Flower Guards


Shinobu (emitter), Suzu, Tatsuo, Reime, Tsuna

Date: February 19, 2016


Konoha shinobi get the odd job of retrieving ‘rare’ flowers.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Flower Guards"

Land of Fire - Miati Forest

Because there are three genin here, this is obviously not going to be too difficult a mission, right? Right? Calls were sent out to the different shinobi, Tatsuo made to lead the group, and everyone would have been given the same instructions. Of course, Tatsuo was also given a map because he's team leader, even if he totally knew the way. Today's task was to explore some part of the forest to try and find some super special plant. 'I wanted to get my girlfriend this flower she loves, but it just happens to be super rare, and I have a broken leg. Please find this for me!' is roughly what the group would know as a whole. And so, hopefully they all meet up at the gates of Konoha, because that was in the instructions too.

Young love, or maybe not so young, Reime didn't know the 'client', but she was a romantic, so this mission struck a chord with her and so she was beaming a bit smile as they all meet up at the gates. Is she there first? Probably. She is excited. She hasn't gone on any official genin missions before so this is a first for her!

From patrolling outside the gate, to escourt missions, entertaining children, and now finding a plant in the forest. Menial tasks to some, but to Tsuna each one was an opportunity to gain experience. So when he was chosen for this mission, there was no complaining…he and his partner, a black german shepard pup, are just arriving at the gate now. Tsuna looks around, and spots a Hyuga that he hasn't met before. He offers the girl a small wave and then leans against the side of the gate to wait for the rest of the team.

Three Genin and a Chuunin to go flower hunting? How rich /was/ this person? Tatsuo had received the instructions as well as the map and, despite his misgivings, made his way to the gate to meet up and prepare for flower searching. Hopefully they would have some trackers along or something, just in case they had a hard time finding it. Luckily when he arrived there was already a Hyuga and a Inuzuka duo waiting. "Reime-chan, Tsuna-kun, Onyx-kun, it's good to see you all. Are you ready for this, um…mission?" He doesn't sound too excited.

Recovering a super rare love flower? Normally, Suzu would be all starry-eyed and enthusiastic as she joins the others outside the gates. But the kunoichi seems a bit… Subdued today. The idea of love and romance is something that has been on her mind a lot lately. She's been trying to think of a way for Arashi and her to be together despite the obstacles, despite the nay-saying from others. Even Suzu's father, who was highly skeptical of Arashi (mainly out of over protectiveness than anything to do with the guy himself), is more or less letting Suzu explore her own options in regard to relationships, as long as she's responsible about it.
So she has to make sure that, whatever she attempts, it is a mature, responsible solution. Trying to become a Chuunin just so she can go on missions to Kumogakure more often doesn't seem like it would fit either of those parameters. Just running off to Kumogakure certainly doesn't, nor does trying to convince Arashi to move to the Leaf, or run away with her to live somewhere else. Being together even when they're apart would be difficult to go through, but right now it seems like the only solution.
…Or at least the only solution she wishes to entertain. There's another, but breaking things off with him is unacceptable.
All of this is going through her mind as she trudges up to the others, practically oblivious to what's going on. She might be a little bit late due to the pace she has set getting here, but only by a few minutes if so.
Eventually she becomes aware of voices, and looks up. Blink blink. "Oh, um. Hello, everyone!"

Reime waves to the others. "Hello. Are we all ready?" She grins a bit. "This will be a good mission! Supporting love! Blossoming love with wonderful blossoms!"

Tsuna offers Suzu and Tatsuo a smile and a wave when they arrive. Even Onyx barks a greeting. "Hi Suzu. Hi, Tatsuo." Tsuna says before looking over at Reime and making a face. Why did she have to say it like that? "I dunno about supporting love. It's just a go fetch job. Shouldn't be all that difficult…" Or interesting, but he leaves that bit out. Instead he pulls his jacket closer to his body as he prepares to head out.

Tatsuo looks over the three, then looks down to the mission details he received. "We should have one more…" and then he hears Suzu's voice. "Ah! There we are. Hello Suzu-chan." He looks over the gathered group once more and nods. "Alright then, let's get moving! Um, Tsuna-kun, Onyx-kun, you take point. This is a picture of the flower we're looking for." He shows it to the group, letting everyone see it so they knew. "Um, I'll be rear guard. Everyone else in the middle. Watch your surroundings. This might be a simpler mission but it's no reason to slack off."

COMBAT: Tatsuo focuses 5343 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Suzu focuses 3033 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Suzu smiles a bit weakly at Reime, not sure if they've met before, but glad to see someone happy and enthusiastic. Infact, she cheers up quickly thanks to that positive attitude! "Yeah! Let's make sure to complete this mission in record time!" I-is there actually a recorded time for this mission…!?
She waves to Tsuna and Tatsuo, recognizing them, at least, and then introduces herself to Reime. "I'm Uchiha Suzu. It's nice to meet you!" she offers with a bow. When she lifts her head again, she sees the image of the flower and tries to memorize its appearance. It's too bad the Sharingan doesn't provide photographic memory. Even if she watched someone draw the picture, that would only let her copy the hand movements used, not copy the picture itself.
Still, it has other uses. And she isn't sure she'll need the Sharingan for finding a rare flower. That's probably a bit overkill. Inuzuka, with their sensitive noses, are probably far more useful. She salutes to Tatsuo and says, "I won't slack off! I'm self-titled Uchiha 'Doesn't Slack Off' Suzu, after all!"
Self-titled!? So she even admits she isn't actually called that!
As part of her preparations for action, she molds Chakra a bit before they depart, keeping it ready for if it winds up being necessary.
She would also totally pet Onyx, but this is a professional serious mission, so that will have to wait.

Assumedly, the team takes off on Tatsuo's word once they all get situated. And the journey is very long and kinda boring. It's on the other side of Miati Forest or something. The flower itself was a red camellia flower that was just harder to find overall. Not necessarily super rare. Just hard to find! Anyway, the journey takes an hour or so before they reach their destination.

Reime falls in where she is instructed to do so, taking up the center. She was probably the least experienced of the group, so it is a good place for her to be. Safe, yet able to support all sides with her Byakugan. "So… not a rare flower, just a rare color. Makes it a little tricky. The poor pup's nose won't be able to pick it out so easily!"

RP: Reime transforms into BYAKUGAN-I.
RPCOMBAT: Reime defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-I…21

Tsuna does take point just like he was asked to. However, while he is keeping his nose on alert for an ambush, he doesn't start searching for the flower until they actually get into the forest. Tsuna states to Reime. "I disagree. We're Delta clan. Search and rescue is what we're born for." Onyx barks once and then Tsuna looks down at him. "Nah. The biggest problem will be picking out the scent of that flower from everything else. Made even more difficult because we don't know what it smells like." He looks over at Tatsuo. "Onyx is right. We might have an issue here."

COMBAT: Tsuna focuses 2883 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Tsuna defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…42

Tatsuo keeps an eye out as they travel, watching around and behind and leaving it to the Inuzuka to keep an eye ahead. Once they start getting near the forest he looks ahead to Tsuna and nods slightly. "Um, see if you can find patches of flowers and we'll stop to search in each group." That's about the best they'll be able to do really.

RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a PERCEPTION…31

Suzu just watches out for anything that seems to have the right color as she runs along with the others. At least once they reach the location the search is to begin. She has little to say, just trying to keep her mind focused on the mission. But her thoughts keep wandering back to her problems despite her attempts to control. At one point she smacks herself in the side of the head with the heel of her hand a couple times and goes leaping up into the trees to see if she can get a better view from above.

RPCOMBAT: Suzu defends against with a PERCEPTION…24

The group wouldn't really notice any flowers, sadly. What they might notice, though, is that there are a lot of wildlife sort of staring at them intently. Jiiiiiii. Why they all staring at them? Well, they can't be the worst thing in the world, so why not ignore them? The good news about this group is that they seem to be pretty well-prepped for this mission. Onyx and Tsuna would be able to find a bed of flowers! But is it the right ones? :O (Yes, yes it is).

Reime moves along with the group, unable to spot anything worthwhile with her byakugan aside from the suspiciousness of the critters in the nearby area. How unsettling! "So, anyone find anything yet? I'm not seeing anything."

Tsuna and Onyx keep sniffing the air, more or less allowing the scent of flowers to guide their path. They've both got good ears, too, but all they hear are the scuttling of wildlife. Weird wildlife at that. After a moment, Tsuna says, "I think I got something." He then races off towards the source until he pauses by a bed of flowers. "Check the pic again. I'm not completely sure if this is it."

Tatsuo looks around as they travel through the forest, watching forest creatures. Odd. Normally they would run away even from shinobi. When Tsuna leads them to a group of flowers and asks for the picture Tatsuo pulls it out of a pouch and holds it up for all to see. "Umm, I think you may be right Tsuna-kun."

Yay! They seem to have found the flowers! But… Suzu has also noticed there's lots of animals around. And they seem to be staring at them… A bit creepy, but ordinarily not something she'd be concerned about. But her recent adventures with Tatsuo and Arashi in investigating the misplaced summoned animals has her a bit more cautious about strange animal behavior. So she activates her Sharingan to hopefully see if any of them possess unusual amounts of Chakra or if there's anything else suspicious in the area.
Maybe it's no big deal.
But she'd rather know either way.

RP: Suzu transforms into SHARINGAN-II.
RPCOMBAT: Suzu defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…40

Well, there's nothing /odd/ about the critters all around, per se. But the animals still didn't seem to be moving much. Just watching the shinobi. Something is kind of creepy about this, isn't it? Well, regardless, the team found the flowers! Yay!

Flowers have been found! "Well… this has turned out to be pretty simple, huh?" Reime notes. "Probably only needed us to do it because his leg was broken!" She puffs up a little bit at the completion of their objective. "So, we head back now, yes? Same formation?"

Tsuna steps back from the flowers and leans against a tree while crossing his arms over his chest. He waits to see who would actually pick the flowers and he continues to sniff around and watch the surrounding area. He looks down at his partner. "I'm not going to relax until we're out of this place." Onyx barks. Tsuna replies. "Yeah, you can say that again."

Tatsuo felt a little uneasy with the animals still watching them, and figured the sooner they were out of there the better. Tatsuo steps forward and crouches down, picking a number of the flower pictured quickly before tying them together at the stem. "All right. Well done. Let's get out of here. Same formation." He agrees with that.

Suzu nods shortly, her two-tomoed eyes still keeping a look-out for the unmoving animals. Then she looks to the flowers… Are they sure these are the right flowers? Is this some kind of trick? A trap? A Genjutsu? She doesn't know. But until they are safely back to Konohagakure, she's going to remain alert for trouble.
"Same formation," she agrees and moves in with the others. With a Hyuuga, and Inuzuka, and Uchiha, and that special sensing mist thing Tatsuo can do, she's sure that they'll be able to identify signs of trouble before they run into it.
But identifying what the trouble is might still be an issue if they can't connect the dots. She decides to check with Reime briefly. "You don't see anything unusual around us? My Sharingan only enhances my vision in one direction. You can see all around us. Anything weird?" she asks as she moves with the others whenever they depart.

And then Tatsuo touched the flowers! As he sought to pick them, he would end up triggering a trap! A giant net that seemed to cover the whole floor of the forest sprang up to gather the four shinobi and ninken! And then a bunch of animals tried to attack the group. Namely squirrels. All sorts of squirrels seemed intent on trying to destroy the shinobi.

[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Trap!! vs. Reime from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Squirrels roll(s) Bite!! vs. Reime from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RPCOMBAT: Reime defends against with a DODGE…14
RPCOMBAT: Reime defends against with a DODGE…23

Reime is clearly surprised by the trap. She lets out a squeak as the net nearly catches her, but she was near the edge and thus was able to avoid it. Thankfully! That also allows her to avoid those pesky squirrels. "What! Attacksquirrels! Not cool! And who set this trap!?"

[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Trap!! vs. Tsuna from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Squirrels roll(s) Bite!! vs. Tsuna from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RP: Tsuna transforms into ONYX.
RPCOMBAT: Tsuna defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…48
RPCOMBAT: Tsuna defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…52

Tsuna and Onyx heard the trap spring before it was fully ready to go and that's why they were able to react quickly enough to get out of the way of it. When the squirrels attack, Tsuna drops to all fours and leaps up into the trees to avoid their bite. "They set this trap." The Inuzuka duo run along the branches and then leap out, hitting the ground in a roll before moving towards Tatsuo. "The squirrels have the advantage in the forest. What's our move, Tatsuo-san?"

[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Trap!! vs. Tatsuo from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 48. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Squirrels roll(s) Bite!! vs. Tatsuo from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 36. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a SANBI-SURFER…51
RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a MIRROR-OF-THE-TIDES…57

Petal. "Everyone watch out!" Okay maybe the call was a little late but you don't exactly expect a trap to be in the middle of some random forest next to some random flowers. Water appears and Tatsuo…well, just kind of flies up faster than the net rises, letting it drop him off on a branch before a thin layer of water appears for the squirrel to smash into, the water not very giving. "How many are there Tsuna-kun?" he asks quickly, eyes scanning the area for a few moments before he spots some squirrels and sends some water to keep them busy.

COMBAT: Tatsuo attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 48
COMBAT: Tatsuo attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 41
[NPC System]: Squirrels roll(s) Scamper! vs. Tatsuo (48) from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 36. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Squirrels roll(s) Scamper! vs. Tatsuo (41) from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 32. - Rolled by: Shinobu

[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Trap!! vs. Suzu from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Squirrels roll(s) Bite!! vs. Suzu from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RPCOMBAT: Suzu defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE-II…31
RPCOMBAT: Suzu defends against with a FIRE-CLONE…32
RPCOMBAT: Suzu took 250 damage.

She knew it! She isn't sure how squirrels without significant Chakra are being used to attack them, unless the squirrels either aren't real or were trained to attack, since even nin-squirrels would probably seem unusually strong, but that's beside the point! Thet net pulls upwards, and Suzu seems to be caught in it! "Aaaaah!" she yells out for several seconds before suddenly she vanishes in a puff of smoke.
Back down on the ground, however, as Suzu crouches in some bushes, trying to form the hand seals to create a Fire Clone, she gets bitten on the butt by sharp squirrel teeth!
"AAAAAAAHHH!" she yells for real this time! She tries to swat the squirrel away. She doesn't really want to hurt them, even if they're hurting her. She hates hurting anyone or anything! But many animals fear fire. So it seems like a good idea to try to buy them some time to come up with a plan and clear them some space to maneuver! Fortunately, it seems that Tatsuo has similar ideas.
Suzu forms hand seals quickly: Dog, Ox, Horse. Then she breathes out an intense blast of heat that seems as though it's going to precede a fire ball of some kind, but the flames never come, even as she sweeps the heat blast across the area and squirrels within such. This isn't the time to worry about motivation.
She has a bite on her buns, and that's enough of a reason to defend herself in her opinion. Diplomacy can come later.
Fortunately they have a dog with them, and dogs love to chase squirrels, so they have the advantage. It's like the elements. Dog counters Squirrel counters Bird Feeder counters Cat counters Being Called By Owners counters Dog.
It's all very scientific.

COMBAT: Suzu attacks target 1 with SEAR with a roll of: 37
COMBAT: Suzu attacks target 1 with SEAR with a roll of: 33
COMBAT: Suzu attacks target 1 with SEAR with a roll of: 37
[NPC System]: Squirrels roll(s) Scamper! vs. Suzu (37) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Squirrels roll(s) Scamper! vs. Suzu (33) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 31. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Squirrels roll(s) Scamper! vs. Suzu (37) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Shinobu

The squirrels would try to scamper away, but one got caught by Tatsuo's binds of water, and a few others were forced to halt their assault because Suzu sent a blast of hot air at them. Sadly, the squirrels weren't the only things that the team had to worry about. A bunch of masked strangers would appear bearing clubs and the like. They might have been a bit far, as their cries of war were only now being heard, and that was moments before they just suddenly appeared and started swinging their weapons at the shinobi.

[NPC System]: Random NPCS! roll(s) Club!! vs. Reime from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RPCOMBAT: Reime defends against with a JUUKEN-DODGE…15
RPCOMBAT: Reime took 250 damage.

It seems that Reime is a bit relieved when more people show up, likely because it means that the ones in charge here are not a bunch of squirrels. That is a huge relief for some, it seems. Well, she is at least relieved until she gets whacked with a club. She yelps and strikes back.

COMBAT: Reime attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 9[NPC System]: Random NPCS! roll(s) Dodge vs. Reime (9) from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 5. - Rolled by: Shinobu

[NPC System]: Random NPCS! roll(s) Club!! vs. Tsuna from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RPCOMBAT: Tsuna defends against with a EVASION…40

Tsuna frowns slightly. "About five squirrels…and now we've got guys incoming." Probably animal handlers. As far as he knew they weren't trespassing in this forest, and he couldn't imagine why someone would want to attack over a flower. However, as he shuffles to the side to avoid the attack from the bandits, he's beginning to wonder just how that guy got his leg broken in the first place. Maybe he's wooing someone else's girl. At any rate, Tsuna and Onyx literally leap into action as they both begin to spin as they deliver their attack.

COMBAT: Tsuna attacks target 1 with TSUGA with a roll of: 29
COMBAT: Tsuna attacks target 1 with TSUGA with a roll of: 23
[NPC System]: Random NPCS! roll(s) Club!! vs. Tatsuo from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Random NPCS! roll(s) Club!! vs. Suzu from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a WATER-RIBBONS…39
COMBAT: Tatsuo attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 57
RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a MIRROR-OF-THE-TIDES…49

Tatsuo looks around as the squirrels bounce around, and then people appear. Well stamen. Five squirrels, four people…they got this. Without any motions his already gathered water comes between him and the man trying to club him while more water swishes over to reform in front of Suzu, giving the man a wall of water to bang against for a while. "Try not to kill any of them, but let's not leave them here to trap others either." Water comes up, taking the flowers from his hand and dissapearing further up into the tree, leaving his hands free. He shoots out more strips of water to try and wrap up two of the men. "If I can catch some then knock them out!"

COMBAT: Tatsuo attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 35
COMBAT: Tatsuo attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 53
[NPC System]: Random NPCS! roll(s) Dodge vs. Tatsuo (35) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 32. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Random NPCS! roll(s) Dodge vs. Tatsuo (53) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Shinobu

Suzu yelps in surprise as some guy comes charging out of the woods with a club! Does he also have a hockey mask!? Ohhhh, man! If he has a hockey mask, Suzu is out of here! Thankfully, Tatsuo intercedes on her behalf, which is good, because she was a bit too startled to act. Even with her Sharingan showing her the attacker's movements, her physical ability to react in time is somewhat limited. Her Taijutsu doesn't match her Ninjutsu, and if her Ninjutsu can't even stand up to squirrels, she'd be in trouble against a guy with a club who also might or might not have a hockey mask and/or pyramid head.
Grateful for the help, she calls out to the people attacking them, "Hey, why are you doing this!? We don't want any trouble!" while forming hand seals and leaping up and backwards, trying to stick to a tree well above the ground and hopefully out of her opponent's reach. "Were those flowers special or something? Let us know what the issue is and maybe we can resolve it peacefully!"
Then the club-wielding attacker may hear a voice whispering in his ear, "You should tell her. Tell her what she wants to know."
However, if he looks around for the source of the voice, he'll find nothing. And no one else hears it either.

COMBAT: Suzu attacks target 1 with AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS with a roll of: 29
[NPC System]: Random NPCS! roll(s) Tense vs. Suzu (29) from 2 to 13 and get(s) a 6. - Rolled by: Shinobu

The mysterious NPCs would … not realize that they were fighting shinobi until it was a bit too late. Well, then… "OUCH!!" "what the-" "AHHHH!" were the various cries that sort of sprang up as the different NPCs were captured. The squirrels seemed to come to a halt, and … well, apparently they were trained squirrels. Yup. They chittered a bit confusedly and sort of looked around and stared at the shinobi. Jiiiiiiiii. 'What they doin' to our masters D:'

After smacking the guy who hit her with a club, Reime backs up. Fighting a bunch of 'plebs' wouldn't get them anywhere. "What's going on?" She looks to the rest of her team. "Who are these people? Who are you!?"

Tsuna drops to all fours, his claws elongating along with his fangs. His feral eyes almost glow yellow as he puts himself in 'hurt someone' mode. Even Onyx was constantly growling at his side, the Inuzuka duo about to cut loose…until the men they were fighting began going down way too easily. Tsuna digs his claws in the dirt, not falling for it at first. For now, he wouldn't attack. Tatsuo said to leave them alive, but to capture them. From what his ears tell him, they're outright giving up. So for the moment, the Inuzuka remains dilligent. Not moving to make sure there is no funny business going on.

Tatsuo watches as the men go down and the squirrels just kind of…chill. "Um, okay. Let's get going then. I'll report this so they can send out a team to chase this group down." He keeps an eye on the men as the flowers come back into his hand, the water disappearing afterwards from them. "Let's get going. Tsuna-kun, Onyx-kun, please take the lead back again."

Well, that ended quickly! How anti-climatic! "Err… So, we shouldn't leave someone here to guard them or something…?" she asks in confusion, though she is glad for the fighting to be over. She hops down from the tree, still watching their attackers suspiciously. She isn't sure why they attacked still, but… Maybe they can talk it over after all. Still, they seem to be departing now, and leaving these squirrel-tamers to fend for themselves.
OH, WELL. Suzu is glad not to get bitten or clubbed anymore. "This was a weird mission." she mutters as she deactivates her Sharingan and wanders along with the others.

RP: Suzu reverts to her normal state.

Well, the random NPCs would just sort of frown and they would quickly explain that they thought the group of shinobi were thieves. Because the flower is valuable or something. Blahblahblah. It was a very long-winded explanation that might bore these people, but it must be explained! So… After that is all told, they would go back to their merry ways and let Tatsuo and his team take a few of the flowers. Yay, mission complete!

"That sounds like it makes total sense!" she affirms. "We forgive you!"

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