path towards a young girl no older than Tsubaki, strikes her down in a similar manor. Unless they managed by a stroke of luck to avoid the strikes, the Okumo would collect them in his arms before moving to retreat, not wasting time making himself known or what he was doing.
Bringing his true hands to the throats of each of the children he carries, he attempts to make sure they were still breathing well. The next worry was while he was moving at a reasonable pace for himself, he was for them moving faster than a rogue and startled horse.. so does his best to avoid being spewed on if possible.

A few of those that Tsubaki found protest, especially since they're being ordered around by a little girl. They do know that age doesn't always indicate skill, but one of them in particular just gets a bit on the angry side— Until the rain starts to fall then goes in reverse. Then they actually believe that shinobi or some form of god is around and helping them, and apparently it's in the form of a little girl today.
Eventually she manages to get those who walk heading to the ship, freezing the way over so that they're not wading through the water in a slow manner. Granted, they probably can't move too swiftly on pure ice, so she also gives them all a bit of dirt from the ground to throw on the now-ice bridge to get to the ship easier. The ones who aren't quite conscious, she checks to make sure there's no water in their lungs, removing what she can before giving them some energy to get up and get moving. "If you can't move… Just wait and I'll try to help…" she tells them, most of them kids around her age, thankfully. Though a few are elderly.

While the team goes about their work, Yoichi's jutsu continues to empty the island of the excess water. No expression shows on his face to those brought to the ship by his clones or by the Genin, not even the slightest hint of sympathy. Complete model of a Medic… or probably the kind of jerk people don't want Medic Nin to be. Still, it's hard to argue with his methods… Well, if he doesn't run out of chakra trying to drain an entire island of excess water at once through reverse rain. Meanwhile one of his clones would move over to Tsubaki to check if she needs any assistance moving any of the villagers who're unable to move themselves.

It had taken Kiji a moment to realize why the water was slowly starting to go down. The rain was.. going .. up? She glanced up and marveled for just a second before heading for the next villager in need. She had plucked three more adults and four children, only one of them needing thier luungs cleared and had then in the boat. Which was reaching capacity fast. By luck she ran into a second boat about the same size. Pulling it away from where it was stuck, she waved over one of Yoichi's clones and asked it to take the boat back to the ship while she found more refugees in the water.
Opening her senses again she searched for more people, finding a few close by as Yoichi-clone took the loaded boat back to the ship. She also searched for Naoya and Tsubaki, keeping tabs on them to be sure that they were safe and making progress. Naoya was apparently carrying people to safety and Tsubaki freezing the water. She nodded and kept trudging along, dragging the boat and passengers, filling it with civilians. Some fromt eh water itself some from rooftops. She was feelilng the drag of that boat more and more but she did not slow down, her whips out and waving to pluck people from the water.
When Yoichi's clone came back to switch out the boats again Kiji ran into a problem… a family on a higher part of the village were refusing to leave. Kiji narrowed her eyes at them, allowing them to see her eyes shift to entirely black, no white, jsut souless black eyes. "Get. in. Or iwill make you get in…."

Once he returns to the ship, Naoya makes his way under the canopy, laying down one child then the next beside each other. He doesn't stay to keep watch over them or even to dry them, he begins his move again, though slower than before as he focuses. Suddenly a sensor would feel a distinct swelling as his chakra began to blend within him before flooding out to his limbs. 'Good.. yes.. the large ones working.. cocoons.. no, not skilled enough with that.. No' was mumbled but then said more firmly, quickly becoming agitated before grumbling, once bright amber eyes begin to darken and fade some what before he shouts "Fine! Just get quiet. We'll do it your way."

After everyone is recovered, Tsubaki finds herself trying to nudge them across the ice bridge. However, she's met largely with a lot of complaints. "My old bones can't handle that! What're you gonna do? I'd rather drown here!" says one particularly verbose older gentleman. He even goes so far as to grab the kids that are near him, though they are barely conscious and still recovering from almost drowning and being cold.
"Sir, it's better for everyone. I'll even lead the way…" Tsubaki says, not wanting to hurt the man. It would be a bad idea. However, he continues to rant and rave, eventually becoming a danger to those around him. Tsubaki breathes a sigh, making a handseal and saying, "If you don't calm down, sir, I'll be sure that you do…" Then a bit of the ice around them softens, turning into water and travelign to clamp onto the older man, encasing him so only he can't move. While the younger kids look on nervously, she tries to calm them. "It's okay… Nothing bad will happen to him. Just cross the bridge and head to the ship and you'll be safe." She gives a small nod, trying to be reassuring.

Detecting the bit of turmoil from some of the people, Yoichi frowns and shakes his head. With a shrug he leaps off the ship onto the island and takes a few steps in to be out of the way of the clones and the Genin coming into the ship. As he does so, one of the streams of water he's sending away flows into him, causing him to grow to colossal size, nearly rivaling a full-sized Bijuu. Once he's at full size, he looks down at those still on the island, calling out in a booming voice, "Shut up and do what you're told. Otherwise you're going to get squashed while we're clearing the island of the water and making ways for it to drain itself off." Between that and the actions of the Genin, more of the people begin to move more cooperatively. It's then, however, with the flowing away of the water, that a group of seven villagers find something in their path to get to the ship that's apparently been created by the flooding… a sinkhole that carries them down into itself amidst a flurry of cries of fear.

Kiji blinked as the people who were quite affraid of /her/ were suddenly more afraid of something /else/. Turning she saw why. She grinned as the people arguing with her cowered and mumbled about a god. "Yes a God. He is the God of the Water and I am his daughter!" Which only freaked them out more…. But they got in the boat! She shook her head and helped a little child into the boat. She ws about half capacity when she saw the sink hhole. Swearing profanity. She tied the boat to a tree and told the people to stay put. Then she ran at top speed toward the sink hole. She waivered a little before she could get a good 'grip' with her feet ont he water.
Kiji set her jaw and forced her blood higher and higher, rage? no. Lust? Perhaps.. Adrenaline surged in her and her eyes were suddenly black with a single ring of red in them. Blood whips came out all around her and she reached in like they were her arms, snagging 5 then 6 villagers at once and slowly, harshly pulled them out, falling back and landing on her behind on the water. Getting back to her feet Kiji grit her teeth and brought the new rescues to her boat. Panting, she told them to hold on and headed back for the sink hole, intent on pulling as many as possible out…

Unlike Kiji or Yoichi, the young Okumo was hands on, even if he was more than a little reckless. 'You sure? ..sounds dumb.' Jerking his head to one side suddenly, his eyes staring to the blood tentacle mass off to the side that he hardly noticed before. 'Oh.. /that/..' Shifting from his position Naoya hurls himself into the air and onto one tree and then the next, drawing closer to both Kiji and the sinkhole.. and the countless screams that has almost went unnoticed to the Okumo.
Rather than rushing forward, Naoya waits, watching as the crimson tendrils lash out and ensnare several of those within the sinking abyss but watches as several others were still trapped within. 'Collect? No.. stop in first place.. ah!' There was a vote and the Okumo's face lights up, as a grin twists across his lips. In a blur he passes to Kiji's post before hurling himself into the air, seeming to prepare to give into the sinkhole but then the area became blanked in white fiber.
Silk, webbing.. meter after meter of it is spun , casting it out and into the trees, into the building that remained and close but also well into the sinkhole. If someone could see the full display what was being done would be clear. Naoya wasn't trying to 'save' a single person, but he was trying to make sure none of them got into a even worse condition or sink deeper. If left alone the villagers would still have to climb their way out, but at least they had rope for now.

Tsubaki's wards are finally convinced. If she wasn't the winning factor, then certainly the giant Yoichi was. Fortunately, most of the people she rescued are safe from the sink hole, taking the frozen over path. Tsubaki tells the kids and elderly to follow her and help each other make their way across. Then she dashes ahead to freeze even more of the path over, should it need it, assisting people by giving them a bit more energy, and then dashing back to help the second group. Most of her time is essentially being spent traveling between the two and making sure people get to the ship.

Once Kiji's done her work, Yoichi brings his hands into a seal and uses the water inside the sinkhole itself to lift any remaining stragglers back out of the hole onto the surface. He then shifts it, beginning to expedite the flowing of the water off of the island. Kiji's words do bring a slight smirk to his face. Water god and daughter saving idiots from deciding their own fates in the cruel waters of the sea. "You have only minutes left until I'm going to start working on your drainage problems. Move now or be decimated," he commands, reaching back to grab the now-massive Kiba blades, which crackle with lightning as he lifts them toward the sky.

Kiji blinked when Naoya joined her in an overwhelming show of strength at the sink hole. She watched as the webbing helped preserve the people and she flushed. "I.. should have thought of that…" But then she nodded to Naoya. "Good thinking WHOA!" She backed up as Giant!Yoichi came in to lift the rest of the people up. she held out her tentacles and placed them into the boat before making one last sweep of her area. Then she started dragging the over-full boat back to the ship. By the time she got there there was blood trickling down both cheeks comming from her eyes and small bruises were showing all over the exposed parts of her body. But she kept going.

There was an issue with what Naoya did.. his momentum of a spital killed almost all of his forward movement, leaving him falling for the most part though falling into his own web was the least of his troubles. Looking upwards, he could hear Kiji and shouts back, "These fools are too weak to get out of this quickly, the web will hold, just puck them out. No clue what your sensei is doing but.. I really wish I knew wind release right now.. I don't like the sound." Bringing himself to his feet, Naoya begins to move towards the edges of the area, trying to seek out stragglers likely trying to save their keep sakes rather than their lives

Tsubaki hears Yoichi and urges the people to move a bit faster. Many have gotten near the ship if they're not on it already, so there's that. Tsubaki almost is tempted to have the younger kids piggy back, in a way, but she has to delegate, too… So a few of the smaller ones are allowed to climb onto her back one at a time so she can carry them back quickly. Wind jutsu really is useful at the moment. The elder man also does his best to help, not wanting his family to end up dead (after Yoichi's warning, he believes it's very possible for Kiba's wielded to zap them once so they all fall down), which speeds the process.

Just to get the ball really rolling, Yoichi decides to show what it is that he's going to do. He creates a pair of enormous lightning whips from the blades, swinging them with insane precision (likely aided by Chakra Shaping ability to control them that well) to begin carving trenches in key spots on the island that flow out into the ocean to make it so water can flow out. "Kiji, my clones will assist you with healing. Get the rest of them on the ship then get it out of here," he orders, apparently going to come back to Kirigakure without a vessel himself. Of course, for a guy made of water, that's probably not going to be much of an issue. By the looks of it, it's not going to take him long to create the tenches and enviromental structures to make this place habitable again so these people can rebuild properly to be ready for the next wave of storms.

Kiji drug out the last few people from Naoya's web. She looked up at Collosus!Yoichi as he spoke and she gulped a bit, her whips came down and enshrouded her body as she lashed several onto the boat and began pulling it hard, heading for the ship. From there, she went up the ship and lifted the entire boat into the ship. She looked out and made a cone shape with her blood yelling into it to get Naoya and Tsubaki to hear her. "HURRY! Back to the ship!" She turned to the captain. "Once they're aboard get us out of mere. Fast." They did not want to be on the island when that attack landed.. No they did not. Kiji then turned, her job was now to see to the wounded.
Slowly bit by bit, her whips were engaged and used to heal wounds, starting from the most severe like broken legs and impalments, to the light cuts and bruises some had. Slowly bit by bit the blood lessened, but she never stopped working.

There was for a few moments a time while the young Okumo strayed from the rest of the group out of ear shot of Yoichi and only hardly in range of Kiji, but when the sky lit up, he knew what to do. Run. Fleeing is exactly what Naoya did, forgoing trying to pick out and hunt down additional stragglers too slow or too foolish to evacuate towards the ship. Kiji and Tsubaku would likely hear a painfully deep thud on top of of the ship, signalling his return with a skidding halt above the deck's shelter. With his safe return to the ship, the multi armed Okumo began to wither, shifting and shrinking some what until he was closer to normal once again. Staying above deck, his eyes would be towards the skies as the ship disembarked without their leader. It would be come time before Naoya would slip down below to act as an assistant or as a peacekeeper.

Tsubaki got to the ship before Naoya arrived, the girl helping the last of the people onto the ship. Fortunately, they all managed to get back with a bit of pushing along ice and the like. Then she gets busy, assisting Kiji to help her heal everyone and allow people to feel a bit more refreshed and alive. And not-drowned.

Once all have boarded the ship, Yoichi nods back at the team. While his clones aboard the ship work to help Kiji with the injured, the giant Hozuki waits patiently with sword crackling with lightning for the ship to get far enough away. His eyes trace over the island covered with water that's now connected to his being so that he can sense exactly what needs to be done to the island to be sure this sort of incident doesn't happen again… or at least enough that the villagers can do what else is needed with new buildings and structures. Finally he stabs the engorged blades into the ground then raises his hands, sending a huge bolt of lightning into the air above him. Charges of lightning begin to swarm in the clouds, creating flashes of light that let off thunderous booms one after another until finally a pillar of lightning descends on the island. Rather than moving for incredible destruction as it normally would, however, it cuts like a surgical scalpel through the land, creating trenches and enviromental structures to make excess water flow from main points on the island and help the village better stand against such travesties. By the time he is done, the surface of this island will look quite different.

Kiji blinked up at Tsubaki as she helped by restoring stamina. She looked up at the girl. "Th..thank you… Tsubaki-kun…. But… do that to her instead." Kiji indicated a young girl that still had not regained consciousness yet, though she was breathing. Kiji herself turned as she heard the crack of thunder from yoichi, only pausing long enough to watch the giant Hozuki cut into the island before turning back to her work. More and more those bruises were showing on her skin and she coverd herself with a shellof blood vines to hide them. She had pushed herself too far dragging that boat. Still, she worked to help the injured as theys ailed away from the island…

The next thing Kiji and the patience would notice were.. spiders. Lots and lots of spiders and for some of the patience silk. The young Okumo works his way from the roofing and down to the deck with Kiji and Tsubaki. The brood would begin to bind the more unruly civilians in a restrictive webbing that was as strong if not stronger than steel cabling. For the more passive patients, the spiders would bite them steadily, though they didn't poison wounds but began to slow the bleeding and lessen the ache of their muscles. "Kiji-san, just which ones need the most tending to?" Rather than just one or two patients, the spiders would work at one and then spread to the next then the next, almost treating several at once.

Tsubaki nods lightly after giving Kiji a bit of energy, thinking the Shimizu needed it after working so hard. But she moved to give the unconscious girl some energy as well, gently nudging her awake, or at least enough to know she would survive. Then she would move onto the next patient, ignoring Yoichi's actions outside and focusing on her medic duties for now, though she wasn't as skilled as the other two, likely.

Kiji wiped blood ff her cheek, annoyed that she was still bleeding. But then she looked around and saw.. spiders.. lots of spiders. It toook her a second to figure out what Naoya was up to but when he had coralled the annoying peasants she seemed relieved. The answer to his question made her pause a moment, opening her senses to those around her, analysinf their health and well beings… Opening her still black and red eyes she pointed at five patients in succession. "In that order." Then Kiji looked at Tsubaki and pointed at three patients. "Those need energy, Tsubaki-kun." Kiji herself turned to continue working on the patient she had in front of her, a broken leg the bone had been sticking out of the skin but Kiji had managed to get it realigned after some exertion. Despite her exhaustion, the blood from her eyes and her overtaxed system she still remained in control and calmly gave orders which naoya and Tsubaki seemed alright in following. It felt like things were under control and that was a good feeling for the Shimizu.

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