Follies in Fuuma


Kefka (emitter), Tsukino, Suzu, Michiko, Tatsuo

Date: December 9, 2015


Thieves and bandits are acting up in Fuuma alley, so a team of shinobi is sent to deal with them.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Follies in Fuuma"

Fuuma Alley

Today's mission is an interesting one. Two Uchiha, Atorei and Suzu, an Uzumaki called Tsukino, and one Nara Tatsuo have been selected to accompany Iwata Michiko on a mission she must've decided to volunteer for to stretch her legs during her vacation to Konohagakure. Since it's supposed to be a fairly relaxing trip for her, the mission assigned is a fairly simple one… supposedly.
A few thieves have been spotted around Fuuma Alley making off with valuables in the wake of the destruction caused by a great battle there. Normally thievery is kept in check and not that big a deal, but the place is in shambles right now, so some of those still having money they can protect have asked Konoha for a little help in tracking down these people and simply retrieving their valuables. Since they seem to just be simple thieves, there's no orders to kill, but who knows what rely lies in the hideout they're going to need to follow one of these thieves back to.

Tsukino had recently returned from a trip back to her home of Uzushiogakure and this was her first mission back. She picked it up because there was a good possibility no one would get killed. So she waited at the meeting point for the group to gather. Each arrival wold get a greeting nod and a soft smile from the princess, her long crimson hair flowing behind her. She was the highest ranking Konoha nin there, though Michiko would recieve a soft smile. If allowed Tsukino would pull Mihcko aside seaking only to her.
"Michiko-san. I know you have much more tactical and combat experience than I do…. So while I will have to make the final descisions regarding the Leaf shinobi, I would feel better if you took over if things come to violence. I do not wish anyone to lose their lives over some gold and jewelry. Ours or theirs." The tone was quiet but she spoke with a firm belief behind the words. Assumig Michiko would agree she would then turn back tothe others as they arrived.

Uchiha Suzu has never been this far from the Hidden Leaf. Or if she did, it was too early for her to recall. Yet here she is, all the way in another country chasing thieves. The potential for conflict is there, even if only with what are probably mundane thieves, so that makes this C-Rank at a minimum. Though if the thieves turn out to be ninja…
Suzu has a backpack on, with appropriate survival gear and equipment, along with the standard weapons and ninja tools provided to most ninja of a Hidden Village. She is excited to be on this trip, but the fact they're trackin down thieves makes her have to wonder…
"…How come all the missions I go on involve tracking? I REALLY need to improve my tracking skills!" Huff! Oh, well. She is still glad to be here. The trek here from Konoha, where she met up with people and made introductions, was a long one. But they are nearing their destination! Soon, the time for action will be at hand! And hey, the journey's important too!
While not exactly up to snuff after his scuffle with Michiko, he was still quite capable of doing a mission as ordered. As such, wounds aside, Atorei would head for that meeting point. A mumbled greeting to them and he'd go along with the group, generally avoiding interaction unless specifically adressed, his attention was on the surroundings, to make sure they wouldn't get caught by surprise, at the least.

Tatsuo was there, though why he was there on such a mission was anyone's guess. Maybe they wanted a Konoha medic to go along? However Michiko was miles ahead of him when it came to medical ninjutsu so…oh well. Here he is, having traveled from Konoha to meet up with the others. He remains silent as he waits for mission specs and whatever further details were to be given. Maybe it was his ability to catch people in his water too? Who knows…He was just there!

COMBAT: Shifty focuses 8602 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Tsukino focuses 4582 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Tsukino defends against with a PERCEPTION…23

Tsukino nodded and turned to those gathered. Those who did not know her well, she wasn't going to take a long time to explai her back story. But she offered the gathered troops a smile and bowed lightly to them. "Let's try to do this without hurting too many people. Suzu-san stick close to Atorei-san or myself if something happens. Tatsuo-san, remain i the center of the group please, we do not want our medic harmed if possible. Atorei-san, please be our eyes and look out for dangers as we travel."
And with that she nodded againa nd turned, her thigh length crimson hair flowing behind her. She looked around as she went as well but she was well aware her biggest reason for being along was political. She had hoped to find a mayor or .. a leader of some kind to talk with.. but the streets were desserted (well deserted for Fumma anyway). she paused and tapped her chin. "Do not go far but see if there is anyone willing to speak to us." She turned and specificly eyed the younger members of te team. In a firm voice she issue an order in that princess way of hers. "Do not approach any yakuza if you can help it Allow me to deal with them."

Suzu nods firmly. She still feels like she's being treated as a child in some ways, always being instructed to stay near more accomplished ninja… But she isn't sure she can really resent it. She knows she's weak, and she knows she lacks experience. Sticking to someone else who is way better than her is the most prudent thing to do. It's the safe, sane, boring thing to do.
But that's her life. Sigh.
After the last time she messed up trying to act without instruction, she isn't inclined to disobey. So she calls out, "Hai!" to confirm she understands her orders, and makes sure to remain aware of her position in relation to Atorei and Tsukino at all times. She does take a look around at the damaged buildings, broken streets, the garbage lying around… She doesn't know much about Fuuma. Is it always like this, or at least somewhat close?
She stands up on tip toes to peek through a boarded-up window, but is listening for the footsteps of the team to make sure no one goes on without her while she's back here lollygagging. "How will I know a yakuza if I see one, Tsukino-sama?" she inquires after realizing what was said in that last bit. "Do they have pompadours and tuxedos and shaved eyebrows and are always looking down their nose at you, or is that just the wannabe gangster hoodlums from Boy Love Magazi—I mean certain manga that I may have seen somewhere and didn't read at all?"

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Atorei glanced around once more then looked to Tsukino at her words. A small nod was given, with him looking at Suzu. Alright. So stay aware of her.. Closing his eyes a moment, those who could feel it, would sense that sharp gathering of chakra, Atorei wasn't going to be caught off guard at the least. While the chakra flowed, Atorei charged his sharingan, the red blazing gaze with the three tomoe would peer at those there, pinning each one for a moment as he'd study them, then sweep his gaze around the area, using the enhanced sight to check the area and make sure nothing stood out, as well as being point for the group. The shy shinobi. point guy. That's ironic, or something. right?

Okay…Tatsuo had only been to Fuuma once before and he didn't recall it being quite so…deserted. When Tsukino spoke for him to remain in the center he gives a nod of understanding, watching around as he goes just to make sure that nothing untowards tries to harm them. Or at least tries to. He'll let the others do most of the exploring for now…Where /is/ everyone?

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Michiko had gotten the mission and traveled to the assigned place without complaint. Sure, this took away from her 'vacation', but the trip to Konoha was never going to be a pleasure trip. The girl would have nodded to Tsukino, only able to offer a small smile. Then she glances to the other shinobi that were a part of this mission. Interesting collection… Well, regardless, she was ready for just about anything. Literally. She took position near the back, letting Tsukino lead the group to their true destination until had to bit of soul searching. Hmm… She would nod to the instructions an send out a pulse of chakra to see just who (aside from her team) is about.

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After asking and looking around, the team would have gathered some information on what some of the village folk thought these thieves look like, along with how they think they might have broken into the places they did. Of course, a lot of it was just buildings that had not yet been repaired fully and were easy pickings.
As fate would have it, Atorei's Sharingan and Michiko's earth sense such an act in progress right now. A young boy is exiting one of the damaged buildings now by means of pushing the plywood that's currently in place of one of the large windows aside. After exiting the building in such shady fashion, he starts to head out of town and into the woods to move hurriedly toward an area, at least one would think, but the direction he's headed in not marked by any clear path, so, if they want to see where he's going, following stealthily would likely be their best option at this point.

Tsukino blinked and turned back to look at Suzu as the teen mentioned tuxedos and pompodors and other steryotypical things associated with them. She couldn't help but chuckle and with a brighter smile the Uzumaki princess shook her head. "Not all the time. I have heard they wear markings on their clothes though, to show who they are with." The thing about Tsukino, she wasn't actually treating Suzu as a child. Tsukino was just soft and kind with everyone. "They can be easily provoked sometimes and I don't want anyone hurt if possible. Them or us."

Atorei's actions drew Tsukino's attention for a moment as he moved to Point where she had placed him. He had changed over time it seemed.. She would have to talk to him alone later. Tatsuo was doing his part, even if she had restricted him a little, but with Michiko's return that strict order to remain at the center might be loosened.
When she is informed about the boy she nodded. "We should follow him. I'll stay further back." Stealth wasn't her best skill after all.

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"Right, right…" Suzu affirms. She'll just not talk to anyone unless Tsukino is there. Another Uchiha with a fully-matured Sharingan just makes her feel even more inadequate, so she isn't about to try anything strange. Once they've looked around for awhile, and discovered a SUSPICIOUS KID sneaking off into the woods. Suzu messed up her last attempt at concealment, with that panther poacher, so this time she just hangs back and follows the lead of those more in-the-know.
"I will also stay back!" Suzu announces quietly! She was told to stay near Tsukino and Atorei anyway. Though if this is just some normal kid, even a normal ninja should be able to shadow them without being noticed. Normal people aren't trained to handle the stealth capabilities of a kunoichi… Even a lame Genin like her!
When they are rejoined by Michiko, also, Suzu beams at her and bows her head. More allies is more betterer. Grammartastic! But seriously, the more people who can keep her from getting stabbed in the face, the happier she'll be.

Tatsuo doesn't see much of anything. Really it's what he hears from other people that draws his attention away from his immediate surroundings to look off towards the direction that people are indicating some random kid went in and trying to follow him. Well heck…Tatsuo looks at the others before he starts following as discreetly as he can. He makes a quick hand seal a thick mist appears over a wide area. Surely it's just a fog blown in…right? >.>

COMBAT: Michiko attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 35

Michiko would help point out the boy as well, then nod once more to some of the offered instructions. She would sigh faintly as the mists came in, figuring that Tatsuo was the source of it. After all, only shinobi that controlled water would be able to do that kind of thing… Unless it was an enemy! But there wasn't anyone in the nearby vicinity, so all is good, right? The girl would glances at Tsukino and says, "Hmm… Guess that leaves myself and Tatsuo-san… If we come across any trouble, I'm sure you'll be able to tell," she jokes grimly. There would be flames flying… The girl starts following the suspicious kid to wherever, sending another pulse of chakra to try and find anything (or anyone) even more suspicious.

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The boy goes on through the woods for quite a while, but he at least seems to not be lost by the trek he's making. Finally, he comes to a brush on a hillside and peeks around, unaware that he's being followed, apparently just shrugging off the presence of an odd fog. (Maybe because the GM doesn't feel like adjusting his pose because someone wasn't paying attention.) Still, since he THINKS he's made it out of Fuuma without being discovered, he parts the brush and steps through what seems to be the entrance to a cave.
Inside and down a small cavern, there is a fairly elaborate hideout underground. At least they might call it a town. There's a couple barracks, a mess, what is probably the leaders' quarters, and a warehouse all built out of wood into this cave. There are dozens of mercenaries walking around just outside, which means there are likely MORE inside these buildings. Specifically, the boy they've been following goes toward the warehouse, which is likely where all the valuables are stored before being sold on the black market or elsewhere. The only issue at this point is that there's no real cover to duck behind once they exit the tunnel that leads into this place, so, unless someone has the ability to dive into the earth or otherwise hide inside structures, there may not be any way in but the front door approach.

Tsukino hung back, as she said but as it was a non shinobi child they were following, it wasn't as hard. The layout o the 'town' got her ttention for a bit as she took it in… It only took the princess a few moments to locate what would obviously be the leader's home. "Let's see if we can talk sme sense into them…" If the others wante to stay hiden that was find but Tsukino headed straight for the leader's building. Assuming she got that close without interference she would then knock on the door politely.

"Aah!" Suzu lets out in surprise as Tatsuo starts using ninjutsu. What kind of technique is that!? She doesn't know it, and it takes her a few moments to connect the fog that is encroaching with the casting of a jutsu. Hmmm. Well, there's probably a good reason for it. Maybe it will cover their approach! As they observe the kid sneak into the cave, and then follow up further, creeping through the tunnel until they can see the miniature village laid out before them, Suzu ducks down and sticks to the shadows.
Hearing the explanation of the intended course of action, Suzu squints her eyes a bit and speaks quietly. "Tsukino-sama, if I can make a recommendation, let's look at the wardrobe of these people and see if we can use the Transformation Technique to blend in. There appear to be a lot of them down here… And I think this may be a bigger operation than just some thieves. We shouldn't take chances by exposing ourselves! Err… In my humble estimation. …Tsukino-sama?"
Suzu looks up and finds that Tsukino has already left and gone off to knock on a door. She somehow feels very cartoonish and simplistic illustrated for a moment as she stares in disbelief. "I-is this team really made up of ninja…!?" she mutters to herself before rising from her crouch and moving to hide closer to their leader. Maybe there's a window or something she can look into to see if there's even anyone inside, and if so, who. If they outnumber them, maybe they can still salvage this by knocking them out, tieing them up, and transforming into them. That might be less likely to arouse suspicion than five completely new and unrecognized mercenaries showing up!

Tatsuo drops the chakra on the misty fog outside once they start through the cave. When they reach the other side he pauses in a bit of amazement at what is hidden. No wonder people hadn't found this 'hideout' yet. These people either got really lucky to find this spot or they are /really/ good and quite dangerous. Which means when Tsukino starts to go forward towards one of the houses he just follows after to help protect her. Fog outside not as suspicious as it would be in this cavern so that's kind of out of the door.

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a MASTERED-EARTHEN-SENSE…46

Michiko opens her mouth to protest Tsukino, but in the end, she can only sigh as the princess was determined to go and explore. Michiko would look to Suzu and Tatsuo. "Keep low," she murmurs. "We'll back Tsukino-san if we must… But we're staying out of sight. If they think she's the only one, they might be less cautious." And they might also try to steal the Hokage's girl because Tsukino /is/ pretty … *cough* Michiko would try and seek out anyone that happens to be in this cave structure, trying to get a sort of sense of what it's like without wandering all over the place.

COMBAT: Shifty defends against STEALTH(16) attack from Suzu with a PERCEPTION…43

Okay, just walking into a place like this unannounced and heading STRAIGHT for the captain's barracks? Not the best idea in the world, and these men aren't just complete idiots, so the actions on the part of the team obviously cause suspicion. Tsukino, Tatsuo, and even Suzu would suddenly find themselves surrounded by men with blades drown and pointed at them. "… Who are you, and what the lunacy do you think you're doing down here? If you know what's good for you, just leave now before we run you all through." The only one not surrounded would by Michiko, who thought enough not to barrel out into the open right off and give up any chance of a surprise attack.

Tsukino appeared unbothered by the bldes pointed n her direction and she motioned with her hand for the others to relax. She smiled at the one who spoke and clasped her hands before her primly before offering a polite bow. "I merely wished to speak to whomever is in charge. I would like to come to a positive conclusion of the situation without the need for bloodshed on either of our parts." Her blue eyes and expression along with her actions suggested she was not lying, though simply thinking they would all sit down and have a political discussion might have been…. naive at best. She motioned behind her, her eyes making note that only sme of the group had been notice. "I can ask my friends to retreat if your leader would be willing to discuss things with me." She smiled again, looking quite like she was being totally honest with them. She did, however, know that allowing Tatsuo and Suzu to back out would allow Michiko to properly prepare a tactical attack assumig the leader could not be trusted. She looked and acted like an airhead sometimes but the truth was always hard to pin down.

Ugh! Again she messes up! How can she ever advance when she won't stop failing at everything!? When the men order for them to leave, and Tsukino seems to indicate her young companions should retreat for now, Suzu is at least smart enough to catch the hint and say, "Sir, yes, sir! I'll depart right away!" And hide near the entrance once she's out of sight, looking for a chance to lend aid. At least if she's allowed to, what with being surrounded and having blades pointed at her.

Tatsuo stops, then fidgets a bit when the blades are pointed at him. He certainly looks more or less harmless with how he scuffs his feet nervously and all that. As Tsukino continues to try and talk her way out of things he just prepares, ready to react just in case things start to get a little out of hand. Or from the looks of things a lot out of hand.

Michiko waits where she is, not feeling very inclined to reveal herself. When Suzu appears, Michiko would wait until the girl was definitely out of sight before slipping over to the Uchiha and murmuring, "Keep as quiet as possible, Suzu-san, and get some kunai or shuriken ready… If trouble brews, we need to attack from where we are and /not/ hit our friends…" As she speaks, she continues to try and get a sense of what all is around them… Hopefully the gods cooperate with her senses »

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a MASTERED-EARTHEN-SENSE…57

With so many blades pointed her way, did this girl REALLY just ask to be taken in to see their captain. After a moment's pause to think, the man speaking says, "Alright then. Tell your friends to back out of here." Assuming they do as ordered, he would turn and motion for her to follow him before walking over to the door of the captain's quarters and knocking in a distinct rhythm. A moment later the door opens, and a guard at the door would gesture for Tsukino to enter the dining room where the captain is currently sitting and enjoy some sort of roast bird and a bottle of sake.

Tsukino smiled for the man speaking and turned to nod to Tatsuo and Suzu. "Go back. It's alright. I'm sure this will be settled peacefully." She waited for a moment to be sure they retreted back toward Mihciko's location and thus her authority before smiling again at the man who escorted her to the building. "Thank you." She kept the polite tone and air about her as she went. Once inside she bowed politely to the captain just as she might to a leader from Kumo or Konoha. "Please excuse me I was unaware you were eating. I would have waited. My name is Tsukino. I was hoping we might talk."

Suzu is about to ask, 'Is it just me or this mission going poorly' but Michiko's advice to keep quiet makes her mouth snap shut. Even so, she has to wonder if it's just her inexperience and incompetence as a ninja that is making this whole thing seem messy or if the plan was literally 'walk into the middle of anything and hope nothing bad happens'. STILL. Tsukino seems nice enough, and confident enough. She must be super powerful or something.
There's probably a genius plan at work here that she isn't seeing. No, it's not her place to question. Merely obey. That's what it means to be a soldier. Once everyone is in the same place (sans Tsukino), Suzu stays out of sight and draws some shuriken from her tool pouch. Not exactly her specialty, but she doesn't exactly have a specialty.
Holy wombats does she need to do some serious training before going out on another high-stakes mission like this.
Also, she takes the time to prepare some Chakra, just incase things don't go okay. Not that she expects it to do much good.

COMBAT: Suzu focuses 1806 stamina to turn it into 1500 usable chakra!

Tatsuo can't help but idly wonder if Daisuke is going to kill him when he gets back to Konoha. Leaving his wife alone now to go into the house of some very bad people. Still, she's in charge and so he retreats to join the others, trying to remain as out of sight as he can with the people within the cavern watching him walk away. He half expects a knife in the back as it is. Dark eyes seek out Michiko and Suzu once he hits the area they're at, looking to the older Cloud nin for some guidance in this…situation.

Michiko watches Tsukino getting led away. Well, so long as she wasn't in danger… That being said, this place was filled to the brim with folk that didn't seem all that friendly. "Tatsuo-kun, Suzu-san… I think you two need to stay here. If anyone gets near the exit, you're free to knock them out." The girl pauses for a moment, then says, "I'll go keep an eye on Tsukino-san." Because she seriously doubted that either would be able to follow her. Why? Because she suddenly disappeared into the ground to try and follow after the Uzumaki princess!

COMBAT: Shifty defends against HIDDEN-AMONG-ROCKS-TECHNIQUE(56) attack from Michiko with a PERCEPTION-II…63

"Let me guess," the captain says as he chomps at his food, smirking up at the woman who enters his house. "You want us to just kindly hand over all the loot we've taken so you can return it to its owners, and we'll all just forget this ever happened?" He takes a final swig of his sake before setting them both down and shaking his head. "Naive girl… One of your friends even thinks we're dumb enough not to know she didn't heed your orders."
Yep, Daisuke is going to be SUPREMELY ridiculed when this group gets back to Konoha, as the next image they see from inside this hideout would be flames blasting out of the windows in the dining room, possibly with Tsukino's body going with them as the captain attempts to blast her to bits and send her hurdling out of his house. "I hope we have your attention now," he roars out as he leaps out of the window himself. "Get out of here, or you're all dead."

COMBAT: Tsukino defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK(85) attack from Shifty with a UZUMAKI-SEAL-WALL…45
COMBAT: Tsukino loses the roll and sustains 1771 damage.

Tsukino began to shake her head in response, but she caught that threat in his tone and had alredy prepared the chakra needed. However as she brought up her hands, lifting a thicker tha usual chakra shield wall before her, the energy flame, then cracked. the impact sent her flying out the door. Landing hard, she rolled a few times beforesliding to a halt, temporarily unaware of her surroundings. Several seconds would pass before she managed to get to her knees, technicly open for another attack from one of the underlings…

Suzu has given up on questioning her elders. They know better than her, they have a plan, and if she sticks with it, everything will turn out for the best. Believe it! She nods to Michiru as she sinks into the ground, and then after a couple seconds, stares as she realizes Michiru just sank into the ground. S-such high level ninjutsu! She didn't know things like this existed!
Filled with renewed confidence in the plan, she is quite surprised when there is suddenly a huge explosion and flames come roaring out of that building back in the cave. She's remaining out of sight, so she isn't in a position to see what exactly happened, but she was told to stay where she is! No matter how curious or worried she may be, she is going to follow orders, and guard this exit! This is the only known way in or out. If it becomes compromised by the enemy, the others won't have an escape route.
"Come on, Tatsuo. We have to keep this exit clear. No matter what," Suzu whispers urgently, standing ready with shuriken in one hand and kunai in the other.
She tries to sound confident, but she is pretty terrified.
Poor Suzu, so sure in her orders and that Tatsuo would stay right there with her no doubt. Nope! Tatsuo hears the explosion and sees Tsukino fly out a window and he's gone with little more than a "stay hidden" said to the girl. He runs towards Tsukino then, dark eyes shifting from black to a dark red as he pulls on that secondary chakra. Water forms up around his hand before suddenly shooting out towards Tsukino, absorbing through clothing and skin almost instaneously, the water and chakra within working to heal the worse of the burns. He doesn't respond to the man who'd sent Tsukino flying just yet, leaving such a person to the strongest amongst them…hopefully.

RP: Tatsuo transforms into SANBI-PARTIAL-RELEASE.
COMBAT: Tatsuo heals Tsukino for 693 with GREATER WATER REFRESHMENT.
RP: Michiko transforms into SIZZLE-III.

Well, Michiko has no idea how they found her. Luck of the draw or whatnot, she supposes? Either way, she wasted no time in flaring her chakra and making it so that a number of earthen hands sprouted from the ground to grab ahold of any possible bandit target folk. "This is…. rather annoying…" she mutters as she comes out of the ground, dusting her body off with one hand while the other holds a half of the 'Snake' seal that marked the end of the demonic graves' sequence. She's glad that Tatsuo knows how to use heals from afar…

COMBAT: Shifty defends against DEMON-GRAVES(90) attack from Michiko with a NPC-B-TAI-DEFENSE…48

Through sheer mass jutsu, Michiko is able to restrain all the bandits outside the buildings by yanking them down into the earth. This leaves them all helpless, one would assume with just their boss left to fight, but that's only if you forgot about the men inside the buildings. Windows and doors fling open, and men by the dozen start flying out of the various buildings with weapons aimed at Tatsuo and Tsukino. Meanwhile the boss himself brings his hands into a seal, creating a copy of himself right beside him, joining with him to breath out in turn both a dragon of fire and one of earth that races off toward Michiko with dire intent.

COMBAT: Tsukino defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(40) attack from Shifty with a UZUMAKI-SEAL-WALL…41
COMBAT: Tsukino defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(32) attack from Shifty with a UZUMAKI-SEAL-WALL…44
COMBAT: Tsukino failed to interrupt attack number 1: NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK from Shifty against Tatsuo with a roll of 30 vs 40.
COMBAT: Tsukino failed to interrupt attack number 2: NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK from Shifty against Tatsuo with a roll of 26 vs 31.

Tsukino blinked as the water came at her and it was only a split second for her to realize this was a good thing and not another attack. The pain lessened as the water soothed some of th worst burns and she looked up to Tatsuo with a small smile of gratitude. She had hoped the captain was more civilized than that… But it just went to show she was traied far more as a diplomat than a fighter…. Right?
Well, maybe. Tsukino got to her feet, wincing at the pain, but moving more than she probably should be. Uzumaki were insanely hard to kill… But she stepped forward, her eyes looking more serious and stormy than before. She lifted her hands, defending herself with a thick wall of chakra. She was too far from tatsuo to defend him as well. But the she turned and spotted two of the men closest to her….
Suddenly golden chains sprang from her back, something rare eve in the Uzumaki clan, chains made of chakra flowed out and struck, an attempt to pierce two of the men, her once soft face a mask…

"Wh-where are you going!?" Suzu demands as Tatsuo runs off. She has no idea what he winds up doing once he's out of sight. "Geez! What is wrong with this group! I thought I was the only failure around here!" Well, maybe she still is. She might very well be the Sakura of the group. But she's going to do what she was told to do, in large part because she is at least smart enough to know what she can and can't do. And she doesn't think she can handle this mercenary army or whoever is throwing around fire and earth and water and who-knows-what-else.
Even Tatsuo agreed she should stay back here and stay hidden. So she'll do that. It's all she CAN do.

COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(40) attack from Shifty with a MIRROR-OF-THE-TIDES…40
COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(31) attack from Shifty with a MIRROR-OF-THE-TIDES…37

With seeing to it that at least some of the burns were tended to and Tsukino wasn't going to just flat out die on him in the next few seconds, Tatsuo was able to turn his attention to the bandits. A thin film of water formed a wall between him and the two men attacking, repelling the attacks without Tatsuo having to move and instead only frowning at them through the water. "You shouldn't have done that," he says simply. For a brief moment chakra bubbles out of his skin, then it quickly constricts around the teen as he drops down to all fours. An instant later Isobu is there. Just…a smaller version with Tatsuo inside. With no more warning than that water bursts from the ground and starts aiming to smash these bandits against buildings and walls. Or just flat out drown them.

RP: Tatsuo transforms into SANBI-MINI-BEAST-FORM.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(87) attack from Shifty with a METAL-DOME…89

Michiko makes a handseal and continues to lash out at some of the people around her. Hands of earth would continue to shoot out and grab up different bandit-types, and one even snaked its way towards the leader. She blinked at seeing the appearance of Isobu, but… Well, there were more important matters. Hopefully Tatsuo is well in hand.

COMBAT: Shifty defends against LESSER-STRIKING-CHAINS(36) attack from Tsukino with a ACROBATIC-DODGE-II…41
COMBAT: Shifty defends against LESSER-STRIKING-CHAINS(40) attack from Tsukino with a ACROBATIC-DODGE-II…38
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 426 damage.
COMBAT: Shifty defends against TIDAL-BURST(63) attack from Tatsuo with a ACROBATIC-DODGE-II…48
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 940 damage.
COMBAT: Shifty defends against TIDAL-BURST(84) attack from Tatsuo with a ACROBATIC-DODGE-II…33
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 1191 damage.
COMBAT: Shifty defends against DEMON-GRAVES(79) attack from Michiko with a NPC-B-TAI-DEFENSE…55
COMBAT: Shifty defends against DEMON-GRAVES(80) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Shifty defends against DEMON-GRAVES(93) attack from Michiko with a BLAST-OFF…101

Since Suzu hasn't made herself known in trying to help, it seems the bandits are nice enough to ignore her and not come after here and instead focus on the ask at hand…. Meanwhile, Tsukino is blocked by one of the bandits she strikes at, though the other she manages to strike with the chain and pierce through his chest to send him to the ground. Those trying to attack Tatsuo get a rather disturbing surprise as the boy turns rather monstrous, and they are unable to get away in time as they are blasted against things, drowned and otherwise decimated. To make it worse, those remaining are yanked underground by Michiko to join their friends that have yet to be dispoed of.
The captain, however, is not so easily slain. When the hands of earth try and grab him, he brings his hands into a seal and blasts himself through the air directly at Michiko. As he comes her way at a rather frightening speed, he grabs his sword and spins to try and run her through. "Do you have any idea how long it took me to get all those men to join me?!" he growls out, quite certain apparently that they're all about to die when Tatsuo and the others make their next move.

COMBAT: Tsukino attacks target 1 with LESSER-STRIKING-CHAINS with a roll of: 48

Tsukino stumbled a few steps as her chains simply discarded the man's body she had impaled. But she wasn't fully focused on what was going on around her. So when she looked up and Michiko was facing the captain and Tatsuo was hulked out she turned, intent on removing herself s a liability frot he field. But as she turned, she ended up facing a bandit, arm high. She did not think. her eyes wideed as those chains struck out, carving a hole in the man's chest and spattering herself with blood while she was at it.
Tsukino froze for a long moment, looking shellshocked before turning and stumbling away, closer to Suzu's location and away from the batte. The princess only made it partway before she hit the ground again, panting and unable to focus herself mentally or physically…

Suzu doesn't understand what's going on for the most part. She's been keeping an eye out for anyone attempting to flee, or to provide reinforcements. So when Tsukino suddenly comes staggering towards her covered in blood, to say the young Uchiha is surprised would be an enormous understatement. She hops up from her crouched position, races up to Tsukino, and does her best to check the older woman for injuries. "Are you okay!? Do I need to get one of the others!? I thought we had medics on this team! Awww, man! This is all so totally crazy!"
She isn't sure if moving Tsukino would aggravate her injuries or not, but she can't just let the team leader (or one of the team leaders) remain in harm's way! So she at least attempts to heft Tsukino and get her somewhere with more cover, like back towards the entrance.
Tsukino may be several years older but she's even shorter than Suzu. She can manage it, she's sure! Especially since Tsukino isn't unconscious, so the subconscious ways in which a conscious person will support their own weight should still be in place! …Hopefully!
"Can you tell me what's going on in there? How many fingers am I holding up??? Does it hurt when you laugh!?!" she asks frantically once she gets Tsukino to safety.

With the majority of the men down and out Tatsuo can turn his focus on the one that Michiko is playing with. The turtle's attention shifts over to the man as he sails at Michiko and after only a fraction of a moments calculations he unleases a torrent of water at the man. Of course it won't hit him until after he's met up with Michiko but that's not really a concern of Tatsuo's. He just wants him good and dead at this particular moment.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against SWALLOW-RETURN(84) attack from Shifty with a METAL-DOME…77
COMBAT: Michiko loses the roll and sustains 1124 damage.

The sword comes at her, and Michiko throws up a hasty barrier that only barely knocks it away. Instead of hitting a major organ like, oh say, her heart, the sword impales her stomach -.- Ow. Of course, the metal she had thrown up earlier starts to form binds, and Michiko is quick to pull away from the head honcho, wincing a bit as the blade does even more damage. Sigh… "Well, no, but they were dead the moment they joined you," she says conversationally. Only a bit of strain in her voice speaks of the pain she's in. Then she pulls out a piece of metal and throws it at some of the baddies, and it expands into a huge net that will hopefully trap them for a little while and make it that much easier to finish them off.

COMBAT: Shifty defends against TIDAL-BURST(65) attack from Tatsuo with a NPC-C-TAI-DEFENSE…73
COMBAT: Shifty defends against POISON-METAL-NETTING(125) attack from Michiko with a BLAST-OFF…109
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 801 damage.
COMBAT: Shifty defends against POISON-METAL-NETTING(93) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 1773 damage.
COMBAT: Shifty defends against POISON-METAL-NETTING(97) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…17
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 1839 damage.

Were any of the bandits still able to attack, they would likely pursue Suzu and Tsukino. However, the blast of water from Tatsuo on top of the metal that pierces through their bodies finishes them off. Between the damage he takes and the poison entering his system, the captain is left writing in pain a bit as he watches the last of his men finished off by the Jinchuuriki and the metal jutsuist. "You little absurdity," he growls out, eyes narrowed as he watches, waiting for the next and likely final attack to come now that he's been bound and is suffering from the poison.

Tsukino was quiet still stunned. She reacted to Suzu but in a stiff mechanical way. "It's my own fault. I'm sorry… I'm sorry." The Uzumaki let out a littlecry as she was hefted but still stumbled along with Suzu's aid. The burs woul dneed a doctor and in sme places might scar, but the blood wasn't hers. She made it to the entrance of the cave before hitting her knees again. Suzu managed to pull her out of harm's way. She was clearly in pain though. Luckily most of her back was unharmed as she took the blast to her front half so she was able to sit down, leaning against a rock, mumbling about it being her fault while her hands shook and she couldn't stop staring at the blood. Feeling it on her face didn't help either….

Uchiha Suzu does not know how to treat shock or trauma. She recalls hearing some people try to slap sense into others in such a state, but she can't bring herself to even consider that. She feels for the well-being of others too intensely to callously inflict pain on someone quivering and shaking on the ground. Someone she had assumed was far more powerful and experience and wise than her. It's demoralizing to see one's leader like this.
But she still can't do much except try look for something to wrap Tsukino up in. She has that backpack still, and blankets incase she needed to camp or something. She extracts those and wraps Tsukino up in them rather than questioning her further. The others might be inside dying for all she knows, but she knows she can't do anything to stop it at hr level.
Instead, she just takes care of the one she KNOWS is alive, until she gets more information.
'Caring too much' is a Clan trait.

Time to drown anyone that's left alive, including the big boy. More water erupts in the cavern, as if there wasn't enough already, and it seeks out the few remaining in an effort to put them down while TatsuoIsobu just stands there, the turtle form with one eye closed as it just kind of watches. Really just seems like he's chillin'.

Michiko gathers metal until it forms a solid spear in her hands. She was still injured, but she gave it her all so that the spike she was holding would end up through the head honcho shortly after the body got washed away. Hopefully the combination of attacks will finish everything off.

COMBAT: Shifty defends against WATER-COLLIDING-WAVE(59) attack from Tatsuo with a TENSE…23
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 1129 damage.
COMBAT: Shifty defends against WATER-COLLIDING-WAVE(54) attack from Tatsuo with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 1191 damage.
COMBAT: Shifty defends against METAL-SPIKE(71) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 1852 damage.

With the last of the men finished off by Tatsuo's waves and the captain pierced by Michiko's spike, all enemy parties have fallen lifeless in the cave… Now who's gonna have to carry all these bodies out down a narrow tunnel to bury them? Still, their enemies are gone, and all the goods are able to be transported back to where they belong. Mission accomplished.

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