For Whom the Slab Tolls...


Fuuta, Miyako, Onimitsu, Ishino

Date: February 20, 2013


A strange report near the KoumoriteVillage garners investigation by high level shinobi. They undergo more than they ever anticipated.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"For Whom the Slab Tolls…"

Forest Glades

Finally a mission! Fuuta had to wait quite a while but there was finally a task worth investigating. THe night before the sky over the village lit up with a flurry of shooting starts. It was quite the spectacle but soon after the dazzling show there was a loud crash that turned night into day. It was a mighty crash and within the hour it had been reported that some large mass had landed near the Koumorite Village. But the oddities didn't stop there. That night a team was sent to investigate. It was a four man platoon with a Chuunin leading three genin. Only a genin returned. They were seriously injured and when asked what occurred the genin stated that members of the Koumorite Clan attacked. But that wasn't all the genin had to say. Apparently the team started acting a bit strange before they were attacked. Tensions suddenly aroused, patience grew hair thin, everyone was easily agitated, the genin stated that if the Kourmorites didn't attack they would've started attacking each other. It was strange indeed as if someone or something had taken hold of them.
Naturally this became a huge concern and seeing as how the first team was almost eliminated. A team of three would be sent the next morning to investigate once again. They were to find out what had caused the crash near the Kourmorite Village, why the Kourmorites became so hostile, and above all try to put a stop to it. And for what may be the first time in a while they were NOT authorized to kill. Fuuta would be leading this team to the Forest Glades which is where the genin stated that everything started to go haywire. Accompanying him was Ishino. The third member of their team hadn't arrived yet. "Keep your eyes peeled Ishino…and stay at the ready. Let me know if you see or feel anything in the slightest….anything at all." Fuuta states as they traverse through the misty glades. It was chilling and there was an eerie silence throughout the area but what was most unnerving is the feeling of being watched, no not watched….surrounded. Fuuta says nothing but he arms himself with chakra and glances to Ishino. They'd be wise to prepare for the worse.

Having seen the night show, Ishino figured there might be a cursory mission sent to see what was going on, especially with the loud crash afterwards. He didn't expect to be sent on a mission that next day after some allies attacked the team sent and only a genin got away. Very peculiar, to be sure. Ishino would be happy to work with Fuuta on this mission, a prelude to potentially helping Fuuta out with his sibling as well. Either way, A simple nod is given in response to Fuuta, his own chakra flaring to life as he'd casually pull out his pocket watch to check the time on it. This of course, left the ability to retrieve Time Keeper at his whim, although he had it ready, he didn't actually cause Time Keeper to come out yet. No sense tipping his hand quite yet. "An interesting display last evening. I do hope our 3rd shows up soon, they would not wish to miss what we are sent to find, hmm?" His smile was light to Fuuta, but the message was there, he was ready.

Fuuta chuckles at Ishino "Oh I'm sure there will be enough excitement for them too. But I gotta say I am really looking forward too…" Suddenly stops in his tracks. He can feel something…a force that seems to be probing him. It's uncomfortable feeling and a bit irritating. Fuuta almost believes this to be a genjutsu but he didn't perceive anything of the sort. He would look to Ishino "You feel that?" Fuuta states he shurgs and motions Ishino forward. "Just…be careful." The feeling be being surrounded was still there as well. But whatever was watching them didn't seem like revealing itself yet. Fuuta decided to continue to play oblivious for now. But it grew more difficult to keep his senses about him as they travel deeper into the glades.
The duo would finally come to a point where the trees are singed and broken near their tops. Ishino and Fuuta would both be able to see faint traces of blood and battle around this area. Fuuta's eyes narrow "We must be getting close…" That's when from behind them both a large clapping sound his heard before a thundering wave of chakra comes rushing towards Fuuta and Ishino. "Move!"

Ishino would nod lightly, continuing to walk forward, although he'd pause at the same time Fuuta did. Frowning, he looked about, ignoring the obvious presence to see if he can figure out what is causing the issue. A simple nod is given in response to Fuuta. It was there, digging into his head. This wasn't genjutsu either.. This time Time Keeper would come out, immediately burying into the ground as Ishino moved, rushing forward as that chakra came crashing towards them. The watch put away, Ishino was already doing seals. He wasn't going to just take the attempt, obviously, there would be a response, just as soon as he had a target.

Rushing to what was her first mission with two called Ishino and Fuuta, Miyako was running late. Her face showing no emotions as she bolted through the tree tops towards the Forest Glades where the tree tops were missing. The closer she got to the area Fuuta and Ishino were in, the stranger she began to feel. Already being quite angry all the time, she felt more irritated that usual, causing her heart to pound more rapidly as she jumped down from the trees. Spotting her team-mates through the trees she ran towards them, it seems as though they were just attacked. Grimacing she made her way over, thinking to herself, "They have gotten into trouble already, great." Unhinging her sword from her back, Miyako swung the gigantic weapon over her shoulder and held it ready for whatever was up ahead. "I'm late," Miyako said with no emotion in her face or voice, "what just happened here?"

Ishino and Fuuta both do well in evading the wave of destructive chakra that came towards them. The attacker came into light…well attackers. It seems Fuuta and Ishino just evaded a joint attack by no fewer than 10 Kourmorite shinobi. Fuuta landed somewhere in a tree and called out to Ishino "Uh I spot 10 hostiles Ishino…we're at a disadvantage." Then Miyako shows up. Fuuta spots her carrying a huge hulking blade and nods happy to see her. "Meh better late than never. Beside you're just in time to be ambushed with us." Fuuta glances back and then to Ishino "We're gonna need to make a run for it for now." Fuuta states. Ten to three were bad odds but usually Fuuta would take his chances. The paranoia and agitation caused by some unknown force was starting to affect him. "Fall back. We need to find whatever crashed here last night. It can't be too far from here now." The Kourmorite's have waited long enough however. They start rushing the trio. Fuuta slings an explosive tag to slow them down then turns around to bolt. Should the others follow suit they'd find the same paranoia and anger starting to wash over them. From behind a variety of attacks are launched at the Kirigakure Shinobi. Shuriken, Kunai, fire balls, the works. These Kourmorite Shinobi were relentless.

Time Keeper would pop up out of the ground, coming between Ishino and the shuriken and such that came at him. He focused himself, in part to fight the anger and paranoia that was gripping him as well as to target those using ninjutsu to get him to blur once again, moving further forward. He'd turn, a scroll pulled from within Time Keeper to be unfurled, snapping it wide to launch fire back at the ones chasing them. Mostly meant to miss, it would at least slow down the charge after them, potentially.

The adrenaline becoming too much for Miyako to handle, she felt as tho her brain was about to explode. The anger growing inside of her, the feeling in her chest was enough to make someone go insane. Grabbing at her chest and looking towards the two closest Kourmorite shinobi near her, Miyako screamed out a battle cry. This was very unlike her to be showing any type of emotions, and she realized that there was something very wrong with her at the moment. Not being able to control herself, she began running towards the two foes. Pulling her sword back around the side of her, getting enough momentum to swing back around at the two shinobi in an upward motion. -SWOOSH- Her sword was moving so fast that the noise of it cutting the air could be heard by everyone around. Her big dark eyes set on her targets, she waited for the sword to strike.

Miyako was not the only one running late, but by far she had a better headstart than the armor toting Chuunin. In attempt to save some time Gin shifted from his usual violet armor to one of crimson, relinquishing control to Oni-hime as a result. Then after taking one last powerful leap skyward beetle-like wings popped into place and propelled him onwards towards the Forest glade.
A sigh escapes his lips. "Too late.", He murmured, inclining his head and jabbing his forehead. Onimitsu snaps to attention upon hearing the sounds of explosions deeper in the glad. He remained indecisive for only a moment more before propelling himself forward just above the canopy. Upon reaching the point where the sounds of combat seemed to emanating from below, the transformation is canceled; leaving medic nin to drop down and fall onto one of the thicker tree branches.
That is, after painfully breaking through a few of the weaker one's along the way. "Uugh, who am—*headshakes* focus.. Focus Gin.."

The Koumorite Shinobi evade all other attempts to harm them. Fuuta curses as Miyako seems to go a bit insane. "What is she doing? Those were kill shots!" Fuuta grumbles "This isn't good. Ishino Miyako is losing it. It's like that Genin said." Fuuta states. Fuuta was leaping through the trees but stumbles when a branch gives. He falls down to the ground but catches himself after rolling down an incline. Fuuta blinks trying to figure out where he was. He was in a rather large crater. Those looking from outside could see this as well as a large black slab that seems to be at the center of this crater. Being the closest to the slab Fuuta started to feel squeamish. His vision was blurring. "The fur?"
Onimitsu would be undergoing a reduced amount of paranoia and stress when Gin came out. In fact if Oni looked about he'd see that Ishino, Miyako and the others were attacking…nothing. There's nothing there. From Gin's point of view there'd appear to be nothing. However as time progressed Gin would start to see Koumorite Shinobi appear. "Ishino….I….I found something." Fuuta points to the slab. He was crippled though by the overwhelming feeling of nausea and paranoia.

Ishino frowns as Miyako seemed to lose it. He'd slow to a stop, somewhere between Fuuta and Miyako. Eyes narrowing he'd stare at the shinobi coming about… the unease didn't help any either. He definitely didn't go forward. "Yoko-san.. come away from there.. quickly.." He'd send Time Keeper, devoid of what would normally cause others nausea and such ignored to try and collect Fuuta, getting him away from the slab. Meanwhile, the ticking that was associated with Time Keeper would get louder. Ishino was spreading his influence with the genjutsu, reaching out to latch on to Miyako. "Enough attacking.. this.. is wrong.. They are getting weird…that's what genjutsu does.." He'd take in a breath and let it out, realizing what's happening, even if he's having to fight hard against it.

Quiet. That's what the world had just become. Nothing was happening around her anymore, no one was moving or making a sound. Her eyes widening even more, Miyako turned quickly to look around her to see what was going on. "What's happening?" she questioned to herself, her breathing much quicker than before and the paranoia setting itself deeper into her brain. "Snap out of it, Miyako," she whispered to herself, her face wiping of all emotions it was showing. Sitting herself down, she set her sword on its side so that the sharp edge was facing upward towards her. "This might snap me out of it," putting her arm out over the sword, she pushed her wrist down onto the blade until blood squirted out onto the shiny silver metal. To no avail, there was still nothing happening around her. Becoming more enraged than ever, she stood up quickly and screamed into the silent forest, "I will find you, and I will kill you I swear! RAHHHHHHHH!"

Nothing that Gin was seeing made any sense. Swooning, Gin quickly brought up a hand to rest against the main trunk of the tree to remain balance. His stalewart attempt to keep searching only to still come up with no ideas frustrated beyond belief. In fact, the only thing keeping him from drawing his sword and hacking at Ishino and Miyako for making things so 'difficult' was the headache echoing in his skull. He needed… something else to focus on. Especially now that his stomach was starting to churn. With the other 'spirits' as his guide Gin eventually manages to drag his attention away from Ishino and Miyako, and towards Fuuta's location. He leapt without any further hesitation and hit the side of the crater rolling before sliding down the rest of the way on his feet. "Fuuta-san! FUUTA-SAN! *Groans* You know something don't you? You've.. *winces*… you've figured out what's gone wrong right?", Gin demanded, stepping forward with every question until the face plate of his armor was practically shoved in Fuuta's face. A whisper within draws him reluctantly to the slab. "So, its that things fault? No, has to be…" Gin shook off the train of thought and would begin to try and proceed to slab unless hindered, his sword drawn along the way.

Fuuta is snatched by Time Keeper and is pulled away from the slab. One regrouped with Ishino and Miyako he'd see that they were surrounded. Fuuta cursed under his breath and armed himself with kunai and explosive tags. "Wing it. We have no choice. We've gotta take them out!" But then Onimitsu calls out to Fuuta. Fuuta is uncertain when Oni arrived or why but what was more strange is that the Koumorite Shinobi weren't attacking Onimitsu. "Oni….? What are you? How….?" Fuuta looks back to the slab. "That thing. Oni get rid of it!" Fuuta shouted. Miyako would see Fuuta and Ishino basically on guard for nothing. There was no sign of the shinobi or anything of the sort. Her senses would return to her. "Miyako, you think you can back Oni up? Ishino and I can't get near that thing." Fuuta asks. The Koumorite SHinobi suddenly began to transform into ghastly man…bat things….like a bat…person or half human half bat thing. Either way they attacked Fuuta and Ishino and the two shinobi would retaliate. But to Miyako and Oni Fuuta and Ishino would be attacking themselves. Kunai held at each other's throat ready to undo their lives. Miyako and Onimitsu had best hurry and deal with that slab.

As quick as it had gone, the sounds of the forest and movement was back. "There we go," Miyako stated nonchalantly to herself, taking off her red tie and tying it around her now bloody wrist. Looking towards where the yelling was coming from, Miyako swiftly ran over to the ledge and jumped down. "Where in the world did those shinobi go? And what are you two doing to each other, snap out of it!" she barked at Fuuta and Ishino. Nodding at Fuuta's request to take care of this mysterious slab, Miyako picked up her sword with two hands and walked over to the slab. "Let's see if this works," she said quietly, no excitement or fear to her voice. Two times she stabbed into the slab with her large blade, -CLANK CLANK-, the sound so loud it could be heard for miles echoing through the forest. "Wonder if that worked." she said, staring down at the slab, anger beginning to force its way back into her head.

Just one stroke. Perhaps Two or more. That's all he believed it would take to put an end to this nightmare maker. The closer he got to the stone slab the harder it became to move. Almost like trying to walk through sludge that made up most of his old homeland. Still, Onimitsu pressed on, blade gradually raised with every step until it rested high above him for a one, powerful stroke.
And yet… he couldn't bring it down nor proceed any closer. With eyes narrowed in frustration, Gin glared at the slab as if to weaken its barrier through will alone. The blade eventually does finally fall, but only to the wayside as Gin stared with eyes widen in disbelief at the figure standing before him. "Ku… Onee-san.." The figure seems to smile at first, only to recoil and draw a blade from behind them as a shadow blur descended upon them. "ONEE-SAN!!" Gin called out, hand outstretched in horror. She risked a glance at him, but with the demon bat man pressing down upon her blade there was little else that could be done.

When the beast reared back to attack once more, Gin did not hesitate to put himself inbetween the demon and his sister. Repelling its deathstroke with a spinning parry before keeping up the spin for his next assault.


Fuuta and Ishino were being torn apart by their minds and the illusions. Meanwhile Miyako seemed to be the only one who made it to the slab unhindered. Fuuta desperately fought off the Koumorite Ninja in his head and couldn't focus on what Onimitsu or Miyako was doing. Oni seems to have subcome to the illusion. Miyako's strike couldn't fracture the hardness of the slab. But it was powerful enough to disrupt it momentarily so Fuuta and Ishino could see what they were about to do. "What the?" Fuuta remarks setting the kunai down. He looks to Ishino and then back towards the slab. "Where did the shinobi go?" Fuuta wounders. He has bigger things to worryy about though. Oni seems to have turned on Miyako. At the distance he was from the slab Oni would still be under the effects of the illusion. "What the!? Miyaki Onimitsu what are you guys doing!?" FUuta stands and goes to try and intervene but the illusions grip him once more. The Koumorite shinobi were back.

"I do believe everyone has gone insane," Miyako stated just as Onimitsu tried to strike her in her side. Being too quick for his attack, Miyako brought up her blade which collided with Onimitsu stopping his attack on her. "Why did you do that? Strange you are." Turning away from Oni now, Miyako is back on destroying the slab that was causing all of these odd things to be happening. Becoming more angered with herself and the slab as the seconds ticked on, her face was becoming quite red. "It is time. For you. To stop." she hissed at the slab on the ground in front of her. Two more times she swung her sword at the ground, hoping to break this things hold on her and her team mates.

Screeching. Snarling. Spitting. It was all Gin heard and saw from the creature as they crossed blades. In placing too much raw power, emotion, is becomes unbalance, and by extension, slowed down to the point that he couldn't catch up with the creature in time to keep it from lashing at Kunimitsu again! Seeing the blade in her hand finally shatter however provided the 'inspiration' he needed to force his body to move faster. By the time the next stroke is ready to come down, once more did he interrupt it. In his haste to defend his 'sister' Gin was left too weak a position to do little more than raise his own blade to meet the beast's claw. The force of it drove him to his knees but at the very least he managed to keep from having his arm severed at the shoulder from the blow.
"Vile.. Demon.. I already told you to stay away!!" He cried out, forcing her blade back if only a little should she kept the pressure on before now. Then using his style undamaged arm Onimitsu tightened his grip and started slashing away at Miyako.
Wildly at first to keep her up the pressure, then swiftly with a downward stroke.

It was touch and go for a moment but Miyaki's blow finally managed to crack the slab. He blade cleaved the slab nicely. The illusions faded slightly but still remained. The slab wasn't destroyed just weakened. Fuuta can see that the Koumorite shinobi are not physical and approaches Miyako. Onimitsu would be freed of his torment too. He'd wake up to crossing blades with Miyako. Fuuta looks to Ishino to make sure he's alright. Fuuta looks to the slab now and grimaces "Everyone alright?" He walks closer to the slab and notices something behind it. If Miyaki, Onimitsu, and Ishino checked as well they'd find three bodies. Two genin and the chuunin from the team earlier. All had slit throats, self inflicted. Fuuta shudders and turns around to the slab. "Let's destroy this thing for good." He states taking out an explosive tag. He looks to Miyaki and Onimitsu "After you…."

Her attention drawn to destroying the slab, Miyako did not realize Onimitsu coming at her again. He hit her once, causing a gash in her side but the second attack she was able to block by moving her sword over a few inches to take the blow for her. "Hey now, calm yourself," she said to him, brows furrowed. Finally after beating the slab a few times, it finally seemed to partially break. "Can you stop attacking me now?" she asked her team-mates not turning to look at them when she spoke. Nodding at what Fuuta had just said, Miyako whispered, "my pleasure." Stepping back a few feet from the slab, Miyako took her sword and swung it behind her head. When she had prepared herself, she ran forward, going so fast she was only a blur as she jumped into the air. Her sword above her head, and as she crashed back down to earth, her sword crashed down into the slab.

"Ha.. Hai…" Onimitsu murmured as the last vestige of madness was finally start to ebb. With his eye unerring focused on the wound created by his last attack, he sheathed the blade and thoughtless began forming handsigns. Fuuta's voice breaks his concentration and prompts him to turn to him with an eye filled even more with confusion. After a few seconds the general idea of what comes next filters in upon noting the explosive tags. But before he steps aside for Fuuta to instead take the lead, he turns once more upon belatedly noting the shudder.
There were bodies behind the slab. Kirigakure Shinobi. Without hesitation Onimitsu becomes a blur of motion as Miyako descended. On intent solely on removing the bodies to the edges of the crater in case the slab had any hidden explosive surprises. If he's successful, each are lined up next to each other and given a thorough look over for even the most miniscule signs of life.

Fuuta waited until Miyako basically crushed the slab into chunks of rock. Fuuta then tosses a few explosive tags at the rubble and reduces the slab to rubbish. He sighs and rubs his eyes "Glad that's over….so anyone have an idea what was going on?" Fuuta looks at each of them. He looks to Onimitsu as inspects the three bodies. Onimitsu would confirm the two genin to be dead but the chuunin was still alive, for now. The chuunin coughed up blood and reached up to snag Onimitsu. "GAH!" He spits blood into Onimitsu's face, unintentionally. "Did…did you destroy it?" Fuuta stands and goes to the chuunin's side. "The slab is destroyed yes….it can't harm anyone." The chuunin seemed confused and shook his head "Not…the slab…the…the b-be…" Fuuta leans closer to try and hear the man but he's used up the last of his life saying that much. Fuuta has a sinking feeling in his stomach. "L-let's get back to the village and report this."

After the slab was destroyed, Miyako placed her sword back upon her back and tied it into place. "Perfect." she said, face cold as stone as she spat on the slab. Turning and walking to where the dead Genin and injured Chuunin were, Miyako watched as the Chuunin spat up blood on Onimitusu. She listened to what he said and was very confused, but she was also very tired, "Let's get him back to the village as soon as possible. We can come back another time when he is back in the safety of the village," walking over to both of the dead Genin, Miyako bent over and picked them both up slinging them both over each of her shoulders, "You get that one," motioning towards the injured Chuunin, "I got these two." Turning from Onimitsu and Fuuta, Miyako jumped into the trees and headed towards the village without another word.

For his part Gin did not flinch from the chuunin sudden awakening nor the blood coughed up soon after. He had seen more than his fair share of the years even before his own death. That same experience also warned him what was to come next, but instead of comforting the dieing shinobi he remained respectfully quiet so that he could speak his peace. What was said made no sense to him. Yoshimitsu — the blade sheathed behind — on the other hand seemed to tremble in response. Now that he thought about it the blade had been trembling for quite some time now.
Miyako's and Fuuta's words break him from his reverie and earn his attention for a few moments before he returns his gaze to the fallen. "… Hai, the deserve a proper funeral.." He murmured as he slung the chuunin over his shoulder, gave one last look back at the slab, then waited for the others to take off before following closely behind.

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