Following the Currents of Life


Onimitsu, Koseitama

Date: December 6, 2013


Two souls cross streams in the river of life.

"Following the Currents of Life"

Chill River [Land of Water]


The Chill River is, as the name indicates, a river of rather cold water. It stretches from the northern Land of Water, a mere trickle from a lake near the Koumorite Village, but then is joined by dozens of tribuataries in the forests until it becomes a significant, surging river. The river has long been a place for the Yuki Clan to practice its Ice Release, and small towns still lay in the woodlands on both sides of the misty river banks. Ritual statues and markers still protrude from the river's waters, serving as both warnings of who holds sway over the river and as a means of controlling the passage of boats and rafts.
To the north lies a significant stretch of forest within the Land of Water, and to the south-west, black sands lie on the coast.


Heavy clouds spread ominously across the dark sky, blocking out the afternoon sun and warning of rain to come. If that is not enough to keep most indoors, then maybe cool winds slipping through the trees and past woodland creatures provide reason enough? For the Shirayuki, perhaps not. The same went for Onimitsu who chose not to race home or seek shelter, but instead to continue onwards along one of the many tributaries that eventually flow into the Chill River. He is on his own, quiet by instinct though the medicine box slapping against his backside at rare times give away his position. A small price to pay for a man on delivery run, well, walk really given the cane in his left hand is about the only thing keeping him steady at the moment.

Yeah, Shirayuki generally aren't bothered that much by cold and wet. In fact, one of them has seen fit to go on a trip down the stream! Koseitama floats on her back in the water, letting the current carry her placidly along. She stares up at the threatening sky, not really seeming to take in much of her surroundings. She must've heard the bit of noise Onimitsu's making, though, because as the stream draws her up near him, she speaks. "Dude…what if, like…we're all characters in a story, and somebody's writing everything we do?" 8)

Just another few miles and then — or wait, a few minutes maybe? He paused for a moment to scratch his head with his cane. Then looked up, realizing belatedly that the weather threatened to take a turn for the worst. "Hmm.." He shook his head and set off again, determined to pick up the pace if only a little. Of course that is when decided to throw him a curve ball in the form of a voice. Confused, the medic nin looks searches everywhere but the river at first. When he does finally spy the Shirayuki just floating along, well, he can't help but come to a complete stop and stare in blank confusion.

<Oi! Don't look at us. That chick really is floating in the water.>

'Might wanna pay attention as well dear'

The last voice in his head comes with the proverbial feeling of something being pointed out. Namely Koseitama. Onimitsu picks up the pace still conflicted, confused, and shocked by the whole event. "Eto… Are you alright mam?" He calls out.

Koseitama waves a languid hand. "Yeah man, I'm on a sweeeet trip here. I'm all, loosey, in the river, with rubies, or somethin'. Dude, that'd make an awesome name for a song…needs a little work, though." Koseitama lifts her head slightly to look at Onimitsu. "Dude, don't I know you? Your voice is, like, all familiar and stuff, only I keep expecting you to look all funky for some reason. Like, I wanna say a tin man…aw dude, that's it! You kicked my butt in that tournament thing, didn't you!?" Koseitama lets her head back. "Man, I don't even remember why I entered that thing, that ain't peace and love. But hey, who cares about yesterday, right?" n.n

Onimitsu listens, but the longer he did the more convinced he became that something was indeed wrong with Koseitama. In fact, after the whole tournament business was brought up, triggering one of oni's many repressed memories, he became absolutely certain things were indeed off about the girl. How else can one go from being calculating ninjutsu specialist to lazy philosopher drifting along some random river current. Well, not random exactly but freezing cold! Oh wait. Her last name was Shirayuki…
He sighs heavily and goes to re-adjust his mask, only to recall that that had been left behind. Well, at least that was one way to get rid of a nervous habit. Moving onwards, Onimitsu focus the hand towards widening his sash just enough to slip his cane in place. The weakness that facilitated its need bears down more heavily on him as a result. Onimitsu refused to buckle to it and, after a false start on a count of a rock tripping him up, made his way over to Koseitama. "Listen, Shirayuki-san. I'm gonna help you out of the water now, alright?" He asks wearily at some point during his approach.

Koseitama rolls her head to the side, making her speech burble in the water slightly. "Sheery-whodi? Oh dude, yeah, that's my name! You're awesome for remembering that, dude! I can't even remember half the time!" n.n Koseitama's rate of floating down the river slows, as if most of the water decided to flow around her instead of pushing her along. "I dunno how to out of the water, but it's gnarly that you wanna help me, dude. People should help each other more. What are we doing exactly?"

Onimitsu eyes widen in panic and for a moment he nearly gives into the instinct to rush in and pick Koseitama up. Thankfully she rights herself well enough not to drown trying to speak and look at him at the same time without losing what can only be a comfortable position on the water at the moment. He closes his eye and sighs mentally in relief, then proceeds closer. At this point he is not really paying attention to anything the Shirayuki is saying. He had more important things to focus his mind on. A mental list, to be exact, of all the possible poison, drugs, or the like that induce the same symptoms that Koseitama is obviously showing. "This one supposes that what we are doing is… following the currents of life?" He says replies awkwardly with the idea of keeping Koseitama placated long enough to close in those last few steps and, if given the chance to, scoop her up into his arm.

Koseitama's eyes widen with revelation as Onimitsu's arm goes under her. "DUDE! THAT'S SO TOTALLY IT!" 8D Then her head submerges briefly as her body is pulled upward. A moment later, Onimitsu has a soaking-wet kunoichi pulled up from the river.
Koseitama glances up at Onimitsu after regaining her balance…then smirks and runs a finger along Onimitsu's collarbone. "My my, darling, you certainly aren't a shy one. There'll be a scandal in all the papers tomorrow if we aren't careful." ;)
Koseitama looks down at her dripping clothes. "Good gracious, that's if they aren't too busy gossiping about the dreadful state of my wardrobe. This simply will not do." Koseitama makes a handseal, and the water seems to squeeze itself forcibly from her robes and flow back into the river. "There, much better. You really must take better care that such accidents do not occur when you are escorting a lady, Onimitsu-san. It is your responsibility as a gentleman." u.u

The head soaking thing was totally on purpose. Because honestly, what better way to snap someone out of a stupor than that? Onimitsu merely shakes his head at her, trying and failing to hide the mirth in his eyes. But rather or not it is because of what she says or what is done is hard to tell from just a look. Having closed his eye during the shake, it snaps open wide in surprise the second he feels her tracing a finger along his collarbone. At first it is just nervous energy reflected in his eye as she teased him.
That quickly fades upon remembering that just a second ago the Kunoichi in his arms had been floating along the river at ease like some sort of airhead or something. There's a word for it actually. What was i-….
In the blink of an eye, Onimitsu goes from having to deal with the chilly waters soaking his feet, to it soaking the rest of him thanks to Koseitama's jutsu. "My apologies, this one shall take care to make sure that doesn't happen again," He deadpans as he stared down with an exasperated look in a now silver-tinged emerald eye of his. On that note, he would try to quickly make it back to the riverside with the Shirayuki in tow. "Where we going again my dear?" He asks, indulging in the insanity of the moment for the heck of it along the way.

Koseitama manages to walk elegantly over the water to shore, entwining her arm daintily with Onimitsu's. "I've quite forgotten such trivial matters, darling. You might suggest an appropriate cafe, I could do with some refreshment after such an ordeal. Or we could simply go wherever our feet take us, the discovery can be quite invigorating. Provided of course we take care that they do not take us to any disreputable parts of town." e.e Koseitama smiles encouragingly to Onimitsu. "Do use your cane, darling, it makes you look so much more distinguished."

Onimitsu lacks the grace that Koseitama seems to have in spades but manages well enough. Strangely enough, he felt invigorated actually with her arm entwined with his own though he took care to keep any sign of this out view in his expression. WHen she speaks the oni regards her with a curious yet still wary look. She was still making little sense to him.
"Hm? Oh right, of course. How foolish of this one." He states, masking mild irritation and confusion with an awkwardness reminiscent of a husband scolded by his wife. Using his free hand the can — a simple wooden thing whose appearance bellies its sturdiness — is pulled free and set down after a bit of a spinning flare. "Now, hmm… ah, no, hmmm…. Best to let our feet take us where they may starting innn… -that- direction." He gestures with the cane further down the river.
A path that would put them on course with a small village inhabited mainly by an extension of the Shirayuki clan. And if there are no further arguments on that point, the duo will hopefully move on from there, arms even still entwined perhaps. "But honestly dear Kosei, you worry far, far too much. Why, this one would sooner commit suppuku than let the rabble ruin our time together," He says, speaking the genuine truth as well as belatedly realizing Koseitama has swept him well into her madness. Well, it is not as he doesn't have experience in that realm so all is well. :P

"Oh don't do that darling, it's so very messy." Koseitama strolls along with Onimitsu making idle chatter, until they reach the little Shirayuki community…where, as it happens, one of Koseitama's doctors resides. He spots the pair walking down the street and decides to intercept them. "Pardon me, Koseitama-san?" "Ah, Shochi-sensei, how good to see you. How is your patient? You know the one I mean, with the spoon fixation?" "Er, doing better, thanks for asking." The doctor turns to Onimitsu. "Lucky she's in a fairly docile mindframe. Do you need me to take her off your hands? I can see how you might've been…drawn into something." c.c

Onimitsu just grins sheepishly at her in response to the rebuttal and started to open his mouth, hesitates, and then closes it again with a shake of his head. For the most part after that point, Oni did his best to keep up the idle chatter. There are indeed a few topics that grab his attention which helped things, but for the most part he sorta rolled with whatever come about. As subtle as he could, Onimitsu spent the first few moments searching for any Shirayuki that may know of Koseitama's state of being and would be add.
What luck it was that it was her main doctor that approaches! Albeit not knowing that as he approached did earn the good doctor great scrutiny from the medic nin as well as his hovering more protectively close to her for a moment there. Their exchange… he tries not to look to deep into it and simply smiled graciously at the good doctor. "It may be for the best, and for assistance, this one is grateful." He bows his head. "Take good care of her, Shochi-sensei." He adds, then turns to Koseitama and pats her hand. "This one is afraid the time for us has ended this day, though with hope, we shall meet again soon." 'Though not too soon.' He adds mentally as he smiled softly at her.

Shochi-sensei nods. "Thank you for putting up with her. She's not dangerous or anything per se, she just…keeps switching personalities." Koseitama seems to not mind at all that her psychoses are being discussed. "Oh yes, don't mind my silly little ways darling, one can't be a social climber these days without being a bit of an eccentric." ;) Koseitama smiles gratefully at Onimitsu's polite goodbye. "Indeed, Onimitsu-san, I shall look forward to having your gallant company again." Koseitama then turns and swaggers off with Shochi-sensei. "DURNED IF HE AIN'T TH'NICEST FELLER I'VE MET IN A MONTH O' SUNDAYS!" ^.^

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