Forced Detour


Naru, Ishino

Date: July 17, 2013


Ishino leads a series of wagons cutting inland on a path not normally allowed for wagoning. Narusegawa goes in to intercept and force the caravan back on the proper path and to be checked out.

"Forced Detour"

Land of Fire Trail

For something completely different and yet, very similar, Ishino was sitting atop one of the wagons as they traveled along the road. Having made shore a ways off from the normal docks of the Land of Fire, the merchant was risking the potential higher risk from being on land, for a faster way of getting goods into the interior of the Land of Fire. Undocumented, to the Land of Fire at least, they were cutting inland, to get to some of the smaller villages for trade. Ishino was watching over the wagon for something completely separate. It just happen to aid his mission to be going with the three wagons involved, instead of going on his own. The snow about them had the trees be bare, it was a winter wonderland or would be to most. Ishino didn't seem to be paying attention. He sat on a chair, atop that wagon's flat top, an older man standing behind him, holding an umbrella over the both of them to ward off any falling snow from the trees above. "3 Hours, 22 minutes." Ishino checked that pocket watch, the older man nodding in agreement, before he'd put the watch away.

Naru wasn't working in official capacity lije she had used to, but she still was the eyes and ears of the Hokage whenever she was out and about, especially within the Land of Fire. While she didn't have any specific goals she did keep a look out on any suspicious activity within the Land of Fire which lead her to a small caravan traversing about the winter trail before them. She actually approached from behind the caravan instead of blocking off their path. Her body was heavily cloaked, obscuring much of her form in order to deal with the coldness of the air. She kept her body low to the ground, following silently, the shimmer of her sharingan gleaming slightly.

"3 hours, 20 minutes." Ishino frowns at the older man next to him, who only shrugs in response. Standing up, Ishino would call down to the driver. "Stop." He'd keep his balance smoothly as the wagons came to a stop. The chair would *POOF* into a scroll, picked up and put away by the old man as Ishino turned to look back towards the cloaked one following them. Eyes narrowed slightly at seeing a gleam.. it.. couldn't be? Shaking his head slightly, Ishino hopped from the middle wagon to the back one, calling out to their follower. "If you wish to join the caravan, there's a fee to pay and you can ride under my protection. Otherwise, I'm going to have to ask you to stop following us." A close look at Ishino's tux would show it to be a winter cut, heavier cloth to it, to deny the wind's entry. He however seemed to ignore the winter around them, watching the one on the ground.

"This isn't a proper path that caravans make, I'm not interested in your protection, if anything I'm more interested in you turning these wagons around…" She paused briefly and slowly began to tug down her hood, revealing long locks of raven hair and her devil gaze. "You know what, I don't even care about the caravan…This is more personal swordsman," It was apparent as to who she was, the vengeful Uchiha who heh ad the liberty of fighting not to long ago. " We won't have a repeat of last time's events. Leave now…"

Ishino raises a brow, eyeing Naru. He remembered.. The only reason she lived is Tsiro made him save her. He'd shake his head, tsking softly. A light hop off the back of the wagon had him touch down on the snow, without causing a single flake to lift up from the impact. The old man would follow behind him, from whom he'd retrieve the umbrella. "It is entirely possible that this won't be a repeat of last time. Afterall, there's only myself and you. No one else around. It is interesting that you would hold such venom for someone doing their job. Not like I would hold such against you." Ishino idly pulls out his watch, a small nod given and he'd look back. "Start going. I'll catch up in 18 minutes." That chakra gathering within him, the henge would fade from the old man, revealing that puppet as it started ticking, the sound of the clock in it's chest some how echoing, even in the forest. "Since it's obvious you won't back off, I will have to make you. Won't I?"

"That revelation is true. I'm not going anywhere, and you are going to have to make me. You are doing your job but you are still a shinobi from Kirigakure, each step you take in this land taints it," Narusegawa taunted back at him, her own chakra began to fluctuate and pick up steam. She narrowed her eyes upon him the swell of her Sharingan taking form while she took her stance, standing up straight and surprisingly not offering any sort of aggressive stance, she just remained ready in case he attacked first. " Give up before I'm really going to have to hurt you…"

Ishino laughed at that. Shaking his head, he'd listen to the wagons start up to head away from them. "That was amusing, Uchiha-san. Ah well, it is what it is, hmm?" Smiling, Time Keeper suddenly launched forward, rushing at Naru with that ticking. It'd slash at her, snapping a blade out of it's arm to try and cut her. Following up behind it, was a sudden shot of genjutsu, a demand for Naru to kneel.. Kneel. KNEEL. Ishino left her very little time to try and ward off the genjutsu as the second attack from Time Keeper would snap out with his other arm. That blade seeking to stab her shoulder with a snapped strike out.

Narusegawa moved a little more fluidly this time around. She rolled her body away from each strike, even her sharingan allowed for her to skillfully release herself from the genjutsu used upon her. Sharply she narrowed her eyes upon him, attempting to place him within the hypnosis of her Sharingan. Gradually Ishino became pulled int, his body suddenly becoming ferrous as lacerations began to form about his flesh, it came amplified as the snapping blade churned in her direction warped and began to surround him in a tornado of lacerating blades slicing him from head to toe. "You find this funny, Swordsman? I will give you something to laugh about…"

A single hand seal made as that assault came at him. He felt, sensed that this was the same attempt he had weaved into his attacks. "Kai." Shattering that genjutsu before it could even begin to wrap about him, Ishino shakes his head slowly. "On the contrary, Uchiha-san. I find this quite solemn. There are of course, moments of levity within such a scenario. Ultimately, you live due to a Kiri shinobi showing mercy. Of a clan that is known to give none." He'd shake his head slightly. "So this conflict now is a contrast. You see.. I have no mercy. But your power is such that I will most likely not be the winner.. Thus, not a repeat and quite amusing." Ishino would smile at her with a small shrug, That fluid attempt once more with genjutsu would reach out for her, stopping everything, even the pause of tickings by the puppet into that solemn moment of silence. While locked within it's hold, Time Keeper would launch that shoulder cannon, a spray of senbon launched at Naru to try and catch her with green tinted tips.

No… it was Ishino who would suddenly be locked within the jaws of his own time. Each tomoe began to take hold within his realm, swapping their places as Ishino could feel the energy begin to drain from him if he wasn't able to defend against his own genjutsu. "No… Tsiro is different, we have a history ever since the second war. We fight eachother because we can, and it is a test of strength each time. I'm not your rival, instead I am your enemy," Naru clarified, summoning those same whirling blades once more to splice and slice into his flesh.

Ishino grits his teeth as that thrice blasted sharingan inverts his genjutsu, a step back taken as he'd wear away under it's embrace, he'd finally shake his head. Gritting out a "Kai." He managed to interrupt the time's grip on him, as well as those initial blades coming at him. Eyes narrowed, he'd form a different set of seals, the surge within Time Keeper giving him extra strength to in turn, invert the blades back on Naru! Let her deal with her own slashing blades of pain. Ishino would motion towards Naru with a hand, that sudden feeling of being embraced by Time enveloping her. Limbs would shift in age, some going old, some going young, stressing out her body as he'd assault her with that genjutsu attack. Ishino pulled Time Keeper back beside him, watching Naru intently. "An enemy, as opposed to a rival. That would mean there's no mercy given in either way, hmm?" Ishino raises a brow, watching her.

Her genjutsu was reversed….something she hadn't expected quite honestly, she could only watch as the genjutsu was then forced back upon her, though it easily allowed for her to flucuate her chakra and fizzle away at the effects of the genjutsu. "You have an interesting style of genjutsu, but I believe mine are alittle more painful and delibiating," She turned her eyes on him sharply, and suddenly after Kronos's embrace was either defended against or missed her other technique began to push him, dropping him in a void of darkness with thousands upon thousands of blades to shred him from within. "Only some enemies get mercy…"

Ishino gritted his teeth. Assaulted with the genjutsu further, he'd unfortunately not be able to quite keep up with her. The attacks were fierce and while he knew it was a genjutsu, it didn't stop him from getting locked within the prism that Naru made. Dropping to a knee, Ishino tried to figure out what he could do to get out of that attack. This was not good.. she had him locked down.. so how would he escape?

"You look a little weary," Naru spoke softly, her devil gaze watched over him intently as he took his knee. "It's a shame your puppet doesn't have a soul, or else it would actually do something to help you in a situation like this…" She huffed lightly and unsheathed her blade, driving the edge of her blade down into his hand, digging deeper each time in order to keep him pinned to the ground. " If you want me to think different about your village why do you insist on sneaking into the Land of Fire? You should learn to respect our borders more. At least until you are welcomed in our territory. I used to know a shinobi like you…and I will tell you the same thing. The only way you will get any stronger is if you have something to fuel with passion… and I am going to offer you…hate," Her blade dug deeper into his hand, easily enough pain to release him from the fatigue of her previous genjutsu.

Pulled out of that genjutsu with a gritting of teeth and a hiss of pain, Ishino shook his head slowly. "I wasn't sneaking.. Nor do I need your passion to get stronger.. hate is for the weak. Hate is a flimsy mask that people wear who refuse to admit the truth." Ishino stared into those sharingan for a long, hard moment. His other hand reached out and gripped the blade, yanking it free of his hand. "They can't do anything on their own. They don't have their own power. They have to pretend to be something else, to be the puppet of some emotion. I, my dear Uchiha-san, am the puppeteer." It took only the briefest twitch of a finger that had Time Keeper suddenly hiss, emitting a mass of black smoke, sweeping over that whole area and rapidly expanding outward. Within it's embrace, Ishino and Time Keeper would go into hiding. Smoke of course, being that weakness of the sharingan, he might even stand a chance at getting away. He had to.. He didn't have the power to keep up with her at this rate.

With Ishino suddenly disappearing a soft sigh escapes from Naru's lips. Shew ould have to fight him another time, perhaps with a stronger sharingan so she could pin point him down. For now she decided to go ahead and keep her eyes ahead and go after the caravan. She wasn't going to ransack them or anything like that, but they were going to have to go a detour rather than going off on this off beaten path. Goods guarded by a kirigakure shinobi had to be checked out, and that was just what was going to happen.

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